“Impossibly High”: WHO’s initial report estimated Tokyo AND Osaka infant thyroid dose at 10 to 100 millisieverts — Up to 1 full sievert in Namie

Published: May 25th, 2012 at 1:17 am ET


Subscription Only: Tokyo says WHO overestimated Fukushima disaster radiation doses
Asahi AJW
May 24, 2012


In its report, the WHO [World Health Organization] said residents living near the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant northeast of Tokyo were exposed to whole-body doses of between 10 and 50 millisieverts


“The WHO estimates deviate considerably from reality,” said one anxious Japanese government source. “If those figures are taken at face value, that may spread disquiet and confusion among the Japanese public.”


“Overall, (the latest WHO figures) are overestimates,” said Yoshio Hosoi, a professor of radiology at Hiroshima University’s Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine. “In particular, they have sharply overestimated the doses of external exposure and food-derived exposure,” he said.

But the Japanese government’s System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information (SPEEDI), which is designed to forecast the spread of radioactive substances, did produce larger thyroid gland dose estimates for 1-year-old infants in some districts of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture.

In that case, the WHO estimates “probably mostly reflect reality,” Hosoi said.


Initial Estimate

The WHO began compiling the dose estimation report last summer. Its first draft, which appeared last November, startled one Japanese government official.

The draft report estimated the whole-body doses for 1-year-old infants at 10-100 millisieverts in Namie and 1-10 millisieverts in Tokyo and Osaka.

The thyroid gland dose estimates for 1-year-old infants were 300-1,000 millisieverts in Namie and elsewhere and 10-100 millisieverts in Tokyo and Osaka.

Tokyo sent health ministry officials to the WHO headquarters and went through diplomatic channels to call for revisions.

“The figures are just impossibly high,” a government official said at the time. “If they are released, that will not only arouse unnecessary anxiety among the Japanese public but also serve as negative publicity.”

Published: May 25th, 2012 at 1:17 am ET


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35 comments to “Impossibly High”: WHO’s initial report estimated Tokyo AND Osaka infant thyroid dose at 10 to 100 millisieverts — Up to 1 full sievert in Namie

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Ah yes, it all becomes clear…Not only does WHO bow to the IAEA, they also cave in to political pressures by national gvts. like Japan.

    If we were not sure about suspecting their Fukushima report after yesterday's news, our suspicions have been confirmed as appropriate with this latest revelation.

    Ah, what a tangled web we weave…

    • What-About-The-Kids

      By comparing the WHO report and statement by their spokesperson Gregory Hartl in yesterday's Reuters' release, we can see why the WHO, even prior to censorship and being forced to downsize the figures for the thyroid dose of the Tokyo infants, slyly chose to make their estimate conveniently below the magic "100 millisieverts" mark.

      Remember their statement? That the health effects of doses anything below 100 millisieverts are "not conclusive" in the science literature (to which we replied: "Bull pucky!")

      "UPDATE 3-WHO releases mixed Fukushima radiation report"


      • What-About-The-Kids

        Be sure to check out the comments at the end of the article found at the link I gave above, and add your own…while the comments are still open! 🙂

      • arclight arclight

        @watk from your link..

        "..Doses have not been estimated for the zone within 20 kilometres from the Fukushima Daiichi site because most people in the area were evacuated rapidly and an accurate estimation of dose to these individuals would require more precise data than were available," the report said.

        The experts did not examine the short- and long-term health risks for the emergency response workers who worked on the site – that will be part of a wider WHO report due from a separate group of experts in July. That report will also assess the prospect for long-term increases in cancer cases…"

        mainly this…

        "…The experts based their assessment on data available up to last September on the amount of radioactivity in air, soil, water and food supplies after the disaster….."

        oops they got that wrong
        lQQk belQQw

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Thanks, Arc! I so admire Bruno's work at CRIIAD. He is a lone heroic figure in a sea of cowardly toe-the-line scientists afraid to speak the truth.

          He deserves a medal for his amazing efforts. Love that guy! He gives hope that people of integrity and heart do exist in this world! 🙂

  • Jebus Jebus

    W.H.O. = World Hormesis Organization

    Japan Radiation-World Health Organization
    from March 2011

    U.S. Radiation: Where Is All That Fukushima Radiation Going, and Why Does it Matter?
    May 3, 2011

  • Max1 Max1


    What's W.H.O.'s take on Japan arbitrarily increasing radiation thresh holds?

