Interview: Fukushima Reactor No. 4’s problem is not only its nuclear fuel pool! — Pit filled with highly radioactive materials

Published: July 3rd, 2013 at 1:44 pm ET


Title: Stunning Story from a Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Worker: Interview by Comedienne Oshidori Mako
Source: “Datsutte miru?” Magazine 9 (April 15, 2013); No Border Asia
Translation: World Network For Saving Children From Radiation
Date: June 23, 2013

Reactor #4’s problem is not only its nuclear fuel pool!

Worker: […] I think the spent fuel pool is not the only problem reactor #4 faces.

There is a Device Storage Pit (DSP) on the other side of the reactor well opposite to the spent nuclear fuel pool. […] Just before the earthquake, upon removing the shroud from the reactor well, it was cut off under water and put into the DSP. So inside the DSP of reactor #4, there are a lot of fragments of highly radioactive shroud. […] The overall seismic resistance of the DSP was estimated for one year. Now that the nuclear reactor building is weakened by the explosion, I’m worried about what is going to be done with the DSP. When fuel rods from the spent fuel pool were about to be removed, a suggestion was made that materials stored in the DSP be removed as well, but it was rejected because “we don’t have enough budget for that, the issue of concern to the public now is the spent fuel pool”.

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Published: July 3rd, 2013 at 1:44 pm ET


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30 comments to Interview: Fukushima Reactor No. 4’s problem is not only its nuclear fuel pool! — Pit filled with highly radioactive materials

  • combomelt combomelt

    "We don't have enough budget for that." SICK SICK SICK.

  • We Not They Finally

    It is GOOD that ENE News is breaking this interview up into segments for separate article. But people should also link to the entire article, a horrifying condemnation of the nuclear industry in Japan.

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    This comment says it all:

    "Regarding the accident management, TEPCO has the tendency to cover up the issues that are noised about. No long-term plan for the decommissioning of the plant is put into execution. What is being done is rather the execution of a haphazard plan just to hoodwink the public attention. Issues out of the public eye are just left out."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hoodwink..more like blindside.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Fools reign supreme over the land. Anarchy throughout society. The fall of great nations. Take a pill for that stress sheeple. Famous last words, "Look Mom, no hands". Serves ya right playing with those fireworks son. Go talk to Dad. Wait, Dad is busy trying to marry his gay lover. Here's ten bucks, go get Mom a pack of smokes and a beer. BTW. NPP unit 4 has been toast for a long time, but wtf let's agonize over make believe scenerios. It's all a bunch of wreckage above ground with no fuel to keep cool. Maybe the central pool has its fuel, only the (un)authorities know for sure.

    • We Not They Finally

      We (wife and husband) understand what are saying. It's just that gays should be off limits. Some people switch late in life because they have been living an anguish of lies. Not everything equals everything else.

      • agree with We Not They: do leave sexual object choice out of it, it isn't something that needs fixing if someone figures themself out later in life. plenty else there thats food (fodder) for criticism.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Looking up what the shroud is and its function and wondering why it was cut off I came across this article about cracked shrouds.

    All GE Nuclear Reactors In US Have Cracked Shrouds
    By Jack Shannon

    • razzz razzz

      Unit 4 had just finished its stainless steel shroud replacement. Over the years of cold start-ups and hot shut-downs and emergency shut-downs, things wear out with all the expansion and contraction. The stainless steel round liner is about an 1 inch thick and helps shield making neutrons bounce off it inside the reactor for more hits to the fuel rods. Like a round reflector.

      As it wear out,it begins to show cracks. Wielding them is a no-no but it is sometimes repaired that way as a temporary fix or banded/strapped in place slowdown cracking.

      Shrouds were never meant to be replaced in the original design. It is done now to extend the working lifetime of a reactor. Unit 3 underwent a shroud replacement, afterwards they loaded MOX fuel into its reactor.

      Pieces of Unit 4's old very radioactive shroud were still in a storage pool awaiting removal when the Great Quake hit. Needs to be stored underwater to contain the radioactive rays just like spent fuel.

  • To all Nuclear Power advocates and their supporters,

    Please tell me again how Nuclear Power is cost effective.

    At a loss for words?

    I thought so.


    Waste, Risks and Costs

  • We Not They Finally

    With the headline, yeah, we already know that: that it's "not just this," "not just that," "not just the other thing." It's a man-made world-wide criminal catastrophe against both Nature and Man. Starting with that as the baseline, it all falls into place.

    That said, it is a REALLY good interview and it had to have taken a lot of courage on the part of the man who gave it. Everyone should go to the link.

  • ftlt

    Lady Barbara Judge – the Brit/American is back in the news as a tough critic being hired now to straighten out the Japanese nuclear industry…

    A total misinformation news story… She has been working for them for over a year if I remember correctly

    She is the UKAEA hack that made the outrageous comments posted on here before in the past.. I wait for EN to post here up..

    The news media is a tool of the Corpo Globalists..


