International Media Covers Giant Sinkhole: Never has one unleashed so much oil and gas into environment — Resident reports heavy stench inside home (AUDIO)

Published: January 9th, 2013 at 2:13 pm ET


Full broadcast here

Title: No Fix in Sight for Louisiana Sinkhole
Source: Voice of Russia American Edition
Date: Jan. 9, 2013

A massive sinkhole developed in a small community south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana five months ago, leaving 300 residents with nowhere to go. Host Ric Young talks with reporter Mike Ludwig on the disaster:

At 3:45 in

Mike Ludwig, Reporter: […] a particular problem for geologist because they’ve dealt with sinkholes before, but they’ve never had to deal with one that’s unleashed so much oil and gas into rock formations and into the environment. […]

I talked to someone and he lives in the neighborhood, his name is Nick Romero. He told me that sometimes in the morning he can smell this heavy stench creeping into his home.

Full broadcast here

Published: January 9th, 2013 at 2:13 pm ET


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74 comments to International Media Covers Giant Sinkhole: Never has one unleashed so much oil and gas into environment — Resident reports heavy stench inside home (AUDIO)

  • jec jec

    Those poor people. Texas Brine, the company who managed to damage the saltdome, is protesting every step of the way on how to fix, and on payments. Don't think the company has re-paid any costs they have been billed by the LA government. They are currently paying 875.00 per evacuated home owner to cover their expenses weekly. Week by week. They need to buy out the area homes! Its not safe..

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      "…Don't think the company has re-paid any costs they have been billed by the LA government…"

      Do you mean the LA taxpayers are getting screwed again? That's not even news anymore.

      The real corporate owners of Texas Brine – Bayer – will never lose a single rappen (1/100th of Swiss Franc) to Louisiana.

      And it shouldn't be a surprise that Texas Brine hasn't paid the state. It will take ten years of gaming the courts before they finally settle out-of-court for a fraction of that. The LA DNR has always known that. The fine is a joke. It's a hollow, toothless, face-saving PR to make the State of Louisiana look tough on big oil/chemical business.

      "…They are currently paying 875.00 per evacuated home owner to cover their expenses weekly…"

      I wonder if this is 'per home', 'per homeowner' or 'per resident'? I can't imagine a couple with a few kids or elderly parent would be too excited at a single $875 weekly payment if they're still stuck paying a mortgage, taxes, utilities and basic upkeep on a worthless house they can't live in.

      Between the DNR and Texas Brine, someone drew an eligibility line based on some artificial measure – zip code or town. There are homes 50' further than that line that don't qualify but are basically exposed to the same explosion, asphyxiation, toxicity or carcinogen risk. I never saw that 'line' on a DNR or DHS map. Does anyone know if they published what they used as a boundary?


    I whole heartedly agree jec. The latest Flyover on the 27th speaks volumes.

    Wish there was just National News Coverage, and Fed intervention that would force Oxy and TB to buy out the residents homes, just as Gulf South bought out the people of Grand Bayou in 2003.


      If anyone wants to see just how many times the caprock has been drilled into, (yes for oil and gas exploration too), and the surrounding areas around the 'Stinkhole', as well as the orphaned oil well just west and south of the 'Stinkhole', then please visit;

      Truly a wealth of information and quite alarming as well.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      SONRIS is evil – it was designed to smooth out the creases in your brain. That's the effect it had on me, anyways…

      What's with the OxyChem reference, FR? They were about three owners ago. They buy the brine from Texas Brine as a pipeline client, but they don't seem to have any relationship other than the historic one. Oxy might have been or may currently be somewhere in the mineral lease chain, but SONRIS will only reveal this secret to a 32nd-degree Mason. That's nearly Shriner level!


        Umm, Paveway…I have a lot of respect for you and your contributions. That being stated, at least this clearly shows all the holes, and thier very close relationship to the 'Stinkhole', as well as at least one 'orphaned well' just west and south of aforementioned hole. I found it informational in the inquiry I am conducting.

        Occidental Chemical Corporation through PEnergy and is the actual Lease Holder of the OXY 3 cavern, and Texas Brine is just the operator, making both liable. Period. This is available to anyone through the permits at LDNR and from their own admission.

        I do not understand the hostility. Maybe take a look at the site map first, and then jump me, but not before, sir.

        Also take a gander here, and maybe calm down a little. I don't lie to you or anyone else. I am not a Mason either, but just clicked the link. Please do so as well, sir.

