Idaho DEQ administrator on radiation from Fukushima: “I’m not saying it’s not a big deal – It is” — “If you can avoid it, avoid it”

Published: June 23rd, 2011 at 4:50 pm ET


Nuclear radiation in Teton Valley?, Teton Valley News, June 23, 2011:

[… Mark Dietrich of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality] cautioned, “It’s easy to take numbers out of context.” In regards to the high levels of I-131 found in precipitation, Dietrich said, “Yes, the number is high. But we didn’t see any levels high enough to warrant a public health concern.” […]

Dietrich explained, as rainwater dissipates into soil and rivers, the amount showing up in surface-fed water systems is miniscule. […]

Dietrich said agriculture and livestock won’t be affected much either. Though he said cesium, which has a much longer half life than radioiodine, “definitely got deposited in the soil,” the quantities are so low that while “you might be able to detect it here and there, you’re not going to see enough to make a difference.”[…]

“I’m not saying it’s not a big deal,” said Dietrich. “It is. I don’t know that there’s any radiation level that’s good for you – If you can avoid it, avoid it. But we’re not seeing levels that warrant changing your habits.”

Published: June 23rd, 2011 at 4:50 pm ET


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75 comments to Idaho DEQ administrator on radiation from Fukushima: “I’m not saying it’s not a big deal – It is” — “If you can avoid it, avoid it”

  • ZP

    Radiation Network
    Kauai, HI Station, the “Perfect Storm”
    Monitoring station on the Hawaiian island of Kauai detects a short burst of up to 456 CPM. See the message update 6/23/11, 7:50 A.M.

    Fukushima USA: Could We Be Next?

    Are law enforcement officials in the Seattle area receiving, federally provided, radiation-detection equipment?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Check out Leuren Moret’s interviews on exopolitics…. very interesting, she is an expert.

    This is one of several interviews with her at this website.

    • Darth

      Leuren is way over-reaching! She is not even honest about the size of the tsunami that hit Japan – it was not 40 meters high – the water was pushed up to 133 feet high but the wave height was more like 15-20 meters.

      The HAARP stuff is pure B.S. – she does not know what she is talking about.

      I dislike this kind of New Age crap.

  • ZP

    First Mr. Dietrich states […]amount showing up… is miniscule […]

    Then he says […] “I’m not saying it’s not a big deal,” said Dietrich. “It is.” […]

    So what we have here is a situation where the threat is “miniscule,” but it is also a “big deal,” at the same time.

    Is it one, or the other, or both.

    • ZP

      I like the part… “But we’re not seeing levels that warrant changing your habits.”

      Then consider… “If you can avoid it, avoid it.” Now how does one “avoid it” and “not” change your habits?

      Then again, how does one “avoid it” when EPA and other gov agencies tell us they are not testing. (i am sure they are testing and placing a lid on it.

      This guy’s statements appear to be nothing more than a mass of conflicting impulses. A goober update of sorts.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    “IF you can avoid it, avoid it.”
    Sooo, IF you don’t eat food, IF you don’t drink milk or water, IF you don’t breathe and IF you stay in a hermetically sealed structure you have a shot at AVOIDING it.
    One can only hope some of the mutations will be beneficial in the natural selection department.
    Research says no.

  • ocifferdave

    Since tons of safety (gov oversight, 24 security staff, training, upgrades, thick safety regs) is thrown at nukes that are opperating normally (no spill), then logic would say that several nukes that have melt throughs, open air fuel pool, no where to dump contaminated water is thus a BIG DEAL.

  • If only we could get to the information the gov’t has hidden away we could for SURE know how big a deal it was…sigh…

  • risabee risabee

    What he’s saying is perfectly understandable in the context of his being answerable to an aristocracy that has its money tied up in nuclear and its ego tied up in being in charge of you rather than providing you services. He’s saying “Oh f— … uh, you [wink, nudge] didn’t hear that.” So, now you’ve heard it. And You Are On Your Own. Don’t blame him; I think he wishes he could put it differently.

