IAEA: ‘Vapor’ rising from reactors No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4

Published: April 27th, 2011 at 7:39 pm ET


Reactor Flooding Effort Proceeds at Japan Reactor, Global Security Newswire, April 27, 2011:

Workers continued the insertion of nitrogen gas into the No. 1 reactor to prevent additional explosions. White vapor continued to exit reactors No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4, according to an IAEA statement. […] (International Atomic Energy Agency release).

Read the report here.

“Radiation is leaking every day now… When you see those clouds of smoke coming out of the unit, that’s not steam, that’s radioactive steam. So, they’re releasing radioactivity as a airborne” –Arnie Gundersen, nuclear expert

Published: April 27th, 2011 at 7:39 pm ET


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23 comments to IAEA: ‘Vapor’ rising from reactors No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4

  • I stated this before but I guess They know better…
    Not to self BUY MORE AMMO
    on your goddamned nuclear reactors

    NOW, already, please, thank you.

    Why ? Shock cooling — Smothering — Formation of solid nitrides, nitrates, carbonates, &c… Duhhh…

    It worked @ Chernobyl — What … They didn’t tell you ? ( Channel 4-TV, San Francisco, 6 O’Clock News, Day 5 — Emergency Message from silly me via Lawrence Livermore Laboratory HQ @ Berkeley : ” We recommend that you drop a refrigerant on it. ” — The Russians used Dry Ice ~ 12 hours later ) … Perhaps you thought boron & sand did the job ? Boron dumped haphazardly on the surface merely absorbs some radiation like a bandage — it does not prevent a deep meltdown to critical mass … Nitrogen embrittlement will help the nitrogen and CO2 penetrate and break up potential critical mass … What evaporates will be replaced w/ fresh N2 & Dry Ice ( generously supplied by China, Russia, USA ) … And they can get valuable Carbon Credits for the Dry Ice …

    Ask “Red” Adair : He used liquid nitrogen to extinguish oil well fires in Kuwait ( Pop. Sci., Jan 1991 ) …

    Still can’t figure it out ? Don’t be embarrassed : you’re merely over-educated beyond your ability to think, now paralyzed with fear and desperation …

  • bobwallopadonkey

    reactor on the rocks please

  • anne

    Russia may trim timetable of foreign nuclear power plant construction


  • Franky

    Japan Government is failing Japan and the citizens of the world.

  • Harry PHD

    From NHK:

    TEPCO: Water isn’t leaking from No. 4 reactor pool.

    Again, you’re cherry picking unreliable “news”.

    • beebee

      You are a fucking idiot
      Nothing you posted is relevant to this report

      • ZERO

        Don’t waste your time… This is the notorious troll Harry from zerohedge.

        Some comments

        by akak

        “Before responding to the virtually omnipresent poster “Harry Wanger”, please be aware of just whom and what you are dealing with in this person:


        His real name is James ******, and he is here posing as a troll in dishonesty and in disregard for the fundamental purposes of this forum. He is NOT posting here in good faith, but is purposely antagonizing those with independent, anti-establishment views and opinions for his own selfish and cynical purposes, as part of a study on “the psychology of permabears”.

        Please do NOT respond to this reprehensible troll, here or anywhere else on ZeroHedge. He is NOT here in good faith, and should be shunned!


        by lsbumblebee

        The only thing more hysterical than Harry Wanger’s posts are the ones that actually take him seriously.


        by akak

        No, he is merely posing as a troll (not even an HONEST troll!), cluttering this forum and flaming others for his own cynical and dishonest reasons. I find that contemptible and completely unacceptable. He is making a mockery of ZH and all of us at the same time.


        by homersimpson

        I’m going to nickname my neighbor’s 3-legged dog HarryWanger. He limps around painfully, always barks at nothing, but somehow at the end he’s happy with the rotted bone he gnaws on at the end of the day.

        Needless to say, this dog is either too dumb or too slow to avoid an oncoming car in the street. Good thing the neighbors drive around this clueless dog, but even they privately complain that he’s an eyesore and hopes one day he gets run over they way he aimlessly walks around without a care in the world.


        by Alienated Serf

        seriously wanger, lose the flag. the politicians are embarrassing us enough already without you adding to it.


        by Herd Redirectio…

        There comes a time where you want to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and there comes a time where you just have to admit some people are paid Internet trolls.

        Red Neck and Harry Wanger are paid internet trolls, disinformation providers, agents provocateur. Hope they are paying you a lot to do a below average job! Not to mention you are selling out humanity, congratulations.

    • kx

      too much ads aahaha, at least not a safe-super-healing retailer

      • xdrfox

        too much ads ? No way ! Use discernment in all things !
        Was some good material tonight !
        Too bad you missed it !

        • Cindy

          I have found that yes, Jeff Rense has some weird and wacky articles on his site, (this is where you need discernment)but most of the time, he is Right on the Money! I’ve been a regular listener/reader since 2000.

          • xdrfox

            @ Cindy
            The one guest last night was really FIRED up, lol. I keep laughing for Rense could get a word in to try to steer him a bit, and the guest came up with some strange assertions !
            The history guest was enlightening.

            But yes he does have some really good program guest most always ! He briefs this site often as well as http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com

            There are times he will use words he has read from commenter’s when it is Right on the Money !

            Do much nicer then TV in the late evening !

            How are you holding up ?

  • Harry PHD

    Yes, of course, all the relatively positive developments are ignored by this site and the dimwits that post here. Read the blogs from people in Japan. Water in Tokyo is far below the safe levels for drinking. No problem there. Yet this site, whom you assume is just “posting to inform everyone” is more than likely an anti-nuclear power site funded by big oil.

    Just look at the facts. There are plenty of people posting inside Japan from Tokyo to far North, who are pissed off about the nonsense of being pawns in this ridiculous game. Let people back in their homes! Don’t keep this idiotic political nonsense keep them from perfectly safe areas where they live. Do you want them to suffer needlessly? How sad.

    • PHD??? Really in what PASS HOMER DONUTS uuuuuummm DONUTS

    • Discordian

      Since you so confidently allege the presence of blogs and posts from Japan which claim that there is no true crisis here, why don’t you post links to the alleged blogs and posts so you’re comments can be verified by the “dimwits who post here”?

  • Mark

    glad to know I’m not the only one concerned and actually angry over Fukushima. Tried to talk about it at work and got accused of sounding like a nuclear physicist! Seems most people just don’t want to think about it. Everyone knows a nuclear accident is bad no degree (or flag) needed thank-you very much

  • Luke Bsc (Hons)

    Naturally, the absolutely negative developments are not ignored by our flag-waving Harry ‘PHD’ or the sites he would recommend to us. ‘Funded by big oil’, is it? Who is the ‘conspiracy nut’ now?

  • Folks after the storms in the south USA 178 People + are dead more missing. Please say a prayer for them that have lost all today. Then start looking into why is this world hell bent on GEO ENGINEERING. AKA CHEMTRAILS. We really dont have a way to stop or help in the nuclear disaster all we can or will do is suffer the results.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Wow..thanks for this post.
    I’d been hoping for a reason to post a satellite picture of the GOM area.

    Look at the weather modification.
    ..and on the east side of Louisiana..OIL.

  • Cyclops2

    I have restarted my stretching exercises. The one where I put my head between my legs & try to kiss my wallet goodby.

  • Cyclops2

    When do we think the USA EPA will raise the ” safe backround radioactive level ” to whatever Fuku is sending over ??