Idaho Paper: EPA’s “RadNet monitors were shipped out of Boise Tuesday” — Don’t expect an update any time soon

Published: June 23rd, 2011 at 6:44 pm ET


\Nuclear radiation in Teton Valley?, Teton Valley News, June 23, 2011:

[…] Boise rainfall samples [were] measuring by far the highest concentrations of radioactive nuclides in the country […]

[…] A RadNet surveillance of radiation in precipitation, drinking water, milk and air cartridges, instituted in the wake of the nuclear event, was halted in Idaho due, the EPA website claims, to “a thorough data review showing declining radiation levels in these samples.”

The problem with this explanation is that Idaho radiation levels were not declining when RadNet monitoring stopped reporting samples April 14. Boise’s first precipitation sample, collected March 22, measured I-131 (a radioactive isotope of iodine) levels at 242 pCi/l (picocuries, or units of radioactivity, per liter). That is about 80 times the legal drinking water limits, the highest levels of rainwater radiation seen in the nation at any time since the Fukushima disaster. Since I-131 has a short half-life, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said we could expect those levels to decrease quickly.

But, five days later, I-131 had not decreased. Two more samples were taken March 27. The sample recorded on the EPA’s more accessible public site showed, in fact, a 60 percent increase, with I-131 measuring in at 390 pCi/l. A second sample, found through an in-depth search of EPA online records, yielded I-131 concentrations of 422 pCi/l. After that, no samples were recorded on the EPA site. And we can’t expect an update any time soon – RadNet monitors were shipped out of Boise Tuesday.

Published: June 23rd, 2011 at 6:44 pm ET


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82 comments to Idaho Paper: EPA’s “RadNet monitors were shipped out of Boise Tuesday” — Don’t expect an update any time soon

  • Cindy

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it !!

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Only thing it makes me wonder is why we seem to be the only people noticing….

      • I didn’t talk to him / her much but I do notice that they are gone…

      • It’s not on the National news or Hollywood Tonight that is even more important to most then the news !

        Maybe a search can find this article to enlighten folks:
        Lynsey Logan, Lady Gaga, Timberlake, Dustin Beaver,…

    • maaa

      People should post this website on their facebook. Contact cnn or bbc or whatever news channel you can find.

    • Dose is meaningless for internal rads. I 131 is constantly being released and therefore constantly being observed at monitors and increasing. Hello India how about radiation monitor data on a dedicated web site? My efforts at bringing the problem to the notice of even activists has hit a blank. What kind of people are these who dont bother even if mutilation is happening to them? There has been today a major earthquake again in the Pacific Ring of Fire this time in Alaska. Wake up, you may receive a hell of a lot of more terror of life threatening proportions when a great earthquake hits in the coming weeks on the Rim. What if it hits at Honshu agine? Bootstrap and go to war against these who have condemned Mother Earth and its inhabitants to a cumulative catastrophe of modern civilisation.The End?

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Quite simple really. No radiation meter, no radiation…no problem. If you say things are fine, or at least do not say that things are bad..then things are fine.
      It works in politics too.

  • AkDave AkDave

    and their you go more truth little by little… If these guys were working for me they all get the Boot.

    • AkDave AkDave

      Thanks for that Tacoma, sadly the people we have looking out for us are more into money then saving lives! Makes me Sick.

  • Lee Binder

    Can somebody explain to me why I suddenly feel like [REMOVED] several people at the FDA? Wait – I’d like them to drink Fukushima core water, [REMOVED] – honestly .. 🙁

    I REALLY hope these people get taken to court, and imprisoned – at the VERY least … what they did is a crime, beyondthe SLIGHTEST shadow of a doubt! We employ them to WARN us, NOT to keep data FROM us.

    I’m TOTALLY speechless …..

    • AkDave AkDave

      Lee, could not have said it better! other then [REMOVED] maybe. Dang!

    • tony wilson

      well some folks better start taking some action.
      before you die..
      cos those monsters in government are laughin at you.
      poking and pricking you sheep on the way to the slaughter house.
      all i can say is if lady ga ga,the world series,basketball and the tv and the internet where around in 1774-75.
      you folks would still be paying tax to the german bitch queen of england.
      instead of letting barry and the fed kill you and take your money : )

      • Like the boy in striped pajamas…

        I was thinking outside of the box… maybe we sent madame gaga there as a sacrifice…

        That would get the boob toobers, off their rockers…
        Killing their idol.

        Sorry I am being cheeky…
        This is very bad news indeed.

      • Mats

        “german bitch queen of england.”

        Thats because most of Anglosaxons came from Germany, so what?

