“Huge Problems”: All parts of fuel rods appear to have melted at all 3 reactors admits TEPCO

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 10:07 pm ET


Meltdowns also likely occurred at No. 2, No. 3 reactors of Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun, May 18, 2011:

Data shows meltdowns occurred at the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, creating huge problems for the plant operator that had presented a more optimistic scenario. […]

Goshi Hosono, special adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, acknowledged the likelihood of meltdowns at the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors.

“We have to assume that meltdowns have taken place,” Hosono said at a news conference May 16. […]

“When highly contaminated water was found at the No. 2 reactor building in late March, we recognized that a meltdown had taken place. So I informed the government,” [Haruki Madarame, chairman of the Nuclear Safety Commission] said. […]

TEPCO had said it believed that only a portion of the nuclear fuel rods had melted. Now, it appears that all parts of the fuel rods have melted. […]

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 10:07 pm ET


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45 comments to “Huge Problems”: All parts of fuel rods appear to have melted at all 3 reactors admits TEPCO

  • Warren

    Can someone kindly explain what this means for us here in the West Coast?

    • Barney

      It means we are screwed. You can buy all of the cleansing products in the world and it won’t change the fact we are now going to eat radioactive food, or we are not going to eat.

      I am grabbing everything I can that was packaged pre-disaster. It is my plan to stockpile a five year food supply.

      I sure hope I am wrong but everything I have rad says I am not wrong….

      • J1

        Will considering this is Chernobyl x 20, aside from all the floods, earthquakes, and societal b.s. going on, what do you plan to do after your “safe” food runs out?

        If shit goes down the way we all hope wouldn’t go down, you think you’d really wanna live in that shit hole? An environment where most of your loved ones have probably died off leaving you all alone with your hoards of pre-fuki dehydrated food & canned goods.

        Hope everyone is preparing themselves because this shit just got real and we will really be tested mentally, physically, and spiritually like we’ve never been before.

      • wonders never cease

        Good move!! I wish I had hustled more and had more freezer room… I’m serious about indoor gardening, sprout growing, etc.

        I’m refreshing my Spanish, too…Luckily, I have wonderful friends in the S. hemisphere and/or I will just BOLT out on my own, if that’s what it takes!!…

        This situation reminds me so much of when my car got caught on railroad tracks in a morning fog and would not budge. Then, despite NO signal, horn, or lights, there suddenly was a speeding train bearing down on me only about 100 yards away!!!!……

        I tried to stay calm, opened my door, unfastened my seatbelt, and prepared to jump for my life and lose the paid-for car that I needed for school. In seconds, I tried to calculate where I would land and where the wreckage would fly…

        Fortunately, I kept trying and floored the gas “pedal to the metal”! Finally, there was a little movement & then the most hideous, screeching noise!.. Amazingly, I managed to pull off the tracks & drive clear just in time!!!…(From then on, mechanics always asked me: “What the hell happened?!” My undercarriage had been completely ripped up like they had never seen before!…) I survived without a scratch & WITH that car. 😉

        Don’t ever count yourself out!! But, DO
        Keep both your Plan A AND your Plan B open!!

        (I’ve had so many near-death experiences, it’s no wonder I’m religious. ;))

        • xdrfox

          freezer room…
          I would consider not counting on electricity !
          Go with caned and dry good foods ! Stock up !

          • wonders never cease

            I have that, too…but not for years…
            What do you think about taking off for greener, less radioactive, pastures? I know it would be tough… Some sources say the S. Hemisphere should remain decent for a year or at least until they get this pared down. (??) I miss living abroad and my friends there.

