Japan Author: Fukushima disaster “impossible to control” — Senior Scientist: The sheer number of things going wrong… they’ve never solved any problems — Mutual Fund: Officials never regained control at plant

Published: December 3rd, 2013 at 7:57 pm ET


AFP, Dec. 3, 2013: Norwegian investment fund KLP said Monday it had sold its shares in [Tepco] due to its handling of the disaster. The mutual fund, which manages the pensions and insurance plans of public servants and is worth around 370 billion kroner (44 billion euros, $60 billion), owned about eight million kroner in Tepco shares. […] “After the accident, the company did not manage to regain control of the situation or to prevent further leaks,” [Heidi Finskas, KLP adviser for responsible investments] added in a statement. […] “It’s been two and a half years and the situation is still not under control.”

Ken Buesseler, senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Dec. 3, 2013: “With the sheer number of things that are going wrong, they should be more openly bringing in help […] Tepco is a nuclear power producer, not a cleanup operation. There are people with expertise in decommissioning reactors, and they need to be brought in whether they are Japanese, European or American. Every time they have a problem, they come up with a solution that takes a long time to bring in, and then doesn’t even solve the problem. […] They have said some silly things, that it’s largely under control. That doesn’t really mean anything when you are out on a ship and you are seeing elevated levels of these isotopes. ‘Under control’ is not a good phrase for the situation right now.”

Japan Focus, Nov. 3, 2013: Saito Minako is an award-winning literary critic, feminist writer, prolific author. The translation [that follows] is from her weekly column “Column of Hon’ne (True Inner Feelings)”: Languages of politicians have always been treasure troves of lies and deception.  But watching a number of new Japanese phrases the Abe Administration spews out one after another, I started to think that perhaps we even need a special new dictionary for this administration alone. For example: With respect to the radioactive waste water from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, the administration used the phrase “being under control (kontororu sarete iru).” But the situation is such that it is actually more fitting to say it is “impossible to control (seigyo fukano).”

See also: [intlink id=”former-diplomat-fukushima-disaster-going-almost-infinity-im-afraid-official-will-never-be-resolved-situation-plant-continues-bloomberg-prime-minister-told-party-japans-response-failing-audio” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 3rd, 2013 at 7:57 pm ET


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116 comments to Japan Author: Fukushima disaster “impossible to control” — Senior Scientist: The sheer number of things going wrong… they’ve never solved any problems — Mutual Fund: Officials never regained control at plant

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    That is where to hit the nuke industry… Stocks and mutual funds. They understand that.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There are people with expertise in decommissioning reactors, and they need to be brought in whether they are Japanese, European or American.

    There is no way to 'decommission' Fukushima Npp.
    Buesseler should quit enabling the 'silliness'.
    More contractors..more studies.

    Then what?

    • Bones Bones

      Right on, good clarity for me. Thanks. Yes, this decommission crap makes people think it can be decommissioned. Chernobyl is not, TMI EVENTUALLY was, and Fuku is monumental, but not impossible. I see Fukushima as this thing in the back of all Japanese minds and they try to hide it or "run" away by escapism and ignorance. By "all Japanese" I mean nuke-supporting/nuke-allowing Japanese. Releases may be stopped or under strict strict control like Chernobyl, but a massive effort first acknowledging the problems and then solutions and implement that shit. All of Japan's budget should be used to "fix" this. At least stop the releases! It needs to be segregated from out environment period. It is the only way of achieving any sort of idea of decommissioned or should I just say stopped releasing into our environment for now.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Exactly Heart of the Rose, perhaps a couple of years ago they could have listened to the advice of Arnie Gundersen and others when told to build a trench and line it with zeolite or dig underneath in order to possibly contain the corium , etc. but absolutely close to nothing has been done to contain this ongoing nuclear nightmare and now it's beyond control. I realize it was a triple whammy Japan was faced with and that many roads were inaccessible at the time of the accident but really to let it reach the point of no return is unacceptable to say the least. IMHO

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        And then do what with it at the end of the ditch?
        How is it to be contained and cooled?

        Point of no return.. yep.

  • kintaman kintaman

    "Officials have never regained control of plant" – Anyone following this whole disaster with an open mind should know this.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Buesseler is a Grade A disinformation + downplay jackass. Wish he wasn't someone we relied upon for information.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      I agree. Just seeing his name makes me sick to my stomach

      • Kashiko Kashiko

        Perhaps he'll get a good dose of radiation which will result in a heart attack soon. That'll shut him up quick

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Regardless how you may feel about him, do you truly wish him personal harm?

          • Kashiko Kashiko

            Just pissed off with the lies and deceit and the cover ups and the secrecy and the debunkers and the disinformation and the …………

            • bo bo

              I totally understand kashiko

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Well, yes, I understand totally. Sometimes I think the world would be better off w/o these troublemakers and liars. Have to try hard to control my thoughts & what I say about them sometimes. Difficult to separate the people from the issues. In a way, they are inseparable.