    • I have a funny feeling that its the same reason I feel like making you a donation…

      They deserve worse? and your one to give charity?

  • Anthony Anthony

    Healthy Tips to Protect Against Radiation

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — As media coverage on radiation increases in the U.S., there’s growing concern about the possible effects of excess exposure from different types of radiation.

    Not only is the U.S. distressed by the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant leak, the WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, those emitted by cell phones, as being carcinogenic.

    • DrNature

      Everyone please take care when giving your kids these types of supplements. Unless they are formulated for children in a water
      soluble form they can cause kidney damage.
      Use only certified organic.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Nuclear radiation in Teton Valley?

    Posted: Thursday, June 23, 2011 9:11 am | Updated: 10:13 am, Thu Jun 23, 2011.

    Annie Eby TVN Staff | 0 comments

    With Boise rainfall samples measuring by far the highest concentrations of radioactive nuclides in the country, apocalyptic rumors of nuclear disaster run rampant. Higher cancer rates, lower SAT scores, genetic mutations, and birth defects are just a few of the things doomsayers expect to see in the wake of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima’s Daiichi plant. But if the nuclear scare has you dumping milk and fleeing from radioactive rain, you might want to put the dangers into perspective.

    [EDITED BY MODERATOR: Please don’t post the full text of articles. See link below.]

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      “…there is simply no way the numbers could be falsified.”

      A: Could you clarify whether this is, by your inference, a quote of James T. Powell, or a judgement and conclusion on your part ?

    • acid Lab acid Lab

      “Higher cancer rates, lower SAT scores, genetic mutations, and birth defects are just a few of the things doomsayers expect to see in the wake of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima’s Daiichi plant.”

      for boise this is simply not possible

      • Fall out man!

        Looking at the article quoted by Enenews in full, one can see that Boise gets its drinking water from a dam, meaning that residents are exposed to radioactive iodine in their drinking water.

        A previous link on enenews to a video interview with a Uni professor in the USA studying birds across the country showed that baby birds did not survive in the weeks following Chernobyl when rainfall brought down Iodine 131 on their food. A book was written looking at the human effects, which showed that the US govt had to adjust birth numbers up by 45,000 in California alone to smooth out the obvious dip caused by Chernobyl. If babies can be still born, or miscarried, then I do not see why they cannot be born with lower IQ. In fact that is exactly what I would expect.

        Tragically one would expect that Boise with its open air dam based water supply would be hit harder than other areas. Note that already still births have spiked up 50% in areas surrounding and including Boise. How badly any area gets hit depends on the rainfall as the worst fallout is coming over, and how open the drinking water supply is.

        Radiation causes genetic damage. Genetic damage weakens all species, despite the Darwinian propaganda most “scientists” believe as a matter of blind faith.

        Obviously if some babies are dying and others are miscarried, many of those that do survive will be damaged in some way.

        So yes, I would expect to see “Fukushima” babies that survive in Boise to have on average lower IQ’s than babies born there in the years before and after Fukushima.

        I will dig up the relevant links now if I can find them and post below. Undoubtedly there will be dead babies and damaged babies in Boise. Large numbers I would say when looking at the California figures for Chernobyl.

        • Fall out man!

          If you want to get a handle on how many babies will die and how many will be injured from Chernobyl, this video is a must see. A very credible expert witness Dr David De Sante, Uni Professor, talks about his studies of bird populations and touches on what happened to babies in California after Chernobyl. Absolutely chilling, absolutely compelling…

          • milk and cheese milk and cheese

            My nieces were born in New Jersey (a heavily contaminated toxic waste dump of a state) after Chernobyl. One of them has a dying thyroid and the other had ovarian tumors at the age of 19. Yes, it hit home, no, no one thinks of cause and effect.

        • Fall out man!

          One more link – hard figures on the 50% spike in still births at Boise after Fukushima. Credit to Joviation and Officer Dave for this important link…

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        Acid lab, this is the second laugh I’ve had on this site. If only the SAT scores were the only thing we had to worry about.

  • SteveMT

    The questions are: Why were all of the RadNet monitors shipped out of Boise last Tuesday? Where did they go and why? Doesn’t every state have permanent monitoring equipment that never leaves? Can’t Idaho and every other state afford the cost of their own monitors and surveillance systems? Why is the Federal Government in charge of state monitoring? This is a 10th Amendment issue in which the States have jurisdiction.

    • they need em by the floods?

      • SteveMT

        Without any explanation for their decision to make the radiation monitors go bye-bye, the conspiracy theorists will quickly conjure-up all sorts of possibilities….of which I already am doing and none of my scenarios bode well for the future humanity.

