Interview in Fukushima: a lot of police are dead, but it is not reported — When radiation workers die, they are marked as missing (VIDEO)

Published: October 25th, 2011 at 11:26 am ET


Journalist: Iwakami Yasumi

Man being interviewed: Mr. Sakuma, a Fukushima citizen who runs motorcycle shop. He has 30 million yen bank loan, which forced him to come back to Fukushima.

Date filmed: Oct. 21, 2011

Excerpts from an overview of the interview, via Mochizuki

– A 21 years old Fukushima worker died of cardiac trouble. It is not reported and police don’t perform an autopsy. He worked at the Fukushima plant from March to July.

– They say those disposable workers were forced to work in those situations, held captive until they die, and then marked as “missing”.

– Police that guard within the 20km evacuation zone are not informed of the radiation level (about 100 microSv/h when Mr. Sakuma and his friend visited) and a lot of police are dead, but it is not reported either.

Video streaming by Ustream

Published: October 25th, 2011 at 11:26 am ET


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44 comments to Interview in Fukushima: a lot of police are dead, but it is not reported — When radiation workers die, they are marked as missing (VIDEO)

  • Ken31ONCA

    That gave me chills to read, what a nightmare! Knowing what tepco is capable of I believe all of it. There have to be more people fighting it, I don’t believe that people would not fight to get out of there and let ppl know what’s going on, and its hard to believe the police stand up and protect themselves and the people and start getting everyone out of there! Japan should just be wrote off and parts of tokoyo too, don’t know what they are waiting for but they should get a mob to go to tepco HQ and find the CO and get the truth out of him and if he don’t play ball then gadafi him on the spot. What a disgrace to humans, looks like evil still runs japan like back in the ww2 days

    • Ken31ONCA

      Its insane that you still see stories that imply that this disaster is near chernobyl on a scale of disasters as a whole, but they still haven’t done anything to stop the radiation levels going into the envirnment and chernobyl is was 1 reactor and was encased in concrete within 10 days and these guys have done nothing but cover up information from the public and haven’t had any acceptable plans to get this dealt with. And G/E had record profits last year and there are people being forced back to their homes cause they can’t afford to stay away from their homes so they go back. I think if Ron Paul doesn’t win as president the whole world is gonna be in trouble. Obama thinks he can do anything he wants and he doesn’t do anything but start more wars, and conflicts in other countries for oil, and plans on taxing everything even used products at swap meets, 5.75 to cross the border, and the plans they have to make USA a cashless society so they have records of everyones purchases, locations, and the banks can charge even more insane fees. And I could go on and on like them wanting to scrap the constitution, canadian and mexican borders, drop the value of the dollar so everyone would loose hundreds to thousands and make a new currency called the amero. If u watch the mainstream medias reports they are either lying half the time about who leads the straw polls or else we r all in trouble cause hermain cain and romney, and obama are all puppets for the international bankers with all the plans for global government and for depopulating the world with chemtrails, radiation, dangerous vaccines,flourise, wars, and anything else they can do to make people sick, and eventually die and they want to profit off it. We all need to stick together, wake everyone else up and defeat these globalists and start by getting someone honest in the white house to start making things right!

      • You are entitled ro have whatever views you want about politics and to share your… interesting theories online. That said, this is a site for nuclear information being under reported and denied… not a general conspiracy site. I just think that unrelated speeches about political campaigns you support are best left on other sites. The same goes for unsupported claims about science and conspiracy. Every time people advance ideas about “Browns gas” “chemtrails” 9/11 and “Obama coming to take your cash and guns” it undercuts the very readily proved factual message about the main issue here: nuclear power kills and the nuke industry lies. Maybe all you said is true, maybe not I am just saying lets keep it on topic and away from other debates so the nuke apologists can’t just divide us by our politics and conquer us as usual. IMHO.

  • slinky

    Well- people have been saying the Japanese mafia is partially in charge of helping cleanup. Sure sounds like Mafia work, if true!!

  • chaossquared



    I didnt think it could get any worse. How is it possible that we have become so uncaring andso numb as humans that we alow this to go on? Im just disgusted right now.

    • jimbojamesiv

      I’ve been sort of waiting several days to post this, but I wonder if anyone is tracking whether the number of abortions goes up significantly within the next six to nine months? I’m horrified to say that it will and so will babies born with horrible defects.

      As for the so-called report that no one has died from Fuku is 100% false, given that there have been at least 3 or 4 confirmed deaths so far. Yet, no one should be surprised that they, yes them, lie and will continue to deny even when their own faces melt off.

