Japan gov’t: Agency funding project to monitor online info about Fukushima crisis — Around the clock monitoring of “blogs on nuclear power” and “Twitter accounts”

Published: August 1st, 2011 at 11:48 am ET


Japan denies censorship over nuclear crisis, AFP, July 29, 2011:

[…] Chikako Ogami, a spokeswoman at the energy agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) […] said the agency had set aside funds in the nation’s disaster reconstruction budget for a project to monitor “inaccurate” online information that may lead to harmful rumours against residents of Fukushima. […]

The controversy was triggered when METI’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy earlier this month opened a call for bids for its so-called Nuclear Power Safety Regulation Publicity Project. […]

Asatsu DK, a major Japanese advertising company, won the contract for 70 million yen ($897,000) which expires at the end of March 2012.

More about METI’s job requirements:

  • “To monitor blogs on nuclear power and radiation issues as well as Twitter accounts around the clock.”
  • To “conduct research and analysis on incorrect and inappropriate information that would lead to false rumours and to report such Internet accounts to the agency.”
  • To “publish correct information in question-and-answer format on the agency’s website and Twitter account, after consulting with experts and engineers if necessary.”

h/t Anonymous tip

Published: August 1st, 2011 at 11:48 am ET


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37 comments to Japan gov’t: Agency funding project to monitor online info about Fukushima crisis — Around the clock monitoring of “blogs on nuclear power” and “Twitter accounts”

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    “70 million yen ($897,000)”? There are only about 6 blogs/websites left!

    How many children can you evacuate for 70 million yen?

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        What if there really is no place safe to take the children. Anywhere, everywhere is now exposed and enough of the ocean has been contaminated that, well, there just isn’t ANYWHERE that won’t be seriously impacted by this event. MELT OUT occured and nasty shit is exposed, and escaping into our environment. Ours and our childrens.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

      That’s $897,000 on top of whatever is spent on the PSIA, Public Security Intelligence Agency, which is the equivalent of the U.S. CIA in the U.S. and there are likely un-named surveillance organizations. We’re being surveilled constantly anyways. No big worries. The usual crap.

  • Sickputer

    Stupid idea…divert resources away from Fukushima and keep the people online from spreading gossip (which is impossible). Have the ad guys take time from nuclear engineers so they can address the open flow of information on the Internet. $897,000 would buy a lot of supplies for victims.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    10 Sieverts per hour at #Fukushima is measured only because the meters don’t go any higher. Remember that total lie about “stabilization”?
    7 minutes ago
    Good point by a TWEETER.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Reports of Metallic taste/Chlorine smell to air Central California to LA over on the UCB site (plenty of industry hands already at work over there!):


    Has anyone noticed this?

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      I haven’t noticed a metallic so much, but I have noticed that the weather is unusually smoggy and grey here (I am in the SF bay area). I feel the need to shower after being outside for a few hours.

      I do a lot of biking; I’ve actually increased the amount of biking I do this year since I bought a couple of new bikes, and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing the most.

      The other day I broke down and bought some head bands to cover my nose and mouth while riding, because I am tired of feeling like I’m shortening my life span with every ride. I get some looks from people, and it’s a somewhat annoying, but I feel better knowing that I’m not breathing in all this crap.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The best and most complete single source of information on Fukushima and related matters that I have found is Leuren Moret, Ph.D., scientist and long-time anti-nuclear activist and educator.

    I highly recommend her series of interviews (with Webre) on Alfred L. Webre’s Exopolitics website. Here is the link to their latest interview. Links to previous interviews are there on the website. And below are my notes taken while listening to this July 26 interview.


    Sorry for the few uncorrected typos; substance of the interview is accurate.

    Leuren Moret – Fukushima radiation food contamination grows in Japan, U.S., Canada – Part 2 of 3 July 16, 2011.

    Nuclear food contamination – US and Canadian complicity are growing

    In Japan – food contamination

    radiation is being spread deliberately.

    radioactive cattle from fukushima, esp from evac. zone,, distributed to 25 prefectures, nobody informed.

    Yokahama: k-high school kids fed highly radioactive beef.

    ‘from now on’ beef from Fuk will be tested but it is too late for these kids in Yokahama City. Fed this beef more than once. Since April!