          • Bones Bones

            I honestly do. I wouldn't actually do anything permanent to them, but karma is real. I think sometimes certain evil men need to be brought to light. Not killed, but where is the justice? That is the underlying problem here. ZERO JUSTICE, ZERO RESPONSIBLITY!!! The Japan, inc. motto!

    • amberlight amberlight

      One of these days one of the pointed slats of that fence Buesseler is sitting on is going to nail him good. A couple of quotes come to mind:

      "You're either on the bus or you're off the bus." Ken Kesey

      "No man can serve two masters…" Jesus of Nazareth

    • Cisco Cisco

      Here's another disinformation whore for the records…Edward Morse, UC Berkeley's Department of Nuclear Engineering. Make way for Ed, he's got the good talking points.


      • Bones Bones

        The moment I see UC Berkeley I get sick to my stomach. Fucking brainwashed shills.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Cisco, from your link above.

        "Thomas McKone, deputy for research programs at the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Department of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, pointed to a National Geographic article that noted that the 300 tons of contaminated water reportedly leaking from the Fukushima plant each day would, if the rate remained consistent, amount to .00000000014 percent of the total volume of the Pacific Ocean after ten years. ' As an environmental health scientist, the radiation from Fukushima is [nowhere] on my list of issues of concern," he wrote in an email. "I cannot imagine a Fukushima release scenario where eating fish from the Pacific would pose a health risk from radiation that in any way competes with the significant health benefits of eating fish.' "

        Di-lution is no so-lution.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I do not like to judge but I do find Ken's statements to be rather condescending and leaning toward pro nuclear thus I appreciate that others seem to feel the same.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Stating that "things are going wrong" implies that there's a "right way", but there isn't. And never was. The nuclear industry has no clue what to do with a single plant disaster such as this. And never did.

    Another blunder is assuming that "control" could have, or should have, been "regained".

    Obviously, there are still many people out there that simply don't have feel for this disaster, and it's likely outcome.

    But we're here. And anyone can take a look, and get a heads up on what's really going on with this sickening nuclear disaster.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    “It’s been two and a half years and the situation is still not under control.”
    The nuclear industry has to learn the limits of the public's tolerance of incompetence.
    Do the job, or step aside.
    Oh, and the government will liquidate your assets. 😉

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Oh, and where is the damn corium, eh, TEPCO?

      (You guys should be put on the stand, and held to your testimony.)

      We don't care if you are not a nuclear engineer.

      We don't care if you are a nuclear engineer.




      (Answer the question, or be found in contempt of court, and be jailed.)

      • Bones Bones

        Just mic a TEPCO exec and throw him in the reactor vessel. He can be our robot for information till he bleeds to death and turns to goo. Fitting end. They need to be forced to encounter the horrors of radiation…PERIOD. Nothing will change without some empathy from these evil men AND women.

        • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

          One slight flaw with your plan, I'm afraid. You have to be human (or at least organic) to feel horror or pain. They would mske suitable bots, though.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The coriums..are/must be gone! 🙁

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    I wonder who bought the shares.. it would be like buying shares in the Titanic or re-arranging the deck chairs as the boat sinks, to possess such shares surely..?

    Still, you can't blame them for wanting to hang on to some hope can you .. that's all there is, even though it's blatantly pointless from where we stand.

    • weeman

      The only one to buy the stocks is tepco to pretend the company is solvent, I would expect many other investment companies have ditched there shares to and took the loss.

      • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

        Yeah, logic would dictate that they do that.. but do they have that kind of money? That means that they will have even less.. maybe someone in the govt' over there purchased them… for the same reason.. it seems to be all about loosing face, a fatally flawed form of self aggrandizement.. or a more sinister agenda perhaps..

        • Kashiko Kashiko

          I think you would need to get all your money out of Japan. Although when this is all over money will be pretty pointless

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            Kashiko said:

            "Although when this is all over money will be pretty pointless"


            Best to enjoy each day as if it were the last in quality and good pure life. Do for yourself, and others all you can in every big way. It all counts where we all end up at eventually. Treasures held now, are nothing compared to those you lay up now, for later.


            • JMR

              Awesome blog post. I'm glad you took the time to gather all these stories in one place. Thank you.

            • babbo dorian babbo dorian

              James Tekton….

              Wisest word ever postes here….

              In my very small possibilities….. I try……

              Good things for you bro…

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              James, maybe it's a function of the location at which the filming was done. That being said, all the video I've previously watched showing Monterey Bay showed large amounts of kelp. Divers had to wave the kelp away from themselves to navigate in the waters.

              The kelp in the video you linked to looks very, very sickly. It looks like it's barely alive.

      • Bones Bones

        Nothing but massive economic fraud keeps a MELTDOWN from destroying your energy company. Same with BP. Why can they operate here in the U.S. along with Haliburton and Transocean??? Who makes this stupid decisions. This is not socialism this is fascism. Make no mistake all states are fascist.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      2ToBeExpected, like a game of "musical lifeboats" on the Titanic?

