Japan & U.S. Gov’t Experts: West Coast hit by radioactive plumes from massive explosions at Fukushima Unit 1 & Unit 3 — Maps of L.A. and San Francisco covered in red clouds removed from latest paper — Total releases ‘clearly larger’ than previously claimed — ‘Significantly’ higher discharges flowed toward U.S.

Published: February 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 pm ET


Excerpts from study by scientists from Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Meteorological Agency, NOAA, UK Met Office, Canadian Meteorological Centre, 2014-2015 (emphasis added):

  • We estimate a detailed time trend of atmospheric releases during the [Fukushima] accident by combining environmental monitoring data with atmospheric model simulations from WSPEEDI-II (Worldwide version of System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information)
  • The plume movement over the Pacific Ocean [is shown in] the WSPEEDI simulation
  • 12 March: The WSPEEDI simulation showed that the plume discharged by the hydrogen explosionreached the west coast of the United States on 18–19 and 21–22 March, Sand Point in Alaska on 20–21 March, and Oahu in Hawaii on 20–21 March. [The highest release rate over the course of the disaster occurred Mar. 12 at 15:30 JST, see Table 5]
  • 13 March – evening of 14 March: The plume discharged… over the Pacific Ocean and increased air concentration at Sacramento California, Melbourne Florida, Sand Point Alaska, and Oahu Hawaii… a hydrogen explosion also occurred [during this time period] at Unit 3 at 11:01 on 14 March.
  • Noon of 16 March – early morning of 20 March: WSPEEDI simulation shows that the plume primarily flowed toward the Pacific… this plume affected the air concentrations… in Alaska and Oahu… [T]he release rate is revised by using recently obtained monitoring data. The release rates [are] several times larger than those estimated previously for the afternoon on 16 March to the noon on 19 March.
  • Interestingly, when the plume flowed toward the Pacific Ocean, our new source term often agreed well with that of Stohl et al. (2012) [the Stohl et al. cesium-137 release estimate by is far the highest of any included in this study, see Table 9]
  • The total release amounts of 131I and 137Cs…  are clearly larger than those of Terada et al. (2012). These increases were mainly due to an increase of the release rate when the plume flowed over the ocean
  • The total amounts of released 131I and 137Cs estimated in this work… were clearly larger than those of the previous work for both radionuclides. The major reason for this increase was that when the plume flowed toward the Pacific Ocean we directly computed a significantly larger release amount

Note that another version of this study published on Jan 30, 2015 is missing the WSPEEDI maps (Fig. 6), as well as nearly all references to Fukushima fallout reaching North America (pdf)

Published: February 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 pm ET


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307 comments to Japan & U.S. Gov’t Experts: West Coast hit by radioactive plumes from massive explosions at Fukushima Unit 1 & Unit 3 — Maps of L.A. and San Francisco covered in red clouds removed from latest paper — Total releases ‘clearly larger’ than previously claimed — ‘Significantly’ higher discharges flowed toward U.S.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Got R3 ? You bet ya…..Come get your moxy on….it will be a worldwide party

  • Let me put this as simply as possible.

    After Fukushima, EPA was still releasing test results for a while. Their air sample data from Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, and California provides density of uranium in air. If one calculates the air volume over the Pacific, and multiplies by Density, you arrive at total weight of the uranium in the air.

    At least 100 tons of "extra" uranium was in the air. Some ungoudtedly already fell out into the ocean.

    The only way this amount of uranium could be launched and aerosolized was if the explosive force originated in the vessel containing the uranium, like a cannon.

    A hydrogen explosion would not launch the uranium in large amounts.

    So it is completely clear that a Moderated Prompt Criticality, a nuclear explosion of sorts, launched at unit 3 which was MOX fuel.

    We also hypothesize that Unit 4, which GE was at that time retrofitting with a new reactor shroud to allow it to run MOX fuel, also went prompt critical and launched. Recall that this video was 100% covered up, although I suspect that a whistleblower will release it.


    • ISPC

      Yes. stock. TY. Interesting how you calculated that. "calculates the air volume over the Pacific" and "multiplies by density". I doubt many have thought to do that. Thank you for the sum. 100 tons.
      Arto Lauri calculated the amount of Plutonium hurled into the atmosphere by the "sodium cesium firing gun" and "the Pu239 gas" as being one ton. He was proving that the detonation at FDNPP #3 Reactor was a thermonuclear explosion, and amount of Plutonium discharged was a consequential determination within that.

      I need to know these things. I'm looking for a hiding place. Peace

      Arto Lauri 68, The Fissio


    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      +1 good work stock! 100 tons of uranium and 1 or 2 moderated prompt criticalities will be the end of nuclear when they can no longer deny the massacre.

      I think it was TimeIsShort that noted the Japanese Gov sent their civilians into the path of highest fallout. Never underestimate the corrupt and murderous ways of the power hungry…theyve been murdering their own since the beginning of history

    • Thank you for breaking that down. 100 tons of extra uranium in the air. But, hey, it's clean energy because no one can see it!

      Grandfather, Great Spirit, once more behold me on earth and lean to hear my feeble voice.
      You lived first, and you are older than all need, older than all prayer.
      All things belong to you — the two-legged, the four-legged, the wings of the air, and all green things that live.
      You have set the powers of the four quarters of the earth to cross each other.
      You have made me cross the good road and road of difficulties, and where they cross, the place is holy.
      Day in, day out, forevermore, you are the life of things.
      Hey! Lean to hear my feeble voice.
      At the center of the sacred hoop
      You have said that I should make the tree to bloom.
      With tears running, O Great Spirit, my Grandfather,
      With running eyes I must say
      The tree has never bloomed
      Here I stand, and the tree is withered.
      Again, I recall the great vision you gave me.
      It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives.
      Nourish it then
      That it may leaf
      And bloom
      And fill with singing birds!
      Hear me, that the people may once again
      Find the good road
      And the shielding tree.
      – Black Elk

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        These figures don't include the thousands of tons of spent fuel that were either blown sky high, or burned when the cooling water stopped and boiled off.

        Thousands of tons of aerosolized enriched uranium and plutonium traveling the world on the jetstream.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Kelly Ann, that is a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing it. It captures my heartfelt response to all of this ….

        So beautifully spoken:

        "With tears running, O Great Spirit, my Grandfather,
        With running eyes I must say
        The tree has never bloomed
        Here I stand, and the tree is withered.
        Again, I recall the great vision you gave me.
        It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives."

      • @Kelly, keep in mind, there was probably 3000 to 6000 pounds of Plutonium in there also.

        .000350 grams of plutonium is a "pretty much for sure going to kill you". how much did you get?

      • ISPC

        Yes. Kelly Ann Thomas. Thank you for sharing Black Elks's prayer. I enjoyed reading it, immensely. I am now in a much calmer and contemplative state of heart and mind. That is a most beautiful and powerful prayer. These words, I felt:

        "Hear me, that the people may once again
        Find the good road
        And the shielding tree" ~ Black Elk

        Hoka Hey, Kelly Ann Thomas. Hoka Hey.


      • 4Yahshua

        2~6~5996 (out of 6000) in this "Silent Armageddon"!
        Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
        VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED! Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

        THANK YOU, Kelly, for sharing this wise prayer of a Native American.
        It reminds me that beyond all the sad physical facts of this Doomsday cataclysm, the final solution is spiritual.


    • dosdos dosdos

      Unit 3 was not a moderated prompt criticality, it was a triggered criticality, which aerosolizes and vaporizes far more fuel, as the fuel was already in a molten state.

      • @dosdos, triggered if you wish, it was a process that occured in milliseconds.

        I was arguing with a troll at The Hill, and he handed me the answer….well he made me rewatch the Borax video. And it hit me upside the head….

        The presence of steam reduces reactivity

        Any excess reactivity is self corrective by steam production, which incidentally, for convenience they vent directly to the atmosphere.

        Which makes perfect sense, at Fukushima the core or spent fuel was melting or at least steaming mad. The steam being produced was collapsed by the pressure wave of the hydrogen explosion and it went prompt critical, a nuclear explosion

        They did 5 safety experiments.


        At 1.9% K-effective Minor water surge
        at 2.1% K-effective, quite a bit more water surging

        But at 3 to 4% K-effective, they calculated it could blow up real good, but the chances of an operational error were deemed "negligible"

        So of course, these good scientists did it.

        They melted the fuel plate, and ejected the reactor cores
        1.3E8 Joules, with some core material burning while flying through the steam explosion.

        Thus "proving" that BWRs are safe in all likely operational scenarios, ya right

        Proof is here, real data

        • dosdos dosdos

          The core was molten in layers at the base of containment, the shockwave from the hydrogen explosion mixed the plutonium and uranium layers instantaneously, causing a huge increase of plutonium excitement of the uranium and in turn the cascading criticality, the horizontal neutron pulse releasing at just above sea level. The pulse was registered at sea level, but not up in the mountains, a fact that was used by the government to reject the validity of the recording of the pulse at sea level. The detonation had to be a level plane defined by gravity, and the release could only go perpendicular, straight up around the safety cap, warping it. The weakest point of the cap was toward the spent fuel by design, which is why the roof above the SFP was blown away. This is the only answer that fits all the evidence for Unit 3.

