Japan Bird Assoc.: It reminded me of ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson; Forest of no chirp — We found only a few swallows in Fukushima town, other summer birds missing as well

Published: June 26th, 2012 at 7:02 pm ET


Tweets by Japan Wild Bird Association translated by Fukushima Diary:

June 25 at 3:53a

Visited Iidatemura Fukushima to research how radiation affect swallows. Atmospheric dose was 4~5μSv/h at average, the highest reading was 8μSv/h on the ground. Rice fields were abandoned, all the villagers evacuated, we found only a few swallows.

June 25 at 4:07a

It is not only swallow, we couldn’t find other summer birds such as Narcissus Flycatcher or blue-and-white flycatcher either. It reminded me of “Silent Spring” by Rachel Louise Carson. Forest of no chirp.

See also: [intlink id=”study-increases-in-the-frequency-of-selective-deaths-due-to-mutations-after-fukushima-results-suggest-significant-mortality-costs-of-low-dose-radiation-0-05-microsvh-considered-contami” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 26th, 2012 at 7:02 pm ET


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32 comments to Japan Bird Assoc.: It reminded me of ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson; Forest of no chirp — We found only a few swallows in Fukushima town, other summer birds missing as well

  • Urban27

    Is it possible birds are more sensitive than other animals?
    Foetuses are many times more sensitive to radioactivity.
    In northern Sweden the Sea Eagles have not produced ANY offspring this year. All eggs are dead. It hasn't been that bad since the seventies. The era when the atom bomb testings. Is there connection?

    • GeoHarvey

      I would guess it is possible that birds are more sensitive than a lot of other animals because they are pretty highly developed. Human beings are highly developed, too, but they live a lot longer and reproduce after a much longer growing period. By contrast, waterbears and cockroaches are rather primitive, and can take a lot of radiation.
      Some birds are relatively easy to study. Sea eagles might be among those that have exposed nests, so it is really easy to monitor the young. A lot of mammals are difficult because they nest in concealed dens, and stay under cover. The problem of reproduction is probably more widespread than just birds – it is just that we notice it in birds more easily.
      Among human beings, we will see miscarriages, which are denied by the nuclear industry and governments. Later on, we will see cancers, which will be blamed on something other than radiation. Part of the problem is that the nuclear industry has deep pockets and is willing to spend money on social engineering (ads), convincing people they need nuclear power to live the good life.
      I think my grandfather was no less happy than I am. I hope my grandchildren can say the same.

      • or-well

        GeoHarvey, your last 2 sentences sure prompt thoughts…
        I've known those in large homes,
        those in basements rented,
        those who've lived on the glide
        and those by Life dented,
        been to celebrations wet with champagne,
        and ones with few beers held outside in the rain,
        known kids whose play is lost in confusion
        in a welter of toys, amassed, just confusion,
        and ones whose toys are sourced at Goodwill –
        of them all, whose play is most thrilled?
        The ones joined at play by a close caregiver,
        not the ones abandoned to TV babysitter,
        and the happy folks – big-careered, well-invested?
        No more likely than those of possessions divested.
        We know what makes happy. It's not stuff or need,
        false and implanted by society
        nor using our current level of energy.
        Its doing something actually worthwhile,
        sharing what makes us humans smile,
        what binds us together as we naturally incline,
        not pulls apart as the Elite define.
        I could go on but I'll just say thanks
        that we don't need electricity and no stinkin' tanks
        for human happiness, peace in the soul,
        we need basic needs met and to see our kids grow.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          "..the anti-nuclear bunny
          wants grandkids with ears
          and a future that's sunny."

          Never in my whole life will I forget that one, or-well.
          How gifted you are.

          • or-well

            BreadAndButter – I never know what, or if anything, will resonate with anyone.
            That something did for you is gratifying. Thank you.
            Here –

            Time for a rabbit out of the hat –
            Fukushima is stuttering
            like Porky the Fat,
            like Pepe Le Pew,
            like Tasmanian Devil
            and the big rooster too –
            the one that's a blowhard
            cock-of-the-walk –
            "Ah say, ah say Boy,
            Don' act like a chicken –
            git in there an' fight!
            Give that plant a lickin'!"
            It's time for Elmer with his double shotgun
            to focus on Nukers
            wherever they run,
            because wascawy Bugs
            the anti-nuke bunny
            wants grandkids with ears
            and a future that's sunny.

            You see, I DID go back and search the archives and save stuff I posted here, because of you and others, whose kind comments convinced me it was a little more than just inane babble. To touch even one person is…well, I have no words.

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              *joins the smiling Dalai Lama on my wall now!

