Huge Outcry Erupting: Gov’t is leaving Fukushima to suffer and perish — Impossible to evacuate Fukushima City, home to 300,000

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 2:40 am ET


Angry Parents in Japan Confront Government Over Radiation Levels, New York Times by Hiroko Tabuchi, May 25, 2011:

A huge outcry is erupting in Fukushima over what parents say is a blatant government failure to protect their children from dangerous levels of radiation. […]

“I don’t believe the government,” said Kanako Nishikata, 33, a mother of two elementary school children here. “The air here is dirty. The soil is dirty. They are leaving Fukushima to suffer and perish.” […]

“They know it’s impossible to evacuate such a big city [Fukushima City, home to nearly 300,000 people],” said Seiichi Nakate, a social worker who rallied local parents to found the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation. “But at least they should help evacuate the children, or do more to bring down the radiation.”[…]

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 2:40 am ET


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168 comments to Huge Outcry Erupting: Gov’t is leaving Fukushima to suffer and perish — Impossible to evacuate Fukushima City, home to 300,000

  • hawkeye

    about time

    • Poor Daddy


      • Novamind

        Yes, the Jigs up the goose is the prize..where will the little player fall.

        • ocifferdave

          Be nice to start an international one way exchange program. Adopt for a limited time (year at least) a child from Fukushima, as you would an exchange student.

          • Blue

            That’s a great idea. I was thinking we could open our doors to anyone who wanted to come to our country but of course many folks would complain about loss of jobs to the refugees but an exchange student idea is feasible and a great idea. It reminds me of ‘UP with People” which was a group of singers from around the world who traveled across the country and stayed with a US family for a week or a month, not sure of the time frame as I was a toddler at the time. But what a great idea, kudos.

          • fjn

            The Russians have already offered to except any families that are from the affected areas and have no where else to go. They have ample need of people in the eastern parts of Russia.

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  • Don’t wait for an evacuation. Just leave!

    • J1

      “normalcy bias” in full effect. When will people learn. Apparently never.

      • charlie

        It’s natual slection and evolutionn at work before our very eyes – the smart and capable people will flee, the deniers will stay and perish.


        The normalcy bias refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects.

        This often results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of the government to include the populace in its disaster preparations. The assumption that is made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a disaster never has occurred then it never will occur.

        It also results in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs. People with a normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something they have not experienced before. People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation.[1]

    • Jean Tanner

      I agree with you there.
      Lives disrupted beyond recognition, yes.
      But children are the priority.

    • Misanthrope

      Leave for where? You’re assuming they have anywhere to go and the financial means to relocate. These people have lives. They have jobs. How are they to ‘just go’? Please tell us.

      • Roget

        The need to immediately apply for visas elsewhere under Emergency Refugee status. International law applies and they can get temporary aid. Almost any nation would be forced to take them in on a temp. basis.

        • Al in Hawaii

          They’re having trouble moving 300,000 people from Fukushima? What happens when the winds shift and this hits Tokyo full force?

        • charlie

          with no official acknowledgement of any crisis there is no legal basis to claim emergency refugee status.
          Make lawyers clean up the mess at fukushima.

  • net

    Poor people! When will the radiation hit the US? Should the people living on the West coast take potassium iodine? yet?

    • That was an interesting question so I will help to get you up to speed. A week ago I asked a friend How is the west coast enjoying their nuclear winter… He asked what I meant and explained to me in short, that it hadn’t snowed yet but he was a little confused by what I had asked him…

      Well here is the answer in short. The radiation is already everywhere… Think of it like Clear spray paint… (its not any color like snow at all;)/

      So what you, and my friend both failed to acknowledge and or understand is that everyday since march 11th 2011. A plume of trillions upon trillions of radioactive isotopes or another term is “radioactive nuclides”; These Radio nuclides Have flowed through the planets wind currents evenly displacing themselves in an accumulative form. Or another visual way of looking at it. Take a bottle of hair spray and a globe. Spin the globe and spray away lap after lap…

      Keep in mind that the radiation is now, accumulating. Meaning everyday every hour and every second the entire planet gets a newer and newer fresh coat…

      I would not advise taking any potassium iodide either. That is a last resort. You want to simply avoid contamination.

      Try staying intuned with chat rooms and forums… Ask questions, and be weary of people playing the situation down. This is surely a dangerous situation. I would be reluctant to discuss the issue that debates otherwise.

      • Novamind

        @tacomagrove: I feel the truth is you turn alot of followers off by your style of glom and doom-If you wrote your posts a little less intense, and stuck to the end meaning, your following would be more well recieved, I feel. This is but my opinion, Your knowlege is vast that is not in dispute… Your end means is just you are not wrong in the whole picture just in how it is persieved… by others… remember less is more… when the masses catch up to you it will be too late.. your knowlege is vast, except that the masses are not up to speed with you yet, Peace.

        • Novamind

          Still waiting for your reply while you long post.

          • ocifferdave

            Is Emmy your name or your gold star you give yourself like saying “Epic”? I like it. Anyways, if my brain was smarter I would come up with a detailed step by step numerical order of How To Survive A Nuclear Meltdown.

            1. Leave the contaminated area.
            a. Where to go.
            b. How to choose where to go.
            c. How to get there.


            Post helpful links (ie for US a link to visa websites for internatinal travel).

            Taco MaGroove, can you come up with that?

          • extra knight

            what are you saying man. if at all possible, lose the candycoated, gradeschoolish ad hominems, if it’s all the same to you. 😕

          • Yes. I will update a list of nuclear advice…

            Emmy Is my name 😉

        • I concur.
          Though I would hate wasting time telling others its not a big deal; In respect to the picture tepco is painting.

          I feel there is a lack of duty in representing the situation as something: to prepare for; as opposed to: playing it down.

          Lets imagine in the end. this is all just a practical joke…

          Would I take pity upon myself for informing others to be prepared for the magnitude in the intensity of the situation?

          Then there is the other side of the coin…
          Everything is completely out of hand.

          I can not take back time…
          Can you…

          I try to offer a level of seriousness in reflectance to the threat being imposed. As a simple analogy in wisdom I feel its best to be quoted as: “How and what I am choosing to be responsible for”

          In the end I choose to take action. By spelling out the `news to those who are challenged by the relentless actions of nuclear propaganda.

