“It was even worse than the worst imagination of the media” — Radiation now “leaking through cracks in the containment and melted holes” after total meltdown (CNN VIDEO)

Published: June 1st, 2011 at 10:06 am ET


We came close to losing northern Japan, CNN, May 31, 2011:

CNN Host: No one ever suspected that we had three simultaneous core meltdowns, 100 percent core damage and that sea water of all things stopped a tragedy from taking place. The media if anything, we now realize downplayed the real impact of the accident.

Published: June 1st, 2011 at 10:06 am ET


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121 comments to “It was even worse than the worst imagination of the media” — Radiation now “leaking through cracks in the containment and melted holes” after total meltdown (CNN VIDEO)

  • tony wilson

    prof kaku is being optimistic and a little vague methinks.
    creamy granola that happens to be hotter than the sun yummy.
    nice framing of the event it’s stopped the meltdown..we came close.
    where do you think the cores are doc,where are they going and what happens when they arrive.
    how about 30 min or an 60min programme talking about these vital issues rather than this speed reading blips of propaganda.

    • Pensacola Tiger

      Hmm, let’s see. The cores aren’t “hotter than the sun”. Never were.

      Where are they? On the bottom of the containment.

      Where are they going? Probably nowhere, as long as water continues to cool them.

      Worry about the spent fuel pools, especially #4. That’s where the danger is.

      • Bob Hardin

        Where are they? On the bottom of the containment.

        Watch the interview again.

        • Pensacola Tiger

          Watch it again yourself. There iwas a breach of primary containment, and leaks, but the inference can be drawn that the majority of the core is still within the containment.

          • Roger

            No news here, just people being late saying what most have been saying. I think most of the world expected melting/damaged fuel within the first couple of days and some damage to the reactors from that. The only real surprises were the hydrogen explosions and those weren’t secrets.

            From what I’ve read, the unit 4 pool has lower decay heat than the others, so except for the building being flimsy, the pool itself is actually less apt to be trouble than the others. Over a week ago NHK had reported that Tepco had started adding support columns (12 of them) for pool 4, haven’t noticed any progress reports.

          • Bob Hardin

            “The inference can be drawn?” Not a valid one. Watch the video again. Kaku says the containment has been breached.

      • tony wilson

        penscola kitty forgive me i”ms a bit dumb as well as being a fear merchant.
        youze seems so clever an all.
        so whats happinin the core is just sitting on it’s lonesome with all the melted rods and stuff in containment
        what temp do you estimate the red hot japanese guuu is and what is the burn through temperatures for containment and materials below containment.
        and if some of it becomes recritical will that alter the temperature.
        if you could also put up your favorite plutonium fruit pie recipes that would be mighty nice of yer.

        since nobody in the media even arnie wants to talk about the plutoniun we might as well have some recipes.

      • No but they are able to achieve multiple temps of the kelvin scale… Thats really hot enough for me

    • SteveMT

      Yup, This report is called “more spinning of the spin.”

      “The media downplayed the real impact of the accident” because they are owned by the same bankers/companies that own the governments that are involved.

      Why would we believe anything that the media is telling us now, after they lied to us the first time about Fukushima? Why would we believe TEPCO or the Japanese Government about Fukushima? They have lost all credibility, while ‘still-believing’ People are being exposed to lethal dosages of radiation.

      This is quite an ugly situation.

      • chillvisio

        U really wanna know why ?
        Because they want you to believe ’em. If you don’t wanna believe them, there will still be billions of sheep who still believe them 🙂 They have nothing to lose. They own the communication paths… it is hard to hide from them and do anything against their will. I am sure you already know it.

      • I think its noteworthy they are sending this out on the web instead of the 6 pm news. I think even though there are people like us who inform online, if they aired the same video on 6pm news I think in North America – there would DEFINITELY be a reaction from the masses in America and Canada at least!

        I agree this is a pretty smooth delivery of bad news, I have to at least acknowledge that CNN is finally putting the truth out there when they have been reluctant to do so lately at all.

        It also insinuates we are about to learn something more for me too. This event has been handled with a calculated response so I propose this big media move was for a reason.

      • spOOk

        @SteveMT who sez:
        “This is quite an ugly situation.”

        That sounds very British – ‘sticky wicket’ sort of thing? 😉

        It’s probably getting kinda boring but as I’ve said before – we’re all just being fed slow drip script – nothing more, nothing less. All the action took place on 3/11 and those controlling information have been doing a great job of sterilising Honshu by stealth – best case scenario – worst is here:-


        IMO, _all_ the pundits, experts (including a couple of very prominent ones I won’t name who are not as non-aligned as you might be hoping for) and authorities are laughing their asses off at all the poor dumb schmucks hoping for the tooth fairy to come save them.

