Japan and IAEA “grossly downplaying” Fukushima cesium releases — Chernobyl-like levels leaked from plant (AUDIO)

Published: April 25th, 2013 at 3:33 pm ET


Title: Can’t Win? Change the Rules!
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Date: April 24, 2013

[…] On today’s podcast, Arnie and Helen discuss the associated health risks of various types of radioactive releases, how regulators and the nuclear industry are downplaying those releases, and the current state of the Fukushima clean up. “The recovery of the site will go nowhere as long as Tokyo Electric is in charge,” says Arnie.

At 8:00 in

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer: I think the cesium concentration is going to be comparable to what was released at Chernobyl […]

I think the IAEA and the Japanese are grossly downplaying cesium releases.

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Published: April 25th, 2013 at 3:33 pm ET


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27 comments to Japan and IAEA “grossly downplaying” Fukushima cesium releases — Chernobyl-like levels leaked from plant (AUDIO)

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    But who will take the truth & put in the MSM? No one until some congress person gets sick from flying on our dime!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      "some congress person" IS sick from Fukushima and I'd bet they don't have a clue YET….nothing will change until d-head Obama or his wife and/or kids get sick(maybe)?!! He doesn't seem concerned about anyone besides himself anyway……nuke-sponsored scumbags are all the same! 🙁 ~**

  • nedlifromvermont

    "cesium releases are going to be comparable to Chernobyl" … ???

    … going to be?? …

    • pcjensen

      yah! way gross understatement of the century. holy crow, Arnie! Unless he knows something about Chernobyl the rest of us don't know, it seems very very … ugh…. why would he say that unless he is still beholden to nuc industry?

      It's like comparing cherries to grapefruits, Arnie. And the grapefruit has an ongoing effect that the cherry did not. Though, the cherry is still a problem, it isn't anywhere near as bad as Fuku. A real travesty and his statement is no help for total comprehension. What a waste.

    • ftlt

      Must be referring to airborne releases not the total released… Believe, he is on record as having stated Fukushima was a bigger in overall releases already in the past…

      Chernobyl's massive fire was really was more efficient in getting the cesium up into the air…

    • ion jean ion jean

      You can say that again Arnie! Cesium 137 is actually being created long after the event as a daughter product of Krypton 137 which is why we see so much of it compared to some other radioisotopes…the environmental levels are actually still rising, in part because of fuel still exposed to air here there and everywhere in solid or liquid corium lava state, and as the Kr137 decays into it…see nuclearcrimes.org and Wikipedia

      Peace fellow VTer Nedli ! Tell me how soon do you think VY will be decommissioned?

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Yes, from above…

      … going to be?? …



  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Fukushima Daiichi is leaking radiation, with no end in sight.

    • +1

      …non-stop and accumulating into the atmosphere and OCEAN!

      IMO – Most of the comparing and number crunching is meant to confuse and deceive.

  • weeman

    I am sorry Arnie I think is not good enough, we need definitive proof, how we get it I don't know but I would think someone out there has the data and in that case someone will crack, you can't keep the cat in the hat forever we know the cat is in the hat.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Well here is what the responsible parties have to say:

      **Study: No radioactive cesium in 99% of Fukushima, Ibaraki residents
      Previous Article
      TEPCO plans for storing radioactive water dealt heavy blow
      Next Article
      TEPCO to stop using underground tanks at Fukushima plant
      April 11, 2013

      By FUMIKAZU ASAI/ Senior Staff Writer
      Radioactive cesium has not been detected in 99 percent of people in Fukushima Prefecture, host of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, and neighboring Ibaraki Prefecture since March 2012, a study showed.

      A research team led by Ryugo Hayano, a physics professor at the University of Tokyo, examined internal radiation exposure levels of 30,000 people using a whole-body counter at a hospital in Hirata, Fukushima Prefecture, between October 2011 and November 2012.

      The results showed that since March last year, cesium-137 has been detected in only 1 percent of around 20,000 examinees. They changed their clothing before the examination to prevent false positive readings caused by soil on clothes.

      Cesium-137 was detected in 0.09 percent of children 15 or younger after March 2012, but the percentage fell to zero after May 2012.**


      To which I ask…. how can these numbers be if 40% of the kids have thyroid irregularities? What to believe….

      • weeman

        It does make you wonder, how can it be what they are proposing is that it was a minor accident with little atmospheric contamination and the majority of contamination is in the ocean?. Ridicules.
        No question about it they are down playing it.

  • "Atmospheric or Oceanic releases"?

    Over the past two years, multiple releases were reported. ground water release; cooling system release; venting release; deflagratorian release; Releases via re-contamination via cleaning previously affected areas. Food distribution is also a candidate of "redistribution of nuclides, and or cesium releases to the public".

    Maybe they are expecting everyone to eat their fair share, prior to taking an actual third party investigation into what had been released.

    • Jay

      Tacomagroove , if they would replace ' Release ' wit ' Piss ' maybe , just maybe more than just 10,000 people daily would visit this great informative web site .

      Promote ? Duh !

      • Jay

        No , no , I am not kidding !

