Iodine-131 also found in Philadelphia-area sewage plants; Sludge set off radiation detectors at landfills — Experts skeptical it’s from cancer patients’ urine

Published: July 21st, 2011 at 10:08 am ET


Cancer patients’ urine suspected in Wissahickon iodine-131 levels, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 21, 2011:

Since [early April], officials have found more iodine-131 in the Wissahickon, and at several sewage treatment plants along the creek. […]

The source they now suspect was a surprise. Iodine-131 is used to treat thyroid cancer, and they suspect it’s coming from patients excreting excess radioactivity in their urine […]

Any time substances wind up in water, sewage treatment plants are an obvious suspect. So the DEP began checking them. This is when the picture began to get even more complicated. […] In a first round of samples, officials found it in the Ambler plant. Ten days later, the amount at Ambler had dropped somewhat, but the Abington plant suddenly had a hit. […]

In this region, sludge from sewage plants is often sent to landfills, and when it’s fresh, it frequently sets off radiation detectors. […]

Water Specialists

“People are watching,” said Alan Roberson, director of federal relations for the American Water Works Association, an industry group. “They’re waiting to see if Philadelphia can figure out what’s happening.” […]

Cancer Specialists

Cancer experts said that while the theory is plausible, they’re skeptical.

Nationwide, the number of thyroid cancer cases is rising, partly due to better detection methods. But because most are early stage cancers, “the tendency is to treat less with radioactive iodine,” said James. A. Fagin, chief of endocrinology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, and president-elect of the American Thyroid Association. […]

Published: July 21st, 2011 at 10:08 am ET


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67 comments to Iodine-131 also found in Philadelphia-area sewage plants; Sludge set off radiation detectors at landfills — Experts skeptical it’s from cancer patients’ urine

  • CaliMom

    HA! Okay, now I’ve officially read the most ridiculous thing ever. Yeah, let’s blame the cancer patient’s urine. Good Grief!!!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      Maybe lots of people in that area are radioactive due to fracking for natural gas. I read awhile back that lots of streams in PA had been contaminated.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        like these you mean??
        (trailer, also worth seeing the whole movie)

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          Yes, exactly like that. These companies (not just oil and gas) are destroying our planet.

      • MoominLove

        Fracking might be possible, but most of the fracking is done in western Pennsylvania, not near Philadelphia’s sources of tap water, the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, which run from N to S along the Eastern edge of PA. However, Philadelphia is surrounded by ancient bad actor reactors: Peach Bottom (of “asleep at the switch” or “nuclear narcolepsy” fame), Limerick, Salem and Three Mile Island. Also, about a week after the accident, there appeared a one paragraph report from PA’s governor regarding HIGH RADIOACTIVE IODINE levels detected in the RAIN. The morons should be regularly testing rain samples ever since Fukushima. The fact that they are searching creeks and other nearby counties’ sludge tells me that they suspect another source. Then again, our FEDERAL MONSTER EPA does NOT want us to know about Fukushima fallout. One last item: Philadelphia’s sludge is so full of hazardous chemicals (especially from one company in particular) that its sludge must be disposed of at a hazardous waste dump incurring a HUGE expense that is paid by household users.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          Thanks, Moominlove. I don’t know PA well enough to know that. You are more likely right.

  • I am sure the radioactivity a;arms were going off for years, just never reported before !
    It’s just coincidence that Japan id having the same problem with sludge !

    : |

    Right !

  • Whoopie Whoopie


  • Steven Steven

    Someone’s taking the piss.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    No wonder a Cheerleader showed up this morning at HP. Bet they’ve been told to Double their efforts saying “it OK no worries!”

  • WoW!
    More questions than answers in some ways…

    From radioactive rain, to peaches and questions like whether Obamas daughters have their foods tested for radiation… etc…

    • Mica

      Good interview with Rense. I’m stunned by the cpm readings they are getting in some cities. I had just changed one of my portable hepa filters yesterday. After hearing what this man had to say, I dug it out of the trash & did a reading on it. It registered 18 cpm, which is pretty much par for the course around here (same as the cherries on my tree). Only once (powdered milk) have I gotten a reading over 20 cpm. So I don’t know if I am reading things correctly, but here in my area of No. CA, I am not seeing big numbers yet.

