Inside Source: Gov’t officials are withholding Fukushima radiation data — Levels much higher than expected — Releasing numbers would “have a huge impact”

Published: March 25th, 2014 at 2:49 pm ET


Mainichi, Mar. 25, 2014: A Cabinet Office team has delayed the release of radiation measurements from three Fukushima Prefecture municipalities, and plans to release them later with lower, recalculated results, the Mainichi learned on March 24. […] According to one source, the original measurements were higher than expected, prompting the Cabinet Office team […] to hold the results back over worries they would discourage residents from returning. The Mainichi has acquired documents drawn up in November last year detailing the radiation measurements and intended for release. The documents, however, were never made public. According to this and other sources, the measurements were taken in September last year in the city of Tamura’s Miyakoji district, the village of Kawauchi and the village of Iitate […] According to an inside source, the Cabinet Office team had noticed that measurements taken with older dosimeters distributed by Fukushima Prefecture municipalities to residents showed radiation measurements much lower than those recorded by aerial surveys. The Cabinet Office team had planned to release the latest measurements […] putting special emphasis on how low the figures were. The new results, however, were significantly higher than expected, with the largest gap coming in Kawauchi. There, the Cabinet Office team had predicted radiation doses of 1-2 millisieverts per day [Corrected: PER YEAR not per day], but the data showed doses at between 2.6 and 6.6 millisieverts. Cabinet Office team members apparently said that the numbers would “have a huge impact” […] and release of the results was put off. At the request of the Cabinet Office team, the JAEA and NIRS then recalculated the results by ditching the assumption that people would be outside eight hours a day […] Under these new assumptions, a farmer was now expected to spend around six hours a day outdoors.

Atsuo Tamura, official on the Cabinet Office team: “We did not hold the results back because they were too high. We did so because it was necessary to look into whether the assumptions for residents’ lifestyle patterns matched reality.”

Shinzo Kimura, associate professor of radiation and hygiene at Dokkyo Medical University: “The assumption of eight hours a day outside, 16 hours inside is commonly used, and it is strange to change it. I can’t see it as anything but them fiddling with the numbers to make them come out as they wanted.”

See also: [intlink id=”asahi-mind-boggling-radioactivity-levels-fukushima-evacuation-zone-resident-unable-hide-anger-japan-times-health-ministry-denial-interview-force-forget-everything-govt-radiation-levels-complete” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 25th, 2014 at 2:49 pm ET


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242 comments to Inside Source: Gov’t officials are withholding Fukushima radiation data — Levels much higher than expected — Releasing numbers would “have a huge impact”

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    EPA limit for a year's dose of radiation is ONE MILLISIEVERT. That's 1 mSv, not 2,000 mSv / year. U.S. nuclear workers have a year limit of 50 mSv. A dose of 2,000 mSv causes sever radiation poisoning, in some cases fatal. This information comes from "Radiation Dose Chart" compiled by Randall Munroe assisted by Ellen, Senior Reactor Operator at the REEd REsearch Reactor. You can find it at:

  • There is a correction on the original article. The 'daily' rate should be, according to the correction, an ANNUAL rate:

    "There, the Cabinet Office team had predicted radiation doses of 1-2 millisieverts per day, but the data showed doses at between 2.6 and 6.6 millisieverts.

    "There, the Cabinet Office team had predicted radiation doses of 1-2 millisieverts per year, but the data showed doses at between 2.6 and 6.6 millisieverts."

    The Mainichi has added a correction comment:
    Correction: "A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Cabinet Office team had predicted radiation doses of 1-2 millisieverts per day in Kawauchi. This has been corrected to 1-2 millisieverts per year. We regret the error."


    • i know i know

      In Japan, the data shows doses "at between 2.6 and 6.6 mSv."

      The U.S. "average annual radiation dose per person" is 6.2 mSv.

      That means people in the U.S. are at the same dose as the highest levels found in Japan after multi-nuclear meltdowns.

      Doesn't sound too good for people in the U.S., imo.

      • That "background thing" of 6.2 in USA is a HUGE LIE

        A huge lie right out of the gate….thats nuke for you.

        Debunked here, a pie chart showing the real background PS (its less than 1)

        • i know i know

          Hello, I donโ€™t think it can be 1mSV or less.

          > IN the 1950โ€™s, average background radiation was 1mSv.

          > Then Atomic fallout alone contributed up to 1mSv of ADDITIONAL background radiation.

          > IN 1994, average background radiation was 3mSv.

          > IN 2002, average background radiation was 3.6mSv.