          This is a crisis in a nut shell. The last thing I would want to be feeling obligated for is candy coating it.

          There is a lack of responsibility that we all have for each other. I will accept that as in the long run it was nothing more than that of the right thing to do.

          If I didn’t act in accordance with my own beliefs I wouldn’t admire the life that I lived. Its only living in a state of self comfort can one relax.

          This is my virtue.

          • ZombiePlanet


            I just checked the jet stream and it is covering Calif. strait into Texas, then up again.

            Was wondering about your prediction concerning: “Radiation in California to increase by a 200-205% factor as soon as tomorrow May 26th,” based on the date that we all received:
            See the graph in the previous article…
            5/25 @ 204 Sv/hr
            5/24 @ 192 Sv/hr
            5/23 @ 201 Sv/hr
            5/22 @ 196 Sv/hr
            5/21 @ 36.2 Sv/hr
            5/20 @ 46.5 Sv/hr
            5/19 @ 36.3 Sv/hr
            5/18 @ 45.4 Sv/hr
            As of the 22nd, the radiation has spiked 200%.

            I also am watching for indications that this increased output will be detected in the USA, and what “reported” results may yield.

            Any more info or insight into this new alteration?
            I know it is still incoming and, results will take more time.

          • Zombie

            If you feel there is no containment. Then yes the radiation is likely 200%worse.

            If you feel there is containment completely disregard…

            But they did take away your dispersion maps…
            And they did lie about a meltdown…
            My best advice use your gut.

        • extra knight

          oh jiminy crickets!

          is this for real…

          i disagree, tacomagroove is spot on and telling the truth. not everyone is a one-dimensional tunnelvision droneomatic pc drones, who can’t take responsibility for simple actions. simple as pie.

      • Turgid Trope

        Lately when I go out bike riding or walking, I guess I can kind of “feel” the radiation…or even taste it (living here just SE of Seattle).

        It’s subtle but (I feel) it’s there…and getting worse.

        I imagine that soon I, or others around me, will be coming home with headaches, or feeling nauseous. The other night I felt that way.

        It will get worse.

        • Novamind

          You are on to something that is real, but percieved as scio-sematic, prior thought leading futhier thought to exceptance and normalicy. Your symptoms are shared by many, and more that you have here mentioned. My brother-inlaw can not figure out how/why he has a sore throught for 6-7 weeks. As he works outside everyday.

        • Jean Tanner

          If you’re really concerned, get soil, water and air samples from your area tested.
          while you’re waiting for the results, use long sleeved garments (washed frequently), use shoes rather sandals, stay indoors as much as possible.
          Baby steps?
          Yes. I have the impression that all of us here on planet earth are going to have to adapt to a post Fukushima habitat.
          it seems to me that we all need to ease into new habits.
          Whether any of thing is effectual, time will tell.

          • extra knight

            you need an expensive machine to do such tests, and it only test for certain kinds of radiation. from what little i understand about this, but i am far from being an expert in such matters. but i agree, this is the way to go, and concerned people, on both sides of the fence, should have been doing this long ago.

        • Like you, I get strange chemically taste in my mouth and an irritated throat on days of heavy cloud cover here on the coast too. I share this with you so you know you are not imagining things! The taste I talk of has come and subsided depending on the volume of the dark clouds which have appeared in the skies HERE since Fukushima exploded.

      • net

        thank you…i feel like i am the only one who is concerned. There is total media blackout. Not a peep. 🙁

        • ZP

          Don’t forget to alter your diet. Also take dietary supplements that are proven to detox the body of radioactive components, such as:

          Fruit (apple) pectin
          Bentonite clay and psyllium husk
          Silymarin (liver cleanse)
          Dandelion root tea (liver cleanse)
          Alpha Lipoic Acid
          And kelp (iodine) to protect the thyroid.

          Search engine them with respect to radiation for data, then off to the health food store.

          I saw a news article where people were lined up, in China, to purchase common table salt for the iodine. I was informed that this will not work to protect the thyroid.

          • sassyiam

            “I was informed that this will not work to protect the thyroid.”

            What’s added to America’s salt (like Morton) is only just enough to prevent goiter in most people. Not nearly enough for the thyroid though let alone reproductive tissues. If China adds iodine to their salt, I wouldn’t imagine it being in any greater quantity, so yeah, prolly won’t help much…although every little bit helps I guess.

          • Poor Daddy

            If you have blood sugar issues, hypoglycemia or diabetes, you might want to forego the Silymarin. It knocked me on my ass the other day.

    • Novamind

      Those that have be ready

  • SteveMT

    Time for the People to jump out of the heating pot before the boiling point is reached. The government is entrenched in denial. The People need to break free of the nanny-state and become proactive with their own lives. They will die if they do nothing.

    • Novamind

      Great post Keep it up.

    • I hope this goes viral

      No, not everyone. That’s why the decision to leave is so difficult.

      The situation must feel surreal. Can you imagine it? Life looks normal but is not. The world has changed invisibly.

      Rather than waiting for government to perform, why can’t ‘social entrepreneurs’ step up and create people-to-people help networks? The technology exists to connect those needing shelter with people who will open their doors.

      It could have happened to any of us, I think.

      Risk From Spent Nuclear Reactor Fuel Is Greater in U.S. Than in Japan, Study SaysBy MATTHEW L. WALD
      Published: May 24, 2011

      WASHINGTON — The threat of a catastrophic release of radioactive materials from a spent fuel pool at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant is dwarfed by the risk posed by such pools in the United States, which are typically filled with far more radioactive material, according to a study released on Tuesday by a nonprofit institute…

  • Can we the reader now infer (speculate with open conversation) that the next batch of information to be released likely within 1-3 days is that the suppression chamber in unit 1 fukushima daiichi, has been breached.

    Tepco working conditions will then be determined only as a:[i]“in need to go”[/i] basis. This limiting the contamination in the line of defense. While hampering tepco’s efforts in the cooling operations of reactors 2-4.

    Here’s the facts / supporting arguments:… Reactors may be “riddled with holes” — Experts suspect full meltdown at No. 1, 2 and 3

    I mean lets face it… Sometime between now through Friday; [i][u]“This is going to be the next reality”[/i][/u]… This now being known, They are practically telling the reader that: The Fukushima Dai Reactor 1 is now releasing 200 Sieverts an hour atmospherically. Thats 75% of Chernobyl’s atmospheric release… Chernobyl also only lasted 8 days…

    Reactor 1 is at 4 days.