  • arclight arclight

    isnt the urine from radioactive patients held for three months in holding tanks? having said that looking at advice to people with iodine 131 implants they say to keep the toilet area clean and dont mention anything about saving it…or the medical iodine131 mixed with some fuku iodine/ceasium might be setting of the detectors? need more evidence

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    More Bad News

    • Whoopie… strange link.

      Looks like today. But the it’s actually April and the comments are copied from three months ago off of youtibe. So what’s up with that.

      Here’s the youtube: ???

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        That’s strange. Once again, I didn’t check the frigging link. I’m sorry. Tweets come in and unless the DATE ISN’T STARING ME IN THE FACE I dont notice. I’ll watch that. TY for the other link.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Well I guess to get the INFO out. Even OLD news is worthy of reposts.

          • It takes something that’s important and puts a kind of ‘falseness’ to it. I think that it’s disinformation and non-productive to the overall cause. That is unfortunate.

            The main info is still relevant though. Making the comments look current. Not cool.

      • MoominLove

        Yes, you are right about the April news & it is strange that they post it now. But, then again, they may be on to something now and will report it LATER again. Another words, they might not have released this info at all, but they are setting up to a bigger story, but will get flack if older data hadn’t been shared.

        Also, Fukushima is still belting it out and fallout continues to come here nonstop as is it circumnavigates the globe. The most important event is rain depositing the fallout. The West Coast gets whacked first, but it does not always rain, so the fallout continues on until it gets rained out here there and anywhere.

    • arclight arclight

      google translate

      “Nuclear power plant, Fukushima Daiichi Tokyo Electric Power Co., the rain caused by typhoon, if rising water table contaminated with radioactive material in high concentrations that accumulated in the basement, and to continue to closely monitor TEPCO .

      With the approach of Typhoon No. 6, Namie in Fukushima city, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the north of the rained 115 millimeters in 21 days from 11 am until the beginning of the 19th off. In the primary, Fukushima Daiichi, because the broken large roof of the reactor building, such as No. 1 in the hydrogen explosion, rain flows into the basement of the building intact, the contaminated water to radioactive material high concentrations of the accumulated water is in the basement of the reactor building of Unit 1, 44 cm rose from 20 at 7:00 am 21. According to TEPCO, for now, it will get flooded with contaminated water that is not seen for some time and will continue to rise in water level has been carefully monitored. Meanwhile, TEPCO for this polluted water is used again to cool the reactor by pumping treated “water injection cooling circulation,” but starting from last month, was stopped for 40 minutes around 8:00 am on April 21 this water treatment facility is. According to TEPCO, the afternoon of 21 facilities for power construction, was scheduled to stop once the mistake is that had stopped in its preparation. The facility will be shut down faster than expected about seven hours, minutes, and that reduces the amount of contaminated water treatment, so that treated water can be secured in the past, water injection to the reactor is continuously is that.”

      think it means it rained and they got 44 cm raised or overflowing in the basement, maybe…then talks about 21 april for some reason…??

  • A true American hero: Woman grabs, twists breasts of TSA agent in response to ‘enhanced’ screening protocols

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

    (NaturalNews) The next time you are assaulted by TSA agents at the airport that try to force you through the naked body scanner or perform a full-body grope down on you, why not just grab them back?

    This is exactly what 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae recently did at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PSHI) after TSA agents tried to subject her to the unlawful and unconstitutional “enhanced” security protocols — but when she decided to essentially perform the same procedures on a TSA agent, police arrested her on suspicion of sexual abuse.

    A regular air traveler, Mihamae is quickly building a reputation for herself as a true American patriot, and one that refuses to allow the TSA to violate her personal privacy no matter how often she travels. During her most recent attempted travels through PSHI, she decided to give the TSA a little dose of its own medicine, and she paid the price.