        "PB Energy is the onsite Manager of the Occidental Chemical Corp Brine wells at the Napoleonville salt Dome."

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          Sorry FR, I worded that poorly. There was no hostility directed at you. I was poking fun at the UN-usability of SONRIS for people unfamiliar with LA regulatory nonsense – like me – trying to find something like a lease owner.

          The GIS Interactive Oil/Gas Maps do not show the area around Oxy#3 as leased. OXY USA INC only has a few active leases – none cover the area of Oxy#3 well, as far as I can tell from the Data Access page queries.

          The interactive map shows Texas Brine listed as the producer/operator of only the top (NORTH) three wells: OXY GEISMER 001,002 and 003.

          The Southernmost two wells – OCCIDENTAL BRINE 009 and 010 – show the organization and producer/operator as Occidental Chemical Corp. It also lists Buckeye Gulf Coast Pipelines as an 'other operator' organization. The mailing address is Oxy's offices in Hahnville, LA. and the 'compliance address' is for PB ESS in Houston. I think your updates link relates to OB 9
          and 10.

          Texas Brine's new relief/inspection well, Oxy#3-A, was drilled from the same pad as Oxy#9 but has nothing to do with the Oxy#9 bore or cavern directly underneath that pad. You have to zoom way in on the Injection Well map to see both.

          That's why I'm asking about your source for the lease information. I can't find anything useful under leases on SONRIS except reference to individual well leases on the inspection reports.

          • FREEDOMROX

            It's all good Paveway, as I hoped that was the case. If you will go back to the first updates at Assumptionla blog updates, the whole string of ownership of the wells is laid out there, and Occidental lease all of the ones associated with Texas Brine. If you have any problem finding that information then I will look it up again for you.
            The reason that I wanted everyone to see just how many times the caprock has been bored into, is frankly because I was called a liar, and again wanted to show my sincerety, but more importantly, because a full reading of this document gave me great insight into the actual mechanics and inner workings of the NPVL Salt Dome.
            If you wish to give it a read yourself, then I believe you will find an epiphany within it's pages.


            Again, I do respect you and your opinion, so I hope that you join me in this endeavor, even if only for a moment.

            Again thanks to Catacysmic for providing this very illuminating works.

            Cheers, my friend

        • Anthony Anthony

          I think stinkhole is a name that fits our sinkhole.

          • FREEDOMROX

            That particular naming came straight from the residents of Bayou Corne. Since every agency claims that the air quality is just wonderful in that area; I adopted it to illustrate their hypocrisy, since they know that anyone not living there can smell the toxic chemicals like the residents can.

            General Rule: If you smell it, then you are inhaling it.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          "PB Energy is the onsite Manager of the Occidental Chemical Corp Brine wells at the Napoleonville salt Dome."

          I'm not questioning *this* statement – I agree. I just didn't think Occidental Cemical Corp had anything to do (currently) with OXY GEISMER 001/002/003. The naming may just be a historical leftover. The only relation I can see is the Occidental facility in Geismer, LA buys the brine. Anything in SONRIS (that I've seen) about 1-3 shows Texas Brine as the only organization or mailing address associated to those wells.

          PB may hold the lease or have some other legal responsibility for the wells. I don't know – I'm only judging by what SONRIS has revealed to me so far.

          Either I'm missing something obvious in SONRIS or I'm not a Shriner. I'm still going with #2 for now.

          • FREEDOMROX

            SONRIS is not all that's needed to confirm, Paveway. Just as in a courtroom, simple admissions will do.


            Also for circumstantial evidence,(and a very chilling usage of Census data), please visit here and scroll about three quarters down the page, and look for the heading of:

            Major facilities with environmental interests located in this zip code:

            Read more:

            • PavewayIII PavewayIII

              The FAQ you linked describes Occidental Chemical as "operating a salt mining cavern". Which is accurate (through PB ESS): Occidental Brine #9 and #10.

              Texas Brine originally permitted and completed Occidental Brine #9 in 1997 #10 in 1988 and WAS the operator of those two until 2002. Those wells were then transferred to Occidental Brine. PB ESS began servicing the wells on that date. The transfer can be found here:


              in the UIC Well File Historic pdf for #9, pdf page 145.

              and here:

              in the same named pdf for #10 on pdf page 134.

              Those two wells are near OXY #1,2 and 3 so they're part of the response plan.

              Those two wells are physically NOT OXY #1,2 or 3.

