Japan Expert: Second explosion was “more like a bomb” at Fukushima — Spent nuclear fuel flew 30 kilometers away, pellets collected by military — Very strange materials like europium were found — Should have evacuated out to 300 kilometers (VIDEO)

Published: October 7th, 2013 at 7:32 pm ET


Title: Lessons from Fukushima
Source: Journal Tribune
Author: Tammy Wells
Date: Oct. 1, 2013

An ambassador to an international emergency management organization and a former minister of defense in Japan stopped by the York County Emergency Management Agency Monday […]

Yuki N. Karakawa, of the Karakawa Foundation and ambassador to the International Association of Emergency Managers, along with Kazuo Aichi, Japan’s defense minister in the 1990s, are both members of the Japan Resilience Initiative. […]

He said the disaster at Fukushima will be felt in Japan for a long time, and that there will be long-term medical effects – something he claims the country hadn’t put into their planning systems. […]

He estimated it will take 150 years for decontamination around Fukushima to be complete.

Former York County Emergency Management Agency Director Bob Bohlmann said he’d known Karakawa for 15 years, and that he’s done a lot to spread the word about emergency management globally. […]

Yuki Karakawa’s presentation to InfraGard (“a partnership between U.S. businesses and the Federal Bureau of Investigation… dedicated to prevent hostile acts against the United States”), Published February 2013 (At 7:30 in): “300 kilometers should be evacuated, but we did not, Japan did not evacuate. […] In some areas, we can find very strange material like europium and so on. Now Self Defense Forces is collecting all materials. Also spent fuel flew because of a second explosion; it’s more like a bomb, exploded and flew like 30 kilometers. So government, or Self Defense, is now collecting all spent fuel pellets.”

Watch Karakawa’s presentation here

See also: [intlink id=”study-nuclear-explosion-may-have-occurred-at-fukushima-unit-3-after-supercritical-condition-sudden-increases-of-plutonium-and-uranium-were-seen-in-u-s-at-several-epa-stations” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: October 7th, 2013 at 7:32 pm ET


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172 comments to Japan Expert: Second explosion was “more like a bomb” at Fukushima — Spent nuclear fuel flew 30 kilometers away, pellets collected by military — Very strange materials like europium were found — Should have evacuated out to 300 kilometers (VIDEO)

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    Therefore, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown disaster is national security threat, the army must find these stray nuclear materials before terrorists do.

    Nuclear is bad stuff without a fix when you need most

  • Yes, Carbon is terrible -too- but uh, really? There is no turning off Nuclear. And probably no turning back at this point.

    This is article is courtesy of @Atomicrod, about Germany's increased coal-use since deciding to "abandon" nuclear power.


    "Because the “green” sources are inherently unreliable. You cannot turn them on or off; they just happen when they happen. You build them, lots of them, at huge expense, then cross your fingers and hope they produce power when you need it.

    And, if you are smart, you quietly build electricity generators than can produce electricity on demand. And if for some ideological reason you are not allowed to build generators that can produce power without carbon (i.e. nuclear), then you have absolutely no choice but to build ones that run on combustible fuels.

    Which, in light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fifth assessment report, published Monday last, which issued a dire warning on the danger of continuing to dump carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, appears almost irresponsible."

    • etwas, you want to post an article sourced from Atomic Rod. He is a Rod as in Dickweed.
      Total pronuke puke. I have come across his miscilanious ramblings through personal research. He is merely a nuclear cheerleader. I'll take coal fired generators over nuclear accidents any day.
      My Mum, God Bless Her, 86 years young, cancer free used to wake up every morning, pre WW2 and build a coal fire to make morning tea and toast for Mum and Dad. Must have been exposed to lots of coal it would be delivered to her house via horse and cart.
      Yeah coal is not the best but show me a coal fired generator that renders square miles of land useless for generations.
      Peanut Head Rods page for you who are curious.

      • Go ahead and wikipedia debate over nuclear energy and you will find the statistic that if USA diverted just the money from the Insurance Price Waterhouse scam or whatever away from nuclear and used that money to build photo electric (solar power ) it would generate more electricity then all nuclear power plants built in US to date. All it is is a source of plutonium for their A-bombs.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Correct! A Christian Nation to boot that prays everyday!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            “…It is noteworthy that less than 50 percent of of the nation's population identified as Christian adherents….”

            Looks like the problem is that less than half of the population of the US adheres to the Christian faith.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              You will have to go back to the beginning and follow the yellow brick road to this time and this place you call today..

              The videos presented showed you the trail you must follow…

              • Your all about the movies. The Matrix. Follow the yellow brick road. The Wizard of Oz, first colour movie. All movie ideas.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  The yellow brick road is very symbolic as are most movies which are often only reflections of our minds, but in this context since you missed it let's just call it the yellow cake road. Is that better?

                  Got it now?

                  • There it is. Obe brings up religion. Why? Nobody was talking religion till Obe brought it up. Since Obe has been clear that he is not a religious fan Why bring it up. Since we all know religion is such a divisive subect I question Obe's motives.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Even if the person is not a troll or a shill, it certainly is troll-like or shill-like behavior, is off-topic, and detracts from the serious nature of the thread on-hand. And it puts off people who come here for information about this disaster.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Mark, for the record, you probably missed that we had a rather extensive discussion in the off topic forum, where I was detailing some of the reasons why wide spread misinterpretation of Abrahamic religious ideology is one the major deterrents to ridding our planet of the nuclear abomination which is destroying all life on the globe. I think you will find that Obewan has innocent and positive motives. Thats my take on it anyway.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      agreed (on all your points) CodeShutdown. And obewanspeaks has been a constructive addition to this site…

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I've never seen the movie The Wizard of Oz or any Matrix movies. So I can't relate to what you are communicating.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  Also, I haven't the slightest idea as to what the Sun is all about.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  My response was to Mark directly above my comment, but yes I figured you had no idea what I was talking about anne.