    July 9 Japanese council man comments on blog — large qty of beef from Fuk. has been used in pub. school lunches. He and others in govt. cannot stop it. Policy comes from higher up.

    Mid May Yokohama said schools would test school food –BUT – only tested food grown in Yokahama. ASSUMED that food from FUK. area had alread been tested.

    Those who feared contam. food being used were ridiculed, accused of over reacting.

    Parents had kids carry their own lunches and water bottles. SCHOOLS DENIED CHILDREN THE RIGHT TO EAT THIS FOOD. FORCED THEM TO EAT THE SCHOOL LUNCHES!Genocide by design, not accident.

    This program is run from the US (says Japanese activist).

    Using Fuk. produce etc. ‘to show support.’ Officials say – ‘well, everyone’s eating it….’

    Not to waste swimming pool water, highly contam – they used it to water school gardens and yards. – in other words, put the radiation there.

    Parents were called ‘monster parents’ for ‘worrying too much about radiation.’

    concerned food supplier (whistle-blower) supplied the info identifying that all the cows fed to Yoka. schools – all came from Fuk. ‘because it was cheap.’ consumers wouldn’t buy it. price went down. schools bought it at bargain prices, did not inform parents of this. City did nothing.

    School dist. lied. Said not using Fuk. beef. When all their beef was from Fuk.

    Order to ship beef to Yokahama probably came from Yamashita, Ministry of interior, national govt. of Japan.

    targeted genocide of children.

    after nuke accident – meat dealers profited by selling this contam beef to schools . tacit approval of mayor and dept. of education.

    previously japan cut off all beef import from canada due to mad cow found in one cow. a couplle years ago.

    level of contam. in Fuk is at least 10 times higher than Chernobyl.

    the point: Note difference here in caution of policy.

    Japan used to have high quality in its food supply.

    Previous to Fuk. Japanese customs returned 35 kilos dried mushrooms , 25 years after Chernobyl, still had too much cesium from Chern. This contam was much lower than what is in the Fuk. food now.. The point: Japan officials clearly know what they are doing in encouraging and even forcing Japanese people to eat this highly contam. food.

    Aside from radioactive school lunches, Yok schools are sending kids to a summer camp with very high radiation levels, dangerously so. It is a hot spot. Summer school personnel said ‘I would not recommend your students coming to our facility for summer camp. But councilmen doing it anyway.

    all the beef came from the planned evac. zone of Fuk.

    unique id numbers of the cows was used to id these beef cattle in Yok. 5 times the safety limit, they found – internal.

    All school lunches in Yokohama were contaminated.

    Leak of this info from school nutritionists. But school principals and yokahama city officials lied and denied.

    finally stopped using beef in school lunches for July. but began using pork! — (they also have lots of radioactive pork to get rid of)

    78000 bequerels of cesium per kilo of hay – testing revealed.

    beef also found very radioactive when tested.

    PM assistant – announcing abolition of evacuation zone shelters. people being forced now to return to home. being told they must return.

    Natl govt. will spend millions now to ‘observe the health’ of these people. for next 20 years.

    Obviously – they are human guinea pigs. taxpayers will pay for the program.

    totally corrupt gangster run City of London run program.

    Dr Yamashita will be pres. of the university doing the research. tried to kick him out of the prefecture. but he got promoted!

    they mix radioactive ashes with lower rated ashes to bring the level down. radioactive ashes then are buried. more contamination. tons of radioactive ashes (burned garbage).

    waste disposal is being handled by a co. that is not a nuk waste disposal company.

    this has happend all over the world, as in the Mediterranian, handled by the Mafia. polluting the water and the food supply. planet’s food supply is being contaminated with radioactive waste.

    tokyo citizens now putting geiger counters on sidewalks.

    response of jap govt to the children law suit filed to demand a court order (friendly judge) for govt. to evac 350,000 kids in fuk prefecture. response by govt to this law suit was to fund a study of these exposed citizens. and sent dosimeters to fuk. to measure the kids’external exposure [ if the sent dosimeters are even accurate].. whole area, grass, ground, water, etc are very very radioactive. city closed parks. didn’t clean them up . people use them anyway. schools bulldozed top layers of soil – but just piled it up in piles in corners! so wind carries dust, etc.

