Highly radioactive ‘glass’ rained on Tokyo — Fukushima nuclear fuel with 500 Trillion Bq/kg found — “Significant consequences for human health” — Scientists: This changes understanding of disaster… Extreme importance… Our ideas of health implications should change… Do not discuss on social media

Published: June 28th, 2016 at 12:46 pm ET


Public Release from Goldschmidt Conference, Jun 26, 2016 (emphasis added): New research shows that most of the radioactive fallout which landed on downtown Tokyo a few days after the Fukushima accident was concentrated and deposited in non-soluble glass microparticles, as a type of ‘glassy soot’. This meant that most of the radioactive material was not dissolved in rain and running water… The particles also concentrated the radioactive caesium (Cs), meaning that in some cases dose effects of the fallout are still unclear… Japanese geochemists… analysed samples collected from within an area up to 230 km from the FDNPP… [I]t had been anticipated that most of the radioactive fallout would have been flushed from the environment by rainwater. However… most of the radioactive caesium in fact fell to the ground enclosed in glassy microparticles… [T]hese particles… formed during the molten core-concrete interaction inside the primary containment vessel in the Fukushima reactor units 1 and/or 3. Because of the high Cs content in the microparticles, the radioactivity per unit mass was as high as ~4.4×10^11 Bq/g [440,000,000,000,000 Bq/kg]… Analysis from several air filters collected in Tokyo on 15 March 2011 showed that 89% of the total radioactivity was present as a result of these caesium-rich microparticles, rather than the soluble Cs, as had originally been supposed.

Discovery (Seeker), Jun 27, 2016: Fukushima Accident Rained Glass Particles on Tokyo… Most of the radioactive fallout that descended upon downtown Tokyo in the days after the March 2011 accident [was] glass microparticles — essentially, glass-filled soot. As a result, the fallout, which contained concentrated radioactive cesium, wasn’t dissolved by rainfall, and probably lingered in the environment… Japanese scientists thought that most of it would be washed away by rainwater. Instead, analysis… revealed that most of the radioactive cesium in fact fell to the ground enclosed in glassy microparticles.

ANI, Jun 28, 2016: Research indicates Fukushima radioactive fallout may be worse than expected Most of the radioactive fallout, which landed on downtown Tokyo a few days after the Fukushima accident, was concentrated and deposited in non-soluble glass microparticles, as a type of ‘glassy soot’

Inverse, Jun 26, 2016: Radioactive “Glassy Soot” Fell Over Tokyo After the Fukushima Meltdown… The findings… show that the radioactive fallout… has been poorly understood. Previously, it was assumed that most of the radiation that fell dissolved in rain. This would mean that it would wash out of the soil and through the environment… These tiny glass particles entered the air and fell as soot on the surrounding region. Because the radioactive molecules are contained in an insoluble medium, they will not wash out of the soil with rainwater to the same extent… Beyond the consequences for the environment, there are significant consequences for human health. Breathing caesium encased in glass particles may have a very different impact from exposure to it as radioactive rain…

Scientists from Fukushima Univ., Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Stanford Univ., etc, June 2016: Cesium-rich micro-particles unveil the explosive events in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant — Cesium-rich micro-particles (CsMPs) retain novel information on the molten core-concrete interaction… CsMPs specimens were discovered… in atmospheric particulates collected at Suginami, Tokyo… [Note: “The author has requested that this abstract is not discussed on social media.”]

Dr Satoshi Utsunomiya, Kyushu Univ.: “This work changes some of our assumptions about the Fukushima fallout… This may mean that our ideas of the health implications should be modified“.

Prof. Bernd Grambow, Director of SUBATECH laboratory, France: “[The observations] presented here are extremely important. They may change our understanding of the mechanism of long range atmospheric mass transfer of radioactive caesium from the reactor accident at Fukushima to Tokyo, but they may also change the way we assess inhalation doses from the caesium microparticles inhaled by humans. Indeed, biological half- lives of insoluble caesium particles might be much larger than that of soluble caesium“.

See also:  Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres flew over 170 km (PHOTOS)

Published: June 28th, 2016 at 12:46 pm ET


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871 comments to Highly radioactive ‘glass’ rained on Tokyo — Fukushima nuclear fuel with 500 Trillion Bq/kg found — “Significant consequences for human health” — Scientists: This changes understanding of disaster… Extreme importance… Our ideas of health implications should change… Do not discuss on social media

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Free to lie.
    Free to be gatekeepers ..and massage the words.

    Officials cooperating..
    No harm to Humans.
    Great chance for science.
    Voice of America propagandist BS.

    US States, Agencies Work Together in Tracking Fukushima Radiation
    July 2 2016


    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Heart, I think Kenny boy is looking for government funding hence downplaying severity you and many of us have been following this since day one and know all to well how dire it truly continues to be.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Come on ..Kenny Boy.
    It's almost format by now.
    It's all by rote.

    So that it can help with the next incident?
    Help ..HOW SO?
    Help with the military ethic of 'absorb in place'?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      You there.. Kenny Boy ..holding your vial of cesium contaminated water.
      It's evident that the scope of your research is minimal.

      Fukushima's forgotten radionuclides: a review of the understudied radioactive emissions.
      May 6 2016


      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        ..Wrong date ..May 6 2014

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Gestalt, man ..try it ..TRY IT!

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            It's hard for the powers that be to see the sum of the parts of the whole while denying the parts that make up the whole.

            The abstract of the paper does not mention curium (Abbr. Cm). Too bad there is an ice wall around the paper. Gotta pay to thaw it out and read it. It's being held hostage. $40 for 48 hour conjugal visit. Then it's back to the pokey.

            Such urgent global cooperation to understand this unprecedented disaster and invent new technology to contain the impact. Get out your credit card. This is a stick up.

            Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curium is free and from "– one tonne of spent nuclear fuel contains about 20 grams of curium." and the fact that 660 tons of fuel is missing I can deduce that the paper is not worth $40.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              660 tons admitted. Probably many thousand tons.

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              wiki – "All isotopes between 242Cm and 248Cm, as well as 250Cm, undergo a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction and thus in principle can act as a nuclear fuel in a reactor."
              And the "40 dollar stickup" – the study was funded at least partially by a US grant, tax dollars at work. And the public pays again at the stickup.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Thinking "Kenny boy" should be in jail..

        • Along with Hillary "don't let anyone tell ya that businesses create jobs" Clinton

          And "you didn't build that" Obummer

        • After WWII they hung scientists for lying to people in matters concerning public safety. It's a crime against humanity.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

            They also allowed many into the US and many into South America. I think of the exodus of the Bush family and Merkle to South America just more Nazis joining their own there. Thacher and her son have land in Africa. Undoubtedly CERN and other nuclear scientists are just more Nazis. All our pharmaceutical companies also existed under Hitler and the human experimentation is continuing.

      • We Not They Finally

        On the "forgotten radionuclides": Unfortunately, our bodies do not "forget." They do their harm even if we do not know their names or how much we are being bombarded with. Us, we still haven't a clue what attacked our colons both on exactly the same day, several days following WIPP in New Mexico. We moved a few months later on, but the damage continues and we have NO answers. Maybe we should poke around into the "forgotten radionuclides" list, but would not even have a clue where to start! Every now and then connection are made, like yytritium-90 is apparently what attacks the pancreas. We still don't know what attacks the colon. We consider it a criminal assault, but beyond that, we are left in the dark.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Water. The beginning and the end.