          It was the spent fuel pool that was steaming, not the reactor. And there was only a handful of assemblies of MOX in the SFP, because they had just started using it a couple of years before, and only unloaded a small fraction of the MOX assemblies from the reactor for analysis. None of it was depleted enough to remove as old fuel. The MOX was almost all in the reactor. And to generate all the exabequerels of Xenon that were released, it required the molten mix in the reactor. The SFP could not have generated it with almost all of the assemblies being LEU.

          I could go on, but I've said it all before.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Thanks dosdos for sharing.

          • I haven't heard it all before, but that sounds pretty good.

            However I would add this….things that are almost exactly the same weight will take quite some time to distill in a liquid, especially a disturbed liquid.

            Plutonium is just barely heavier than Uranium by .5% so it won't easily segregate at the bottom. But in WIPP it could very much happen over years.

            I like your blow out the side towards equipment pool, that explains the lattice steel structure over the reactor not being completely gone.

            However, the concrete cap shown in photos last year shows an apparent indentation, purportedly from the crane. that doesnt make sense. They wouldnt park the crane over the reactor. And the reactor floor would have the same indentation….however, no dents are warranted even for a heavy steel falling onto a heavy concrete.

            So my German Shepherd ears are alerting big time at that. Appreciate more comments and if you want to make sure I see them email stock **at))
            hawaii.rr.com or

            comment to nuke pro.

          • How did the shock wave even affect the closed reactor unless there was a melt through breach at the bottom already.

            And if there was a melt through breach, that would hinder low delta density elements from segregating.

            just saying….some where in all this lies the truth.

            However, one truth is not disputed….EPA detected at least 100,000 pounds of extra uranium in Pacific air.

          • Why was the mushroom cloud blast almost straight up if the spent fuel pool pool door was the thing that blew out.

            • Starbird Starbird

              Stock, look at the photos of R3. The mushroom cloud blast emanated from the NW corner – the sfp is in the South end of the building and had nothing to do it…

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                OK, you have my vote on this.
                I did not consider R3&4 Equipment Pool as a common factor, due to all the confounding stories.

                Looking at the high res pics again, with that in mind, is a game changer.

                H2 buildup in the buildings, and a 'dirty' blast from the EQ Pools fits pretty damn good.

                R4 just did not have the same exact circumstance, so looks a bit different.


            • Ness Ness

              There was no mushroom cloud at all. Just check the video. The reason hot air goes straight up is because hot air always does, whether an explosion comes from the side, the bottom or the top – taking everything with it. That was a tremendous detonation. Comon guys. THINK! Have you never heard of 2H detonations that took a whole block of appartment buildings with it?

              If there had been a nuclear detonation there would have been one Japanese island less. The sheer amount of fuel at that plant – that would surely have reacted in a NUCLEAR detonation – would have wiped half of Japan off the face of the planet.

              The nuclear detonation tale is pure disinfo. To confuse you. There would be a hole where that island was if that had happened. No, the situation is far worse than that. There is no end to this pollution if nothing is done. None at all. They scare you with the idea something might explode so you won't accept the truth when it is staring you in the face.

              Those coriums will not detonate. They will pollute and kill all life for the next 5 billion years or more, okay? That is not a *nice* message. But that is what is happening.

                • Ness Ness

                  It is your government or part of it that insists on a 'controlled nuclear war' with Russia, and wants to make people believe such explosions can be 'minor' – just like Fukushima, see? – and not too lethal for the poor people that need to get rid of their 'dictators' and have sacred 'democracy', just like in USA (cough). As long as it happens in Farawayistan, Americans are oblivious to the consequences. As usual. Untill the favor is returned. And Russia will return it, count on it. Never tickle a bear. You might see real mushrooms clouds, if your eyes survive the flash.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Digression as an answer to a question is nothing but deception…

                    • Ness Ness

                      I wasn't aware i was being interrogated. So i will digress some more. The notion that this was a nuclear 'explosion' (there is no such thing as a nuclear explosion; all atoms are ripped apart at once, meaning some 800 to 1000 parts of the atom will depart from the center at the speed of light, piercing everything in their path, and piercing every atom of any fuel in the close vicinity), that notion is BS, propaganda, nonsense.

                      Disinformation, brought to you courtesy of an army of shills operating on blogs as these. If Gundersen hasn't warned people of breeders, is backing the idea of a 'nuclear explosion', hasn't explained that what people saw of SFP 4 was just half of it or less, then he is a disinformant too. "peace", jebus. You are welcome to spam the rest of this thread. Mind your moderated prompt criticality!

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      And there you have the reality of Ness…

                      Thank You Ness, for coming clean…

                    • Ness Ness

                      "no such thing as an explosion" because any nuclear 'explosion' will be a detonation, and it will be followed by a flash, a shockwave and tremendous heat.

                      There are no duds. Even if a bomb did not fully use all its fuel, even if it uses just an ounce, the flash, the shockwave and the heat will simply flatten any buildings in a circle for 100 meters at least. People have no idea of the forces released when atoms split apart all the way.

                      And this was no bomb at all. There was no reason for the fuel to explode. The neutrons needed for such an explosion must all go one way, and this isn't possible in a SFP because they can go where they please. Period.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      C'mon Ness, your in the industry, you know better than to get your deflagrations, detonations , and your prompt criticalities all mixed up…

                      These people died from a prompt criticality and Idaho is still there…


                      Excursions happen…


                      It's what they watch out for when any reactor starts up…

                      Label what you want to, nuclear reactors blow up…

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                Dirty blast, dud, call it what you like. It IS worse than a 'clean' detonation, is it not?

                I agree, if ALL the fuel went off, clean, there would be a crater the size of Texas.

                It did not all go off, maybe damn little, but it blew enough death out for us to discuss end of days.

                Look at the pic #3 from the bottom. Look at R4 N.East(rt front) corner. Now look at R3 in the same place and multiply force.


                I'm still keeping an open mind, as the mystery fades.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Even the most precisly focused compression of the pit of a nuclear weapon relies upon a small percentage of that fissile material to detonate the weapon.

                  The rest is vaporized and/or blown away…

                  • @Jebus, stock here. hey take a break for a while. If you have been reading the bunk from Ness you got dissonance burnout.

                    Maybe the most effective troll yet, even if it didn't mean it. Me too, I am taking a break.

                    Silliness put forth by that troll such as uranium "twisting" and the hot material getting smaller and smaller and smaller the more you heat it until it becomes so small it is just like a singularity.

                    That's just silly talk and not borne out by material science.

                    Coriums growing and "prospering" just so much silly ass talk, it is embarrassing.
                    A real science person coming here and seeing that shite would immediately write off ENE as a bunch of whackos, of zero value, would steer people away from here.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Stock, I just think he is getting a little depressed, since he has realized the darkest of truths, and yes, it appears that..nobody cares! 🙁

                      Except for us few who frequent here.. 🙂

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Hi stock , just to make sure.. i hope my post's about climate change have nothing to do with you taking a break..i tried to show that i respect and appreciate you as an individual..and i hope you did see that..

                      Your eventual being absent here will provide me no satisfaction in any way , quit the opposite 🙁

                      Peace !

              • or-well

                Actually Ness, the opposite of this statement is true: "They scare you with the idea something might explode…". The entire nuclear power establishment will go to any length to prevent the public from getting the idea that a nuclear explosion can occur at a civilian nuclear plant.

                Whether one in fact occurred at Fukushima or not is a separate issue to that of the perception management practised by the nuclear power cabal.

                The actual nature of one or all of the violently energetic events that did occur at FDNPP will continue to be debated here, I'm sure, but the industry presents a united front that vehemently asserts that nuke plant can't "go nuke".

                I agree the present CORIUMS will not detonate. However, the question must be considered from a standpoint of the material being in a less-contaminated state at the time of the events.

                And as you and others have explained, it takes more than availability of fuel to make a bomb, so I must question the notion that such a large portion of Japan would have been lost in a nuclear detonation.

                • Ness Ness

                  Oh they scare you now – scared people are easier to handle, and worried people less likely to notice what's going on elsewhere because they focus on Fukushima so much on this blog, but when the war starts, the notion can be used to soothe any worries most Americans have by pointing to this events and say see? that wasn't too bad.

                  Your govt insists on war, Orwell. American economy – or what is left of it – is build on war. It's what you people do, whether you are aware of it or not. This is not an excuse for the behavior of other govts. They are just as bad. But not as destructive. They have other *tasks*.

                  How much of Japan would go up is debatable, and quite pointless to debate. But those that do know how to make a bomb, even if only in theory, will start protesting the notion on this blog, and expose themselves for having dangerous knowledge. All the shills will jump on such a person immediately. There are more of such traps laid and i've sprung them all 🙂

                  check requirements: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapon

                  • Jebus Jebus


                    Might I ask what country are you from Ness?

                  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                    Ness, you have lost me.
                    All I can say is WAT,, WAT-WAT-WAT-WAT-WAT


                  • or-well

                    Ness, that's an odd reply. It seems you are denying what I stated about the nuke cabal. That's fine of course, but it isn't the reality.
                    This blog, apart from the rather few news items it posts(relative to other news aggregators) is not particularly focused in the discussion forums IMO which renders it less useful than it could be. You seem to be assuming that readers here neglect other news. That may or may not be but neither of us can ascertain that.
                    You seem to be assuming a war will erupt (distinct from the wars that are ongoing currently) and that might happen. However, I do think it is simply silly to suggest a Gov't would use the Fuku crisis in a "lesser evil" propaganda comparison. That strikes me as a childish analysis.
                    You incorrectly assume my nationality.
                    I agree it's pointless to debate deliberately exaggerated assertions concerning theoritical "what ifs" when the existing situation is bad enough.
                    As for your statement about "traps" all I can say is it seems consistent with your generous evaluation of your own intellect.
                    As far as shills go, I found it interesting to read your evaluation of just how many you think are commenting here.