    parents who protest kids being forced to eat the contam lunches are GANG STALKED!

    govt. measure of radiation often measured from very high off ground where levels are way lower. (deliberate deception)

    yellow rain is radioactive iodine, stains rain – it is that high, the concentration.

    jap govt and tepco only measuring the external radiation. not measuring it in food. not witholding contam food from markets. 1300 fision prodducts, alpha emitters, not even being reported, mentioned. alpha emitters are muich much worse than beta and gamma emitters.

    food source, another dangerous one – food in filter feeders in ocean. bioconcentration 40-50 time higher than in water – oysters, clams, mussels – AVOID THEM. much worse than beef, pork, or vegetables.

    radiation and chemicals multiply the effects of each other. this not mentioned. the rain-out into the troposphere where all the storms are, all of it rained out. nuke bomb test radiation went very high, 85% of it is stilll way up there. but all of this is getting to us.


    This is much worse for kids. effects are worse. these are death sentence levels for children.

    the contam. is MUCH MORE THAN IS RELEASED BY NUKE WEAPONS. fuel rods blown up and out. huge gamma chimneys from spent fuel pools that have gone dry. glowing, fluorescence. gamma bursts. huge glowing spots in the building, look bright like the son.
    like June14 release.

    Hawaii, July 7 event, radiation flashes, another gamma burst – that arrived in HI and West Coast. Kauai counts had gone up from 25 counts permin. to 45-60.. earlier were getting counts up to 150. SO HAWAII IS GETTING EVEN MORE RADIATION THAN IS THE WEST COAST.

    resistance to encasing in cement.

    Dr. Alexi Yablakov plus chernobyl you will find it on the internet… huge book on Chernobyl.

    35 % increase infant mortality. 45% in Philly cuz of high rainout there.

    Dr. Jeanette Sherman, Dr. Yablakov – this is many times worse than Chernobyl, which was only one reactor and only 1/6 the size of the Fuk. reactors. PLUS the 600,000 spent fuel rods in Fuk. have already released huge amounts of radiation. THIS IS HUGE.

    Nature Magazine just pub. — Jap. scientists say ‘no fallout legacy’ for Japan’s farms BUT- recommend cleaning up the soil in the hot spots. Self-contradictory. More spin, dis-info.

    Fuk. plant still unstable, unpredictable, still having big releases and not telling anyone.

    Food contam. across the world ‘of course’ we are getting it.

    air filters in Seattle cars analyzed for hot particles…. stopped here – there will be another segment because she has more info. (Note – this additional segment should be published on the site soon.)


    • TotoLaRue

      @bleep – Thanks for the notes.

      Did you take notes from Part 1 as well?

    • kx kx

      I’ll be going yokohama soon!

      blue lighto yokahama la ra la la

      should be changed to

      blue glow yokohama la ra la la


  • vaporlock vaporlock

    Last week I surmised as the jetstream dropped, I thought my readings north would get lower and the levels should increase to the south. My levels are somewhat lower. Odd coincidence that the same metallic taste is being picked up in CA. I uploaded an animation of water vapor from the GEOS satellite recorded July 31 showing it pull the vapor onto the coast well below BC.
    August remport is here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvw7kYD
    This site is a blessing and so are the people on it.

  • selfsovereign

    Prof. Busby talks radiation monitoring, why whole body counters are misleading. Subtitles in japanese.

    Cynical comedy relief – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KPEJNGAlqw

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      This is why it is important to spread out….
      Blog…EVERYWHERE..the places you like.. the places you don’t..
      We have to pop up where they do not expect us.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Their lame attempt will not stop truth.
    … The Japanese government ought to come and watch the reactors with us….

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    The streaming radiation monitor in West LA is ticking fairly well, watched it hit 50 CPM a couple of times.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Yes… and when the Japanese government gets here..may they come to know truth..and the weight of their disgrace.