        Go ahead and read again Tacomagroove post but replacing ' Release' with 'Piss' … Ya , get's more attention , no ?

        i.e. Impact , brain-thowing , nuts-cracking , Bastille all over again , etc.

    • pcjensen

      not to forget the burning of rad waste w/ releases to atmosphere…

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I believe this catastrophic disaster is worse than Chernobyl. Not saying Chernobyl isn't a catastrophic disaster, it is also horrific.

    I believe it is comparable to Chernobyl that they are both on going and will be until they learn how to control these monsters.

    Both these disasters have the same out come for people and the environment.

    Nuclear Power is not safe, how can it be when they leak, can't control it, and there isn't a big enough pooper scooper to handle the waste.

  • A program to attack these problems is in the process of becoming pregnant at http://www.aesopinstitute.org

  • ftlt

    It is strange that somehow ocean releases are thought to be less threatening… I think, the jury is out… Esp, given the rich fishery shallow coastal water nature of the Fukushima releases.

    Again, Arnie was certainly referring to airborne releases.. He is on record for having stated Fukushima has already bypassed Chernobyl in total releases

  • Ancient Voices

    For the life of me I can't figure why there isn't a Fukushima Truth Movement. The alternative news leaders could get one started, but they have from the start failed to show any realization this is the TOP news story / this is an ELE in the making. They won't be able to continue with reporting on the things they have been focusing on (TSA, gun control etc etc, oh–and their contests over this and that lesser issue) if they die from a cesium-induced heart attack. What is going on????

    • vital1 vital1

      We have to become our own MSM.

      We have to get the true message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is. We must do this quickly, and efficiently. Getting frustrated reading this stuff without taking psychical action to change it is a waste of life. I am suggesting we create our own world press organization. Each one of us can distribute lots of important life saving information to those around us.

      It has to be diverse and decentralized concerted organized mass effort. Everyone distributing the information in their own local area, or Internet social networks. If you have recorded local data showing raised radiation levels try your local media, and see if they will write an article.

      For this process to work well, we need different flyers created by lots of you. The central message being, how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is. No leaders, just personal action.

      Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Totally with you Vital1. My personal experience is that people, including close friends DONT WANT TO KNOW. Its a study in mass psychology.

        Information is not enough anyway. The mass zeitgeist must change. Information is a part of it, for sure, but apparently not enough, as so much is so achingly obvious, yet has no impact on the mass psyche. Even if I force the issue, it goes nowhere. Personally, I had to give up on the public.

        But ultimately, who controls? The VOTER?? Take away the military force and the media force of a powerful group and whats left to impose the insanity? Arent we at the point where we CANT take away the military and "mind control" which is inherent in the "system"? But more than that, the developmental status of mankind as a whole? Collapse is the default solution. Many species have gone this way.

    • pcjensen

      some of us have been doing the truth movement, it has had some success in reaching individuals whose eyes are wide open already. But, when you have MSM and politicians turning blind eyes and even lying in some cases, truthers become maligned, harassed, called extremist… what have you… I was doing it in twitter since Aug 2011 and in FB, but… a few very strange things have occurred during that time occurred and I'm out now. CISPA is a dangerous tool and my experience tells me the pro nukers are way more powerful than I. That said – follow people in twitter, you don't have to join, just read their tweets and then amplify their findings to others, widen the circle that is already drawn. recommend: enter each of these in the twitter search field and go see their tweets: @EXSKF @1CaptD @ThatArcher @Enformable @DrHCaldicott @FRCSR @FRCSRJP @Birdhairjp @fukushima_actu @OccupyJapan12 just as a start – also search for fukushima there to see a whole lotta dialog.

  • PinkFlamingo PinkFlamingo

    Japan bailed out Tepco but won't spend money to evacuate children…

    "A Japanese court has dismissed a lawsuit demanding that the government pay for the re-settlement of children from the city of Koriyama, 60 km from the site of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which suffered a meltdown in 2011.

    On Wednesday, the Sendai High Court said that while the radiation level in the city of over 300 thousand still exceeds the Japanese average, it poses no danger to health, and said those worried are free to re-locate at their own expense."


  • Ancient Voices

    I have to agree the public does not want to know. That's human nature, not to want to look at horror. But the aware groups, including the real movers and shakers in the alternative press (Global Research, for example,did wake up many and did significantly thwart socioeconomic et al collapse. But where are they now? Why is there no Fukushima Truth Movement? They just go on with their usual fare, sticking an article about Fukushima's effects–including a little thing like mass animal die offs–in the middle of other articles about TSA or whatever. Has anyone analyzed this insanity on their part?? They've been busy reporting on and fighting full catastrophe living when the truth is final catastrophe living.

    • pcjensen

      You can't worry about others at this point. Because this has gone on so long many are already "infected" via air, water, food. All we can really do is recommend high value, detoxifying/protective ideas like fermented foods and staying out of the environs when you know the air comes from Japan. Grow your own food undercover/indoors. Take care of yourself and family first. Hope others follow your regimen. See how the cards fall out in the end. No pun intended.