                    • Jebus Jebus


                      All I have read from Ness is, "Rats, follow me", but the music is way off key…

                    • or-well

                      Jebus, you are not on Ness' favorites list; from a different blog –
                      "…Enenews site. a webcam team that could use some reinforcement. The mortality on the site of the embedded shills and trolls. I call Praise the truth and Stock first; but there are many more, if not 20 shills are active then the correct number 30. Jebus there is a drawn quite concealed. Once the murmur of the yes-or-no-ness-is-a-troll starts, confirm some people this. So watch out who you are recording information, and do not go to the site because of stock that collects IPs. This is contrary to what I wrote in the thread about Zaporisha, but then I did not know what a mess it is. The idiot who sam called a 'useful idiot' who runs after the "people power, and prestige."


                    • Ness Ness

                      Yes i am quite blunt Orwell – all Dutch people are – and i cut to the chase, no 'peace' and love and drooling emotions from me, just cold rage. I posted that link myself knowing exactly what was in it.

                      I don't trust ANYONE to begin with. Certainly not the jebus and the rest. If i wasn't so tired i would translate it for you. You are not on my list lol afk

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      LOL! Crap, there goes my 15 minutes…

                      And now we know Ness's country of origin…

                      Kinda confirms Ness's intentions here, doesn't it?

                      I probably wont send him a christmas card either…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      A blog posting on Feb 3, 2015.

                      I have been posting here since May 2011.

                      We are smart enough to translate ourselves, and are not easily fooled, Ness. And after just that, I have even more questions of your intent.

                      Especially given that you ignore all that ENENews has shown to be true, including the professionals quoted in the topic articles.

                      I still question your downplaying of the distinct possibility that R3 was not a prompt criticality of MOX fuel in the reactor itself…

                      It seems odd that you are posting negative warnings, about ENENews, with names, on another blog…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Edit: I still question your downplaying of the distinct possibility that R3 was a prompt criticality of MOX fuel in the reactor itself…

                      And after more thought I stand by my opinion that you are here with an agenda…

                      I'm just a dumb mechanic, with grandchildren, gasping for clean air, clean food, and clean water in SW Washington, USA, Ness, what do yo do for a living, generally?

                    • bo bo

                      Hmmm people here have been reactive so I can kind of understand her harsh conclusion about enenews in this most recent zaplog post – it has been one long Ness bashing here on enenews. But personally I wouldn't just draw conclusion from that one recent post about enenews though. If I remember correctly she was positive about enenews before (when I was discussing Zaporizhia with her and Michael VB ) and often cited it on zaplog too, as a reliable source – this was before she became the target of a witch trial. I remember visiting zaplog and feeling kind of proud, there were many citations from enenews even stock was cited, I believe – in positive light. Something to the extent of 'stock from enenews says..' and she was using the reference to describe fukushima's severity.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I find it strange/silly that after 4 years we are still discussing what might have happened. These Nuclear Power Plants blew up like a bomb and there is no getting past these massive explosions and/or the fact that some of it (explosions) definitely were Nuclear in nature.

                      Only Atomic Bombs and blown up Nuclear Reactors will send radioactivity all over the Northern Hemisphere in less than a week. 🙁

                      All of the above are a Nuclear Explosive Events! 🙁

                      Shut them all down now while we still can.. 🙂 Hurry!

                    • bo bo

                      @Jebus – Ness teaches math in highschool in the Netherlands. She has been upfront about that from the beginning. She spelled out what she knows and doesn't know – she tends on the theoretical, has no idea about engineering, wants to learn ( btw zaplog wasn't anything hidden or anything either- she was open about that too – it wasn't like she was 'busted cover there' – any opinion she states there, I believe she'll tell you the same fair and square here as well) well Ok, I guess you think that could be just a script – but personally I can see her being a highschool teacher.. My mother was one, and there's a certain way of talking that makes you feel like you're being talked down to, that teachers ( esp. highschool teachers – more so than college or elementary ) aquire after facing a roomful of unruly teenagers day in and day out.. (imagine trying to teach physics to a bunch of 17 yr olds ! What a job.) I grew up watching my mother constantly trigger unnecessary social reactions (including from me!) so it's familiar to me.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Tactics are being revised constantly by the industry.

                      Nothing precludes one from being deceitful. "she" has been just that.

                      I did not call "her" a shill or troll oughtright, inference is taken with one's own reference.

                      I challenged Ness heavily and I was called a shill on another blog from a self proclaimed, blunt individual, after those exchanges.

                      I have been attempting truthfull awareness going on four years now.

                      Ness has not read the 350 pages of evidence here at ENENews.

                      If "she" has, to toss all that out and call anne, stock, and myself shills, seems to confirm my flags of observation.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      I know it doesn't matter, but I have a conscience and I do not wish to out someone erroneously.
                      So, I did a massive amount of translating and I am now convinced the Dutch language is not my cup of tea. I hope it communicates better to the Dutch.
                      I went through all of Ness's posts on ZapLog.nl, over eighty back into 2009, and I found a prolific blogger on all things, anything, and well everything. But only one post on Fukushima before the latest February 2015 post.
                      Chain Reactions, Guns and Fukushima
                      One post criticizing the new cover over Chernobyl as a taxpayer ripoff. and the rest are political postings criticizing many subjects and political figures.
                      I'm certain climate change or lack thereof is one mantra, though.
                      So, I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and Ness is just another outspoken citizen of this planet. Seems to me a school teacher wouldn't have the time and would not be so highly educated on nuclear and still be a high school teacher.
                      Anyways, my apologies to anyone I might have offended and I think I have had enough of Fukushima for a while.
                      No one cares anyways, but you guys, and I think I will just fade into cognitive dissonance while mindlessly buying products online. I'm out of red and blue pills.
                      Good luck Newsers, I'm gonna step out for a bit again…

                      “By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.” – Confucius

                    • norbu norbu

                      Jebus you will be missed, be well.

                    • bo bo

                      Jebus don't take too long of a break.. We > might < not have too much time here on enenews as a running forum. Rumors are that it may not be renewed ? ( so ends sometime in march ?)

                      Sorry I disagree with you on this. If interested take a look at her thread on Zaporizhia on enenews. Also her zaporizhia thread on zaplog too, is where she cites enenews and discusses fukushima. I also remember her mentioning that the first few years she was mainly on this other forum to learn and discuss fuku stuff, the name of the forum which I can't recall..so it is not zaplog that has all her fuku comments. But if Ness hasn't given up on us yet I'm sure she'll share the name of that site with you.

                      I'm with DID, unit 3 is beyond my comprehension, it seems she disagrees greatly on how it all went down ( but agrees that it's all FUBAR ).. but all I have noticed about her behavior as a human being is that she has been upfront & a fair player. What you see is what you get.

                    • Ness Ness

                      No i do not teach math anymore i am retired, and have very ill for 10 years prior to that. And i did not teach at a highschool but at a sort of college – different system here, below university level but way above highschool.

                      Second, the Chernobyl sarcophagus was one of the usual EU scams. Such a structure would not serve any purpose. The elephantsfoot is a subcritical mass. Such a mass will tear any building down over time, and will not stop the thing from radiating at all; the radiation would escape anyway. But the 5 billion would have gone straight to the oligarchs, so much was clear from the machinations – a terrible but usual waste of money, not to speak of the danger to the workers.

                      Criticality is absolutely NOT the same as 'tendency to explode'. Criticality is the phase (plasma) used in reactors to suck the energy from atoms. A bomb is made so that the prompt criticality triggered releases so much energy in so short a time aimed at the center of the mass that the atoms do not split, they fall apart completely releasing terrible force. A uranium atom has some 800 parts per nucleus. All those parts are involved in a detonation.

                      In a criticality this does not happen. There, the nucleus is split, and the fragments sort of curdle again in waves. But the neutrons and protons themselves cannot and will not be split in quarks, the binding force stays intact.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Jebus, I hope you won't be gone long. My DSL connection went down unexpectly last Tuesday, but is back up now. I wish you all the best 🙂

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Jebus enjoy your shopping and try to find the red pills so that your rooms don't start filling up with mindless junk you do not need. 🙂

                    I saw one moth today by the back door and I was so excited that we had not yet killed all of them with this Nuclear Folly. The other day I reported I saw two tiny flying bugs which surprised me, since I have seen very few bugs over these past 4 years after Fukushima.

                    Now with the lack of bugs to break down any biomass like what we have been seeing in the Red Forest in Chernobyl for the past 26 years these people think they have found the recycling solution. Now this is a great idea and might work if only there were enough bugs left to do the actual work required via composting. I still have 6 month old dog crap that has not budged or even broken down in my yard.

                    Nuclear Sterilization almost complete… 🙁

                    We may some real problems heading our way in the very near future..