    • ZP

      During the Nazi war crime trials the guilty would state, “I was only doing my job.” I have no sympathy for Mr. Dietrich.

      When will a gov official stand up with back bone and tell it like it is?

      When you are more interested in protecting your job and pension, rather than tell the truth, you become a participant, allowing the suffering of others.

      • risabee risabee

        Sigh … I think I’m gonna say this once, then go back to serving pre-3/11 tea to the brave sandbaggers here.

        Germany? They were, in fact, only doing their job. The alternative was to suffer horribly, perhaps after watching their families suffer horribly. Those who put them on trial did, in fact, know this; but there was a smell of blood in the air.

        That’s not an overstatement. 1940s Germany was your TSA pat-down to the nth power, with the gloves off and then some. Few of today’s civil servants have made the connection to the extent that Private Bradley Manning has done, and few are prepared, as yet, to go through what he is going through for it.

        At the bottom of all this wrangling are, perhaps, two choices: 1) Walk toward the guns, chanting. 2) Move along, nothing to see here.

        Neither choice is going to get you clean air or water now; so does walking toward the guns have an objective in THIS instance?

        Aternatively, consider moving to Tasmania. But how many Tokyoites will they be able to handle? Room for you and me after them? And what of those who do not have the money? Where there are no viable solutions there is revenge; but I’m not sure what it’s good for.

        That I stand behind what I’m saying is signified by my not being here anonymously (at least in the beginning — it was a facebook signup — and you can still find me there and under my real name).

        The time to rise up, face the guns (and there were guns, as at Kent State) was thirty years ago. I in fact did my jail time for demonstrating back then. I watched a policeman run over one of my co-demonstrators right in front of the NBC camera; this, of course, was not shown. I don’t know how much good we did then. And there were many, many more of us willing then than now. There were 1,000,000 people in the streets of Washington that week. It was all about civil rights and warfare then; but a tiny bit of it was about nukes. And the war, and the crimes against minority people, and the nukes went on …

        I’ve run out of social capital and I think I’ll have to sit this one out; but if a Japanese family shows up here I will take them in.

        Mr. Idaho says: “this particular horse is out of the barn, folks. You’re on your own.” It’s a kinder effort than most of the SS guards would have made. I’d say, if we think this can still be fixed by assigning blame, those who are not already old and tired had better show up at GE’s headquarters tomorrow.

        With their affairs in order. This is for keeps. Writing to the Congresscritters will not stop this crime-in-progress. We’re not the ones aligned with the M4s and the microwave trucks and a key to the bunkers.

        They are.

        • Mats

          “Germany? They were, in fact, only doing their job. The alternative was to suffer horribly, perhaps after watching their families suffer horribly.”

          Oh no, there are many people, which did not, and nothing bad happens.

          That´s because most of the nazi crimes were Crimes after German law even in that times, so the Nazs don´t want the public would knew too much about it.

          To say “NO” wasn´t risky, but to fight against it was.

          • gerryhiles

            Perhaps rude question Mats, but how old are you?

            You see I grew up during WW2 and know a lot about went on in Germany, though I was in England at the time.

            In any case I have both direct and indirect experience which confirms what risabee has expressed.

            Just to get things back on topic: I lived through the Cold War, the threat of Nulear war and the insane construction of uranium-fueled nuclear reactors (which require that this current ciliization continues for millenia, just to guard spent fuel).

            I knew that this was insane over sixty years ago, because no civilization lasts for more than a few hundred years.

            You do not have to know much about the radio-active istopes poduced during fission, to know that when, things go wrong (as with Chernobyl and Fu(c)k u Shima, you start retuning this planet to a state in which life is impossible.

            I cannot be bothered to explain … maybe Taco will (transuranic elements which had gone from this planet, before nuclear fusion brought them back, e.g plutonium).

            You are forgiven, Mats, if you a re less than forty years of age.

            Everyone else is forgiven too, if they cannot complexity and the rudiments of nuclear physics.

            Not sure that I forgive HAARP and Illimunist theories … go visit Alex Jones, especially the comments … hey Jesus is going to save us all.