                  Ergo: Rent the movies and watch them and then review the videos I asked you to review. If not then you will not relate to such understandings.

                • Anne. The Wizard of Oz. 1939. First colour movie. Dont believe you dont know about this one. Usually comes up on TV every Xmas. Everyone has a collective experience from all the movies everyone has seen. Making my outlook similar to someone thoisands of miles away as we both have experienced the same police chases adventure stories war battles and love stories. Movies are the modern base we relate to. Millions have experienced The Matrix. Figure out how to bit torrent movies for free to not contribute to "their" economy. Peace.

            • richard richard

              No anne, the problem is that anyone should adhere to any 'faith'. Of course, you're breaking protocol here to talk about religion, so in return, I can rebuff your comment.

              Most problems arise because too many people have 'faith' in a factless system of fear-based repression, dogma, and following invisible friends. It's all fantasy.

              All religion needs to be dropped, it's simply not reality. And I'm very tired of living in a world full of pre-schoolers who think some invisible friend is the answer to everything – when it clearly is not.

              Thanks for the opportunity to write. Oh, and go see a movie – Wizard of Oz is a good place to start.

              Oh, and don't insult me or others by saying our lack of 'faith' is the cause for troubles in the world, things are a lot more complicated then that simplistic, moralistic and unfounded view.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I think Wizard of Oz was written for children. I am certainly not going to base my life on a movie or other entertainment written for money or propaganda.

                • richard richard

                  Almost 'non-mentionable topic' book is propaganda.

                  Artistic creative can spark your mind to new and creative concepts. It can provide an uplifting glimpse into a possible way to get more from life.

                  Artits, and stories, and music, are for entertainment, yes, but what a morbid and bleek world we would have without artists.

                  Artists inspire.

                  The Wizard of Oz is a story of how people from dissimilar worlds and upbringing can come together and learn from each other, and in the process, progress together.

                  Sure, it's fiction, but hey, half the world take some fiction very seriously, unfortunetly.

                  Best still, go out and get a copy of Grand Theft Auto V .. it's the most amazing piece of art in the known universe – and still made from crushed rocks (electronics) like all art and technology is 🙂

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  I don't think I need an allegory on the silver or gold standard. Must have been written for bankers. It is certainly possible that political allegory is written to be persuasive. I have to admit that I have seen 5 or 10 minutes of the movie. And "Somewhere, over the rainbow" is one of my favorite songs, and Judy Garland's voice is a real treasure.

          • Why bring up religion? I'm not. Do you have an Ax to Grind?

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I live in the real world…I stepped out of the manmade box years ago and peeked back into it and yes religion was all over the yellow brick road.

              Ax to grind?

              Heck no as a real world extermination process of Planet Earth is moving forward.

              Why should I even look at any of the reasons we are all here chatting about such dire events.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              The indentation looks like you are talking to me. But it was Obewan who brought the subject up. I was just replying to him. I assume it is much less fun to be bashing a minority.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            The U.S. is not a Christian nation.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Sorry, I shouldn't have made this post here. Should have been in Forum, since the discussion was moved there. Quite a long thread. Just can't agree with some of the assumptions being made ….

      • @Mark: Yes. He's one of the very worst imaginable, that Atomic Rod.

        I've been trying to engage him in battle for a while now. He completely ignores me and/or deletes my comments from his blog. Slippery.

        I gave up there, but I've just found him on the Twitter, and still, he ignores me. And possibly flags me as spam. But whatever, I'm willing to give him another go.

        And yes, I'm with you on the Plutonium Factories that Nuke plants are.

    • dka

      how dare you coming here to advertise your silly propaganda for the fossil industry lobby?
      This is not a dumb website and it should not be about the need of the fossil industry.
      There are plenty of ways to produce non-fossil based energy (thermal is one for example) and Global Warming is not an ideology.
      I will report you if you continue your shameless game on this website.

      • You talking to me? Original post I replied to was suggesting that Germany replacing npp with coal is wrong headed. Me just saying coal better then nuclear. Nuclear the worse of all. What are you trying to do?

        • dka

          no, I am talking to etwas seltsam.

          • @dka: Are you kidding? You think I'm doing what here? Report me?

            I posted the article from that horrible website because I was appalled by it's Nuke-Shill-Craft. That's is all.

            I am no shill, and I am not playing games. Kindly back off, or at least go look at my blog before you decide to judge who I am.

            What the heck are you on about? I'm here for the same reasons you and everybody else are. Wow. Super tetchy here tonight. Damn.

            • And damn typos. "its" and "That is all".

            • Etwas, these are your words "And if for some ideological reason you are not allowed to build generators that can produce power without carbon (i.e. nuclear), then you have absolutely no choice but to build ones that run on combustible fuels.

              Which, in light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fifth assessment report, published Monday last, which issued a dire warning on the danger of continuing to dump carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, appears almost irresponsible."

              Is that not a pro nuke sentiment?

              • Jebus Jebus

                Uh Mark, I think he was just quoting the article on rod adams personal website…

                • Oh. Well I missed that. Took it as a total pro nuke comment. Didn't read anything in that post to think otherwise or I probably wouldn't have even responded……..

                • Yes, Jebus, thank you.
                  I was just quoting a riduculous pro-nuke article to demostrate the lengths they will go to make nuclear power seem "green". None of those words are mine.

                  I've lived in Kentucky, 10 miles from a coal plant.
                  I've lived in North Carolina, 5 miles from a nuke plant.
                  I don't like coal, or nukes, or Rod Adams, or the energy industry.