  • markww markww

    Japan you can monitor but you can’t hide from the truth of your disgrace killing your own people like slaves the GOD in Heaven will make JUDGEMENTS on all of you for the deaths you have and will cause from FAKE NUCLEAR INFORMATION YOUR PUTTING OUT TO SAVE FACE

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    What can anyone figure with this whole mess. This is beyond epic and aside from the BS of trying to hide it (not well) I think a lot of governments are panicking behind closed doors. We were more prepared in the 60’s with hide under your desk and kiss your ass goodbye drills than today. I still have a 1957 nuclear attack evacuation route for Vancouver. It’s 2011 and rads are good for me??? I buy a third Geiger counter recently and I have to replace the tube with one that works properly??? Nice. Bought the first 2 one day after Fukushima just in case. They worked fine after calibration. Third one read low every time using the same radioactive calibration samples for the other two. I don’t appreciate being slowly murdered buy shmucks.

  • pg

    Any of you catch the 6.2 this morning? Not far from a Chubu plant at Hamaoka housing 5 reactors. Not good.



  • radegan

    Well, I can see lots of unhappy Fuku thoughts need to be purged here. Who needs a ‘Hello Kitty’ hug?

  • Novamind

    Japans Gobernment monitoring or Censoring News and views from the rest of the World?
    Liars always fear any source of Truth, as it either exposes the Lie or makes the Liars angle more complex in an attempt to decieve.

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    I’m curious if there is an accurate uSv/h reading for California (west LA)today. My northern BC counts are +/- 20cpm and the online counter in CA has picked up 50cpm. Thats about 1.9% higher and if you increase my readings by 1.9 you get 1.0725 uSv/h. Back on July 18 my counts were 0.52cpm and 1.42 uSv/h. Just thinking out loud. Trying to calculate when and where the counts will go up next to avoid exposure.

    • Jon_NY Jon_NY

      Here is the past week rom RadNet for LA. Don’t know how accurate it is. Definitely a pattern of daily spiking from late afternoon into evening.


      Location Names: CA: LOS ANGELES,
      Query Start Date: 07/25/2011
      Query End Date: 08/01/2011