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    This is what I believe today, December 3rd 2013:

    – Fukushima Daiichi is beyond repair. There is no way to stop the flow of radioactive materials into the Pacific.

    – Although we are experiencing the biggest coverup in human history, the governments of the world are doing everything that they can to mitigate the problem behind the scenes without causing a mass panic.

    – My government, The United States Government, although they are silent on the issue, will do everything in their power to protect as many people as they possibly can from an inevitable doom.

    We still have good and just people in power. They are just up against a force that we cannot stop. We are all in over our heads and we are trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

    • SadieDog

      I hate the phrase, mitigate the problem, especially here. I have absolutely zero faith in our bought and paid for bunch of liars in D.C. And you can be sure of one thing , they don't give one bit of a damn about you.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Actually, they are doing nothing but trying to amass as much individual wealth as possible.

      "Fixing" the problem with asphalt? You could hardly say that they are trying to spend money on this problem. They should build a wall to keep the groundwater from getting to the nuclear plant. But that would take money. A new earthquake could break it and it wouldn't last very long under the best of circumstances. The sarcophagus of Chernobyl is a case in point. It didn't last 30years. The cesium level hasn't halved as they believed it would. Looks like the models for radioactive decay are not taking all circumstances into account–like the continued criticality of nuclear fuel. And people just want to build more and more nuclear reactors?

      Where is common sense? What happened to the belief that all life is sacred? What happened to treasuring the biosphere, the sustainer of life? What happened to treasuring and preserving our basic natural resources of air, land, and water, including life in the ocean?

      • Socrates

        They are covering it up AND grabbing as much as they can.

        If people knew, there would be an immediate economic crash and riots.

        In some ways that ignorance will extend the normalcy period. Then comes the hollow-nose. Try getting food and water and it will be just like Katrina victims times a thousand. Many will just give up. But all will end up the same way eventually. Fukushima Daiichi will ultimately be abandoned as quake after quake and typhoon after typhoon strikes and the ground collapses. The buildings will crumble and things will fission without containment.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Anne Said:

        "Where is common sense? What happened to the belief that all life is sacred? What happened to treasuring the biosphere, the sustainer of life? What happened to treasuring and preserving our basic natural resources of air, land, and water, including life in the ocean?"

        All that was replaced by the population elimination agenda and an iphone connected to the biobot that does not give a patuda-pod about any of this. Get used to it, and stand off away from the stampede.

      • KiloCharley KiloCharley

        anne, Consider this; Why is it even possible that the US raised the acceptable limit of radionuclides in food to 1,200 Bq/Kg when the Japan limit is 100 Bq/Kg Max? Newcomer here, been lurking and learning. Wavin' a hand at all.

        • Mack Mack

          Welcome to Enenews, KiloCharley.

          Yeah, raising radiation limits will cook us from the inside out, while radiation falling on us from the rain and air will cook us from the outside in.

          I just can't see a way to stay healthy with this continous exposure.

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      The whole thing about the governments is a bit shortsighted. If all the people die who will they govern?

      • rakingmuck

        The real criminal part, if it can get more criminal, is why that won't happen. The UN sits in the middle and is the backbone of both the IAEA and The Hague. The IAEA came out with a glowing report on TEPCO progress yesterday that the UN happily signed off on. Japan belongs to only one of the Hague's criminal tribunal courts – Maritime – not Crimes Against Humanity. On August 11, 2013 PM ABE announced his vision for the future security of Japan was modeled after the Nazi Party. No one said one word. In the Security Council of the UN not one peep. Why? Because the US, Russia and China are engaged in a much larger chess game of geopolitics with the US and Russia on one side, China on the other. What is happening in Fukushima does not even register as a problem. The sacrifice zones have been duly noted. They moved on two years ago.

        • Kashiko Kashiko

          Nice observation rakingmuck

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Some scrap over some islands..
          In this instance ..a coin toss would have done just as well.
          The US goes in to fight Chinese aggression..while in fact the US..is defecating all over the Japan… as usual.
          Natural disasters.. nothing compared to the continual aggression of one set of humans against the other.
          This activity..assures..a type of Hades..
          Supposedly..Hades isn't just a place to take a steam bath..
          It is a place of perpetual torment.
          Rather like on Earth..now.
          Humans can not rise above base emotions and activities.. and thereby suffer torment..to continue such things.
          Driven..as they call it..
          To the point they have the audacity to play God..or aliens or both.
          There will be no brilliant thoughts of rescue coming from 'black ops, etc'.
          Cunning and cruelty rules in those ranks.
          They are too busy turning things to dust.
          (In a sneaky way.. of course.)

          Project Blue Beam: Government Plans Fake Alien Invasion To Usher in World Peace


          World peace..ya..world control..

    • Michele

      I agree that our government is working behind the scenes as well as others, but it is to continue the charade that all is well. The nuclear industry has already paid $40 million to spread misinformation, for example; the shills that continue to say that the ocean will dilute the radiation. Our government continues to deploy our military and their families to Japan and willingly allowed the sailors on board the USS Navy ship, Ronald Reagan to be contaminated while telling them that they were on a "humanitarian mission". The concern here is to keep the public focused on another crisis while maintaining a blackout of the truth.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Humanitarian mission. Let's see, that's what we did in Libya, right?