                  I'm all for solar.
                  But what I'm really about is conserving more energy than we consume.

                  Ok? Everybody happy now? Wonderful.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Ideology, from Mirriam-Webster online:

        :1 a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture
        2: a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture
        —ideo·log·i·cal also idea·log·i·cal adjective
        —ideo·log·i·cal·ly adverb

        Are you sure global warming proponents do not share an "ideology" by definition?

    • Jebus Jebus

      Hmm, Rambling Rod is trying to show that Germany is hurting from discharging nuclear from their future?

      I thought they were doing well, without…

      German economy grows at strongest pace in a year


      Solar works well, even in Germany.

      Germany Makes California Look Like Solar Pipsqueak


      And they are smart about it…

      Germany rebuffs European nuclear power subsidy proposal


      I think Germany will do fine, without nuclear power.

      As an aside, 🙂 Rod is retiring from…
      Well anyways he's gonna write books.
      Everybody wish him well…

      "It is time for a career change. For the foreseeable future, I am going to write books and articles for a living. This career move has been a long time in the making." – Rod Adams

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Clean coal:

      "Using photosynthesis to capture power-station exhaust gases"
      2007 article
      "A preliminary test of GreenFuel's reactor design, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's campus power plant, suggested that it can remove 75% of the carbon dioxide from a power station's exhaust. A more serious test is now being carried out by Arizona Public Service, that state's power utility, at its Redhawk plant, and another is planned in Louisiana."

      "Green / Renewable" Electricity production:
      9 months ago

      "Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Batteries Could Power the Nation 99.9% of the Time"

      "The biggest myth about clean power sources is that it can't provide electricity to the grid reliably enough. It's too "intermittent" say the skeptics. That "wind doesn't always blow, sun doesn't always shine" stuff. Which, on its face, is true enough. But throw in smarter grids, battery or hydrogen storage capacity, and suddenly clean energy can meet demand 99.9% of the time. "

      This conversation is old. The technology is on the shelf for these systems.

    • Nuclear is DEAD, as in seven feet under, as in rotting corpse, as in bloom is not only faded off the rose, it is so rotten, no one wants it.

      The only people still pushing nuclear are in bed with the global corporations making the stuff they want to sell.

      No investor will touch it with a 1000000 mile long pole.

      Only empires of stupid taxpayers are willing to put up with stupid reps, who are also bought off by the same shills promoting nuclear, who are ready and willing to bankrupt the whole nation when just ONE of these goes under.

      If that is not bad enough, they run and hide when one blows up or melts down and as fast as they can, they transfer all of the losses to the taxpayers too…

      Suckers are as suckers do…

      Coal and oil is bad sure, but nuclear is orders of magnitude WORSE for so many hundreds of reasons.. this is just the tipppy tippy top of the huge pyramid of reasons why nuclear is SOOOOOO BAAAAAAD.

      • Nuclear only provides 6 percent of global power.

        Turn them all off, or an extinction level event is coming soon, if it has not happened already due to tons of plutonium that came out of Fukushima…

        Stay un tuna'ed… as Kevin says.

        Finally, live in your heart, not in fear.

        Fear only feeds the beast.

        Love starves it, and feeds what really matters.

    • HamburgGeiger

      Germany is NOT replacing nuclear with coal. That is propaganda. The truth is that the old forces, the owners of the coal plants sabotage the renewables in every possible way and on every level. They refuse to adapt their plants when renewables produce enough energy. Instead they prefer to give the electricity made by coal as a present to our neighbor countries. That is part of their last battle because it makes electricity pricier for us germans and helps to split the people on the way to renewable energy.

      To understand the intentions you have to understand the way the german feed-in compensation for renewable works. That is complicated, and that is why their tactics is so successfull. Most people don`t understand what is going on and just see rising prices for electricity.

      By not adapting the fossil plants the old forces achieve that price for electricity at stock exchange is low, sometimes even negative. So prices should decrease for consumers. Renewables make energy cheaper! BUT that is not the case because in 2010 they influenced politicians to change the feed-in-compensation in a way that it has to compensate for the low stock exchange prices. So it looks like the renewables make electricity pricier, where in actual fact they make them cheaper. The difference goes to the wallets of the fossil plant owners… In addition they exempt much of the industry from paying their part of the feed-in-compensation, resulting in normal people paying even more.


  • Proton

    Correct the story line please-

    The visible fuel flew to a 30 km radius…

    What about all the aerosolized/vaporous pluthermal(MOX, plutonium) fuel that has circled the northern hemisphere a few dozen times since?

  • behappy1

    " Very strange materials like europium were found "

    must have been a bunch of it

    Europium isotopes are good neutron absorbers and are used in nuclear reactor control rods.


  • ftlt


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    150 years for decontamination is quite overly optimistic. It will be increasingly, even exponentially, worse for at least 250,000 years. And a million years before the contaminated areas are again inhabitable. That's assuming that we shut down every nuclear reactor and never build another.

    However, if not, there will be a catastrophic nuclear accident every 5 years or so to add to the radiation and all the other pollutants "modern" civilization can't live without. Of course, with everyone dead from radiation, it won't matter how long the earth is contaminated. If the elite just understood that their wealth is dependent on having millions of slaves. With everyone dying off, there will be no more wealth for anyone.

    • We predict an accident rate that will keep on accelerating for many reasons; climate change, terrorism, Stuxnet, aging plants, and many other reasons…

      Driving old worn out clunker cars at 200 miles per hour is risky enough for fools…

      Driving old worn out reactors at 200 miles per hour equivalent and then loading them up with MOX fuel is like BEGGING for Armageddon.