      • strAtum5

        There won’t be many babies born with defects because what they do now is persuading mothers to do tons of tests and at the slightest sign of **potential** foetus problems abortion is brought into the discussion. I said **potential** because the tests results are a “probability”.

        So long story short, the foetus that maybe, just **maybe**, could have some defects is killed before he/she is born so that our ultra smart, know everything society can proudly proclaim that births defects have decreased in the past decade.

        • StillJill StillJill

          ABSOLUTELY strAtum5!

          Breaks my heart,…I have a friend who’s tried for 14 years, with her hubby to have a baby. Well, she just found out she is. She’s 12 weeks now. She says smilingly,…”I’m having an amnio done next month”, at which this snarky Mom of a retarded child, wanted desperately to ask,..”And, if there IS a problem,…are you going to kill the child?” But I shut-up. We all must go through what we must go through I suppose. My hope is, if there’s a problem,..she’ll call me. I have to be loving sometimes! 🙂

  • same for the missing robot. at the turning point of the robot pink textile covering of stairs is seen, and a ladder from outside. the area the robot went had be prepared before, maybe not the complete way but at the stairs for sure. i just wonder why it had been covered before

  • Tanuki San

    The disturbing thing about this is that it’s never been reported (to my knowledge anyway) that any of the missing workers have been found. Does anyone know exactly how many are missing? I saw a news report from August that said 143:

  • StillJill StillJill

    I think that rather than get a ‘golden parachute’,…like the bigwigs,…the 143 got ‘lead boots’. Or,…like B&B said in jest about the wallstreeters being ‘bulldozed into the Hudson’,…this case, ‘bulldozed into the Pacific’. That or ‘burned into radioactive ash,…coming to a shore near you soon,., or the rain and snow,.or did already!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Bulldozed into the Pacific… almost happened to Occupyoakland.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Well.. that was a pointless the moment.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      Actually, it wasn’t really pointless. I got a laugh at ol’ Ron Dellums bitchin about how 88% of Amercans don’t have access to collective bargaining. Wht a load, Ron. You know as well as I, that unions, and their over-paid workers and officials (goons) are the reason for jobs being lost overseas.

      Unions; organized, legal extortion. Period.

      They’re what killed America.

      (End of rant)

      • stock

        Well said
        At one time they has a good use, not any more. their own success is what killed them.

  • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

    I would wish this wasn’t true.

    I feel like one of those people just walking by that poor little Chinese 2-year old girl lying dead in the street. The evidence is in clear view infront of me, and yet my mind races to find some way that this cannot be true. Denial is creeping in on me and I’m shamefully aware of it.

    The outrageous conditions these poor workers are forced to work in will surely kill a lot of them. IMO they should be honoured as the only heroes of this atrocious disaster and not just be anonymously discarded. Their families should feel proud of them as should we all.

    But no memorial will be raised in their honour. They will be forgotten as the nameless, faceless workers that was never even mentioned.

    Ironically the criminals that forced them to work and die in the radioactive rubble and debris will probably be the ones who will be rewarded for their “efforts to clean up the mess”.

    I am left with the feeling that I should have known better and acted before it was too late. Like I hope that those bystanders in China feel now.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Hemisfear311-IMO,…your contrite heart now,…is ALL any of us can do. Like all the great atrocities we’ve been at least aware of,….but felt impotent to do anything about. That was the past,…we did the best we could. Now, we can do better. Our hearts and minds are pretty wide open, for the most part here! It’s the end of the race that matters my friend.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      Thank you StillJill,

      Of course your are right, we have to keep our focus on the end of our present race.

      Maybe, in a distant future one of our descendants (would we recognize her as human?) will find the cave paintings of the last generation of the race we now call human. Will she be able to understand that we destroyed our world by unleashing the power of the atom? That corporate greed and consumer indifference ruined everything? Will we be able to warn them and prevent them from repeating it all over again?

  • StillJill StillJill

    Now there’s something we should all focus on more-IMO. That would be the *logical* next step after accepting our own certain demise.

  • arclight arclight

    from the interview

    “His eyes get worse soon as he comes back to Fukushima. However, his doctors at Fukushima university asserts it has nothing to do with radiation.”

    Hmmm! Fukushima medical university
    International nuclear inspectors arrive in Fukushima Sunday 9 October 2011

    “Health authorities refused to release the results of the first tests, conducted on 100 children at Fukushima Medical University.”

    “Representatives from the Japan Chernobyl Foundation and Shinshu University hospital said they could not make a direct link between the accident and the findings, but called for children to undergo lifelong medical observations.”

