Insiders: State secrets bill meant to suppress Fukushima news — Japan public stunned as citizens could face years in prison — Man’s mouth “stuffed with cloth” after voicing opposition — Toxic leaks into ocean seem unstoppable, gov’t must plug the information instead (PHOTO)

Published: November 29th, 2013 at 6:28 pm ET


Mainichi, Nov. 27, 2013: The ruling coalition’s ramming of a controversial special state secrets bill […] through the House of Representatives on Nov. 26 has stunned the public. […] it could discourage citizens as well as journalists from seeking access to such information for fear of harsh punishment, blocking government information from circulating in society […]

Japan-based Investigative Journalist Jake Adelstein, Nov. 29, 2013: […] even politicians inside the ruling bloc are saying, “It can’t be denied that another purpose is to muzzle the press, shut up whistleblowers, and ensure that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima ceases to be an embarrassment before the Olympics.” […] And most tellingly, Masako Mori, the Minister of Justice, has declared that nuclear related information will most likely be a designated secret. For the Abe administration this would be fantastic way to deal with the issue of tons of radiated water leaking  […] There seems to be no end to stopping the toxic waste leaks there but the new legislation would allow the administration to plug the information leaks permanently. As [it] continues to pour into the ocean and our food supply, it is an ominous sign that the Japanese government refuses to disclose information about the levels of pollution […]

Mainichi, Nov. 27, 2013: Under the bill, ordinary citizens who aid and abet or conspire with others in leaking information classified as special state secrets could face up to five years in prison even if the information were not actually revealed. If citizens were indicted for obtaining special secrets under the legislation, they could be convicted without the content of the information being clarified.

Mainichi, Nov. 27, 2013: One of the [Fukushima] residents angrily said, “How far are they going to go in fooling us?” […]  a member of the Diet’s investigation committee on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, said, “I hope information involving the lives of residents will not be made secret.”

SOURCE: Mainichi

Bellona, Nov. 29, 2013: […] The current condition of the Fukushima Daiichi plant is precarious – arguably worse off than it was directly following the initial catastrophe […] seemingly continuous leaks of highly radioactive water […] The disposition of the fuel in the melted down reactors is unknown […] no real consensus on what on what might stop or at least diminish the leaks of some 400 metric tons a day of radioactive water into the Pacific. […] it’s understandable that Abe would like to stuff a sock in the bad news […]

“Stuff a sock in the bad news”? Indeed…

EXSKF, Nov. 29, 2013: A citizen was forcibly removed from the balcony in the Diet where he was observing the debate […] as he shouted his opposition to the passage of the law. His mouth was stuffed with cloth so that he couldn’t shout any more […]

See also: [intlink id=”secrecy-law-approved-by-japan-lawmakers-ap-prison-for-inappropriate-reporting-official-were-on-path-to-be-fascist-state-fear-of-more-fukushima-cover-ups” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 29th, 2013 at 6:28 pm ET


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210 comments to Insiders: State secrets bill meant to suppress Fukushima news — Japan public stunned as citizens could face years in prison — Man’s mouth “stuffed with cloth” after voicing opposition — Toxic leaks into ocean seem unstoppable, gov’t must plug the information instead (PHOTO)

  • death2usall death2usall

    At most, there are 1 million of those rotten SOBs who are wealthy, powerful, and wish the rest of us a rapid death and departure from this planet. While I have been one who has deplored violence my entire life, and will continue to do so with regard to very thing other than the people who are ruling this planet, I say that now is the time for the 6.9 billion to remove the 1million from the face of this earth.
    Their reign needs to end now. The are plenty of us and it could be done. But, we sit and complain and wring our hands. Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror to see the real cause of our present dilemma……it is us….our lack of courage and our unwillingness to sacrifice ourselves for the remainder of humanity. There is NOTHING ELSE that will change this. NOTHING!

  • Deathtousall, I do not expect those who find themselves responsible for the Fukushima Disaster planned it. Just sheer ineptitude of business decisions that saved money by minimizing building standards that Japanese government let happen.
    Now the less said about it less liability issues and that is where every one is at now. USA has similar GE boiling water reactors with renewed licences. Flying bombers over disputed eastern islands. So how does it feel folks knowing you are an ally of Japan? At least as a Canadian, politically allied with USA, all of us North Americans are supposed to support any new foreign reactor built by any three countries,right? How does it feel?
    Nobody, not even the Chinese or Russians it seems will stop the steady stream of nuclides and decay elements disolving into the ocean from Fukushima and uploaded to the food chain and eco system of the ocean. Nice isn't it?

  • pkjn

    Fukushima? 5 Million Seabirds Estimated to Have Died on the Beaches of Australia and New Zealand
    December 1st, 2013 The Daily Sheeple

    Reports are coming out that unusually high counts of dead seabirds are winding up on shores in Australia and New Zealand.
    Is the radiation ultimately causing the lack of baitfish?
    The Fukushima Plant still spills 400 tons of irradiated groundwater a day, every day, into the Pacific Ocean.

    The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric continue to reassure everyone that everything is under control and the irradiated water is just hanging out in the bay in front of the plant (the most absurdly unbelievable story maybe in the history of ever).

    More and more reports of radiation-tainted wildlife, contaminated foodstuffs and mass animal illnesses and die-offs surrounding Pacific coastal areas continue to be reported seemingly every other day.