    So now we can infer that the worst has truly come. As the nuclear fuel is likely completely covered in water, its obviously growing in mass, and is currently in a state of full criticality. This is because we all fail to remind our selfs the reactors basements are in 3 – 4.5 feet of “highly contaminated water”. Water that just weeks earlier Severely burnt a Engineer in the early days of the crisis.

    Here is another red flag / insight…
    [b]Is tepco’s road map to death still to achieve cold shut down, by repairing this reactor?[/b] [u]Take a look![/u]

    They cant pull the lid off of it, the fuel is in the basement, the fumes are lethal, the water, is lethal. The suppression chamber is riddled with holes, the outer containment is in the pacific ocean, the fuel is in molten lumps in a basement like sauna irradiating a likley 500 – 1000+ sieverts. The walls need reinforcment, there is no roof, the gauges, turbines, meters, dodas, and flimsies, are all completely farked…

    Not to mention they dropped tons of…

    • cont:
      Not to mention they dropped tons of water-> on the machine from a helicopter. (this isn’t a building; Its a machine…) If you dropped a ton of water, let alone 40-50ton loads on your microwave would it work fine if you plugged it in?

      This breach will be determined to have been caused by both the pressure building inside the reactor 1 breaching seals inside the reactor… (as reported earlier this week) Mixed with references to the altercations created during operations of nitrogen being injected; the reactor passing its structural limits in thermal nuclear heat decay; and last but not least: molten Fuel that has breached the core and suppression chamber…

      This all basically means we are farked. bottom line farked…

      Sadly it will just take anyone about another two to four weeks to spell it out…

      Like I said. Did you buy water yet?

      • ZP

        People had better start fingering out how to filter water of this form of contaminate. I have a well that is 280 feet deep and it will take time for it to become bitter. If elec. goes out I have back-up.

        I filter all water in a stainless steel Dalton filter but it will not remove radioactive particulars, so I will construct an earthen-clay pre-filter to get the death filtered out.

        Move on this now, while you have the time to do so.

  • Chris

    It’s pathetic.

    They continue to rely on their holly “government”.

    “Please, please, do something, don’t leave us” blablabla.

    If they had an ounce of common sense, they would leave the city, by themselves. They don’t need the government to do that.

    They still think that the situation can be “fixed”. That the autorithies can “clean up” the mess.

    Over and over again, eventhough they start to critizise (a little) the authorities, japanese people are just “followers”.

    Plain and dumb.

    • Misanthrope

      Again, please explain how. Just how old are you, because I’m struggling to understand how any adult can have a picture of the world in which it is possible to just ‘up and leave’ whenever one has the inclination to do so.

      • ZP

        When your life depends upon it, you go! Look at the people fleeing in the mid-east as chaos approaches them. Grab the kids and GO! It will be rough but you will find help. And best of all you are alive. Nobody said it would be easy.

      • extra knight

        you grab a few things, and just start walking. don’t forget to kiss your former life goodbye, thanks for the memories. simple as pie.

        • extra knight knows how to do it!

          Yes, walk. But walk south.

          If one does “grab a few things”, and one of those things happens to be money, like U.S. greenbacks, I do wonder if the currency itself can become radioactive? Or, gold? since it passes through so many hands.

          Luckily, I don’t have any …

  • lawnmowerman

    Please read this pdf from cover to cover.It sheds alot of light based off previous test track of Chernobyl.It is a road map based off only one melt.I learned alot from this site in silence watching the posts,i give back now.

  • Trying to sum things up:

    Meltdown in 3 reactors confirmed. (Possible meltdown in 6 reactors? Eventually?)

    1. They can’t do anything (too much radiation, robots don’t work)
    2. They don’t know what they’re doing

    (or, more like, 1. makes it look like 2. is happening)

    As Michio Kaku said, it’s like Homer Simpson is in charge of the whole thing.

    Corium-water explosion could happen if blob melts through the stainless steel containment (RPV), then concrete (hydrogen explosions), then water (huge explosions).

    Possible high-energy self-sustaining recriticalities (especially if the corium comes out as a blob, rather than in several pieces) to form an endless radioactive geyser that will kill everyone on earth and spout forth for thousands of years and beyond.

    I realize the latter is a worst-case scenario, but interesting to contemplate how all life on earth could end.

    Almost in a whisper, as if nobody really knew what happened ….

    • There was a meltdown…

    • mothra

      I feel the exponential scenario theorized since March is in relation to Daiichi’s 6 reactors and Daini’s neighboring additional 4. There’s too little information forthcoming to know, but is it possible? Yes.

      I really feel Fukushima will be chronic and low dose accumulative in nature – for a very long time via multiple pathways. I’m not sure it will ever raise to the DIL or PAG (protective action) levels set – however bogus the levels were to begin with.


    An article in NATURE magazine “Fukushima set for epic clean-up”, said it might even take a century to clean up the site, and explained why:

    • Judge H. O.

      Yup, yup, yup. Some may think “a century” to be an unwarranted, fear-mongering assessment. It is, actually, an honest estimation.
      At Chernobyl, the existing sarcophagus is set to be covered by the soon-to-be world’s largest mobile structure (will be visible from space). Once built, the New Containment will be rolled in place to surround the aging concrete sarcophagus. This New Containment has a design life of 100 years. It will be equipped with remote control cranes and other equipment. These will be used to collect and secure the radioactive material inside. The plan is to get it done before the New Containment falls apart … they HOPE to get all the crap secured within a CENTURY. As of today, there no plans what to do with the hot crap once they package it up at the site.

      • Totally agree with you points. It would be foolish at this stage to minimized the present dangers and expect to thrive. What about the plutonium and other surprise unknown isotopes which will be around as poison for thousands of years? Land Sea and Air polluted for thousands of years. What has OUR SPECIES done to this beautiful planet of life? I don’t think there are any other animals on Earth who would agree with our belief of being the superior creatures with superior intelligence. The most heinous of earths creatures doesn’t hold a candle to the damage the Smart and Superior Homo Sapiens has extolled on the planet.

      • Poor Daddy

        Seems to be the common thread, whether its Chern or Fuk or 3mile, melt down or no melt down, no IDEA what to do with the HOT CRAP. I ain’t that smart, but it seems to me, we need to shut em all down yesterday. Tomorrow could be a couple centuries too late.

