Japan Gov’t: It’s “inevitable” that Fukushima radioactive water will be dumped in Pacific Ocean — “Tepco has no choice”

Published: July 26th, 2013 at 9:54 am ET


Title: NRA chairman says release of radioactive water into sea is inevitable
Source: Asahi Shimbun
Date: July 25, 2013

The head of Japan’s nuclear watchdog body has acknowledged for the first time that Tokyo Electric Power Co. has no choice but to release radioactive water accumulating at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant into the sea.

“The Fukushima No. 1 plant is filling up with water,” Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, told a news conference on July 24. “Inevitably the contaminated water will have to be discharged into the sea after TEPCO processes it properly and lowers (its radioactivity levels) below the standards.”

[…] He indicated that the NRA will conduct a long-term investigation to assess the environmental impact of radioactive water discharged into the sea.

[…] The groundwater is mixed with water used to cool the melted fuel, and is accumulating with high radioactive levels at the plant.

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Published: July 26th, 2013 at 9:54 am ET


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62 comments to Japan Gov’t: It’s “inevitable” that Fukushima radioactive water will be dumped in Pacific Ocean — “Tepco has no choice”

  • markww markww

    Either build a massice coffer dam or transport to a new holding and de radiation cleaning facility. If the TEPCO people send the radioactive water into the Pacific will contaminate the planet and kill all sea life and people a ELE EVENT

    • Its Curtains

      Markww, as you probably know, the water at Fukushima has been pouring into the ocean since this all began.

  • Maybe that is the plan?

    After all, even properly operating nuke pukes kill millions of people worldwide due to the whole industry effects of constantly releasing radiation, ocean dumping from recycling facilities, and airborne emissions

    Invisible poisons; all of it. Silent killers riding the wind and the water.

    When an accident happens, it is just a wee bit more poison exhaled.

    'Dilution is the solution' in the view of the pro nuclear apologist.

    The problem is, human bodies concentrate diluted nuclear waste.

    The answers are all here; ready to go…

    Where is the will to implement them and to stop genocidal corporations and their political toys?

    100% Zero Carbon Hydrogen Powered House, Car and Cooking Stove; via @AGreenRoad

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    The key word in that excerpt is "groundwater." It is not just the water Tepco is pouring. Why are they discussing this "word of the week" now? All kinds of MSM articles on "groundwater" and Fukushima:

    "the plant continues to be a hazard to its surrounding environment. On Monday, TEPCO admitted that radioactivity from the plant is leaching into the water table and flowing from there into the Pacific. The admission confirms what many observers had long suspected: that the company has not been able to contain radioactive water that flows out of the melted cores through cracks and broken pipes."

    On Monday, Tepco admitted for the first time that radiation is leaking into the Pacific, further complicating the clean-up operation and contradicting its earlier claims that contaminated groundwater had been contained before it had reached the ocean. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/with-fukushima-nuclear-plant-still-leaking-japan-cleanup-bill-soars-to-50bn-8730832.html

    • Agreed. Groundwater_

      Assuming that the bulk of the material has breached the reactor.

      I feel that whom ever approves of the materials being dumped into the Pacific be a good sport and swim in the bay right outside the plant. Would this requirement possibly change those minds?

      The scariest part of this weeks articles is the possibility that the roof of the unit there reactor, is causing atmospheric hear buildup within the fuel pool. The cooling water is in slight circulation, however the air within the facility under the reactors roof is not being properly ventilated…

      This is why we do not leave animals inside our cars on a summers day, as tepco will need to moderate the hear build up before the fuel becomes unstable in these conditions. Whom ever approved this plan to cap the reactor pool failed to take into account that the air circulation is critical to moderate. Thus is the same extent that the xbox 360 consoles faced. I only hope that multiple backup cooling systems are onsite being tepco. Will burn up Thur engines, and clog the reactors with more sediment in the attempt of keeping this current kamikaze approach.

  • ftlt

    Finally, they have admitted it..

    I see no other option, they will or can take in the short term…

    That said, there needs to be a massive international mobilization and effort to minimize this "only option's' time period… And start fighting back against this toxic tragedy…

  • weeman

    Not acceptable dumbing of contaminated water, if south Korea can build a ship a day you can make a robust water tank once a day for the next 100 years and don't tell me you have no were to put, half of Japan will never be inhabitable or design a tank that will stand up to the test of time, yes they will need to be replaced every so often, get your act in gear, so far your endevours are piss poor and shameful.
    I suggest that the Japanese people collect all their plastic bottles and make a floating island and tow out of harms way.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Governments and nuclear industries of the world seem to be doing nothing as our oceans are being contaminated with deadly radiation.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I just choked on my coffee..Quote: "will be dumped"

    WHATTTTTTT!!???!!! Are you kidding!!! I'm old, wasn't born yesterday.

