Japan Nuclear Expert: There are known to be broken fuel rod assemblies in Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — Large amount of radioactive material has fallen to bottom — “Many years” to get fuel out (VIDEO)

Published: May 7th, 2012 at 9:46 am ET


Footage of the NYC Press Conference May 4th 2012
Cinema Forum Fukushima

New York — Description: Japanese Nuclear Scientist and Japanese and US medical doctors to discuss current radiological health conditions and concerns in Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor catastrophe.

Hiroaki KOIDE / Nuclear Reactor Specialist and Assistant Professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute


Large amount of radioactive material has fallen to the bottom of that pool [in Unit 4 …]

There are already known to be broken assemblies as a result of the debris and structural elements that have fallen down on top of them.

Many years to get the fuel out of Unit 4… praying for no large quake.

View the full Q&A here:

See also: New Images Reveal Nuclear Fuel Rack Exposed to Air

Published: May 7th, 2012 at 9:46 am ET


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42 comments to Japan Nuclear Expert: There are known to be broken fuel rod assemblies in Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — Large amount of radioactive material has fallen to bottom — “Many years” to get fuel out (VIDEO)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Unbelievable that we allow nuclear reactors to exist. The insanity must stop.

    • rrr rrr

      By placing the reactor on a fault, and by making it capable of withstanding less than a 9 quake, the builders made it inevitable that when an earthquake greater than 9 occurred there, it would also cause a nuclear disaster. These people are motivated to be managers, bosses, politicians, etc. That is their training. The people in the video will be capable of doing nothing but putting together presentations, showing pictures, holding meetings, and talking. They do not have the necessary imagination to do anything helpful. They are motivated to keep their jobs, look good, and avoid blame. Only perhaps one or two of them will actually be capable of anything, and they will be suppressed by the others and will do nothing. If anyone comes up with a useful idea it is likely to be someone who has extensive experience in some sort of independent business or activity. They will have the necessary imagination and be unfettered by those around them to take the necessary action. No king is capable of this. No policitian. No engineer, unless he is independent and highly inventive. Meantime, it is an uphill battle that will have to be waged against the people who are presently in power there.

  • getoutwhileyoustillcan

    I didn't watch the video yet, but is this crap at the bottom melting?

    • It appears to be underwater now and has been for some time.

      • getoutwhileyoustillcan

        That means it won't melt, right? Because if it melts, I don't even want to think about it.

    • Sickputer

      If the broken rods were that hot the floor of the pool would have burned through long ago. It wasn't built to contain in an accident that they face. So if cooling water is lost then the rods will burn through to the ground.

      • You all seen that pool, Hold water, .. not hardly, they kept a hose on it while it burned for months, steam, and more steam and still may be burning emitting rays to the sky ! These things they talked about, but not the length of time they burned,… bet it was the duration !

        • Sickputer

          We have witnessed on the cam that rods have burned in SFP 4. How much is known by Tepco and we can only guess how much. But hopefully the majority remains and can be contained.

          Tepco does seem to focus on the flavor of the month for attention, but I think they realize now Unit 4 is the puzzle to solve, not 1,2, or 3.

          Unit 3 already distributed 40 times Chernobyl. Japan is in dire straits from 400 days of heavy radiation and most remains in the soil and water. Can they stop the rest of the airborne toxins from escaping? The eastern seaboard waters are also lost to the leaking contaminated water that is the second puzzle they have to solve. 100,000 workers might be able to build a circular cofferdam, but a few hundred will never succeed in that task.

          All in all I would rate the chances of containing air and water emissions at about 1% if the current workforce remains the only strategy. The alien toxins are winning almost all the battles.

  • One point asked about contaminated foods how to get clean food, provide for them and the children to eat, The answer was, There is no such thing as clean food, the accident has happened spreading radiation ….

    Then there is:
    """assuming that a diet of imported foods was available.[19] It was because of these food risks that the group eventually did not recommend fully resettling the island. …"""


  • weeman

    Unit 4 did not explode it imploded, look at the building roof pulled in, panels blowin inward.
    Something sucked the air out of building and collapsed like tin can.
    Anybody agree

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, and apparently the same thing happened at Reactor #2. If I'm keeping my reactors straight!

      Something about when the pressure drops inside the pressure vessel, then the reactor will implode. Which leads to the question — did the pressure vessel at #4 implode?

  • Radiation levels were too high for workers to approach it, I think this has been again a problem !