    After getting into an argument with TSA agents following her refusal to go through the naked body scanner, reports indicate that Mihamae grabbed a TSA agent’s breasts with both hands, and proceeded to squeeze and twist them. The incident ended up landing her in jail overnight, but she was released the next day with no charges were filed against her.

    At the prompting of her lawyer, Mihamae has decided not to publicly explain why she grabbed the TSA agent’s breasts. But based on her history of fighting back against TSA tyranny, it seems clear that Mihamae is just a no-nonsense traveler who demonstrates a little extra “pizazz” every now and again — she apparently flies routinely and almost always ends up getting into an altercation with TSA agents for violating her rights.

    Supporters of Mihamae have set up a Facebook support page for her entitled “Acquit Yukari Mihamae” (…). As of this writing, the page had 1,834 supporters and counting.

    Sources for this story include:

    Learn more:

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thanks PU239! This TSA story made me giggle like a schoolgirl! I needed that! I wanna be like this lady! 🙂

    • Me too. I was even happier to find that it was very recent.

      Slightly off topic, but a continuation of the WE ARE BEING NUKED TO DEATH theme.

  • Sickputer

    Sensational rehash of this old topic by Sandy Bauers. Must have been a slow day at the newspaper. She might have focused in on the Limerick nuclear plant a lot more by reading the Berkeley eggheads like I did months ago:

    Then she would have had two sensational stories: massive yearly air releases of radiation by “safe” US nuclear plants and the cesium and strontium river dumps by frackers. We bathe and drink up problems in the US. Europe destroyed their rivers with pollution long ago…our rivers are not far behind and maybe even worse. Hoist that toilet water bottle of Dasani or Aquafina as you wash down your healthy meal at Subway! 😉

    • TraderGreg

      SP – no so bad with EU rivers. Back in 70s, they made a rule, that each factory has water intake downstream from their sewage outlet. They effectively were forced to ‘drink’ their own sewage. This rule made dramatic improvement in water quality. We should have the same rule in USA, don’t you think so?

      In early 80s, I spent one year of my life in Holland – highly developed country. No problem with water quality at that time.

      There was an amazing number of birds everywhere near water. The water looked, clean, and did not smell.

      I am reading that the Eastern Europe is making progress too, as they were on edge of environmental disaster.

      I am green person in my heart, but on the relative basis, environment in Europe is decades ahead of USA.

      • Sickputer

        I will still respectfully disagree. *;-)

        Good thing you were there in the early 1980s…in 1986 a pesticide plant in Basel, Switzerland caught fire and 10,000 tons of toxins flowed into the Rhine effectively killing all river life for hundreds of kilometers. The Rhine is still very polluted and passing through 8 countries is the worst polluted large river in the world. Some reductions in metal waste have been offset by fertilizer runoff. It has about 25 million tons of toxic waste it unloads each year just in the Netherlands.

        I could go on and on about other rivers in Italy and eastern Europe. They may look better cosmetically like the Thames in London, but beneath the surface and in other areas of the same river things are very foul for humans.

        We are so good at killing ourselves in the pursuit of the money. What’s scary is these disasters are not in third world countries…we can only imagine the pollution nightmares for humans in Africa and rural China. Plastic plants in China have few safeguards.

        Civilization might die less painfully from a nuclear ELE compared to what big industry is doing to the water and air resources of this planet. Radiation toxins are about 20% of the total toxins we face each year. Well, in normal years anyway. Not in 2011.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Sickputer, now it’s my turn to respectfully’re right, the Sandoz accident in the 80’s was a huge setback. But the situation has really improved since then. Right now, the goal is to get the salmon back into the Rhine, and in Switzerland the Rhine provides part of the drinking water. There’s still a lot to do, but no comparison to 25 years ago…

          • Sickputer

            OK…I surrender to your impassioned defense of the Rhine. *;-) But farm chemicals and shipping vehicle effluents alone may yet deter the restoration of self-sustaining wild salmon stocks for another 25 years barring any massive accident reoccurance. You plug one leak and two more pop up in our highly chemicalized world.