    I guess.. will be ..now means.. have been and we'll keep doing it.

    • crystalwind crystalwind

      Good morning. . .good coffee?
      What it means is, once they've admitted to having to dump it in the ocean, no one will be able to prove that they have not done it all along.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi crystalwind

        Good morning..Yes thank you, it's very good coffee…husband made it.

        Too late..I guess no one has told them that we already know they have been dumping.

        Do you think these world contaminators will ever be cut off doing damage to this earth, by the world leaders? I believe the majority of people are tired of our environment being contaminated.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Nuclear omnicide is now 'inevitable'.

    Omnicide – The total extinction of the human species as a result of human action. Most commonly it refers to human extinction through nuclear warfare, but it can also refer to such extinction through other means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe.


    I just wish our leaders would go out with a little bit of dignity, instead of the bullshit that fills our last days.

    • Enlite2.0


      Didn't you think it would be more enlightened, and not this creepy B-movie muculent behavior?

      • or-well

        Wow. Had to look up muculent.
        Slimy, moist and moderately viscous.
        Our leaders with Blob-like brain-sludge.

  • AntonButler

    The Japanese government is in breach of International Law, now especially , dumping radioactive waste at sea is illegal, and they still have space to store this water on land.
    Good word, OMNICIDE.
    NuClear power is OMNICIDAL.

    • THAT is where you are WRONG ! You can't put it on a boat and go dump it… but you CAN push yor land full of it into the ocean like back-fill.. and also put a pipe out to sea and dump that way.!

      You need to look closer at just HOW they wrote that stupid bit of legislation!

      They PUT ONE OVER on everyone!

      • We Not They Finally

        PattieB, you are correct. That is just how Areva has been "legally" contaminating the English Channel for decades now. It's not dumped from ships — it just flows directly into the sea!

        But in Japan, that they have never even considered building a DAM…. I mean, I don't know if there is any feasibility in that, but that is the principle on which you prevent flooding, like the dam in New Orleans. We've never once heard any mention of ANYTHING like that. It's like it's someone else's problem — but the "someone else" is turning into the whole world ecology.

  • We Not They Finally

    Oh, so that's the 400 TONS OF WATER PER DAY that was their last lowball estimate? If there is no space, then ALL of it just flows into the ocean every day. We knew it was happening anyway, but now it is "fine"?

    • AntonButler

      400TONS of radioactive waste per day into the pacific
      from FUKUshima.
      Are you serious?

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        That's roughly 100,000 US gallons of lethal water flowing into the Pacific every day, AB. TEPCO uses the 400 number because it seems smaller.

        100,000 gallons (what they admit to) flowing into the Pacific for over 2 1/2 years, to flow for centuries.

  • lickerface lickerface

    "He indicated that the NRA will conduct a long-term investigation to assess the environmental impact of radioactive water discharged into the sea."

    Long-term won't get a chance. Further downplay of the immediate consequences of radiation.

  • We Not They Finally

    Does their "long-term investigation" mean autopsying all the dead marine life? Or just being oh, so very surprised, that everything turns up dead?

  • It's already desalinated the Pacific, killed the bottom life, and so there isn't any oxygen down there now.. disease due to mutations are going rampant! The life.. like coral etc:… holds down the carbon & methane hydrates… WE KNOW THIS NOW !!! There is no need for any damned study!

  • I was thinking a slurry of boron, Vegemite, Pu-240, and SAND.. to seal around it.. and use some liquid OTHER than WATER to get it down the hole.. Adapt a oil-drill rigs UAV for land..? Need to get a pipe into it to do such…? Use a silicate type fluid.. to seal the sides of the hole as well..? It's my best guess as to how to do some remediation on these things. We can't stop it fully anymore.


    It's not that they don't have other choices, they don't want to pay for the other choices. What about this cheap, clean power now? They should all at the very least be charged with manslaughter. People get sentenced everyday for doing a fraction of the harm that the nuclear industry is doing to the world. I can lay my head down at night with a clear conscience, can they?

  • norbu norbu

    NO Choice? Someone told them they have no choice. I can give them many options. They could start by asking for help. Fill up there swimming pools at there estates. There are many options. Markww always has ideas, so do others. Tepkill get a clue.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Soon we won't need nuclear plants, since we'll have nuclear oceans. Sad joke..Sad state we are in..

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    This reminds me of the burgeoning field of Algae Oil, the use of algae oil as a replacement for traditional gasoline. It grows in "dead zones" of salt water.

