International Experts: Gas and/or ‘fluid’ moving below giant Louisiana sinkhole suspected of causing new tremors

Published: November 24th, 2012 at 11:57 am ET


Title: 1:50 p.m. Recent Seismic Monitoring
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: Nov 23, 2012
h/t Anonymous tip

Analysis from Itasca Group on recent seismic monitoring that can be posted to Assumption blog to give information to public on latest evaluation –

Dr. Will Pettitt, Principal Geophysicist at Itasca Consulting Group, has reviewed the seismic data recorded overnight on November 20/21. Long-period seismic tremors and micro-earthquakes have been observed, similar to those defined previously by Dr. Steve Horton of CERI/USGS, and recorded mainly on station LA08 closest to the sinkhole. The long-period seismic tremors are postulated to be caused by gas and/or fluid movements through the rock collapse zone below the sinkhole on the edge of the salt dome. Micro-earthquakes of this nature are typically associated with small-scale rock movements, and again are believed to be occurring in the collapse zone. The source of both of these event types continues to be investigated by experts.

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Published: November 24th, 2012 at 11:57 am ET


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24 comments to International Experts: Gas and/or ‘fluid’ moving below giant Louisiana sinkhole suspected of causing new tremors

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Seems like a diversion tactic. Sure they may be being honest about the most recent tremors but it seems like they are trying to gloss this over again. Why do I say this you may ask? Look here:

    "The tremor was large enough that the body wave phases could easily be identified. The preliminary location was just SE of Oxy #3 cavern at a depth of 500m." The quote is from:

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the only thing SE from the Oxy #3 cavern the main body of the salt dome?

    Time may prove me wrong but I don't think I read this incorrectly. It seems like they accidentally let us know there were problems further into the salt dome than just the #3 cavern and now they want to bury it with piles of conflicting reports. In the quoted report they were fairly certain of the location.

    Well there's my 2 cents, guess I'm off to change my handle to 14Penny.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Hard to say with all the fracking sludge they dumped into the cavern. It could have expanded cavern #3 well beyond that point. The depth is right for that.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Hey Dosdos,
      I think that the interior wall and or ceiling may be chunking off into the cavern but the depths just don't match up. Using this graphic (is it accurate? anybody's guess)

      Quake at depth of 500m (1640ft)
      Top of cavern at 1036m (3400ft)
      Depth of trial cavern above previous cavern 700m (2300ft)

      one feature that comes close is the bottom of the cement plug put in after the trial mining test above the existing cavern failed pressure test which appears to be approximately 550m (1800ft) on their diagram. Again I am not trusting the accuracy of their diagram, especially features not given an illustrated depth.

      jec, I did see on another article about a Japanese scientist saying to prepare for M10 quakes in Japan, a poster referred to the New Madrid quakes. It is becoming more accepted that the mess in the gulf has started to destabilize frozen methane compounds, sublimating the methane. This would increase pressures in geological formations until it found a passage to vent. Until it does it is most likely forcing any crude deposits trough faults and permeable layers of soil (this term includes rocks for laymen).

      If you don't understand the geology here is a great article (repost):
      Not only is the area swiss-cheesed with salt domes, it has damage to the edge of the continental plate from the prehistoric meteor impact. Oil…

  • jec jec

    Since the largest quake in LA was in the Napoleonville area in 1930–its interesting no one mentions the history or seismic activity. Oh..Wait..if a history then no salt dome caverns could be safely built. So revisionist permits..all sesimic issues. Wonder when someone will point to the 1930 quake as the reason or cause for all the current trouble..(sarcasm)

  • jec jec

    Oh..and "whisper whisper"..they are also drilling for oil in the might be that..GEE why would anyone worry about drilling down to over 12, 000 feet in a collapsing salt dome? Any takers to answer THAT question? See the LA sinkhole site for details:

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      I can just picture the guys from Armageddon:
      You hit gas back it up!… Back out!

      I'm punchin' through!

      Then, in a big looney toons graphic "Klaplooie!"

      When the smoke clears Wile – e – coyote holding 2 broken and burnt flags, one USA, the other BP logo.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    On Nov. 20 and 21, earthquakes and “long tremors” were recorded in the sinkhole area at Seismic Monitor 8, as reported by Deborah Dupré and then, by the seismologist heading the Itasca Consulting Group as the Principal Geophysicist, Dr. Will Pettit.

    On November 22, Golden Gate Petroleum Ltd (ASX: GGP) stated in its press release, that the company “is pleased to announce that the Hensarling #1 well is drilling ahead at 12,340 feet.”

    "The second primary objective, the Cris R III sand was intersected overnight and the mud logs indicate oil shows of approximately 40-50 feet of gross interval,” the company also states in its Nov. 22 press release, Napoleonville Project Update – Hensarling #1 Well Oil Show #2 14-52 ('Desiree') Prospect, Hensarling #1 well, Assumption Parish, Louisiana, Non-Operator, 3.99% WI.

    Sinkhole area quaked, dome collapsed more as oil drilling reached 12,349 feet

  • irhologram

    Wow, heart. That is some revaluation. The owners of rights to the Napoleanville dome got the permit for this well, linked directly with tremors TWO WEEKS after the sinkhole had formed, a month and more after the thousands of earthquake clusters in that area and THEY ALREADY HAD a producing well in that area. It was just slow and yielded 100 barrels a day. They want 400-800 barrels a day, which will cause further collapse along the eggshell of mishmash of overlapping fault fractures along five state's coastal areas. Many of you call this greed in the jaws of destruction. But they CAN'T GET crew to work around the sinkhole…these folks KNOW the risks here, with methane now admitted to be in city water and H2S known to be in the Napoleanville site having to be capped from the sinkhole well vent. You can bet this drill crew is WELL PAID. And NO WONDER they're ahead of schedule. They are hell bent on getting out of there before this blows. After they helped it collapse and fracture further and blow. Well? That's the logic of it.

  • midwestern midwestern

    "The source of both of these event types continues to be investigated by experts."

    Golden Gate stated Thursday about its Napoleonville Project, that. "Electric logs will now be run to determine the commerciality of the shows in the Cris R II and III. If the electric logs indicate 'pay', casing will be set over the Cris R II and III prior to drilling ahead to the secondary objectives, the Cris R IV and V." from examiner article posted by Heart.

    If the electric logs indicate 'PAY' and the 'experts' are investigating the source of these events, run for your lives folks.

  • irhologram

    Please explain in detail, Midwestern…? What are electric logs? Can they cause sparking? Does PAY indicate they've reached their oil target? Isn't that what they hoped for?

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I saw just a tiny note on the news about some explosion in Louisiana … and wondered right away if it has anything at all to do with the sinkhole or with any forces that might be moving underground there. Does anyone know? Did anyone else see the tiny news bit?

  • markww markww

    Texas Brine Coverup Sinkhole Louisiana