          I'd start with tritiated water.

          That will give you a scope of the volume of the bombardment.

          And that gives you tritiated glowing knowledge to guide you through the rest of the manmade halls of hell that you travel through.

          It's all clearly laid out on the ever increasing periodic table of life and death…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Maybe it should be..just saying!
    US States, Agencies Work Together in Tracking Fukushima Radiation Cancers

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Valentin Borisevich, former head of the laboratory of the Institute of Nuclear Energy at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, describes the period as being obsessed with "the cult of physics." So much so that even "when Chernobyl blew up, it took a long time to part with that cult."

    For Soviet Russia, science, and specifically atomic energy, was a magical salve for perceived slights from the West, and an endlessly renewable source of hope. The unilateral faith in the authority of the atom was a product of its being ingrained in the basic aspirations of Russian nationalism. "The history of the atom," Borisevich expands, "it's not just a military secret and a curse. It's also our youth, our era, our religion."

    The administrative response to Chernobyl easily and rightly earns our censure. But it should also invoke in us a desire to expand on our own perspectival limitations. The Gorbachev government refused, and indeed was ideologically predisposed not to accept, the fact that they had created a toxic landscape. Our task should always be to understand what we fail to see."

    Chernobyl, Crohn’s disease, and the persistence of chronic illness
    June 23 2016

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The 'cult of physics' ..exactly.
    We are still caught up in the 'cult of physics'.
    Even to the point where theoretical nut cases, will tell you that artifice is the salvation of mankind.
    How can that possibly happen when the core of our existence is biological?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Even if Humans settle for appliance filled assisted living…
    How will this help the fauna and the flora?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Exactly..Obe.. but why do they cheer it on.
    Hurrah.. high tech catheter bags!.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      oops..Not sure humans will "have" much choice in the matter..appliance filled assisted living…or at least the ones that are left.

      If we humans are suppose to believe that this human experiment is somehow a divine natural progression that this Earth is suppose to experience as the great 6th extinction event moves forward..then appliance filled assisted living.. with catheter bags filled with puss and blood ..will be the future for those left writhing around in pain.

      Must be God's plan… is all I can think! Write down so others know what went on here today.


    2011.. IAEA..un-fcking-believable


    Unit 3
    …radioactivity was discovered on their feet and legs [workers]. An IAEA release states that the workers “were washed in the attempt to remove radioactivity, but since there was a possibility of Beta-ray burning of the skin.

    Press reports suggested that the hospitalized workers had been exposed to doses 10,000 times above normal.

    But the only reliable information on the dosage received by the workers comes from a TEPCO press release, WHICH STATES: "that the trio suffered radiation exposure between 170 millisieverts and 180 millisieverts. That is not nearly enough to burn the skin or cause any symptoms of radiation poisoning, and it’s well below “10,000 times above normal.”

    Mount Sinai Medical..
    “It’s possible that an individual can receive very high dosage [from beta rays] to the skin and the internal organs will not be irradiated,” Rosenstein says.

    Fukushima: Sick Workers and Cracked Vessels. What’s true?



    Same Day Murders..

    And now the cover-up murders begin in Flint, Michigan: Water treatment plant foreman found dead… young mom murdered in her home after filing lawsuit against Michigan government.

    While the EPA says the limit of lead in public water is just 15 parts per billion, at times the water coming out of the tap in Flint, Michigan registered a jaw-dropping 13,200 parts per billion (13.2 ppm), according to Scientific American. Brain-frying metal.

    While the EPA says the limit of lead in public water is just 15 parts per billion, at times the water coming out of the tap in Flint, Michigan registered a jaw-dropping 13,200 parts per billion (13.2 ppm), according to Scientific American.


    Molon Labe..


    Chernobyl 2? Yep.. hidden.

    Swamped: These astonishing new photographs [+ video] show how Chernobyl – the site of the world's worst nuclear accident – and surrounding city of Pripyat are being reclaimed by the surrounding forest.

    image shows 'Chernobyl-2' which at the time of the disaster was completely secret. It was a radar system which could detect launches of a potential enemy in North America.


    Kudos to Anthony Bond


    Tours to the secret facility "Duga-1” and the town "Chornobyl-2"


  • Jebus Jebus

    Ya, Think…

    Don't hear much about Thallium…

    I hear a lot about Mercury, and now Lead, again…


    Remember time is infinitely accelerated inside a fission reactor up and until things go bang…

    It gets you past the first eons…

    Using the millions of years of stored energy, today.

    Now most of our decay chain is much shorter in time.

    Bang. Bang. Bang.

    So… Results. Today. Thallium.

    Thallium poisoning


    Day 1941…

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Someone asked if there was a 'higher' power that is responsible for the destruction of all life on this planet, in our case the unbridled release of nuclear radiation.

    Yes, yes there is.

    From Hillary's Wikileaks email trove:

    "… over the past two days, and have fallen into line with the US; the Swedes, as head of the EU, and have told him that they will take their cue from the US and will support US actions. Arias, Biehi said, was extremely complimentary of the "great political instincts shown by Secretary Clinton." -1-4n

    UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05764911 Date: 07/31/2015 With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . . Tri"


    What is 'Moloch'?

    "The oldest mention of a horned deity starts with Nimrod, El, and Moloch. These somewhat-interchangeable deities were thought to be depicted as either a single or double horned-god who was worshipped in the Bronze Ages of Mesopotamian culture. He was one of multiple gods in these ancient Pagan cultures that we see the Canaanites, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Babylonians devoting much energy and bloodshed.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    They were worshipping this deity to the point of sacrificing their own children (although some argue there is no definitive evidence of this, while others claim a counter-conspiracy cover-up of the disturbing practice). These ancient cultures believed that sacrificing their infants would appease the deity and they would in return have financial blessings, more fertility, good fortunes, or any other type of prayer worthy gift. This form of idolatry is what influenced much of the teachings of the Bible (about having false idols and such)."

    "They believed that Moloch would give them financial blessings if they sacrificed their children, and this is believed to continue to this day, as is evident by the startling number of missing children around the world at any given time. A study from 1999 reported that approximately 800,000 children are missing every year in America. 800,000 is an astoundingly high number, that’s about 16,000 per state (if distributed evenly)."


    I don't think I need to remind anyone of the pedophile/child murder scandals in the UK and US, among others.

    Western governments and the biggest corporations are run by people who belief in this shit. The only solace is that not only are they sacrificing us, they are also sacrificing themselves.

    Those of us here that aren't trolls for the Moloch-worshippers will certainly meet on the other side.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      More documentation of this 'Organized Occult Evil':

      Here are a couple of videos of the Opening Ceremony of the new Gotthard Tunnel, in Switzerland. Watch them a couple of times closely, to catch all that's going on. :


      This is a very public occult ritual/drama. The short explanation is that, as they start the ceremony underground then continue above ground, it represents something that has been 'hidden' for a very long time, and now is being brought out into the public for all to see. The Forces of Darkness are now being unleashed on the world, no longer hidden in the shadows.

      The longer explanation is the meaning of each individual component of the ritual, which is only explaining the trees when the forest is now on fire, but it's all here:


      Next, to see what really takes place behind the curtains at the highest levels of the .0001%, is to watch the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut', with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. It's probably not your idea of 'entertainment', but watch it as a documentary, as a close-up of how those at the top pray in private – and who they pray to. But before you do, read this carefully, so you'll have an idea of what to watch for:


      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        And these people run most of the known world:

        'The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families'

        "The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.