        • nedlifromvermont

          Actually, the original "humanitarian mission" would have been Manhattan Project, Trinity Test, Hiroshima and Nagasaki …

          So much for "humanitarian missions" ….

          Hang in there 'newsers, "Tsunami of Truth" arriving momentarily at Track Fifteen …

          peace …

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Zardoz said:

      "- Although we are experiencing the biggest coverup in human history, the governments of the world are doing everything that they can to mitigate the problem behind the scenes without causing a mass panic."

      And we thought 9/11 was the world largest coverup.

    • Bones Bones

      As Anne so brilliantly always points out. These people know exactly what they are doing. Running toxic death factories that they hide behind fake numbers and fake paid off studies so they can sleep at night. They are evil scum.

      • Bones Bones

        You are just cattle to them and as such, does life stop when a cow dies? When many die, yes, but a couple here and there and no studies into its real cause and people shrug it off like there are no alternatives.

  • bo bo

    In regards to language used for fukushima, the government and tepco seem to rarely use the word 'radiation' or radioactive' – instead, they always use the word 'dirty water' or 'polluted water'(osensui) . The assumption is that the water is dirty and polluted with radiation. Radiation levels in air food and water are simply called 'levels' ( senryou). Again, assumption is that those are radiation 'levels'.

    • bo bo

      For the japanese government to feel the need to manipulate language to avoid even mentioning the word 'radiation'… radiation must be a really awful thing.

      • Kashiko Kashiko

        It was the same with Minamata disease. (Mercury poisoning) Same language, same attitude. History repeating itself

        • Socrates

          Japan has a rather poor history in regard to consumer safety. Use of asbestos continued in Japan until late 1990s. Other countries had banned use of asbestos by that date. Honda ATV litigation revealed that the All – Terrain Vehicle was a crippled of young adults since it was a three – wheeler, an unsafe design for inexperienced riders and young people.

          Japanese manufacturers tend to have a negative view of consumer lawyers. It was hoped that consumer rights would evolve in Japan. This hope has not materialized unfortunately. The right to sue for damages is relatively scant.

  • Igmz Igmz

    Ahh my friends so here we are..my grandfather, aged 94, whose stories from the Great Depression and ww2 are hard to the core, he who went to work on a dairy farm at the age of 9 so his family back home could get eggs and milk and cheese and not starve..(while the Big Boys on Wall Street all walked away unscathed) is now wasting away from dementia a living shell of a man, all skin and bones and old memories brought into present day..dying by degree, medicated and senseless..I must confess, (as I here digress) I pray ferverently that he should die an honorable death, surrounded by friends and in conscious form pass over, not strapped to a chair in some hell hole "home".. Or lost in the past with only old ghosts for company…My point being, reading theses posts and attendant prognostications, if fuku-nuclear-oil-pollution is for us at last, the end, and if there truly is no God left save Death, then my prayer for myself at least (and dare I say–for one and all?), is the same as for my grandfather: May the time we have left, and our ultimate deaths at least be honorable! Let it not be said that we were cowards, or that we died silent or afraid, but rather that we were warriors, that we woke up at long last from our terra cotta sleep, and that we fought the good fight, that we illuminated the masses, with no regrets-only deep sorrow..perhaps an epitaph fitting to our memory?

    • Socrates

      Wall Streeters stole us blind and wrote our epitaphs. They started the wars and caused the financial crashes.

      The robber barons are never prosecuted. Their monopolies are guaranteed. The big energy companies control the planet and have destroyed the life giving force in their greed and avarice.

      Uncontaminated food and water will be controlled by financiers. We could have public banking for credit were it not for Wall Street and the City of London. Our politicians are puppets of multinational corporations. Follow the yellow brick road…Off to see the Wizard…

      • Socrates

        Corporate officials end up throwing their own children under the bus.

        • flatsville

          >>>Uncontaminated food and water will be controlled by financiers.<<<

          If it contiues like this, only slightly less contaminated food and water will be available.

          They've thrown their grandkids under the bus for certain at this rate.

          Perhaps the only way to explain this to them is that it is a "bad business model."

          • Socrates


            "Bad business model…." maybe a merger of capitalism and socialism has already occurred. The issue is more who controls
            the merged systems globally.

            Left and right these days are about social or religious issues rather than how the global economic pie is owned and controlled.

            I see more of pretextual surface issues to divide people while promoting a unified global consensus that gives people the illusion of democracy in many instances. Witness the global financier cartels, for example.

            The system of "profit" hinges on control of banking and food production. The means of production are also controlled, but are of lesser importance in the post-industrial world where control of energy is also key. In this scheme or set up, whether left or right, global control is important.