      Date/Time CPM
      2011-07-24 23:18:17 70
      2011-07-25 00:18:31 70
      2011-07-25 01:18:45 69
      2011-07-25 02:18:59 77
      2011-07-25 03:19:13 77
      2011-07-25 04:19:27 68
      2011-07-25 05:19:40 57
      2011-07-25 06:19:54 52
      2011-07-25 07:20:08 53
      2011-07-25 08:20:22 57
      2011-07-25 09:20:36 61
      2011-07-25 10:20:50 64
      2011-07-25 11:21:03 65
      2011-07-25 12:21:18 74
      2011-07-25 13:21:31 76
      2011-07-25 14:43:26 174
      2011-07-25 15:43:40 254
      2011-07-25 16:43:54 283
      2011-07-25 17:44:08 312
      2011-07-25 18:44:22 282
      2011-07-25 19:44:36 246
      2011-07-25 20:44:50 210
      2011-07-25 21:45:03 218
      2011-07-25 22:45:18 170
      2011-07-25 23:45:32 138
      2011-07-26 00:45:46 119
      2011-07-26 01:46:00 82
      2011-07-26 02:46:14 47
      2011-07-26 03:46:28 47
      2011-07-26 04:46:42 49
      2011-07-26 05:46:55 47
      2011-07-26 06:47:09 49
      2011-07-26 07:47:23 49
      2011-07-26 08:47:37 48
      2011-07-26 09:47:51 49
      2011-07-26 10:48:04 57
      2011-07-26 11:48:18 67
      2011-07-26 12:48:32 73
      2011-07-26 13:48:45 86
      2011-07-26 14:48:59 90
      2011-07-26 15:49:14 159
      2011-07-26 16:49:27 245
      2011-07-26 17:49:41 281
      2011-07-26 18:49:55 256
      2011-07-26 19:50:09 197
      2011-07-26 20:50:23 190
      2011-07-26 21:50:37 168
      2011-07-26 22:50:51 158
      2011-07-26 23:51:05 117
      2011-07-27 00:51:19 82
      2011-07-27 01:51:33 41
      2011-07-27 02:51:46 32
      2011-07-27 03:52:01 33
      2011-07-27 04:52:15 33
      2011-07-27 05:52:28 30
      2011-07-27 06:52:43 31
      2011-07-27 07:52:56 30
      2011-07-27 08:53:10 31
      2011-07-27 09:53:24 31
      2011-07-27 10:53:38 32
      2011-07-27 11:53:51 33
      2011-07-27 12:54:05 32
      2011-07-27 13:54:19 34
      2011-07-27 14:54:33 36
      2011-07-27 15:54:47 40
      2011-07-27 16:55:01 51
      2011-07-27 17:55:14 70
      2011-07-27 18:55:28 121
      2011-07-27 19:55:42 136
      2011-07-27 20:55:55 205
      2011-07-27 21:56:09 134
      2011-07-27 22:56:23 93
      2011-07-27 23:56:37 77
      2011-07-28 00:56:51 52
      2011-07-28 01:57:04 27
      2011-07-28 02:57:18 22
      2011-07-28 03:57:32 22
      2011-07-28 04:57:46 25
      2011-07-28 05:58:00 26
      2011-07-28 06:58:13 28
      2011-07-28 07:58:27 29
      2011-07-28 08:58:41 30
      2011-07-28 09:58:55 28
      2011-07-28 10:59:09 27
      2011-07-28 11:59:23 28
      2011-07-28 12:59:37 28
      2011-07-28 13:59:51 31
      2011-07-28 15:00:04 37
      2011-07-28 16:00:18 48
      2011-07-28 17:00:32 62
      2011-07-28 18:00:46 116
      2011-07-28 19:01:00 233
      2011-07-28 20:01:14 198
      2011-07-28 21:01:28 190
      2011-07-28 22:01:43 163
      2011-07-28 23:01:57 146
      2011-07-29 00:02:11 131
      2011-07-29 01:02:25 82
      2011-07-29 02:02:39 37
      2011-07-29 03:02:53 30
      2011-07-29 04:03:07 33
      2011-07-29 05:03:21 34
      2011-07-29 06:03:35 35
      2011-07-29 07:03:49 36
      2011-07-29 08:04:02 33
      2011-07-29 09:04:16 32
      2011-07-29 10:04:30 33
      2011-07-29 11:04:44 34
      2011-07-29 12:04:58 34
      2011-07-29 13:05:11 73
      2011-07-29 18:06:21 67
      2011-07-29 19:06:35 90
      2011-07-29 20:06:49 160
      2011-07-29 21:07:03 146
      2011-07-29 22:07:17 137
      2011-07-29 23:07:30 131
      2011-07-30 00:07:44 98
      2011-07-30 01:07:58 46
      2011-07-30 02:08:12 37
      2011-07-30 03:08:26 37
      2011-07-30 04:08:40 35
      2011-07-30 05:08:54 36
      2011-07-30 06:09:08 33
      2011-07-30 07:09:22 35
      2011-07-30 08:09:36 224
      2011-07-30 09:09:50 130
      2011-07-30 12:10:30 43
      2011-07-30 13:10:45 49
      2011-07-30 14:10:59 51
      2011-07-30 15:11:13 64
      2011-07-30 16:11:26 64
      2011-07-30 17:11:41 77
      2011-07-30 18:11:55 123
      2011-07-30 19:12:09 142
      2011-07-30 20:12:23 164
      2011-07-30 21:12:37 143
      2011-07-30 22:12:51 126
      2011-07-30 23:13:05 105
      2011-07-31 00:13:19 87
      2011-07-31 01:13:33 79
      2011-07-31 02:13:47 58
      2011-07-31 03:14:00 51
      2011-07-31 04:14:14 45
      2011-07-31 05:14:28 40
      2011-07-31 06:14:42 33
      2011-07-31 07:14:56 33
      2011-07-31 08:15:09 33
      2011-07-31 09:15:23 32
      2011-07-31 11:15:51 37
      2011-07-31 12:16:05 37
      2011-07-31 10:15:37 36
      2011-07-31 13:16:19 40
      2011-07-31 14:16:33 45
      2011-07-31 15:16:47 47
      2011-07-31 16:17:01 53
      2011-07-31 17:17:15 83
      2011-07-31 18:17:29 126
      2011-07-31 19:17:43 174
      2011-07-31 20:17:57 251
      2011-07-31 21:18:11 233
      2011-07-31 22:18:25 189
      2011-07-31 23:18:39 138
      2011-08-01 00:18:53 118
      2011-08-01 01:19:07 95
      2011-08-01 02:19:21 54
      2011-08-01 03:19:34 47
      2011-08-01 04:19:48 44
      2011-08-01 05:20:02 41
      2011-08-01 06:20:17 38
      2011-08-01 07:20:31 37
      2011-08-01 08:20:44 35
      2011-08-01 09:20:58 37
      2011-08-01 10:21:12 43
      2011-08-01 11:21:26 52
      2011-08-01 12:21:40 58
      2011-08-01 13:21:54 62
      2011-08-01 14:14:25 48
      2011-08-01 15:14:39 93
      2011-08-01 16:14:53 117