          • ocifferdave

            @wonders never cease – ocifferdave clan PLAN A: I have a silver lined 15,000 gal hand pump water filter, lots of canned food, bags of rice and beans, a Sports Solar Cooker, two diff types of fuel-using BBQ grills, tents and sleeping bags, hand crank flashlights/lanterns and radios, iodine pills, vitamins and minerals and boron and gluconutrients, toilet paper, chickens and feed, garbage cans and bags, tons of alcohol gel from the dollar store, lots of Lives of the Saints books (they were inspired hard core survivors), 5 acres of land, +5 mithril crossbow of speed with bolts, tools, board games…and stocked up on 13 5 gal. buckets of dehydrated food (did that two years ago…was really into how to survive a nuclear war just a year prior to that and that purchase was the crescendo…then I got bored with it all and stopped). PLAN B: New Zealand. Maybe me and tots the little lady can be extras in The Hobbit. Sweet!

          • wonders never cease

            I heard it’s tough to immigrate to N.Z., although I do have a few relatives who have been living there on visas…? They love it! They are such peaceniks–bless them!

            I’m going to get tired of all this protocol, limitations, and non-testing. I unloaded my domestic property when the market was up….maybe adventures await! 😉

          • ocifferdave

            Awesome, wnc! Good luck and post a note here about your destination, what people think about all this down under (ie Brazil, South Africa, etc).

          • bob wallopadonkey

            Are you sure about New Zealand?
            2348 quakes in Christchurch since February 2011 but it’s nothing to worry about as its just an old extinct volcano that can’t possibly erupt again…….

      • Radigan

        …”everything I have RAD”, Barney? I’ve heard Freudian slips, but that one’s really radiculous. You must be a really rad kind of a dude, to say something as radioactive as that. Forget sieverts and becquerels, Barney, YOU GOT RADS!

    • tony wilson

      what it means is if we are lucky massive release up of radiation as the cores work through the earth.at some stage they will impact the water table then a very big bang.
      even scientists are saying this science fiction is a scary fact.
      it could be a quick decline of the west or a very slow painful one.
      general electric and tepco built these reactors they were designed for nuclear submarines,not earth quake zones.
      they put them smack near volatile tectonic plate next to the sea.
      tepco said they did not expect a Tsunami even though it’s a japanese word.
      fukishima is also built on reclaimed land next to Caldera volcano.
      you have enough volatility in that place to kill the planet.
      the core is hotter than the sun and out of containment it is self sustaining and on the move.someone needs to tell us how far down the water table is.

    • ZombiePlanet

      The bomb that never stops giving.

      Amazing how long it takes most of you people to wake up as to how this world has been run for 1000’s of years.

      There is a lot you can do in your defense.

      First: nutritional tactics to detox your body, (easy when your lifestyle has been such. (Search engine)) And alter your diet. (Yea I know that’s rough for the “modern man.”) :0

      Second: Stop freaking out!!

      Third: Assure yourself of clean water. (that should be #1)

      And the list goes on. Get a move on folks, while there is still daylight.

      Step by Step.

      Collect valid data and move on it. Don’t react… but respond.

      • J1

        And what do you say to the tens of thousands that knock on your door because there has now been “a run” on zeolite and reverse osmosis filters which they can no longer afford with their unemployment benefit checks since the price of similar products such as IOSAT pills alone have gone to $500 per pack of 14?

        Collect valid data and move on…..right. All daylight will see darkness eventually. The question you should be asking yourself is, “Do I want to be alone in the darkness?”

        “On a long enough time-line, the survival rate for everyone drops to…..”

        • Al in HI

          Another ZHer, HK here. I hear what you’re saying but I think we should all take our chances with being prepared versus not being prepared.

          • Cindy

            ‘No matter how we struggle and strive, we won’t make it out of this world alive’..

            I unfortunately cannot remember who stated this famous saying, but it’s the truth…

            I’m letting nature take it’s course .

          • Cassie

            As we are trying to educate ourselves about what is happening and the various possible scenarios,
            I think we are all deciding how we want to proceed.

            I am not so sure if survival will be all it is cracked up to be.
            What will the world look like for survivors.
            A case can be made to go with the flow.
            But that is an individual choice for sure.


    • Noah

      Total Meltdown From the Beginning

      What this means:

      The Japanese Gov & TEPCO’s purposeful slow release of information has caused millions of people to delay their defensive response by more than two months. Lessening the chance of obtaining pre-311 foods and or evacuating the area.