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            dosdos, do you have a theory on Unit 4? The stuff coming out of the north wall? Would it be possible to have a nuke explosion in the dryer pool (equipment pool) without destroying the pool?

            • Sickputer

              Reply to Jebus above:

              SP: Have a walkabout Jebus. Come back when you're ready or hang up your pixels for good…you fought the good fight.

              So many Enenewsers have fallen by the way…many I fear will never type a pixel of light again…or breathe for that matter. ;-(

              Lots of good memories Jebus… Like our dialogue with pro-nuker jdotg who was one of the most polite opponents we ever met:

              Bits from the old 2011 thread:

              I’m a nuke shill
              And I’m okay
              I lie all night
              And I lie all day

              and when she blows
              I guess you know
              that sam the shill
              will run over the hill

              2015 note (the 2011 poem above does not refer to our current Samwise 🙂


              SP: 15 regular posters in that 2011 thread that are no longer posting. By my count another 20 high volume posters have slipped the surly bonds of Enenews cyberspace.

              Miss you all! Very few left of our own version of the Fukushima Fifty.

              Enenews has picked up good replacements along the way. And they have kept the spirit alive.

              BTW… Our Dutch friend takes umbrage at Googling and IP logging. Relax my NL friend… The only Hitman Pro around here is your compatriots excellent anti-spyware program. Chill out. I personally don't give a fig over what kind of explosion happened at Unit 3. The problem lies much deeper than that little trifling argument. Radiation is gushing…

              • Jebus Jebus

                TY, norbu and SP…

                That was a blast from the past.

                I seem to be still trying too hard.

                I'm still an asshole.

                And Fukushima is still befuddling the human race.

                The only thing that has changed since then, is that it's now three minutes to midnite…

                • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                  Here i was feeling a bit happy about you posting more the last day's..because everytime you take a break i'm getting uncomfortable tought's you might be leaving..for some reason i'm unusual allergic to that..
                  If you are an ahole..then i must be a cyclical gulf of mexico disaster..
                  I think you are a formidable jouster and an exellent human being..and there where times you where in the midle of a fight that i still feel guilty for not standing next to you because i felt to chaotic or weak myself..
                  about Ness..i simply don't know..i have a reasonable warning system for evil..i think..
                  but it only flagged when she behaved like a junkyard barker..when that stopped my flag's dropped.. (except that post on that other blog , even if she is wrongfully treated here, i would swallow it because i can see enenew's as a whole being more important to the world then my bruised ego, and she should not have barked and set people up against anything that comes from here.. ) the rest of the conversation's are technically way above me..so i stay neutral in this.. a bit split.. i can follow bo's argumentation.. and i also put a lot of trust in the wisdom of smarter jouster's like you.. because i have been observing and i find your judgement of a high selflegitimising quality..
                  there are people here that start a accusation that could lead to a witchhunt everytime the wind blows without a second tought or hesitation.. i could not find that in you..
                  So even if you would be mistaking…

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    …now..or maybe partly but not fully bang on.. you still score way above average..in the department of not being an ahole And a lot of others too..
                    Whatever you do Jebus..be well.. it is an honor to know you.. i just hope that is not definitly in the past now..

                    Lasting respect..

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Typo :

                      "and set people up against anything that comes from here"

                      here = her

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Major Typo ALERT !!

                      """…and i also put a lot of trust in the wisdom of smarter jouster's like you.. """

                      Should have been !

                      …and i also put a lot of trust in the wisdom of smarter jouster's THEN ME like you..

                      Darnnn..even when meaning right and feeling right is synchron..still unwanted variables can sneak in.. 🙁
                      sry my smart and sensitive friend bo !

                • or-well

                  Jebus, all the best. Please know – your effort IS a positive contribution here.
                  None of us can know what impact we may have on anonymous readers. We can only try in our own ways to ask them to think and be aware.
                  As you HAVE impacted people commenting here, why should you not believe you have also impacted those who remain silent?

                • Angela_R

                  "the only thing that has changed since then, is that it's now three minutes to midnite…"

                  Are you sure?

                  My clock says one minute to midnight!

                  yet you appear to have failed to have stood up.

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    "yet you appear to have failed to have stood up"

                    What a crap comment..Please tell me where you have succeeded so we all can go to our peacefull homes now..

                    • Angela_R

                      Well DID, I've always admired the character portrayed in "Coward of the County" as one who knew when to stand up.

                      This blog has descended into slanging matches on more than one occasion, and various members have launched into a tirade against a single individual.

                      However, I note a recent comment by Shaker which expresses some of what I would have liked to have been able to say.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Link please , i'm not going to shift tru just because you make me curious..
                      I think you should think abit about what your comment can generate in an individual and not only what you ment by it..

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Ya, no worries Angela, I'm sticking up for those who can not stomach sticking up for themselves, the community they are in, and the mantra that they subscribe to.

                    I do see how all your posts attempt to be.

                    I do take your cowardly post as your mantra.

                    Your welcome, Angela…

                    One has to apply some logic here and ponder the scenario whereby one who portrays one mantra, goes to a community that subscribes to that same mantra, and pisses all over it, then returns to one's own community, whines about that community, warns the locals to not visit that community, and then returns to that same community, and pisses all over it again…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      +311 again stock!, Yes,thanks once again for breaking it down into terms that make it easier for new visitors & OG 'newsers to understand how thick the air has gotten during the larger of the many release points or should I say "Chernobylistic"-Class Disaster[s]/release events happening just a few feet away from one another each doing their own nasty thing simultaneously & on their own based on the status & fuel loads of the 4 units @ Fuku-Ichi that went belly-up producing those early thick,nasty clouds of radioactive Shitium that it should be mentioned did not stop or dissipate enough to allow anyone to be misled into thinking that the cities & regions of California & regions where the 311/Fukushima Plumes made landfall & impacted 1st,probably the worst[?]and then stopped its trek across the N.Hemisphere creating a path of future cancer cases & death that is alarmingly already surpassing bleak,foreboding predictions quietly being discussed & acknowledged within Oncology circles,especially those witnessing unprecedented surges in cancers added to their caseloads! Also if I know stock he's making his calculations based on officially sanctioned & finally released data that even t its worst is still nearly always water-down & still leaves us with a conservative final tally of the releases that have never stopped since March 2011 to present & expected to continue for 40-100 yrs![also maybe conservative estimate[? 🙁 ] THANKS STOCK!! TTYL PEEPS

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      This bears repeating:


      "Hidden NOAA animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium by end of March 2011 (VIDEO)"

      FOIA. Fukushima, from Enformable:


      Check Hatrick Penry's summary of events, and his timeline of events.

      Worthwhile to check the NILU public and private forecasts at Global Cooperative WordPress. Be aware the data is ONLY for Reactor 1, and forecasted contamination was astronically high.


      Someone here posted great info. on the NRC and DOE transcripts, with UNREDACTED information.

      Lastly, check Michio Kaku's statements about the seriousness of Fukushima, in an interview in March or April, 2011. And also check out Robert Alvarez' statements about the seriousness of a potential collapse and burnup of spent fuel at Reactor #4 SFP.

      Dr. Alvarez said it could mean the "end of civilization as we know it."

      He's not too keen on SFP storage in the U.S., either.

      And we really have NO IDEA what Reactor #3 spewed into the air and water. Where's the MOX, how much, where did it go ??????

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Re-posting a comment fr. PTT/VanneV

        Fukushima Threatens The Continuation of Life as We Know It
        May 11, 2012
        “Mike Adams presents a Fukushima mega-meltdown special on the Friday, May 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Adams talks with Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates and a former nuclear power industry executive. Mr. Gundersen continues to warn about the cataclysmic potential of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant and is now warning about serious problems at the San Onofre nuclear plant in San Diego.

        "The Fukushima Diary reports today that Koichi Oyama, a member of the city council of Minamisoma in the prefecture of Fukushima, has measured unusually high levels of cesium 134 and 137 in the soil of his city.

        "Soil samples were analyzed by the Minamisoma government and found to be 122 times more contaminated than the mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus north of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

        "Cesium causes cancer of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs. It is particularly dangerous when it is in the soil and ends up in food.

        "In March, it was reported that cesium was detected in plankton 600 kilometers east of the Fukushima facility, according to a Japan-U.S. joint research team."

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Thank you, stock. We need this information. You're more or less pulling it out of an information vaccuum. We appreciate it.

      • Ness Ness

        A moderated prompt criticality is a prompt criticality that also 'suffers' from delayed neutrons. These do not go too fast. This is what is meant by moderated.

        "In contrast, a supercritical assembly is said to be prompt-critical if it is critical without any contribution from delayed neutrons and super-prompt-critical if it is supercritical without any contribution from delayed neutrons"

        Prompt criticality is another word for accidental meltdown. The meltdown in Fukushima was moderated prompt so it is not on the list on that wiki page. In itself this has nothing to do with detonations. Detonations can only happen when you use such material in a bomb. A SPF is not a bomb. It lacks everything needed for a bomb. For one, it allows the neutrons to go where they please. In a bomb the neutrons are forced to go one way only. I will not say more about it because i do not want to teach people how to make a bomb.

        • Ness Ness

          The fact that these 'delayed neutrons' do not go as fast as the prompt ones and also arrive much later on the scene means nothing. Slower neutrons help the critcicality. They are better capable of splitting a nucleus. As this criticality did not happen in a bomb, the delayed ones only added to the misery and made even more fuel melt down.