            In Washington, D.C., both parties agree on the critical energy and financial systems that are increasingly global. The Green Party does not. But otherwise we all know where profits go.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Imgz Said:

      "May the time we have left, and our ultimate deaths at least be honorable! Let it not be said that we were cowards, or that we died silent or afraid, but rather that we were warriors, that we woke up at long last from our terra cotta sleep, and that we fought the good fight, that we illuminated the masses, with no regrets-only deep sorrow..perhaps an epitaph fitting to our memory?"

      May your grandfather be honored and know he is loved by you, who has brought forth into the now, every bit of man he is, and was. You will, like many here, always represent the higher values and greater morals of all society's all the way to the end. To all these and yourself, big honors await in the Highest Places.

      Grandfathers travel on wings of glory…the tears of soldiers fall and burn the garden green.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Yes Igmz,
      Good luck..

  • razzz razzz

    You can browse these Yahoo Finance headlines concerning TEPCO. Deals in the heartless and cold realities of money making or not. Pain and suffering doesn't exist in the trading world except when applied to bank accounts.


  • Igmz Igmz

    Yes..!!..for the LOVE of money is at the root of all evil, and all of it, unnecessary, really, all the pain and hardship, illness, poverty..unnecessary, unneeded, but never to be undone…there are some-things, however, that NOW must be done, and they are not no-things, to be done by no-one..so to borrow a phrase–if not us, then who, and if not now, then when?? It is truly an honor to be in this fight with you my friends!

  • Socrates

    Ken Bresseler assumes that there is some kind of help that can be brought in. Where does the funding come from? TEPCO wants the profits and Japan doesn't want to lose face.

    Once credibility is gone, there is no trust. TEPCO lied repeatedly already. All governments with nuclear are looking bad, except Germany.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Socrates said:

      "…Japan doesn't want to lose face."

      Well, since these japanese are a bunch of arses for letting this continue to happen unabated, it must be that they have already lost face.

  • razzz razzz

    "low-energy isotope"?? That would be plutonium and uranium, right? Slow decay rates. Centuries vs decades.

    "…Dale Klein, former head of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission who now serves as an outside adviser to TEPCO, said the low-energy isotope is less dangerous than other isotopes such as cesium and strontium, and can be safely released into the sea when diluted. He said it is a political decision that Japan has to make.

    “The United States had to face that issue when we had the Three Mile Island (nuclear accident). You ultimately have to decide what you are going to do with it,” Klein told AP. “That’s more of a policy than a technical decision, but it will require TEPCO and the government to explain the ultimate disposition of the filtered water."

    U.S. officials evaporated tritium water at the Three Mile Island plant following the 1979 accident, but the method is not recommended for Fukushima, where there is too much and it is likely to come back as tritium rain…"
    Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131203/NATION/312030062#ixzz2mTh3DEoR

    It never ceases to amaze me how the steady drip of information continues to leak out decades later about past nuclear disasters.
    More info released at the time (TMI) I'm sure would have resulted in more lawsuit with merit then. Probably would have ended nuclear power generation right there in history but the coverup and dumbing down of the citizens was well played (lies and deceit).

    • "Low-energy isotope" likely refers to tritium. Which can't be filtered out because it's bound as the hydrogen in water molecules. How do you filter water out of water? It's true that tritium can be isolated and concentrated in small batch amounts (for use in bombs and such), but that involves separation of the atoms into hydrogen and oxygen, and that's a fairly dangerous process that cannot be applied to hundreds of millions of gallons of water. So yes, the tritium will be dumped. Along with everything else not isolated and concentrated by resins or filters.

      Evaporation at TMI happened by natural consequence of having a couple million gallons of meltdown-level coolant water on the aux building basement floor, and having to let it sit there warming itself quite nicely for years until they obtained the wherewithall to filter some of the cesium, strontium and variety of heavier isotopes before they were allowed to release directly to the river upstream from major drinking water supply lines for millions of people. Still too contaminated to release all at once? S'okay. Just release it slower. Same amount of garbage goes out in the end. Including the vast majority of tritium, which couldn't be filtered in the first place.

      These TMI-era "experts" TEPCO hired aren't expert in making things safe. They're experts in dishing out dishonest gobbledygook to make it seem like things are safe. That's quite the useful (and lucrative, for them) skill these days.

      • razzz razzz

        Kurion has process to remove tritium and I think it was offered to Japan but they are waiting, waiting for what I don't know. Cheaper and easier to dump everything into the Pacific than to perfect technologies.

        "…The decontamination of tritium (T) is particularly problematic: it is a special form of hydrogen that forms tritiated water (HTO vs. H2O), which does not lend itself to removal by conventional technologies. This is because instead of the contaminant being carried along in water in suspended or dissolved form, the water molecule itself is modified. As a result, tritiated water is particularly difficult to treat and can spread easily if it escapes into the environment…The Kurion MDS™ builds upon proven heavy water solutions and makes advances in throughput and efficiency where the tritium removal occurs. Kurion has developed an economical solution that – for the first time – would allow for recycling or clean release of reactor cooling water for light pressurized water reactors…"

        • razzz razzz

          Tritium is claimed to be 'low energy' by the nuclear industry and pretty much harmless…until it combines with water, then it is really dangerous to a body. Very carcinogenic. With a half-life of about 12 years, it is extremely active compared to other isotopes that have say, 30 year half-lives.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        This is simply a process for/of invisible, odorless and tasteless..:(

  • ftlt

    The scary part this is just one of these.. More are certainly on the way at a location near you…

    The timeline of failures will only shrink…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Fukushima seigyo fukano.

