IAEA is mandated to “accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy” — “Like expecting a tobacco company to prevent lung cancer”

Published: June 3rd, 2011 at 3:20 pm ET


No confidence in the International Atomic Energy Agency, Greenpeace, June 3, 2011:

[T]he IAEA draws up nuclear safety standards. These are used as benchmarks in virtually all nuclear countries. In the European Union they are even enshrined in law.

[I]t controls research on health issues surrounding radiation that should then feed into its safety standards.

[I[t promotes nuclear power. According to the statutes of the agency, the objective of the IAEA is to ‘accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy’.

Can you begin to see the conflicts of interest here? An organisation charged with promoting nuclear power around the world also controls nuclear safety and health standards. It’s like expecting a tobacco company to prevent lung cancer. […]

IAEA source

Greenpeace also points out the agency’s plastic suits with IAEA hastily sprayed on the back in paint or scrawled on with marker pen while inspecting the Fukushima plant:

Published: June 3rd, 2011 at 3:20 pm ET


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37 comments to IAEA is mandated to “accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy” — “Like expecting a tobacco company to prevent lung cancer”

  • mono

    And remember there is that longstanding 1959 agreement between IAEA and WHO (World Health Organization), making WHO accept all of IAEA’s biased opinions on radiation health effects.

    • ++1

      But oh so long to reach the public’s attention…


      And how much longer before the public catch on that governments no longer have their well-being at heart?

      The low level war against humanity has just gone mutagenic & viral.

      It could have been stopped back during the early nuke testing era but not enough people were paying attention.

      Maybe we’ll do a little bit better this time around?

      • coot

        “governments no longer have their well-being at heart?” Bring up an interesting point. If they don’t have our well-being they couldn’t possibly have any for themselves either. It doesn’t matter where they go, if it kills all of us, they will also die eventualy……. Hey, it’s Miller Time!

        • Bob Hardin

          There used to be an elaborate bunker under a hotel in West Virginia for government and industry VIPS. The Greenbrier Hotel.

          It has been decommissioned, because they built another nicer bunker somewhere else–in Colorado, I think.

          • Heart of the Rose

            To live..never seeing the light of day again…
            What a treasure they save for themselves….MORONS

  • ocifferdave

    *smacks forehead*

  • SteveMT

    No confidence is an understatement, so is their conflicts of interest.

    Through in a lack of professionalism with their sprayed-on logo for good measure. I for one would want to look great if I has going into a possibly fatal radiative situation by my employers.

  • tony wilson

    since this was great pr for the class of nukem high lovers iaea.
    and we live in glorious high def video world.
    no shots of the heroic leader of truth
    Mike anyone seen the plutonium Weightman.
    where is the video why one bad photo.
    nikon do some really fab cameras with varying levels of radiation contamination.
    today we have the back of bin ladens head watching tv,the back of some iaea peoples heads and we are meant to believe.
    talking of terror can an american please contact the cia and tell them hundreds of pounds of fuky plutonium is missing.
    no problem being out in the open in japan but we would not like those evil terror types to get hold of it.

  • All the politicians and scientists around the world who say that everything is fine and there is no danger should be made to back up their words by living on-site with their families for a week.

  • International
    Association for


  • Propaganda by IAEA, government, and industry-backed or employed scientists will be pervasive given the declining availability of fossil fuels and the increasing amounts of ionizing radiation in our environment

  • cynix

    No mileage for the DHS in Ann Coulter territory.

    As for these shots of so-called IAEA types, who’s to say they’re even at Fukushima? If all the fake photos of bin Laden, including one photoshopped from Black Hawk Down, are the level people are supposed to believe, then these fellers could be in Kazakhstan for all we know.

    Psyops abound; Daiichi is as much that as physical war on humanity by those in control of IAEA and all the other alphabet soups.

    Arrest them all.

  • Fred

    Tards all of them.

  • Buck-O

    There is a mathematical relationship between the IAEA lies and the severity of the accident and the accrual effect to the surrounding area and planet.

    I believe there is a direct linear relationship between lying and actual events.

    In this case, if an IAEA officials mouth is moving he is lying.