    JoAnneMor on Algae Oil and the Gulf:

    "There is a lot more going on in the Gulf of Mexico than the oils spill.

    This administration and many other entities like BP, Citi, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, holding companies along with Dept of Defense, Billionaires and Politicians are all vested in biofuels.

    What is going on in the Gulf is directly related to this new industry.

    There is an Algae these companies are interested in.

    From the mouth of the Mississippi river, all along the Gulf coast and spreading down to the Everglades is prime area for growing this Algae..

    "BP Ponies Up $10M For Algae Biofuels

    BP is ponying up $10 million for a partnership with Martek Biosciences to study the use of algae to convert sugar into biodiesel. BP isn’t the only oil major — or government agency — to show an interest in the prospect of commercially viable algal-based fuels. Just last month ExxonMobil committed $600 million in a partnership with Synthetic Genomics to develop next-generation biofuels from algae.


    • Enlite2.0

      This makes sense, on the surface. But where do the people go who lived there, and what do they eat? And what is their livelihood or motivation to purchase from the supposed 'trillion dollar market' ?

      All the lost lives in the ocean and surrounding land. When they finish killing off everything not in a zoo will they finally be satisfied?

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Yes, it would answer some questions. Why has there been no international coalition, no response to this destruction of the earth's oceans? Well, because they wanted it to happen, and this grotesque flailing is merely a performance. That is logical, in a sense.

        Also, it would explain why they are not as freaked out about the loss of oxygen as I am (70% from the plankton in the oceans, according to my avatar). They are planning to replace with lots of algae farms. Sure nothing could go wrong with that.

        It would also produce more questions, e.g., how can they be even more psychopathic than I already thought?

        I have always wondered why they would want to lose so many of their well trained consumers. Why? Why do they build highways through some neighborhoods and not others?

        The elites have been treating the people of Japan and the United States as if "They Are Not That Into" Us for decades now. The Bank of Japan and the Fed have buried us, while giving all our money to Goldman Sachs, etc. I don't know. Maybe they see us as a liability now, any good mafia boss bumps off those who are no longer useful, right?

  • Enlite2.0

    Three things come to mind when I read your comments: First, I appreciate the clarity in your statements and the obvious ambiguity in their actions.

    Then I wonder at the specious title of 'elite' that they give to themselves. At this point in my life I have met many who were superior to me in some way, but never any who were superior in all ways…so I balk at the label, even if it's a personal vanity.

    Lastly, I have spent most of the last four years of my life cultivating a personal belief system that encompasses one directive- 'in as much as possible, do no harm'. That includes secondary and tertiary effects, such as items produced by slave labor, etc. These people responsible are creating a world in which I cannot live ethically, as well as physically. I can't begin to imagine how they resolve that idea in their own minds, but I no longer believe we are of the same species, regardless of their claims.

    • We Not They Finally

      I'm with you. Whatever species they are, not me. And can't be human — who destroys their own world? It's like "The Outer Limits" episode where an alien in the form of a U.S Senator fooled Congress into passing legislation that said it would cleanse the air in 20 years, when there was really a secret ingredient in it that would turn the air into methane in 20 years! So the invading aliens would have "breathable air."

      Why do the TEPCO people think that THEY will have breathable air (much less drinkable water and edible food)at this rate?

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Thank you, Enlite 2.0, I agree with you. "Elite" is an inaccurate term, and I try to "do no harm," as well. Unfortunately, as my daughter is breathing the strontium, plutonium, etc., from this catastrophe in the Northern Hemisphere, I am afraid that they have made me their accomplice, as I haven't removed the one I love best from the path of the jet stream.

      Yet, I agree, "we are not the same species," how can we be?

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Lucidly said: "cultivating a personal belief system that encompasses one directive- 'in as much as possible, do no harm'. That includes secondary and tertiary effects, such as items produced by slave labor, etc. These people responsible are creating a world in which I cannot live ethically, as well as physically. I can't begin to imagine how they resolve that idea in their own minds…." Thanks for posting. I live by that too.

  • Wooster

    400 tonnes of water a day. That's 400,000 litres to you and me.

    It's 868 days since March 11 2011, the date of the accident.

    868 days x 400,000 litres = 347,200,000 litres.

    Some of that water has apparently been recycled, but how much? 10%? 20%?

    Perhaps they have been storing 300,000,000 litres on site?

    • I got my information from the man who DID THE INVESTIGATION…

      So stop saying I don't know what happened, and don't have my facts straight.

      • norbu norbu

        How da man?