        Georgia Guidestones; courtesy ‘RC’ Christian – only this is one cross too many…

  • Maa

    Whats the difference between steam explosion and pouring seawater on it to prevent it? Isn’t seawater condensed steam? Seawater does not become steam after heated??

    • Maa

      Let me rephrase my question. Aren’t you trying to create a steam explosion by pouring seawater onto melted fuel?

      • Roger

        If there’s enough water flowing through, much heat gets carried out in the warmer water. That makes less steam than if they used less water and it all evaporated.

        Any of us could take a chemistry book or look online and look up the energy it takes to heat water from say 25C to 95C, do some conversions between watts and calories and CCs/grams and tons, and figure out how many tons of water per hour it takes to carry off a million Watts or so of heat. It’s not rocket science. The math is extremely simple. Any high school kid should be able to figure it out with just a little effort.

    • Pensacola Tiger

      In order to have a steam explosion as hypothesized in the meltdown scenario, there has to be some sort of confined area for the pressure to build. Otherwise, as in this case, all you get is great clouds of steam, or, in this case, radioactive steam.

      • fireguyjeff

        Tiger, you are right about needing to contain the steam for it to explode. However, I think the issue is more that if/when the sea water does get vaporized, the steam that gets created gets broken apart (think electrolysis) by the radiation in to it’s constituent elements…hydrogen and oxygen. Those are in gaseous form and together make for a very effective explosive mix. One spark and it all goes exothermic (in the most basic example of oxidation) all at once, i.e. kablooom

      • Mikey

        Luckily the last 4 nuclear blasts took care of the roof and walls so no steam or hydrogen build up is possible- Keep dumpin the salt water on that nukelava its been so helpful thus far. So why doesnt mr kaku just admit that the fat sumo is singing…

  • Steven

    These are not the exploded spent fuel pools you are looking for.

    Hard to pick the bad guys sometimes, isn’t it.

  • bfly

    off topic….check out the live feed again.Its either a trick of the eyes . or there is still alot of smoke coming from the far building.????

    • Whoopie

      Looks like it to me too. But alas, I said that before and been wrong.

    • Definitely a lot of steam 10:44 a.m. west coast time…

      • Roger

        I thought I saw people moving around by either side of the right tower, but maybe it was just plants sticking up. I wouldn’t expect much to be happening at 3 AM their time.

        It’s a bit foggy looking around the tower seen in the center, but not really moving around like serious steam. It’s just the usual I think.

        Here’s what heavier steam looked like in March


  • Jean

    CNN finally decided this is newsworthy, maybe even more important than the Paris Hilton story that was most popular on their website last night. Glad to see that CNN is doing such an outstanding job (yeah, right)! To the CNN host–lots of people suspected that there were 3 meltdowns; and yes, you did downplay the impacts.

  • Zardoz

    Prof Kaku is full of Kaka. If he is such a mass media superstar, why wasn’t HE all over the meltdowns like flies on shitpaper, at the same time he knew what had to be happening shortly after cooling was lost? Same goes for Gundersen. It wasn’t rocket science, either. Full of creamy granola, or full of Kaka?

    • Whoopie

      Actually you have a point there. Surely these guys KNEW way back when what was happening. Why DELAY the bad news til now? Meltdowns cannot be reversed.

    • Professor Kaka can be a name for our official nuclear scientist spokesperson for enenews in the future! Thanks for the comic relief over here!

      • Bob Hardin

        Don’t be so hard on Kaka. At least he’s saying something, on the teevee. When was the last time you saw a scientist on American television say anything about Fukushima?

    • Standard D. Viation

      I don’t know what orifice you’ve kept your head crammed up in, but Professor Kaku has indeed been all over this from day one. Go to his website and you’ll see the frantic posts he was making at the very commencement of this nightmare demanding that TEPCO immediately get its shit together and conjecturing, quite rightly, that there were indeed meltdowns and, consequently, an urgent need to immediately bury the structure. Don’t be putting my man Kaku down, sir, he’s been solid on this issue from the git-go!

      • splashy

        Agreed. Kaku was freaking out way at the beginning, when others were not.

      • Not quite – but fairly close – way closer than Gundersen, (who has been reporting on non-existent reactors as if they can still be salvaged somehow) who gets a mention here:-


        (an interesting page, BTW, from Finland)

      • Oooopsie! My attempted joke was lost in translation I think. I was only making light of the Zardoz reference to being full of Kaka. I agree with and have followed the Professor as a source of truth in the situation.