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Well, they are discussing removing debris which has fallen down into the pool, and how to deal with the partially melted or melted down fuel that has fallen to the bottom. At least there's a sense of reality about the situation now, in the discussions taking place.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    "… and the radiation already has spread all over the planet …. That's why unfortunately there is no longer any such thing as clean or safe food. There is, however, a continuous distribution going from extremely contaminated food to relatively uncontaminated food. Our only choice is whether we accept that or not …. The first one is that the people who advance nuclear power be made to eat the extremely contaminated food. People like the managing directors of Tokyo Electric, or the members of the parliament; the academics who promoted nuclear power. I'd like to build a system which feeds them with contaminated food.

    But that's not enough. I also have a proposal that the relatively contaminated food be fed to the generation of adults who accepted and have promoted nuclear power and that the relatively uncontaminated food be fed to the children. That can't be done unless we have an accurate understanding of which food is contaminated and which isn't.

    I think what I have been is that the most important thing is that we insist to the government and to Tokyo Electric that they provide clear information of measurements of which food is contaminated by how much; which is an enormous undertaking.

    … Tokyo Electric is a representative massive Japanese company which has up until now with its power dominated politics and the mass media and politics ….

    It's absolutely imperative that we do bankrupt Tokyo Electric."

    Mr. Koide spells out what would be…

  • jackassrig

    The equation for calculating the force acting on a flat plat immersed in water is

    F = ρ * (h1 + h2) / 2 * depth * length.

    ρ = 62.3 lb / ft3

    h1 = 0 ft surface of pool

    h2 = height of pool = 25 ft

    width = depth of pool = 30 ft

    length = length of pool = 66 ft

    I’m assuming the depth, height, and width because all I know is the volume of the SFP = 50000 ft3.

    Doing the hack work on the equation, the total force due to water depth is approx 1.3 million lbs. give or take a few. An enormous number.

    The moment at the corner 33 ft * 1.3 million lbs. = 42.8 million ft lbs. Another enormous number.

    Stiffening this structure IMHO should be of prime importance. The pool is being weakened daily due to radiation and earthquakes. How long the concrete and steel can hold on due to mistreatment is anyone’s guess

    If I have made math errors please correct.

  • Truth

    It seems to me that a lot of the water that came out of that pool would carry with it all the stuff that came out of the rods and was in the water too! Most of the radiation they fear may already be in the world from that pool and they don't wish to panic us. I am no expert in this, but it seems logical since it has not melted that it was carried out with the water which was then poured back in…. What do you think? Also, if there is an exodus to south of the equator, I am not sure I want to live down there then. Can you imagine the abuse all these people will be put under? Even these that have lived there for a while who are ex pats will suffer and it is not a given that these countries will accept the influx at all. Only the most wealthy will be safe for a while….

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    … what would be justice. My question, though, is how many adults who "accepted" nuclear power really had any idea of the risks? That is, given how much Tepco and other large Japanese firms have controlled mass media and public education about the risks of nuclear energy. The same is true in the U.S. It bothers me a great deal to know I tacitly "accepted" nuclear power when I was so uninformed of the risks.

    I worked on a DOE-funded project (Yucca Mountain Seismic Studies) as the Grant Administrator (Program Assistant) in the 1990's. I never heard much discussion of the risks of reactors and spent fuel storage. I didn't get into the nuts and bolts of reactors and waste storage. The storage of spent fuel in pools was never discussed. Our group was primarily focused on seismic risk.

    Perhaps the DoE just never considered waste storage in the interim to be much of an issue. The discussion of dry cask storage vs. fuel pool storage issue just never came up. It was mentioned something had to be done with the waste, but we really didn't get into detail. I got a general overview of the plan for the high level and low level waste, but that was about it. That's how insularized our society has become — even in academia, people focus on their area of "speciality" and don't get into detail on anything outside that particular area.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I now wish I'd spent more time trying to understand the issue and why it is imperative we find a place to store the waste. I'd have become an anti-nuclear activist almost 20 years ago! This is an inherently unsafe technology (major understatement). Using nuclear weapons, and using nuclear power for energy must stop!