              OXY 1,2 and 3 were originally permitted and completed by Texas Brine in 1976 under organization number 5891:


              The operator organization number changed in 2005, but was still Texas Brine at the same address:


              That said, I *suspect* TB and OxyChem are strongly related – there's just nothing official that shows OxyChem has any legal association with Oxy #1,2 or 3. They just own two wells next to them.

              • FREEDOMROX

                Paveway, then I can only state that evidently the State Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell, knows more about the ownership ad culpability than either of us, and I can only draw upon his statements and lawsuits.

                "State Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell issued a demand letter to Texas Brine Co. LLC and Occidental Chemical Corp. seeking payment for $3.47 million in costs run up by state agencies dealing with an Assumption Parish sinkhole emergency involving crude oil and gas releases as well as a related Texas Brine salt cavern failure."

                "While Texas Brine has been the longtime operator of the plugged and abandoned brine well believed to have caused the sinkhole, the company has leased the site where the cavern and sinkhole are located from Occidental."


                Just saying…

                • PavewayIII PavewayIII

                  I see Buddy 'the enforcer' hasn't collected a dime of his bogus PR 'demand' due weeks ago. As a matter of fact, Texas Brine has just sued the DNR challenging the initial Emergency Order and all the demands and fines they've been issuing based on that. Nice corporate smack-down, Buddy. High five for the personal PR value of your demand for the taxpayers $3.5M. As far as your magical powers as Attorney General/Collection Boy for Louisiana = FAIL.

                  Well, that about sums up my confidence in Buddy to assign liability. It's interesting that Occidental owns the land and leased a little chunk to Texas Brine. From what little I understand about mineral leases though, they are not related to the surface property rights. Occidental can lease out a corner of their property, but that corner is NOT in the Occidental mineral lease.

                  The mineral lease for #1,2 and 3 was between Texas Brine and LA. That makes Texas Brine (AFIK) completely responsible for the well's consequences. Occidental on the other hand, could sue their tennant Texas Brine for damaging their property.

                  The only challenge Occidental would have in court is getting clear enough pictures from a sinkhole submarine to show the damaged to their property. I bet one of BP's robotic subs could do the job, especially the one that used the pipe-cutting CRAW on Macondo.

                  • FREEDOMROX

                    Wow! No matter what I say, nor any information I impart, then I am attacked and the information left to rot.

                    Just freaking unreal. Like a 'Twilight Zone' episode.

                    I ask for your help, and this is the response?


                    • Sickputer

                      From the way I read… PWIII is laying the blame on the Attorney General, not attacking you. I didn't see his parody directed at you.

                      Information doesn't "rot"….if it is good enough it stands on its own merits.



                    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

                      Relax, frox. I explain further down why the ownership question interests me at all.

                      I wasn't attacking you the first time when you inferred Oxy was liable. I have seen you post that before and wanted to know what made you think that. I didn't recall seeing any filings to that effect – Oxy=owner – but that's hardly evidence. Maybe I just suck at using SONRIS. I just wanted to know what you found.

                      You graciously offered me a link to the FAQ. I wasn't seeing a solid link there, explained why and asked what else you got. I'm not trying to prove you wrong. I'm trying to make my understanding 'right' regardless of what I think I know now. I posted the links to SONRIS
                      docs to explain why I didn't (maybe mistakenly) think Occidental had any responsibility.

                      You then posted the Attorney General's demand that showed that he thought Occidental was liable. Which is fine and supports your comments. This still leaves me confused and looking for more information because now I'm wondering if my understanding of surface ownership/responsibilities and mineral rights/responsibilities isn't even accurate.

                      That was not an attempt to invalidate the source you offered. I couldn't resist the jab at Buddy's puffery, but it was misplaced in the middle of this thread. Sorry for that.

                    • FREEDOMROX

                      No Paveway. It is my fault. I am over-sensitive right now due to recent attacks, but I honestly did want your help with the documentation that followed. You are every bit as intuitive as I am, and many others, and I respect that. Hey, I even respect the sarcasm..(Lord knows I have been the originator of enough myself).

                      I would be willing to actually delve deeply into this ownership issue if it would satisfy your curiosity, but looking right now to the immediate concerns of maybe saving some lives. I hope you understand.

                      I wish that haizedustrium-1234 would assist, and Sp, and any other can understand the implications this $124.00 document offers.

                      I understand it, and wish others to do the same. It is imperative!