        I think you missed my point of having a Nuclear Mascot for enenews called Professor Kaka. Thats all – no harm intended and I will try not to joke around you in the future.

        Have a nice day. I don’t keep my head in any orifices, thanks.

  • does anyone have a link to a site where they show the amount of radioactive fallout in south american countries of ecuador, brasil uraguay

  • norral

    why would u want to be in northern southern or middle japan right now for any reason. because u trust that tepco and the government have your best interests at heart ? lol the whole situation is a joke as is the reality we live in on a day to day basis. hopefully people wake up its all tied in to getting out of our comfort zones.

    • Kathy

      Japan is pretty this time of year and has many sites and interesting culture to see. The smaller crowds would make this a good opportunity to go. Of course there are areas to avoid. Being in the lower exposure areas a week or two would not be any big deal. There have been others besides the government and utility doing measurements. It’s not hard to judge conditions.

      • Kathy,

        Nukes are bad enough, now frivolous tourism is just going to ramp up climate change. All tourist destinations are pretty until crowds of tourists turn it into another Miami or Cancun

  • chillvisio

    « No one ever suspected that we had three simultaneous core meltdowns »

    Ah really ? I do not trust ’em. Most of us knew that it was a triple meltdown since the explosions took place. Stoopid MSM.

    • Bob Hardin

      I don’t think they’re “stoopid.” They know what’s happening, and they have known from early on.

      They are being “responsible,” by breaking it to us slowly. If they told us the truth right away, people would take their money out of the stock market and spend it. And people with savings would quit their jobs. So the economy would fall apart.

      Of course, eventually this will happen, anyway, but why speed up the process?

  • bfly

    cont. off topic…whatever it is keeps engulfing the visibility of the rear tower.

    • jump-ball

      OT: Just after Japan sunset 3am pacific time, TemporaryCo cut off the color and went to black and white, which made it much harder to see details around the buildings. (The blinking white light on the right is actually bright red.)

      After all their lies and disinfo, one wonders if they are venting something at night when it’s hard to see in b/w?

      But daylight returns around 3pm pacific and we’ll get a better view.

  • Yup,…I for one agree-another truthbearer ‘SOLD OUT’! He’s toast!

  • bcbud

    “Thank god we didn’t have a steam explosion”, umm didn’t we have 2!? oh that was hydrogen?!?

  • emac2

    Has anyone come up with a reason to tell everyone they are screwed and there is nothing they can do but try to delay things a little?

    We’re entering a new world and advertising it can’t change anything. In fact, it probably gets people killing their children and or themselves to avoid the misery.

    It’s best we all keep plodding along until the tumors get too painful.

    • Bob Hardin

      It’s best we all keep plodding along until the tumors get too painful.
      Yes, I think that’s the idea behind the news silence.

      • Kathy

        Why didn’t we all die after Chernobyl if things are so bad? The wind blew around the world then too ya know.

        I’m not saying it didn’t still do some harm at great distance, but some here are blowing things way out of proportion.

        That Tepco cam works pretty well in low light. It’s amazing how bright it is even by 4 AM. It’ll be a while before the colors show of course.

        • Chris

          I suggest you investigate the amount of fuel present at the Fukushima site and also investigate the ongoing problems. The situation as best I can tell is continuing to spiral.

        • fireguyjeff

          Kathy: We did not learn how bad the radioactive Cesium and Iodine isotopes were on a mass scale until after Chernobyl and down wind. Good estimates are about a million cancer deaths that would not have happened otherwise.

          Dr. Helen Caldicott mentions that many UK farmers can not sell their farms because of how radioactive the farms still are.

          Chernobyl was capped within 2 weeks and it is still a huge mess and and still producing fission byproducts. About 15 years ago a structural engineer I knew made it clear that the cement at Chenobyl was all cracked from the intensity of the radiation under it and it all needed replacing, functionally.

          I suggest that you go compare the numbers, all estimates, of how much of the Chernobyl fuel was vaporized/spewed and compare that with what has already happened at Fukushima, never mind that TEPCO has already said that there is now way they will get Fuku contained before early 2012.

          No, we’re not all going to die.
          Just a huge percentage of us that would not have died sooner, let alone how.

          Which leukemia would you like with your fries, Sir?
          And I can SuperSize that at no extra charge.

        • SteveMT

          Fukushima is much bigger than Chernobyl ever was.

          “Chernobyl only had 180 tons of fuel. Fukushima has over 4,000 tons of radioactive potential fuel that can ALL melt down and/or explode spread out inside the Fukushima facility that is in BIG trouble.”