      • What-About-The-Kids

        I agree, HoTaters. Too many groups being insularly focused leaves openings for catastrophic failures. I am sure your grants dept. was purposefully not informed of the "meaty" issues. Your job was to get grants and if you had known about these other serious issues, well…it would have "complicated" matters…

        I am sure there were plenty of people in OTHER depts. at the DOE who were and continue to be fully aware of the huge problems we face in the U.S. due to the rapidly filling up of over-crowded spent fuel pools at our 104 civilian reactors. (Robert Alvarez' presentation on the subject shows a chart which estimates our U.S. SPFs will be FULL by 2015!!! Not a heck of a lot of time left to wake up and take action…)

        Like you and probably 98% of the public, prior to Fuku, I simply had NO IDEA of the dangers we are facing due to nuclear power's poisoning of our planet. The lies and cover ups by the nuke industry have just been that good…We were purposefully kept in the dark so they could line their pockets with their death-derived buckets of money. Many, if not most, of the original conspirators in this Dance of Death are long gone…and yet, there are those who continue to perpetuate the lies.

        • What-About-The-Kids


          Someone here yesterday (Nedliinvermont) brought up an excellent observation:

          Simply due to the way our capitalistic system is designed, corporations who discover that their products are faulty and potentially (and in the case of Fukushima, actually) causing harm somehow believe they CANNOT admit to their defects for fear they would become bankrupted by all the resulting liability lawsuits (their consciences be damned…).

          So "good" executives and board members, whose job is first and foremost to protect the corporation and its shareholder profits, will do everything in their power to insure the survival of the corporation.

          But where does this leave their moral and ethical responsibilities to the public who are harmed by their products???

          So a conundrum exists, as NedliInVermont so astutely points out:

          How can we insure the corporate leaders do the right thing and admit their products were defective, if they are afraid of being bankrupted by any admission of fault? Perhaps by limiting their liability? I remember reading early on after 3/11, the U.S. and Japan signed just such an agreement, stating that no country could sue another country beyond a certain limit for damages that country had inflicted on the other due to a nuclear disaster.

          Perhaps this type of set up could be used to help GE and others "come clean" (I know, an unfortunate bad pun in the case of Fukushima) in the case of Fuku and any of the other nuclear power plant…

          • What-About-The-Kids


            Perhaps this type of set up could be used to help GE and others "come clean" (I know, an unfortunate bad pun in the case of Fukushima) in the case of Fuku and any of the other nuclear power plant problems that may have happened due to faulty designs?

            I personally would prefer that unethical companies fold completely so they can no longer continue to lie to the public and their customers…but if a company is "too big to fail" as many of our corporations seem to be today (at least, that is what we are told), then finding a way of, AT THE VERY LEAST, holding them accountable for their actions is still the right thing to do.

            The question is: Do we have the willpower as a nation to move in this direction and insure justice is done and reparations are made to those who have or are suffering or will suffer from an accident as huge as Fukushima?

            Or is the problem in the case of Fukushima just too huge and the damage too widespread and ongoing for the guilty parties to ever be able to pay for even a small portion of the damages they have caused?

            The answer to that is…only time will tell.

            • WindorSolarPlease

              The nuclear corporations and the ones who allowed these monsters to be built should answer for this.

              Do I want the corporations to go under? This is a double edge sword. These corporations own other types of plants, and many people work for them. I don't want the public to suffer.

              I would much rather have them responsible and end Nuclear Power and help the public.

              I want them to be accountable, without hurting the public any farther than they already have.

              • What-About-The-Kids

                Excellent points, WindSolarPlease. I too do not wish for more suffering to happen because of the criminal acts of a few.

                So focusing on just closing down their nuclear businesses would be the way to go. And as you know, decomissioning and babysitting nuclear waste will be a LONG term job, for millenia to come, so those working in the nuclear industry can still have jobs, albeit they may need retraining…

                But of course, the sick joke of the matter is that those engineers and corporate execs with their cush positions would NEVER agree to expose themSELVES to deadly nuclear waste! Heaven's no!

                They and their corporate masters leave those dirty jobs that are "beneath" them to the exploited, under educated and poor who are desperate for ANY work. Because as it would appear by their actions to be their thinking and rationalizations in their sick minds, THOSE "types" of people, like the general population, are simply disposable.

                The injustice of it all! 🙁

                • WindorSolarPlease

                  Hi What-About-The-Kids

                  I agree…look who is at the Nuclear Plants cleaning up the mess, it isn't the corporate masters or those who allowed these monsters to be built..Instead they go on vacation. They don't want their hands dirty with radiation. This is not right.

                  I do agree they should be accountable, helping the people who lives that have been changed by this, and they should not be able to walk away with pockets full. These plants need to be shut down and never be built again.

                  At the same time they have other business's besides Nuclear Power. Not good to collapse those jobs for the working people.