    • What-About-The-Kids

      LOL Your comment made me think of that classic old comedy routine, "Who's on first?" ;-D


      Abbott and Costello performing it:


      It seems especially fitting in describing this tragicomedy of errors we have been watching unfold in the aftermatch of Fuku…

      Indeed, "Fuku'd" must surely by now have entered the common vernacular and should be entered into the dictionary (I'm guessing it is already in the Urban Dictionary, yes? If not, quick! Someone add it!) 😉

      P.S. IMHO, WHO is no longer playing. They've struck out and should be sitting on the bench.

  • arclight arclight

    what a shame there was a highly trained proffessional radiation monitoring physist to prove both tepco and tokyo wrong

    merci Bruno


    120,000 cpm
    place fukushima
    time may 2011
    organisation CRIIRAD

    "This video shows radiation levels on May 29th 2011, in Fukushima city (Japan) about 60-65 km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors.
    Measurements are made by a CRIIRAD scientist (Bruno. Chareyron, engineer in nuclear physics) during a meeting between CRIIRAD and Japanese citizens : M. Wataru Iwata (co-founder of Project 47 and CRMS) and persons in charge of the network "Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation", including M. Nagate (ex-representative), Mrs Marumori (now Executive Director of CRMS) and Mrs Sato. CRIIRAD is sharing its experience of independent radiation monitoring with the Fukushima citizens.
    In this video, CRIIRAD researcher is using a gamma radiation detector (DG5 scintillometer) to show the intensity of radiation rates, even inside the office at floor level. Radiation rates are given in counts per second (c/s). With this device, normal values should be about 50 to 150 c/s depending on natural radiation…."

    remeber that the counts are per second… not per minute!!
    ie c/s not CPM


    CRIIRAD did not post this video (at the request of the japanese i suspect) until february 2012!! why?

    children 7-9 millisievert from someone who knows!! and is respected in the…

    • arclight arclight

      wow just came a resource that actually talks about ionising radiation and the earths gravitational field.. download now!

      a taster.. operation argus
      "…In addition to the motion of the charged particles along the field
      lines, there is a tendency for them to move across the lines wherever the magnetic field strength is not uniform. This results in an eastward (longitudinal) drift around the Barth superimposed on the back-and-forth spiral motion between regions near the conjugate points. Within a few hours after a high-altitude nuclear detonation, the beta particles form a shell completely around the Earth …"

      this from page 14 with a diagram !


      means that the 3 mile high smoke cloud (non contetious version)
      may have travelled quicker and further than first reported maybe??

      the earths magnetic field interacting with particles? its possible given this info.. some good news for japan maybe? explains the movement away from glacification of waste to burning??

      that would be a huge cover up! yikes!

      means number 3 will be a few years in the coming down..

      get your baselines measured boys and girls cos things might be hotting up!

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Wow!!! Arc, you are amazing! Where do you find these gems?

        • What-About-The-Kids

          "Within a few hours after a high-altitude nuclear detonation, the beta particles form a shell completely around the Earth …"

          A shell? Completely around the Earth? Within a few hours???

          Frightening thought.

          Hmm…makes you wonder how all this Fuku fallout is affecting our weather worldwide. Did you see this latest study from the D.O.E. Pacific Northwest Labs about "pollution" causing thunderclouds to spread out and warm up the Earth? I'm guessing this may have been a side-discovery they made while studying Fuku plumes wafting over the PNW last year…


          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            WATKids…The discovery of pollutant affects on weather could have been made while looking at Fuku plumes. But I feel it is much more likely to have resulted from the 20+ years of research in efforts to combat global warming.

            In the mid 1990s, the Fossil Fuel Industries funded a research project for Edward Teller, Lowell Wood, and Roderick Hyde at Lawrence Livermore National Labs to study how to combat global warming through the laws of physics.

            Several ironies here: 1) Fossil Fuel industries still don't admit global warming is real, and they certainly didn't then. 2) Teller being known as the "Father of the Super [hydrogen] bomb.

            The study results, "Global Warming and Ice Ages: I. Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change," were presented at an international conference in Erice (*Sicily) Italy in August, 1997.

            There are many different terms for these climate studies and activities: chemtrails, atmospheric obscuration, scattering, geo engineering, and climate engineering to name a few. Brookhaven National Labs took over the lead role in these studies a few years ago.

            Bottom line: It's another dirty little project to save us from our creation of other dirty projects.

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Thanks, Dharmasyd! Fascinating…and ironic indeed.

              I've read up on the weather modification literature a bit, and still am concerned that there have not been enough (or any?) impact studies looking at how these activities might affect human health, and all life on Earth.