      Just as in WWII, the ultimate outcome of the war was secretly known by the Japanese High Command at Pearl Harbor. The truth was the war was lost when it began.

      A total meltdown on day one. The reactor war was lost when it began.

      • Noah

        The Cost of the Coverup:
        The Pacific Ocean

        The evidence was there, the truth was known from the beginning. Total meltdown.

        The tons of water poured on an already melted core, the unnecessary and irreversible contamination of the Pacific.

        Massive steam rising from the water applied contributing to the rising smoke. Further contaminating the Northern Hemisphere and altering global weather.

  • Barney

    I have been watching this site since the disaster happened. I have only posted a couple of comments because I truly do not know what to say other than;

    There does not seem to be any kind of “fix” for this situation.

    G.E. and T.E.P.C.O are jointly responsible as building the plant was STUPID and possibly even GROSSLY negligent.

    While there is nothing that U.S. citizens can do to gain some level of compensation from the Japanese Government perhaps some smart law firm can find some way to make G.E. pay out to every single American affected.

    I have to admit I am having a very hard time with this situation. I can deal with terrorists, I cannot deal with silent but painful “someday death”.

    To think that every single nuke plant in the world is not going to be pulled offline in the next few months (more to be built instead)is simply incomprehensible to anyone with half a brain.

    How many glowing, gene splitting pimples are we going to leave on this planet before we learn?

    Sadly THE PEOPLE (that’s you and me) are seemingly powerless to do anything about the rich greedy bastards screwing over our planet.

    Mark my words, Should I be diagnosed with cancer I am NOT going to spend the last months of my life in a hospital. I am going to spend it hunting…………..

    • J1


      yes sir and many others with you. Of course, there will be many that decide to prey on everyone else instead of just focusing on the elites.

      Mad Max here we come.

  • J1

    So who here is ready to die? Hate to say it, but actually looking forward to getting off this shit, corrupted, greedy-ass, fantasy-land, matrix program.

  • Not Sure

    These Japanese need to get real, as they’re starting to look like candidates for a Darwin Award.

    It appears Japan possesses significant cultural handicaps for dealing with something “outside the box.” They need to set aside the cultural BS. Swallow their pride (which is appearing more to be a false pride used to mask rigid conformity and obedience).

    Then…get on the damn phone. Call the Russians, call the French, call the Americans, the Chinese, the Koreans. Call everyone in the phone book and tell them you NEED HELP!!!

    At the same time, round up the courteous TEPCO officals who are always so apologetic…and tell them gently YOU’RE FUCKING FIRED! (If one of these motherfuckers apologizes one more time I”m going to puke).

    Then you throw the entire weight of your country behind the resolution of this event. Everything else depends on it. You test the water, the land, the sea, the food, the clothes the kids. You move all children and pregnant women to the southern tip of the island.

    You ask for help from everyone. You ask us. We want this resolved just as much as the Japanese people do. You singularly focus the will of the nation towards mitigating this monster.

    There’s no going back to 3/10 on this one Japan. Stock portfolios are the least of your concerns now. The very survival of your nation and its people is in the balance.

    Lead the world away from nuclear power. Regain your dignity and will to live. We all make mistakes, and ringing your island with nuclear power plants was a big one. Ok a real big one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t MTFU and admit you were wrong…and start down a different path now.

    The choice is your Japan, and the choice you make affects all of us.

  • Hilltop

    Whoever said this is about being tested spiritually, bingo. Whoever said they will spend the last days of their life hunting (killing)…uh. Fail. just sayin… Whoever asked: who here is ready to die? Well, if this threat can actually spiritually prepare you for death, than this is indeed a blessing.

    Good luck and God bless all of you!