                  ~END NUCLEAR POWER~

      • Bubbha

        At the building of diablo canyon. We screamed, we played songs, we blocked bulldozers, we were water canoned and we marched a geological report to the city showing fault lines. We showed only two exits in an emergency, north or south on one road. They built it. We have little recourse no matter our choices.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi Bubbha

          I agree…As far back as I remember there has been activists against Nuclear Power. Did they listen to what the Public wanted..No..Instead they called them names.

  • lam335 lam335

    One of the most informative parts of this press conference is the graphic at 5:43 in Dr. Nakayama's presentation, which shows the findings of a study regarding how much radiological material goes back up the smoke stack as a result of incinerating radioactive material:


    According to this account, out of 343,445 Bq in a load of incinerated material, 111,912 Bq (32.6 % of it) is sent back up into the air with the smoke. At 7:40-8:00 the man explains "it seems that the Japanese government is attempting to recapitulate the Fukushima disaster; that material then diffuses over the whole earth …"

    Could it be that the re-volatilizing of cesium, etc., is not simply an unfortunate side effect of their attempts to reduce the volume of contaminated material, but rather that it is also a deliberate choice for "getting rid of" some of the radioactivity by sending it up into the atmosphere to be carried over the ocean–and to other countries–on the wind?

  • nedlifromvermont

    Hello everyone … yes, when Vermont Government approved sale of Vermont Yankee to Entergy … that was the (most recent) original sin … and we had all the right points and won all the arguments … and Governor Howard Dean (bless his screaming soul) rammed it through, 'cause he just had to run for President (and his early big money donations came from the Vermont Yankee owner utility executives (no shit)) … and his Senate president-pro-tem, Peter Shumlin, now Governor and recently converted to the anti-nuclear cause, went along with it, because "it's the best thing that ever happened … get some guys in here who really know how to run a nuclear plant …" (actual quote from a one on one I had with Peter on the driveway at The Grammar School in Putney, … oh what a tangeled web we weave …

    Well, I guess it just takes time to sink in …

    No point it having a good idea if the world's not ready for it …

    The world is getting ready and WAKING UP …

    I mean, if we can have a Price-Anderson Act which imdemnifies utilities from liability from a melt-out or three, then certainly we can have a Price-Anderson Lite, which insures the equity owners of the nuke makers from nasty lawsuits …. it seems actually a very small step …

    So these poor Molly-coddled, multi-millionaire, publicly-minded, warrior-plutocrats, don't actually suffer any financial loss, when they admit to the special Nuclear Investigatory Commission, that their companies committed…

  • nedlifromvermont

    continued …

    GE and Westinghouse and Commissioner Straus and all the other jolly old capitalists, in the tradition of J.P. Morgan, committed random mass murder, biocide and genocide, in the name of corporate profits … (they should be prosecuted)

    These guys think Fukushima is just a standard industrial accident, a few cancers and square miles ruined, and they are willing to say so in public ……….. No "Sorry, meant to …"

    By the way of Napoleon, after leaving Moscow, just short of Vilna in a place called Smorgonie, he is on record as having apologized to his staff for having lingered in Moscow too long … evidence that great men have apologized before …

    Still no apology from Jeffrey Immelt, and Barack Obama hanging tough, and the experts, such as they are, are praying an earthquaake doesn't happen, in JAPAN!!! that is what the feral dogs of the Nuclear Industry and their toady regulators have bequeathed to us …. Prayer … If that doesn't prove it's a cult, what more do we need ….

    France has elected Hollande, who was the relatively negative-on-nuclear candidate … so I say it again: ANY GOVERNMENT PROMOTING NUCLEAR POWER AFTER FUKUSHIMA WILL LOSE ALL CREDIBILITY WITH THEIR SHEEPLE, as the truth and the radiation leak out ….

    How about the Nuclearists Anonymous meeting … any takers????

    • What-About-The-Kids

      LOL NedlifromVermont, as usual, your comments are much appreciated. "Nuclearists Anonymous?" Too much! 😀 LOL

      But in all seriousness, do you really, truly believe any of these folks only see Fuku as just your average, run-of-the-mill industrial accident, especially now, in light of the increased scrutiny Fuku and its precarious SFP#4? Surely they must have heard about Senator Wyden's call for an international effort to secure it? And the former Japanese diplomat's letter to the U.N.?