        According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.[1]"

        Full story:


        • We Not They Finally

          If you're done with all the occult evil, now consider that those activities, however horrible, are VOLUNTARY. Being bombarded with silent, invisible, tasteless, odorless, trackless attacks of radiation is NOT. We're subjected daily to what we can neither choose nor detect nor prevent, yet it kills. It's the most demonic force on Earth.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            Well said, WNTF. Very well said.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Evil is even the design evolution of reactors.

            Started out as a box. Ya, Pandoras. Oop's, we opened it.

            It started leaking tritium when we broke the seal…

            Now three are broken and leaking more, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

            Lots of water. Billions.

            Then they morphed into monolithic unsaid idyllic symbols of energy. That was during the sexual revolution.

            lol, Diablo Canyon…

            Lots of water. Trillions.

            Now the new designs have hoisted a bucket of water up on top, to control the nuclear power, on a bad day…

            Like the baseball tank dump at the fair…

            Lot's more water. ?.

            It's ok, we don't know how much is too much…

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            How do we know that such demonic practices are not involved in the Fukushima "accidental" disaster? If dragging feet for 5 years, covering up information, blatantly lying, "waiting for technology," isn't just waiting for people to die without losing plausible deniability I would be surprised. I don't go so far as Jim Stone but damn.

            An ice wall. Ha ha. Not funny.

            "Sorry guys, we told you it was bananas, but now we see clearly through our crystal cesium balls… it's worse than we thought. Yeah, we should have evacuated Tokyo, but well, know you're screwed. You're all gonna die, it's too late. Bwah-ha-ha-oh-so-screwed.


            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

              I think it was an accident and that there is nothing that can be done besides the cosmetic attempt (hopefully out of sight, out of mind). The accident showed even to the mindless persons trying to control the world that nuclear energy and weapons will always remain uncontrollable. They are just now trying to fool everyone and scrape together for themselves whatever they can. They're not thinking of their children or the next generations, truly the embodiment of the immediate gratification generatiion.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          We are all screwed! 🙁 Weep for your planet!

  • We Not They Finally

    evil is the darkforce radiation…Good is the sun energy that nourishes life.when we chose nuclear energy we chose evil..And evil has won…Shift to the high road…SASHAj saMADHI BLISS AND LOVE…

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Sun yes.
      "The Solar Healing Center is focused on helping humanity to develop a better understanding of how the sun can be used to heal the mind, body and spirit as demonstrated by Hira Ratan Manek, who, as a result of sungazing, has claimed better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

      Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), among others, have proven that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating any food. This has come to be known as the HRM phenomenon. The method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental and physical illnesses as well as increasing memory power and mental strength by using sunlight. One can get rid of any kind of psychological problems, and develop confidence to face any problem in life and can overcome any kind of fear including that of death within 3 months after starting to practice this method. As a result, one will be free from mental disturbances and fear, which will result in a perfect balance of mind. If one continues to apply the proper sungazing practice for 6 months, they will be free from physical illnesses. Furthermore, after 9 months, one can eventually win a victory over hunger, which disappears by itself thereafter."

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    A culture of evil decision makers still deciding what to do from the start deciding what to do now realizing what a big mistake was made in the first place! Denial and exploitation gearing up for all the cancer business coming up not wanting to cut into the "fun money" to try to mitigate a disaster they don't want understood so the world doesn't go to an off-grid green power system that would make all those money-sucking companies obsolete and force the closing of all the nukes..and really pissing off the masses!

  • rogerthat

    five years and three months later:


    Health advisory desk set up for Fukushima workers

    Japan's health ministry will soon start providing health consultation services for workers engaged in decommissioning the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

    Consultation desks are to be set up at the plant and at a work administration facility called J-Village. This is the first time the ministry will be offering such services.

    Health problems tend to increase among plant workers in summer. Heat stroke is one of the main risks while some see chronic diseases aggravated.

    The health desk will launch at the end of this week. It will be open regularly on Fridays to give advice on health, radiation concerns and lifestyle improvement.

    A ministry official says the government decided to offer its own advisory service in addition to the health services provided by Tokyo Electric Power Company in order to beef up workers' health management.

  • rogerthat


    … "The Mayor’s Task Force has serious reservations as to how exactly oversight of the treatment process of waste will actually occur and be audited," Heaton said in an email.

    He also expressed concerns about the Central Characterization Program (responsible for ensuring waste is safely treated) being a subcontractor to NWP.

    "Many questions are obvious as to how an independent subcontractor can be totally independent and outside the influence of the contractor when they are being paid by the contractor," Heaton said in the email.

    He said the Mayor's Task Force is working on separating the two contracts from one another.

    Tim Runyon, spokesman for WIPP Recovery Operations, said they were aware of the city's concerns but could not comment further.

    No one at Los Alamos National Laboratory was available for comment. …

  • rogerthat


    VA officials pledge new studies into effects of Agent Orange on vets and their children
    By Mike Hixenbaugh, The Virginian-Pilot,
    Charles Ornstein and Terry Parris Jr., ProPublica
    Jul 1, 2016

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is expanding its efforts to determine how Vietnam veterans and their children have been affected by exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange.

    The VA will conduct its first nationwide survey of Vietnam veterans in more than three decades and request an outside panel of experts to continue its work studying the health effects of Agent Orange on veterans, their children and their grandchildren. Both initiatives were discussed Thursday in Washington at a forum hosted by ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot on the possible multigenerational impacts of Agent Orange.

    Vietnam veterans have argued for years that their exposure to the toxic herbicide has damaged their health as well as their children’s. From 1962 to 1971, some 2.6 million U.S. service members were potentially exposed to Agent Orange, which contained a dangerous strand of the chemical dioxin. While the VA has linked Agent Orange exposure to a host of diseases in Vietnam vets, experts and veterans advocates have criticized the lack of research into the effects on future generations. …

    • rogerthat

      “I believe that these individuals deserve an answer,” Linda Spoonster Schwartz, the VA’s assistant secretary for policy and planning, said in response to a question about the lack of research. “I believe that we need to at least ask the question. … This is the right thing to do.”

      ProPublica and The Pilot have been examining the effects of Agent Orange for the past year and have heard from more than 5,500 veterans and their families.

      Thursday’s forum – titled “A Toxic Legacy: Has Agent Orange Hurt the Children of Vietnam Vets?” – featured veterans advocates, researchers and policymakers. It also provided a rare opportunity for frustrated veterans to vent directly to high-ranking VA officials.

      Veterans came from as far away as Mississippi and Pennsylvania to share their stories. Pilot photographer Stephen Katz told of his own health problems, which he believes may be linked to his father’s exposure to Agent Orange.

      In one emotional exchange, Reginald Russell Sr., an Army veteran from Suffolk, rose from the audience and accused the VA of ignoring anecdotal evidence that Agent Orange had harmed children of vets.

      Russell’s first son, born shortly after he returned from Vietnam in 1971, died inexplicably at 9 months old. His youngest son, born a few years later with a heart defect, …

      • rogerthat

        died in 2012 at 32.

        Russell held up a photo of a grave marker: “That’s my child,” he said, choking up.

        “I can’t imagine the pain you’re having,” said Schwartz, who joined the VA in 2014 after years spent researching and advocating for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange. “Let me say that this is a new day. … We can do this study. I know you’ve heard this before, and so have I, but we will do this not just for the ones who have passed away, but for the ones who have yet to be born.”