              • FREEDOMROX

                Honestly, I was just hoping you would read this and see if you see what I see, and did not mean to get into the ownership issues. That will be years in court anyways.

                I had asked if you had access to and read this:

                If you don't care to address it, then no worries. As stated before, I do value your insight, and was looking for some.

                Really, it's not a big deal…

                • PavewayIII PavewayIII

                  I'm just pulling a few threads on the whole ownership thing to figure out who else is hiding something.

                  Well documentation seems to show the cavern losing integrity a couple of years before Texas Brine started grinding away at the casing. The well was overdue for an MIT, but the DNR still gave TB a work permit for major modifications to the cavern. That work permit is missing from the well files.

                  I don't expect any for-profit company (including Bayer/Texas Brine, TEPCO, etc.) to admit making a mistake or let anyone know the details.

                  On the other hand, the DNR guy bails out when the sinkhole is discovered. The DNR never bothers explaining the obvious discrepancies in their public files. And the DNR has seemed sort of aloof about their oversight and responsibility.

                  That's where I was going with ownership – how could any company own a cavern and never appear anywhere on the well filings. It would be a good way to weasel out of responsibility. Just like Bayer pocketing Texas Brine profits but saying they're not one of their subsidiaries. End of Rant.

                  Not sure what to say about the book link. Do you see something that explains the increase in cavern pressure after the well was sealed, like osmotic flow through the sheath? The text also suggests formation overpressure near domes because of the salinity gradients and effects of shale/sand intervals, but they already sucked out a lot of oil and gas.

  • Anthony Anthony

    A home with fumes as such would not pass city or county health or home standards and codes. The responsible govt office here has an overdue obligation to follow its own statutes and provisions.

    The govt, through its endorsements and certifications bestowed to the offending utility, assumes responsibilities for both its own endorsements and the outcomes due to the utilities decisions and actions.

    The people have been put into an unhealthy and arguably dangerous situation as result of everything I wrote above this.

    These people need to be made whole so they can relocate and start their lives completely over. It is not the people's fault.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      "…The govt, through its endorsements and certifications bestowed to the offending utility, assumes responsibilities for both its own endorsements and the outcomes due to the utilities decisions and actions…"

      In some fantasy world where 'the government' has a sense of responsibility to the little people – maybe. In Louisiana? Never.

      The LA state government is an elaborately constructed extortion scheme designed to efficiently milk wage-earners and/or the state's natural resources for the benefit of a few big people. It's little more than a parasite. When the oil/gas or chemical industries start pulling out, there won't even be many wage-earners. Maybe a few leftovers that work for the state or feds.

      Want to view the end-state for Louisiana? That would be Haiti.

      • Anthony Anthony

        No argument here. And for the record, Yes I do draw from a *perfect world* whenever I can or need to see something better than what Is.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          That's what fascinates everyone in the universe about observing you human beings on your planet Earth – always so optimistic!

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Heavy spraying of chemtrails here lately. Dash air vents in the car are thoroughly covered with aluminum dust. Hate to see what the filter looks like. What government agency is testing the health of this stuff on a very large population?

    There is no responsibility or acknowledgement if any situation pertains to oil, gas, nuke or 'national security'. Doesn't matter who dies, or how many.

    I must admit, life was better when we didn't know these things. Awareness is a two-edged sword. Something I remember about ignorance . . .

  • markww markww

    BREAKING NEWS They’re back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Perhaps..perhaps…they do not understand the dimensions of the BP oil spill.

    Jan 4, 2013

    20130104 – On Wings Of Care Gulf Flyover of the MC252 area ("Macondo prospect"), site of the April 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. The slick we have documented there over the past few months remains, despite underwater surveys by BP to try to determine the source, without success. The slick is directly above the abandoned wellhead and wreckage.


      Rose, please allow me to point out that the largest amount of oil was observed close to MC 296, as shown on their flyover map, and Domal area they were shooting. W&T Offshore, Inc. is responsible for the Drilling Rig out at Mississippi Canyon 243 field that WOC videod.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Tectonic control of subsidence and southward displacement of
    southeast Louisiana with respect to stable North America

    Salt tectonics

    Active faults in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana


      You are closer than you know, Anne. The fluidic displacements of formation waters in the pores of shale next to the blown cavern are the sources of seismic activity, just north and westward of the fault block as well as on a line due south as observed in regional contemporanious faulting. There is nothing there to support the overburden as it depletes.