          > IN 2003, NCRP put the average background radiation at 3mSv
 common/ pdf/ media/ factsheets_publications/ NEI_Understanding_Radiation.pdf

          IN 2014, the NCRP more than doubled that amount @ average background of 6.2mSv.

          Also, Today, we apparently get .28 mSv just from food and water.

          If the average background WAS 1mSv, I think the pro-radiation organizations would be touting that amount instead of having to admit that it's 6.2mSv.

          • Hormesis for EVERYONE!

            The global experiment continues…

            Maybe this is a form of weird radiation Eugenics experiment?

          • Read the pie chart, please, to understand my point

            Only the cosmic, and terrestial, and part of the internal is unavoidable.
            .18 mSv is Terrestial
            .31 mSv is Cosmic
            .31 mSv is "internal" which is K40 Potassium, Carbon 14, and then contaminates of water and air.

            thats a total of .8mSv

            The terrestial is inflated by all the earthwork and mining stuff that we do. It is not really natural, but it is also not avoidable, however if you use some HEPA filters in your house, you can avoid some of this.

            The Cosmic is tough to avoid regardless of how thick your tin foil hat is <LOL>. ON the airplane last month my Inspector was clicking 9 to 15, and that is not CPM, its CPS!!!

            The internal K40 and C14 cannot be avoided, but is constant for the most part, other internal is for the most part not natural (radium in water is 'natural' but can be avoided with a $140 RO system and softener if needed).

            Radon is the next biggest contributor, they say it is 2.2mSv, but almost all of that can be avoided with a radon system.

            Finally, man-made medical is called 3.1 mSv! Don't dose me Doc Bro!

            The nukers WANT to pretend the "background" is high, that plays into their hands….a little more won't hurt you…you can't prove we did it, cause your background is already high…see how that works?

            Appreciate you reading the article.

    • bo bo

      I understand the 'correction' from daily dose to annual dose was made ( wow, what a huge correction, no small matter to slip in there, in an 'oh-by-the-way' manner!)

      Where does the following heading for the article come from?
      'Over 2,000 millisieverts per year where residents are being encouraged to return'
      It says in article in Kawauchi it's 2.6 to 6.6 milisieverts,
      so doesn't that mean it's 'over 2 millisieverts per year'
      and not 'over 2, 000 millisieverts a year' ( which is basically ame as over 2 sieverts a year )

      More CROSS EYES ๐Ÿ™

      PS – majia I totally agree with your suspicion!

  • Nick

    ***Breaking News****

    Japanese nationals have been invited to relocate to areas in the USA.

    Richland, Washington and Carlsbad, NM are the designated spots.

    Just think, they will be fleeing their highly contaminated home island and lovingly welcomed in these two communities.

    (Please don't tell them about WIPP or Hanford!)


  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Think again, think seven times again before you leap
    and start construction of new nuclear power plants.
    Mikhail Gorbachev
    June 2006
    "WHY" nobody listens to these words of wisdom from a man who "KNOWS" 1st-hand,from "up close & personal" experience is what I'd like to know??!!
    The answer to this one question would also lead to the answers we seek towards overcoming the obstacles(subliminal messages/programming(?),etc.)that has allowed the nuke cartel to continue with their vile ways despite the 19% of total U.S. electricity production that we could easily replace or do without while the transition to truly clean-green alternatives is undertaken & deployed(?)!! I know that I'd be willing to do my own part towards ending the reliance on the current electricity needs of the USA if it was just a matter of energy conservation,but it's more about the "power needs" of the "elite" than it ever was about ELECTRIC "power" and it cannot possibly end any way but BADLY whether by "belly-up" nuke plants ie;Chernobyl,Fukushima,etc. or perhaps more "humanely" if the M.A.D. doctrine per nuclear war(WWIII)saw us all vaporized rather than sickened & rotting away from cancer(s) with chronic radiation sickness & the chaos & hell on earth that seems more & more imminent with every passing day that includes spewing,free-flowing,leaking,CUMULATIVE radioactive poisoning & at 311+3yrs. later bringing TPTB closer to their day of reckoning for what they've done to…

  • SophieQ

    2000 Milli Sievert are 2 Sievert. Good that the general population doesn't know what that means.

    • bo bo

      Yes….So where in the article does it say over 2000 millisieverts a year ( as you see in the headline on enenews) ?
      I only see '2.6 to 6.6 millisieverts a year in Kawauchi'

      2000 millisieverts are equal to 2 sieverts, yes, but not equal to 2 millisieverts, no ?

      Am I going crazy ๐Ÿ™

  • You are going crazy, and that is part of Catch 22… It is all ok.

