Japan Deputy Prime Minister talks about “learning from the Nazis” — Previously said to let elderly people “hurry up and die” (VIDEO)

Published: August 2nd, 2013 at 2:32 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, August 2, 2013: Finance Minister [and deputy prime minister] Taro Aso’s comment about the Nazis in connection with debate on constitutional revision has caused wide repercussions. […] At a symposium on July 29, Aso said he doesn’t want debate on Japan’s constitutional revision to be held “amid a frenzy.” He stated: “One day, (the Germans) found that the Weimar Constitution was changed to the Nazi Constitution. It was changed without being noticed by anyone. Why don’t we learn from that technique?” […] Aso’s comment about Hitler and the implication that his example should be followed are utterly unacceptable. […] How is Prime Minister Abe going to deal with Aso’s remark that practically urged lawmakers to “learn from Nazi techniques”? […]

Japan Times: Aso retracts remark on ‘learning from the Nazis’

CNN, August 2, 2013: […] It’s not the first time Aso’s words have gotten him into hot water. At a meeting about social security reform and healthcare costs in January, he caused offense by suggesting it would be best for people on life support to “die quickly.” […]

Guardian, January 22, 2013: Let elderly people ‘hurry up and die’, says Japanese minister […] Taro Aso, the finance minister, said on Monday that the elderly should be allowed to “hurry up and die” to relieve pressure on the state to pay for their medical care. […] he referred to elderly patients who are no longer able to feed themselves as “tube people”. […]

Watch broadcasts on Aso’s remarks here

Published: August 2nd, 2013 at 2:32 pm ET


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44 comments to Japan Deputy Prime Minister talks about “learning from the Nazis” — Previously said to let elderly people “hurry up and die” (VIDEO)


    Man, not a good way to earn the citizens trust. He probably didn't mean to say that out loud, it just slipped past the filter between the brain and mouth.

    • We Not They Finally

      HE MEANT TO SAY IT!! He MEANT it!! Please get it that this man is a human monster. He MEANT it!! And if he is still in office, then YES, they have Nazis in charge!!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Based on Japan's most recent forever Nuclear Contamination Event…all of us will soon be living as "TUBE PEOPLE".

    This name "TUBE PEOPLE" has a nice ring to it as we humans often watch the TV tube and youtube etc….why not have tubes stuffed into every orifice in our bodies…it just makes good sense.

    And here we all thought Hitler was gone…not hardly.

  • What PILL will you take…?

    The BLUE PILL…?

    The RED PILL….?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Since I only took the "Red Pill" once and I take no other pills, I am thinking that most people will continue to pump hundreds of pills down their throats on a daily basis.

    Doctors can't seem to prescribe them/these various pills fast enough and the shelves are often empty from heavy extraction.

    These prescribed pills may be maroon, blue, green, orange, white, tan, striped and/or all shades in between, but few will ever suck down that famous "Red Pill".

    Truth is not what most humans want to know or even want to hear today.

  • many moons

    Let elderly people ‘hurry up and die’, says Japanese minister
    From what I understand and have experienced….the rules of Obama care support this statement as well.

    • We Not They Finally

      That's pretty crocked. What? You heard a rumor? From some ignorant teabagger? And you just can't HELP yourself? If you think that it's the same here, then just move to Japan. If you really cannot tell the difference, then what does it matter WHERE you live? Go. Good luck.

  • Except the Vatican.. and they get the Purple PILL..

  • The looks on the Vatican folks… more EVIL by the week..

    • We Not They Finally

      We not Catholic, but it looks to us like Pope Francis is at least trying a more humane approach.

  • KY US is @ 519 CPM.. event going on…

  • Inhumane "health care" practices are actually being implemented in Western countries.

    In England they have been starving patients till they die. It's called The Pathway and its exposure has resulted in a big scandal.

    Google Daily Mail – Liverpool Care Pathway – NHS

    You will find a true horror story of the country's medical services practicing euthanasia on the elderly, on children, on the terminally ill.

    The procedure consists on removing the patients from hospital and taking them to a special facility where they are sedated and deprived of food and water. The patients quite often remain conscious through this ordeal begging for water. This procedure can be applied without consulting with relatives.

    It is estimated that around 130,000 patients have been killed on this Pathway.




    • many moons

      This happened to my relative, they sedated her with huge doses of Kepra, (no history of seizures) suspended food, water and administered extremely high doses of low blood pressure pills although the patients BP was lower than 100. We did everything we could to stop them but they would throw us out when we complained. We had tried to move the patient to another hospital but were told that we would be against medical advice and would have to pay all costs incurred up until that point.(that was a lie)
      When she died we asked for an autopsy and blood to do toxicology, the pathologist said no blood was collected at the autopsy. The death certificate said the patient died of sepsis however the pathologist could not confirm that with lab work.
      This patient was murdered….the Dr. at Trinity Hospital in the Alabama said that "he didn't want the patient to return to the hospital because if she did return within a month of being released the hospital would have to pay the costs for treatment…..so this was their method of dealing…blame it on Obama…was hid excuse."

