Japan-based Author: Fukushima damage so great “Japan gov’t would go well beyond bankruptcy” — Up to $10 trillion says Tokyo prof. — Equal to 10 years of national budget

Published: November 9th, 2011 at 5:19 pm ET


Writer urges Taiwan to abandon nuclear power, Taipei Times, Nov. 9, 2011:

Saying that the compensation for damage caused by the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan was way beyond what Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) or the Japanese government could afford, a Japan-based Taiwanese writer yesterday urged Taiwan to abandon all nuclear power.

Writer Liu Li-erh (劉黎兒), who has lived in Tokyo for 30 years, made the appeal at a press conference held at the legislature […]

Liu said the president of TEPCO had remarked that nuclear power was actually a very expensive power source when compensation fees are calculated, and that a professor from the University of Tokyo has even estimated that it would cost up to ¥800 trillion, amounting to approximately 10 years of the national budget, if the soil and road surface of radiation-affected areas are to be cleaned up.

The damage is so much that the Japanese government would go well beyond bankruptcy, Liu said.

Published: November 9th, 2011 at 5:19 pm ET


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20 comments to Japan-based Author: Fukushima damage so great “Japan gov’t would go well beyond bankruptcy” — Up to $10 trillion says Tokyo prof. — Equal to 10 years of national budget

  • kintaman kintaman

    Good. Let the government go bankrupt. The people must rise up and take power away from those who run the nation as they are obviously corrupt and incompetent. Why should those in power be the sons and grandsons of those who previously held similar positions? They are simply keeping the power in their families. Those in power should be in such a role because they are the best for the job and for the nation.

    This is, IMO, the END of Japan as we know it. It is currently happening in slow motion but it will accelerate soon. This is a chance for the people to make a change but I fear it will not happen and the nation will slip into a further disastrous state which will in turn affect the rest of the world. Thank you nuclear industry, TEPCO and Japanese government. You will all be forever remembered in history for destroying our world. You f*cking idiots.

  • AkDave AkDave

    This 10 Trillion will be put on the backs of the people of Japan, How sad! as if they did not have more then they needed already with nuclear radiation all over. Dang!!!

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      They can’t afford it. Their national debt is over 200% of GDP. (Contrast: Greece = 138%). They will need the charity of strangers.

  • bmurr bmurr

    It is my belief that chernobyl played a big role in the destruction of the USSR. Fukushima will collaps Japan if the media allows the truth to he told, or when people become ill in mass. With that said, I believe that nuke plants are ticking financial time bombs for yhe county that will be liable for the clean up. As a matter of national security, they should be shut down, and serious messures should be taken to make the spent fuel safe for long term storage.
    just anouther reason to dump nuclear.

  • Sickputer

    I think several of us posted the trillions figure (in dollars, not yen) many months ago. Glad to see somebody get a little Asian news coverage for the same sentiments. Even if the news doesn’t go mainstream in most of the world the bankers know the risks and they make some of the loans for new construction.

    Dictators control most of the loans so they are the ones GE, Areva, and the Russians will latch onto like a dog on a June bug. Money and lies can overcome “almost” any bad news. Almost…the news from Japan may be hard to suppress the whispers in the dictators’s ears from their trusted friends who may be worried about a Fukushima occurring in their own country.

    I find it curious with all at stake GE and Areva haven’t pulled out all the stops for manpower in the many thousands and scientific ingenuity to contain Fukushima. It could be the arrogance of Tepco and the Japanese government has stopped that help. So they let it play out to the very bitter end of Japan.

  • dosdos dosdos

    This is the reason for all the lies. Screw anyone who says Chernobyl was worse, be it total bequerels or total human suffering or total cost. Chernobyl is in the back seat on all counts. Fukushima is the worst nuclear disaster in history. If you don’t see it, you’ve blinded yourself.

  • maaa

    I’m afraid Japan is gone. Radiaoactive caesium doesn’t go away after 300 years. Plutonium 250,000 years. Sayonara.

    • Dr. McCoy

      Too bad. It was a fascinating place.. Well, Fuke will be the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately our lives are now going to that much shorter. Sayonara indeed.

  • kintaman kintaman

    Evacuate Japanese from the island to China and other countries. It is finished IMO. Only it is coming silently in slow motion which is even more dangerous because people become unaware and indifferent to the invisible dangers.

  • nohobear nohobear

    I think most of us agree Japan is in a slow death spiral. And that’s just from the poisons released from 1,2,3, and 4. 5 and 6 will most certainly go at some point, which will only hasten the process. Which then makes you wonder about the Daini complex down the road.

    For the readers of enenews from Japan, if you have the means, save yourself or at least your children. Do not wait for the government to acknowledge the true scope of the disaster. There are truly evil forces at work here, that will sacrifice you in the pursuit of greed.

    I’m not a religious person, but God have mercy on us all.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TEPCO rated 3 reactors at Fuku Daini at the same level as #4 reactor at Fuku Daiichi which we now know had its own explosion and whose spent fuel rods are exposed. When I looked at the earthquakes over the last 8 months, many are closer to Fuku Daini. We need to demand pictures of Fuku Daini on the coast only 5-6 miles away. Why is there no live cam of reactors #5 and #6? Why is there no live cam of the reactors at Fuku Daini? Why did they move the live cam at Fuku Daiichi in June so we can no longer see the Common Spent Fuel Pool there?

  • Dr. McCoy

    This goes along with the fact that the Japanese government has been morally bankrupt from the get go.

  • westcoastguy westcoastguy

    whats the big deal about a little debt? if they go 10 trillion in debt the US will still have more and were doing fine -_-

  • Anthony Anthony

    So nuclear is green cheap?