    Maybe we can get these new forms of investigative news media to latch on to these things?

    Your thoughts?

    Over 100 new reporters and they promise to investigate EVERYTHING.

  • Mats

    Cancer and infant mortality is associated with background radiation

  • Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In 2014; Where Is This Coming From?

    thanks to all you ENENEwsers!

    • Sol Man

      Thank you for all of your work! At 12:44 Dr. Chris Busby says where he thinks all of the increased radiation is coming from, but the whole vid should be watched.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    ADMIN! This article has since been revised in Mainichi, and they apologized for the error in reporting a yearly fugure as an hourly figure. Please correct for future readers!! Thank you.

    • It still does not make sense.. at all.

      From AGRP article above; see sources inside article…

      So what is the real radiation reading in Iitate – Mura?

      Cabinet Office Team 2.2 – 6.6 mSv/yr
      GreenPeace 10 ยตSv/hr = 87.66 mSv/yr
      Economist article – 150 mSv/yr radiation reading in town, MUCH higher out of town
      PubMed Study – 200 mSv/yr documented in scientific study
      Cabinet Office Team 2,000 mSv/yr (later said it was a 'mistake')

      Check the math.. see if was all done correctly..

      So what is the REAL radiation level?

      Care to spin the wheel?

      Only $10 per spin…

      Feelin lucky?

    • bo bo

      Arizonan, Dr.G
      I reread the article and peeling my eyes to find where the number 2000 mSv appears – there is no such number mentioned anywhere, revised or not.

      The 2.6- 6.6 mSv 'per day' was corrected to 'per year'

      But where does the number 2000 mSv come from ?
      I'm reading on my mobile phone – is the article is different on mobile version ?

      • You have to convert the DAILY reading to an annual one. That is how you get all of the annual readings.

        No detector will give you an annual reading.

        All radiation detectors give you readings in either per second, per minute or per hour readings, and then you convert those to annual radiation dosages.

        • Click on the link of the background radiation article and it will lead you through the process…

          There are websites that automatically 'convert' the hourly or daily readings into yearly readings.

        • bo bo

          Oh! I finally got it! doh ! Thanks Dr.- if you take the 6.6 mSv then times 365, that does turn into over 2000 mSv per year.

          So yes, admin please change the headline here that says 2000 mSv per year, since that number is from before the 6.6 mSv per day was corrected to per year.
          Regardless of if the 'correction' was obfuscation or not, the last thing we need is more attack on enenews being 'alarmist fear mongering site' ๐Ÿ™

          • If you are not afraid of radiation, there is something wrong.

            Be VERY afraid, not only of radiation, but also of those who call you a fearmonger and then talk about 'safe, clean, green, nuclear anything'.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Great Brain Candy Dr.! ๐Ÿ™‚

              According to the Nuke Industry charts they must be fibbing if they show a circle with 1/2 natural and 1/2 of the circle being manmade. ๐Ÿ™

              We are all in very serious trouble since it looks like this Nuke Puke Train is now a runaway based on your back ground radiation figures.. ๐Ÿ™

              We need to shut this entire Nuclear Industry down now.. while we still can!

    • GQR2

      That was great Female Faust,love the new acronyms
      the CRM3 skill set and the MEH-firstRs
      very true. from your post :

      "The CRM3! are crucial to the success of the Materials Excursion Hazard First Responders (MEH-FirstRs) dispatched in haste by ad hoc executive quorum to rally, organize, and expedite the priorities that will go on to define and dominate public discourse" FF

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut." -Monty Python's Holy Grail

      The nuke people are looking pretty silly banging those coconuts.

  • A five ounce bird cannot carry a 65 ton, 5,000 degrees lava corium.

  • via i know March 31, 2014

    Please comment on this article. So far only nuclear industry reps have commented on it and the other side of the story needs to be told.

  • jec jec

    CNN just reported Fukushima residents were allowed to go back to their homes as close as 17 miles from the plant! The news anchors acted like the accident was all fixed…

    Those poor people…radiation test subjects. Is the government going to PAY for cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and strokes caused by high radiation. Were the people told about the radiation data being 'fixed' by the government? Do they have REAL dosimeters to use? GOOD Inspectors or similar?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I hear they are looking for foreign exchange students from all over the world so these students too can experience the Fukushima residents personal horror/nightmare still unfolding.

    Yummy! Eat up everybody and smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • … i should repost it here, huh? but am too busy trying to figure out how best to post documents to make them searchable. I especially liked "why one should never, *ever* let executives interface unsheilded with the public"

    Thank you everyone. My morale was flagging….