        A small number of male veterans’ children – those born with spina bifida – are eligible for Agent Orange disability payments from the VA. So are the children of female vets born with about a dozen other defects.

        Although the majority of Vietnam veterans are men, most of the research about the transgenerational effects of Agent Orange has been focused on women, said Dr. Kenneth Ramos, chairman of an Institute of Medicine committee that recently reviewed research on Agent Orange.

        Ramos said scientific evidence increasingly supports the idea that a father’s exposure to toxins can affect his offspring genetically, potentially harming children and grandchildren. But more research needs to be done.

        • rogerthat

          “The scientific studies that have been conducted have not yet provided the evidence,” he said.

          Ramos said he was pleased to learn the agency was launching a nationwide survey.

          Victoria Davey, a senior VA scientist and a lead researcher on the project, said her team would begin mailing questionnaires to randomly selected Vietnam-era veterans in the fall, asking dozens of questions about their health and economic status, as well as the health of their children.

          “The major question in this study is, ‘Am I different?’ ” Davey said. “Is the Vietnam veteran different from the U.S. public and other service members who served at the time” but did not deploy.

          The research will take years, Davey said, but she hopes preliminary results will begin answering the question as early as next year.

          Heather Bowser, co-founder of Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, said she supports the VA’s efforts but lamented that the work is only now beginning.

          Bowser’s father was exposed to Agent Orange in 1968. A few years later, she was born prematurely, missing a leg, a toe and several fingers. She leads a group of more than 3,700 other children of Vietnam veterans who believe their health has been affected by Agent Orange.

          “I’m 43 years old,” said Bowser, who was on the panel. “How much more time should my family have to wait?”

          One of the challenges of understanding the effects of Agent Orange is the lack of data collected during the war, making it nearly impossible …

          • rogerthat

            to know if or how much any given veteran was exposed to the toxins. The same is true of Iraq war veterans who may have been exposed to depleted uranium or toxic burn pits.

            Schwartz revealed plans for a pilot program in partnership with the Department of Defense to begin tracking environmental exposures of service members in real time, possibly making it easier in the future to understand how military service affects a veteran’s health.

            As the forum ended, Peter D. Rumm, director of the VA’s pre-9/11-era environmental health program, announced the agency’s intention to ask the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, to conduct another review of Agent Orange research, including a look into the effects on veterans’ children. The request comes months after the IOM wrapped up its 10th and final biennial Agent Orange report.

            Rumm encouraged those in attendance to keep applying pressure.

            “Government reacts,” Rumm said. “Those of you in the field and those of you affected by this, keep pushing, because eventually things will happen.”

            You can watch a recording of the
            event online

            Help ProPublica and The Pilot investigate the effects of Agent Orange. If you are a vet, the child of a vet or the relative of a vet, please fill out
            our online questionnaire

            Mike Hixenbaugh, 757-446-2949, mike.hixenbaugh@pilotonline.com

  • rogerthat


    Radioactive waste and the nuclear war on Australia's Aboriginal people
    Jim Green

    1st July 2016

    Australia's nuclear industry has a shameful history of 'radioactive racism' that dates from the British bomb tests in the 1950s, writes Jim Green. The same attitudes persist today with plans to dump over half a million tonnes of high and intermediate level nuclear waste on Aboriginal land, and open new uranium mines. …

  • rogerthat

    … Dr Jim Green is the national nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth Australia and editor of the Nuclear Monitor newsletter, where a version of this article was originally published. Nuclear Monitor, published 20 times a year, has been publishing deeply researched, often critical articles on all aspects of the nuclear cycle since 1978. A must-read for all those who work on this issue!

    Take action:

    The Aboriginal-led Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) is asking organisations around the world to endorse a short statement calling on nuclear nations not to dump their nuclear waste in Australia.

    ANFA is seeking donations to hold its annual national meeting.

    Sign the 'No Dump Alliance' statement opposing international high-level nuclear waste dumping in Australia.

    Join the Facebook group: Fight to Stop Nuclear Waste in the Flinders Ranges.

  • rogerthat


    The Platform
    Editorial: Why are service-injured veterans getting the runaround?
    By the Editorial Board Jul 2, 2016

    The time has come. The Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs must stop dragging their feet. They must own up to the serious chemical and radioactive hazards that U.S. service members were exposed to in the line of duty. It’s not as if the health damage from such exposure expires once the mission is over.

    As Arla Harrell can attest, a lifetime of suffering can follow an irresponsible sergeant’s or young lieutenant’s order to step forward and serve as a test dummy for a chemical munition.

    In Harrell’s case, it was a mustard gas test conducted at Missouri’s Camp Crowder in the 1940s. Despite the best efforts of Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., to get legislation passed to help make Harrell and other service members whole, the Veterans Administration is fighting her.

    There’s a troubling pattern here. For tens of thousands of Vietnam War veterans, not to mention scores who trained in Panama, Agent Orange is the culprit for enduring problems caused by highly toxic dioxin. …

  • rogerthat

    … The long succession of stories about veterans sickened during military service, who are repeatedly denied VA health care, strongly suggests the government views them as disposable assets. It’s as if officials prefer that the veterans would just die so their problems will go away.

    Meanwhile, veterans and their families are left to grapple with medical debts often in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    The VA’s and Pentagon’s constant obfuscation, evasion and runarounds are no way to treat those who selflessly answered their nation’s call to duty. Americans owe it to our veterans to speak out.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They tried to put the big whammy on it today.
    The Pacific is back to normal ..1% above what it was ..however the harbor and the seafloor adjacent to the plant is still highly contaminated.

    Now how can that be ..with 660 tons admitted lost , ground water seeping through an ice wall likened to a bamboo screen?
    In the harbor but not in lapping the waves?
    And the seabed, where a lot of it is, APPROXIMATE,(as in a total meltdown in of unit 2) along with the dumping of damaged rods ..the seabed is HOT, particularly is one assumes the corium slid in that direction. YA, IT'S HOT.

    Pacific Ocean radiation back near normal after Fukushima: study
    July 4 2016


    The contamination is on-going and will never return to the MYTHICAL STATIC NORMAL.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh, oh, the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research

    "SCOR receives funds from a large number of sources, including national membership contributions, and grants and contracts from U.S. federal agencies, private foundations, and international organizations. U.S. federal sponsors of SCOR activities include the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. International support is obtained from the International Council for Science, International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, and Intergovernmental Oceanographic COmmission."


    Oh, yes..my chums at the NSF and the NASA.. (biggest sarcasm ever)

    • hbjon hbjon

      Billions of pieces Fukushima nuclear fuel have spread pretty much everywhere — “It’s truly frightening… wherever there’s cesium, there’s plutonium” — Atomic bomb had one pound of uranium… Fukushima had hundreds of tons — TV: “Abundant quantities” of plutonium are being found.
      Run like the wind and save yourselves.

  • Insurance Against Chaos: How To Invest in Gold and Other Precious Metals

    A friend had asked "how do you buy gold" and I did a write-up for him, and for your benefit also. I have quite a bit of experience.

    This article is how I buy Precious Metals (PM)


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      My gut says that if there is a total financial collapse..gold and silver will be worthless..however.. guns, bazookas, knives and barbwire will be our new gold and silver.

      These weapons will take away anything that you might think you now own…7 billion armed monkeys all looking for their next meal..will not be eating any gold.