      Thanks to the nuclear industry for bringing on the empire of stupid and the reign of Idiocracy!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • Jebus Jebus

    Whats the pyhsical distinction between nuclear fuel in the reactor and nuclear fuel in the pool?

    Oh, excuse me. I forgot to add the word, "spent". My bad.

    I just wonder, how do you tell where it flew from?

    30 kilometers away? Like a cannon shot? Like out of a big cannon?


    Those spent fuel pools must be damn tough…

    Hey, has anyone ever seen actual pics of reactor #3 RPV top and bottom?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Some of he MOX from the nuclear detonation of Unit #3 undoubted fell onto unit #4. It was insanity to build these nuclear reactors in the first place and even more insanity to falsify the failed safety tests. Even greater insanity to build the reactors so close together.

      • sangell

        Something that has been bugging me is, while it took the biggest earthquake in 1000 years to cause the disaster at Fukushima, Chernobyl was caused by operator error. OK there was no containment dome at Chernobyl but the point is 'operator error' or even deliberate sabotage can blow these things up. If western nations are turning away from nuclear power ( although the UK seems ready to build more) that is not the case in the Third World and some 2nd tier nations already have them. Think Mexico and Iran. Imagine those two countries trying to cope with a meltdown at their NPP? They don't have the engineering and economic resources of Japan or even an indigenous nuclear industry. Japan had all of that and it was first rate and they still haven't gotten a handle on the situation. Suppose Syria had an operating NPP or Nigeria? Both countries have internal conflicts involving heavily armed Islamic terrorist groups who could be expected to attack or sabotage a NPP and they have not the slightest ability to manage or control an disaster at a NPP. Oh, BTW China is selling NPP to Nigeria.

  • weeman

    Show me in the nuclear handbook were is says SFP may detonate, not supposed to happen, they may burn?
    Can you say prompt criticality and flash steaming? Now tell us why, I have several theories?
    Anybody work out how much energy required to throw a fuel pellet 30 kilometers?
    In this case Abe radioactivity is not limited to Harbour as you say.
    Liar lair nuclear fire.

    • Jebus Jebus

      "Anybody work out how much energy required to throw a fuel pellet 30 kilometers?"

      A "pound of thrust" is equal to a force able to accelerate 1 pound of material 32 feet…

      We have to calculate work first. How much energy that is needed is calculated last.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    If 3 was full of MOX, the reactor blown to hell & MOX Parts so deady if you tried to sweep one up in a dust pan you would be dead in a 1/2 hour if you were luckly, that means those small parts of Pu are all over the site that were in the reactor.
    SO what was caused unit 3 to blow up? Was as some have said, a nuke device? I have no clue, but I do know this, world leaders lies about the dangers & it will in no way keep them from being emune from the effects of radiation that has been in our every day life for a long time now!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      MOX detonates at a lower temperature than uranium fuel and is much more unstable.

      First the earthquake broke the cooling pipes. Then the tsunami and attempts to cool the reactor with seawater manually after the cooling water drained out and the generators failed caused any even criticality. TEPCO still seems unable to understand anything about nuclear criticalities and radiation contamination. They wanted to abandon Fukushima forever after the earthquake and before the first explosion because they knew that there was no way to stop the meltdowns and resultant China syndrome.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Seawater and sodium cause criticalities to nuclear fuel. Look at Monju NPP. It has only produced 1 hour of electricity in many years. All sodium reactors have failed.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          "All sodium reactors have failed"

          Including the experimental one at Hanford?

          Just wondering, since there was one there too. Wasn't aware it had any accidents.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        correction: caused even greater criticality.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Until just recently (31 months ago) running a fuel pool out of water or draining the pool with fuel in it had been untried. Something like that would have been frowned on BIG TIME.

    The experts sorta knew what would happen. 10 out of 10 expert opinions said the fuel would volatilize and under the right conditions, catch fire and melt. Ruling out the possibility of an explosion was impossible.

    Unlike spent rounds of ammunition, one so-called spent fuel rod has the potential to release the heat of millions of tons of coal. The development of current nomenclature has created a desensitization to the dangers involved with these horrible substances.

    What choice does anybody have? They'll just keep railroading their failed technology into the most beautiful communities this earth has ever seen. It was paradise I say.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Paradise is lost/gone and hell has arrived in full bloom for everyone left here on Planet Earth!

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    "Radioactive silver in seafood caught off Japan. Cadmium risk.
    Posted on October 4, 2013

    Prof. Satoshi Mori has discussed the finding that amounts of radioactive silver (Ag-110m) have exceeded those of radioactive cesium in squid, octopus and crab caught off Fukushima prefecture.

    This is significant because the half-life of Ag-110m is 250 days. The amounts of it should have dropped by 80% since the initial catastrophe in March 2011, yet it is still found in excess of cesium, which in the case of the Cs-134 isotope would have dropped by 50%, and Cs-137, which would have dropped just a tiny bit in that time frame.

    Ag-110m is an activation product, which means it is produced by neutron irradiation of control rod materials, including nonradioactive silver. This implies that fission and criticalities are still going on, which create free neutrons, leading to neutron activation of these materials.

    Radioactive silver levels were found to exceed cesium levels in 62% of marine products in November 2012. The latest tests appear to have been performed in April 2013, and there should have been substantial decay of this isotope since then. But the levels are still high. http://optimalprediction.com/wp/radioactive-silver-in-seafood-caught-off-japan-cadmium-risk/

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    🙂 No decay going on, just more of everything Radioactive!