  • discourse

    Why don’t all you doom and gloomers look on the bright side? The contaminated patch extending from Fukushima will at least serve as a better reminder than the poor engraved stones that Japanese villages have since time immemorial.

    On those stones it says “tsunami went up to here – don’t build your home lower if you want a peaceful life”

    The exclusion zone will serve to remind everyone “don’t build things so big and powerful that you can’t control them when they fail”.

    • this is a lesson we have previously learned…
      It was titled “government”… By Mayan culture Magazine in 4000bc.

      • discourse

        Yep. Trouble is those people are all dead and can’t beat future generations upside the head whenever they try to invent the USA and the IMF and whatnot.

        Compare and contrast with radiation from Fukushima. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

        • The most sickening part is I keep getting this strange sixth sense that if they do not evacuate soon international communities will not grant them permission to enter their countries… As they likely now have all been highly contaminated…

          • Jean Tanner

            I’ve been thinking that since day 1.

          • Even now that rings true. Only fly in that ointment, currently anyways, is that they are promoting tourism and confidence that Japan has a future, like no tomorrow!

          • Also think day is coming where the emissions will be so strong that the area will become physically unapproachable from any direction. Then our continent will face a persistent 24-7 dosing of poisons for an eternity. We have to pray this does not lead to involving multiple plant locations in the big picture, or then I fear we will have no reasonable change of survival. That scenario just requires people not being able to maintain power to cool the plants. If locals are decimated the other plants become death cards for the rest of us if we can’t take over maintaining them….

          • Moco

            It is hotel california. You can check out, but never leave.

      • Anyone know if earthlings might have been through this before? Any archeological evidence?

        What this candidate has in its favour is that a layer of radioactive ash was indeed found in Rajasthan, India. It covered a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. The research occurred after a very high rate of birth defects and cancer was discovered in the area. The levels of radiation registered so high on investigators’ gauges that the Indian government cordoned off the region.

        Scientists then apparently unearthed an ancient city where they found evidence of an atomic blast dating back thousands of years: from 8,000 to 12,000 years. The blast was said to have destroyed most of the buildings and probably a half-million people. So far, this story seems to have all the necessary credentials.

        • …cont’d

          Archaeologist Francis Taylor stated that etchings in some nearby temples he translated, suggested that they prayed to be spared from the great light that was coming to lay ruin to the city. “It’s so mind-boggling to imagine that some civilization had nuclear technology before we did. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare.”
          Furthermore, when excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had killed its inhabitants. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city; there seemed no-one available to bury them afterwards.
          What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death. Furthermore, Alexander Gorbovsky, in “Riddles of Ancient History” (published in 1966), reported the discovery of at least one human skeleton in this area with a level of radioactivity approximately fifty times greater than it should have been due to natural radiation. Furthermore, thousands of fused lumps, christened “black stones”, have been found at Mohenjo Daro. These appear to be fragments of clay vessels that melted together in extreme heat.

        • Cassie

          Given what I know of human nature,
          the many flaws and foibles consistent
          across time and culture, I would guess,
          YES OF COURSE this has happened before.

  • Novamind

    Tacomamoma go back and read…

  • discourse

    Oh one more thing. If any of you has friends in Japan, tell them to stop acting like stupid feudal serfs pls.

    It’s way beyond pathetic to see parents imploring the gov’t to irradiate their children less. Why aren’t these concerned parents at home, packing their kids’ stuff to send them away for the duration? What the… I wouldn’t expose my kids to such danger no matter what the gov’t told me… especially in a free country where everyone can travel as they wish.

    So the kids miss a year in school and become shunned by their colleagues and society at large? Big effing deal, enjoy your thyroid cancer mr. BigShottu college graduate Sama…

    • The lack of information (though one likely could have sensed a range of dangers) was a key role in the situation.

      They were lied to… They were told they are safe…

      I hate to break it to all of you… But if your a USA Citizen like me…
      “Well our own government said that too”…
      “Radiation will not hit the west coast.” Barack Obama 2011

      Funny thats the last thing they ever told you.
      A bold faced Lie.

      • gimp

        Dear Tacoma, I am sitting here 9000 km away from Japan. I am a mother of 2 children and I have many private connections to South Koreans as well as Japanese. So I would not say, I am a total ignorant of their lifestyle. BUT!!! You can’t tell me they have a lack of information. This is how we would like to interpret it. The kids have been growing up with electronic devices, and the parent’s generation as well. Especially in Japan. So I do not accept that they are uninformed. They might feel ashamed, but they are certainly not uninformed.

        • Misanthrope

          I don’t know about the Japanese, but the South Koreans are for the most part ridiculously conformist and subservient to any form of perceived authority.

        • Yeah they’re really informed. They must have felt confident to make decisions when their government admitted LAST WEEK that the plants had melted down two months ago and that they were not told that to prevent a mass panic.

      • The last and ONLY government statement of importance. Nice.

      • And, of course, “America does not torture.”

        Obama has a way with words doesn’t he?

    • SamsuLevin

      It´s not only a question of self-thinking and acting. Even if you´re informed – it´s a question of money, isn´t it?
      I´m sure every japaneese mother is protecting their children as good as possible.
      I believe that the children from TEPCO management, the governement and all the RICH japaneese have already left the country – that´s the way life is, isn´t it?

    • tony wilson

      it is the patriotic duty of japanese children to go to school even in a high radiation zone.
      non compliance with government objectives means non belief.non belief is Seditious and will involve humiliation and outcast status,loss of face then suicide.
      better your children die a part of the patriotic heroic japanese community.
      than running away cowardly in shame.
      as glorious leader prime minister no kan do stated.
      sorry for the worry but are new nuclear machines will be better.
      when asked how much better he said much better.
      we have invited toyota car break systems to help design new plant.
      old nuclear bad. new nuclear good nice and safe.

    • I am sure its easy to be a couch quarterback from afar, but I think I would keep my kids home until DEFINITIVELY the government gets its crap together and provides, if nothing else, credible verification that sending kids to school is a safe thing. If you believe your kids school is laced with arsenic, would you send your kids to play and sit around in it? Not me. It may hold the kid back from their graduating class but at least you erred on the side of caution.

  • Novamind

    Tacomagrove I’m waiting -cant read as fast as you post?