              Thanks admin for letting us get away with it for today. Tomorrow = OT forum, like or-well suggested.

        • or-well…hello 🙂 it "helps the medicine go down" when you're around. thanks.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          we need basic needs met and to see our kids grow.

          Yes. Thank you or-well. So true.

          • or-well

            HoTaters, there's something both moving and disturbing about your avatar. Something is percolating in me inspired by it. I'll let you know when it appears in the OT Forum.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        According to researchers, radioactive iodine affects bird fetuses and young chicks to the point where they all die.

        This is probably why the eagles raised no chicks this year. Eagles eat highly contaminated food.

        After Chernobyl, all chicks of certain species that fed on contaminated feed died.

        The scary part of this is that if Fukushima keeps on spewing fission products from the underground coriums and/or spilled #4 SFP, including radioactive iodine, it may very well wipe out MANY species that cannot breed anymore, due to constant exposure to radioactive iodine that kills all offspring.

        Humans are also affected in the same way. Researchers have tracked infant mortality and it increased dramatically right after FUKU.

        Since FUKU is still offgassing and/or leaking, it is going to affect infant mortality for quite a few years worldwide, in a negative way.

  • Steven Steven

    More info here :


    Interesting as above has link to an ENENEWS article dated Feb 2012 on this topic.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      The interesting part of this is that the birds studied were in the USA, while the accident was in Russia.

      Baby bird populations of certain species of US based birds were wiped out from an accident thousands of miles away…

      This same thing happened with FUKU.. worldwide.

      But, as with all of this, if it is not reported in the GE pro nuke mass media, it did not happen, so it cannot be real.

      We are all imagining this horror show; it is not real.

      Time to wakeee wakeee…

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    The Nuke Industry destroys Life. It is only fitting that Life destroys the Nuke Industry.

    Canary in a coal mine. Much more to come.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      To PUN, The Nuke Industry detsroys life. It is only fitting that Life destroys the Nuke Industry.

      Well said. Life must destroy the Nuke Industry as a matter of survival.

      Philip, I hope you don't mind the "pun" part. You seem like a fairly serious chap.

  • Current world-wide Fukushima fallout forecasts

    rad monitoring, debris tracking and mitigation protocols

    for those with the urge to call

  • Here's what the bird count at Fukushima used to look like just one year ago.
    (hundreds of birds, easily seen, happily flying around)

    Noted: June 7, 2012 at 4:15 pm
    (from Web Cam Forum thread)
    Screen shot of a 'lone' INNOCENT bird.
    Maybe the last of his flock in Fukushima?
    The bird WALKED into the scene and it also walked out through the bushes.

    See bird, just below middle center.

    I have been observing the Web Cam almost daily and I realized around the beginning of May of 2012 that the number of birds that could be seen in the cam view was approaching zero.

    By June 6th of 2012 I noticed the 10 minute morning view count had dropped to ZERO BIRDS.

    I have since noted several small flocks of what are most likely migratory birds landing just out of camera view. Tears fill my eyes when I see this. I know the birds and their offspring, if any, will suffer.

    Nobody can say "No birds died as a result of Fukushima".
    Nobody can say "No fish died as a result of Fukushima".
    Nobody can say "The 'chain of life' has not been broken".

    "The reactor that is my soul has reached criticality."
    – user johnnyo

    The Death Machines and their Nuclear Overlords must be stopped!

    This is not fair, it is not right, it is a travesty against every single living thing.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Thanks for sharing your observations, ChasAha. You're right, it's right there before our eyes. It's all dead.

    • or-well

      ChasAha said "The Death Machines and their Nuclear Overlords must be stopped!"
      or-well said previously:

      Sharpen the pitchforks, knot the nooses
      light the torches and mount your mooses!
      Pacifists all get out of the way –
      when the "sorting" is done you'll have your say,
      but until that day, in a nest of vipers
      some must wade as Humanity's Fighters
      to sever the heads that are rotten and stinking
      of those who destroy us, lying, unblinking,
      with mercy for none, the Power Elite
      who command the big guns, the rapacious warmongers
      and Corporatists too, the oligarch class
      who don't care about you as long as you're silent
      and stupid and still, they'll rape the earth
      and millions kill, with GMOs, drugs and toxic pollution,
      seeking the best population solution
      etc. etc. and into the street
      or-well runs bleating like a rabid sheep!

      Well, each to their own, it's just an opinion –
      but it WILL take more than jailing mere minions.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Have seen three dead birds around my house in the past week. Two of them were babies. The same thing happened last year. Of a nest of baby birds (not sure what type, similar to robins) only one or two survived. The other five died.