      That, I believe, is what VSP is going to show us.

      As it seems I keep stating that so much more is going on here, and needs investigation, but two 6,000 ft. boreholes is the very last thing this very fragile section needs at this point, and even Texas Brine knows it.

      I now understand what the geologist was hinting at. The salt is filling the voids because the sheath is gone and lies in pieces. It will be a major subsidence event and I see no way to halt it, since we have nothing to backfill it with, or a way to inject it. Brine offers only a buffer, but not a solution.

      As more and more of the deep formation waters trends eastward and is drawn off by TB and thus reaches subpressures of the normal hydrostatic pressure in that region. Adversely the surpressures from the overburden, especially with the current flodding makes this even more dangerous a situation. Geologically speaking, and from an amatuer, this is off the hook!

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        OK, I see where the book link fits in. The exposed salt and rising salinity have to be having some serious effect that must extend out a thousand feet or more.

        There's another confounding factor: the mud sucked into the sinkhole isn't very dense and the even lighter fresh water column changed from a few feet to 400' or whatever. The weight of stuff pressing down on the sinkhole throat is much lighter than what was there previously. The inside edges traveling up to the rim are lighter.

        On top of that, the cavern continues to slowly fill with gas which pushes millions of pounds of heavy brine out to somewhere. Until Texas Brine removes the gas by pumping in more brine.

        It's a geological crazy-house down there.

        • FREEDOMROX

          NOW you see what I see!

          • FREEDOMROX

            Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of gallons of overburden in the recent floods, and then a Hewes Thumper truck there to boot…

            It's getting complicated.

          • FREEDOMROX

            Well, actually, a tiny portion, but why quibble? The hydrodynamics prove beyond a doubt the regional instability extending far beyond a thousand yards. That was four months ago.

            The actual subsidence markers as known at this moment are equal to about 18,000 yards. Which objectively means everything up to the canal and bridge at Bayou Corne.

            This has now gotten very serious. If this sounding comes back the way I believe it will, then it is only a matter of time before half of Bayou Corne disappears from our maps.

            I know that seems extreme, but just look at the present data, the geology of the region, compared with the amount of well penetration and the migration of the methane, aquifer, and the formations impacted and violated.

            Lots to see here, and no reason to move along.

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    H2S + 4 NaOCl → H2SO4 + 4 NaCl
    CH3Cl + Cl2 → CH2Cl2 + HCl
    the unexpected branch-offs and reversals at temperature and pressure intervals

    • richard richard

      can you do that in morse code please, it's easier to decode then.

      • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

        Richard, those are very real and balanced, but would be short lived in this sink hole. Ironically you can
        read them backwards as an indication that CH3Cl is only one H away from methane and salt and the rotten eggs smell is at the top, with dry and wet conditions allowing for either acids or gasses to flourish according to buffers and catalysts freely available right there. Any given ten equations are only the rear wheel of the Penny Farthing. A one string guitar, but u can play music with it.

        • FREEDOMROX

          Yes, but I admire the first string. Good work.

        • richard richard

          thanks haize, i probably should've put a 🙂 at the end.

          i really like the idea of creating some music from the notes (those within range) .. might play with that 🙂 i never was good with chemistry. (some on this website might agree 😉 )

  • Sickputer

    What's the matter Richard… You do poorly in high school advanced chemistry like me? 😉

    Actually it's perfectly understandable:

    Note how nitric acid and water is the main ingredient in the transformation and regression of both Calcium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate of which the Calcium-Sodium relation was said to have been roughly 1:20 50 years ago. This cycle was overturned and reports of radi0-activity
    readings of 15 times higher than standards is a new.

    (Because I copied and pasted hd's full comment from the other thread) 😉

    You go hd! Loved that one-liner back in October about corporate profits:

    privatise the STUDY, socialise the SOLUTION..

    • richard richard

      oh, just saw you comment, fellow chemistry flop 😉


        Just to give a heads up, Richard, I expect a Drive By any moment. Just a matter of time, so flog me now, for we both know sooner or later, it will find its way here, and I will just abandon the thread. I won't do this again as I was goaded into on the last thread. I do state this, because it is a pattern….so mark my words my friend from down under. Also Mel is a good friend of mine down there, and has his own site:
        Check it out sometimes. He's a good man as well. Having rough times, but then aren't we all, mate? Hope you are doing well, and hopes it gets better.