        • gerryhiles

          Well said risabee.

          I wasn’t at Kent State (I am in Australia) but things got bad enough with provocative cops during Vietnam.

          Everything you say is true; but you can’t put a wise head on young shoulders … actually no need, because apathy prevails (we are just to old to re-ignite).

          Back in the early 70s 100,000 people turned out in Perth, Western Australia (population about 900,000), so comparable with your million. Nowadays you’d be lucky to get a few hundred anywhere on any issue.

          Too many (like us) busy tapping out ‘revolutions’ on key-boards.

          Ironic!! The internet seems to have killed street protest … forget the bullshit that uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia were electronically inspired. Crap.

          Word of mouth is the key, just as it was a century or more ago. Too late now, though.

        • Misitu

          risabee, thanks for that.

        • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

          Thank you for you’re apologetic expressions, for those who waited too late. While you hold their hand, and whimper.

      • Misitu

        Exactly, Nuremberg nailed “I was acting under orders” for all time.

  • Cindy

    Great …

  • WorseThanChernobyl

    Deformed kittens in WA state

    I wanted to mention that I have had many barn cats on my little farm in Eastern WA state that have given birth to normal, healthy kittens. However, the last two to give birth have had kittens with strange deformities in their tails and the eyes in one case. Our first cat Zuzu must have conceived right around March 11 and gave birth 9 weeks later to 6 kittens. 2 of those kittens had very deformed tails with little curls in the middle, so the top half of the tail went in a totally different direction to the bottom half. Only one of those two survived. The other surviving, deformed kitten has had health issues and his eyes seem to not point in the same direction. One pupil is pointing off to the side more.

    The second cat, Millie, conceived around the last week of March and gave birth 9 weeks later. She was very large at full term, the same size as Zuzu who had 6 kittens, but when I found her with her kittens, she only had 3. I have a feeling that there were more that were born that were not viable. All of the kittens I found have deformed tails. One actually has the tail of a rabbit, very short, crooked and fluffy. The other two have tails like the kittens of Zuzu, with a twisty section in the middle. Anyway, since I have never seen this before, I am considering that it could have to do with the Fallout from Fukushima.

    Any opinions? Has anyone seen this phenomenon before with so many crooked kittens?

    • Lee Binder

      thanks for reporting this important information!

    • Lee Binder

      FYI: I reported your comment – WorseThanChernobyl is NOT reporting this out of fun. Please go to the Sesamestreet blog for such level of stupidity. Thanks.

      • Misitu

        +1 thanks

      • alasanon

        wow, that fits in with stats on infant mortality in the NW and data from past nuclear accidents…Cats & their organs are physically close to the ground by a few inches, near any deposition…These embryos could take in a lot of exposure while their mothers were living, eating, rained on, and perhaps drinking outdoors.

        I had a hardy outdoor cat. She had 5-6 litters over the years. All her kittens consistently were in perfect health and tended to be the same in size, behavior, structure, and coloring each year. They never had a deformity of any kind and no medical intervention. I think it is highly unusual to find so many abnormalities now in the litters of once healthy cats! Sorry to hear about that…I fear for the animals.


    • Wow o_O
      You really should film those kittys and put it on youtube! Things like that help people realize that this is real. Like the bunnys with no ears. Post a video on youtube!

    • Lee Binder

      good that your erroneous point of view is not based on any numbers .. also good that there is less and less people that grow aware that the way radioactive particles get into the air and ocean is INVISIBLE. And even better that Chernobyl was one core + a rather small spent fuel pool, and that Fuku are (at least) 3 active cores + about 17 more cores stored in the SFPs …
      Accdg. to measurements Greenpeace and others did the radiation ALONE that has already gone into the ocean (and is still leaking as we speak) might have been around 20 Chernobyls.

      But what’s actually best is that from now on you will either do your homework, or stop posting infantuile sub-standard comments. In that regard – how old are you – 7 or so?