      I live near an estuarine area (Suisun Bay, Suisun Delta, near where the Sacramento River joins the San Francisco Bay). Of course there is no way to know for sure what the bird count is w/o looking at statistics. My rough guess is Fairfield, CA, has about 1/2 the number of geese over wintering, as compared to last year.

      There were lots of baby ducks this year, but I also saw two goslings. Maybe they hatch later in the year. Hmmn ….

      The large flock of Canadian geese at Cherry Lagoon near Vacaville doesn't seem to be affected (numbers) but will be watching over the course of the next few years to see what the bird counts are like. Will be making careful observations.

      I do recall huge numbers of dead birds littering the shoreline there last year, from April 2011 through February or so, of this year. It seemed every time I'd walk there I'd find at least a couple dozen dead birds along the shoreline. I remember because I had to keep my dog from trying to sniff and investigate the carcasses. There are relatively few dead birds there this year, compared to last year. Last year — massive casualties., IMHO

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        BTW, the dead birds found this week are the first dead ones I've found here since last year.

        Notable — there is not much bird song this year. Last year there were hundreds of birds in the trees here in my neighborhood. I remember having just moved here, and being so happy to hear all the birds singing in the morning. Now it is very still here.

        The songbird population seems greatly diminished. There used to be hundreds of robins. I've only seen one this year — in a public park, about one mile from home.

  • patb2009

    Birds are very sensitive to chemicals of all kinds.

    "The Canary in the Coal Mine" because birds are much more sensitive to methane then humans.

    It's natural, birds have much bigger lungs to body mass so they take in gasses easier, and bbirds re very light, so they have minimal fat stores and minimal organ sizes. Any damage shows up and makes them non viable. Plus the shells would absorb strontium and bathe the embryonic chicks in radiation.

    After chernobyl we had massive losses of surface feeding birds in europe and america.

    No doubt we will see the same here as well as japan

  • scintillator

    I have always found it surreal watching the TBS Fuku Feed and seeing the stricken power plant in the background and hearing the birds chirping in the area around the cam.

    Interesting contrast.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Norway, Sweden, Russia, Chernobyl Animal Radiation Contamination Explored; via A Green Road

    Chernobyl; Animal Studies Show Radiation Is Still Harming Our Wild Companions; via A Green Road

  • or-well

    Bird Song

    Once we were dinosaurs stomping around,
    knocking big trees flat on the ground,
    giving big rocks a boot for a mile
    as Jurassic mosquitoes made us quite riled.
    We had teeth as long as a cutlass
    and toenails that could rip you gutless,
    we could smell much in our big sinuses
    and had lots of room in our skull cavities.
    All in all, more plusses than minuses
    as no one questioned our depravities.
    Stupid cosmic collisions and changing weather –
    now all we've got is evolved feathers!
    We have to fight worms for Goodness' sake
    to feed our young their daily intake!
    We're cute little birdies that chirp and tweet
    and kids think it fun how we hop on our feet
    and who objects as with song we Sun greet?
    Oh yum we get seeds and bugs to eat
    and sometimes at feeders we get a treat.
    So what's the problem? Why not let us live?
    We help control insects and joy we you give.
    Can't you leave us some homes, not poison our food,
    what have we done lately that you find so rude
    our habitat everywhere you must denude?
    Why do you kill us by enfeebling our brood?
    The Sea, the Land, the Air is a mess –
    can't we even have Trees to build a few nests?
    You'll know when the Sky is empty and quiet
    we've gone extinct and by your own fiat
    other species will follow us, even the ones of your diet.

    • Rosie

      What an absolutely wonderful poem. Who wrote it? Did you? If so, it's lovely and I'm going to keep it. I love birds and it's heartbreaking. Thank you for publishing it on this site.

      • or-well

        Hi Rosie! Yes, I wrote it. I think it's the only one I've done specifically about birds, and you are most welcome to it!
        Everything I publish here is given freely, on the condition it not be used for profit.
        (no worry anything I write will be used to promote nukes, heh heh.)
        Thank you for your kind compliment!

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        @Rosie, must be new, or-well is our very own anti-nuclear poet. If you check past threads you will find many more beautiful works. We are all lucky to have such a scholar.

        Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

        • or-well

          Hey Tumrgrwer, that's generous! I wish ALL the poems and song lyrics I've seen put here by folks were all in one place. That would be a fine resource to have in the fight.

  • stopnp stopnp

    I've noticed the same thing in Georgia. About half the birds. I saw a male cardinal with physical deformities. There were no feathers on it's head. I didn't know they had black skin. There was a strip on it's chest with no feathers as well. I tried to get a picture but it flew away. I haven't seen it since.