      Your story about the comment by the former speaker-pro-tem in Vermont, prior to "finding religion" and becoming anti-nuclear is just par for the course. Sigh…politics as usual, my friend. It is so hard not to become jaded when one realizes how the politicial/financing game is run. How can any idealist who enters politics with an honest, earnest desire to make a difference remain untouched by this ugly, tainted game…and still remain in office? Anyone know of any examples of people who have been able to stay true to themselves and their constituents and remain in office? (Just asking, as I am not a close follower of politics/politicians typically, so I have no insight into who has indeed managed to stay the course.)

      • What-About-The-Kids


        …I imagine folks who aspire to the highest reaches of the political game come to see themselves as "pragmatists", as a Frenchman described the new French president-elect Monsieur Hollande today on a BBC news program. They believe they must "play the game", make friends with others whom they might otherwise feel were the "enemy," so they can garner the support (and especially, the financial backing) of the greatest number of "heavy hitters."

        Therefore, knowing that the folks who own our energy own the world, so to speak, these pragmatics cozy up to the energy owners and execs, hoping to get enough donations to support their campaign and to get themselves elected.

        Then, once in office, it becomes a delicate dance of appeasing the masses ( a tax cut here, token social program funding there), while making sure their funding pipeline doesn't go dry before the next election.

        I guess these former idealists-cum-pragmatists believe that despite selling their souls to the devil along the way, there surely must be some real good they can accomplish once in office, even though they may have sacrificed their integrity along the way…

        • What-About-The-Kids


          And they have convinced themselves the good they are able to do outweighs the bad. So for example, our president's cozying up the the nuke industry early on back in Illinois (which has the most nuclear energy and waste of any state) was a clearly thought out decision which I'm sure his advisors instructed him on quite rigourously. And as "outsiders" are wont to do, did what he was told in order to please…and get his ultimate prize, the White House.

          I'm sure this game has been played, in any number of variations, ad infinitum by most if not all who came before. It is interesting to learn about, but underneath it all, it gives one the heebie jeebies. Ya know what I mean? Something about this system of grooming and electing our leaders simply stinks, when you get right down to it.

          Anyone have a better way? Please write a book soon. Thank you. 🙂

  • nedlifromvermont

    Thanks back at you What About The Kids … considering a book deal, if only to raise money to fight the nuclear thugs …

    Not very many politicians in Japan or U.S. yet, have broken through … think about it: we are on the cusp of a change …

    Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont, was elected on an anti-nuclear (anti-VY and Entergy) platform, and that is significant. Not very many before have chosen to break with the Morgan financed plutocracy, backers of nuclear power, becaause these bad boys make their money off the investment banking fees, the profits of the actual plant be damned …

    Check in with Charles Forsberg of the MIT group trying to find a geologic repository for the "spent fuel" from commercial nukes. I haven't heard from him lately, but he was all over the early post 3/11 press interview circuit, trying to convince us that this was all in the realm of acceptable loss … this before the Japanese government admitted to the multiple melt-outs …

    Maybe he's changed his tune, but I don't see him saying so publicly. Maybe he has gone off and committed ritual hara-kiri, … but I doubt it. MIT's five megawatt themal "reseaarch" reactor is still hopping along, after fifty plus years, just off Mass Ave, less than two hundred yards from the MIT student center … (what, me worry?????!) ………

    Okay okay, I'll host the inaugural Nuclearists Anonymous meeting, at the headquarters of the New England Coalition on Nuclear…

  • nedlifromvermont

    continued …

    Pollution … that's New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution or necnp@necnp.org

    which has been advocating (sadly somewhat unsuccessfully) against nuclear power since 1971.

    You see, by 1971, the dice had been thrown … and nuclear numb nuts got a very well paid for pass from the United States federal government (insert vindictive approbation here) to practice random, pre-meditated mass murder (Jon Gofman, nuclear insider's words, not mine) …

    So we find ourselves in the gas chamber … all of us together, and Barack Obama is not wearing any clothes, … but a la Napoleon, as he sets off for Paris, without the skeletal force which was once la Grande Armee: "the nuclear power industry's health has never been better …"

    All lies and deceit … and giving cancers to little children and young athletes, and rendering breast milk poison … and … and … and … we're GE … we bring good things to life ….

    oh yeah? oh yeah! What about those really really really really bad things you also bring to life, Mr. G.E., you lying thug?

    And why does it always seem that m.y rants end up closing down a nice innocuous little comment thread at ENENEWS ???