      • obe, after the collapse, and the chaos, something will emerge and a means of exchange that is not based totally on barter will be needed and useful.

        If there is no serious collapse, PM will retain value as "money" is destroyed by out of control spending and full out printing, via inflation and perhaps negative interest rates.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          I hear you..but a full collapse is not something I think they will ever let happen.

          The printing presses are on fire worldwide 24/7.

          Anarchy would be very bad for everybody, even though some people out here think we need/could use a little anarchy.

          The slave masters use expert Word Crafters 24/7 and they are also experts at mind manipulation of the human livestock hordes.

          Thinking any change will have to come from within the current system..that they all cling to desperately.

          If they do not hurry..the Earth sadly will be lost. 🙁

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

              You can't keep criticizing peaceful people. The only people who can be held responsible are the actual perpetrators of killing or harming others. There are over a billion peaceful Muslims in the world and you can't say that they "might" do something wrong.

              All people have a religion even the religion of atheism. So get rid of all religions you would have to kill every person on the earth.

              No religion is responsible for criminal behavior. Only the individuals who are criminals who have criminality as their religion and that includes persons raised in every religion on earth.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                and that includes persons raised in every religion on earth including the religions of communism, anarchy, capitalism, militarism, greed, etc.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                Obewan, as long as you preach discrimination, prejudice and genocide, your personal religion is one of the worst, rabid religions.

              • DUDe DUDe

                "..No religion is responsible for criminal behavior. Only the individuals who are criminals who have criminality as their religion and that includes persons raised in every religion on earth.."

                True PJ , i agree..but some organised religions seems to be either written or altered to make it Very easy and convenient for criminals to hide their actions behind..i wonder who would do such a thing..criminals ? warprofiteers ?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                  I agree, DUDe. But eliminating a religion is not really possible. Eliminating all religion is also not possible without eliminating every person on earth. There is no way to live without a belief system.

                  There are so many terrible things going on in the world. And those are the fault of people not making compassion choices. I could fill up whole pages of the incorrect message being preached in many Christian churches. But it is not the fault of the religion, but the religion falsely preached or not followed at all. There are very many Christians extremely concerned about who has taken over many of the Christian churches and preaching and practicing false doctrine. All the former KGB who are not priests in the Russian Orthodox Church are only one example of many. When criminals exploit a religion we should hold the criminals responsible, not every person who professes that religion.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                    TYPO: All the former KGB who are priests in the Russian Orthodox Church are only one example of many. Only one example in the US are all the masons preaching in US Christian churches. Masons are not Christians at all. All the Catholic priests and other Christian pastors of protestant churches who have injured other people with sexual abuse are terrible. Evil can happen in any religion, but it is not the fault of the religion but the fault of the individual who is exploiting the religion for evil purposes. There was a minister thrown out of my own church. I had avoided him myself, but he had slept with women who came for counseling.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      So what religion is Abe? We have compassion for all the people in Japan suffering because of a government which used nuclear energy. We don't condemn every person who has the same religion as Abe claims, no matter what it is.

                      There are so many people in the world who are agnostic or atheistic, but we don't condemn their religion, but only those people who are hurting others.

                      People can claim a religion but never follow the precepts of that religion.

                      The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition are both examples of people claiming to be Christians but who were disobedient to the Christian Bible. When they were disobedient to the command not to kill, they were not acting as Christians but as disobedient rebels.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      All the people in the world are dying now because of nuclear technology and all the other toxins and many are dying of starvation.

                      I think out of compassion that we shouldn't take away the religion of those condemned to die such horrible deaths and those who have to watch their children die. In my opinion, each person should be free to cope with the evil of the world with whatever religion that consoles them.

                      I do believe in condemning individuals who support the nuclear industry and Monsanto and all the toxins destroying the earth.

                      Dante in The Divine Comedy was extremely critical of certain Popes. Yet he also praised those he thought were the great Christian examples and teachers.

                      Two of my heroes are Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer who gave their lives fighting for the rights and lives of others. How can anyone condemn their Christian example and teaching?

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Religion is simply another tool found in the controllers tool box which is used to help control the minds of whom ever they may need to control at a given time.

                      Religions support the functions of those governments that make the decisions to utilize say Nuclear Power and the building of weapons of mass destruction.

                      If it was not used as a tool as described then none of the above would exist and they all sadly do exist.

                      Thousands of years, thousands of churches and look where the world is today.

                      We are all still in the middle of an ancient religious war. 🙁

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      These deaths are a direct result of practiced religions.. 🙁

                      Religion is responsible for all this pain and suffering.. 🙁

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      This is true love and the cheetah has no religion..can't speak human either. 🙂 Does not have to be complicated..at all.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Religion is less a tool in this country because there is freedom of religion and so many religions.

                      Under the NWO, there will be one made up religion and no one will have a choice, and then certainly religion will be the biggest toolbox to enslave people. Many Christians are being counseled to choose death over that enslavement and that the NWO will make the only 2 options death or change to the new fake enslaving religion.

                      Protestants rebelled against the Catholic Church because it is too dictatorial and too far away from the Bible. Many Catholics convert every year to Protestant churches. Some Protestant churches have no governing body at all. The present government is counting Christians who just follow the Bible terrorists. So it is not a toolbox for enslavement, but an excuse to persecute and kill people.

                      The Communists in Russia destroyed all the churches, so it wasn't a toolbox, but an excuse to kill people.

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      I petted a parrot in a store today and a german sheppard in another..both where happy..i was afraid the parrot was gonne fall because he relaxed so hard he went in to a cronic gape with the beak he was holding/hanging on the cage with..eyes closed..toes curling 🙂

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Here you have the NWO and the Nazi Bush crime family.


                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      So let me get this straight..you want religion..but you really only like and want your religion. You are not fond of other religions.

                      So you do not like the idea of one religion for the entire world, since your religion is the best one and the constant battles with the other religions that you think are bad are OK with you.

                      So we humans should proceed to kill each other over varied religious concepts and belief systems..got it.

                      Pray forbid we all get on the same wavelength and then try to save this planet from ourselves and our 7 billion combined actions.

                      IQ is only good if it can be applied..logically. 🙂

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      In the movie you can also hear JFK and President Eisenhower speak against the NWO.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      I'm trying to watch the video I posted on the NWO.

                      It doesn't matter what I like or don't like. It is impossible to say there should be no religion because every person on the earth has a belief system which is by definition a religion.

                      I think that every belief system should be open to people by free will. I don't believe that an imposed dictatorial religion is really a religion at all, but an enslavement.

                      I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. But I am not God. I'm just an ordinary person.

                      The the imposition of the NWO is coming whether anyone likes it or not. I will refuse to join their religion even if it means that they will kill me, because I prefer eternal life to the NWO enslavement.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      July 5, 2016 at 1:20 pm • Reply
                      Well Adam had a perfect environment and still blew it. Environment is not an issue. Evolution violates the 2nd Law of Thermo.
                      All religions are no more or less than self improvement programs. Take a good-for-nothing and after he jumps through enough wickets, hoops and hurdles he will become a prize steer. Christianity is not a religion. Sure there're religious people that are Christians but Christianity is not a religion. God nether sees nor foresees any good from man. "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags" Is 64:6.
                      Religion is what man does for God. Christianity is what God does for man. God rejects any work from man. Paul said the more works you produce the deeper the hole gets. Stop digging.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Christianity Is Not a Religion, It's a Relationship – Grace to You

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Sorry ..but I consider my relationship here more 'concrete'.

