Deadly gas found in salt cavern below giant sinkhole — Official Reveals: Now the cavern can’t be plugged and Hydrogen Sulfide will have to be removed as it flows (VIDEO)

Published: December 7th, 2012 at 9:47 pm ET


Title: Well shut down at giant Louisiana sinkhole, H2S discovered
Source: WAFB 9
Author: Amber Stegall
Date Updated: Dec 07, 2012 9:07 PM EST

A cavern well had to be shut down after Hydrogen Sulfide gas was discovered. […]

Two weeks ago, Texas-Brine detected amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide in its deepest well. Now the company has reported to the Department of Natural Resources that it has detected amounts of the gas in one of its flow lines in the failed cavern that caused the sinkhole. […]

OEP and DNR, along with Texas-Brine tested the flow line in the cavern again Friday to see if the gas is present; that is when the low levels of Hydrogen Sulfide was discovered.

Because the gas was detected, the cavern cannot be plugged and the gas will have to be removed as it flows. “They’ll have to bring in scrubber units and put those devices in the line and scrub out the hydrogen sulfide as well as remove the hydrogen sulfide and dispose of it in the proper manner,” said [Assumption Parish Director of OEP John Boudreaux.]

Title: 1:15 p.m. Update
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: Dec. 7, 2012
Emphasis Added

Texas Brine Oxy 3A evaluation was performed this morning and confirmed the well does have H2S present in the hydrocarbon. The Well has been shut in and a work plan is being developed to address this issue. We will update accordingly.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: December 7th, 2012 at 9:47 pm ET


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15 comments to Deadly gas found in salt cavern below giant sinkhole — Official Reveals: Now the cavern can’t be plugged and Hydrogen Sulfide will have to be removed as it flows (VIDEO)

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    5:40 p.m. Office of Conservation Strengthens Order to Texas Brine
    December 7, 2012 //
    Office of Conservation Strengthens Order to Texas Brine, Orders Two 6,000-foot Wells to Monitor Area
    Wells will provide new information, more accurately assess area around failed Texas Brine cavern and sinkhole

    BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh today ordered Texas Brine LLC to drill two 6,000-foot geotechnical wells near the site of its failed salt brining cavern to provide deep underground staging points for seismic imaging equipment that will give a clearer understanding of the current status of the underground support structure beneath the sinkhole and area around the failed Texas Brine cavern.

    Welsh’s new instructions are in response to Texas Brine’s plan for Conservation-ordered geophysical modeling and expansion of seismic monitoring in the area, which Office of Conservation staff reviewed and found insufficient to meet the goals laid out in an Oct. 12, 2012 directive.

  • dosdos dosdos

    The question is now, "Is the H2S in the aquifer?"

    I think it's foolish that the evacuation has not seen mandatory enforcement. It is negligence on the state to allow people of the area to remain in a dangerous situation like this. I understand the desire to hold onto one's home and estate all too well, but this is a case of stubbornly remaining in harm's way, especially for the children. The sink hole hasn't gotten close to full size yet, nor has it extruded the last of the dangerous chemicals. With a predominant southeast breeze off the Gulf, Bayou Corne could be engulfed in poisonous gasses at any given point in time, including at night while everyone is asleep. People should not be living anywhere near the sinkhole, no matter how safe it may seem on the surface level.


      Undoubtably, dosdos, and I entriely agree. Check out the Flyover thread, and you can see what turn the conversation has taken. Those folks should have been out of there long ago.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I agree. Those people should not be allowed to remain at all. Is this an issue of money? Do they have funds to go anywhere? I thought that some people were being given some form of payment to pay for rent or housing in another location. Did the people who are still in the area not qualify – or not apply? I think that someone in the Department of Public Safety should have the state police escort those people out ASAP!