      • We Not They Finally

        I notice you did another post about Obama care which was straight from an ignorant teabagger playbook. I am very sorry about your relative. Of course. But have you even considered that maybe health care in ALABAMA is the key to this?

        • We Not They Finally

          Why don't you ask for an investigation in your own STATE? ALABAMA. Obamacare does not even go into effect until next year. Apparently your state already has such inhumane practices, that they need all the help they can get.

          • many moons

            We asked for an investigation by the medical examiner- it was denied. So we collected samples and tested them ourselves. Toxicology came back positive….drug overdose.

        • many moons

          OH it is very key to this, Alabama has it's own rules governing hospitals and healthcare…but these same rules and ideas are spreading around the US. Medical malpractice litigation is almost impossible in most hospital, particularly hospitals with teaching sectors. This allows hospitals to get away with whatever suits them best….but the new rules regarding patient readmission could prove to be dangerous to the patient…in the case of my relative…"we don't want her bouncing back and forth and this will take care of that" was how the Doctor explained his methods. Obviously the hospital was protecting themselves from supposed future penalties.


          This is a sad yet educational account of euthanasia in US hospitals:


            • ftlt

              Rense racist is a Nazi racist FACT… He's got that Duke KKK moron on there too… Rense is at the far right-wing of the wacko Libertarians… He is all about private property… He embraces antebellum slaver policy and political agendas

              Quoting Rense is the lowest common denominator of splash no facts or faulty fact web surfing ..

              • many moons

                This article- "Warning, are you being targeted for Euthanasia" was posted at the Rense site and many other sites….it has nothing to do with him…..here is another link to this VERY important information-it explains how you can defend yourself from people who embrace euthanasia as an alternative to treating chronic illness, the elderly,,etc.


                • ftlt

                  I embrace it…

                  They ought to use it more often

                  • ftlt

                    My mother lived for last 10 years of her life in places where everyone would have benefited from euthanasia including her..

                    I wished her dead out of love…

                    I was relieved the day she died

                    I'm not being mean..

                    Death is part of the process of life…

                    The horrors of artificially prolonged life as cruel IMO

                    The values that prevent euthanasia are the same as the stupid values that cause the rest of the problems that confront earth and human kind today… Most these values stem for myth driven faiths and feelings of self importance …

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      your honesty is admirable, ftlt. While I can see how the 'machine' would use euthanasia to pad its bottom line, I can't find argument with your personal insights into this complex issue…

                    • many moons

                      You should have called in Hospice…they take care of that hanging on thing that is so burdensome for others. A neighbor had her father euthanized while she was on vacation in China…after 3 weeks, she arrived home and her burden was over. I'm in favor of the natural process be it a child with a birth defect, or an infirmed person or someone who is just old.

                    • irhologram

                      Frit We are not necessarily discussing people who would have been terminal. We're talking about folks like my Dad, who was refused antibiotics for an infection, for Pete's sake.

                      I'm sorry your mom lived the last TEN YEARS (so obviously not terminal) of her life in places where everyone would have benefited from euthanasia." Those people are ABANDONED to nursing homes for the sake of convenience. My question is WHY was YOUR mother there?

              • ftlt

                Advanced dementia…

                A terror filled existance…

                She was not prepared by her society to meat death…

                She had no idea of what was happening around her

                This process lasted 20 years… It happens to a huge percentage of population..

                It days of yore… The tribe would have moved on a left her for the wolves or the elements in dignity..

                Euthanasia is a viable treatment for those of us who are ready to pass back to the elements…

                Read an Ode To Rot by Updike… It is perfect… It ends thusly

                All process is reprocessing;
                give thanks for gradual ceaseless rot
                gnawing gross Creation fine while we sleep,
                the lightening-forged organic conspiracy’s
                merciful counterplot.

          • irhologram

            I have personal experience. They tried to kill my Dad. 1). "Death panelists," otherwise known as "hospitalists" now usurp treatment coordination away from your primary care or any other coordinating physician. They meet every day at 10 a.m. And determined BEFLORE seeing my Dad, they would not test my Dad for a bleeding ulcer, from which he was vomiting blood, after they gave him a "routine" unauthorized blood thinner. They then let him stumble almost all the way to the nurse's station (he is not ambulatory), where he fell and had a subdural hematoma the size of a cantaloupe by his kidneys. They finally supposedly relented and would do the scope, but instead did a barium swallow, which he had just had in that hospital a few weeks before…but did not thicken it to allow for his poor swallow response and it aspirated straight into his lungs. Then the doc withheld food and water because he might get pneumonia if he stalled anything. I checked him out the next day, but they insisted I had to put him on Hospice. Hospice wanted me to give him repeated morphine if he frowned in his sleep, because that would indicate pain. His PCP says the average survival in Hospice is 3 days and that hospitals get referral fees. I fed him with a syringe at first, then puréed for 4 months. Today we wheeled through the neighborhood in his chair, he reads, and loves documentaries. His appetite is great and he no longer looks like a guant cow.