      • Lee Binder

        * above: ‘more and more’ instead ‘less and less’

      • fukushima technically already killed 3, with 36 more missing.

        Also cancer kills.
        Bananas are not cesium
        Chernobyl is pussyshit to fukushima’

        Radiation in japan also raised the radiation limits for the entire nation, as well as globe. Static as it is.

        Steam is also taking particles into the jet stream thats why we are still finding particles in the west coast, that have 8 day half lives.

        You don’t need to have a significantly high heat source as a particle to get into the trade winds.

        Chernobyl didn’t expel nuclear rods directly into the ocean.

        If you ate the seaweed or drank the water in japan there could be severe consequences.

        Your comments are welcome here. But we are a calm community. I rant but I do so productively. Your intentions are to???

        food for thought.

      • Lee Binder

        you disclose on what level you are by trying to put words into my mouth – fuku radiation going nowhere? What are you, some of these gov officials with blinds, not being able to look left and right? We had 465cpm here on Kauai Northshore yesterday morning – alert level is 100cpm, normal for HI are 5-20 cpm – any more questions my friend?

        You’re in the wrong blog – ignorant people like you have to get outta here and post @ the MSM lamer’s blogs like CNN etc.

      • Misitu

        Fukushima is already acknowledged by the authorities as unique and worse than Chernobyl.

        The explosion at F1/3 took various radioactive material including 85Xe and Pu across the Pacific, 3 reactor buildings are still problematic to access let alone start mitigation, and F1/4 has a leaking fuel pool INCLUDING LIVE material in a building that is in danger of toppling. Further, there is no end in sight to the emissions here and the effect on human health and the biosphere in general is for future generations to measure.

        I am not sure exactly why you made the above comments as you have added no facts to the sum total of knowledge of the situation, instead wasting valuable bandwith with an immature personal attack.

        Due to the nature of this attack and its likely detrimental effect on new readers I have reported your comment.

      • radegan

        Did you miss the Japanese admitting ‘at least 200 lbs’ of plutonium, milled to nano-size, had been ejected from the core into the atmosphere at thousands of feet per second? Where was that in Chernobyl? Bah, you’re a troll monkey, go eat your bananas.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Chernobyl…was a fire…Fukushima massive explosions and is in active nuclear fission….emitting large amounts of radiation as we speak.
      Chernobyl 1 reactor…Fukushima 4…
      Come on TEPCO…how about a peak at the common spent fuel pool?

    • Anthony Anthony

      Hmmm makes me wonder if your cats bred to a Manx or part manx cat? That would explain the odd tails including weird tails etc. But the eye thing…. hmm, not a manx characteristic.

      • Manx cat, the rear legs will also be longer then normal !

      • WorseThanChernobyl

        It is possible both the females bred to a Manx cat since we don’t know who the fathers are. I haven’t seen any Manx cats around though, and their hind legs don’t look any different than that of other cats. Also, when they were born, their tails felt like they were in pieces. It was odd but the bones were in little chunks under the skin. Also, the bent tailed kittens seem less thrifty for some reason. Perhaps that could be related to Manx genetics as well. Not sure, but Millie did show some signs that indicated some of the kittens had died two weeks before birth. Anyway, I will see about posting some photos somewhere. Thanks for the feedback!

    • I am very glad you shared with us this, being a cat lover, it hurts,
      Many folks may let something as this pass and the world will never know of many stories ! I am prone to think it is related also. The one with a bunny’s tail is odd !
      Have you called the paper ?
      Please take some photos for later proof !
      Face-book them if you have an account there, many will like to see them.
      Thx again.

    • alasanon

      wow, that fits in with stats on infant mortality in the NW and data from past nuclear accidents…Cats & their organs are physically close to the ground by a few inches, near any deposition…These embryos could take in a lot of exposure while their mothers were living, eating, rained on, and perhaps drinking outdoors.

      I had a hardy outdoor cat. She had 5-6 litters over the years. All her kittens consistently were in perfect health and tended to be the same in size, behavior, structure, and coloring each year. They never had a deformity of any kind and no medical intervention. I think it is highly unusual to find so many abnormalities now in the litters of once healthy cats! Sorry to hear about that…I fear for the animals.