    Just like the truth…

    For to be aware of the truth today,

    Know who your information comes from, and why.

    Because the fondleslab world was built just for you…

    Vice Media consolidates online properties, striking host of global syndication deals


    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Vice Media. I wonder what genius came up with that name?

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      GE will buy into any media group that is reporting outside of standard dialogue news. Vice was a huge success because of Bill Maher's investment and production. HBO and GE are willing to pay good money to prevent any future possibility of nuclear stories to be squelched before they reach the editors desk.

  • mungo mungo

    Tepco you fuckers, we ask you again… WHERE IS THE CORIUM?

  • razzz razzz

    EX-SKF has a detailed right up of Japanese government propaganda vs disclosure to its citizens about a fact finding 2012 tour of Chernobyl's disaster and how it would relate to Fukushima, Daiichi resettlement and health payout costs. Facts were ignored and replaced with less spending of money or words of just smile be happy, a cover for restarting nuke plants.

    "…Compensation and support schemes become vested rights, and lifting or modifying the designated areas cannot be done due to opposition from municipalities and residents", "there is no benefit that justifies the enormous cost", "The Chernobyl Act is not appropriate to adopt in Japan". In comparing both nuclear accidents, the report also emphasizes that the [government] measures against health effects in Fukushima Prefecture were appropriate…"

    "…At that time the health effects were exaggerated. So we explained to people by showing the report that the psychological care was more important." The report was distributed to pro-nuclear expert groups and members of the Diet who were not leading the effort to pass the Children and Disaster Victims Support Act…"

    "…So we explained to people by showing the report that the psychological care was more important." The report was distributed to pro-nuclear expert groups and members of the Diet who were not leading the effort to pass the Children and Disaster Victims Support Act…"

  • ratpuppy ratpuppy

    They are now opening a new Uranium mine in South Dakota. The republican governor there is thrilled about the jobs and taxes it will generate. The nuclear power folks are pleased that the cheap fuel with gov't subsidies will keep on coming, and the defense department will be happy to harvest the plutonium from the spent fuel to create bigger and better bombs. They even take some of the old uranium and build shell casings for tank and other battlefield weapons. They love the idea of lobbing some of our nuclear waste at whatever enemy the government has created today. It is an endless assembly line of irresponsibility, death and destruction. In the U.S., you would have to make the power companies and defense contractors agree to stop making money in order to end this 60-year old silent partnership. They are too busy making Congress write the laws that allow for their continued protection against all liability, extending licenses for dangerous reactors, and making sure the tax dollars come in one door, as the profits come in another. And the average American? They are much more interested in seeing who gets kicked off the next episode of "Survivor."

  • Sol Man

    The coriums released now dispersing seeking homeostasis with the rest of the world. Technology doesn't exist to change the course.

    Love and truth are the only things that matter.

  • Speedy

    I woke early this morn anticipating my Dr. appointment today, laying in bed, watching FOX news from yesterday, unable to focus, fired up the Kindle..Something pushed me to head to this site, I usually read and learn, never cry..Well that changed this morning, your wonderful story about your grandfather, touched me deeply. I am a grandfather 4, soon to be 5 times over, not as old as your grandfather but starting to notice the downhill slide. I watched my grandfather in a similar situation, actually hadn't thaught about it for a very long time. Now, many years later I see myself in lifes mirror..Love him while you can..

  • retali8 retali8

    soo … tell me why wont china do anything,,, they dont want WW3? is that why ? im sure they are being radiated apon by Fukushima …

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Winds in the Northern hemisphere don’t cross into the Southern Hemisphere so radiation from Fukushima will probably not be blown down to the South – can Australia and South Africa expect immigration problems?"


    Mixing of both atmosphere and ocean water is a certainty. However, any delay in the inevitable mixing allows higher energy isotopes to decay. Australia, anyone?

  • Cisco Cisco

    Not to worry, says Edward Morse from "Fukushima Panic
    Activists raise alarm about radiation from Japan, but nuclear researchers say their fears are unfounded" at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/fukushima-panic/Content?oid=3776514

    "Scientists at UC Berkeley's Department of Nuclear Engineering who have searched for signs of contamination say there is no legitimate scientific data to back up any of these concerns, and that radioactive levels in the Bay Area aren't worth worrying about. "Nobody is exposed to any dangerous levels of anything," said Edward Morse, professor of nuclear engineering at UC Berkeley. "I haven't seen a single record of anything that would be of concern." At the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Station, researchers have also failed to detect radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima reactors in a diverse range of tests, including on local salmon, seaweed, milk, seawater, and more. Soy sauce made in Japan and purchased locally also did not reveal radioactive isotopes from Fukushima."