      • vaporlock vaporlock

        Awesome, thank you.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        That would coincide with what time in Fukushima? They could be venting at early morning and it hits San Fransisco in the afternoons? Seen video of Fuku at night and still lots of steam. What says the rest of ya?

  • bleep_hits_blades


    leuren moret alfred webre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z95xcFW8lPU

    I went back to listen to this again and took some notes. Notes not perfect but accurate as far as they go.


    haarp japan quake was monitored by group of several nations incl china russia scandinavian countries european incoherant scatter scientific assn isca headquarters in karuna sweden near tromsa radiation monitoring station

    britain sweden norway china are among the countries in this isca group

    russia has big haarp arrays, more than usa

    weaponize ionisphere and

    artic nuclear bomb tests injected highly charged particles high into atmosphere, observe the particles interacting in van allen belt helped them develop haarp

    haarp is the ‘terrible weapon’ kruschev referred to but in fact the usa and russia were cooperating in haarp r&d. — so russia is in cooperation with Dope Inc, British crown, etc. the NWO group. zionism originated in russia says webre , leuren agrees. {NOTE – The book Dope, Inc. by LaRouche et al does have a lot of very good info on the history of the elites’ drug trade and the use of pop culture to program (Dionysian hedonism) the youth, but their economic info is bogus… for good info there go to Mises.org and author Murray Rothbard, for starters. Also, on the Fed, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin.)

    Back to Leuren Moret notes —

    may 18 article in technology review, pub by MIT ‘atmosphere above japan heated rapidly/dramatically before tohoku quake fukushima… maps of japan could see tectonic plate boundaries, on Mar 5 you could see heating spots in no and so japan on asian plate subducting under japan ….also a spot near hamaoka, sw of tokyo, on phillipine side of that plate boundary, they were heating that too …. round circular heating spots {my note, probably like the haarp circles shown on dutchsinse’s posts}

    mar 7,8 major heating, burning triggered quake on no end of honshu, on mar 9th there was further heating where that quake occurred, much heavier heating on tokyo area, in mid. of big isle of honshu… on 10th there was very intense heating in area of fukushima and in southern end of tokyo next to phillipines plate boundary on 11th was very heavy burning fukushima area and off shore. on 12th was more heating at junction of phillipines asian and no american plates, three burn spots in straight line from nw to se…. magnatometer reading at gakona correlate with these readings correspond with infrared light over japan satellites used to observe…. japanese magnetometer readings also show frequency of 3.5 hertz which is the haarp frequency that triggers earthquakes. forensic evidence is from their own sites.

    the solar flares etc were NOT the trigger of fukushima quake…tectonic warfare releases huge amounts of energy that are part of natural events like techtonic plate boundary fault line collision zones – tremendous stresses build up…. elastic limit…. stored energy, enough to suddenly reach the elastic limit.. like rubber band pulled tight that breaks.

    even a high tide weight of water on fault zone can trigger a quake in such an area… haarp is designed to be used in areas overdue for a quake – in fault zone area, they triggered the sumatra quake in that way, moved the island 14 feet to new position…. 9.0 quake, marian faulk calculated nuclear bomb equivalent of fukushima quake, he said it is 1million nuclear bombs size of hiroshima bomb….. much bigger shock wave than nuclear weapon creates…

    artificially triggered natural event, a weaponized natural event, pumping extra energy into the fault line to destabilize it, as magnetometer readings indicated , likewise in haiti, before that quake and this atmospheric heating prior to quakes is not normal.. pumping energy, elf or radio waves, into fault zone and they can trigger a quake

    sun spot CME event – that energy is diffused throughout the solar system, energy is not focused, is not pulsed, not suitable for triggering quakes, not as powerful as the haarp focused and repeated pulses of energy. sun spot theory is dis info.