  • hawkeye

    great ideas above blogs
    we need to come up with a real plan

  • hawkeye

    an please no
    mylar sails,sawdust diapers,or tarps

    • Cassie

      Ah shucks Hawk I wanted to toss some pampers down on some of the melted rods. Or at some of TEPCO staff…

  • mark V

    The UN nuclear watchdog IAEA will send experts to Japan to investigate the accident at the Fukushima… …May 24th to June 2nd… …The report will include the lessons from the nuclear accident and measures to prevent a recurrence…


    To me it’s crystal clear who they represent, instead of who they were supposed to represent. Hague candidates next to Tepco management and Kan’s cabinet. It may be more difficult to identify the mafia heads but it will only be good for the World to get all bankers alike, nuclear business included or not in their list of crimes against humanity.

  • There are only 38 days or less until the fuel sustains a full-scale fission criticality. The boron, (which stops nuclear fission from occurring) will have exceeded its lifespan by this time…
    Tepco had already made a request as of march to evacuate the reactors. Though they are being forced to see it until the end by the Japanese government. God bless their souls. As it surely is a death mission.

    The first death was reported on Friday. Meaning, that the situation is already well beyond cataclysmic. In all reality, the worlds biggest dirty bomb will be released in no more than 38 days…

    Tepco will likely evacuate the site between the dates: June 16th – June 28th…

    “This is because boron is limited and can no longer sustain its self within the current settings”.

    Meaning: the fuel will release amounts of neutrons in such excess that the boron “in any quantity” will be now be unable to capture enough neutrons to stop a criticality.

    At this time neutrons will begin to react against atoms, leading to a spike in temperatures exceeding any known cooling process… The fuel will then go core through the floor, and reach the water table in no less than 1-6 hours…

    At that time the fuel will both be released in atmospheric and oceanic / form. Plaguing Japan first and foremost. I presume that over 100,000- 10,000,000 deaths will be attributed to the event alone. Japan will likely be forced to abandon the main island entirely within that time.

    The continental united states will see the radiation within 2 days. The radiation will sweep across the northwest, as far north as Vancouver canada, and as far south as new mexico. The main area’s to be astray from are seattle through sandiego. The radiation will likely be 350 – 800cmp. (fyi 200cpm is when you should run indoors)…

    This will continue as a global norm for at least two months, at that time reactors 5 and 6 will likely begin the path to china syndrome. If you are in a temporary fallout shelter, by august, you should be planning to find a more permanent location to settle…

    Come November, the situation will likely start over again, now reaching 1000cpm or more. It will be anywhere up to a century for the initial radiation plumes to settle… The 600,000 spent fuel rods, will likely contaminate the entire planet killing 45% or more, of life on earth…

    “Once the reaction from neutrons has dwindled to a 100-300 cpm internationally”; The biological life forms will begin to emerge from the now very few uncontaminated portions of the planet… Though human dna will likely be mutated, and lifespans will be lowered to 20 – 44 years old in adult males, and 25 – 50 years old in Adult females.

  • Jean Tanner

    From the OP’s article:
    Radioactive materials, such as technetium, produced when nuclear fuel rods are damaged, have been detected in water in the No. 3 reactor building. That discovery has raised speculation that the melted nuclear fuel has breached the pressure vessel and landed in the containment vessel.

    It doesn’t say WHEN technetium was detacted in the samples from reactor three’s water. Or am I reading this wrong?

  • ohthehumanity

    Tacomagrove, I, too, would like to know the source of your information, especially the part about the boron having a limited prophylactic effect on fission. I cannot find anything that corroborates this.

  • ohthehumanity

    I found this information on this site:http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2316531

    The excerpt is from “Neutronicus”s post.

    “The heat inside the core is being produced by the decay of fission products, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop that except wait for enough half-lives that the activity slows down a bit. Your general thesis, namely that as soon as they decide the reactor can’t be salvaged, they’ll dump in a bunch of boron just to be safe on the nuclear front, is correct, but where you’re wrong is in assuming that adding a bunch of boron will help cool the reactor at all – it won’t. All it will do is ensure that the reactor never goes critical again. This is why spent fuel needs to sit in a pool of water for 5 years before anyone even considers moving it. Decay heat is serious shit, and it’s not related to neutron physics at all.”