    “The few studies done so far have shown contamination, although at levels the government insists will not affect health. In June, a Japanese civic group and Acro, a French organisation that measures radioactivity, reported that trace amounts of radioactive substances had been found in urine samples taken from children from Fukushima city, 60 km from the Daiichi plant. In August, the government said tests had found tiny amounts of radioactive iodine in the thyroid glands of 45% of a sample number of Fukushima children aged 15 years or younger.”

    “Under pressure to gather more comprehensive data, the prefecture’s government announced the launch of a study into the health of a targeted portion of residents living in towns with unusually high radiation levels.
    Actual screening is to be done only on a small sample of about 100 residents, and the remainder of the prefecture’s 2 million people will be asked to submit written answers to questionnaires. Only those thought to have been exposed to high levels of radiation will be invited to undergo full-body examinations and checks on their thyroid glands, blood, and urine. Fukushima Medical University will keep the results on a database and do follow-up studies for at least 30 years.”……cont

  • arclight arclight

    …“Jan Van de Putte, Greenpeace’s radiation expert, accused the government of concentrating only on cleaning up evacuated areas in the immediate vicinity of the nuclear plant, while ignoring the risks in areas of Fukushima where levels lie just below 20 mSv a year. “The central government is placing a lot of the responsibility on local authorities, and is not recognising the need to give those people, especially children and pregnant women, the right to evacuate as well”, he said. “Several hundred thousand people are at serious risk, but they don’t seem to figure in the government’s priorities.”

    But Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi, an associate professor in the department of stress sciences and psychosomatic medicine at the University of Tokyo, says that the upheaval of mass evacuations risks inflicting more psychological damage on an already stressed community.”

    and this ….true or not?? That’s the problem with research funded hospitals!!

    “The University, its affiliated institute and hospital endeavor not only to carry out pioneering research that has gained worldwide recognition, but also to practice patient-oriented medicine with the highest ethical standards.”

  • arclight arclight

    where do these people come from??

    Anxiety over radiation exposure remains high in Japan
    17 September 2011

    “Professor Takahashi and his colleagues were in New York last week for the Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M East) exposition held at the Javits Center. A trade show that bills itself as “the medical industry’s face-to-face resource for project acceleration,” MD&M East provided a platform for Professor Takahashi to show what he says is Fukushima’s real strength.

    “ . . . Fukushima is not [only] famous for the nuclear disaster, but it has technologies in medical devices and engineering,” Professor Takahashi says. “That’s part of our mission for coming over here.”

    “I want to turn this into a model, so that other places around the world will know exactly what to do for their citizens in the aftermath of a nuclear accident.”

    this sounds like a scientist!! the proof and evidence of contamination has not hardly started, the reactors have not stopped spewing and hes talking “feel good” more spurious psychobabble here

    • jimbojamesiv

      Did anyone else notice that Takahasi says the anxiety of evacuation arises if the children live apart from their parents?

      Why does this crazy man presume that the children would evacuate, but the parents wouldn’t, and, frankly, I can’t believe anyone is living within 100 miles, or more like 1,000 miles, of Fukushima. I’m not happy about living 10,000 miles from Fukushima.

      I agree with The World is Blind, Japan is toast, although I was also under the impression that Fuku is way worse than Chernobyl, and, yet, today they’re still saying the release from Fuku was only 1/2 of Chernobyl. Either Fuku is not so bad, which I find hard to believe, given that it’s still releasing radiation and there have been three melt downs into the water table, or they’re still not telling all that they know.

      • Irritated Kalifornian


        Good morning jj, Why do people keep comparing Chernobyl & Fukushima? The only similarity is that radiation was released other than that there is no comparison. I am not saying how bad Fukushima is or is not, just that you can not compare it. Where did you get the information that the meltdowns went into the water table? I do not believe that is an accurate statement, and after all, as everyone here says they are seeking the truth. Regards IK

        • Sickputer

          I see IK is back again with the Huxley disinformation badgering campaign. I expect we will see your mirror twin sir keekotin before long. How’s those “clouds” looking lately at Fuku? What is “your” definition of the state of the Fuku water table? Do you still think everyone is overreacting to Fukushambles? And how do you think this is all going to end?

          No need to answer any of these questions, just letting our newcomers know you don’t see the same things as most of us posting here. It’s a free world, for the most part.

    • Misitu

      arclight re “I want to turn this into a model, so that other places around the world will know exactly what to do for their citizens in the aftermath of a nuclear accident.”