    • Cisco Cisco

      "Morse has a series of responses he rattles off to those who ask him about Fukushima-related health risks. For example, if an individual were to regularly drink water from the outer harbor around Fukushima for a full year — putting aside the fact that humans do not drink salt water and would not be drinking from a source in the immediate vicinity of the plant — the radiation exposure would be equivalent to that of flying in an airplane for just a few hours, he said. And while naysayers may respond that the comparison of an internal exposure to an external one is unfair, Morse has a follow-up: A single banana naturally contains higher rates of radioactivity than a roughly equivalent amount of that contaminated harbor water."

      No data, no problem. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil are his orders from his nuclear benefactors/sponsors.

      And, fu#k you, too…Morse!

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I like the way they hope to project the activists as panicking..when in fact.. they are.
      Their lousy PR efforts are failing.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Yaaaa..I'm panicking to get some coffee before taking the kids to school.

        PS..Some of us..speak emotionally here.
        But the hypothesis..is nothing but cold hard science.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      To Morse..and the Nuke Dept. at UC Berkeley":Just keep breathing in that Califoria air..would ya?..it's all good.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        PS.Maybe we can do a study of 'jackarse' scientists hanging on the coast..telling themselves and others.. it's alright.

        Inhale Exhale..Inhale..hold it.

        How about that new..Radioactive Yoga? hot stuff?
        Jog on the beach..take the dog.
        Have sushi for dinner.

        We want you to have the best..we really do…

      • Cisco Cisco

        Yeah, take a walk or run on the beach, breathe deeply and look West with your eyes open!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Safe as long as they don't consider the Equatorial Counter Current..

    "The Equatorial Counter Current is an eastward moving, wind-driven flowing 10-15m deep current found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. More often called the North Equatorial Countercurrent (NECC), this current flows west-to-east at about 3-10°N in the Atlantic and Pacific basins, between the North Equatorial Current (NEC) and the South Equatorial Current (SEC). The NECC is not to be confused with the Equatorial Undercurrent (EUC) that flows eastward at the equator but at some depth. In the Indian Ocean, circulation is dominated by the impact of the reversing Asian monsoon winds. As such, the current tends to reverse hemispheres seasonally in that basin."



    Now we have tritium rain to worry about? Sounds like a song by the artist formally known as Prince.

    U.S. officials evaporated tritium water at the Three Mile Island plant following the 1979 accident, but the method is not recommended for Fukushima, where there is too much and it is likely to come back as tritium rain.


    • Sol Man

      Logic would seem to dictate that covering the ground with asphalt to minimize the inflow of rain water would have negligible protective effect.
      Consider all of the adjacent ground that has no asphalt cover or the fact that the water flows higher ground from many miles distant as it makes its way to the sea.

  • ruppert

    I think the real reason TEPCO doesn't want to lose face is because then everyone will see the pure evil that is under that face.

    People need to stay aware that this isn't just about Fukushima but as they are allowing the radiation levels to climb they are making the plant area itself unable to have workers doing God knows what they do there and would have to be abandoned.

    Not far from Fukushima are other nuclear plants that would eventually be affected by the radiation levels and would have to be abandoned.

    Everything would be honky-dory until the backup fuel ran out.

    Just sayin'

  • deaddolphins simonhhh

    I too was touched by the Grandfather story…I nursed my father up to he died in 2009…WW2 Changi POW survivor…interestingly under the hands of the cruelest Japanese Prison guards…My father recounted stories of the torture metered out in the POW camp…the POWs hated they way the Japs wouldn't show emotion with dead eyes you didn't know what they were thinking or about to do…70 years later the medieval, subservient, vulnerable to cover-ups…corrupt and cruel nature of this culture has not changed…

    IMO…Fukushima is the current manifestation of a deeply disturbed culture…where Fuku is Hiroshima on steroids… Jap citizens being easily led, easily manipulated and deeply in-denial…more worried about losing face or interfering with the status-quo…I have been following this website for quite some time now sometimes posting on Washington blog…some of the posts here are brilliant tho and some better than the article…

    My opinion is we are deep in the shit house; with no plausible way out…the strontium 90 and its ugly twin yyitrium 90 will interfere with the bio-spheric mass in diabolical ways unseen and untested…[e.g. starfish etc]…Folks coupled with GW; we are facing a slow moving near term extinction event of orders of magnitude not witnessed since Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event…I will be relocating as far south in Sthn hemisphere when necessary…as someone noted Tepco please explain where the 3 Corium masses are????

    • End of the Road

      I don't offend easily, but you managed it. You could be describing the U.S. culture (or a host of other cultures) when you say the Japanese are "vulnerable to cover-ups…corrupt and cruel…deeply disturbed culture."

      The U.S. is as culpable for Fuku as the Japanese.