  • Lee Binder

    it is time for LARGE scale demonstrations in Japan. Whoever can, GET ON THE STREETS. Japanese, only YOU can bring forth the way overdue revolution to reclaim your power – NOBODY can do that for you.

  • Koriyamaboy

    Look people. The people cannot just leave as some of you are suggesting. Where would they go? Where would they live? What would they do for a living? The people here are not stupid. They know they are in grave danger. Demonstrating is not in their nature, especially here in Fukushima. I know they should, but they will not. I am living in Koriyama City (in Fukushima)but leaving soon. It is also a city of over 300 000. The other towns and cities that need to be evacuated would make it around 1 000 000 people. I hate all this more than any of you but what can be done? What would YOU do with a million people??

    • I understand your anger. But in all honesty, I would be hitching in a cage on a ship If I had to. If you had time to write, this or even time to watch this unfold. You were reluctant with your time,… And You have ran out of time. 60 days walking is well beyond the exclusion zone.

    • Maa

      I’m amazed by your words. You’re basically saying there’s no place for 300,000 of you to evacuate to but you’re leaving yourself.

    • Vivvi

      I would blockade parliament with them and lay seige to the emperors palace until they got off their backsides and addressed the problem.

      • Novamind

        Many would die but an Honorable effort indeed, think it through first as enough mass would prevail, and then what?

      • If ever presented an opportunity to be listened to and heard by their govt. The govt has their back literally against the wall… if the people stand united against their govt in force, they can insist on being moved from the dangers at least.

      • Terranigma

        Brilliant, Vivvi! I hope they march en masse to the emperor’s palace. Bang on the doors, break through the palace.

    • Novamind

      Do for you and yours first, then return with the best multi-fold sharpened Katana Sword at your disposal and behead those responsible- all of them-Honor be yours!

    • Novamind

      Yes where will the Japanese Nuclear refugees go? It seems that the countries that border them Hate the Japanese for issues from the past, attempted genocide, invasion, Killings, rape, etc… It appears that they have made NO Friends in the local Hood, and for some time past, what will they do? One reaps what One sows…

    • gimp

      Then, I think, it’s about time to get your ass out on the streets. Do it! You can do it. You just need guts to do it!

    • Roget

      Koriyama boy–
      I know it’s a tough adjustment for you there, but now you’re no longer living as a 1rst world country…SO, start thinking like millions of people do in Africa, East Europe, and the Middle East all the time when their lives are at stake!! MILLIONS of people have evacuated successfully to save their lives & families from wars, persecution, and famine!! That is your best option now, en masse!!!

      • Roget

        PLEASE get the ball rolling!!!… It’s not a bad thing to seek asylum somewhere far away from Fukushima, the world’s worst nuclear disaster…you may be the lucky ones who can get where you need to be & get full sponsorship!

        • It would be prudent for them to move to another town on the island. Walk, train, car – whatever means it takes. Just move out of the danger zone until things cool down a bit. Common sense – and don’t let logistical exercises cloud the critical need to just get out of the area – period. What would you do if it was lava coming at you instead? You would move at all costs and quickly!

        • charlie

          the economy of japan is cooked, done, over, it’s no longer a 1st world nation, the fact just hasn’t sunk in yet. with no power, no food, products that thye world will boycott, a confused, sick and demoralizedand aging population, well it’s finished.

    • Major Domo

      Do you also stay in a burning building, wondering where you’ll go, as flames lick your ass? Get the Fuck out! What direction? Away.

    • Koriyamaboy, Thank you for your honest response to what is happening in Fukashima Prefecture. We are to removed in the US to fully understand what people there are going through. I keep thinking of a picture i saw in a National Geographic magazine covering a bad earthquake in Guatemala, of a young girl, aged 9, trapped in a hole filling up with water. No one could help her. She was standing on the bodies of her dead brothers. Death was imminent and she knew it. And she had come to terms with it.
      I think we must have the courage to face whatever is present. My heart is breaking for everyone in Japan. Peace

    • Kibouhope

      I feel for you. Now we all need to feel for a million people more. These people needed our humanity and help to evacuate out from day one. My first thoughts were the people need to be evacuated out. There is no “easy” way out. It is the most difficult thing, and yet it needs to be done already! The species on this planet ought make/find room for these million to go. There are so many “houseless” and all the empty houses sitting, all the Nehongo homes in Hawaii, too. I think Hawaii ought let them come and STAY in their homes in paradise, mentor and sponsership. Barack of all knows this! It is so, so very sad to know the Japanese tourists are boarding the Hawaii plane with tears in their eyes back to Japan. Shame on us all!

  • mikael

    This is a senario that dwarfs moust of this planets capasaty to handle a major crisis.
    Millions of people is not moved by some days, it can take months, and then is the qestion, where.
    Australia, South America, Sahara.

    In a time where Imigrants are the moust hated creatures on this planet, huh.

    The people of Japan is held hostaged by ther corrupt and chriminal goverment, whoms only responce sofar, is to help TEPCO and nucklear industry at large. The people of Japan should force the goverment to react, and when the fate of a nation is at risk, its your duty to save it. And now that the goverment have failed, and lied to you, in your face, they are not worth anything anymore.
    This downplaying must stopp, and the real extent shown to the Japan people.
    The time is running out.
    The People of Japan, must react now.
    You are facing the posebility of NEVER to return to your homeland,
    never thats a long time.

    Kick ass.

    • Novamind

      Tepco is not in control of anything,at this point they are no more than a talking head, spewing what Japan allows them to say, as Japan is in Americas pocket as they have been since 1945. America leads this sick parade of injustice…

    • xdrfox

      Any country that has Nuclear power should have offered safe haven for the people of Japan, they all knew the seriousness from the first days, Now when it happens in your Motherland, KNOW you will suffer the same fate !

      My offers still stand, I am still offering a place here for small family of 2 or three !

      • Roget

        True American, there! 🙂 The children in Japan look so sweet…I hope they get out fast!!!

    • They don’t have to leave their country, they can move to a safe distance and not have to emigrate anywhere. In terms of taking time to accomplish it, with the meltdowns occurring in March, they have WASTED two months so far, sitting in the fallout instead of walking to safety.

      • Roget

        After all the exposure they’ve already endured, and the unpredictable, escalating radiation, many would be well off to leave the whole island.