  • Should also be noted that when they talk of radiation found in fish or on the ground they quote so many bequorels of cesium or whatever but not testing for every isotope produced. Have you seen a so many bequorels of plutonium in dust around Fuku Dai-ichi?
    Didn't think so. But you know its there.The nuclear apologist will say Oh there isnt much plutonium its mostly cesium but plutonium is deadlier in much smaller amounts. We are all being scammed.
    Don't feel helpless. Disengage from the system any way you can. Invest in vitamins and healthy food read what is available as far as battling radiation and never ever give up. They don't give a flying fuck about you or yours. They are letting 10 20 or more % of us die a painful cancer death just to keep their bullshit economy in place. Just walk away whatever you can do to not support their economy. Dont listen to those who have resignation bullshit you are owned by"The Matrix" philosophy. You want to live your life based on a Hollywood movie script? Hey do what you want. We should be sitting around a fire, pig on spit homemade wine in barrel, smoking herb playing guitar sexing all day long and not working for the fools who have tricked us.
    Makin Babies. That lifestyle will not impact the eco system like what the "powers that be" propose we need. You me and them all caught in a web of Bullshit. We really don't need their crap. Just walk away.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You try to do any of this stuff you talk about here in America and the Forest Ranger/Policing Authority will give you a ticket and even after you paid for admission to the park/land you already own and sadly your frustration is very evident my friend. 🙁

    Ownership is not a tough concept to understand..

    • Jebus Jebus

      Obe, please, please, hit the reply link to the message you want to respond to. It's really simple and that's what threads are for…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Jebus, I am pretty sure I know how the system works. The layering of comments with no reply button is like the game of jumbles, but then I did not design the site comment section.

        Have you identified problem I should be aware of?

        • Jebus Jebus

          Well, I don't know but I think that someone came up with that silly system so that everyone would know who you are responding to…

          The end of layering has a limit for page width constraints.

          You can still back up a thread and reply.

          It makes for a logical flow through the threads for someone else who wishes to read it, unless one is looking for a different result than that…

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Pretty sure my replies are to the preceding comment reply button..jumbles takes over after that.


              go to the last Reply that's available in the thread obewanspeaks and hit that one. Your response will be pushed to the bottom of the threaded conversation. The system works well…

    • You are entitled to your opinion Obe. But all you say is we are owned. We are not. We can walk away. Not saying its easy but rather then sit there and feel helpless do something. Even if its buying something used, fixing something instead of replacing. Paying cash under the table for a service or product. Trying is better then giving up. What are you advocating? Vote with your wallet. Whats wrong with that?

      • Ok Obe. Heres a true story. Couple of Americans trying to smuggle a bunch of pot across the US Mexico border. Put the pot in condoms and force fed it to a bunch of dogs. One dog felt the vibes and ran away once across the border. After much cajoling they finally got the dog. What went through the dogs mind? Probably eventually the dog thought why run off into the wilderness where no one would feed me and no nice mat to sleep on. He came back to his "owner". A bullet through the brain was his reward, as all the dogs got and the illicit drug was cut out of the dogs stomachs. Your Matrix theory of we are owned well I guess the dogs were owned but the option was still there. Walk away.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    I think the radiation is getting to me. Or the knowledge of how much has been dumped into the ocean over the last 100 years is not a happy thought.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Mark, yes you can be free by doing some of the things you say but that is not the purpose of an educated civilization. The problem is that the mold is broken and its broken based on ownership principles designed by each of our masters and the borders you see all over the world identify clearly these ownership boundaries. You are a Canadian and therefor you are owned by the Canadian Collective you call your government. Each nation is/operates the same…simple concepts really.

    • Jebus is right. You need to reply in the string otherwise you are disrupting the conversation surrounding the story posted. My answer is above. Nothing more to say except why you want to promote a theory with no hope I don't know but I suspect you are a very jaded man. Peace. I'm bailing for now.

  • J.

    In the video of the lecture this man states a 100% chance of a 9-9.5 earthquake in Tokyo within two years, and a death toll of one million within two weeks, due to inadequate medical facilities. This is evidently without considering Fukushima worsening.

    This is a scenario far worse than any I have ever heard.

    • Jebus Jebus

      No, no, it could be worse.
      They could start up the other fifty nuclear reactors…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Please keep all those 50 reactors shut down! Please! Please!

      • Jebus Jebus

        All in the square miles of land about the size of the state of Montana…

        And those fifty reactors are dotted along the coastline around a nation that has more miles of coastline than the USA…

        9.0 to 9.5

        Anybody remember a 10.0?

        Is Fukushima a 7.0+?

        Is Fukushima over yet?

        Is there a face-palm emoticon?

        Scotty?… Scotty? Scotty come in… Crap….

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      September 25, 2003 8.3 Mw 2003 Hokkaidō earthquake
      2003年十勝沖地震 2003 Hokkaidō Jishin 41.78°N 143.86°E
      1 2003 earthquake in Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Japan on September 25, 2003 occurred. It is the moment magnitude scale measured 8.3, and extensive damage, destroying all the roads around Hokkaido, the cause of several power outages caused landslides further damage.[52]

      November 15, 2006 8.3 Mw 2006 Kuril Islands earthquake
      2006年千島列島沖地震 Chishima Rettō Oki Jishin about 160 km (99 mi) due east of the southern tip of Simushir in the Kuril Islands
      0 The earthquake happened at 20:29 JST on November 15, 2006, causing a tsunami to hit the Japanese northern coast.
      January 13, 2007 8.1 Mw 2007 Kuril Islands earthquake
      2007年千島列島沖地震 46°28.8′N 154°04.48′E
      0 The earthquake happened at 1:23 p.m. JST (04:23 UTC) and resulted in a tsunami warning but did not cause significant damage.[54] The epicentre was located 95 km to the south east of the 2006 Kuril Islands earthquake that struck a few weeks earlier.

    • J.

      Regarding the speaker: I'm not sure about his background and credentials. He seemed to be making mostly true statements, but his projections seem really dire, and I can't understand the basis of them.

