International Scientists: Japan experts must be allowed to report health consequences of Fukushima — “The official data is all denial” — Pressured to downplay true impact of disaster

Published: October 6th, 2013 at 6:51 pm ET


Georgia Straight (Canada), Oct. 2, 2013: “The official data is all denial,” [Eiichiro Ochiai, a retired chemistry professor in Vancouver who taught at University of British Columbia and the University of Tokyo] said. “The nuclear industry tries to suppress the truth.”

Letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon from 17 international scientists and experts urging international action on Fukushima crisis, Sept. 13, 2013: […] it is clear that the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor site is progressively deteriorating, not stabilizing. […] It is clear now that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is far from over, and that there can be no credible estimate of total environmental or human health impacts because the radiological release has not ceased and the outcomes from exposing large populations to low doses over long time frames is unclear. A final estimation of the radiological release from the Fukushima Daiichi site, of necessity lies in the future; perhaps the distant future. […] Japanese physicians and scientists in Japan must be allowed and supported to treat and report Fukushima related health consequences. Nuclear calamities to date result in institutional pressure to under report and even distort patient health data and other evidence […] Such institutional pressure is now contributing to a downplaying of the true impact of the Fukushima accident.

See also: [intlink id=”thousands-in-japan-reported-to-be-suffering-massive-and-recurring-nosebleeds-in-recent-days-gundersen-japan-doctors-tell-me-we-know-our-patients-have-radiation-illness-but-forced-to-keep-it-se” type=”post”]Gundersen: Japan doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Published: October 6th, 2013 at 6:51 pm ET


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17 comments to International Scientists: Japan experts must be allowed to report health consequences of Fukushima — “The official data is all denial” — Pressured to downplay true impact of disaster

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    More international pressure is good. Anything that forces TEPCO and government to yield

  • Elias Aboumrad Elias Aboumrad

    No other way to do it!

    The english version is next.

  • weeman

    If we are baffled about how Fukushima has been handled, from a engineering and a medical point of view, think about how specialists in these areas are thinking, they must be scratching their heads, waiting and waiting for constructive data and engineering.
    They must be getting very nervous about procedures currently employed.

    • MichaelV MichaelV

      That's it exactly. They need an outside alternative engineered solution.

    • MichaelV MichaelV

      That's it exactly. They need an outside alternative engineered solution. The problem is bureaucracy and government, etc.

    • Socrates

      Japan went to war when the US embargoed oil and scrap iron. Nuclear energy had much appeal as a result. Japan capitalized on this source of energy and manufactured some of the finest automobiles and electronics. Now with the tragedy of 311 at Fukushima Dai-ichi, Japan must rethink whether a deal with the devil was worth it. Japan wants to export this technology and countries such as Australia want to sell their uranium ore. This is where market forces are irrational and dysfunctional. Thus, we have a cover-up. The US wanted to nuclearize Japan post WW11 to vegin the shift of manufacturing to Asia. The US provided the technology and designs of the Mark 1 reactors.

      a higher degree of intelligence is needed to solve this problen that the foolishness and dishonesty that caused it. The profit motive is not enough; we need criminal sanctions, tort remedies, and altruism. A higher consciousness must come to inhabit our species or else we are doomed. Sixty years of stinkin' thinkin' got us to this point. The US will only be part of the problem by militarizing Japan with nuclear arsenals to oppose China.

  • Socrates

    Covering up radiation needs to be an international crime against humanity. It is NOT a victimless crime. In fact, it is worse than genocide.

  • rnix rnix

    "Mankind which began in a cave and behind a windbreak will end in the disease-soaked ruins of a slum."

    H.G. Wells The Fate of Man, ch. 26 1939

  • W8R W8R

    When it comes to mankind, Socrates said it all:
    "My greatest wisdom is the knowlege that I am ignorant"
    The world remains ignorant, it is our job to enlighten them.
    Even if they are too stupid to listen, we can only try….

  • ftlt

    Right report it and go to prison or be hunted like Manning, Snowden or Assange…. HAHAHAHAHA

    Moving on…

    Listening to NPR this morning got the "Terror report on the SEAL attack" – These days, I have trouble understanding just exactly who the Terrorists are???…

    And got a blurb on NetanNazi of "Zio-Fascist" Israel (our favored pet psychopath) threatening the world around him with his planes, bombs and triad of nukes… Is he not a Terrorist???

    Is not the new car you MUST own to function in society "Terrorism" or the long lines worldwide for the latest I-Pad you MUST have, Terrorism????

    How can a 10,000 sq ft family house that uses 150 KW a/day; plus, using 100 Acre/Ft/Water/Year with a 12 car garage be GREEN – is that not Terrorism???

    I'm confused… "Health reports" are all not reported… That is Terrorism too, right???

    We are the slaves of the Terrorists…

    Is not FUFU another act of Terrorism???…

    Yes, FUFU is a ultimate product of an evil system of runaway Terrorism..

    That ultimate product is always Terror…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂

  • They probably just 'forgot' to report all of the casualties…

    Oh, yea, they did report them; zero dead, zero got cancer, and no one ever will die or get cancer from Fukushima.

    That is official. Anyone disagreeing will have a sock stuffed in their mouth and be dragged off to disappear, never to be heard from again.


    • artika rama

      Dr goodheart 🙂 isnt that the most idiotic thing you have ever heard ??
      Nobody died so all is fine:) ,, Half of japan is turning into zombies , children with cancers in their thyroids , fish are almost turning into dirty bombs , cows are full of patches , who knows how many miscariages , malformed children are born since fukushima , which ended up in some trash can in a hospital ,, who knows how many people died NOT even knowing there disease was caused by radiation , but all that is OKE ??
      Either people die = thats bad ,, or they dont die = thats good ,, thats the science now ,, we are in 2014 and thats the best science can offer ,, dead or not dead ,, every laboratory method , every measuremnent , every diagniose every test ,,,EVERYTHING we learned in the last 2000 years is thrown out of the window , and we have just 2 rules left,, dead = BAAAADD ,, alive= GOOOOOD,, and one doesnt need to know more .
      I am speechles. Have no words for it .

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Yes Dr. & what is so crazy about is there are FOIA documents showing the radiation casualties in the first day sent in an email to the NRC.

      The nuclear industry cartel never wants to admit someone died from radiation.

  • Child Leukemia, Breast, Thyroid Cancer Rates Increase RADICALLY Near Nuclear Power Plants; via @AGreenRoad

    Assuming these scientific and medical studies are accurate, and increased deaths are being counted due to low, low doses of radiation near normally operating nuke plants, how can it be, that NOT ONE child died or will die due to Fukushima?

    Let's take a trip down the yellow brick road and ask the wizard, or um, er, the man behind the curtain, pretending to be the wizard, while telling everyone what to do, how to think, and what to say.