IAEA: White “smoke” continues to be emitted from units No. 2 and 3

Published: May 5th, 2011 at 4:50 am ET


Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log, IAEA, May 3, 2011:

Overall, the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains very serious. […]

White “smoke” continues to be emitted from Unit 2 and Unit 3. There was no more white “smoke” seen emanating from Unit 4 as of 21:30 UTC on 25 April or from Unit 1 as of 21:30 UTC on 30 April.

Published: May 5th, 2011 at 4:50 am ET


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10 comments to IAEA: White “smoke” continues to be emitted from units No. 2 and 3

  • mothra


    EPA slows testing:
    “Milk and drinking water will return to a regular quarterly schedule and will next be tested in three months. Preciptation will be tested monthly.”

    Hillary needs new friends:
    She’s clearly not ours. A true friend would provide her with accurate, chronic, low dose risk models and error rates and tell her our lives are about more than commerce and dropping bombs in Libya during the ongoing, largest global nuclear event in human history:
    “The joint statement follows an April 29 meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto. The two agreed to fight “rumors and reputation damage” that might harm Japan’s place in the supply chain, Matsumoto said.”

    And tell her the cesium is still in our food chain and we don’t need additional from Japan.

    Thanks in advance.

    • TRex

      This makes no sense to me!…They need to err on the side of MORE testing. There’s been no testing here for a month, but in March we had contaminated milk!!? This is crazy!

      This is a replay of the Gulf disaster.
      I’ve met people who own vacation homes down there. They were told explicitly by the Feds, tourism, and local govt. bodies that the water, sand and air were safe in W. Florida during the summer of 2010. Yet, they became deathly ill with seizures, rashes, fatigue, headaches, lesions in their lungs. One older man told me he fully expects to die from it. He only went swimming in it once or twice and ate some seafood. Again, this water was “safe” per the Obama Admin., but these patients now test positive for high levels of chemical poisons, including a genetically modified bacteria that BP added to the mix!…
      Moral of the story: DON’T take any chances!!

  • HILLARY That whiskey soaked worthless excuse for politician needs to be Hung for TREASON first then dumped in pool #4. Life is a bitch never vote for one

  • shockwave

    Bill wouldn’t sleep with HILLARY after she came back from Japan. He went to British to meet old lover and said: “Too much radiation on HILLARY, she even glows in the night”.

  • http://current.com/shows/upstream/93200550_gulf-plague-survivors-being-radiated.htm

    Human Rights Examiner…

    Exclusive: Gulf Plague survivors being radiated

    April 29th, 2011 3:20 pm ET

    Deborah Dupre


    Corexit is not the only killer loose from the Gulf Operation, commonly called “BP’s Oil Spill 2010.” A new report by environmental attorney Stuart Smith emphasizes that radiation amounts from the Gulf oil gusher are larger than discussed. In an exclusive interview, head of Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, Delia Labarre reported that radiation poisoning signs are what suffering Gulf people typically exhibit.

    Small traces of radioactivity can prove deadly.

    Smith’s report title reflects the Gulf state of affairs, “Chernobyl in the Gulf”, an accurate term according to head of Gulf Barefoot Doctor, Delia LaBarre. For almost a year, LaBarre has been witnessing people with “Gulf Plague,” also called “BP Flu,” “BP Crud,” or “Blue Plague.” Most of them have radiation poisoning signs she said.

    LaBarre has almost single-handedly provided approximately 300 Survival Kits to Gulf Plague victims over the past year.

    Ongoing atrocities in the Gulf that Smith lists since on-start of the Gulf Operation, that former top oil executive Ian Crane evidences as planned for depopulation include:

    Residents up and down the Gulf Coast report tar balls and mats continue to litter beaches
    Re-oilings are common
    The multi-billion-dollar Gulf seafood industry is reeling from contamination
    Dead dolphins and sea turtles wash ashore at record-breaking rates
    Oyster beds are devastated
    Increasingly large numbers of Gulf coast people and clean-up workers ‘are getting sick.’

    Oil production produces radiation

    Oil production releases radiation. Oil waste is ladened with radiation. These radioactive elements include but are not limited to radium, thorium and uranium, all now in the Gulf Region in unprecedented dangerous amounts according to Smith.

    Radioactive elements are typically extracted from the ground with oil and gas and then separated from the fossil fuels, all part of the daily production process to make the array of oil-based goods westerners use daily, from plastic to car fuel.

    “Once the NORM [naturally occurring radioactive materials] is extracted, it is flushed directly back into the ocean in the waste-stream byproduct known as produced water. Their discharge into the Gulf of Mexico has been a daily reality since the 1950s – but the amount that was released into the water from the runaway Macondo Well is unprecedented.”

    Even a small amount of radioactive material can have a devastating impact on humans unfortunate enough to come into direct contact with it according to Smith.

    Ground Zero workers familiar with radiation poisoning signs

    “Reports of unexplained health problems are soaring… [f]rom flu-like symptoms to blindness to intense chest pain to severe sinus inflammation, people across the Gulf region are reporting debilitating illnesses in the wake of the spill.”

    Radiation poisoning symptoms include: neurological problems such as memory loss; headaches and balance problems; seizures; stomach and digestive problems such as diarrhea; sweating; dizziness; nosebleeds and bleeding from ears, rectum and urinary tract; trouble sleeping; and rashes or skin irritations.

    “We’ve had reports on all these symptoms,” LaBarre reported Friday. “They’ve been well documented.”

    Most people have assumed that Corexit has been the cause of the illnesses, but, LaBarre said that these “very well may be caused by radiation exposure, as Smith says,” adding, “This information has definitely been covered up.”

    Smith’s report was partially based on Dr. Chris Busby’s research project.

    As Dupré reported after the untimely death of oil guru Matt Simmons, “Heeding his call for evacuation soon after the explosion would have helped prevent ongoing chemical and radiation poisoning of thousands of children and adults now being poorly treated. It would have helped prevent the ‘heavy resident death toll’ that Simmons predicted. (“Gulf oil whistleblower, renewable energy guru Matt Simmons RIP (videos)”, Examiner.com)

    • Concerned

      Um, thanks. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more depressed.

      But seriously, I do appreciate the information.