    • Terranigma

      Kick ass at the emperor’s palace! Get the dysfunctional media off their butts to cover this story.

  • milk and cheese

    Has anyone heard of the fates of the ‘fukushima 50’ (actually a much larger group of people) who were working in the danger zone since March? Only two deaths have been reported. Have any been ‘unreported’? Is there any way of finding out?

  • Agapit

    The largest cities in Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima City (pop. 290,000) and Koriyama (pop. 339,000), could have ground contamination levels well above those of the voluntary Chernobyl evacuation zone and quite possibly above the mandatory one.

    Here’s how I arrived at that conclusion:

    Greenpeace volunteers ( found soil in Fukushima City and Koriyama with the following levels of contamination:

    Fukushima City: 55150 Bq/kg (April 7)
    Koriyama: 32980 Bq/kg (April 8 )

    Using the 20x and 65x conversion methods described in, we get surface area contamination levels of:

    Fukushima City: 1.1M-3.6M Bq/m2
    Koriyama: 659,600-2.14M Bq/m2

    Thus, surface contamination in both cities could exceed the mandatory Chernobyl evacuation level of 1.48M Bq/m2. And it most certainly exceeds the 185,000 Bq/m2 of the Chernobyl voluntary evacuation zone.

    At minimum, the Soviet government offered the residents of such areas the option of relocating, with compensation. Why isn’t Japan doing the same?

  • Agapit

    Also, as far as I know, we haven’t seen any data coming out of Japan regarding strontium and plutonium levels in populated areas, and levels of these isotopes were also used to determine the Chernobyl evacuation zone (strontium-90 >3 Ci/km2; plutonium-239, 240 >0.1 Ci/km2) (Chernobyl Law, Chapter 9). Could this be because the levels are even more shocking than those for cesium? If the explosion at Unit 3 sent the contents of its spent fuel tank high into the atmosphere, as many experts believe, this is more than likely the case.

    Background radiation was also used to determine the Chernobyl evacuation zone, with a level of 5 mSv/year leading to forced evacuation of the entire population (Chernobyl Law, Chapter 9). Yet the Japanese govt. says 20 mSv/year is OK for children. By the way, 5 mSv/year corresponds to .57 µSv/hr., and we’re seeing readings many times above that figure coming from geiger counters in Fukushima City and other populated areas — yet another indicator that these areas need to be evacuated.

    (1 curie/km2 = 37,000 Bq/m2)

  • Agapit


    Look people. The people cannot just leave as some of you are suggesting. Where would they go? Where would they live? What would they do for a living?

    Japan itself could easily cope with a million of its own refugees by just relocating them to unaffected areas. If little Serbia (population 7.5 million) somehow dealt with over a million internal refugees during the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s (a period of chaos and war), why can’t an advanced industrial nation with a population of 128 million do the same, in peacetime? The fact that this option isn’t being considered is very revealing of the state of affairs in Japan and the world today, both socially and politically.

    • Roget

      They need to flee. There are international laws to protect them. YES!–probably Billions have evacuated safely for much lesser dangers!!

    • I respectfully disagree with your first point – they have no choice but to leave and the objections you raise preventing them to do so are just excuses when your life is in your hands. Leave or stay and die is a pretty clear bottom line. I do support your second point of just moving to another part of the country – this is not about, at this time, accessing another country or being someone’s burden. This is about surviving.

      • Roget

        I don’t know if the rural, more distant areas in Japan could supports 10s of millions of new inhabitants…many may need to be in cities…in other countries.

        • Cassie

          Japan is an island which is a bit smaller than the state of California. However, only about 20% is habitable due to highly mountainous geography.

          It is also one of the most populous countries in the world, 10th largest population, with 127.5 million people.

          Rice paddies and farm land are highly terraced and squeezed in amongst the population. The population lives in a fairly cramped style as it is, not sure how and where internal location would be easily managed.

          I wonder if anyone has some ideas on an internal re-location plan?

      • Agapit

        Anthony, the first paragraph (in italics) was not my point but a quote from Koriyamaboy’s earlier post. The second paragraph was a response to him. So we’re in perfect agreement: refugees can and should be relocated within Japan.

      • ocifferdave

        @Anthony –When should we on the West Coast USA leave?

        • extra knight

          the sooner the better. but there is really nowhere to go, all things being equal.

    • Sandra

      Many people want to leave and still be close enough to their jobs or schools. That is not easy when some family members were already going in opposite directions. Families and friends want to stay together. The problem isn’t the government. It is hard for people to find places they are really happy with. There are also fewer places because of the tsunami. That made many more people homeless.

      It’s funny how some in the U.S. complain that social programs for the disadvantaged cost too much, but are the first to point fingers when they think governments are not doing enough.
      If you think those people need more help, donate more money. People in some poor countries have given even more per person than the U.S. has.

    • Kibouhope

      I read a few blogs from homeschoolers in Japan. There are many military families and business people who have had babies born while living there there. (I’m not going to say this exactly right because it has been a few weeks since I read it, but this is what I remember)…And babies born overseas don’t immediately get a birth certificate. So people have to apply and it can take awhile. Which is usually not a big deal, since they are stationed/working there and not in a rush. But then this happened and there are all these babies there with families who want to leave and they can’t. Their husbands are still there, everyone isn’t evacuated so there is no ‘official’ plane to stick them on and they have to buy their own plane tickets and have their own paperwork to get the kids back to the US. How??? Can you imagine being in a shelter there, your spouse far away working on some relief thing, and you can’t even go home?

  • JC

    300 000 walking dead man….

  • jed

    Is time travel possible? Is Time Linear? What is Time! One thing I do know is that this is our “TIME”

    Question 1. How did one of the most successful bands in the world “The Killers” write and release a song about the Tiger Woods saga well over a year before the story broke???

    Question 2. How did the biggest band in the world, “U2” write a song over 20 years ago about Tokyo Electric Co?
    “Earthquake 4. Nice and Slow. Useless scenes in old Tokyo. Useless scenes near Tokyo”

    After the Rain the Sun comes out!!!!

    • Novamind

      jed-comon now get a new post, this the 3rd time you have posted the same thing again, yes we notice you lack of effort..

    • It’s called prognostication jed. For instance, I would predict you’re going to get kicked out of here for posting the same thing over and over! Use your slightly irradiated brain to come up with something else. [NOTE: Radiation does engender a decrease in intelligence, along with premature aging, among other delightful things].