            I still remember the American visit of a German friend who was amazed so many people drank tap water. He thought he was being poisoned!

            Many years ago I took to heart the words of a 98-year-old man in excellent health (he looked 60) who drove up in a brand new blue 1971 Rools Royce. He was my customer in the restaurant where I worked. I asked if he wanted water and he said no…”I never drink it…it will rust your pipes!”

            That day started my lifetime use of bottled or filtered water and I frequently think of Alvin Toffler’s predictions in Future Shock about the people who will live and the people who will die in the 21st century from pollution.

          • arclight arclight

            initially i was going to say that the thames is like pure nectar since the cleanup campaigns.. now though things seemed to be slipping a bit since 2007 and i suspect the nuke lobbies hand here!

            UK Changes to Government policy 2007 (sorry just caught it, better late than never!)
            Government announced its new policy on low level radioactive waste (LLW) management in March 2007. The policy includes revised regulation around the disposal of LLW to landfill. This means the nuclear industry can now dispose of the following LLW to landfill:
            high volume very low level waste (a new sub-category of LLW)
            controlled burials of LLW.
            It is expected that the majority of waste that could go to landfill would consist of rubble and soil from decommissioning activities. This would contain only small amounts of radioactivity and we will limit the quantities permitted for disposal.

            How we will assess applications for permits
            We will not permit a site for landfill disposal of LLW unless we are satisfied that the wastes proposed for disposal are safe. Any application will need to be accompanied by a full assessment of options and a satisfactory safety case.
            We will consult local authorities and the Office for Nuclear Regulation on any applications received. In addition we will require applicants to engage with potential local communities and other interested parties.
            We will not permit any disposals unless we are satisfied that public radiation exposures are below a ‘dose constraint’ of 0.3 millisieverts (mSv) per year. In most cases we would expect them to be no greater than 0.02 mSv per year (average UK doses from all sources, including natural background and medical exposures are about 2.6 mSv per year).”

            If I read the article right there have been 37 submissions to dump ”low” level nuclear waste from decommissioning projects etc, substances such as crushed concrete probably mixed with less hot materials….and what are the particulates in these dusty debris I wonder???..if there classified as low level what are the arrangements for transport I wonder???…most rubble waste is in open topped trucks!! Hmmmm!
            And this, know your enemy!
            “To tackle the general shortage of “conventional” energy in the 1950s, the six founding States (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) looked to nuclear energy as a means of achieving energy independence. Since the costs of investing in nuclear energy could not be met by individual States, the founding States joined together to form Euratom.
            The general objective of the Treaty is to contribute to the formation and development of Europe’s nuclear industries, so that all the Member States can benefit from the development of atomic energy, and to ensure security of supply. At the same time, the Treaty guarantees high safety standards for the public and prevents nuclear materials intended principally for civilian use from being diverted to military use. It is important to note that Euratom’s powers are limited to peaceful civil uses of nuclear energy.
            Moreover, in the preamble, the signatories described themselves as:

            ” – recognizing that nuclear energy represents an essential resource for the development and invigoration of industry and will permit the advancement of the cause of peace …,
            – resolved to create the conditions necessary for the development of a powerful nuclear industry which will provide extensive energy resources, lead to the modernization of technical processes and contribute, through its many other applications, to the prosperity of their peoples,
            – anxious to create the conditions of safety necessary to eliminate hazards to the life and health of the public,
            – desiring to associate other countries with their work and to cooperate with international organizations concerned with the peaceful development of atomic energy …”.”
            hahahahahaha I THINK NOT!! from this link!

            and finally this little beautie!