              For example, how will the build up of barium, aluminum and silver oxides which are being spraying into our atmosphere pretty much 24/7, around the globe, affect our health?

              Obviously, someone "up there" in the upper echelons of power must have already weighed the pros vs. the cons and decided any potential negative health impact from the spraying is far less problematic than the impact to our lives of NOT spraying. But I have not read any official sources which explain this definitively, have you?

              And so, I'm forced to put my trust in the Weather Modifiers to do the right and honorable thing on my behalf, and the behalf of our children, even though they aren't telling me exactly what the heck they are doing and why they are doing it. Weather modification? Radiation mitigation?

              This "hush hush" approach gives open season for conspiracy theorists run amok on websites and YouTube, as imaginations run rampant.

              I suppose the truth will out, as it always does. But I'd be a lot happier if TPTB were more forthcoming, so we didn't have to drag it out of them…In the meantime, I repeat my question as I will continue to do, ad infinitum:

              What about the kids?


    • What-About-The-Kids

      Arc, see my comment about our hero, Bruno, and his amazing efforts above. 🙂

      P.S. Did you see the bouquet of roses I gave to you and PU239 yesterday at 1:12 pm (May 24) here:


      They were my gift to you both for your sweet comments about wanting to adopt all the dear children of Belarus whose lives have been forever changed due to radiation exposure from Chernobyl. 🙂 {{{Hugs}}} to you both!

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      arclight: Above 1,000 counts per SECOND indoors, in a meeting room, at 1m height! Just incredible! Japan, and sadly all its people, are toast. Cooked. Externally and internally. "Babies first, then children, then women". Way to go, all you nuke advocate and engineer he-men. You sure have made your contribution to the future of the human race! (We are all cooked.)

  • CB CB

    ~US Navy vice admiral reported 1,500 microsieverts per hour thyroid dose south of Tokyo on March 20

    ~Controversy after US gov’t estimate showed 40,000 microsievert thyroid dose for California infants from Fukushima — Data not released to public — “Very high doses to children”

    ~Study claims Tokyo newborns had ‘safe’ 1,140 microsievert thyroid dose — Only counted food and water — Did not include inhaled radioactivity — Did not include first 10 days when iodine and other short-lived isotopes peaked

    ~“Really troubling” wind shift said NRC: 1,000 microSv thyroid dose south of Tokyo over ten hour period on Mar. 14 reported US Navy — 300km from Fukushima — “This reminds me of the drill”

  • arclight arclight

    looks like bill gates is in the frame for mini nukes 😉

    hey belinda! hows the funding for polio/computer screens going

    wonderful couple… wonderfully predictable..

    wonder how they stand on eugenics? chernobyl heart? oncology? more oncology?
    did they invest a large part of their fortune in the nuke field??

    States rebel against financing Small Modular Nuclear reactors (SMRs)
    WASHINGTON, May 23,

    "…the nuclear power industry is finding fewer and fewer friends in statehouses across the nation. In the Southeast, traditionally the stronghold of new nuclear power projects, a growing ratepayer rebellion in Florida seeks to curb advance financing of reactors that experts say will most likely never be constructed.

    In Iowa, even Warren Buffett could not help to persuade state lawmakers to permit advancing financing of a small modular reactor (SMR) in that state. The Iowa defeat marked the nuclear power industry’s failure in its first attempt to push its much-ballyhooed SMR technology through a state legislature. Opposition to advance financing of a new reactor is so strong in Missouri that the industry has been forced to go to Washington, D.C., to seek a $452-million taxpayer-funded grant in the absence of state-level and Wall Street support…"


    so i wonder WHO is funding big PR then?

  • ion jean ion jean

    Do not fear DEATH, fear NEGATIVE PUBLICITY, your fat paychecks depend on it!!!

  • chrisk9

    First off no one from the WHO is going to come up with dose estimates that are higher than the true dose. The WHO is not a group of pot smoking, hippies with an anti nuke agenda, they are generally scientists who would err on the side of a conservative and lower estimate if anything.

    Secondly the Japanese government will do anything to get these estimates lower to cover their ass. They made huge mistakes from day one. The evacuation was too slow. Dose measurements and surveys were either not taken from the surrounding communities, or the results were kept secret. Whole body counting for internal exposure seems to have been done very little. They let many people stay in their homes too long, and should have expanded the evacuation area.