  • FML

    I’m confused. Wasn’t there a breach of containment? Weren’t there steam explosions? Weren’t the lids blown off the reactors? Came close to losing northern Japan? I think it’s already lost, big time.

  • peachtree pam

    Yes, I don’t really understand Professor Kaku. Northern Japan (at least) is lost and perhaps all of Japan.

    The question is how much more of the world is lost?

    He seems to have a “sound-bite” attitude that is disconcerting to say the least.

    • SteveMT

      His Japanese ancestry is a big conflict of interest, IMV. He should have recused himself. Seeing your own country contaminated for the next few thousand years while knowing every nuclear reaction occurring and that this process is unstoppable is a lot to deal with.

      • peachtree pam

        Agree, Steve.

        It is just such a huge turn around from hanging by fingernails to the triumph of seawater to save the day.

        Who got to him?

      • fireguyjeff

        Steve: I am trying to be diplomatic here.

        Kaku was born in San Jose California in 1947. He graduated from high school in Palo Alto in 1964. Edward Teller discovered him as a kid and got him a scholarship to Harvard where he finished his undergrad in 1968. Then UC Berkeley for his PhD in 1972. Hard to get more “All American”. Never mind that he finished US Army infantry training and came very close to being deployed to Viet Nam.

        Just shut your eyes and listen to his voice. I will make the case that he has spent little time if any in Japan.
        He sounds as west coast US as one ever could.

        Japan is not his own country.
        He is as American as I am, and I assume you too. He was born and raised here!

        Please explain to us how his genetics has anything to do with a conflict of interest!

        • SteveMT

          fireguyjeff, I will also try to be diplomatic here.

          Kaku has been being deliberately and repeatedly chosen for these interviews because he is of Japanese ancestry. Is this glaring fact just another coincidence in a long line of coincidences with the MSM?

          The time for political correctness has past. Now, is the time for blunt reality. People’s lives are at stake. The Japanese People are being exposed to lethal doses of radiation. The world is also being exposed to radiation either lethal now or soon before this thing is over with.

          You provide many facts about Dr. Kaku’s life, which I appreciated reading. You are right. If I just shut my eyes and listen to his voice, he sounds as West Coast US as one ever could. The key is not to listen to his voice. Read a text of what he says and see if you come to the same conclusion. It is what he actually says that matters, not his delivery. Example Obama: “The medium is the message,” for there is no message with him. I can even imagine that Obama was born in this country and has his allegiances are here, but his actions tell me a radically different story. It is not how you say something, but what you actually say that matters.

          I envision someday that a very attractive, articulate, spokesperson from somewhere will be explaining to us that we are all going to die peacefully and without pain due to this disaster. Do you believe that soothing oration will comfort us during our last days of existence on this planet? Perhaps Dr. Kaku or someone like him will be chosen to deliver this final communication.

          All I’m am saying is let’s get real with all of this. Pretty window dressings are not for broken glass. The truth should be the only message at this late date.

          • Tenor

            Another fact about Michio Kaku – from an activist (who incidentally was arrested several times protesting nuclear power in the 1970s-1980s): at that time Dr. Kaku was the best credentialed & outspoken Opponent of Nuclear Power.

            That is not proof that he hasn’t been ‘co-opted’ to some extent as he’s gotten older. (I didn’t agree with his slant on GOM).

            But Michio Kaku deserves props for his actions then. I cannot forget how welcome to the Anti-Nuke Power movement his brave solidarity, active opposition were. At that time, we did win some partial success in the USA (stopped reprocessing & ended nuke construction contracts).

            Perhaps in the 1970s and 1980s, you were too young to remember his commitment, or you didn’t care about nukes then. But perhaps we should feel a bit of kindness towards others no matter how ignorant or duplicitous they are; and feel actual gratitude towards those who’ve made an effort to preserve our world. At least refrain from slander.

          • Godzilla

            Steve, if you think that Kaku is a sell-out because he doesn’t think that we are all going to die horribly, I would like to suggest that it’s your opinion that is wrong. He’s vastly smarter than you are, and probably more honest.

            We’re not all going to die horribly from this. If you think we are, then you are in need of either more medication or more education.

  • Cindy

    He cannot state opinion, no matter how informed. Kaku HAD to wait for confirmation for political correctness, otherwise it’s accusations.
    It would have made a polital mess…

    • xdrfox

      I think much of the inf. anything is base on is not trustworthy so one can not get a true picture of what is going on inside the buildings ! This inf. here is bases on what was almost 3 months ago and we all know now they were lying !

    • Godzilla

      No, you’re wrong Cindy. He has a different view than you because he is smarter and because physics is his field, one he is outstanding at.

