Inside Sources: I was there when San Onofre nuclear plant shut down, I wouldn’t trust them to turn it back on — We’re dealing with unknown territory here (VIDEO)

Published: May 2nd, 2013 at 3:24 pm ET


Title: Exclusive photograph shows plastic bags, tape, broomsticks used to fix leak at San Onofre
Source: ABC 10 News
Author: Mitch Blacher
Date: April 30, 2013

Inside Source: I was there the day it shut down. I wouldn’t trust them to turn it back on. […]

There’s a pipe that runs along the security fence from one side of the plant to the other side of the plant, it’s totally blistered.

Reporter: Rusted?

Source: Rusted. Corrosion. […]

Inside Source #2: We are dealing with unknown territory here which has never been explored before.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: May 2nd, 2013 at 3:24 pm ET


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12 comments to Inside Sources: I was there when San Onofre nuclear plant shut down, I wouldn’t trust them to turn it back on — We’re dealing with unknown territory here (VIDEO)

  • combomelt combomelt

    RUST? NEXT TO the ocean? No way. Whoda thunk it? Say it aint so! Im shocked & surprised! Shoulda used rust-oleum.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    I lived on the USS Long Beach CGN9 at North Island & the deck hands were always dealing with rust on every thing, inside & out! To think this SONGS plant that sets on the ocean can't become so infilterated by salt water & rust that makes it a danger to the planet & all of its creatures is beyoung nuts!

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    The plant is unsafe, no matter what the bunch at the NRC said!

  • combomelt combomelt

    If i left my car parked on that san onofre bluff for the past 30+yrs i think there would be a pile of rusty metal and some glass windows left. Probably the block too. Did these nuke engineers ever learn of the corrosive properties of saltwater in their illustrious educations? Frickin frackin moronic psychopathic children are poisoning our planet on a monumental scale. Naysayers write what all the ridiculous drivel you want about the health benefits of nucleides and the safety of all the npps, but keep your handwringing, crying and depression to yourselves in the next few years, as you & your other pronuke koolaid/pandoras promise supporters as well as millions of antinukers as well) start to drop like flies in a microwave oven. Good night SONGS

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The salt water mixed with tritium corroding the metal and concrete on the outside of all saltwater shore-based NPP's. The ionizing radiation turning the inside concrete and steel to chalk and tinfoil in ALL OF THEM.

      None of them were designed to run this long. They are all coming apart at the seams, and there is nothing anyone in authority wants to do about it, other than extend their operational licenses and run 'em till they all burst, killing millions, and eventually billions.

      Next time you look at a politician on TV or a paper, magazine article or web site, know clearly that he or she are involved in this omnicide against all living life.

      If they aren't against it, they're for it.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        Don't get it.

        "The salt water mixed with tritium
        corroding the metal and concrete"
        Wich role plays Tritium in this corrosion process?

        In fact:
        a) there ist Tritium in the water
        b) salt water corrodes steel and concrete

        To imply "it's because of Tritium" is the same style of
        "tampering the truth" as the nuclear industry it does.

        Why did you do this?


        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          'Corrosion induced by low-energy radionuclides

          Modeling of Tritium and Its Radiolytic and Decay Products Formed in Nuclear Installations'

          "Nuclear power plants emit radiation and particles across a range of energies. This radiation can cause corrosion to occur in critically important parts of the plant, which can lead to efficiency and safety problems. Gamma rays and neutrons have the highest energies and can break the metal bonds in interior metallic structures causing damage quickly and in easily monitored ways. Consequently these types of radiation and the best alloys to use to mitigate their effects have been extensively researched and their findings applied. However, the same is not true of low energy radiation which effects metal structures in a different way but can still cause appreciable and expensive corrosion. Low energy radiation degrades the passive oxide layers that protect metals. Without this protective layer the metals are easily corroded. This book uses tritium and tritiated water as models to describe the effects of low energy radiation on the corrosion of metals in these environments. Comprehensive coverage of the fields of liquid and gas flow, heat exchange, gas diffusion in materials, and of materials resistance to corrosion is ensures the reader has a full understanding of how these processes effect corrosion in nuclear installations.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            Such an understanding is essential for the efficient and safe running of all modern plant that uses radioactive material and this book is a critical reference tool for anyone involved in the nuclear power industry or metals research.* Unique coverage of low energy radiation and its corrosive effects in nuclear installations * Provides coverage of basic scientific principles contributing to corrosion * An essential reference for the safe and efficient construction and operation of nuclear installations * Applications in power generation, fuel reprocessing, military and civilian applications."

            By Gilbert Bellanger, Corrosion and Materials Analysis Expert-Consultant


            • Tom in AZ Tom in AZ

              Well, Time is Short – that should make it simple enough for harengus_acidophilus to grok. Thanks.

  • combomelt combomelt

    If more people could read think and motivate

  • Replacant Replacant

    I missed this one, we have sardonically joked one this site about duct tape & bubble gum used to fix Fukushima because of how destroyed and f***d up is in Japan, but to see it actually used in the US and in a plant already having issues? Wow makes me feel so much safer living and working 20 miles from that plant.