                      "Working at a radio telescope at the South Pole, the researchers describe a twisting pattern in the background radiation of the universe. That radiation is the energy left over from the Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago.

                      The twisting pattern is evidence of gravitational waves, the authors say, and they contend that the signal is likely too strong to be dust alone.'

                      Big Bang Theory Scrutinized
                      June 20 2016


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Obewan, Obama is a 33rd degree freemason. It is the freemasons who are running the wars in the Middle East. I see you are still pushing the propaganda of the freemasons.

                      The Christians were slaughter by ISIS. Each individual Christian has a relationship to the living God. What does that have to do with your link?

                      It's the freemasons who created ISIS. Islam doesn't approve of ISIS, nor anyone else. Only the freemasons make money off war and dividing all the victims.

                      Are you going to stop linking Carlin because he blames the freemasons and was murdered by the freemasons? When will you stop blaming the victims?

                      July 5, 2016 at 10:23 pm

                      What kind of a relationship does this religion have?

                      July 5, 2016 at 8:40 pm Log in to Reply
                      Oh Boy! Never saw this one before..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      It would seem that society can not exist without myth.

                      No society can exist without myth, says Devdutt Pattanaik


                      Fine ..but there is such a thing as 'overkill'.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I try and repeat to myself.. evolution doesn't exist..
                      I fail again today..

                      Humans artificially drive evolution of new species
                      June 28 2016


                      PS. Dream well..Enenews..

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      But, wait. Freemason control wizardry?

                      What about Hillary? I think she is a woman?

                      Is she Co-Freemasonry?

                      And Evolution sang long before man…

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      ""In this context, 'number of species' becomes a deeply unsatisfactory measure of conservation trends, because it does not reflect many important aspects of biodiversity. Achieving a neutral net outcome for species numbers cannot be considered acceptable if weighing wild fauna against relatively homogenous domesticated species. However, considering speciation alongside extinction may well prove important in developing a better understanding of our impact upon global biodiversity. We call for a discussion about what we, as a society, actually want to conserve about nature" says Associate Professor Martine Maron from the University of Queensland.

                      Researchers do agree that current extinction rates may soon lead to a 6th period of mass extinction. Since the last Ice Age, 11.500 years ago, it is estimated that 255 mammals and 523 bird species has gone extinct, often due to human activity. In the same period, humans have relocated almost 900 known species and domesticated more than 470 animals and close to 270 plant species."

                      The dominion of Humans.
                      So great the love.. (sarc)

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Yes .. there was evolution long before there was anthropogenic contribution.
                      But as usual Humans plays a part in this, and address the responsibility with denial.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      The pillars standing on top of all those cornerstones must be shaking with the thought of a pissed off Hillary in the office.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      🙂 Independent people?

                      Is that something like those chosen in the Peer Review process?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Hillary, ask for forgiveness later…

                      I can't wait till we figure out how to squeeze foresight and determination, into a chip.

                      Maybe they will worship us… 😐

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I have no hope for the government machine and I am not for or against this machine.

                      I just know when things are really screwed up and out of control.

                      Like when we here all knew what Fukushima really meant when it blew and that this Nuclear Disaster was out of control.

                      There are plenty of good people that will need to get involved and come forward if we want to salvage the future of this our planet.

                      Hopefully they are out there and are tuning in..

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Whether for or against any particular religion..the action taken by the slave master in charge, good or bad, can be considered another tool utilized for better human livestock control.

                Messing with the human livestock mind is what these people do and they do it very well.

                Do I need to post more examples of this religious mind control for you.

                How many examples do you need to see..how many eyes on church walls, soldiers holding hands in prayer before battle or heads being lopped off.

                What do you not understand about the world you live in?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                  Well, here is the difference between us , Obe, when the NWO comes to power (some say as early as this November), when forced to choose their religion religion, you will comply and I will let them kill me because I won't join their Satanic cult.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                    Right now I choose to be a Christian, but have the freedom and exercise that freedom to not be part of organized religion.

                    Under the NWO there will only be organized religion — their most evil religion that worships evil.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    I am under the impression that this entire universe needs no religion.

                    You are the one that still clings to such ancient manmade concepts..huge difference.

                    Crutches come in many forms..

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Obe's religion: "I am under the impression that this entire universe needs no religion."

                      What are you going to do when the NWO comes and says you have to participate in their organized religion or be killed?

                      There will be no freedom of action in the NWO and you will have to keep your beliefs secret.

                      I will choose to not participate. This is reality.

                      All the insults in the world cannot change reality. And you have no right to force your beliefs on me. And, guess what? God doesn't want any forced conversions. Only free will beliefs are important.

                      So I can pray that you will find your eternal salvation. But your free will is more important. Why can't you extend free will to me? Why in your world do you have to force your beliefs onto me and the rest of the world? I think all your arguments are in favor of the NWO. Why can't you speak out against the NWO instead of just making illogical arguments based on name calling?

                      You would like the video I posted on the NWO. I'm at hour 1, and they been spending must time on 9/11 and continuing on. You would love to rehear the conspiracy theories and how NWO Bush is terrible.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Well, P.. You'll have to do like millions/billions before you.
                      When on the victim end of conversion…
                      Say what they make you, keep whatever is important to you in that area in your heart.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Unless..you are into the full martyr thing.
                      But as you might know ..I'm not in to martyrdom for martyrdom sake.
                      Especially ..over one of the various versions of God.

                      The Pope lies in wait.
                      The Christians are alright.
                      Except a whole bunch of them are now devil worshippers.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      One religion is supposed to be a merging and acceptance of other faiths.
                      So that the NWO can further enjoy the fray.
                      Add Satanism..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Of course, I agree with Obe.
                      Past intuitive recognition of a Creation/Universal Cohesion the rest is, as they put it 'false idols'.
                      Very primitive.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I went 'all the way out there' a few weeks ago.
                      Can't listen to me…no, no, no.

                      Have Einstien..(repost)


                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      PS. It's the only way (for some of us) to 'move' cognitively.
                      With out the duality of science and religion.
                      This cognition/consciousness.. is more appropriate if Humans are ever gong to accept the consequences of their actions and understand their minuet place in the Universe.
                      This is required for there to be any sort of 'consciousness' to develop.

                      The 'babe has to come out of the woods'.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I am thinking Bill was praying on that plane the other day after today's announcement. Everything is a scam..all of it.

                      The Clintons should be in jail and they are not.

                      They are Christians..

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Bill's a witch and Illuminati. He prays to Satan. To call him a Christian is blasphemy.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I think he is a scared old man..do to complicity and being married to Hillary.
                      And like a lot of guys ..paying later on for his infidelities.

                      (He calls himself a Christian.
                      So does Hillary..so does Trump.)

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Slick ..those Clinton's.
                      The Feds would be in litigation until the end of time anyway.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Who can prosecute anyway when the Attorney Generals position is politicized?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      From the FBI:
                      “…However, Aldrich unwittingly gave us information, based upon his personal observances of behavior by Bill and Hillary Clinton that absolutely identifies them as the powerful, practicing Illuminist witches we have always said they were….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      FBI Expected to Issue Report on Hillary Investigation Before Dem Convention

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Ya..they are stretching for it.
                      Rolling everything that they perceive as evil ..even if some of it ..most of it ..are early primitive concepts …of life, good, evil, etc.
                      Myth saturates high and low.
                      All this worship on their part does is cover for the corruption in their own minds and the actions that they performed thereby.
                      Now, if the presentation ..was not also perceived by the faithful as evil butseen and the symbols of past concepts.
                      Superstitious concepts ..the 'powerful' would negate.
                      As they too ..maybe more than the rest…would are seen a superstitious fools.