  • California Dreaming

    To be fair to Prof Kaku, he sounded the alarm bell many weeks ago talking on Berkeley’s Free Speech Radio (www.kpfa.org) during which he discussed best case and worst case scenario. It was a really depressing talk, even in the best case. He compared Fukushima to a cliff hanger, you are just barely hanging on, and one by one the nails come off, just a matter of time. How light or heavy Kaku comes across depends on the audience. If you want something light, then CNN PBS and David Letterman. If you want Kaku’s more thorough analysis, then KPFA. Sorry I don’t have the dates of his talk, but you can go back to the archives of “Flashpoints” or “Health” from March – May on http://www.kpfa.org.

    • SteveMT

      Where did that alarming message go to? Did someone get to him?

      The situation with Fukushima is worse. The TEPCO and the Japanese Government lies have been partially made known, but his message has in contrast softened. He should be even more alarmed by these recent discoveries of multiple lies, and his communication should be even more dire.

      However, he probably would not have been interviewed with such a message either. He was told to water it down and to be politically correct, IMV.

      • Godzilla

        He wasn’t “told” shit. He’s not beholden to the govt. He may not be right in everything he says simply because the data is very shaky, none of us know anything for certain except for fools and idiots.

      • john lh

        This discuss come to the following truth:

        1.This ENENEWS.COM is the best reliable source for this Fuku. Nuke disaster.
        2.the reader and poster here are serious people, may be we are just small ordinary man and women.

        3.we are in an new era of time, post 3.11 era, it is a new time since mankind on this earth, and we are experience and wittiness the last days of human being on this planet.

        4th trumpet is blowing…

        Forget those gov. media, and their lies about the future, all of the 3.11 ear game is over.

  • California Dreaming

    BREAKING NEWS FROM GERMANY!!! KPFA reported yesterday that Germany’s PM Merkel bowed to public pressure and recent regional election (Greens’ victory), and announced that Germany will be the 1st industrialized country to SHUT DOWN ALL NUCLEAR PLANTS by 2022 — essentially reverting to the old timetable set by the Democrats-Green coalition a decade ago. GO GERMANY!!! As KPFA commentator said, Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world, and if they can do it, so can we!!
    Pres OBAMA will meet with PM Merkel to see what the —- is going on. After all, the US is touting nuclear energy as green energy, no? This is not widely reported in the press — here’s a link to a german site http://www.thelocal.de/national/20110530-35337.html

    • sp0ok

      Germany is moving rapidly forward tapping geothermal energy. Besides, their NPP process controllers are all Siemens SCADA systems.

      Ya know, the ones that the Stuxnet virus attacks…?

      And who designed Stuxnet?

  • Indeed Cali dreamin’,…but can’t you hear the ‘bit in his mouth’ now?

  • “No one ever suspected that we had three simultaneous core meltdowns”

    Her Condalisa Rice moment.

    • SteveMT

      lol. Good one.

      “No one could have known that terrorists were planning to highjack planes, and fly them into the towers.”

  • stockdude

    Not to brag, but I pretty much nailed it on March 16th. I have a better understanding of things now, but my worst case #2A seems to be playing out.


    • Greetings

      tell me what you think will happen with 2a?

      You write: “What about a 5000 degF mass of molten reactor materials (let’s just say uranium, although stuff morphs into other stuff that can be worse) melting it’s way through a damaged concrete floor, into a pocket of water or sea water below the plant, or rolling right into the ocean?”

      What happens if it melts through the concrete?

      A few forums back a woman who identified herself as a french explosives scientists commented that an explosion could occur.

      Other posters think the corium will cool off enough as it melts to produce the “elephant foot” phenomenon.

      Other posters have suggested that steam will continue to be released but that no explosion is likely.

      I’m trying to grasp how to prepare? If we are simply to expect more continuous low-level releases there is not much to be done other than to continue the de-contamination (HEPA, reverse osmosis, avoid milk, soft cheeses, and leafy vegetables grown outside) efforts.


      • stockdude

        Sure I think an explosion (call it a steam explosion, not a nuclear one) could occur, as the corium finds a pocket of water without any way for the steam created to quickly escape.

        This sucks, what can you really do. Let “them” know that we have known all along, and that we hold them accountable for criminal inaction.

  • stockdude

    For months I have been compiling the best of the best resources on radiation and treatments, they are here: Please comment or send links to sites that should be added.


  • James Tekton

    As Japan crumbles, so does the govt.

    In this mornings press conference, they speak to a vote of no confidence in the Kan govt. What that means or how it will trickle down is yet to be seen.

    Obviously, there are many who feel that the present govt is not doing all it can, nor is it trusted by 80% of the people.