    mar 2-9th a haarp experiment tromso norway…. probably related to fukushima. britain germany norway sweden russia china iscat pgi physical geophysical institute in murmansk russia.

    japanese magnetometers were picking up high frequencies… the resonant frequencies that generate quakes. pgi polar geophysical institute chevets, dubrosky estab. 1960.

    also sura haarp facility 1981 it was commissioned, in russia. is 12 years older than the gakona facility which they began work on it in 1993.. russia has been leading in haarp research…haarp facility is similar to sura facility. nijni novgorad,, livermore scientists worked with soviet scientists during cold war at this facility…

    iscad international haarp organization… noctilucent clouds, they monitor them too , appear over quake areas just before a quake….. have been observed over china, over new madrid quake area….btw new madrid quake would NOT split the continent, quakes don’t release enough energy to split a continent. movement along a fault zone mid continent would not split a continent.

    plasma resonances 4-8 mega hertz

    britain also has haarp facility Spear or speer is its acronym. incoherent scatter facility research… tromsa facility owned by several nations.

    tromsa has worlds biggest transmitter…. can even influence climate.

    this group iscat was monitoring the US heating of plate margin areas in japan. partners in crime. it is the citizens of these countries that are attacked by haarp. the counties are targeting their own citizens.

    extends to cern in switzerland which has the abilities to destroy the earth. tesla technologies. tesla probably murdered and all of his notes and documents taken.

    tesla avenue in livermore, haarp technology developed there working with the soviets.

    …nov 9 2009 spiral over tromsa when obama got peace prize, that spiral was probably haarp generated, webre says. (one of their little jokes)

    puppet masters, international bloodlines, zionist bloodlines city of london, moscow … lenin and mao were illuminati projects, harriman and bush, skull and bones funded boleshivism and communism…. UK and US main muscle behind this. [NOTE – read books by ANTONY SUTTON containing research corroborating this.]

    Israel may have privileges at these facilities, there are many israeli visitors there. {Leuren say Stuxnet virus was used to knock out all the power back up; Stuxnet is creation of US and Israeli intelligence. Israelis DID have access to Fukushima facilites.)

    NASA, google the two google owners park their planes at nasa facility in mountain view…. at night also many israelis come into the nasa facility…. hidden participation.

    Obama suggested israel -palestine — old borders — Obama was chosen/created as front man to carry out the genocide against white popl. of usa.. the spiral was an ironic ha ha… obama is their step n fetchit guy to front all of these ops. (anglo american corporate banking elites are pretty racist, actually)

    north america now contaminated forever with dangerous fission products…. during the rain-out obama took his wife and kids to so. america jerry brown his sister works for goldman sachs… Dr Steven Chu appted by obama was with berkeley livermore lab; obama immediately appted steven chu sec of energy, and chu appointed a BP top man.

    chemical pollution of so and eastern us (from BP spill and corexit use) combines with radioactive pollution from fuku so these toxins multiply the effects of each other ,

    more than 1000 fission products, in all food, drinking water, and the air…. a dreadful and long lasting effect, a terrible economic hit, exactly what they did with chernobyl to russia, done to bring about transformations in geo-political realm.

    Clinton mena arkansas cocaine gang. Obama and clinton on podium together … clinton said this is obama, he’s going to be your executioner (double entendre) execute laws but ‘tongue in cheek’ this is a masonic secret ‘joke’ type thing…

    directed energy mind control used on CA univ campuses since 1950s… she was at UC Davis, monkey colony there used to develop mind control technology…. nelson rockefeller by edw. teller in davis, dedication…. animal studies for human application

    book, project artichoke… author was experimented on with mind control in safe house at livermore, created manchurian candidates…. he saw sirhan sirhan in that safe house…. shortly before Bobby Kennedy was killed.