    Oh well, must have been something I posted … See you all at the Nooner tomorrow, for nuclear heads, tweet in, or call (802 257-0336) or show up at 67 Main Street, Brattleboro, Vermont, 05301, where we have been fighting this beast for over forty years …. Morgan's ghost is…

  • nedlifromvermont

    … coninued …

    … tough to kill.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      NedlifromVermont: THANK YOU for your tireless dedication and fighting the good fight all these years, despite sometimes feeling your efforts were falling on deaf ears.

      Take heart! If there is any good that can come from this horrific Fuku disaster, it is the fact that the world IS finally starting to listen. And with the continued efforts of anti-nuke veterans such as yourself and NECNP, Beyond Nuclear, etc., as well as us "newtimers" joining the cause, the ever-so-important "critical mass" (so SORRY I keep using that unfortunate expression!) is finally being realized, and THAT is what will make all the difference. A renewed, re-energized, impassioned fight for our VERY LIVES and the lives of our children and future generations! NOTHING can stop it now.

      "Nuclear Numb Nuts?" ROTFL! 😀 You HAVE to write that book! Let me know if I can help. 🙂

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Forgot to mention: Did you see the links which Anne provided over the weekend to some highly interesting information posted on the website of a guy from Finland, I believe?

        Not only does he have similar video/photo capture skills to our own Nuckelchen, showing how NPPs hide their emissions, (he colorizes the images so you can see the beta streams, etc.), he also has a link to a document from way back in 2004 which is the dialogue of a meeting between G.E. folks and the NRC who were grilling G.E.'s reps over the apparently already TWO YEAR OLD issue of degradation at G.E. designed NPPs due to the practice of "uprating." (As you'll read, the NRC commissioners were expressing exasperation that these problems were still going on in 2004, despite them being revealed in 2004l.

        Sound familiar? This practice of "uprating" was the same type of issue Arnie Gunderson which discussed was the problem causing the worn pipes at San Onofre!

        Ready for an almost hilarious (if it weren't so disgusting) dog and pony show? Check out G.E.'s two reps, and the way they keep trying to duck issues by saying: "Next slide please."

        • What-About-The-Kids

          P.S. I don't know about you, but the person who posted this document believes this is HIGHLY DAMNING evidence which proves all parties, G.E., Enron, and NRC knew about these problems in the G.E.-designed reactors way back in 2002, yet no one did anything to fix the problem despite NUMEROUS incidents of CATASTROPHIC FAILURES (the plant owners tried gerry rigging them as you'll see, by adding a silly brace that kept creating even more problems).

          Be prepared when you read this. It's enough to make your blood boil at the incompetence and outright lies and, as you'll hear straight from G.E.'s reps' mouths, efforts to cover up the problem by the "Owner Group", Enron! Unbelievable!

          Here's the link to the document with the G.E. and NRC meeting:


          Here's the link to the guy's website with additional fascinating information on nuclear and other issues. It's in Finnish, I believe, so be sure to use translate.google.com and paste the link in so you can read it:


          Be sure to click through the other menu items at the top for more items, like photos of chemtrails in Europe, etc.


  • nedlifromvermont

    Great stuff … I'll drag it out to impress the No Regulations Commission when they come to town in two weeks.

    Thanks for all your support and high fives. We are winning (I think) .

    Peace and good luck to all the ENENEWSers out there!!! Out (for now)

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Oops..make that in two weeks!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great comments and its nice to see the human awakening occur within the force.

    All of you were born into this mess and depending on your age you have heard thousands upon thousands of lies from those you may have thought were important and or trustworthy people.

    These were your supposed leaders and or politicians and teachers and even mentors. All of them have been groomed in the art of deception and not by their personal choice but by a carefully well planned crafted design.

    The controls used and the designs implemented are as ancient as the dirt below your feet and they have been used for ions to help herd the masses to and fro. All while those that were chosen as the shepherds were handsomely rewarded.

    The awakening of the human spirit is paramount in solving the challenges that we face as a species and then for insuring the survival of our only inhabitable planet. We must all remain vigilant in spreading this "informational awakening event" far and wide by using the force on a daily basis.

    The shut down of all "Nuclear Power Plants Worldwide" is within on our reach and now its time to get angry and be very clear and very exact in your expectations and do not accept any of the bullsh*t and lies promoted by or from anyone anymore.

    What ever has been built, must be eventually recycled and or torn down, and that is the way of the known universe and the world we live in.

    Our time and energy is now within the force!

    Use yours wisely.