    Thirdly TEPCO or the Japanese government should have come up with their own numbers because the safety of their citizens are their responsibility. One of the primary functions of any nuclear emergency plan is to make dose estimates based on surface and airborne sampling. Since this was apparently not done, their emergency plan was a complete failure. They could not protect their citizens because they had no idea of what the radiological conditions were off site.

    Believe the original numbers, and I say that very sadly. Those original thyroid doses for children around Namie are disastrous for their future.

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      chrisk9: TEPCO KNOWS that is much easier to admit later that "radiation levels were actually much greater than reported", than to admit the true releases at any given point in time. How many times since 311 has TEPCO done just that? If WHO reports it, multiply by 10X to get near the real dose. If TEPCO reports it, multiply by 100X to get near the real dose.

  • Myme

    "Tokyo sent health ministry officials to the WHO headquarters and went through diplomatic channels to call for revisions…"

    Here we go again, the Japanese government demanding international scientists re-write their research findings, trying to influence WHO, UN, AIEA with cash and political bullying.

    I recommend we PDF this Asahi News page, so when Japan says Tokyo is safe based on a revised more favorable report later, we have proof they contaminated the scientific process.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Here, here, Myme! Well said! I agree. This little "revelation" is standard operating procedure that has been followed since time immemorial…

      The only difference is, thanks to the Internet, the rest of us "peons" not usually privy to these backroom dealings, are now getting to see evidence of how it all plays out.

      Tsk, tsk, Japanese gvt., IAEA, WHO and others complicit in this cover up. We see you there, hiding behind the lies. Come on out and face the truth. Time to pay the piper, as they say.

  • CB CB

    July 2 2011
    Radiation monitoring station data was actually three decimal places greater than numbers released to public, says Japan’s former Minister for Internal Affairs

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    CB: do you have a link to that one? Many thanks, Philip

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        CB: :). Thank you kindly.

        • CB CB

          “The government doesn’t care if you’re going to have a few extra cases of cancer,” “It’s like they’re saying, ‘We’re going to take that hill—we’re going to have 50 percent casualties, but get your butt up that hill.’”


          • jec jec

            @CB Right! This is just a NUMBER or a STATISTIC to government. They will not worry until THEIR FAMILYS get sick. Since those families are probably well out of the fallout area, or even out of Japan..it will take a while.

        • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

          CB: If I may provide the quote from your source: "Former Minister for Internal Affairs Haraguchi Kazuhiro has alleged that radiation monitoring station data was actually three decimal places greater than the numbers released to the public. If this is true, it constitutes a “national crime”, in Nishio’s words".
          TEL.gov caught misrepresenting radiation doses by a factor of 1,000. Imagine that?
          Hear this, NRC. The US government is blocking public information on radiation in Japanese food imports, Pacific seafood, soils in the PNW, dairy products, and produce. This is a CRIMINAL ACT, for which you should be tried and sentenced.
          IMHO, I am so disappointed in Hilary Clinton's agreement with Japan to allow the continued importation of Japanese food to the US without radiation testing. Like Colon Powell's speech on Iraq WMD at the UN, Hilary Clinton will go down in history as a "tool", in the most derogatory meaning of the word. And I speak as a lifelong Democrat!

          • jec jec

            Dont EVER vote for Hillary Clinton if you are concerned! Simple!

          • CB CB

            Thats nice, but what about the State and City "NOT" testing the water for radioactivity because the EPA has taken the lead.
            It's a crime against humanity.

            Uranium 234 detected in Hawaii, Southern Cali, and Seattle.
            Cesium 137 levels in Vermont milk at 66% of max. level allowed by EPA.
            Pheonix milk had iodine -131 exceeding max.
            Down playing ijesting milk with iodine-131.
            80X I-131 in Boise rainwater.
            Drinking water with I-131 in Washington, Idaho
            18,100% I-131 near San Francisco drinking water.

            I don't forget.

            • What-About-The-Kids

              …And I-131 in Los Angeles drinking water and the highest levels of I-131 detected by the EPA in Anaheim, next door to where my elderly mother lived, who shortly thereafter had a stroke and started to have kidney failure (both signs of radiation exposure).

              I won't forget either, CB. Never.

              May my dear mother rest in peace.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    CB. Nor will we!

  • Longjohn119

    It's ALL about limiting Corporate and Government Liability now

    That's why no insurance company in the entire world will insure a nuke plant … One accident and it's goodby insurance company … Just like it's goodby Tepco and quite possibly the Japanese Government as we know it which is already the highest debt carrying major nation in the world, higher than Ireland, Greece and Spain combined