        • Thad

          Peace and good will? good manners and respect? or you going for a self fulling prophecy-? Fair question

          Do have a question or two just for clarity- you mention drlg in the caprock for oil and gas– what area do you consider to be caprock? immediately over the salt dome or out past the dome shoulders? Do the wells you count include the observation wells order by DNR into the aqyifier? The bottom of the aquiter is 400' the top of the salt is 700' do you by any chance know the oil and gas bearing formations in that remaining 300'?

          • Sickputer

            Thad and Freedomrox

            I'm proud both you guys are civil today despite FR's misgivings that a driveby shooting (of the literary kind) is possible.

            FR: I understand the stress of a lengthy flame war lasting can make you leery of being cordial later, but it is what it is. You take it one day at a time.

            Don't give up on the value of this forum. And it should be outstanding fun to open it up very day when you share, learn things and show people your insights and get everyone working together. Trust me…you make your own bed by how you approach your fellow posters. I don't always agree with everyone, but I usually refrain from trying to promote my point of view as the best one. There is no best one…

            Thad, I really look forward with your long work in the oil fields hearing your input and insight on those issues you have prior knowledge to share.

            It would be extremely valuable to tell us things you have seen in many years of work. I am not a fan of fracking chemicals, but I sure am a big damn fan of roughnecks and oil people trying to feed their families.

            Instead of asking multiple questions directed at the non-oil folks here I would appreciate your technical assessments as a retired oil man.

            I want to say I never felt you guys were rascal bastards deserving punching out for your literary brawls, but just passionate people who collided and couldn't find common ground.

            I think you both can find it now. If you try.



            • Thad

              When I mention oil field experience the tar and feathers and noose come out. Seems most immediately think that I approve of all that has developed. My experience goes back to the days when we were ignorant of the damages being done.. Truth– damn few realised or they would have be screaming long ago.
              Modern day hydrofracking of horizontal wells needs to be put on hold and and very indepth- no gov BS and no industry BS– studied. It is not all bad and it is not all good. Why are some area having problems and other areas not—? Technique- geology – what are the causes–? But neither side will concede that there is a middle ground to build on—

              • Anthony Anthony

                I think it will get better for you. I too value your input and experience and feel you actually share it with us. I would hope if your colleagues in related fields came here, and could simply just be here as a person, this site would continue to improve. Like most situations, I actually value both posters for their individual and complementary information sharing and thinking. Just like you and FREEDOMROX. Peace.

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              Agreed Anthony and much Thanks to All , also to Thad and Freedom . Very wise words Sickputer and awesome put , i learn every day here myself from all , and i did not always come easy me being me but i got help , i'm reminded and pleasantly humbled of that now again . Thanks Everybody involved in this proces . Its so good to be part of this awesome place, more then i can express . To me growing became sharing and receiving personal and collectif impressions and opinions , experience and knowledge/wisdom streamlined as much as possible towards truth, again, hehe , to be able to be here is already awesome , let alone post .
              I learned that the more amical/respectfull or at least respectfull we hold this proces/beam/group/site/ ENE ( "one" in dutch 😉 ) togheter, motivated and perpetual by intern pleasant compatibility minimum levels garanteed, (aka awareness conscience but also rules ) ,the better our collectif bouket of vibes are to the voting nose/instincts of everything checking us out fb for example as a side effect .
              Creating more resonances from our individual position truout the matrix as a possible return . The matrix being humankinds brain or collectif conscience or internet , and a few more collectives since we are also part of it like planetary/biomass consience.
              Or more like all of them 🙂
              Good luck guy's !
              As humans keep Fixing our part of the Matrix ! Its hurting on more then one level !
              Resonate well all 🙂

          • FREEDOMROX

            Yes, Thad. Click the link and follow the instructions, and you will find the CAPROCK has been drilled numerous times, with the oil and gas permits Well Serial Numbers in SONRIS.

            Yes, Oil and Gas drilling has been done IN the Caprock.

            Not hard to find, sir.