    Much gratitude for everyone that positively contributes to this forum. Huge blessings to ALL.

  • roos

    both kaku & gundersen (and his wife) and many other seen in the media over the last months, are pro nuclear but in disguise. don’t be mistaken by their quasi concerned tone.
    just disinformation agents trying to mitigate the ugly situation. these people are paid by the nuclear industry. period. everybody with a little understanding of nuclear knew 3 out of 6 were melted down, the day after the cooling systems broke down. and much more to come, be assured of that. all the quasi scientific talking etc is pure spin. nothing else.

    radiation is deadly, http://sfbayview.com/2011/chernobyl-consequences-of-the-catastrophe-25-years-later/ read this article from yablokov, the best scientist from russia on the issue who investigated chernobyl for almost all his adult scientific life, and jeanette sherman, an independent usa doctor with knowledge about nuclear. the amount of media spin about this fukushima disaster is huge, and beyond believe. the nuclear industry almost owns all the scientists that are working in this field. research with a different opinion is just not sponsored anymore. there are people talking about depopulation, also considering all the bombing with depleted uranium that is going on as we speak, iraq, afghanistan, libya etc… the world will never be the same again. do you own research and don’t trust any media nor all those ngo sponsored by the nwo. including disinformation agents like alec jones etc, pleas do your own research and check independent scientists. it is a matter of life and death not only for you but more specific for your children.

    • amen to all of that. note that Gundersen has run out of puff as the situation worsens: no updates at fairewinds.com since 22 May already! The situation now so bad he cannot spin it any more.

      …or perhaps he’s just gotten _really_ depressed.

      • charlie

        I’m disappointed by Arnie’s silence…have they gotten to him too?

        • tony wilson

          cut arnie some slack.
          1. he is an insider but is not liked by the industry because he is a whistleblower and on the indusries case.
          2.he is not a hand picked stooge mouthpiece by the industry.
          3.working with shit info and lies from tepco i think he has done a great job.
          4.folks what he does is kind of brave people get ill and die or commit suicide fighting corporations.
          people that make big trouble for the elites get snuffed out.car crashs,heart attacks being the main ones.
          5.his last video was bad, he was way to polite and i do think he has to be much more blunt now and tell it like it is.
          but the pressures must be difficult.
          6.he has done more in one little video than 99% of the scientists in this rotten sick nuclear industry.

          • NowWhat

            Amen Mr. Wilson.

            As far as I know Mr. Gunderson is the ONLY member of the US nuclear power industry who’s been willing to openly speak out about the dangers associated with the Fukushima disaster. Furthermore, he’s been using his own money and time to do this. I guarantee that Mr. Gunderson’s calm straight forward approach has more potential to influence the general population to reexamine the merits of nuclear power than any of the ‘the world is ending’ Chicken Littles that one sometimes reads.

            Go listen to most great speakers and you will find that almost all of them speak in a calm deliberate manner similar to Mr. Gunderson. He is a brave man who is bucking his own industry and he should be treated with respect until the facts say otherwise.

            To anyone who may be giving an ounce of credence to those accusing Mr. Gunderson of being a shill for his industry, I request that you go view Mr. Gunderson’s videos yourself.


            While watching them ask yourself, “Is this guy shilling for the industry?” I much doubt that your conclusion will be anything but “No”.

          • Jean Tanner

            I agree. AG has put his neck on the line trying to inform the public.
            He’s no shill.

      • anne

        There is a video from May 26 on fairewinds/updates.

    • stockdude

      It is worse, it is a matter of losing the basic thing that makes us human, forever, our DNA, and that of our beloved animals also.

    • Godzilla

      I really dislike it when people are said to be “owned” or a “shill” without the slightest evidence for it. This rude, stupid attitude is part of what’s been destroying civilization for the last few decades – the bigoted inability to politely consider the opinions of other people, especially other people who are trained professionals and are likely to know more than the average blogger.

  • SamsuLevin

    What´s going on worldwide?
    Seems like finally they´re letting the cat out of the bag.
    I wonder why?
    Is there something worse they want to hide?
    I´m totally confused this evening.

  • Ronald Moore

    The MSM has reported, essentially, nothing regarding FUBAR-kashima, so referring to the “worst imagination of the MSM” by a Physi-tainer while on the MSM? It’s so Meta, where’s my keffiyeh?

    Where’s the “Scud Studs” when you need them?

    Pick three of the emptiest, pretiest, talking heads and send them to do a live remote @ Reactor 3.

    “Well, you see Bob, my gums are bleeding and my hand just fell off but I can’t imagine why this is happening.”