    • rakingmuck

      pkjn Your idea is a great one. You will be happy to know it is already happening on a much larger scale. All of the cars from Japan are radioactive. I am not sure who manufactures there but I do remember countries are refusing to receive them. Of course the US will because we are Abe's best friend. Everything from Japan prior to 311 – from cars to dried miso soup to major appliances must now be considered to be radioactive unless proven other wise. My concern is how much radioactive stuff is already in people homes. As smart and aware as I am, knowing Miso soup is good to counter radiation, I went to my cabinet and got some. While it was brewing realized it was from Japan (recently)and therefore was most likely radioactive. I threw it out.Its not a boycott its a way to save lives.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    So, Japan has decided to keep their nukes secret.

    Why is that not acceptable for say, N.Korea or Iraq, but our politicians are willing to let Japan do it? Which has a proven record of doing more harm to Americans?

    Time for each of us to write our representatives, and perhaps to organize. We're allowing ourselves to be used if we don't..

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      agreed. Time to ask the mafia to please stop organized crime, time to ask the central bankers to stop manipulating the economy and raping the public, time to ask the governments to please come clean and stop hiding their corrupt military industrial fascist nuclear imperialist ways which are so transparent anyway. Write your corrupt representatives today! Hope springs eternal

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        Laugh it up but often, getting people involved enough to write their elected representatives (a small step) and get resoundingly ignored is a wonderful way to get them started on their way to a more active position. It's really difficult to get people to take things like this (opposing or even questioning an authority) personally. Best way to do so is for them to get offended, personally.

  • SophieQ

    The real power has always been and will likely always be the 'Power of the Purse'. It is the power of the purse that brings about the fastest changes on Earth. Unfortunately, as observed on 'Black Friday' morning, the Power of the Purse is given away for cheap shit nobody needs. But imagine a World that says: "Hey, Japan! Like to play stinky with us? How about try to sell all Your electronic shit to somebody else? No more electronics, cars or machinery from Japan? Is that what You like?" Japan has been fascist enough before and a boycott like the ones pulled on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya for concocted reasons should be in order for Japan, who is polluting and killing off the entire Planet. An entire Planet. It needs to be said again: An entire Planet.
    Remember those a-holes that came of with freedom fries, because France didn't want to go along with Iraq? Where is their boycott now? A s(t)inking rigged mess this beautiful Planet has been turned into. Boycott everything Japan – Boycott everything detrimental to Earth.

  • J.

    A valuable overview of the current situation from Washington Blog:

    Not directly on topic, but tremendously useful. Pass it on please, and repost in other threads.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    And if the TPP is ratified and includes the USA, why, the same will be true here.

    Just being accused of being a whistle-blower will be enough to put anyone in jail. And the trials won't be public due to the "state secrets" being (not) discussed.

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    Think about it. With the decades of animosity China and Japan have with each other, and with China being the global superpower that they are, do you really think China will let the constant radiation leakage from Fukushima go unchecked? I think we are on the precipice of World War 3.

    This is a good reason for Japan to force restrictions on free speech. It's a matter of national security now. That's how big the Fukushima problem is. This new law shows how desperate the situation really is.

    It's going to be an interesting decade.

    • @ zardoz2012
      December 1, 2013 at 8:03 pm
      This is the Japan that experienced 200000 people killed by nuclear bombs and force fitted 54 nuclear reactors onto its islands:
      "This is a good reason for Japan to force restrictions on free speech. It's a matter of national security now. That's how big the Fukushima problem is. This new law shows how desperate the situation really is."
      Even during normal operations every year the world's nuclear reactors are murdering 10 Bhopals(204000 people) due to cancers alone.Today,3rd December is Bhopal anniversary. The USA should have bombed themselves for this crime.
      This turns national security on its head!
      The same thing is happening in fascist India. The unconstitutional nuclear energy has been pronounced an energy security option vital for India's progress! And the media is blindly applauding the nuclear option for India. If the world were to be made livable nuclear should be outlawed, why even modern civilization based on falsehood must be outlawed.
      Mahatma Gandhi saw the truth about this when he foresaw the murderous suicidal nature of the cumulative effects of modern civilization when he pronounced:"Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself."

  • Violence is not an acceptable solution. Education is better. We need to teach VIRTUE to the wealthy elite. Actually, we need to teach it to everyone. Money is what we teach today. Money is not a virtue.
    Indeed, it is an evil system of domination and control. Virtually all of us are complicit in supporting this system. Look in the mirror. We have met the enemy and it is us. WE are the problem. WE are the solution. WE need to change our mind. We need to desire virtue more than money. WE need to stop voting for "money politicians." Those are the politicians who tell us "money is the solution" and promise to give us money. We need freedom FROM money rather than THROUGH money, which is a deception. and


    How long before the US puts a Bill like that in place in an attempt to keep us from sharing charts like this:

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It will be soon and every thing is/will be downhill from here on out.. 🙁

  • jec jec

    Japan Flatlines critical radiation reporting stations on Nov. 26th. Just the first in a long line of denial and criminal activity. Now citizens will have no way to point to dangerous radiation as a cause for illness..OR OTHER COUNTRIES!! See:

    Flatline might be a good name for Japan if this continues…

  • jec jec

    Read this and CRY! Held due to crime of posting a video:

    Wonder if this is what will happen in Japan…