    Thanks, SP. To be entirely honest, I have been super busy today. I will not respond to any that I cannot get along with right now. Just too much to do. That's why I will not rise to any baiting. Too hard.
    That being said, I was wondering if anyone was interested in a botched P&A. The Plugged and Abandoned well I am speaking of, is Oxy Geismar#3. Admittedly I do not understand all of the ramifications, but from what I do understand is that red flags were raised even during the P&A.
    If interested, the link is at:

    • Thad

      OXY-Geismar #3 is the original well into the TxBrn cavern. The DNR report is for P&A of that well after the MIT failed-
      Bridge plug and inflatable packers have the same function. To plug the casing. Bridge plugs have less running clearance and sometime there is a problem getting in place due to wear and tear on the casng. The second option is to run the inflatable packer which has more running clearance–Was able to reach DNR set point.
      The rest of the report is no way remarkable.
      The P&A of the well made it necessary to drill #3A to enter the cavern-

      • Sickputer

        Thanks… Good to know. It has to be about the most famous injection well in Cajunland right now.

        BTW… In the injection article I cited… I used to live very close to Rosharon for about twenty years. Hell of a tragedy for the families and men killed and burned in 2003. My cousin was burned during an inspection of a plugged well years ago when he was heating something on it to check its status. It flashed out, but luckily he was not killed or terribly scarred.

        • FREEDOMROX

          That's horrible Sp. Seems we humans just don't know when to quit fiddling with things we know so little about. Whether Brine, or any other foolish concoction that we are daily lied to about.


        Thank you Thad. Appreciated. Interested yet in the VSP of that well in 2010?

        Also new information has arrived that I am writing a story on now that will definitely not please the resident's of Bayou Corne.

        Several in the area have sent me emails and asked if I was making this up, but alas I am not, so will document it with an article I am busy writing now.

  • Sickputer

    Injection wells are just one of the dirty secrets of the oil industry. For a good overview of what has happened in America concerning injection wells take a look at this article:

    Enforcement efforts have fallen across America:

    "Much of the problem with oversight comes down to money, critics say. In some states, budgets and staff for oil and gas agencies have dropped relative to the number of new wells being drilled over the last nine years.

    Kansas employs about the same number of inspectors as it did in 2003, even though it drills four times as many new wells. New drilling has nearly doubled in Louisiana over the same period, but the state’s enforcement staff has remained static and its oil and gas budget has increased modestly. In Illinois, drilling has nearly doubled, while the number of enforcement staff has been reduced."

    "Usually, violations result in citations or informal warnings. If operators do not address violations, then modest fines may be levied; in some cases, wells are temporarily shut down. There is no central source of information on the size of fines, but an audit of Louisiana’s injection program provides a glimpse: In 2011, the state collected an average of $158 for each violation."


    Oh SP, check with DEQ in La. and other states, and you will find a blevy of violators. Usually only resulting in fines, and only the driver arrested and bailed out by the offending company. EPA and most state DNR's should be shut down and abolished, as Big Oil and Gas, as well as others funnel bribes, gifts, vacations and cash to many of these corrupted officials.

    What makes me even iscker is to look to every politician, large or small, and you will find campaign backing from any and all these industries every time.

  • Sickputer

    Yes, the politicos are pretty rotten to the core. I guess they think their under the table millions will buy them a retirement place in the country free from pollution. But those pristine places are fading fast…and they still have to drink the polluted water at their fancy restaurants. Because they are stupid…I carry my own bottled water into restaurants. Always. At least I have fighting chance internally. Externally I am looking at ways to afford a water purification system for the bathroom. Skin exposure can be toxic.

    • Mack Mack

      Many people don't realize that the skin is the largest organ in the body. And that:

      –> whatever is put on the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream
      –> the skin manufactures Vitamin D

      I heard a story of a guy who was diagnosed with a type of alcohol-related liver disease, but he didn't drink alcohol. Turns out he used a lot of cologne. Cologne is alcohol-based (a different alcohol, albeit).

      This made me wonder if the alcohol-based hand disinfectants could end up causing liver problems? No research is underway on that, however.

      Anyway, be mindful of what your skin is exposed to.

  • Sickputer

    News about the 8.5 acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish:

    "Interim Department of Natural Resources Secretary Stephen Chustz said in a telephone interview Sunday that Texas Brine continues to fail to meet safety deadlines set by the state.

    “If they can’t meet those deadlines, they need to seriously consider buying out those folks in Bayou Corne who feel that their safety is threatened and want to leave,” Chustz said."

    SP: Texas Brine had gross income just over 30 million in 2011. Paying off 150 households could easily approach half a years income. Their corporate survival is looking shaky without deflecting the responsibility to the state.

    • Thad

      So of the residents have postedpics on FBV of slabs and walls cracked–either subsidence or bulging — and not a word from the fearless leaders-


      I'm just glad someone finally said it at the State level, which of course, is only the State doing a CYOA! They are just as responsible as Texas Brine!