          • hbjon hbjon

            Very light elements like hydrogen and helium require the least energy to combine. Deuterium and tritium require the least and if enough force is applied to the two isotopes of hydrogen, they will combine and release a lot of energy.

            In other words, the two are heavier apart than when they are combined. The extra mass is converted to energy. A critical mass is not required for this reaction, and the reaction can be moderated to a degree with the addition of hydrogen, nitrogen, or other gases.

            The containment blew up and hot gases were seen igniting and glowing orange by a short flash of energy (light). This was actually the observation of two tritium atoms fusing into 6He and then shortly decaying into an isotope of lithium imho.

        • Ness Ness

          There is footage of an incident at sfp 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDXEhyuVSDk&feature=youtu.be starts at 2:22.
          I do not know if this was the only incident of that day.

    • norbu norbu

      Stock you the man, saved info. Thank you for all your hard work and Sacrifice.

    • Angela_R

      stock, you estimate 100 tons

      "There have been at least 2,053 nuclear test explosions in the atmosphere, underwater and underground. The bombs had a combined explosive yield equivalent to 40,000 Hiroshima bombs, and resulted in 50 times more radioactive contamination than the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident."4 – See more at: http://newint.org/features/2008/06/01/nuclear-weapons-facts/#sthash.sUokS14S.dpuf

      The above link also provides details on the uranium waste released from each bomb:

      "The radioactive waste created in the manufacture of an average nuclear bomb includes 2,000 tons of uranium mining waste, 4 tons of depleted uranium and 50 cubic meters of ‘low-level’ waste."

      Please note the link contains the following inclusion:
      "An atomic explosion is a chain reaction in which atoms are split. This releases colossal amounts of energy, and particles that collide with more and more atoms causing an exponentially growing chain reaction. This process is called fission. The most powerful fission explosion is achieved by using enriched uranium and plutonium atoms, which are unstable and radioactive." – See more at: http://newint.org/features/2008/06/01/nuclear-weapons-facts/#sthash.sUokS14S.dpuf

      Every bomb ever detonated, was done out of containment, as with fukushima, chain reactions continued.

  • In 2013, Japan received more MOX fuel from France

    KEPCO received this fuel

    KEPCO is in the midst of a massive bribery scandal


  • Nick

    Do not worry about realizing that The Fukushima Fiasco is (was) far more massive than you were led to believe.

    It was (is) very important for the nuclear nuts across the globe to DOWNPLAY the events immediately following the 3/11/11 earthquake and massive tsunami.

    Global Panic was what authorities everywhere were attempting to avoid.

    They may have averted GP but GMI is here to stay. (global Mass Insanity).

    Go ahead, check with everyone you know, ask them what happened to Unit #3. If they say hydrogen explosion you know that they DON't KNOW.

    We got hosed folks. No shilling or shellacing of the truth will alter that FACT.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Considering that a "clean" device contains about 1/8th ton of material total and that most of that is converted to heat in an instant, a reactor that can put 100 tons into the air really is orders of magnitude worse. So FD is comparable to many, many thousands of "tests" or an apocalyptic exchange envisioned during the cold war.

  • I was agnostic on global warming, until i looked at the data

    Then I was disgusted, about all the lies we have been sold

    Please look at the actual data! And realize many of these temperatures stations have had cities (heat traps) grow up around them….so the bias is towards naturally warming temperatures being reported.

    and you can get the temp data in Excel from 1880 to now

    Dont listen to opinions, LOOK AT THE DATA


    • For the few and very tiny minority here that think carbon emissions may be an issue;

      Carbon Footprint; How To Calculate It; Plus What To Do After You Figure It Out And Are Totally Shocked

      Of course, if carbon is not an issue, carry on with the burning… Burn, baby, burn. Drill, baby drill.

    • We Not They Finally

      stock, PLEASE check out Dane Wigington (genengineeringwatch.org,) who has done extensive research on data manipulation with the weather. Like do you know who OWNS the weather channel? And guess who does the weather modeling? Raytheon! Yeah, the weapons manufacturer.

      The arctic ice sheets actually ARE melting and methane coming up from beneath, which is WAY more deadly than CO2.

      We have a friend who goes back and forth to Greenland and says that more and more people from Native tribes there are committing suicide because their way of life is being made unsustainable with all the warming.

      Also look into geoengineering not ONLY with chemtrails, but with weather creation. Like "ice nucleation," for example. Creating snowstorm when the temperature is way OVER 32 degrees.

      You do need to look. You're fabulous with radiation data, but the weather manipulation really is an important prong to get locked into the picture.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      stock, I am frustrated as well.

      It is a circular conundrum.

      There are no solutions provided, no technology to reverse the momentum, just yes/no bickering over who gets the most attention and larger share of revenue/taxes/power.

      Short of reducing population, how to fix it?

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        A whole lotta love, compassion, caring and sharing….the things that make me happy to be human.
        I suppose that might,be to much to ask but it's all I got. Money never truly fixed anything…except maybe desires, power shifts and control.

      • Vote Gov Walker for president

        His platform is to restore the constitution and reduce the size of government.

        With the Constitution back, and hopefully rule of law, there is a chance

        Get rid of all those asshats on the supreme court and replace them with juniors in high school who are trained in English and got at least 650 on the SAT. Certainly interpreting the Constitution is a simple matter, it was not written to be vague.

        Oh, and case law….people study case law for a career….get rid of all those rulings….if the law is not clear enough to be judged on its own merits, then clarify the law, but don't leapfrog off of someone else's probably crappy opinion about some event that is not relevant to the case at hand anyway.

        • It would be much more enlightening to hear his views about the role of corporations in government, elections, mass media and lobbying/law making via ALEC.

        • Sam Sam

          Stock: you have a lot of nuclear credibility
          don't blow it on promoting Gov.Scott Walker.
          There is no good politician what so ever
          knowing the corruption of Money and

          My dog won't go near him.

          • bowling

            yeh i am amazed. richard muller the worse pronuke shill ever is a bud of scott walker and the kock brothers. doesnt the government subsidize your solar business stock. keep electing asshats like him and there will not be any solar ever. just a sae of nuclear power plants from radioactive sea to radioactive sea. i am not a republican or a democrat but this kind of political pandering on enenews makes me wanna vomit.

            • Actually, there are "tax credits" for solar and they vary from state to state, some are actually utility funded and not tax credits.

              Tax credits simply let families keep more of THEIR money, that they earned. Tax credits have been effective in driving solar technology from 10 years ago when it could not compete with nuclear, to today, when solar is quite a bit cheaper than nuclear.

              Why do you say Muller is a bud of Walker, do you have knowledge of that?

            • bowling muller used to be a climate denier, now he is not just a "warmista" but a "for sure humans did it too" warmista.

              You been following him, why the change? is it purely the nuke cartel game plan?

              Does koch boyz have nuke interest? I really don't follow them, I thought they were gas and coal types.

          • Well unless something really big happens, we have to pick someone….I'll promote Sheriff Clarke too….a black man who refuses to "play the race card"

            PS I am a member of the "War Dogs" organization which Clarke is also part of. It is to show appreciate for the services of our canine friends. Marched in a parade with him. Clarke for Governor, lol, that dog hunts!


          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Sam, have you ever seen the money flying out of that state?

            Do you have any idea what these people are paying for the property taxes, business taxes etc.

            This state has been raped and pillaged by the best! 🙁

            • Sam Sam

              The latest on Scotty Walker College Drop Out
              He wants to cut funds for the great University system
              of Wisconsin by hundreds of millions and fund a
              basketball stadium costing 500 million by floating
              300 million in state bonds with the owner putting
              up 100 million or so and an ex Senator contributing.
              Citizens of Wisconsin get screwed twice—higher
              tuitions, less of a University and being indebted
              to pay off Bonds for a stadium for the rich cats.
              Koch brothers love him. Did you read where
              Scotty boy puffed himself up last Sunday and said
              he would send troops anywhere to defend America.
              Let the people of Wisconsin live with this scum bag
              and not the nation.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                They are doing this stuff all over the nation..it's part of the Zeitgeist Matrix required to keep everybody distracted. This is big business and the tax/rate payer is always screwed and that is the way it was originally designed and it makes no difference whom it is doing the screwing.. 🙂

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Walker gets my nod to go to the front of the line.
          Now he must show us what he has got.

          Watch out for dogs, mine grabbed a radish, ate the whole thing.
          Then, puked in her bed, and the floor.

          • If Scott Walker wins Tuesday’s recall election, he’ll have 14 of America’s richest people to thank.

            Wisconsin’s Governor has out-raised opponent Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee, by almost 8 to one: $30.5 million to Barrett’s $3.9 million. Of that huge haul, $1.68 million — or, almost half Barrett’s total — came from 14 members of the Forbes billionaires list, all but one of whom live outside Wisconsin.

            Would you say that a few billionaires backing their candidate and outspending average citizens by 10 to 1 margin, a democracy, or is that something else?