      OK, Yes.

      (1) Make a plan.
      (2) Tell the citizens what the plan is.
      (3) Fix the plan according to (2)
      (4) Keep it up to date.

  • arclight arclight

    here a link to the give you an idea of the inner workings of “hospitals”

    • arclight arclight

      maybe the guy being interviewed could consider not believing them when they say its nothing to do with radiation..just my take on it!! wonder how big oncology was this year for investment at these fairs…japan is selling the research grounds and offering guinea pigs for experimentation and observation…they have also gone to many universities in my opinion and have studies ongoing or just starting concerning effected nature areas?? the japan government has been sold this solution or has created it….thinking about what the iaea might have said to the japanese powers that be….??

      i suppose then the nuclear money can be easily sidetracked into buisness hospital…generally private in japan…good for the corporations!! merde!!

      • StillJill StillJill

        Don’t we all know though,…or sense,…that their money conveyor belt has been seriously slowed down? I see the inability,…and/or unwillingness to go through anything like a financial ‘trim’, ‘haircut’, call “it” what you will. The fat cats still DEMAND their full salaries,….and bonuses,….folks still demand their retirement, six figure packages,…..but ‘we’re’ not buying very much anymore. My friends bemoan all the money Walmart is making,….I’m like, “What”? Are you kidding me? Gas station lines are non-existent in smaller towns,….the businesses I see closing here in Butte County, Ca. is DAILY! Yeah, JP Morgan,…and some banks still make gobs,…but they have so bloody many ‘cronies’ on their payroll,….and,…’we’re’ not buying much. I mean,….do we really believe that Toyota can survive? I don’t.

  • Edward Edward

    We won’t see this story on CNN or Fox anytime soon. I figured something like this was happening. It’s amazing that there is no news coverage of this ongoing nightmare. It might hurt the nuke industry or tourism. It’s always about the money with little or no regard for the poor. Everything about this fukushima disaster is disturbing.

  • arclight arclight

    “In Japan, it should be a big scandal because, first of all, of involvement of Yakuza, Japanese mafia. Also problematic are the suspicions that on-site laborers are not adequately informed of nuclear hazards and they are forced to work beyond fatal points which has allegedly led to many deaths in the past few decades. In addition, What Mr.Watanabe argued was that TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power) and other electric power companies are rebating mafia and media. The media are paid “official” money for ads but the implied purpose was to shut up their criticism.

    I add to say in the past in order to win local people’s approval of new nuclear sites a lot of money was spent by electric power companies both officially and unofficially, and Japanese yakuza is said to help facilitate the difficult job.

    I would argue that Japan’s nuclear power generation would not exist without Japanese yakuza. In fact, we actually have to thank them. But we need to make further efforts to clarify the system to the public and replace the yakuza’s role with complete transparency.”

    Nuclear Ginza Japan’s secret at-risk labor force 1 of 2

    Nuclear Ginza Japan’s secret at-risk labor force 2 of 2

  • StillJill StillJill

    This person still believes in the tooth fairy too, BTW.

  • pg

    I told everyone this was and is going to be the case back in June. I got blasted from all angles. Its common sense and common math. I am sure there is more of this going on elsewhere. Next will be the people dying with “mystery disease”. Sick bastards.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Unions ask for decent pay and benefits for working people. Executives bust the unions, send the jobs overseas, and take all the money for themselves. Lokay, what was your logic for assuming that we are at fault?
    I am not off topic here. The same attitude (of management, not union members) leads to lowered safety standards, cheap construction of reactors (and everything else), a ‘what the hell’ attitude toward the public, and a climate of secrecy when something goes wrong. Unionization is the only way working people can fight back.

  • Human0815

    This is the biggest Gossip since

    Sounds scary but i do not believe this claim
    and maybe no one is doing so,
    why this Yasumi do not go
    and complain this to the Police?

    Or why no one else is doing so?
    Why No one done this already?

  • Misitu

    Returning for a moment to:

    I have posted the following comment there. I bring it to the attention of the enenews community in response to the title of this news item.


    Further to my [unwarranted?] suspicions that the silicon robots were accompanined by a carbon robot, mentioned earlier due to the camera- waving- around movements rather similar to my own efforts at handheld video: Please check the video from 7:32 to 7:38.

    That is part of a human hand – one finger, then two?

    I think, if I am right about this, then what do we think?

    I am reposting this link to enenews. I trust that this is acceptable. Posted under

    which might just have some implications for us as witnesses.

    Thanks, ex-SKF.