    Which means more disaster will follow on a planetary scale.

  • tony wilson

    guys i have been sent a pdf powerpoint document an internal report from last year tepco how would i upload onto this site it is fantastic.

  • Nuclear power is uneconomical. Nuclear power is polluting. Nuclear power is a public health threat.


  • xdrfox

    tony wilson
    Put your email in the submit a stories and let the webmaster contact you !

  • Questions About News Media Fundamentals and Fukushima
    Posted June 3, 2011 by Dan Yurman

    ****The nuclear industry needs to understand that confidence building following the crisis in Japan is a global challenge

    The IAEA preliminary report on the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station in Japan is just the first of what will turn out to be a series of reviews of what went wrong and what needs to be done in the future. IAEA Team Leader Mike Weightman said in a statement, “You can make nuclear plants safe against natural events, but you have to understand these events.”

    It is clear that Germany does not understand that the real tragedy in Japan is the death of over 25,000 people from the combination of the earthquake and tsunami. Yet, only four people have died at the Fukushima reactor site, and none from exposure to radiation. ****


  • Sickputer

    And now a little counter balance to the previous nuclear industry viewpoint…from a historian. I hold no brief for their economic survival long term. *;-)

    Yes…the nuclear industry bigshots betrayed the people of this country on countless occasions…they smiled and talked about jobs and the safety of nuclear projects while at the same time kept their own kids indoors whenever they knew the fallout was raining down. Their massive lies to Americans is perhaps the most damning history of the American nuclear industry that clung to the coattails of the military. For nearly 50 years unsuspecting downwinders were exposed to secret weapons tests and farfetched ideas like digging canals with dirty bombs.
    The government bigshots knew their mad hatter experimenters were toxic…all they had to do was take a look at Madam Curie, her daughter and son-in law, and dozens of other scientists who died from radiation exposure. Curie was quite old before dying of leukemia, ravaged and and horribly disfigured with lesions over her entire body. To her dying day she refused to believe her beloved radium was killing her, but her personal notebooks and personal effects were so radioactive that her successors placed film plates in her books and got an exposure of her radioactive fingers from the pages.

    One of my favorite stories of the bizarre military industrial complex in America is the strange tale of how the nuclear bureaucrats were literally blackmailed into giving advance knowledge to the Kodak film company about nuclear tests, dates and exact times for planned explosions and wind patterns. Never mind that people 30 miles away would be covered with toxic fallout without warning…Kodak was a big influential company, perhaps the Microsoft of its era, and when their scientists discovered government scientists were ruining their film with radioactive fallout in 1951, a back room struggle ensued when the film company threatened to release the damning news to the public…

  • Sickputer

    Kodak won. The nuclear bigshots at the AEC promised to disclose full details about bomb tests in exchange for silence. The AEC later warned other film companies.
    Kodak built state of the art air conditioning systems at their Rochester plant based on this knowledge. Ostensibly to protect film…but do we dare guess plant headquarters bigshots had some sleepovers for pregnant wives and children on certain days? We can only wonder. But the rest of the country sucked in the toxic fallout for another 36 years of testing.
    Read the full story here:
    Great section in there also about the famous ape lung tissue photograph showing the explosive DNA destructive force of a tiny speck of plutonium in an ape’s lung. A picture speaks a thousand words: http://www.idealist.ws/alpha_ana.GIF
    That radiograph photo iof the damaged tissue in the ape lung was a monumental discovery in the medical research into how radiactive particles can kill you. Yet, medical researchers are quick to admit that predicting death and injury from small radioactive particles is far from a precise science. A wild boar in Chernobyl may live a normal lifespan swarming with cesium in its tissues. But we don’t know if it feels pain nor do we know if there are teratogenic effects (causing birth defects). Studies should be forthcoming in the human field with Japanese victims so in 25 years (assuming we don’t all succumb first to an ELE) we may have a much broader understanding of how toxic radiation kills people and maims embryos.
    Back to our NRC ancestors…the AEC.