            • many moons

              Thanks for sharing that wonderful story…..Glad to hear you escaped the death squad hospitalists…(you described them to a T)

            • irhologram

              The doc at the hospital said (paraphrased) Look. Your Dad's going to be in and out of the hospital now. Next time something happens, just don't call the ambulance. I'd do the same thing for my folks. I told him Dad had just been to the bookstore two days before entering the hospital. He said…doesn't matter. He said there was so much wrong with my Dad, and his age and all (93). While my Dad does have COPD, his oxygen levels are usually 97-98. He is doing well with thickened liquids. He doesn't need blood pressure meds. His heart rate is normal. I demanded from his PCP that he be given meds for an ulcer, hang the test. The ulcer has largely healed, and with diet management, he's doing great.

              Make no mistake. They tried to kill him and they tried to get me to help. Research hospice on line and find that my experience is COMMON. Think it's not happening here? Think again. In addition we were caught in the Conservatorship abomination, initiated by his wife's nursing home, trying to prove him incompetent to lay hold of their money. Research that. That, too, is common. We went to court and won, but it cost $30,000. The elderly are fair "game," like hunted animals. The ensues taker tried to get all kinds of info about his vulnerabilities. She became irate when I told her we didn't have to share that info…told me I did., but eventually left. I think she GPS'd the door, but I'm not sure.

              There is an organized effort to destroy families and kill.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Thanks for caring so much for your dad. You are an inspiration.

            • @ Irhologram,

              your story is unfortunately too common. I'm glad your dad survived the ordeal thanks to you and your loving care.

              People with no relatives or anyone to advocate for them are taking a risk when getting into a hospital. There are countless factors that can affect the quality of their treatment. And with nobody watching…

              • many moons

                That is so true, but even those with relatives who are vigilant have little chance against those sneaky lying manipulating hospitalists.

  • In North America there is a more informal process of withdrawing intensive care from some patients. In some instances relatives are pressured to consent to withdrawal of care from their loved ones (cases of brain injury, for example), and at some point doctors in Canada have the last word in that decision.

    It is not unthinkable that as the cost of health care continues to rise the poor, the elderly and those requiring very expensive treatment will be told that there is not much that can be done for them.

    Southern European countries are struggling with an economic crisis right now, and the US seems headed that way too. The quality and even the availability of health care will suffer.



    • many moons

      Being told there is not much that can be done….is acceptable.

      Administering drugs and withdrawing food and water and calling it comfort measures (when there is no clear diagnosis) is unacceptable.
      Dying is one thing….killing someone is another.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Gee looks like Hitler's legacy is living on based on some of these comments.

    It appears some people are a little touchy when it comes to the topic of medical care here in the good old USA. But then medical care has always been a touchy subject in the states. If you can not figure out the scams that are going on I feel sorry for you, since just about everything going on around you in the states is a conspiracy and/or scam.

    Tracy has hit the nail on the head of the largest money scam ever perpetrated in the world.
    "It is not unthinkable that as the cost of health care continues to rise the poor, the elderly and those requiring very expensive treatment will be told that there is not much that can be done for them."

    There is absolutely no reason for healthcare to be so expensive and/or any reason for the cost of health care to rise in the US. These costs have to come way down and the scam of 90K cleft pallet first surgeries has got to come to a screeching halt!

    This is pure greed on the medical communities part..nothing less and nothing more.

  • ftlt

    This is kinda old news as far a Japan wanting to militarize again..

    Remember, the MOX fuel rumors regarding a nuke weapon program..

    Also, all East Asia is primed over the Sratly Islands oil… It is a flash point…

    Japan has been in an economic slide since the 90s…

    Fascism is alive and well here too… Why not there..

    We kill millions for our border less masters for their profit every decade…

    We conduct wars of genocide for profit and there is nothing said or done… In Vietnam million/s of civilians murdered by the USA as policy – 5,000,000 civilian casualties (not to include the rest of Indochina) – most caused by the USA … From massive bombings, to free fire zones and yes American military units under orders acting like Nazi Einsatzgruppen against the old women and children… Only one major trial for Mi Lai… Mi Lais were the order of the day every day… Wave the flag gang… We repeated this in Iraq and the Afghan… All over the world.. Millions deed always..

    Manning gets 130 plus year for telling the truth about the abuses of our illegal wars… Other military mass murderers and rapists get wrist slaps… Go figure..

    Today's State Dept.terror alert is false flag to take pressure off the Admin while Congress (both parties) are joining together to enact law to stop the illegal lies and spying done by the dark border less forces of the NSA… They were going to ask for charges for lying to Congress by members of the Admin…

  • Mafia, War Criminals And Nuclear Industry Connections In Japan, USA, Europe; via @AGreenRoad

    Sacrifice Zones, Nuclear Power and the Sacrificial Victims System Is Spreading Globally As Part Of Predatory Capitalism