      He runs some kind of foundation, but I saw no biographical information for him, and the site is poorly set up and the English content is unclear in many particulars. I would like to know more about this person and his background and funding if anyone knows.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Mark..P.S. if you think I am jaded what would you call yourself with all these created escape this way scenarios?

    I think we all feel a little/lot jaded these days but I do not want to escape this current ownership reality..I want to fix it/the reality!

    Big difference my friend..

    • I am a soldier fighting the good fight. You say you are the same but all you offer is a pessimistic diatribe bullshit "the matrix" sci fi movie story and you have no links to offer and I watch you every day and I question your motives. I offer solutions and you shoot me down. I posit possibilities and you bring up religion. You dont have the balls to respond to my mexico story above so I seriously question your authenticity. OK?
      Do you have any solutions to offer? Havnt heard any so far. I dont mind speaking my mind. I think you are a bullshit artist. The truth hurts. Prove me wrong.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I have nothing to prove,since I have read long ago the many sites thrown up here and that is what 15 years of research does to/for the mind.

        You on the other hand like attacking people and that is not a very nice thing to do. Freeing ones/others minds is the/my goal I am on and believe me its been a very tough road for those that I normally encountered..

        Your dog story was not worth my response.. sorry. We must all look into the same mirror someday..

        • No one need prove themselves if they are sincere. What are you offering? You are a Bullshit Artist manipulating the conversation away from the meat of the matter, the triple meltdown that is not being reported by the media to some fantasy world "You are owned by the Matrix" hollywood movie crap. How are you freeing anybodies mind by repeating the mantra "You are owned by the Matrix?" Its just a pile of crap.
          I've watched you for months my patience worn thin. The Powers That Be are scared of the masses because there are more of us then there are of them and you can fight city hall and win. Its hard definately no cake walk but not when some asshole is constantly telling you that you are owned insinuating there is no hope. OK?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            It is possible that he is a member of the elite, trying to indoctrinate in the New Age Religion that supposedly we are all going to be forced to join. I'd rather die than submit to the rituals and propaganda and spooky rationale of someone else. Talk about the problems of organized religion. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink.

            • Thank-you Anne. Worth repeating if you scroll way up top you will see that I was responding to Etwas comment that included this gem. "And if for some ideological reason you are not allowed to build generators that can produce power without carbon (i.e. nuclear), then you have absolutely no choice but to build ones that run on combustible fuels.

              Which, in light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fifth assessment report, published Monday last, which issued a dire warning on the danger of continuing to dump carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, appears almost irresponsible." And backed up with Peanut Head Atomic Rod link. So I am attacking this pro nuke comment when Obe out of the blue says "Correct! A Christian Nation to boot that prays everyday!" So what is that since nobody was talking religion, Obe has stated he is not cool with religion and everyone knows throwing in religion is bound to derail any conversation. How is this fighting the good fight? Anne, You saw what I saw.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                I was responding to you Mark and this exact line and yes it is/was Correct and yes, we are a Christian Nation which was already proven in the previous links I supplied.

                "All it is is a source of plutonium for their A-bombs." Mark~Whose A-bombs?

                You both are way to touchy about what and why you are here and also about your religion. Its role is/has been part of the problem and code already covered most of it for you.

                Keep attacking every time any/your faith is exposed for the role it has played.

                I have never discussed carbon based fuel..

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I suspect that sometimes the pro-nukders try to get me to talk about religion so that I will as a result be banned from the site. Or, for some bloggers, they just don't know how to talk about anything else and are here for political reasons.

                This was such an important thread, and I appreciate that you tried to get it back on topic. The next time this happens, I will just refer to this thread and the General Discussion thread, and not make any comments.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  You could have taken it off to the general thread hours ago but you and Mark chose not too.

                  Ergo: My reply

                  I agree stay on course…

                  • Christian nation? Nobody was talking religion until you brought it up Obe. Which is my point, why bring it up if nobody is talking about it? Why keep reminding everyone that they are "owned" claiming no recourse? Why argue that we are not self determined beings who have Free Will at our disposal? Why argue against Hope? Religion is a red herring that you chose to bring up.
                    Why? There is a triple meltdown nuclear event which is being under reported for reasons that seem to be related to keeping the current economic system intact. I am advocating divorcing yourself from this economic trap however small the step whatever is practical in your life. Whats wrong with that? You say your too moral to lie to the gangsters and anyways there is nothing you can do you are owned. This is enlightenment?
                    All I see is you monkeying around with the English language, obfuscating the truth and handing out lies. You brought religion into the debate not me not Anne. Why?

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Was Jim Stone Right? Plaes read his stuff, nit all is what is as it seems & by now with the use of propaganda by the US & its allies we should now better!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes we should know better, but they don't and the general public sucks it all up like a sponge..

  • Jebus Jebus

    Read that headline again…

    The light is very bright in this room…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      The M198 is the standard towed 155mm howitzer. It weighs 8 tons, and can fire conventional rounds as far as 22.4 kilometers.

      The explosion mentioned must have been huge and one would expect some kind of gun barrel effect to achieve that distance. But even there, no part of the structure is aimed outward at 45 deg. So how is it even possible to have fuel pellets 30 km away? Perhaps they traveled by some other method. They have the military picking them up. Could be a cover story for clandestine nuke works?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        It went miles up and being vaporized some is still circling the globe. I have no doubt that they are finding huge amounts of radioactive dust 18.6 miles away. We are finding it all around the globe as is comes down in the rain and snow and also deposited by the wind.

