Inside the Tokyo Protest: “People are piping mad… they finally got angry” — Police barricades collapsed one after another — Riot buses blocked crowd from entering Prime Minister’s office (VIDEOS)

Published: July 1st, 2012 at 11:57 am ET
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A flood of 200 000 people shouting “Oppose to restart nuclear power plant.” Vehicles of Riot Police stopped people from bursting into the PM’s Office.
Dissensus Japan

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 30.06.2012


I started to run to the roadway. As my friend told me, the roadway was filled with people and vehicles couldn’t pass through. Policemen repeated “Please go on the sidewalk!” but he couldn’t control people. A protester with white hair shouted “It’s the first time since the campaign against the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty in 1960!”. 200000 people (Issued by the promoter) advanced little by little to the direction of PM’s office. Within some minutes, the barricades of police collapsed one after another and were pulled back. A commandant of the police shouted “Protect the Prime Minister’s office!”. Some buses of riot police (usually called as Kamaboko) appeared and came in between PM’s office and the protesters. Police appealed with loudspeaker from the top of command vehicles: “Please everyone stay calm!” but he couldn’t stop people. Police officers of today must have not experienced such a large scale of demonstration before. Instead the promoter of the protest appealed: “We’ll protest next week as well. Step backwards slowly”, “nuclear power plant will not be stopped by only 200 000 people.” Before the scheduled finishing time, the demonstration was adjourned peacefully without any arrest. PM Noda’s office who restarted nuclear power plant was protected by the police. If the vehicle of riot police didn’t backed up the front gate of PM’s office, people would have rolled into the PM’s office.


GLR Special Report from inside protest, June 29, 2012:

At 11:15 in

People are piping mad, much more vocal than I noticed last time.

At 25:45 in

The people are in the streets… The people have taken over the highway now… I don’t know what the police are going to do about this.

At 29:30 in

They [the people] finally got angry.

Published: July 1st, 2012 at 11:57 am ET
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27 comments to Inside the Tokyo Protest: “People are piping mad… they finally got angry” — Police barricades collapsed one after another — Riot buses blocked crowd from entering Prime Minister’s office (VIDEOS)

  • patb2009

    if they can push their way in and occupy his office, it will really send a signal

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    • Gaikokujin Gaikokujin

      No, thats not a good thing. The signal is the people, that are gathered. There is no reason to be inpolite. It will only make things worse. No arrests: thats a great victory.

      If you try too much, it will get out of hands. And nobody wants that, right? So we must act diplomaticly and be calm. The police will also join, but not if there is any violence or for example people go to government offices with force.

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  • Urban27

    This is necessary, because journalism not making their job, and report these largest protests in a man-time in Japan.

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  • I am very proud of the Japanese protestors. Good job!

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  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    I so appreciate all the Japanese coming out to protest. I am frustrated however that after adding the EneNews article about problems at the Ooi Nuclear Power Plant & the fault lines under it to a Facebook group about Anime… 40 comments after & not one about what I posted. In order to get people to See it I have to add to comments under an already existing post. Just a few minutes ago I posted this link & the 2 about the plant under another post. There have been comments since but no reaction to what I added.

    Hoping though that maybe even one person will come here to read. I *assume that they may have no idea about the ongoing dangers. So I will continue to add links there, hoping more learn the truth. There are over 5 million likes on the page & over 200 comments under each article the page owner posts.

    If you are on Facebook please help by adding links to comments. Do not add too many or you will get banned for a period of time. I have already added info to the Occupy Tokyo page. You may know of other pages that would help get the info out. Posting on Occupy pages is a start.

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  • arclight arclight

    “We’ll protest next week as well. Step backwards slowly”, “nuclear power plant will not be stopped by only 200 000 people.” Before the scheduled finishing time, the demonstration was adjourned peacefully without any arrest. PM Noda’s office who restarted nuclear power plant was protected by the police. If the vehicle of riot police didn’t backed up the front gate of PM’s office, people would have rolled into the PM’s office."


    telling the police to back off slowly!! lol!!
    looks like the japanese do not need experience to show westerners how to protest.. this is truly a great moment in history that i am proud to be witnessing..


    the alternate blog scene has done the japanese people proud…

    i cant thank you enough admin and the few other websites that have covered this… it will make the blog news a more realistic place to go for "illegal" information..

    the ww2 natzis would have had a problem burning those books now as the WPP`s are having trouble cleansing the net.. happy days… :)

    the alternative news scene has completely worked for me..

    i can hardly remember how to surf the bbc website.. :)
    tv?? whats that..

    now we need a movie channel with copyright free films,
    and a music channel with copyright free music

    i will NOT be using ANY copyright materials from october nor will i buy or look at any msm music/video stuff.

    make the big corps irrelevant with your purchasing power.. dont buy products from corporations that have been…

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    • sadtexan

      I generally agree with you re MSM and corporate media products, but urge you to reconsider your "copyright-free" stance. It's important for independent artists to be able to retain copyright on their original works, for a number of reasons…if not to put food on the table, then at least to keep hungry megacorps from openly stealing art. Perhaps you should look for media from independent artists (of which there is now an easily-accessible abundance thanks to the internet) rather than nothing but public domain works.