    “I don’t know Raul, must have been some bad sushi. Hahahahah. Now back to you in New York.”

  • milk and cheese

    I have been listening to, and trusting, Dr. Michio Kaku for over 30 years. His broadcasts on WNYC were excellent. I do not believe that he is a shill for the nuclear industry. I also believe that Arnold Gundersen has been telling the truth.

    • Godzilla

      Kaku is one of the greatest physicists in the world, co-originator of string theory. He’s no more a shill for the nuclear industry than Albert Einstein was – he’s not employed by them and doesn’t need their money, since he has a lot of it from popularizing physics in the same way Hawking did.

      Immediately after this incident began he was on the MSM saying that this was much worse than claimed by the Japanese govt (he’s an American of Japanese heritage). He recommended immediately burying all the reactors in concrete just as was done in Chernobyl, even before it became known that there was a full meltdown.

      He’s honest, credible, and is one of the smartest guys on this planet.

      • Misanthrope

        String theory is a mathematical pseudoscience that sells to the readers of ‘popular science’. It’s moreover empirically a colossal failure and is essentially not taught at universities for that reason. ‘Popularising physics’. Yes, indeed. That makes him what?

    • nyc

      Indeed, I heard him speak about the dangers of nuclear power c. 1978 in a talk at CCNY.

  • roos

    milk and cheese, research for instance the late john goffman or the work of prof. ernest sternglass – the one who had kennedy sign the non test treaty back in ’63 – and read yablokov’s highly respected book on chernobyl (published by the new york academy of science, you can easily find a free download on the internet in pdf form. or check out chris busby from england llrc.org etc etc.

    and read about depopulation and the nwo, kissinger cum suis. read about depleted uranium – geoscientist leuren moret. or read about the discussion about the world health organization and and nuclear regulations, read about the laughable risk assessments these guys are using, completely fabricated, outdated and based on the wrong numbers (hiroshima). it is a huge health scam.

    just educate yourself, don’t just trust nor me nor gundersen and prof. kaku, and i don’t know if you have children, but if so, it seems to me you are obliged to do so. radioactive fall out alters the human dna, called genomic damage. and it doesn’t matter that japan is 5500 miles from the usa and europe a little over double that distance. eventually the entire northern hemisphere will be exposed. and don’t forget low radiation exposure over a longer period of time is even more damaging to human health than a one time high exposure. don’t trust me, just educate yourself. both kaku and gundersen are pro nuclear spin!


    • NowWhat

      Your major point is about the long term harmful consequences of even low levels of radiation. I to believe this is damaging. But, then you conclude your statement by insinuating that Dr. Kaku and Arnie Gunderson are nothing but spin masters for the industry. That’s interesting, I have never heard the two men address your primary concern. So, why do you insinuate that they disagree with you?

      Please provide information on when and where Dr. Kaku and Arnie Gunderson are on record as refuting your major concern. An internet link to a paper or an interview will do.

  • roos

    ps and milk & cheese, don’t eat any milk and cheese.
    dairy in the usa is highly contaminated.

  • nyc_hudsonman

    Oh, well. I knew it from the beginning, but it really makes me sick again in my stomach.

    I will tell you a story. I am in marketing industry, have been in job market last month, and gotten a pretty good job offer with handsome salary from a prestigious company. Guess what. I just turn it down. The job requires me to travel to Tokyo and STAY THERE for 2-3 weeks per month. I am not crazy, and I know what is important for me, my wife and my children. I rather be cautious than feel sorry later. TOKYO is just 180 miles away from Fukushima, and I am not going to Japan whatsoever. The company tried to persuade me it is OK to go to Tokyo. I am so amzed somepeople really try to send soemone there. I am so concerned what if someone will take the job “for money” in this economy, and exposed him/herself to the fatal radiation, get cancer to die in years. The latency of radiation is 2-10 years as all we know. I will stay in US and take care of myself & myfamily as much as I can. God bless all!




  • nyc_hudsonman–GOOD CHOICE! I’ll bet that was a hard choice–as silly as that seems–I can imagine! Anyway–Kudos–I wish more parents had their heads in their correct anatomical positions!

  • milk and cheese

    Roos, I find your post highly insulting. I’m well aware that low level radiation is dangerous. What does that have to do with trusting Kaku or Gundersen? I’d rather listen to them than to you. I do not have kids (never wanted any in today’s world) and am thankful for that. And I don’t eat milk or cheese. Some people here have a real irony shortage.

  • milk and cheese

    By the way, Mr. Dead Guy isn’t really dead.

  • Mudge

    This guy talks as if the crisis is over
    Sea water turned it into oatmeal
    we can all go home now.