                      Ya, they have the upper hand in the temporal.
                      But this Universe is not temporal.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Bill prays to Satan?

                      Then Satan has a great number, no thousands upon thousands of houses of worship all over the place.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Oh,, no.
                      A person can get on down with 'manifest destiny', straight from the house of the Lord.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Once again..

                      " IQ is only good if it can be applied..logically. 🙂 "

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      Personally, I'm voting for Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party.

                      I just got back from a food bank, and I have another to go which was closed yesterday. I don't take much from each one, but have to go often to different food banks to eat vegan and raw.

                      I think I'm going to quote from my dissertation a few times, since no one is going to read it.

                      It really doesn't matter to me how many times I'm devalued for being a Christian.

                      Politicians claim to be Christians to get elected. Any Christian knows to accept such claims as so much lying. When has Trump or Clintons ever told the truth about anything. Why say they are
                      completely corrupt and lying about everything and then say that they aren't lying when they claim to be Christians?

                      Anyway, I'm off to another food bank with my walker. It is .75 miles each way.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      You guys make fun of me because you don't know what I'm talking about. There is a prayer chain at my church and they pray for whatever you ask for, and those prayers are answered. The last time I asked for anything was almost 6 years ago with respect to my daughter who was diagnosed with cancer.

                      And they have prayed for me for 40 years. One time I asked someone to pray for me and I felt her prayer (to my utter amazement). There is an art to prayer. If a person asks for healing, the person prays envisioning the person as already healed. It isn't just that the person praying changes something in her/his own mind, but that a person's prayer connects to another person.

                      You call it, flipantly, organized religion. But Christianity is a loving, compassionate fellowship of people and scripture says that such fellowship will be rewarded with divine presence. This has nothing to do with the government (a really crass way to look at Christianity). But rather it is a caring group of people. I don't go to church for the last few years, but I have an unspoken fellowship with a church and listen to a sermon every week over the internet.

                      If I had a special prayer request I could ask my church in Boulder for a prayer from the prayer chain (a number of individual praying for that request) anytime I want, without even saying who I am.

                      All the studies show that people live longer who have that social connection. I still have that connection. I'm just not physically…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      there right now. But I am still part of that community (since 1969) and could return anytime I want to.

                      I asked them to pray for my daughter that she not have the terrible surgery that accompanies anal cancer because that is what she wanted. That prayer was answered and she is still alive without cancer almost 6 years later. Yes, she is disabled and she is in constant pain, but she has her own car and she babysits with her grandchildren and she is happy and her husband is a good Christian and he supported her and bought her all kinds of alternative medicine including Resveratrol and Avemar and they are still extremely happy together.

                      You can't really substitute that kind of community anywhere because the Holy Spirit is really there sustaining and inspiring the community.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      These are the words of Jesus:

                      19-20 “And I tell you once more that if two of you on earth agree in asking for anything it will be granted to you by my Heavenly Father. For wherever two or three people come together in my name, I am there, right among you!” Matthew 18:19-20

                      My daughter's co-worker had the same kind of cancer, had the terrible surgery and died years ago. They were measuring environmental toxins with dangerous laser instruments. And Boulder they had to be measuring terrible elements.

                    • Angela_R

                      "For wherever two or three people come together in my name, I am there, right among you! Matthew 18:19-20"

                      Yes, if they are truly gathered in Jesus’s name. Unfortunately there appear to be many charlatans, witness the examples raised time and time again on these threads.

                    • Angela_R

                      In late 1989 we drove through the desert in California with the frequent refrain, carried by the car radio:

                      "You are in the greatest country on earth, you are in God's own country"

                      that message was repeated, time and time again.

                      In the years since, I have watched my country, together with others, pulverize countries in the Middle East.

                      I was in Jordan when Kuwait was invaded. The border was closed, I was unable to return to Tel Aviv for my flight home.

                      Obe refers to our soldiers that pray before battle, then go out believing that 'right' is on our side.

                      I've seen a lot of mind control in my life and yes religion has/is quite often also used. Sometimes it is very subtle, but I recognise that there are wonderful people who have attempted to alter the course in every system from within; be it religious, corporate or of government.

                      However my ears now ring with the cry – 'Get out of Babylon'.

                      Though not so easy to leave her systems…

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Christians and the Jewish have the same God.
                      But they won't be converted until his supposed return?
                      In the meantime ..it's the lighting and chanting to the Sabbath candles?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Ya.. good people led into delusion.
                      Been at it 2000 years to get to this pinnacle in Human spirituality…
                      How's it going?

                    • Angela_R

                      "In the meantime ..it's the lighting and chanting to the Sabbath candles?"

                      Actually heart I don't go to a 'church'.
                      Though think that much has changed.

                      My childhood was encompassed by ritual.

                      However, when I addressed the additional teachings which were very confrontational, I left, but I did not throw the 'baby' out, that seed needed to grow.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      When the person prayed for me, I had already hung up the phone so I have no idea what she prayed or when she was going to do it. I just felt a huge peace and relaxation come over me. She was just a lay person in the church who was teaching a Bible study group I was attending. I didn't ask for many prayers over the years, but they were all answered.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

                      obe, when you say that no one needs a religion, this is in direct contradiction from the religious mythology you talk about all the time. The Force and the Matrix are powerful, religious mythologies that Hollywood and the freemasons have created to substitute for the truth.

                  • fukushima is revelation fukushima is revelation

                    An image of a bea$t is already¥ worshiped throughout the Earth.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    God sees the goods deeds of Humans as garbage says someone named Paul?
                    Evidently he doesn't work on my ranch.

                    (WITH THESE TWO HANDS!)

                    Be back in a bit.
                    Life is choices,, folks.
                    Life is more than mumbling scriptures.
                    Anyone's scriptures…

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Choose a country..pick one! 🙂 Printing presses are on fire!

            They must all be barbecuing something very tasty!

      • DUDe DUDe

        "..My gut says that if there is a total financial collapse..gold and silver will be worthless..however.. guns, bazookas, knives and barbwire will be our new gold and silver.."

        And maybe contracepta..for the period that everybody is a close to a starving nomad..not a good time to get pregnant..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    P.S. If the financial collapse is near..my advice…is to lose body weight.. as quickly as possible. 🙂

    Has something to with what went on in the Donner Party..just saying.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Tritium. How much is too much?

    Entergy explores option of discharging radioactive water into Connecticut River

    At Thursday night's Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel meeting, it was announced that Entergy has asked the state to explore the possibility of releasing thousands of gallons of tritium tainted water into the river. The problem of groundwater seeping into the lower level of the plant's turbine building has been ongoing since Vermont Yankee's closure in 2014, but now the current flow is up to 900 gallons of intrusion water per day, according to Vermont Yankee Government Affairs Manager Joe Lynch. In February, the groundwater intrusion water was stored in swimming pools and was then moved to bladders until shipped off to facilities in South Carolina, Tennessee and Idaho. The question now is whether or not some of this could be released into the Connecticut River.


    They intellectually analyze each little sample down to the atom while verbally minimizing the danger their thumb covers at that moment in time, and in the end they never ever add up all the results with the other 9,999+ releases up to that point in time.