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      • arclight arclight

        hi sadtexan

        i hear you but for instance you tube can ban any videos with music on if the change the policies as the mention on the copyright page so unfortunately future bloggers will be using copyright free music or music they have written.. the day of the bard is back!! :)

        i often get blocked when using copyright material and the agreement with youtube etc can change without me having any say..

        in october the copyright laws will be used to crush freedom of speech in japan and probably elsewhere.. you have to be pro copyright/corporation or anti copyright..

        time to make a stand and hit big corp where it hurts..

        ive lost lots of money and face eviction in the near future..

        i am a digital second class citizen because of the MI5 formally the "domestic extremist database" uk

        i have few friends left and the family are avoiding me…

        time to make a stand!

        copyright is theft and is being used as a propaganda tool.. imo

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        • sadtexan

          The point is that if the artist retains copyright, then he/she has ultimate control over her works. Which is the way it should be. At that point, if someone does not wish their art to be used in a youtube video, so be it, the important point is that the artist gets to choose (as opposed to a corporation that requires forfeiting of copyright in exchange for access to their distro network, etc.)

          Saikado hentai.

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          • arclight arclight


            copyright for the musician and not the corporations sounds good but there was a group in the 70`s in the uk called the enid that were anti music publishing and anti buisness generally but their copyright now is held with another organisation..

            when an artist dies the copyright can be bought up too..

            i do see your point but doing gigs is the tried and trusted way of playing songs .. the digital world is just for promotion of the high quality recordings sold on disc.. and to fill the gigs..

            i am a bit of a dreamer though..

            in the way that the sopyright law is used to target activists it means that we need to NOT use copyright stuff or we risk losing our channels on youtube etc.. and the new law in japan in october risks us losing our japanese audience..

            thats what i was trying to say.. hope i made it clearer..

            basically the copyright system is being abused by the special interest groups ie security, media, etc etc

            and we are losing LOTS of evidence.. especially recently..

            ie tokyobrowntabby on you tube!

            saikado hantai!! ;)


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    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Japanese Gov to ban YouTube: Perhaps the real target of new copyright laws is YouTube.

      The Japanese might not remain so "polite" as their children, family members, friends, and neighbors begin to sicken and die. Fuku will permanently disrupt Japanese society.

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  • charlie3

    Brilliant! The Japanese are finally waking up!

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  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Better late than never. It is good that they are continuing to do this.
    I'd like to see some outrage at the complete lack of coverage of this historic event in mass media.
    This blog is one of the few places that one may get some sort of handle on what is really going on.

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  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    The Masque of Anarchy by Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1819

    "Let a great assembly be, of the fearless, of the free". The crowd at this gathering is met by armed soldiers, but the protestors do not raise an arm against their assailants:

    "Stand ye calm and resolute,
    Like a forest close and mute,
    With folded arms and looks which are
    Weapons of unvanquished war.

    And if then the tyrants dare,
    Let them ride among you there,
    Slash, and stab, and maim and hew,
    What they like, that let them do.

    With folded arms and steady eyes,
    And little fear, and less surprise
    Look upon them as they slay
    Till their rage has died away

    Then they will return with shame
    To the place from which they came,
    And the blood thus shed will speak
    In hot blushes on their cheek.

    Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number,
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you-

    Ye are many — they are few"

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  • Ras Putin


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  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Yes, how cool. The Oi protests made it to our MSM evening news! They said "thaousands were blocking the road" & showed chanting people, interview with a protestor, pointing out the fact that the Japanese govmt declared the plant safe without waiting for test results. Good report! GO JAPAN!

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  • arclight arclight

    the bbc is reporting the protests, saying that

    "…Hundreds gathered near the plant in the town of Ohi to protest against the move, which has divided public opinion…."

    then further down the article…

    "…Reports differ on the number of attendees, but organisers say 200,000 people took part, our correspondent says…."

    the picture is a close up of the police taking someone away..??

    "…About 100 of the 650 protesters at the nuclear plant blocked a nearby road overnight…."


    blatant misdirection or has the bbc mixed up the different protests ??? lol!

    then it would be crap journalism from the unnamed author of the article..

    the protest on hong kong anniversary of chinese rule get a bigger space with a picture on the world headlines..??

    VERY BAD REPORTING BBC one for the history books?? not in the uk..


    but radio 2 bbc DID mention 500,000 protesters around japan over the weekend!!

    saikado hantai!

    the bbc is irrelevant

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    • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

      CBS Evening News tonight also said: "A few hundred protesters…" then followed with a fantasy story about how radiation fears endanger fine Japanese cuisine, while celebrity chefs are working hard to bring back happy memories and hope with new cookbooks in the disaster zone.

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  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Compare Tokyo Police with OPD, NYPD, CPD. UCPDs, and others during the brutal crackdown attempts to 'destroy' the Occupy movement. The police wear their everyday uniforms and hats and have whistles in their mouths. The PDs in the US wear riot gear, teflar vests, combat helmets, and carry billy clubs, tear gas cannisters, bean bag grenade…and other…guns.

    I just hope the Japanese authorities have the wisdom not to go military and fascist by bringing in these weapons of mass torture and destruction. Tanks and drones are not for crowd control on peaceful demonstrators.

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  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Protests are great and Anger is even better.

    Do not allow these people to start-up any of these idled Nuclear Power plants.

    Japan is very sick now and if these nuclear plants start up, this nation will be living a nightmare forever.

    The Chernobyl disaster destroyed Russia, and the same will happen to all countries that use and support Nuclear Power, since every 20 years a Nuclear Power Plant will fail and this is now scientific fact. Radiation Contamination will bio-accumulate in the biosphere and ecosystems in these negatively affected regions of the world.

    This is the time for the Japanese citizens to take a stand and teach the rest of world that the people have all the power, and not the governing authorities, when making important decisions that affect their own nation's health and future.

    Your nation can teach the rest of the world, on how to rid themselves of this Nuclear Industry Practice, which if allowed, will only lead to cancer, disease and death for all those exposed to this continuing Radiation Contamination, as it spreads locally and then worldwide.

    Be firm and shut them down. Shut them all down and this act will save your nation's natural resources for your future generations.

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