            Euratom treaty in detail

            Chapter three of the treaty, covering health and safety provisions, is particularly significant to radioactive waste management. DECC has lead responsibility on a number of articles:

            Article 31 – Basic safety standards
            This part of the treaty sets out the mechanism by which basic safety standards for exposures to radioactive substances are arrived at, both to protect the general public and those people working with radioactive materials. The commission has set up a standing committee, known as the Article 31 group of technical experts, to consider these standards and other issues. This is made up of scientific experts, and in particular public health experts, from the member states, who advise the commission on a regular basis. The commission consults the Economic and Social Committee and the European Parliament on any proposed amendments to the standards. The commission then presents its proposals to the council. The council considers them and can agree to them through a qualified majority vote.

            Article 35 – Monitoring
            Each member state must establish the facilities necessary to continually monitor the level of radioactivity in the air, water and soil, and ensure compliance with the basic standards. The commission has the right of access to such facilities, in order to verify their operation and efficiency.

            Article 36 – Reporting
            This article sets out an obligation for each member state to provide the commission with periodic reports on the data collected under Article 35 so that it is kept informed of the level of radioactivity the public is exposed to.
            The Environment Agency manages a programme of air and rainwater monitoring on behalf of DECC, using seven sites in the UK. The results are provided to DECC on an annual basis for onward transmission to the European Commission.
            Every time a member state alters the way it plans to dispose of radioactive waste or has a new facility that may increase emissions, it must make a submission to the commission, known as an Article 37 submission. This has to include enough data to determine whether such plans are liable to result in the radioactive contamination of the water, soil or airspace of another member state. The commission provides its opinion within six months, after consulting the group of experts referred to in Article 31.
            An authorisation or permit to carry out the work cannot be given until the commission gives its opinion. The details of how this system operates are set out in ‘Commission Recommendation 2010/635/Euratom of 11 October 2010 on the application of Article 37 of the Euratom Treaty’.”
            Cant help thinking that article 35 and 36 might not good for the nuke industry in the end because they will have to publish the results eventually and some clever but patient investigative reporter (you know who you are?) will be right on it!! Follow the link to the 2009 report


            look for the link
            “Read ‘Monitoring of radioactivity in air and rainwater in the UK: Annual results report for 2009’ [filetype:pdf filesize: 485.09Kb]Article 37 – Changes in emissions”

            Well you have to download the pdf…that’s the general background radiation levels! Cant wait for the 2011 2012 reports to compare! lol!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Remember that LINK above?
    Rain increases contaminat­ed water at plant
    So no need for OLD LINKS=there it is.

    • arclight arclight

      i notice they dont give the height to the top anymore! only the “previous day” in debth reporting it is not!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Good evening to all!

    Just wanting to express a lot of appreciation and hardy pats on the back to you all for the great works that you ALL do here.

    Thank you EneNews for the forum of well gathered concerned researchers and intelligentsia of good hearted folks that care. Yes, the last great human quality, care.

    So, today after reviewing the EPA page the over all feeling was pure disgust and this note to them below was inspired.

    Please be invited to copy this and add your own info or additional commentary and send it off today. Share this around to all the forums and ask simply that people send it to them here:

    And Here:

    Note follows:

    To the entire EPA,

    Your page is useless!

    Most of the monitors are not working or being COVERED UP.

    What a waste of money(pay checks) and time to even publish this page. It is just shameful. There is no real information here and it is obvious you are COVERING UP the real readings from around the country, especially in the Los Alamos, NM region.

    We are now petitioning congress and the senate to eliminate the EPA completely and return the budgets to the Social Security accounts.

    The EPA is a USELESS bunch of time-wasters. You are all FIRED for the incomplete and totally corrupted jobs you do.

    We are also petitioning for the complete elimination of the EPA amongst the populations that are sick and tired of your lies and cover up.

    Dr Tekton


    Please add your own words if you feel inclined to do so and re-post if you want to share your disgust and resentment with this pitiful organization.