    • Meh. Tiera del Fuego has lousy weather. §;o)

      BTW, the coriums are sitting fat and happy (or flattened squid-like with tentacles) in the groundwater 'river' flowing to the sea. The whole Yossarian-like "fluids in one end of the bandaged mass and out of the other" is Kabuki, a pretense of looking like something's being done. It's all going to be dumped eventually, they've just recently let it be known it will be sooner rather than later.

  • deaddolphins simonhhh

    peace to all the enlightened souls on this website…

  • Socrates

    Consumer safety begins with the idea of shifting the losses to those who engage in the activities that create the risk of harm. This shift enables those companies to redistribute the losses.by obtaining insurance against losses. The foundation of the product liability system is the right of a jury who decides issues of damages and causation.

    Regulation alone has always proved to be inadequate to protect consumers from companies that privatize profits for shareholders while externalizing the costs. If TEPCO shareholders faced unlimited tort liability for damages from jury awards, risks would never have been taken. Such business practices would require insurance and reinsurance through Lloyds or other companies that would never underwrite unlimited risks. So the poor Japanese people and consumers in the rest of the world must absorb these catastrophic loses.

    The same is true of the BP Gulf spill or any other such environmental disaster. If industry had to pay for the damage they caused, industry would absolutely NOT engage in such practices. This is true market discipline and sound public health policy.

    • Socrates

      The nuclear industry has NEVER been subjected to market discipline through tort liability ever since 1957 with the passage of the Price- Anderson Act. Thereafter, the IAEA has offshored regulation into a promoter – regulator scheme that does not use market discipline.

      Nuclear energy is a sacred cow used to provide for the weapons industry. TEPCO has caused many trillions of dollars in damages. No dollar amounts could ever compensate. Yet they lined their pockets with profits while cutting corners on safety since the initial construction of Daiichi.

      Virtually all energy schemes follow this business model. That is the problem with the declining environment. Capitalism encourages obeying and campaign contributions to limit tort liability. Sure, we all hate lawyers, but the tort system, not the easily bought off regulators and offshored regulation will ever provide adequate protection since moral hazard is eliminated in favor of privatized profits.

      Look at banking, for example. Regulators did nothing and there were criminal prosecutions. The conduct was very profitable.

      • Socrates

        The right to a jury trial at common law was expressly preserved in the US Constitution. This right is the foundation of protection against careless companies and lax or bought-off.regulators or watered – down regulation. The jury is the conscience of the community. The specter of of punitive damages should also hang over the heads of anyone who acts recklessly, placing profits over safety especially.

        Modern society has unlearned valuable lessons our Founders cherished and we suffer the consequences. Whether one is a true conservative or a progressive, we need to be able to deter such conduct in a court of law where the issues of compensation and even deterrence can be realized. Back – room deals from special interests has undermined true market discipline of ultra hazardous activities where strict liability was imposed by the common law. Absolute care was required since the activity was in here try dangerous. What we witnessed in Fukushima was conscious disregard for the public safety to maximize profits.

        • Socrates

          Annie Gundersen, for example, believes that a good scheme of regulation might make nuclear energy safe. The existing scheme however only encourages risk-taking to maximize profits by the operators because they have a cap on damages and it is hard to prove causality. How can you prove your cancer or your child's mutation was caused by their radiation emissions more likely than not through medical testimony?

          Bottom line, Annie believes that nuclear cannot be both safe and inexpensive. But we see massive government subsidies and tort immunities to protect the cancer of nuclear reactors. No regulator can ever provide adequate consumer protection without adjuvant tort protection, in my experience. Regulators come from industry and are almost always part of a revolving door or descent from heaven, as in Japan.

          Good luck on freeing ourselves from the special interests who finance our politicians. Campaign law reform to overturn Citizen's United would be a good step.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Thank you for that Socrates and no offense; but, you're taking logic in the midst of animal crackers.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Thank you for that Socrates and no offense; but, you're talking logic in the midst of animal crackers.

  • Nick

    Fukushima is more than just an electrical generating plant gone FUBAR.

    It's also about the global weapons industry THAT DOES NOT WANT to give up the scam that is sold as
    "electrical generation." It's the goodies from the fissioning that are needed to make the almighty bombs.

    We must have our bombs. We must go shopping.

    So now we have a mess totally out of control, with lies upon lies, upon lies fed to the world.

    I bet no computer model on the planet can crunch data fast enough to predict what happens when
    a nuclear fission pile goes awol. Now multiply that by a factor of ____________ not sure how many reactors are compromised in Japan. Something tells me that Fukushima is just one complex that
    went FUBAR.

    Risk assessment my ass. Nuclear energy is risky. Period. Till the end of time.

    Safety is a myth, busted in the horrible rubble and by the obscene media blackout, humans cannot
    fool mother nature.

  • It is time to recall the first information we get at the moment of the disaster… TECPO requested “abandoning” the site!!! Why? Because there was nothing else it could do. All it had been doing so far is following the order “ to stay at all cost”.