      • A fuel pellet is about the size of a finger tip. Say 5 to 10 mm vs your 155mm projectile. If you dropped both from a 50 story building which would hit the ground first? The fuel pellet as it is smaller having less wind resistance. A lot of people would say the larger object thinking the heavier object would be faster. 90% of a cyclists effort is overcoming wind resistance. So sure you need this huge charge to propel a 15.5 cm wide projectile 22 km but to send a .5 cm that far would require less energy.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Mark due to reynolds number effects the drag on the small pellet is higher than the large one in your example. The large object would reach the ground sooner. Then, you say that the energy required to propel the small one is less than a large projectile. But the projectile is streamlined and has a fraction of the drag of the pellet per mass. So the pellet is in reality a much less efficient projectile. To make a good comparison, two main things should be known; amount of energy per mass and the time it had to accelerate it, thus the barrel effect. The drag can be estimated at around Cd= 1.5 to 1.8 based on frontal area. Then there is the big issue of trajectory. A hand gun might have a range of a little over a mile, but not if it was shot upwards. If there was no gun barrel, the range would be significantly reduced. In the end, a thirty kilometer distance is nearly unbelievable

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    What do you want to bet that all the fuel pellets they collect will be put into the ocean?

  • rakingmuck

    Anne: I won't take that bet. Here is another bet I won't take, sadly. Only the people here have the ability to deal with the truth of what is happening. Will that change as more information like this comes out? I bet no. Why are the people here able to deal? I do not know. But I am personally done, after nearly 3 years, trying to make people look at what we here look at everyday. I have come to the sad conclusion that those who refuse to discuss what is being discussed right here right now deserve to be taken by surprise. They have had every chance and chosen to stay blind.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      After I wrote that I wondered: is what they are finding still in the form of fuel pellets? How much became extremely fine particles?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think a lot of people do know how horrible it is, but they don't want to talk about it. And a lot of people do know, but are in denial. There is no place to go, no place to hide, no money to move. And people would rather be near friends and family. How brave are all those who have immigrated down through the ages. Those who have recently immigrated from Japan are not only brave, but smart too.

  • Sickputer

    "Now Self Defense Forces is collecting all materials. Also spent fuel flew because of a second explosion; it’s more like a bomb, exploded and flew like 30 kilometers. So government, or Self Defense, is now collecting all spent fuel pellets.”

    SP: Vaporized Unit 3 nuclear debris rose in the jetstream and has traversed the globe (over 20 circuits to date). Heavier particles flew not quite so far. I think Arnie estimated a mile, maybe 2 kiliometers. Ceramic uranium bullets could not travel 30 km in my opinion. YMMV

    The fuel expelled from Unit 3 had serious impacts on the complex itself because of the enormous localized radiation. Perhaps someday we will get a concise narrative of how the workers bulldozed deadly radioactive hot chunks from the explosion, threw some with cranes into the lagoon (which they later concreted the ocean floor without much explanation), and laid a ground barrier of huge steel plates near the affected drop zone from the Unit 3 blast. Someday the surviving workers will verify how this blast event destroyed central Japan.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    I haven't been posting on here in a while, I reached a point where I no longer felt useful. I have been staying in the loop and trying to get through "real life" of finishing school and watching bayou corne… I have noticed that a lot of the radiation-aware people have been turning on each other a lot more lately. We cannot blame ourselves. We are all watching Fukushima but we are ignoring what's right in our own backyards, too. We should not get caught up in feeling defeated and turning on each other, we should be taking what we know and trying our best to do what we have to do in our own "houses" if you will. Love ya'll. =(

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Correct! 🙂

      Our own houses need a very good cleaning or the repeat of Fukushima will happen very close to home. Its only a matter of time now and yes its time to awaken the others!

    • Agreed… divide and conquer is the tactic used to keep all movements down, and the 1percenters in power.

      Love one another… peace out.

    • bo bo

      I agree. I have been struggling with people stonewalling this problem but lately experiencing some coming around, here and there – perhaps from experiencing cancer or being exposed to one or two newsclips that trickle out (even if such articles are carefully packaged to always conclude – 'no immediate risk')..

      I was thinking about how one day, the Berlin wall was torn down by the people – seemingly out of nowhere. This 'fukushima wall' might be brought down overnight just like that, and surprise us. I'm not saying we'll fix fukushima. Just saying that this whole deafening silence, this stonewalling by those around us might come to an end, with awareness gaining momentum.

      • The nuclear industry is DEAD, like zombies. They have no empathy or compassion, or they would not be doing what they are doing. They are literally the walking dead.

        They are after other things, like money, power, fame, awards.

        They keep talking about a renaissance, but instead, the share of nuclear keeps dropping, and will soon fall off a cliff globally.

        To get up to 20% global energy share, they would have to build THOUSANDS of nuke plants, and that is just NOT going to happen.

        So if you hear of a couple here or other being built, do not give up or get disheartened. We are winning.

        We are on the winning side.

        History will reveal everyone for who they really are.

        Just stay in the game and keep fighting, or being, or whatever.

    • MichaelV MichaelV

      Well stated…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Someday maybe…

  • SophieQ

    Please forgive me when I ask some silly questions: After Listening to the numbers Yuki N. Karakawa produced in the video/transcript, I measured the distance between Fukushima and Tokyo and arrived at roughly 197 km. If Yuki N. Karakawa points out that the evacuation zone <i>should have been</i> 300 km. Does that mean that Tokyo with its 13 Million inhabitants <i>should have been</i> evacuated and now, as Tokyo was obviously not evacuated, does this equally mean that > 13 Million people will face a very shortened life expectancy? Furthermore, is the ongoing and perpetual emission of highly carcinogenic substances now limited to a smaller radius, or is Tokyo still under the influence of carcinogenic substances?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Many people have said right after and since the first explosion that Tokyo should have evacuated. And they still are experiencing even more radiation because of the contaminated groundwater which is growing even more contaminated, the radioactive gasses continually released at Fukushima, the fallout during rain and typhoons, the bioaccumulation in the food. The school children are forced to eat the contaminated food and are not allowed to bring other food from home. Certainly a very different culture. Also nuclear waste is being incinerated all over Japan which is another source of continuing increase of radiation. Also as they dump nuclear waste in the ocean and particularly Tokyo Bay, the ocean spray is also increasing the radioactive contamination for several miles from the shore. If there is a 10.0 earthquake in the Tokyo which is predicted before the end of 2014, a tsunami will bring in all the contamination in the ocean.