  • Sickputer

    Back to our NRC ancestors…the AEC.
    Oh the Atomic Energy Commission did warn folks at times…if it wasn’t their bombs going off. They loved to point out in the news the menacing clouds traveling to America from Chinese bomb tests like the December 1966 thermonuclear blast that sent a massive cloud of radioactive iodine across the Pacific. http://southwerk.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/ It is now estimated to be about the same massive iodine release as Chernobyl. I remember being told by the TV newscasters to not eat the snow that Christmas because of the fallout cloud. Yet I don’t remember any other advice like to stay inside for a couple of days as the cloud passed over the North American continent. Nor was anyone told (except the Kodak clan) to avoid milk for a few days, bring in the cows, etc…
    Back to the very lengthy article at http://www.idealist.ws/nevada.php That page is a must read….save it and archive as a web file it in case it goes away.

  • Sickputer

    Besides the scathing sections about Kodak and the amazing ape lung tissue photograph, the article goes into great detail about the downwinders in America who suffered terribly from their close proximity to the 1,000 plus America nuclear tests of the 1950s and 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and ending in 1992 with the last American test.
    Read there the fascinating history about the lawsuits brought against the feds and how they won great financial settlement in the lower courts and then lost in the Supreme Court appeal. But even in losing there was some redemption. In October 1990, Congress passed the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act which provides payments to individuals who contracted certain cancers and other serious diseases as a result of their exposure to radiation.
    The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act now allows downwinder victims in 21 counties in southern Utah, eastern Nevada and northern Arizona who suffer from any of 19 different cancers to receive up to $50,000. It will expire by law in 2022.
    This link shows a counter updated every couple of days that keeps track of victims who have been compensated since April, 1992:
    Despite making it damn near impossible under the law’s provisions to prove you or your family was injured by radiation it is significant that nearly 1.6 billion dollars in claims have been paid out to over 24,000 Americans.

  • Radiation and the Risk to Public Health
    Ira Helfand MD, Former PSR President
    April 15, 2011
    Since the beginning of the Fukushima disaster on March 11, we have been told repeatedly by industry spokesmen
    and government officials that the radiation discovered in the air, drinking water and food is “safe” or that it does not
    pose a threat to public health. We have been told specifically that 100 mSV is a threshold below which there are “No
    detectable health effects.”
    Unfortunately this is not true.
    It is the consensus of the medical and scientific community, summarized in the National Research Council BEIR VII
    report, that there is no safe level of radiation. Any exposure, including exposure to naturally occurring background
    radiation, creates an increased risk of cancer. The BEIR report concluded specifically that a 100 mSv dose confers a
    one in one hundred risk of getting cancer. While that risk may be relatively low for one person, if 100 people receive
    that dose, one of them will get cancer. And if a million people are exposed to that dose, ten thousand of them will get
    cancer. There is no way that this can be considered a “safe threshold.”

    • continued…
      There are two other aspects of radiation exposure we need to understand to properly evaluate the public health risk:
      1. Not all people exposed to radiation are affected equally. Women are significantly more vulnerable to
      radiation exposure than men. Children are much more vulnerable than adults to the effects of radiation, and
      fetuses are even more vulnerable.
      2. Radiation from internal emitters is very different from external beam radiation. If you are standing near a
      source of radioactivity like a damaged fuel rod, you are exposed to a given rate of radiation only as long as
      you are near the fuel rod. But if you inhale or ingest a radioactive particle, that particle will continue to
      irradiate you for as long as the particle is in your body and remains radioactive. Unfortunately, there are a
      number of radioactive elements produced in large quantities in a nuclear reactor that are biologically
      active—they are actively taken up by the body and incorporated into our tissues.
      Iodine-131 is concentrated in the thyroid gland and causes thyroid cancer. Cesium-
      137 behaves like potassium. It is absorbed and distributed throughout the body.
      Cesium-137 has a half life of 30 years, and causes many different types of cancer.
      Strontium-90 is chemically similar to calcium. It is deposited in bone and, with its 29
      year-half life, continues to irradiate bone and bone marrow for decades. It causes
      bone cancer and leukemia. Plutonium-239 with a half life of 24,200 years, is intensely
      carcinogenic if inhaled and causes lung cancer in microscopic doses.