    One wonders just how much money is given to this useless bunch of escape artists at the EPA? In a time of the defaulting US corporation, they might be able to save a lot of money by ELIMINATING THE EPA.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    If people are drinking radioactive milk, eating radioactive meat and fish, etc., and drinking radioactive water, and breathing radioactive air, the sludge already radioactive from all the radioactive uses in this country and from around the world including coal, oil, and fracking, is going to get worse and worse. I think someone should make politicians pass a lie detector test, pass exams on math, science, history, and mental psych tests.

  • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

    Off topic, but does anyone know/have a link to where I thought I’d read where Japan is sending radiated foodstuffs to the famine-plagued Somalia?

    Thanks, very much.

  • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

    Love your name, fwiw.

  • Sickputer

    No firm news…the Japanese government knows the truth, but they are stepping around it:

    They did donate $5 million in food aid to Somalia so there might be actual Japanese food in WFP distribution:

    If beef distributors did know the food was suspect and they exported it anyway then the truth will eventually get leaked. Hopefully they did not do this on purpose.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Are we about to see some poor starving Somalian kid eating radioactive beef from Japan? Is that what we’re seeing? Does humanity even have a soul? Not collectively anymore,…sadly, no.

    • … and happy to get it, no doubt. But beef does not usually go out in aid of this kind. Japan has hundreds of thousands of tons of American rice, which it accepted in a trade agreement knowing the Japanese people will only eat rice from Japan (that may change Real Soon Now). They would be more like to send some of that, as it travels better. Note: the warehouses with the rice are near the uranium processing center that burned up on Tokyo Bay after the quake set off the oil terminal. “Can’t win fer losin'” as my dad used to say.

  • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

    I work at a nursing home outside the Philly area. Ridiculous rise in respiratory issues, in the last month – from sore throats to chest congestion to pneumonia, and all accompanied by strong headaches and nausea.

    So, yeah. Let’s dole out more antibiotics, keep on lining Big Pharma’s pockets.

    No one wants to hear it, so I keep it mostly to myself. Allegedly educated people, with their heads in the sand, and their eyes, glued to the almighty lie that is television. Sad.

    • Watch for sickly pallor, bags under eyes, ADD-like changes in behavior and mental acuity issues, irritableness in normally cheerful patients. Can you get hold of a dosimeter, check the water, etc.?

      • MoominLove

        A dosimeter is USELESS. It only measures ionic radiation (rays – like x-rays) and if they show an increase of exposure we are all dead meat REAL soon. RAYS are not reaching us from Japan, just lovely things like Radioactive Strontium & Cesium & Plutonium that once in the body may get deposited in bone or tissue and act like mini reactors nuking all nearby cells.

        What is making us sick and no less lethal (just takes longer) is inhaling and ingesting radioactive particles from fall out. Especially due to our parasitic murderous government’s intentional neglect to test our food and water, so that we have no way of knowing for sure how bad it really is. You cannot wave a Geiger counter over food or water. You can use better ones to get a rough idea for liquids by soaking a paper towel with the liquid then testing that. For foods and water you need to have properly prepared samples for lab testing.

        As far as air monitoring, ALL major cities in the US are required by law to run air monitoring networks and report daily readings. While folks are yelling about EPA stopping air monitoring, I doubt they ever started, they simply asked cities to analyze their air monitors’ filter particulates for radioactive elements. There is NO reason this cannot be done daily – the monitors are running and filters are changed daily and brought to their labs for analysis with mass spectrometry.

        Also, let us not forget CHEMTRAILS which have been exceptionally heavy. Add to that soup the TONS of volcanic ash (& GIANT forest fire(s) ash) and you can barely breathe in Philadelphia now, as it sure may be elsewhere. It is especially bad at night here, when there tends to be a “low ceiling.” I have had to run my AC for months since the excessive heat started and my filter CLOGS UP DAILY. The volcanic ash is composed of GLASS NANO-PARTICLES! Is that good for our lungs? We all should be wearing Scott Air Pacs like the firemen. I am sure that the amount of particulates filling the entire Earth’s atmosphere is heading us for years of “nuclear winter” and no food will the norm. Cyclic ice ages begin with warming, the polar caps melt, ocean levels begin to rise gradually, but the bulk of melt-off water is contained in a huge crater. When the walls of that crater start to melt and a section finally gives way oceans of water are released at once causing an EPIC flood. Once all that cold water hits the oceans it rapidly cools down the ocean currents then the atmosphere = ICE AGE. Happens very quickly!

      • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

        If anything, I’ve noticed those in mySELF, in all sincerity. It’s a stressful environment, and..that’s what I’m currently telling myself that it’s from. A good two-thirds of our residents have dementia in varying degrees, and stuff like that is usually attributed to UTIs, of course.

        As for obtaining a dosimeter, I am one of the working-POOR, and that’s just not possible, at this time. Fortunately, I have two safe sources for water, and a goodly store of canned and dried goods, esp dairy. Thank God for baking soda!

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I had some bad coughing and congestion over the past two nights. Significantly, so did my cat. I took oil of oregano…that’s done wonders to clear it up. The cat appears to be fine.
    Don’t know if it is coincidental. It might just be a summer cold. But both of us have compromised lungs. (Location: Eastern Canada)




      Respiratory sore, coughing ect…


      • Sickputer

        Not when Pierre, South Dakota has 177 CPMs. The biggest part of the Pacific jetstream has blown across the northern part of continental America for days now…the lower states have had massive heat domes, but not as much jetstream. You’re getting hammered.

        BTW…thanks to our own Majia for the blog report on Pierre.

        Hit your space bar 6 times in Internet Explorer at 100% view on that page to scroll down to see the Radnet readings on the blog.

        I asked some friends of my brother who work at one of the largest Geiger counter production companies in the world to interpret those South Dakota readings and the Canadian YouTube we have seen. When I get an answer I’ll post.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      So sorry that you all are sick! Very suspicious. I have a cold that won’t go away.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    CEO of Nestlé (world’s biggest bottler of water) thinks a “market value” should be given to clean water. To declare access to clean water a human right is an exteme position of some NGO’s:
    Snippet from the film “We feed the world”

    • arclight arclight

      there not stupid….just ignorant!! good post

      • arclight arclight

        let me think libya has the worlds biggest aquafa of ancient pure water and anne just posted this, makes you think? according to morets thinking and looking at the fallout projection, looks like the uk has one of them haarp mcgadgets too…does look suspicious? so in the interests of science (fair and balanced) ill let you decide!
        July 22, 2011 at 3:45 pm · Reply Report comment Report comment
        Lauren Moret says that the fallout of Fukushima will be everywhere on the planet in a year’s time. She says that you can’t measure it in rain, but in Colorado it has been measured in the rain.

    • arclight arclight

      i think i know what stock the big money boys are investing in….water! ive just had an Epiphany! go large water! 🙁 gimme libya 🙁 and they got oil 🙁 im going to bed now! i know its early on a friday night but its been a long convoluted day… keep up the good work everyone! love light and peace!

  • StillJill StillJill

    This is getting too strange for words even—I truly wouldn’t be surprised right about now if someone of TPTB morphed into a bloody reptilian alien. Seriously,…my ‘mind-blown-o-meter’ is on tilt.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth this morning. Last night I had dinner with well prepared neighbours…we had lots of leafy greens from their organic vegetable garden ‘just finished two days ago’. Most of the plants were grown indoors in pots til then but presumably were watered with tap water. The metallic taste disappeared as soon as I took the usual morning dose of bentonite clay in water.
    Location: Eastern Canada.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    StillJill, I have wondered about that myself. The constant repetition of ‘no danger to human health’ and their apparent unconcern for the air and water and food we all presumably have to breathe and drink and eat does conjure up some science fiction stories I’ve read, particularly J. B. Priestly’s THE GREY ONES.

  • vorley

    If radioactive iodine causes thyroid cancer and it’s treated with radioactive iodine, what’s the problem?