    • Over the years, All States have become too dependent on federal benefit’s and fund’s/service’s for mass populations of their State !
      Now States are about broke again, hanging by a string with bailout money from the feds last year and the year before and it will stop shortly for there is no more !

      • SteveMT

        As the Cold War took shape in the 1960s especially after Cuba, independent radiation monitoring should have been a priority. They speak of government independence, well how about radiation monitoring independence. Are we so needy of a nanny state with this also? They know that one nuke detonated somewhere could effectively isolate every state. Redundancy should be the key feature in any monitoring system. Where is it? I knew that this entire system was broken, but now I realize just how badly.

    • acid Lab acid Lab

      The questions are:

      Why were all of the RadNet monitors shipped out of Boise last Tuesday?

      for the same reason that it’s virtually impossible to find any useful information on the epa website.

      Where did they go and why?

      see answer directly above.

      Doesn’t every state have permanent monitoring equipment that never leaves?


      Can’t Idaho and every other state afford the cost of their own monitors and surveillance systems?

      see answer directly above

      Why is the Federal Government in charge of state monitoring?

      because the feds are in charge of all things nuclear.

      This is a 10th Amendment issue in which the States have jurisdiction.

      see answer directly above

      • SteveMT

        I believe that these answers were straight from the EPA Newspeak as if I had taken the time to go to them myself.
        For comments on each of your answers, see directly above.


  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    It is important that this equipment be removed from this facility.

    Further leaks of coveted data will not be tolerated again.

    Protect the public, at any, and all cost.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Midwest Rains Threaten Already Flooded Region
    Man, this just gets worse and worse.

  • DuckNCover

    Interesting, since they still have a full line of readings from today, 23 June 2011.


  • DrNature

    I live in the Midwest and have never seen rain like this in my lifetime. We have stood outside and watched with incredulous angst as planes have crisscrossed overhead cloud seeding day and night. I am very aware of what cloud seeding is and even know of people who do it. I’m not saying that all our rain is from seeding but we have a lot of chemtrails up there since Fukushima.

    They cloud seeded aggressively after Chernobyl.

    The heavier the fallout the heavier the cloud seeding.

    • Novamind

      To cleanse the air then dilute and wash away the fallout.

      • Maybe Novamind.

        I was checking the radnet for Duluth Minn and it was very high for such a small place, unless there is a plant nearby. Many places in the potential fallout area are under review. I have family in the area and wanted to know they were safe…

        I’m not convinced of anything and I know radnet lies, but even radnet’s censored numbers can sometimes point to anomolies or even truths…

      • Fall out man!

        The last thing you want is cloud seeding if there is fallout in the air, it brings it down to the ground and the water supply. If that is what the government did, its is absolutely evil. Governments are well aware of the effects of radiation on people, and particularly of the effects of radioactive iodine in drinking water. That is what independent researchers now believe caused the spike in still births and miscarriages in California after the Chernobyl disaster.

      • Fall out man!

        To be fair, if the seeding is done onto unpopulated areas eg, over sea etc, then that would make sense to protect people. Perhaps they did that then to protect cities. But those evil liars never warned people in those farming areas under their cloud seeding operation. Its a tragedy.

  • DuckNCover

    Sorry, that is idaho falls readings….so they didn’t pull all of the state.

  • sorry charlie

    The simple solution to this is…….
    lets get the town some radnets, hang them on trees and take our own readings and publish the findings…..they couldn’t cost that much…or lets make some….we need to act and stop crying about big brother who isn’t treating us fairly…we can’t wait for better treatment….later the town can send a bill to the feds to cover what was the towns property…didn’t tax dollars pay for those things…that means they are ours…but we can deal with that later….get some rad nets up fast….lets get together on this!

  • jwfuki

    7.4 mag quake, Aleution Islands,AK.

    Tsunami warning in effect.

  • jwfuki

    A Tsunami Warning is now in effect which includes the coastal areas of Alaska from Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Dutch Harbor) to Amchitka Pass, Alaska (125 miles W of Adak).

  • Drone Aircraft At Fukushima Plant Loses Control, Lands On Reactor Building

    Has anyone recorded this? This could be the final weightstone on either TepCo webcam is rigged or not.

    • moonkai

      please keep us posted with your investigation. Does it show at all on the TEPCO webcam feeds ?

      • I dint record any of it 🙁
        I ve sent the link to Lucas Whitefield though that has the best 24h recordings around and asked if he could check it out.

        Hope he has todays recordings.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      It’s quite a small machine. Probably can’t make things much worse. It has a battery life of 56 minutes. How long was it up there, and did radiation from the plant screw up its electronics?
      Remember too that a helicopter had an ‘incident’ over Ft. Calhoun this week. Robots can’t function in high radiation for very long.