    How ridiculous. Isn’t northern japan already lost?

  • Cognitive Duality

    One statement by Kichio Kaku caught my ear.

    Question: Without the sea water, what would have happened?

    Answer: Kaku’s response seemed to describe “what actually happened,” not “what might have happened.”

    To me, a psychologist, it appeared that Kaku’s message had double meaning.

    Of course, I might be crazy. Most psychologists are.

  • **** As Dr. Michio Kaku, a world renowned CUNY theoretical physicist pointed out on CNN March 18, 2011, Chernobyl involved one reactor and only 57.6 Tons of the reactor core went into the atmosphere. In dramatic contrast, the Fukushima Daiichi disaster immediately involved six reactors and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN Agency) documented 2,800 Tons of highly radioactive old reactor cores.

    Simple division tells us there are at least 48.6 Chernobyls in the burning old reactor cores pumping fiery isotopes into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is no stretch to say Fukushima Daiichi’s six reactors and the dry holding pools for old reactor cores are equal to more than 50 Chernobyl disasters.

    Further clarification is needed, of course, and it is being worked out now by independent physicists. Note that the lethality of radioactive reactor cores goes up the first 250,000 years they are out of the reactor – not down.

    Looking at the current Japanese meltdown as more than 50 Chernobyls is just the start. In addition, the fate of the four nearby reactors at Fukushima Daini is as yet unknown by the outside world. Working at the nearby reactors, only 10 km (6 miles away) is a quick, painful death sentence. They are inside the mandatory evacuation zone.****


    • SteveMT

      The 2,800 tons may also be a conservative estimate.

      Chernobyl only had 180 tons of fuel. Fukushima has over 4,000 tons
      Mar 29, 2011

      Chernobyl only had 180 tons of fuel. Fukushima has over 4,000 tons of radioactive potential fuel that can ALL melt down and/or explode spread out inside the Fukushima facility that is in BIG trouble.
      What if all of this 4,000 tons of nuclear material goes into meltdown, in a cascade fashion, one after another? It is the height of stupidity to put all of those plants together into one place. Who would then think it safe to store all of the spent but still highly radioactive fuel ABOVE the active core, in the attic so to speak… Why would anyone do that? It is like piling thousands of loaded five gallon cans of gasoline above a HUGE wood bonfire. Who does that?


      • john lh

        It is between 3000-7600MT fuel.

        But it is not just simply the quantity, the MOX inside of N0.3 is more deadly than all of the the other 5 reactor.

        The rough figure is 50 to 50,000 time worst than Chernobly.

        I believe there is no any scientists on this planet has made any such study.

        And the truth is that we will never have the chance to do so now.

        All of the Japanese and the people on this earth, is like the forg put into the water inside and cooking pot, the fire is slowly warm up the water ,till it is too late for the forg to make any movement and reaction!

    • Jean Tanner

      Thanks for the reminder, Anthony!

      “the fate of the four nearby reactors at Fukushima Daini is as yet unknown by the outside world. Working at the nearby reactors, only 10 km (6 miles away) is a quick, painful death sentence. They are inside the mandatory evacuation zone.****”

  • AustralianCannonball

    Here is a link of a video I made about Fukushima:


  • Superfreaked

    Me thinks they lost Northern Japan to a steam explossion but may still be in denial.

  • Has Dr.Kaku has become the king of disinformation? I see two major issues in what he said. First, children being exposed to 20 times a nuclear plant worker’s limit. He got it wrong. It’s 20 times the adult’s legal limit, which is twice that of a German nuclear plant worker. It is still bad, but at least get the facts right, mr Phd!!
    And secondly, he states that they have prevented a Chernobyl like explosion when in fact, Erni Gundersen and Chris Busby have demonstrated that reactor 3 with the MOX fuel was actually a nuclear type of explosion and not just a hydrogen explosion.
    Luckily for Japan the radioactive dust particles ejected (plenty of plutonium) went straight over the pacific towards North America, which experienced a big spike soon after, and the ensuing cover-up.

    • Godzilla

      John, before accusing Kaku of “disinformation” it might be more intelligent to say that he has made a mistake, just as you have in this post. You’re not the Prince of Disinformation for making a mistake, are you?

      Chernobyl was indeed somewhat different in character than #3. It was not a nuclear explosion in the sense of a runaway fission explosion such as from a nuclear bomb. I don’t remember Gunderson talking about #3 that way, but then I probably haven’t seen all his vids. I saw the one in which he claimed that the #4 fuel pool experienced a prompt criticality that fortunately dispersed the fuel. At any rate, neither was like Chernobyl.