    The corporate solution is profiting from pollution…

  • Jebus Jebus


    Tritium is an uncommon product of the nuclear fission of uranium-235, plutonium-239, and uranium-233, with a production of about one atom per each 10,000 fissions.[7][8] The release or recovery of tritium needs to be considered in the operation of nuclear reactors, especially in the reprocessing of nuclear fuels and in the storage of spent nuclear fuel. The production of tritium is not a goal, but rather a side-effect.

    In January 2014 it was made public that a total of 875 TBq (2.45 g) of tritium are on the site of Fukushima Daiichi,[9] and the amount of tritium contained in the contaminated water is increasing by approximately 230 TBq (0.64 g) per year.[10] According to a report by Tepco "Tritium could be separated theoretically, but there is no practical separation technology on an industrial scale."[11]

    Tritium has leaked from 48 of 65 nuclear sites in the US. In one case, leaking water contained 7.5 microcuries (0.28 MBq) of tritium per litre, which is 375 times the EPA limit for drinking water.[28]

    The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission states that in normal operation in 2003, 56 pressurized water reactors released 40,600 curies (1.50 PBq) of tritium (maximum: 2,080; minimum: 0.1; average: 725) and 24 boiling water reactors released 665 curies (24.6 TBq) (maximum: 174; minimum: 0; average: 27.7), in liquid effluents.[29]


    How much?

  • Jebus Jebus

    They say you'll never get enough Tritium.

    Because they tested.



  • Jebus Jebus

    Prolly move on to Xenon or Iodine now.

    Yes, start with the Element…

  • Jebus Jebus

    One thing I always remember as I peruse the increasingly myriad number of periodic elements, fractured atoms or not, is that they all float on a water table…

  • Pacific Ocean radiation back near normal after Fukushima: study

    It's magic.

    All of the Fukushima radiation is gone in the ocean

    And all of the comments applaud this 'fact'.

    • The picture shows a guy holding up a radiation detector on shore, out of sight of the ocean.. Maybe that is how they tested the ocean water?

      Hey, hold up that cheap dosimeter and aim it at the ocean 1/3 mile away..

      No radiation beyond background?

      Good, that means the ocean is back to normal.


      • DUDe DUDe

        "..In the days following the quake and explosions at Fukushima, seawater meant to cool the nuclear reactors instead carried radioactive elements back into the Pacific, with currents dispersing it widely.."

        And no mention of the underground river washing At Least 300 tons highly radioactif water in the ocean Dayly for 5+ years..At Least..because thats the official number they admit aka the absolute minimum they dare not hide..in reality and knowing the honorless japanese government..probably 10 times more..
        Where are the coriums ? Where are the whales ?

        A culling story..and another insult of intelligence to those culled..us..nothing more..

        • DUDe DUDe

          "..“As an example, in 2011 about half of fish samples in coastal waters off Fukushima contained unsafe levels of radioactive material,” said Pere Masque, who co-authored the review published by the Annual Review of Marine Science.

          “However, by 2015 that number had dropped to less than one percent above the limit.”.."

          Btw , i could be mistaken but wassent there another "ferm raise" in determing "officially safe " levels of nuclear allaround contaminations not so long ago..now backwards compatibel with 2015 maybe..to "explain" things..the new way.

          • DUDe DUDe

            I'm not sure where it was..but anyway..i wonder from the 50% of all species that went extinct globally the last 40 years..off all the reasons and causes we created..how many of them is thanks to manmade nuclear..and rising offcourse..just as with humans i guess..since the first bombtest..
            The whales..dramatically faster..fuku and poef, individual sightings rare as a human conscience from certain levels up..regardless of what "safe limit bubbles" governments dare blow ..its a contest..a bigger bubble blowing contest..a race between reality and controlled perception..

  • Rumor has it that the next story will be about how the Pacific is full of life, more and better than before 2011. All of the animals are so happy and abundant that their bellies are bulging out from the abundance of food in the ocean.


  • Jebus Jebus

    Ya but, where's that leave Wally?

    Wally the whale is towed out to sea a day after washing ashore

    Biologists with the National Marine Fisheries Service visited the carcass before noon Friday and identified the creature as a humpback that was tagged in August. The whale’s name, they said, was Wally.


    Dwell on that for a moment…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The following sums up this thread nicely:

    "This could create much higher exposures in the population than have been assumed. The longer biological half life is additionally concerning as their insolubility could make it much harder for the body to expel them."


    Nice thread, everybody.
    And reasonably on subject, too.
    Time to move on now.
    Wonder what Admin. will come up with now?

    Where are the missing 261 tonnes of nuclear fuel right now? 😉

  • Sol Man

    Consider: glass particles, relatively inert, seems that they would auger in. Likely hazardous in the extreme. Please say no more.



    You believe in religion? All religion is mythology. It’s just stuff humans made up and told their descendants not to question. Believing something that isn’t true and refusing to consider the evidence is the definition of a blind follower. Don’t get mad at me for calling people who worship mythology sheeple, get mad at Jesus for comparing himself to a shepherd. I’m also not saying that being an atheist makes you smart and independent. There are plenty of pop atheists who have rejected religion just because it’s trendy, and that makes them sheeple as well.

    Every one of us is a product of the environment we were raised in. Our most basic assumptions about life, existence and our own identity are interwoven with the fabric of society so tightly it’s usually impossible to tell where society’s ideas end and ours begin. The world simply can’t be divided into sheeple and nonconformists. We’re all sheeple.

    Once you admit you’ve been guilty of following the herd your entire life then you’ll be motivated to tear yourself apart looking for the disgusting stains of society within yourself. And when you do that you’ll also find the good parts of your personality that society helped build within you.


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

      The funny thing about people who don't believe in God or a creator is that they are nothing but descendants of apes. They believe in the myth of the big bang, and the myth of evolution.

      I went once with someone to a church that didn't believe in God and these professors were saying that they went to church on Sunday because everyone else did. And then they started describing their superstitions. And these people think they are smart and not sheeple?

      When God touches your heart it is a miracle that transforms you. And there is no one in the world that can take that experience away from you.

      Christians are freed from superstitions and other voodoo.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Flock mentality seldom works on an introverted personality…lol.
    I'd like to think that whatever goodness I have it is self generated.

    PS. This guy is writing from an atheist point of view.
    Not believing in Christianity does not make one an atheist. (Except to the Christians.)

    Be back in a bit..holiday over…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Have I ever failed to define the Mystery?
    See Einstein quote above.
    It's a very delicate conceptual cognizance.

    (Almost home…..lolol.)

  • jackassrig

    Well Adam had a perfect environment and still blew it. Environment is not an issue. Evolution violates the 2nd Law of Thermo.

    All religions are no more or less than self improvement programs. Take a good-for-nothing and after he jumps through enough wickets, hoops and hurdles he will become a prize steer. Christianity is not a religion. Sure there're religious people that are Christians but Christianity is not a religion. God nether sees nor foresees any good from man. "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags" Is 64:6.
    Religion is what man does for God. Christianity is what God does for man. God rejects any work from man. Paul said the more works you produce the deeper the hole gets. Stop digging.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Those involved in the FBI investigation still want to get paid and then collect on their huge/massive retirement packages that are all being financed by the trapped by law taxed to death human livestock.

      In fact all of them are sucking off the human livestock 24/7..better not rock the boat that might have new skipper soon.

      Simply a survival pass the buck decision.

      The money made is so good..so.. they will obey.

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