      • Jebus Jebus

        As I alluded to in another thread, you are trying too hard to be credible.
        It seems to be very important to you that you are right and everybody else is wrong.
        It is way past too late to worry about who, what, when, where, why and how.
        The only truth that matters today is the fact that radionuclide contamination is spreading far and wide continously.
        Future generations, if any, are the ones who will determine the five w's and how.
        Right now we are seeing our grandchildren's future's dissapear.
        BTW, thats why I am here, for my grandchildren and whats left of life.
        I want to like you, patty, and your efforts, but my flags are up full on your intent.
        I want you to be correct and I want you to tell the world.
        I want everyone here to band together in a common direction to force the "professionals" that are charged with protecting our health, our environment, our food supply, to speak up about the absolute curse that the nuclear industry is placing upon all life.
        The continous dumping of radioactive water into the ocean has to stop today.
        The testing of all food has to start today, especially seafood.
        The nuclear industry has to be removed from power.
        It looks like we have to march in the streets to achieve this goal.
        There has to be an event that brings this to the masses.
        Squabbling over bits and pieces simply won't cut it.
        And I am as guilty as anyone on this. Enough, enough, enough.
        The time to act is now. We must make noise as one. Somehow…

        • We Not They Finally

          Not my fight, but you keep beating on this diligent researcher WHY?? She has to be credible to YOU why? It's YOURSELF that you make not credible when you don't just stick to the research.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Research WHAT?
            Since I last posted another 16 tons of radioactive corium water has flowed into the sea.
            Is that enough research for you…
            Like your gonna get something done by worrying about where the corium is.
            Tell me what has been discovered?
            Niburu? Aliens? Annakookies?
            Leading all you "researchers" by the nose over a cliff.
            Everyone here has said it, No one cares or is listening when they try to speak to others.
            The nuclear pukes are laughing their asses off at the "bloggers"
            And in another hour, another 16 tons of radioactive corium water is flowing into the sea.
            Sure makes anything you or I say on this blog pointless, doesn't it?
            And in another hour, another 16 tons of radioactive corium water is flowing into the sea.
            And in another hour, another 16 tons of radioactive corium water is flowing into the sea.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Jebus, with all due respect, I think Pattie explained a year ago that she has severe health problems because of all the radioactive exposure she experienced due to her job in the armed forces. I think she is trying to make a difference so others hopefully won't have to face the same radioactive exposure. Also, she she access to information that the rest of us don't have because of her military contacts.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Well anne, I love what you do, maybe you can help her organize it into a coherent level of information , instead of what it is. I don't claim to be any better than anyone else here or know any more.
            What I am is more pissed than others and getting more so each hour that 16 tons of corium water is fucking up our one ocean.
            I absolutely DO NOT believe in violence, destruction or mayhem. I DO believe in doing something more than what this venue of worriers can do. What that is, I am screaming for help in realizing and doing. Otherwise people like you, pattie, majia, and all the rest, are researching in vain.

            Why let it be the same as it ever was? We need to make noise.

            Take a look at this individual, who has done more than most anyone in getting this complacent world to wake up.
            Does anyone think that he insn't tired of ignorant and apathetic reception?

            From a year ago.

            Are we really gonna make a change by blogging?
            Sure I can run out in the street withy a fuku sign.
            You could join me. Ten more could join us.
            Not gonna change anything.
            It's gonna take all of anyone who cares to organize and mak a bunch of noise, no one can ignore.

            • irhologram

              Jebus, we all see your pain. You are screaming your pain at me at various times and now at Patti. But if as you say, blogging does no good, surely screaming at bloggers does no good. "it's gonna take all of anyone who cares to organize." Well, what are you waiting for? Contact anti-nuke groups nearest you and get involved. The nature of virtual friends means we can't serve each other in that way. For those who think you can't make a difference because you're only one person, the whole of HISTORY was pivoted this way and that by lone individuals, no smarter than most of us, no luckier, or better physically suited. They chose to follow a focused path with undying commitment to a course of action. You are committed to change this? Awesome.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Did I hurt your feelings too?
                Does that hurt more than being irradiated?
                This is not a virtual disaster. Telepresence is not gonna change anything. I am here with you all because of the collective brainpower that is evident.
                A collective brainpower that has the ability to organize in meatspace. Something anything. I am just a working stiff here. I can only do this part time, otherwise I have no life to save.