    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Braveface, glad you are here, but you are very obviously repeating most of the lines the nuke industry has been spouting for several decades, so I assume you have probably been exposed only to those discourses, and that kind of knowledge, for a very long time. Welcome! The radon exposure from granite, for example, is often used by nuke advocates to show how much more of a problem natural sources are. The nuke industry thus consistently side-steps around the issue of internal exposure. If you live in a house with radon gas venting from the granite, leave a window open, it will leave. It will not stay in your body for for the rest of your life like the insoluble transuranics. The difference between internal and external exposyres to radionuclides is like the difference between warming your hands at a fire or reaching into it and eating a live coal. The lattter does a lot more damage.

      Also, heavier transuranics were found in Hawaii and wash state soon after the March 14 explosion. One must get beyond what “should be” and look honestly at the actual data. There WAS an explosion that shot tons of particulate matter straight up into the jet stream on March 14. The facts support this, if you read through the archives and look on youtube, and on

      I would just ask you to just keep an open mind, especially if the only science you have learned is thru nuclear industry channels somehow, which you sound like. Try reading something else, like Busby’s Wings of Death, or anything older by Ernest Sternglass, whose research rep was destroyed by nuke apologists. He was a good scientist, and is still living.

  • AkDave AkDave

    Why The hell did this guy say anything?? His way of making things right in his own mind… knowing what he knows? I did I did try and let them know… maybe he can sleep better at night now. Dang!!! maybe one day we will get the truth….. then again maybe not!

    • tony wilson

      i like busby a lot..
      out of all of them he is the one i trust the most over book promo nwo kaku or uncle arnie.
      my take is someone has scared the bejesus out of him,threaten to hurt or expose some past indiscretion.

  • Why is the media saying that Fukushima was the worst accident since Chernobyl? That is so freakin’ ridiculous. Anderson Cooper, this should be on your Ridiculous List!!!!

  • arclight arclight

    excellent page of info and links from green action japan!!

  • DuckNCover

    Harmless radioactive materials from Fukushima reached Europe in 10 days.

    Which radioactive materials from a reactor are harmless????

  • blackmoon

    As for the future impact of the radiation emanating daily from Fukushima, this is a Heart Breaking video that will show you some of the effects of radiation poisoning on populations. This confirms what Leuen Moret has been saying about Depleted Uranium, and it’s Genocidal effects on Humanity.

    What Depleted Uranium has done to Iraq (and most of the Middle East), Fukushima radiation will do to us all.

    Please be advised, this is not easy to watch:

    “Deadly Legacy – Iraq”

    • arclight arclight

      having a problem opening this( due for censorship i suppose)got the page to work but ignored the “unable to open”window and i did not click ok, was not able to watch the video in full page so missed the translation…but i found the transcript at journeyman pictures website
      journeyman pictures
      click on transcript , slightly less shocking.. powerful find!!

    • Lee Binder

      even if the ones in charge for the bombings ever see this they will probably deny any correlation, and responsibility ..but thx for posting (saying thx due to lack of an appropriate word)

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Wait until the soldiers start having babies, both as mothers and fathers. I read years ago there was a soldier returning to the states via germany and as he went to board his flight he had to walk thru a radiation detector. The dust on his clothes set it off.

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        Hey St.Paul….
        there has been alot of documentation of Desert Storm
        personnel returning and making birth-defect babies.
        Depleted U was also splattered all over Bosnia/Serbia/Kosovo
        and both locals and soldiers were poisoned.
        They say 30,000 vets have died quietly since 1991 of both
        nuke and bio weapons, some directly injected as vaccines.

  • blackmoon


    I have uploaded the full video to the FileServe file sharing site.

    You can download it as a free user. Hope that you will be able to see the translation.

    The file name is DL – Irq.flv

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Tsunami warning issued for Aleutians after 7.2 quake.

    Japan and TemporaryCo: what are you waiting for? Time is not on your side.