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              This is the way it was all set up…why anyone from out of state can donate is pretty crazy. But then we are all bat~shit crazy by a very clever design. 🙂

            • bowling

              have to wonder if some posters are not koch brothers funded. thomas jefferson and ben franklyn pushed for public libraries and public schools in the us. those things are what kepps us from being third world. the bankers and koch brothers have banktupted this country. scott walker is hated in wisconsin and only won by electronic vote rigging. he wants to destroy whats left of middle class and plunge country into european austerity. the koch brothers also actively fund the worst pronuc shill ever ONE RICHARD MULLER FROM BERKLEY WHO JUST DOES EXPERIMENT PHYSICS PRESENTATIONS. I JUST WONDER IF A PERSON HERE IS FUNDED BY THE KOCH BROTHERS

            • I normally look at money as a very suspicious factor.

              Dig into this some more though.

              Michael Podhorzer, political director of the AFL-CIO, in a New York Times piece last week said the nation’s labor unions look to spend at least $300 million going after Republicans in this fall’s elections.

              Much of that spending is expected to be dropped on four industrial battlegrounds — Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, traditional union strongholds.

            • Personally I think campaign contributions including those to "political action committee" need to be all but illegal.

              By the way, the recall is long history, and in the gov election, Walker won by large margins in almost every single county of the state.

              Full disclosure, I did give $25 to Walker campaign, lol

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                It's all rigged and always has been. Very simple changes could be done everywhere to correct the current demise and direction of this country.

                But alas I am not in charge…

                18 Trillion heading directly towards 200 trillion in debt. 🙁

                Very large scam and a continual ongoing Ponzi Scheme..says he. 🙂

                Pay all your taxes now or end up like Wesley.. 🙁

              • Sam Sam

                You would of been better off giving your
                dogs $25 worth of good bones to chew

              • Sam Sam

                Lets not forget the citizens of Wisconsin elected
                Joe McCarthy to the Senate back in the 1950's
                a real American conservative terrorist with his
                House Committee hunting Communists. How
                many lives did he ruin? Koch brothers are going
                to finance their Scotty poodle all the way. Hope
                he gets skewered good in the Primaries along
                with the rest of the Republican ilk. Demo's are
                no better. We all are in bad shape no matter
                who wins in 2016. Lets not get carried away as
                well with E.Warren as well. her soul too will get
                corrupted once in power. my two cents tonight.

                • But we do have to elect someone…..why not at least start with an honest dorky type

                  Walker is kind of dorky honest in that Wisconsin kind of way.

                  • Sam Sam

                    My dog asked for a definition of dork
                    noun; informal, dull, slow-witted or socially
                    inept person. vulgar slang=penis or dick head.

                    Scott Walker is a wolf in dorky sheepskin.
                    Don't be fooled.

                    My dog wants to send your dogs some
                    Ca.grass fed beef bones. He's upset with your

                    • LOL…funny how politics gets people all worked up…

                      sheesh, McCarthy was before my time, that was 60 years ago….

                      stock out

                      OK fan the flames…what about Sheriff Clarke?

                    • Dork means too well bred to understand that you ought to be pursuing corruption and bribes at every turn, thinking Gomer Pyle like as if there is a right way to live and that will bring a better life even if sometimes you have make a sacrifice.

                      That there is a dork. I am a dork.

                      dont diss my dork

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Don't just fan that SOB, pour some gas on it!!
                      How about Billary Clinton?
                      You know, BJ Clintons puppeteer.
                      Did I hear 2 BILLION in a warchest?


                    • Sam you do know Koch boys spent $20M to fight against patriot act….just saying, not defending them overall.

                      They are known as the kochtopus

                    • Sam Sam

                      I am sure the Koch boys don't like NSA and CIA etc listening in
                      to their goings on. They have the Supreme Court to thank
                      for Unlimited Pollitical Spending- now they can buy off
                      every politician whom they want. twenty million to them
                      is pocket change…… I wish I was impressed with their
                      resistance to Patriot Act. Too much cognitive dissonance
                      with my Dog on this issue.

                  • Souled out, is souled out, even if it is done 'honestly'.

                    Once you sell out to billionaires, your life and choices are not your own anymore.

                    Like that infamous Walker recorded phone call by Koch showed, you are now 'owned' property..

                    Just like a pet dog, cow or goat. Time for milking. Stand, Sit. Stay. Hurry up and sign that bill. Don't bother reading it.

                    Go ahead, keep voting for the souled out show..

                  • earthsmith earthsmith

                    Scott WAlker is the farthest thing from honest! Where are those 250,000 jobs Scotty Boy……CHIRP< CHIRP< CHIRP. HE single handily took away the high speed rail from milwuakee when the Spanish Co. had already spent millions on building a facility to build trains here in milwuakee because the feds had already allotted 800,000 million to the state for the project. Public transit that would have provided jobs and sustained them and given countless thousands who travel to Madison or Chicago another option to keep their vehicles at home. Dork? More like back stabber. HE was also Milwuakee County Executive and almost bankrupted the city in his POLITICAL agenda to get to governership. I went to his recall in Madison and the people did not destroy anything. He used it as guise to close the doors to the public and give million dollar contracts to his corrupt buddies to do needless renovations and put the blame on the tax payers. And that is just the beginning. That man is a CROCK OF —-! Do some RESEARCH

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  I absolutely agree, we are in deeeeeep do-do.
                  Hard to imagine an honest candidate.

                  Single citizen contributions only, a small limit, a cap on total campaign spends. Anything over, pay down the debt.

                  Break the rules–go to jail for high treason against the people.

                  • Well for high treason, the penalty can be death.

                    Imagine if that was enforced against all who have played lawyer games as the constitution has been raped.

                    • Sam Sam

                      The constitution is a living breathing document
                      subject to the citizens being intelligent enough
                      to fight for it every step along the way by the
                      political process of electing a Congress and
                      a President who supports constitutional rights
                      and Judiciary interpreting it for the interests of
                      all Americans. The political process is so corrupted
                      today we are truly not a constitutional republic.
                      Sad to say it. no 4th amendment any more. etc….
                      there is no one on the political horizon who can
                      save this sinking ship. Patriot Act guts the constitution!
                      National Security guts all citizens rights! Corporations
                      as Citizens. We can yell out for constitutional rights
                      all night long and feel good but next morning same
                      old bat shit crazy land we live in, nothing changes
                      for long or for good. maybe to jaded tonight.
                      Go go Scotty Walker—restore the constitution you douche
                      bag. Lets see what kind of country we have after 16yrs of

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      If we actually enforced a fraction of the rules on the privileged and connected, we would not be in the place we are currently in.

                      Your not jaded Sam, your sick and tired of the BS you mentioned. We all are.

                      The longer this goes til it tips, the worse it will be. Needs to change.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Death may be appropriate in some cases.

                      I will now put on my flame suit.
                      And lockandload if need be.

                • Sam Sam

                  Latest WallStreet Article;
                  "Gov. Walker Takes Aim at College Outlays, Professors.
                  "he has targeted another group on the public payroll:
                  university professors.

                  I content he is a re-incarnated Joe McCarthy on witchhunts
                  first the Unions and now the Universities and Professors.
                  Attack the progressives, the free thinkers, dumb down America
                  part of the Koch agenda as well. He is a college drop out
                  demagogue. Sold his soul to the Koch's

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    To me its simple , draw a very long line , on one side you write absolute 100 % egoisme , or psychopatisme and on the other 100% empathy and compassion for life..
                    Now place left , right and green on that line..
                    i can't help it but they alway's end up in the same position..and if you look from the inside of a party at another the distance might feel huge… but if you look from the earth's life point of view… there all still grouped relatively close togheter on the side
                    that lead's to extermination of live..because it's all human's locked up in humanity in the 22 century..and the litle maneuverability possibilities it has left itself..

                    That smart and good man can still feel attracted and defend to choose something republican is mindblowing to me..and another proof how litle we (all) understand our own psychological dynamics..and how vulnerable its makes us..for the agenda of deadly greed..

                    Sometimes i think you can compare our own selfknowledge or lack thereoff with how litle we understand about dark energy and stuff..
                    We are living in a blind spot..blowing up the few percentages that we got right to fill the blanc's.. and continue to take ourself down and our fellow's with it..

            • West Aussie West Aussie

              It's called 'mob rule', Dr G. All rights can be removed from the individual simply by getting 51% of the people in favor of it in a vote.
              With a little use of judicious propaganda and, wallah, you dis-empower any group you wish to target through the media.
              After that you disappear as a human being and are replaced as a sterotype.

            • melting mermaid melting mermaid

              Isn't that a plutocracy, government run by monied interests would be a far worse tyranny than the British empire, according to Jefferson. Monied interests rule the world and not with a gentle hand. And they certainly don't care about 7 future generations or the environment that they are raping.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    My genomes are having a panic attack. That's GPA, Genomic Panic Attack, not that anyone's cares about my genomes, anyway. Clearly. The military sure ain't protecting them, the DOE? Is anybody? We need a GPL, Genomic Protection League… I think in their self created war frenzy, TPTB, forgot to protect the most precious thing of all, our babies, and our baby's babies…

  • We Not They Finally

    "[T]he release rate is revised by using recently obtained monitoring data."

    The release rate from nearly four years ago was just "recently obtained"? How does that even work? Was it locked up in a vault? Did someone have to sandblast to get in? Or is it just that they finally realized that the world is going DOWN with this, so just now we are being drib-drabbed about "Oh, by the way it's an ELE catastrophe"? Like o.k., get ready for "the new normal?"