    • omniversling

      Meanwhile in Alaska, "Residents in the Yukon River community of Eagle are excited about a mysterious geologic event that is emitting fire, steam and a sulfur smell. "

      “We’re fairly confident that it’s not a hot spring or some other type of volcanic related incident,” Miller said, which will be disappointing news to Pat Sanders in Eagle. “Of course everyone in Eagle is hoping it’s going to be a thermal event and we’ll end up with a hot springs but maybe that’s just because it was 45 below last week,” Sanders said.

      What a great way to spin FukuSteamer and other planetary 'brimstone' events: time for a hot-tub..!

  • razzz razzz

    Better the sulfide gas is attracted to the collapsed cavern and somewhat trapped so it can be monitored and taken up the well to be disposed of properly. That is better than having it surface from the sinkhole.

    Order for more wells to be drilled because they don't know what is going on yet. Test and inspect until they know what the formation is.


    Should have been done three months ago, razzz. These folks are in extreme danger. But then, seems we all are, no matter where we live.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Big Hill employee tells me, H2S= run.. fast. There is no safety net, there is no warning and you are gambling with your life and the life of your family. I do have a question… will the tiltmeters or inclinometers Respec has installed, give any type of warning if this a large "bubble" under the sinkhole prior to it coming up as a volcano instead of a burp, or does it just put out readings?


    GET OUT! NOW! Nothing else I can say… except RUN! Forrest, RUN!

  • irhologram

    Since August, I've linked the Web Bots syntax projection of future mass thought by collecting data on memes that appear when e-mails, blogs, texts, and IM types of communication are analyzed….and a recurrent meme was the experience of deadly or foul air all up the Mississippi into the Midwest. I believe he began "seeing" this meme expressed in massive numbers by word choice. Clif High! who invented this computer projection for the stock market, was making this projection since early 2010, I think. But Clif's interpretation of his own findings didn't accurately identify the meme. What if the foul air are the gases, deadly gases from the sinkhole… Here are some of his former "hits"American Airlines Flight 587[8]
    Space Shuttle Columbia disaster – In January 2003 the web bots were going on and on about a "maritime disaster over the west".[9] However, in that same year, the MV Mitali, a double decked ferry, was capsized by collision with a cargo vessel in Bangladesh, with at least 130 people confirmed dead on April 2003. The Fu Shan Hai, a Chinese bulk carrier, sank after a collision on 31 May 2003. The RMS Mülheim, a German cargo ship run ashore on on 22 March 2003. Nevertheless, the Web Bot owners zeroed in on a non-maritime event as their "prediction".
    Northeast Blackout of 2003[9][10]
    2004 Indian Ocean earthquake[10][11]
    Hurricane Katrina and its devastation[10][12]
    Dick Cheney hunting incident[9]

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..and sulphur…

    Officials seek gas source

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      From above:
      "John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, acknowledged that discovery of hydrogen sulfide from the oil fumes may point to the source of the gas being different in the investigatory well than the vent well"

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Strange things happening here in Louisiana.. here is a post I ran across on Facebook. I don't know where else to place this so if its the wrong place Admin, please move. Thank you. :

    Early this morning Lil after midnight and again at 2ish in the morning in the Cecilia, Grand Anse, Henderson area residents, including myself were awakened with loud booms, like bombs exploding. Force was so great shook houses in the surrounding areas mentioned, including mine. St. Martin Sheriff Dept. Notified by myself as well as lots of other residents. St. Martin deputy I spoke to also felt the 2nd blast, he told me it shook his entire unit, while on the premises of Cecilia High school. Fire dept. And Sheriff Deputies searched areas, but found nothing to my knowledge. This has occurred regulary over the past 3 days. Blast are going off in the area strong enough to shake houses. Any idea what is going on??? People of this small community are scared and want answers.
    There are small oil rigs around the area, but I have heard what u would call a blow out or blow off from a rig and this is much louder.
    What gets me is; why doesn't the Sheriff's Office know what's going on? If is some kind of testing I would think the proper authorities would have been informed. Also, I was an Airman in the Navy and worked less than a 1/4 mile from the Blue Angels Hangar….I know what sonic boom sounds like and this ain't it.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    The above posts were taken from a local news Facebook page.