  • SophieQ, No Metro Tokyo largest Metropolis in the world containing more then the population of Canada. 2007 Census= 35,676,000 souls.
    Forget about 14,000,000


    You look at the map if you click the link and the northern border is probably closer to 100km then the 197km you quoted.

    The politicians would not be too eager to evacuate that area although it is on record that then PM Kan considered it. Its a trillion dollar economy who would pay to compensate that?

    Perhaps it should have been evacuated but…. what are you gonna do? Even here in Canada I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling from local or national politicians. Do you?

    • SophieQ

      That is very, very disturbing. When I measured I did it quasi from the middle of Tokyo, which means that everything east/southeast of Tokyo was really intensely contaminated and areas more west of center must still be extremely unhealthy.
      I do have friends in Japan, some of them living here on the Big Island. For a long time I have looked for an explanation for what is happening to and with the Japanese people. In the end I realized that the Japanese still suffer from a serious 'obedience condition'. Years back I worked for a Japanese company and was amazed how personal needs were subdued to the company 'needs'. Absent the description of my parents and grand parents about obedience under National Socialism in Germany, I have never ever experienced such obedience. The one word that I heard the most was 'Hai'.
      It is this culture of obedience that lead Japan to where it is today and it is the same obedience that will ensure the depopulation of that Nation.
      Therefore, 'civil disobedience is not a choice, it is a mandate'.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If and when Japan's economy collapses so will Americas so yes they have a great deal to protect and hide.

    Ergo: Why the lack of information and/or press coverage.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think that if US were to shut down all their nuclear reactors, it is possible the economy would not collapse. The US is not so dependent on other countries. We see that in WWII attacked on two different power fronts, the Americans did not collapse. However, the US needs to expand their manufacturing base as a matter of national security. And they need to invest in the education of their own citizens, and they need to switch to the green renewables and retire coal, retire nuclear, and retire oil and retire natural gas.

      If the US were to learn the lessons of Chernobyl and TMI and Fukushima and all the other nuclear accidents, they could see that nuclear destroys a country, ruins the IQ, and renders the population infertile, and over burdens the health care system.

      The US can stand alone and needs to throw off all its international masters. Say goodbye to globalization to avoid collapsing with the rest of the world. It needs to use its influence to ban all new and planned nuclear power plants around the world. Just as genocide in Africa can be stopped, so can expansion of nuclear energy.

    • Obe, we can certainly agree to that. I must apologize for my disrespectful behaviour last night. You don't deserve it. Peace.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Mark, no worries and yes we are both on the same team!

        This humanity problem is much more than just a Nuclear Problem, which is a gigantic problem all on its own, and currently the most pressing issue/challenge facing mankind and certainly threatening our own survival as a species.

        I was off base too and will apologize, since often my abstract understandings are hard to grasp/understand, since I use an indirect insertion method to stimulate alternate brain activity/ thought patterns.

        None of my insertions are meant to cause anyone painful discomfort or harm..just more thought patterns.

  • Wooster

    So we are finally getting the truth, albeit in a long winded and roundabout way.

    It's time for the Japanese Government to come clean about this disaster and tell their own people and the world the reall news in an unvarnished and truthful manner.

    Until people come to terms with just how bad things are, they will never be able to recover.

    And PLEASE, let's stop this nonsense about the people of Japan panicking.

    The Japanese people will do what they have always done; they'll do their best to get on with their lives and make the situation better for others. It's time to start trusting your fellow countrymen and women.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • or-well

    I humbly suggest using @(whoever) & 00:00 (timestamp) to reply to specific people/comments in busier threads.
    It takes a mere moment.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Can anyone explain the FOIA Reports Hatrick Penery have put out that tells time lines from the time of the so called 9+ earth quake & all the u tube vedios befor the huge tital wave where building were still standing, roads in tact, then the sirens only went off minutes before the 1st wave hit as cars were driving over bridges in Fukushima Prefecture? The quake that hit Kayoto laid waste to all sorts of buildings & yet I look at vedios of after the quake as the tital wave is coming & that's when buildings are washed away, something is not right!

    The comment that said devide the people into groups going after each other is a old trick our own government has used for a long time, like the 2 party system, voting for some one because the have R or D beside their name is playing you againt each other. That's why the federal reserve got in while just a few were in DC because it was Christmas, the charter is up this year & if we acting as one the FR would be gone along with the dbt they put under with their IRS agents! Life is way to short now to fight each other, we need to act as one & take our Nation back where the Constitution is restored & corporations no longer rule us! We would rid this nation of what has ruined it once & for all! GOD said all mem are free, yet we have been slave to debt based system for 100 yrs!

  • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

    The key to proving contamination from Fukushima is in the radioactive isotopes. Isotopes from nuclear reactors are different from naturally occurring isotopes. A Geiger counter only detects radiation, it can not tell you what type of radioactive isotope. For that you need a gamma spectrometer, also known as a multi-channel analyzer. At the gammaspectrometry Yahoo group there are several projects that provide affordable software and hardware for identifying isotopes. Test results are also discussed there. People there are more than happy to test samples sent to them.

  • Scroll down for geiger counter playlist.. loads of information about geiger counters