  • razzz razzz

    Eventually radioactive releases from Daiichi will be announced as even higher. Wonder if the latest data qualified for sheltering indoors for a couple of days at the time instead of just raising the exposure limits. When the EPA found radioactive iodine in milk samples did they order it to be held from consumption or have it powered and stored until radioactivity decayed away (3 months?).

    Wonder how much of the core is actually left in Unit 3? Wonder how much of the core is left at Chernobyl.

    • We Not They Finally

      We understood back then (do not have references handy) that at least in some Europeans countries, people were told to stay out of the rain; and that in Hawaii, some boron was added to the milk to deflect radionuclides.

      The mainland U.S. obviously did NOTHING to help. To the contrary. Started turning radiation monitors OFF. Gina McCarthy was the little princess who did that. And wow — her reward was appointment to head the EPA! Where she has done infinitely MORE damage.

      OH, we'll find out that the radiation releases were way higher for sure. But the way we'll find out is by more people going to hospital.

      • or-well

        Hawaii milk and boron –
        I remember researching this.
        One small dairy added it and sent out a newsletter asking others to do so. They may have or not. It was never a State iniative.

        However, most milk in Hawaii comes from the mainland, in bulk, unrefrigerated, and is then re-pasteurised in Hawaii.
        I could find nothing that said anything was added to mainland milk.

        Some Hawaiians are trying to rebuild a dairy industry in the State.



        • Ya we stopped drinking all milk for 6 months

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          I remember that they did report that at least dairy farmers in Hawaii were adding boron to the feed…very early on.

          "We have begun feeding our cows and goats sodium borate at milking times, as well as adding it to free choice kelp and water troughs. In the past years we have monitored boron and other minerals in the soil and have added as necessary to bring levels up to recognized healthy levels. As a safety measure we are planning to implement a boron dosage to all of our pastures, as well as neighboring pastures. For humans, boron can safely ingested at a dosage of 4-10 mg per day. Borax, 11% boron, can be used as a tea and sprayed on your gardens, or land surrounding your home, at a rate of 10# of Borax per acre, 1#, if using elemental boron. Borax can also be ingested at 1/8 tsp to 1 litre water for women, ¼ tsp to 1 litre water for men. Fortunately, red wine and coffee are significant sources of boron, as well as non-citrus fruits, red grapes, plums, pears, apples, avocados, legumes and nuts! Boron is known to be non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and has been used internally to protect the astronauts in space as they leave the earth’s protective magnetic field."


  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Where is the quantity? Looks like a maximum of 0.1 Bq/m3. Cant be right?

  • When that beach on California showed high readings, and the article got so many hits, is where the pink lens flare reminded me that we really CAN see this enemy. I was shocked at the brilliance, and knew there was way more to this than was announced/admitted too.

    The fallout was way worse than even this admits. I almost did not survive the sudden case of skull cancer I got because of it later in May of that year.

    If you can see it, you can change it.

    I added images to the ELEment site with some possible Chernobyl Sr90~>Yittrium90~>Zr90 diffraction grid colors in the air overhead last week. The colors are different than the usual crap from the R3 detonation, where all the mixed up materials were of a variety of seasoning(half life) times. The new images are timed properly for the half life of Sr90 to Yt90 into Zr90 in the air.


    Updated regularly images in chronological order of sky damage:



  • patty from oregon

    Melting Mermaid, thank you for the GPA "genome panic attack"…perfect description of how I felt along with so many others when this disaster cloud of death exploded into the atmosphere and whacked my immune system.This GPA is a major health issue and threat to all of us, especially our future offspring. May the future generations forgive us for what we have done.

  • norbu norbu

    I remember that day, got a unknown email from the bay area telling us that FDNPP was in trouble and we better get ready. Did not leave the house for 2 weeks. If we did we covered up and put on masks, sent my family east instantly they thought I was crazy. Another email came a week or so later with a link to enenews. I give thanks to all of you here for your wisdom, sarcasm, fears, love and general company through this ELE. I will not stop, for I am a warrior through life and death.

  • Nick

    On 3/10/11 I spent an evening with my sons discussing:

    A: The China Syndrome

    B: TMI and how it was worse (the core melted and dusted inside containment…but some rads were
    released through venting).

    My sons had not seen Jane Fonda or Jack Lemmon or Michael Douglas in that prescient flick from
    1979 (movie was re leased before TMI) and had a line "..could contaminate an area the size of Pennsylvania."

    I explained to my boys why I was freaked out when TMI happened since I was in Washington State while most of my tribe (genome etc.) was in the Philly area. We also talked about Chernobyl. I essentially recall saying we had no business messing with fission piles since once the stuff gets out of containment it can make for a VERY bad day.

    Then 3/11/11 happened.

    When we saw a you-tube of Unit #1 (and then, the next day, #3) one son said "wait..is this real-time? We were just talking about this the other day!!!!!

    No, I did not predict FDNPP, but I DID have a visceral dislike for the technology in general.

    The instant, no make that the nano-second, that I saw my first vid of Unit #3 going kaboom I knew it was bad. The hydrogen explosion story never made sense and even it was so……my mind was
    screaming at me to realize that a vast amount of radiation had gone awol.

  • Sickputer

    From the study: "A large part of deposition pattern of total 131I and 137Cs in East Japan was explained by in-cloud particulate scavenging. However, for the regional scale contaminated areas, there were large uncertainties due to the overestimation of rainfall amounts and the underestimation of fogwater and drizzle depositions. The computations showed that approximately 27% of 137Cs discharged from FNPS1 deposited to the land in East Japan, mostly in forest areas."

    SP: Anybody checking those forest monkeys lately? Probably not…much less the Left Behind Fukushima human residents.

    Six months ago… monkey radiation studies in Fukushima forests:

    Fukushima Monkeys' Blood Shows Signs of Radiation Exposure

    By Bahar Gholipour


    SP: They have inhaled and ingested far more than just cesium-137.

  • Nick

    We live in a precarious time and I don't see a rosy future for many of us at present.

    One reason ionizing radiation is bad for our genome is the fragility of our telomeres.

    Once you begin to mess with that component of our genes (the ends of chromosomes) each subsequent cellular division is more apt to NOT replicate correctly, and thus mutations arise.

    Mess with your DNA enough and you basically become a less healthy individual.

    Never mind the fact that rads also mess with your ovaries or testicles and this in turn causes problems for one's offspring.

    Where did our sanity go? It went fission.

  • We Not They Finally

    When in doubt close your minds and look somewhere up your aholes ..Thats what we call dumb shits….Meanwhile the species of this world are quickly dissapearing.When in doubt about radiation shut the monitors off and pretend the problem doesnt exist…Why dont you do the samething for the rest of your dumb ass lack of helping the people you are suppose to protect.The only thing you monkeys are protecting is your greed gold and stupidity…

  • bowling

    my friend in yokohama says people r sick on the trains and the trains have to stop as bo says.
    there r no muscles on w coast by washington and seattle has high radiation readings when it rains.
    i relly dont like politics posted here or pro nuke dogma.

    i have to wonder if some posters are not koch brothers funded. thomas jefferson and ben franklyn pushed for public libraries and public schools in the us. those things are what kepps us from being third world. the bankers and koch brothers have banktupted this country. scott walker is hated in wisconsin and only won by electronic vote rigging. he wants to destroy whats left of middle class and plunge country into european austerity. the koch brothers also actively fund the worst pronuc shill ever ONE RICHARD MULLER FROM BERKLEY WHO JUST DOES EXPERIMENT PHYSICS PRESENTATIONS. I JUST WONDER IF A PERSON HERE IS FUNDED BY THE KOCH BROTHERS

  • or-well

    Have any of you heard there were TWO explosions in Unit One?
    If not, maybe I'll just keep quiet…

  • The Giant - Humbled The Giant - Humbled

    Given a gift of infinitely precious value – a planet, a place for our spirits to inhabit our corporal bodies and to learn what we need to know, so that we can move forward in our spiritual progress. My forefathers in South Dakota once stated, "do not remove the bones of the earth," when asked about mining uranium or there will be trouble. Ultimately, our planet with be what it is. In the big picture, perhaps we are to learn to be respectful of all that lives and all that is related to us – what is all that exists.

    I am certain our spirits will move on, perhaps with a lesion of enormous importance for our spirits progress in the cosmos, perhaps we will learn to be better relatives to all that is and perhaps we won't destroy our next place in the universe. In the mean time, in the words of that lady in the movie, North Country, "I ain't dead yet. I stand with Josie." Well, I ain't dead yet and I stand with the people and my spirit within this temporary corporal home commits to do what I can to help.

    If we fail, we fail with honor and dignity.

  • I'm asking spirit friends to throw some serendipitous info my way. I need to know what besides the zinc cladding in fuel loads HAS to be available to the manufacturers so they can end up with a viable product.

    Weak links in the supply chains. Maybe Mother Nature will help too.

  • Sam Sam

    Back on Topic.
    When the plumes were coming over California I was on the phone
    talking with Ag. Scientists at UC Davis about soil remediation from
    the cesium depositions. UC Berkeley Radiological Lab was giving reports
    of cesium in the soil and grasses at that time. I was told not to worry
    as it is not going to be a problem. No concern whatsoever. To this day
    business as usual in the Ag and Medical fields. Denial. Look at
    the rads in Bakersfield today—-800 cpm……… Prime winter ag. land.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      I watch pretty close, close to the birthplace..800?, been 500 for a while,,,damn.
      I wonder how much oil production there now?
      More radon, all kinds of sh1t in frack stuff?
      More plowing?
      Settles in at the end of the valley?