      [U2 and the Killers do not have a monopoly on predicting the future]. I also PREDICT this Fukushima thing is going to get worse, and I may write a song about it too. Then you can do your broken record routine with my song and get kicked off another board.

      Samuel Barber has the perfect song to accompany a nuclear world-ending disaster:

      I know, don’t feed the trolls …

  • Markww

    JAPAN must evacuate half its island due to radiation. The Government,Tepco and high officials are guilty of TREASON against their people and the people of the WORLD for the massive cover up, the LIES, the CORRUPTION, and their inability to deal with the situation . This whole disaster has been over their heads. Tepco has tried along with GE to save a DEAD PLANT which is NOW POISONING THE WHOLE PLANET and will MAKE MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIE FROM CANCERS,RADIATION POISON AND GENETIC MUTATIONS BOTH PLANT ANIMAL AND NOW HUMAN


    • jump-ball

      I’m old enough to remember watching Babcock & Wilcox melt down in the 1970s, and maybe living long enough to see theirs and GEs NC nuclear headquarters buildings being shut down because of contamination will be somewhat of a reward for enduring decades of their lies and corruption.

  • “My offers still stand, I am still offering a place here for small family of 2 or three !”

    Doc–do I plus two chihuahuas equal a family of 2 or 3? 🙂 I’m half-teasing.

  • On the topic of where all the people could go,….am I correct that a contaminated person can be made ‘clean’ again? I mean, those two poor doggies we saw that first week, you know, the one’s who were licking and attending to each other,….MSM reported that they had both been adopted out. Is it true that they can be decontaminated? The Japanese people will need to have that done prior to relocation? How would that work? Any ideas?

    • OneWhoRelates

      External contamination can be removed with a good scrubbing and sometimes hair removal is needed to complete this phase.

      Internal contamination can be mitigated in part by diet. However, with internal contamination some will always remain in the organism, and increases risk of cancers in that organism. The only risk to others is if the internally contaminated organism is consumed.

      • I hope this goes viral

        Unless, as detailed in VOICES FROM CHERNOBYL Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster by Svetlana Alexievich (Author), Keith Gessen (Translator),
        it’s massive internal contamination as seen with many of the Chernobyl first responders.

    • Terranigma

      Anybody want to adopt a cat?

  • Thank you very much. Info I can understand.

    Last question,….in your opinion, could those dogs infect a ‘clan’ person. Yes, or no.

    • OneWhoRelates

      I’m sorry but I do not understand your question what do you mean by ‘clan’

  • not infect, contaminate.

    • Vtech

      Yes. Cat,dog or any object. Unfortunately radiation is not something you can see, smell or feel. When you do feel it is usually too late. The day after explosion in Chernobyl there was a beautiful sunny day. No suspicious looking clouds or different taste you could experience. I remember that day.
      Aloe vera will provide some protection for your skin. Barley, chlorella and spirulina will absorb from your system and remove quite a bit.
      Garlic, ginko bilboa and ginseng in your diet will also help.

  • Ashen

    I was not “fear mongering” in the past when I said this WAS going to happen. I am not “fear mongering” now when I say this IS and WILL CONTINUE to happen and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. It is inevitable. Look at the magnitude of the storms and flooding in the U.S. since 3/11/2011. Is it severe weather? Absolutely not. It’s beyond “Severe Weather”!!! Trust me. I went through this last tornado outbreak with two tornadoes passing through where I live. In addition to tornadoes appearing everywhere – out of nowhere, we were pummeled with baseball size hail, heavy rain, and 80 – 95 mph straight line winds. THIS IS NOT NORMAL AT ALL. The weather alerts and warnings were nonstop with “The atmosphere is extremely unstable. Tornadoes can form without warning in these Super Cell Storms”. Wonder why it was/is so unstable??? Could it be “RFF” Radiation From Fukushima? Yes. I believe so. (I said so during the earlier tornado outbreak of 260+ in the U.S earlier this year.) I told friends/family to prepare because this was just the beginning and like so many of you here – I was laughed at, told I was exaggerating, accused of spreading “doom & gloom”, etc. It may sound like “doom and gloom” but does that make it untrue? NO. If anyone denies the Truth, all that remains is a lie. DECEPTION. (AKA: TEPCO-CEPTION) It was over 90 degrees here and the skies were an ominous green. Record setting winds and tornadoes broke all records ever known in recorded history. Please pray/send hope/positive intentions/etc. for the people of Missouri, Oklahoma & the entire Mid U.S. states, as well as the Japanese people who all are still experiencing unimaginable loss and horror. An estimated 1500 people are still missing in Joplin, Missouri alone. Any and all comments are wanted to my theory of “Increased Weather Severity Caused By Radiation From Fukushima – Yes or No?” May Peace, Guidance, & Wisdom be granted to all of us. 🙂

    • I think you are right Ashen and not fear-mongering. Radiation is energy so it is reasonable to expect the effect to be ENERGETIC.

  • Willie


    There’s water in the basement
    Those fumes are lethal
    ACLU’s mad
    About a cross on a steeple

    There’s holes in bad places
    The ocean is sad
    Now just who’s gone golfing
    Have we all gone mad?

    Molten lumps on the move
    Just a little more time
    Oh yeah, there’s no roof
    But there’s antioxidants in the wine

    Gauges inaccurate
    Meters unreliable
    If I was in a theater
    The whole thing’d be just laughable

    But just so you’d know
    The Truth is a Rock
    With Him you’ll be able
    Just answer His knock

    5/26/11 Willie

  • Kibouhope

    If it’s melted thru a stainless steel containment, it sure is going to melt thru concrete in days. In the case of Chernobyl when it blew up it pretty much stopped reacting! This Fukushima is a mess. Can dump concrete on the fision mess and won’t stop the reaction and it will vaporize it, leak out of it. In principle, build a big pan and catch the dripping molten and spread out into pancake to stop fission (splitting atom..boron control rods to control radio action) build swamp and have swamp plants and mushrooms soak up all the radioactive stuff (harvest plant, burn to ash, bury the ash…”corium” (means all stuff from core melting together, control rods, whole nine yards…nice hot blob). No control at all leaking out and melting it’s way out…more hot puddles. Nuclear plants built on ‘landfills” not on bedrock…landfill turns to mud in earthquake and tsunami…reactor four whole building is leaning and sinking to one side (trying to shore-up to keep from falling over, #4 one that was off-line) There’s another nuclear plant over the hill from Fukushima and brewing lots of plutonium rods that was occupied by the Japanese army to handle, Daini Nuclear plant used to produce plutonium for weapons (as well as making power too) the “Yakuza” are suspected to be involved in the sales.Arnie Gundersen heavily involved in nuclear industry for years (one of coolest heads in whole bit, like his stuff, puts out “truthful videos” refreshing after all the cover-up…good analysis….there was not a hydrogen explosion, some nuclear! Still picture of whole ordeal not looking good.