    contamination levels – largest radiation releases were in the first week. only good data was from intl monitoring facilities, have sophisticated equipment. takasaki station in no of japan, very alarming data tables,,, all the main countries incl US have been lying …. biggest radiation releases were in the first week after the quake…. data from mar 14-15 is MISSING… this is when the explosion occurred in MOX fuel pools in reactor 3. a very large event in reactor 3….. that did not occur in the other reactors. explosions in bldg 134 very high levels . more releases mar 19, 21, apr 18…. 6 reactors, 600 spent fuel rods in cooling pools, Mar 16 huge amts. of dangerous iodine 135 released, has short half-life….amounts so high went off scale… nuclear explosion on Mar. 14th in spent fuel pool. horrendous high levels even 130 plus miles from fukushima. all of no japan should be evacuated. dandelion leaves (I think 30 miles away) had particles of radioactive materials landing on them.

    radiation is still coming over as of this interview…. also a huge debris island at least 40 miles across, all contaminated, will be washing up on our shore lines, whole no america coastline will be contaminated also shorelines of hawaii.

    all pacific ocean food like fish, seaweed etc will be horribly contaminated.

    chernobyl was kill shot for soviet union…. fukushima… estimate of radiation that has been brought over to No America — a kill shot for No America – yes it is… water and food contaminated…. radioactive isotopes that have half lives of millions of years. vastly more that Chernobyl, over 6 Chernobyls…. plus Fukushima had the spent fuel rods which Chernobyl did not have. “they want to dose us first, then tell us later.” Dr. Chu and Dr. Kunin planned it and pulled it off.

    In Japan people have rashes on skin due to radiation.

    Die off of No American population….

    Zardoz movie was it a foreshadowing of Fukushima, post -apocalyptic world…

    there will be a big decline (not a typo) in infant mortality in 2011, 2012 – because more preg women will abort, due to radiation. aborted or re absorbed into women’s bodies. airport scanners, near nuc. power plants – these exposures increase our risk, our dosage.

    AFTER THE APOCALYPSE March 11 screening, not a coincidence …. new film… check it out. shows how nuclear exposure has affected how people look. more mixed sexual appearance, feminized men, masculinized women, due to hormone and estrogen effects of radiation.

    Columbia River is completely contaminated by Hanford and the other Columbia R. nuke power plant which is now turned off.

    Chinese nuke testing in Mongolia, now growing potatoes there and it is all about de -population… Mongolia now being contaminated by uranium mining, just as Navajos got poisoned by uranium mining in the SW where their reservation is.

    big de pop agenda, radiation is a silent secret killer. she says she was ‘in denial’ for several years…. did a search using the terms UC and Skull and Bones — found beaucoup info … it is all for the big bankers and European royals. HAARP projects located close to British mining projects.

    Iran, decline in fertility, monsoon rains out du radiation into Iran… Iran had big families, 8 or more kids…. today after 20 years of uranium wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia, etc. … fertility rate in Iran now is less than 1.6 children, this is also happening in Israel.

    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      Is anyone noticing that this same sequence of heating occurred in the last week up to today, with the 6.2 southwest of Tokyo? I saw a hot spot off of Tokyo on MIT’s maps showing the hot spots from above but I did not notice the lesser heated quake further south near the Philippines Plate. Today’s 6.2 near Shizuoka/ Hamaoka plant is part of the same eQ pattern, prior to 3-11 – heads-up! The Quakefinder site has a good map to quickly view the skew of daily quakes, along with Japan Quake Map web site.

      I think it’s quite possible for a larger quake south or north of Sendai since the coastline moved east 8 feet and down 15 feet in some areas? Some areas deep under the coastline may be stuck, needing adjustment to settle in to the areas of coastline that already moved on 3-11, not to mention the offshore ‘shelf’ that is connected to the coastline. The other idea about possible man made events causing such rapid heating is well, you know, not exactly verified at this point (more to be revealed possibly). Due to large releases of radon, the M9 quake likely has a natural causation. Hope the next quake is not the Big One they expected for the last 25 years near Tokyo.

      Here’s the MIT article and map of atmospheric heating above Japan, prior to the M9 earthquake. Check out the recent quakes and this map!


  • Relax; the handcuffs are tight because they’re new. They’ll stretch out after you wear them awhile

  • Very important work monitoring online info. Those in the know are ignoring mainstream media.
    We need to keep track of the pulse of the people so we can continue to spread the correct spin on situation.

    Above all we must maintain productivity of Tokyo as long as possible before radiation concerns distract population.


    Japanese Department of Nuclear Disaster Management

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    They must have learned all this from the U.S. who either stonewall or lie about everything.