                Maybe I should just calm down and spend the rest of my years trying to figure out how to tell my grandchildren, if any of us make it there, the story of how kittens have three ears and two legs…

                Until this movement hits the street,
                No one here is stopping anything.
                I sure haven't, but I am trying to get it moving.
                I guess nuclear power wins.
                Same as it always was…

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Two years, four months.
                  Another hour has gone by, another 16 tons…

                  • We are all hurting from the collective denial

                    We need to be strong together

                    I don't know if we are witnesse or change agents

                    I'm just glad we can come here and discuss and debate and sometimes offer or receive support

                • irhologram

                  Um. No, I'm not hurt. I was suggesting you apply your angst to a feet on the ground movement near you…as a productive alternative. The "it" you are "trying to get moving" is you. Sincerely, Jebus, we all need to do what we're equipped and committed to do. ..a niche role we'll all have to find for ourselves. I agree it's tedious looking at photo buckets of steam in all colors. I gave a thorough outline back in the fall for a nationwide activism we could do from this blog membership, but ho hum, no one commented. I'm not sure,I could even find it now. If you are serious about elbow grease, I could try to look it up,..thing is, it takes WORK, not just carrying a placard or chewing gum while marching. There are spearhead efforts you could do RIGHT NOW, rather than …well, how would YOU describe what you're doing? Other than engaging us in a discussion of doing nothing, which is time consuming and prevents doing anything!

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    From my view of the pathetic efforts at organizing, yours and mine included, the only thing left to do is pop into atomic insights and congratulate the pukers on a win.
                    That atoms for peace thing has worked out great.
                    The only thing left will be radioactive atoms and peace, nothing else…
                    Another hour, another 16 tons.

                    • irhologram

                      C'MON!! We haven't even TRIED to organize here. WHO are you kidding if not yourself? If you've determined to give up and whine, I'm not going to take you seriously. Life is an adventure…for whatever purpose you think that is, philosophically/religiously speaking. THIS is the hand you were dealt. If folding rather than playing it is your choice, so be it. In the words of Tony Robbins: It's not what happens…it's what you DO.

              • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                Sorry. I did not mean to "report your comment. clicked the wrong place incorrectly. Don't know how to reverse it once you have incorrectly clicked. I included the correction in the comment box.

                I was trying to make a comment in reply to yours. I do not want to take sides here, but I do need to state that I find Pattie B's comments to be incomprehensible. I wish I could understand her because her background gives her the position to make important contributions. But, even though I have a BA and 60 graduate units in English from the Univ of Cal-Berkeley, I am unable to understand what she is trying to say. Usually now, I just skip her comments because too many times I've found myself scratching my head trying to figure out what she is saying. And that's too bad.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Thanks for seeing some of what I see.
                  I know I'm pissed. I know I am being an asshole.
                  I know I have rubbed some the wrong way.
                  I just hope "no immediate harm" comes from my postings…

                  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


                    This site


                    will take you to at least one person who has been doing all he can to address one question: The Cover up of Fukushima by our own government. Maybe others can find a way to do more, but he has not been sitting on his hands. Thanks for posting. I always read your comments. Be advised that not everyone is young, and many are disabled. They do what they can. I'm much too old to hit the streets or I would be there.

  • bluesapphire48

    I can suggest a choice: either commit seppuku ("harakiri") the traditional way, or we, the people of this Earth, will gladly hang for crimes against humanity every single one of you miserable bastards, both in the Japanese government and in TEPCO, who brought this catastrophe upon this Earth by your stupidity and cupidity.

    Of course, if you fool around long enough with your ludicrous "cleanup," as you have clearly shown you are capable of doing, you may avoid either option because WE WILL ALL BE DEAD OF RADIATION POISONING.

    Comforting thought, that.

  • AB AB

    Viable solutions left at this point>
    1. Declare war on Japan.
    2. Declare war on TEPCO.
    3. Consider FUKUSHIMA DAICHI post 3/11 policy a criminal and unconscionable act of ecoicide and genocide. Hence, crimes against humanity.
    4. Go after the TEPCO top policy makers, arrest them, have Japan GOV, a fascist state, take over the plant. And lastly…
    5. What they want us to do, shut up, just roll over and die.

    All is corrupt, the IAEA, the UN, the USGOV, MEXGOV all are evil and psychopathic in their view of this all. They thrive off it!

  • AB AB

    I stress again! Baja Mexico waters will be the most radioactive waters 2016-2021. I wrote about this and Carlos SLim is right now buying up the land in the desert of Baja to build, guess what? Nuke Plants.

    More here:

    Yes, it is in Spanish. We are the only ones reporting this in Spanish.

    Oh, one more thing, Laguna Verde, the failed Mexican Nuke Plant shut down two times this July 2013 and put the population at risk.

  • AB AB

    Oh… and SEMPRA, the Bushes, are heavily investing in the region as well for Fracking… and exporting Natural Gas. and yes, they have the building of NUKE PLANTS along the USMEX border in their sights.