    • Cassie

      Thanks for this post Kib.
      1. Who were the recipients of the Yakuza bootleg plutonium?
      The plot thickens, but doesn’t surprise me at all.
      2. Do you think they will shore up #4?
      3. No bedrock? Just mud under the reactors?
      4. How can you build a big pan? How long would it take?


      • Kibouhope

        Cassie, Kibou is Japanese for “hope”. Conceivable they have been doing something up their sleeves (perhaps that’s why a Tokyo governor said something about ‘divine retribution’), especially if the military and organization Yakuza are involved in Daini, it’s probably a well kept secret who the sales went to. Strictly speaking, Japan is only militarily allied with the United States. The large release of radioactivity from the accident at Chernobyl has resulted in considerable concern about the safety of the five large military production reactors that produce weapons-grade plutonium for U.S. nuclear weapons. Mox fuel rods in Fukushima reactor 3 present multiple dangers, let alone possibly other Japanese nuclear power plants that could get “caught” doing all this crap that’s bad that may yet still be unknown to the rest of the world because the rest of us are not suppose to know. The Japan nuke plants are not built and harnessed on some bedrock, The landfill rock just crumbles in one’s hand. Tsunami and more water turns landfill to mud. Buildings sink in mud, like Reactor 4. Bad enuff more earthquakes will come to area of fault lines with compromised nuke plants there. Look to Arnie Gundersen at fairwinds for Fukushima updates to view in video and transcript. “And finally, all reactors are continuing to emit radiation, the containments have failed. So it’s going down as water and it’s going up in steam, and there is no plan in site to prevent that from happening in the future.” A.G. May Friday the 13th. His latest vid and transcript is titled “The Implications of the Fukushima Accident on the World’s Operating Reactors”. Reminds me Amory B. Lovins’ quote about nuclear power: “There’s a fly on a baby’s forehead. Quick a hammer!” It’s just a vain attempt since there is no quick-fix band-aid remedy to patch things up. The big pan to pancake and stop the fission is an imaginable one at that. It seems very unclear at the moment where this is…

        • Kibouhope

          It seems very unclear at the moment where this is going to stop. “It sounds as though they have a serious problem – this is the sort of thing Nuclear Engineers have nightmares about. The problem is that you can shut down the chain reaction in the reactor; but if it has been running for any length of time, it has a huge inventory of radioactive waste material from the reaction, which keeps pumping out heat. Anything up to 10% of the heat in the reactor is from these ‘so called’ fission products. And you can’t shut it down. You HAVE to cool it. They are systems which are designed to fail-safe; as long as they all function the way they are supposed to function – the difficulty is here that we don’t have any significant information about the problem in the cooling water. There is a finite probability that it will not be contained. That is the alarming possibility. I am sure that they will be doing everything concievable to ensure that the core is not uncovered.”~Galvin D.J. Harper Suppose it is because there are no answers, that the truth of the dangers and more dangers ahead are kept from panicking the public around the globe. Of course the Japanese people there are frightened and so ought the rest of the world be, knowing the truth to wake up to finding possible solutions together as humankind on a planet. Spec some folks feel it is high time other species show up already to remove us from our planet or help us with solution, than observe, in some humble opinions.

          • Terranigma

            Nuclear dispersants? A chemical to solidify the nuclear waste?

            Why not try corexit? What do they have to lose?

            Cooling rods?

            Crystalsis? Something that crystallizes the waste?

          • Cassie

            Tnx Kib

  • mary

    Time to stomp,scream, yell, carry signs.. Get on the internet.. Make video’s for you tube..
    Make the world ‘notice.’. This is not main stream news in most the world.. Many think things are ‘OK” in Japan…

  • LMar

    …and what about the radiation isotopes mixing or adhering to all the chemicals in chemtrails? Are they attaching to chemtrail particles then falling out, from being attached to heavier matter? I often, over the years, notice chem-dust on (car, furniture, pc, etc). Somehow it seems the chemtrails could be making the radiation fallout worse. I do not know what the science is on this. Does anyone?

  • Kibouhope

    Maybe the black budget guys have some of it figured out. Marathon physics we really don’t know a whole lot. All symptomatic that the “standard model” is toppled together and wrong and everyone cleaves to it cuz all they got…why is hard to move fridge (why heavy?), why does magnet hold paper on fridge, so many holes of “unsolved problems in physics”…5 pages on wikipedia on for pages, problems no one has clue to solve.
    Look up Alexandar Ya Burinskii (Moscow) Kerr Neuman solution for black hole model for electron…you can get consistent black hole model of electron…ring singularity…all sort of works. Hoping something like this would work. Award fm gravitation conference…article he wrote won. Google ” Burinskii 2011 arxiv” x-files maintained by Cornell and Los Alamos, mostly pdf…
    So on a happy note, one thing is for sure that was studied at Chernobyl…that meditation worked to bring down radiation levels for humans that were in meditational group. So need to find groups to keep meditating in and to consistently meditate and to keep on meditating and not stop apparently.

  • …cont’d

    Archaeologist Francis Taylor stated that etchings in some nearby temples he translated, suggested that they prayed to be spared from the great light that was coming to lay ruin to the city. “It’s so mind-boggling to imagine that some civilization had nuclear technology before we did. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare.”
    Furthermore, when excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had killed its inhabitants. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city; there seemed no-one available to bury them afterwards.
    What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death. Furthermore, Alexander Gorbovsky, in “Riddles of Ancient History” (published in 1966), reported the discovery of at least one human skeleton in this area with a level of radioactivity approximately fifty times greater than it should have been due to natural radiation. Furthermore, thousands of fused lumps, christened “black stones”, have been found at Mohenjo Daro. These appear to be fragments of clay vessels that melted together in extreme heat.