Intelligence agency pressured researchers to withhold info on spread of Fukushima radiation

Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 3:24 am ET


Title: Government body pressured to withhold info on Fukushima radiation
Source: The Hankyoreh (S. Korea)
Author: Lee Keun-young
Date: Oct. 3, 2012 13:05 KST

Government body pressured to withhold info on Fukushima radiation

The National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) abruptly halted its inquiry last year into the dispersion of radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster after contacting the National Intelligence Service, it was belatedly revealed on Oct. 2.


lawmaker Chang Ha-na […] said on Oct. 2 that an examination by the Ministry of Environment inspector’s office at the [sic] showed NIER research to predict the spread of radiation from Fukushima, and its effects on South Korea, was halted immediately after a report to the NIS.


The inspector’s office examination took place in the immediate wake of March reports from the Hankyoreh and other news outlets alleging NIS involvement in the decision to suspend NIER research indicating that trace amounts of radiation were reaching the Korean Peninsula.


The inspector’s office requested a “stern warning” to [the NIER director] to ensure no similar incidents occurred in the future.


“This is as good as an admission that there was pressure from the NIS,” [lawmaker Chang] added.

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Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 3:24 am ET


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21 comments to Intelligence agency pressured researchers to withhold info on spread of Fukushima radiation

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Researchers are put in an awkward position..Telling the truth or obeying.
    Things like this, makes me glad that I am not intelligent or in the know.

  • Radiation Spreading Across the US — Update
    I wrote an article a few days ago that got picked up by the "big blogs" and news gatherers, and even 4 outlets in Japan which brought in around 4000 Japanese visitors.

    And ya think that they Japanese are not paying attention to radiation? They are on it.

    Heck, I even installed a translator!

    The data comes from Higgins

  • arclight arclight

    Radioactive cesium reported in Kellogg’s cereal from Japan — Almost 20 becquerels per kilogram (PHOTO)

    August 6, 2012 at 9:14 am · Reply
    "40% is Japanese wheat and 60% is polished rice from US."
    Just to confirm, the report in Japanese said so.

    Japanese cultivates wheat for noodles etc. US is aiming for total food control in Japan and pushing their GM crops (decision to join TPP agreement could be very soon along with Canada & Mexico ) Since kelloggs is a US firm so it is all possible.

    NAFTA, where has all Japans radiation gone?

    "NAFTA, CAFTA and past FTAs contain language requiring the United States to accept imported food that does not meet our domestic safety standards and limiting import inspection of food and products. In all future U.S. trade pacts, the right to send food and products into the United States must be conditioned on meeting U.S. safety and inspection standards"

    "Linking together the concerns of NAFTA’s many critics is a fear that multinational corporations will use the agreement to usurp power from citizens and undercut their standard of living. For Lee, the issue comes down to who will make the decisions that guide the U.S. economy and ensure the health and safety of its citizens:"


    there it is kids…in black-on-white bold lettering! A complete blackout of the news and research, brought to you by a globalized military-police-security-state. This is how the new world order (which really isn't 'new') works. The agonizing deaths of billions-upon-billions is now on all of those who propped-up this machine…

  • nedlifromvermont

    What now, GE?? You world famous, world-class company?? You, you …

    Cat got yer tongue?

    peace ..

    • Anthony Anthony

      Interesting you say that nedlifromvermont – I noticed GE is putting out a real slick commercial for something lately. You'd never know they had a care in the world as a company based on the commercial.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Research to predict the spread of radiation from Fukushima…was halted immediately after a report to the NIS."
    10,000 researchers in 1,000 organizations were told by 100 government agencies not to make radiation research public after 311. The governments of Japan and US quickly fell into lockstep, sacrificing public health in order to protect nuclear industry and economic interests. The list of those guilty of crimes against humanity will get very long indeed. The radiation-caused deaths, and the toll of human misery these crimes cause is blood on the hands of those who chose the path of lies and cover up.

  • Cindy Cindy

    Went back via the links on Korean Schools closing & US having 10 Times as much, stay open. March & April 2011. WOW..there were a LOT of Trolls out on ENENEWS at that time. One time posters looks like…haven't seen them since. Had to laugh at one posting how the radioactive plume couldn't possibly reach the US..due to the "Fluid" in the sky! My God..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Big science, big pressure, big misconduct? Study finds increase in fraud in research journals
    By Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – Mon, 1 Oct, 2012

    • or-well

      This seems to suggest articles not retracted are not fraudulent.
      I wonder how many pro-nuke science or nuke-whitewash medical articles are ever retracted for fraud?

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    The punch line is wasted if you don't have a little background on the NIS, South Korea's own little Stazi:

    "…The National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) abruptly halted its inquiry…after contacting the National Intelligence Service…"

    Here's what the NIS Wiki says (NIS was formerly called KCIA):

    "…The KCIA's virtually unlimited and completely unchecked power to arrest and detain any person on any charge, created a climate of extreme fear and repression. The frequent detention and torture of students, dissidents, opposition figures, communists, reporters, or anyone perceived to be critical of the government, was symptomatic of the Park presidency and the subsequent administration. And in another departure from its original charter, the KCIA's assumptive role as political machine extraordinaire began to take on even more bizarre forms such as exercising a free hand in drafting the South Korean constitution, dominating the country's political life, and acting as a political fundraiser for the incumbent party…"

    "…The KCIA is known to have raised funds through extortion and stock market manipulation, which were in turn used to bribe and cajole companies, individuals, and even foreign governments…"

    One of those foreign governments was the U.S. – 115 members of congress were implicated in Koreagate.

    Why WOULND'T the NIS censor anything negative about their nuke cronies?


      excellent post PavewayIII…

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Aftershock. Thanks for your gracious offer of an avatar. My puter crashed a couple of weeks ago. I saw your message, but couldn't reply. I will do so soon. I graciously accept your offer.


          @dharmasyd: figured you were indisposed. Noticed you weren't out here as often. Glad to see you're back up-and-running!

          I'll be checking that email address for your response. Make sure you use an unimportant email address…