  • weeman

    Question for the wise, does anyone know if the DSP is cooled and filteered by the same system that looks after the SFP or is it a separate system, I know water is a moderator but I also know that you can not overload that moderator with neutrons and you can achieve criticality is that not so, I am no nuclear scientist.
    What else is I the :DSP that if it failed it would release massive amounts of radiation, not just parts of PVR.
    I am a man of a million questions and any input is appreciated.
    Is this the source of building 4 demise?

    • razzz razzz

      I'll try with an answer…Things that are exposed to radiation (ionizing radiation), become radioactive themselves. Only fissionable substances can become critical i.e. uranium, plutonium, etc.

      Water can become unstable by collecting enough radioactive particles from different sources but it would start turning into some type of radioactive sludge (less water content).

      The real worry with water is radiolysis, where a water molecule that is being exposed to radioactive rays (mainly alpha in this case) breaks down into hydrogen, a gas. So you either vent it or purge it with nitrogen so it doesn't collect in one place.

      Extremely radioactive shroud pieces could do that to water.

      Spent or used fuel has more radioactive substances in it because it has been irradiate and has lots of decay products in it where unused fuel does not. Gotta keep the spent fuel cool and/or underwater so it won't release its poisons. Catching fire would release it all to the air.

      Old reactor parts need to be contained or shielded within containers ex. water, lead, concrete, etc. to hold in the rays.

      Daiichi's worry is not so much the old reactor parts but the whereabouts of the melted fuel which acts like spent fuel that keeps releasing extremely radioactive materials, uncontrolled. Strong enough to still breakdown water into hydrogen so nitrogen is used to purge it esp. Unit 1.

      Filtering recycled cooling water or dumping it in the ocean prevents radioactive buildups.

      • weeman

        Razzz you explained ionizing radiation very well, I have a feeling that the DSP is the source of the destruction of building four and was trying to determine how they cool and filter DSP and it's relationship to the SFP, what would be the outcome if DSP lost its water or cooling, does ionizing radiation create heat?
        Many thanks.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          weeman, I don't know what DSP stands for. Thanks.

        • razzz razzz

          "…In general, two things can happen when radiation is absorbed by matter: excitation or ionization.

          Excitation occurs when the radiation excites the motion of the atoms or molecules, or excites an electron from an occupied orbital into an empty, higher-energy orbital.
          Ionization occurs when the radiation carries enough energy to remove an electron from an atom or molecule.

          Radiation that carries less energy can only excite the water molecule. It is therefore called non-ionizing radiation. Radiation that carries more energy than 1216 kJ/mol can remove an electron from a water molecule, and is therefore called ionizing radiation…"

          (Both harmful: Microwaves will heat water but it won't cause it to turn into hydrogen. Nice charts at the link and further reading material at the left side column.)

          I know what you are getting at but the amounts and sources of hydrogen needed could only be found in a SFP or in a loaded reactor. Remember melting fuel rod cladding reacts with water to make hydrogen too.

          Your idea is not out of the question because TEPCO can't say what happened with Unit 4 yet.

          More than likely hydrogen migrated in pipes from Unit 3 to 4 plus any partial burning of any 4's spent fuel rods causing the building to over-pressurize and explode when the hydrogen lit off. Hydrogen from shared pipes makes sense because the lower floors blew up @ 4.

          • Kassandra


            Your opinion on the webcam imagery of the 'fire' or gas events from today would be much appreciated.

            The images in the digital dropbox are alarming, but their nature elusive.

            It appears to be a kind of 'fire' that is can be quickly extinguished…

            • razzz razzz

              Sorry, don't usually follow that thread because you are only allowed to see what they want you to see and usually blurry at that. It is just to frustrating.

              If there were serious fires, I would think TEPCO would report them like the recent cardboard fire in a waste pile.

              Besides that, Unit 3's de-construction seems to have come to a halt with beams being left in place, must be pretty bad radioactively there not to disturb it or the containment shell and/or reactor core is to damage to be exposed to more possible damage. Maybe they don't want to undercover it to avoid a panic of what really happened.

              DSP = Device Storage Pit, usually used to store tools and equipment that has become too radioactive.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                TY, razzz

                • razzz razzz

                  …or tools and equipment not in use and sitting idle.

                  • weeman

                    Thank you razzz for taking time to explain, would these morons put the used fuel in DSP if no room in SFP, what would be the effect if the water level dropped in SFP would that prevent water from reaching DSP?
                    Building 4 should not have Bowen up, unless like you say hydrogen made its way into 4.
                    Please forgive me if I go on, only trying to educate myself and enlightenment of the plant. Be well and your insight is paramount to the movement, gold star for you.

  • AB AB

    We do not have budget for that, so sorry… TRANSLATION millions more will die eventually from us trying to cut on corners…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Are they talking about the 'pit'without me?
    Not fair.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'll tell you what though..rats really do provide terror..biting ankles and disrupting activity at nuclear plants.
    Telling the truth is not a terrorist acivity.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oops…this is on the wrong thread.
    I'm looking at all the truth told here.
    It's a good thing.