      Check Facebook, Thad. The evidence is there in messages.

  • Sickputer

    If we had a Fracking Forum this post would be apropos:

    Foxnews contributor Deroy Murdoch write a glowing recommendation for the fracking industry.

    Certainly this black gay rightwinger wouldn't be influenced because Arco funds his primary employer The Hoover Institution?


    "A study that examined the water quality of 127 shallow domestic wells in the Fayetteville Shale natural gas production area of Arkansas found no groundwater contamination associated with gas production," the U.S. Geological Survey announced Wednesday"

    "While California last month unveiled new disclosure and monitoring rules for fracking, State Oil & Gas Supervisor Tim Kustic told the San Jose Mercury News: "There is no evidence of harm from fracking in groundwater in California at this point in time. And it has been going on for many years."

    "In the 41 years that I have supervised oil and gas exploration, production and development in South Dakota, no documented case of water-well or aquifer damage by the fracking of oil or gas wells has been brought to my attention," said the Department of Environment's Fred Steece. "

    SP: These slanted arguments refer ONLY to the drilling process itself and NOT the collateral damage by waste disposal. Yes even nuclear plants are safe until the waste leaves the containment.

    Fracking's disposal of wastes is the main threat to mankind.

    • Sickputer

      The fracking drilling process also cause earthquakes which the industry and their little paid slaves in mass media and government continue to deny.

      The dumping of toxic fracking waste by paid criminals is widely documented:

      State prosecutors charged a Greene County man Thursday with illegally dumping millions of gallons of Marcellus Shale wastewater, sewer sludge and greasy restaurant slop in holes, mine shafts and waterways in a six-county region from 2003 to 2009.

      Read more:

      Another dumping article in New York:

      Another one:

      "The airborne contaminants from gas drilling such as in the Haynesville Shale, in Louisiana and Texas, can travel up to 200 miles from wellheads, according to a 2010 study…"

    • NoNukes NoNukes


      Isn't this the fracking forum? I thought that Admin gave you your wish for a fracking forum, putting this down with the other forum threads. I am jealous, as I have been asking for an art/poetry/music/culture forum for a long time, and haven't been as successful. 😉 Congratulations!

      • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

        NoNukes……..Art/Poetry/Music forum! Yes!!
        The super techy stuff is over my head….doesn't mean I don't know we're basically fucked.
        The bickering, name calling, ego shit doesn't interest me. I can find that anywhere and everywhere.
        Poetry, music, and art reaches another whole niche of humanity that feels the same way.

      • Sickputer

        NN typed these pixels of light: "Isn't this the fracking forum? I thought that Admin gave you your wish for a fracking forum, putting this down with the other forum threads"

        SP: No, there is no Fracking and Sinkhole Forum yet. I think we need it because fracking is becoming as topical as the GOM blowouts and nuclear blowouts. There is certainly by the numbers a huge numerical edge to coverage of fracturing and injection wells versus the other energy issues.

        But on the bright side we have turned the corner on previous flamefests and posters are offering useful exchanges of discussion. I like this website when we get along better even if we don't agree with every post. Enenewsers are carrying the torch for humanity that the New York Times has dropped in the mud. Burn brightly folks… This rolling snowball is growing and won't melt anytime soon. Tell people today to come visit this website. It opens their eyes.

  • Sickputer

    Great letter from a registered nurse living in Bayou Corne:

    "It’s our community, and our community is in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s state. Gov. Jindal has to see that this problem is bigger than Texas Brine. Gov. Jindal and the state of Louisiana need to get involved in the repair, rather than just sit back and direct and levy fines. They need to help Texas Brine resolve this problem!"

    SP: As I wrote yesterday…the waste companies are like Tepco in Japan (a huge company). They CAN'T fix their messes because they create problems for the environment that exceed their financial abilities to correct.

    Texas Brine is paying living expense for evacuees, but there isn't enough company money to buy out the houses in the contaminated zone. So they will lie and say it's not so bad. But we know it is really a terrible ecological tragedy. Freedom Rox compares the Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster to Love Canal and I am inclined to agree. Bayou Corne is the new Love Canal.

    This link to an excellent article has been posted before (by kalidances I believe, maybe by others):

    SP: The $875 per week stipend for evacuees means Texas Brine is burning through 1 millions bucks every two months just for that. Are they really writing those checks?

  • hilarycosper

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