  • Jebus Jebus

    50% now.

    Time + DNA errors = Cancer.

    Time, why then young people?

    DNA errors, what grossly causes that?

    Cancer, nuclear lifestyle?

    Now one in two will get cancer… and it could hit two-thirds of today's children

    Cancer risk is increasing due to longer lifespans and better healthcare
    Modern lifestyles – poor diets, lack of exercise, smoking – also a factor
    Charities said NHS could face 'crisis' if it does not plan ahead for increase
    Earlier diagnosis and advanced treatment means survival rates are better


    We are living in a world of illusion, collusion, and intrusion.

    An oxymoronic conundrum.

    CDC says exposure to secondhand smoke is half 2000’s rate


    Nuclear power is the leading cause of cancer on this planet.

    It is so fucking obvious.

    Nuclear power proves that the result always equals the sum of the parts.

    Viable Human DNA, an endangered species…

    Britain moves toward making babies from DNA of 3 people to avoid passing on fatal diseases


    Looks like an unsolvable math problem to me.

    I guess I just don't understand the repetitive results…

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Jebus, you are very wise! 🙂

      A massive math problem that not even Ness could handle/figure out..

      • Chemicals plus nuclear radiation combine together in a formula;

        1 + 1 = 5 or even 10

        Each one is a PRIMARY AND DIRECT cause of cancer, but both together cause cancer at a much higher number, and much more aggressive results.

        So why would this combo be the 'solution' for Big C?

        Xplain that one please…

        No comprendo chemo/rad combo that everyone is ravenously gulping down like there is no tommorrow.

        Got blind alleys, dead ends?

    • @ Jebus, pixles of light…."its so fucking obvious"

      Hunt on!

    • 😐

      IMO – "OBVIOUS!!!"

      I wonder how much Restructured DNA Babies will cost?

      It's all about the 'gene pool',
      It's all about the 'bass',
      It's all about the 'gene pool',
      It's all about the 'bass',
      (♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩)


      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I guess that would depend on what type of baby you want.

        How many legs do you want 2, 3 or 4?

        How about the number of hands, fingers, toes, eyes, organs etc. and then there is always the question of colors, skin, eyes, hair, etc…

        Now skin composition could be intertwined radioactive shielded or not if long life spans are not important to you.

        Lots of choices coming in the near future for sure..

    • bowling

      jebus u r. smarter than me and a lot of people. mutations already abound. ask majia. bill gates is autistic so r his kids. hes an atomic age mutation born to two older parents.
      hillary clinton is a mutation. she has a simian line and some other pointers to trisomy.
      paul ryan is an atomic age mutation. he has a pronounced widows peak some other physical characteristics of a yy mutation and probable metabolic abnormalities

  • It not a chock that TEPCO was and is covering up stuff….but look at the year, and the Moxy

    TEPCO covered-up the existence of cracks in the shrouds of three reactors in Fukushima (Dai-Ichi, Unit 4…..

    It is not before the informer resigned from GE, in November 2001, that NISA approached GE and GEI officials and obtained their cooperation. Besides, METI claimed that before this move, the investigation did not gather enough evidence to force TEPCO officials into admitting the falsifications. TEPCO did not set up an internal investigating committee on the matter before May 2002.

    Did you catch that, over 100 people at TEPCO were involved in a massive coverup about the safety of the reactor vessels. These coverups has been going on since the 1980's, and it took a whitleblower from GE after that wihistleblower retired, to break this story.


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Anyone got any of these signs? Purely a Nuclear numbers game these days… 🙁

  • mairs mairs

    So there is now 3D imagery of the interior of the Greenland ice sheet. Where is the 3D image map of the coriums under Fukushima?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sorry that is top secret information.. 🙁

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "A Spanish nuclear power plant was shut down following an electricity failure, local media reported late on Tuesday. Strong winds reportedly caused the blackout in the northeast of the country. Operations at the Vandellos II 1,000-megawatt nuclear power station, located in Catalonia, Spain, were brought to a halt on Tuesday afternoon, Europapress.es reported, citing Nuclear Association Asco-Vandellos II and the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). Strong winds in the area were reportedly behind the electricity shortage. The shutdown was automatic following the power outage. According to the plant: "All the safety systems worked as planned" and the there is currently no danger. The plant has notified the CSN of the incident. The outage did not cause any harm to the environment or the plant's workers, CSN said in a statement. Once the power is restored, the plant will be back online. "


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    West Coast US got nuked bad, people waiting to see what cancers turn up.

  • Nick

    From an IAEA Mission Report 5/22/13

    "..magnitude of the contamination are not well known yet……There are some other unknowns…"(p. 12)

    "Due to high radiation doses for PCV leakage point inspection, it is necessary to develop robots which have "self-location", "long cable processing", and "shape/flow detection" technologies. The requirements for robots, including resistance to high radiation fields, have already been formulated by TEPCO.(p. 25)"

    https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/mediaadvisories/iaea-experts-review-japans-decommissioning-work-fukushima-daiichi-site (see Mission Report for 4/13)

    "Since April 2013 as a consequence of transferring Reverse Osmosis (RO) concentrated water stored in the underground water tank to ground tank, the external exposure component from the direct gamma rays and sky shine increased considerably." (Mission Report 2/12/14)

  • Nick

    As I look back over the last 4 years I don't EVER get the sense that we have been endowed with even the slightest bit of veracity from TEPCon or the IAEA.

    So what if they formulated a PLAN. Hip hip horray and all that crap.

    How about simple statement of the truth?

    When you read documents it is easy to get lulled into a sense that "things are under control."

    FAR, far, far, from that cozy bureaucratic gibberish is the HOT hard facts of radiation escaping containment on a scale unimaginable to most sentient beings.

    Just because some morons sat around a cherrywood table to discuss a decommissioning plan does NOTHING, zilch, zippo, to address the fact that we humans are experiencing a radiation experiment the likes of which has NEVER been experienced before by life on earth.

    Fools fool themselves to fool us all…..

  • Nick


    >>>>tell me again why carbon is the enemy?


    Shouldn't we be spending our research dollars on the effects of man-made radiation?????

    Oh yeah, maybe too many bankers and nuclearats do blow..


  • Nick


    I have access to a green house with a huge water tank for thermal mass, coupled with a solar cell driven fan to blow heated air under and thru the growing beds. Vents are also thermally controlled and work year round to dissipate heat.

    Currently the water tank is liquid despite subzero temps at night. A small fish tank pump adds O2 to the water for irrigation as well.

    I will be harvesting greens in 3 weeks!

  • Nick

    Then there are the 22 solar electric panels mounted on the garage…grid tied (arrgghhhh). But still nice.

  • antipodes

    Kelly Ann, Thanks for Black Elks Prayer, I know the Lakota have hope yet, despite years of suppression and genocide committed against them, as well as other native peoples of the Americas from the time of Columbus onward. I think we all could learn from their toughness, perseverance and their love for the Earth. Previously posted by ENENEWS: Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Statement on Fukushima. Go to[PDF]: Council Fukushima Statement Oct 2013. Makes a great print out for distribution, link it to ENENEWS.

  • rogerthat


    Land secured in Fukushima opens door for 1st shipment of radioactive waste
    February 04, 2015


    … the ministry expects a prolonged battle to secure the 16 square kilometers needed for the storage site. “It will take a very long time,” said a senior ministry official. …

  • rogerthat


    Fukushima poet's book immortalizes place names, normal lives of people lost
    February 03, 2015

    By MASAKAZU HONDA/ Staff Writer
    MINAMI-SOMA, Fukushima Prefecture–Poet Jotaro Wakamatsu has long waged a campaign against nuclear power, but at first he remained silent, not writing a single poem during the first month after the outbreak of the Fukushima nuclear crisis…

  • rogerthat


    Fukushima worker exploitation
    by Reuters Videos 4:03 mins
    Reuters uncovers widespread exploitation as Japan looks to recover from the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Produced by Chris Meyers.

  • patty from oregon

    Jebus, I am one of the silent long time viewers having only posted a few comments recently….I majored in "social science" starting in high school and avoided real science as much as possible in college. With that said, I have learned so much from the contributors to this site,including you. I would hate to see you waste too much time shopping,it all junk anyway. Take a break and enjoy all that is green. The tree frogs are back in my little pond this week and making so much noise…. what a wonderful sound.
    Don't be gone too long Jebus. Peace to you

    • Jebus Jebus

      Welcome neighbor,

      Don't worry about me, I always drop breadcrumbs to get back to where I was going…

      And living here in the NW, this "winter", I'm confident you see/feel, the change in the weather. In many ways…

      Welcome neighbor,

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    "Kakata is actually lower the consensus value.."

    Buy this one..it's cheaper..
    Six atmospheric and eleven ocean models ..to get the constraint?
    Take that many to get the 'low ball?

    Misinformation on the Fukushima Impacts
    Energy news Shows How Not to Communicate Science
    Feb 5 2015

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "ham-handed science communication efforts."
    What is ham-handed?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Babble from a spoon fed joke…

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