  • Anthony Anthony

    My area has doubled the average reading in the last week as of today. And it feels like it too. Dark rainfall.

  • moonkai

    You’re kidding me ??? They are “landing” (crashing) a little drone plane on (into) Reactor 2 ??? hahaha … Homer Simpson is definitely in charge !! I think TEPCO is a danger to themselves !! 😉 Somebody calls on the Marines ! Please ! lol Ooooorah !!!

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      It’s starting to sound like a Marx Brothers movie, only it is not funny this time around.

  • moonkai

    Thx … this can definetely be the proof you’ve been asking for ! Keep up the good work.

    By the way, for those leaving in Tokyo, Cesium is back in our air !!

  • Website updated. 1st article i m linking is very important.

    “A group of doctors has found that the estimated level of accumulated internal radiation exposure for people living in Fukushima Prefecture has exceeded 3 millisieverts. ”

    INTERNAL EXPOSURE!!! I feel a s*it storm propaganda comming about standards on how to measure radioactivity exposure that will last for year, while nothing will be done to limit the extent of the disaster.

  • gerryhiles

    This may seem off-topic, but it it is not.

    Several people have posted links to birth defects caused by radiation, which I personally can no longer watch.

    I can no longer watch ‘footage’ of Libyans being slaughtered.

    I am a bit of a ‘hard man’ – having worked in piggeries and as a fireman dealing with burnt and mutilated bodies.

    I frankly regard others as voyeurs, who get some kind of kick out of image and message of bad news, so I will shock the hell out of you with this:

    Be warned! I got YouTube to move this to “mature audience only”.

    I cannot watch it any more (originally only in short segments).

    It is YOU. It is our species, It is those of us who never protested against nuclear power, until it “skinned us alive”, as you will see.

    I take very small comfort in having opposed both nuclear power and the fur trade for over 60 years. I made no difference.

    If you cannot see the connection between this video and your own disconnect/dissociation, then you are part of the problem.

    If you can watch this video the whole way through, then you are just as bad as rhose who denied nuclear dangers and the Chinese fur farmers who skin animals alive.

    • gerryhiles

      BTW, if you have no idea about what “analogy” means, then do not bother.

      Example: Icarus flew too close to the Sun OK. He died.

      Our species flew too close to the ‘sun’ of nuclear energy. We die, OK..

      It does not matter that just a few of us objected, we are all on the “Titanic” and there are no lifeboats … so just to end on a happy note:

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Some of us did protest nuclear energy, went vegetarian, cut back our energy use, got rid of our cars. It took me a while to realize that it made no difference. This horror was well under way before most of us were born.

  • gerryhiles

    Sorry wrong link,

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Gerry, Bless You…
    Maybe in your next life you’ll not have to
    be in the piggery, but somewhere blessed
    and pleasant. I’m not going to go look at
    the nasty vids. Pray for me to get a new job.
    Johnny Reb

  • gerryhiles

    No longer possible, it seems, to post free links to YouTube.

    Gotta pay via Amazon,

    All I was trying to do was post a link to Tom Lehrer’s, “We will all go together when we go …”

    OK call me ‘paranoid’, but I had no probs until about a week ago

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Here you go. All together, now!

  • Here one can see the spill over of wind currents that spill over to the Southern Hemisphere !

    Weather Model – North Pacific Jet Stream Wind and 250 mb Pressure
    Mouse-over/click Control Panel buttons (below left) to stop or reverse animation

    Looking at the time here, seems the surface water reach West Coast of U S very quickly within days, not years !
    Wave Model – North Pacific Sea Height
    Mouse-over/click Control Panel buttons (below left) to stop or reverse animation

  • Godzilla

    Every university with a physics dept should have a setup to filter air for hot particles, just like the Berkeley one. They all get public taxpayer funding, even the private schools, and that would be one way of doing a public service. It would automatically publish results, perhaps every day, and the daily disposable filter could be assayed for the elements it had filtered out over the last 24 hours (or week or whatever).

    That could be as little as one part-time job – a student comes in, checks the machine to see if it’s happy, collects the air filter and runs the tests on it. One part-time student financial aid job.

    Please suggest this idea if you personally know any physics professors at a university, or if you know a political leader in a state that might be financially stable enough to start a new program like that (it wouldn’t take much money, but my state isn’t going to fund ANYTHING new no matter how cheap at this time!).

  • Prof. Neutron

    A good germanium detector (for identifying particular isotopes) will run at least $50k, then you need electronics and as you say, a student to run samples. So it’s not really cheap, but it should definitely be done.