  • Nuclear Reactor Accidents
    Steven Starr, PSR Senior Scientist
    April 2011
    All large nuclear power reactors, regardless of their design, produce enormous inventories of deadly radioactive poisons. Each of the 104 U.S. commercial operating nuclear reactors – like the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi – stores their highly irradiated spent fuel on site in spent fuel pools; each pool holds 5 to 10 times more long-lived
    radioactivity then does the reactor core. A single spent fuel pool holds more Cesium-137 than was deposited by all
    atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the Northern Hemisphere combined.[1] Thus a catastrophic accident at one nuclear reactor has the potential to release massive amounts of radioactive fallout, and unfortunately, experience has borne this out.


    • ***The situation at Fukushima is far from under control. According to the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, melted fuel rod fragments have sunk to the bottoms of reactors 1, 2 and 3 and could theoretically burn through the pressure
      vessels if emergency water-pumping operations are seriously disrupted. This would result in a further massive
      release of radioactivity to the environment, and could make it impossible for workers to remain on site to combat the disaster. Officials, optimistically, say it will take at least two or three months until the situation can be stabilized.

      There are seven leaking radiation sources at the Japanese site: the three damaged reactors and four spent fuel pools.
      Although it is currently unlikely that all of these materials could be released into the environment, these sources
      together contain far more long-lived radioactive materials, notably cesium-137, than did the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

  • Are we able to file a international lawsuit against the IAEA for fraud and accessory to murder in respect to their charges of crimes against humanity?

    I indeed have proof I contacted them via the iaea facebook page; Mentioning as early as march 13th “that the reactors are melting down” and they did in fact “know more than they were telling”…

    Isn’t this a crime? Aren’t we all the victims…

    How are usa citizens going to be reimbursed for their consumption of contaminated materials…

    There is data to support these charges.
    This is a crime???

    Anyone want to elaborate on that?

    • James

      Tacoma. The mere fact that the IAEA was allowed on site is proof positive that they are a sympathetic organization.

      There is no chance that a lawsuit would do anything.

      I’m afraid the only way to fight this media blackout is with a mole.

      If someone who is part of the scam would simply think “i’ve had enough of putting families in danger and I personally owe humanity the truth” and then start exposing the lies – then there would be a chance – otherwise the propaganda will continue.

      Of course it’s too big of an effort and eventually someone will come forward. Actually if I were involved in the effort, I would fear that eventually I would be trampled.

      During the Stalin regime – where he killed some 20-30million of his own people, he had to periodically kill all of the killers – so there wouldn’t be any leaks or any witnesses. He even swept his own senior advisors out – twice. Killed them all. As a result, there was very little first hand evidence left of the cruelty he imparted.

  • Sam

    I am looking for alien life to come down to
    Earth and declare a world wide emergency in
    regard to Nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons.
    Take control out of the hands of individual nations
    as this is a world wide concern. Looking at it from
    outer space, it is astounding that one nation is allowed to be so inept in its response to this kind of emergency. At least the Soviet Union threw all their resources into containing Chernobly. It is also
    astounding to look at the actions of the USA in this
    matter. I would if I was an alien commander, beam
    up all the top brass of General Electric and Tepco
    along with the IAEA. Perhaps the top brass at
    EPA and NRA and any other gov’t officials involved
    in the cover up of the truth.
    Japan has several other nuclear installations that
    are compromised as well. We don’t hear to much
    about them but we will when the earthquakes keep
    coming in the months ahead. The entire nation is a
    disaster zone waiting to be irradiated. Very sad.
    There is no governmental intervention on this Earth that is going to bring Justice to this catastrophic situation. Maybe the German people
    will lead the revolution as they have through their
    Green party brought a closure to nuclear energy
    in their country.

  • Sam

    In all seriousness no aliens are going to
    rescue us as these thoughts belong to the
    UFO cults as analyzed by CG Jung. We
    are in desperate need of help and it is
    no where in sight. I don’t see how
    the mess at Fukushima is going to be
    contained so its stops polluting our Earth.
    Then again we have over 100 nuclear
    installations in USA ,many with open spent fuel pools. A disaster waiting to happen.