Japan Journalist: It’s now 78°C in Reactor No. 2 — Can’t disclose source

Published: February 11th, 2012 at 3:55 pm ET


>>UPDATE: [intlink id=”nikkei-reactor-no-2-hits-78-3%c2%b0c-melted-fuel-may-be-moving-inside-rpv-tepco” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Title: 78°C in reactor2
Source: Fukushima Diary
Date: February 11th, 2012

A Japanese freelance journalist tweeted this below. If it’s true, it’s only 2°C left.

She has been one of the most trustworthy source to me. You can read it as an unconfirmed information.


Now it’s 78°C in reactor2. can’t disclose the source. […]

Read the report here

See also: [intlink id=”just-in-reactor-no-2-temperature-shots-to-75%c2%b0c-tepco-increasing-water-injections-again-5%c2%b0c-from-warning-level” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 11th, 2012 at 3:55 pm ET


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57 comments to Japan Journalist: It’s now 78°C in Reactor No. 2 — Can’t disclose source

  • vivvi

    Does anybody know what is supposed to happen here if it reaches this alert temperature of 80 degrees? Will it explode? Leak? What is expected to happen then?

  • bmurr bmurr

    It means it is time to place the bird on a rack in a roasting pan and bake until the skin is a light golden color, and then cover loosely with a foil tent.

    But for real, I think it just means that TEPCO is legally required to notify the prefecture’s government. That would mean they would have to come clean about the real temp inside the vessel.

    • Spectrometising

      bmurr……ahaa!!….yes “the skin” as you so rightly observe is now an insulated, layered, culinary delight which cooks itself from the inside out.

      The terrestrials intelligentsia there on that ill fated planet cannot perceive/comprehend yet that the temperature of just-that-roast as you mention cannot be measured from the outside due to just that inviting insulating layer of the said “light golden colour” (Which is more and more burnt on the inside.) which is on the outside.

  • CB CB

    4.9 and 5.0 Mag EQ in close proximity and simultaneously close to Fuku. Very recent.

  • Cindy

    RUN !! and don’t look back !!

    I think if the temp keeps climbing, TEPCO may have to make an announcement as suggested, BUT, they may put a spin on it like, well this is the registered Temp of the vessel, and the gauge may be falsely reading, so it may still be in a ‘State of cold shutdown’, LOL

  • or-well

    Up against psychopaths, killers & crooks
    up against sheeple & how Snookie looks
    Up against Leaders who’d bleed us to death
    Up against Spokes-folk with poisoned breath
    Up against Bureaucrats and banal evil
    Up against Ideology Neo-Mediaeval
    Up against Moneys’ tentacled squid
    Up against failing energy grid
    Up against Banksters avoiding jail
    Up against NPPs doing the Fail
    Up against Warmongers plotting a kill
    Up against those seeking Powers’ cold thrill
    Up against apathy plain and simple
    Up against some Celebs’ butt dimple
    Up against those who play us for suckers
    Up against the wall for all …………!

    You can rhyme with “suckers” I’m sure
    a common ’70’s insult du jour.

    Oh yeah, the topic…too bad we can’t believe much, if anything, of what Tepco says.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Then consider Japan as a test case; they are a major nuclear “user” and now they have a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster that is affecting their entire Country, how would California (and or the USA) pay for a similar event? Where would people relocate to and what would they do for housing, since their home owners insurance has a nuclear exclusion? If this happened in San Onofre, the “coastal” real estate loses alone would be more than a trillion dollars and remember the rest of the “HEARTLAND” of the USA is downwind.

    If people really knew the true cost of Fukushima, the people would demand CHANGE and that is something that some of those in Government and the entire Nuclear Industry want to avoid at all cost!

    What will determine the total cost of their “Trillion Dollar” Eco-Disast­er?

    Please feel free to add your comments and or estimates to this list:
     Decommissi­oning costs
     Loss to all other radioactiv­e decontamin­ation caused by this Disaster.
     Loss of revenues by Tepco
     Loss to TEPCO’s share holders caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of Japanese personal income caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to Japanese businesses caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of all Japanese health costs related to radioactiv­ity
     Loss due to unusable Japanese Land related to radioactiv­ity
     Loss due to Japanese housing caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of Japanese Property Values caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of fishing grounds caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of manufactur­ing caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to the value of the Yen caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to other Utilities caused by Fukushima’­s radioactiv­ity
     Loss to Japans credit rating caused by Fukushima’­s radioactiv­ity
     Loss to the Japanese peoples Lives because of radiation

  • CaptD CaptD

    How can you have cold shut down without a “reactor”?

    There are only three piles of radioactiv­e junk in Fukushima and those are no longer reactors!
    If a tank blows up you have a burned out hulk or mass of scrap but you don;t have a tank any more; that ceased to exist when it blew up…

    RE: Cold Shutdown:
    It is a misuse of the term to describe a reactor after meltdown as ‘in cold shutdown’. As the fuel assembly is destroyed no shutdown is possible. Fuel is melted together and impossible to control directly. Even if pressure and temperatur­­e are unalarming momentaril­­y ‘cold shutdown’ implies complete control which is impossible after meltdown.

    Why can’t the Nuclear Industry accept that a melted down reactor is not a normal condition for a reactor which is shut down for any number of reasons and is ABLE TO BE STARTED UP AGAIN SAFELY!
    This is a perfect example of Nuclear Oriented Bad Science (N☢ BS) being used to provide dis-inform­ation to the public and only serves to call into question those in the Industry that should be speaking out against this Nuclear Baloney (NB)!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Of course they don’t believe their own BS, CaptD.

    This is just ‘confusem if you can’ PR lies.

    These guys could meet very unhappy ends, if enough people wise up and get as mad as they have every right to be. And no one knows it better the perps they do.

    • mark_eric

      Rossanne Barr, Green Tea Party presidential candidate, has a really great party platform. One thing she strongly is advocating is “the return of the Holy and Blessed Guillotine!”

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I really wish someone great would run, who we all could really get behind. It worries me the REpubs will DIEBOLD it and I’m not real happy with O.

  • goathead goathead

    Well I’m jet lagged after a trip to NZ so can’t remember where I saw this link. Might have been here somewhere but watch this anyway!! Will help a lot of people to understand why the world is in a state of increasing mess!! As your watching this film You will recognise people you know from the description of psychopath!!

    Trust me, it’s very good!!

    It’s called…..”I am Fishead”


  • How long will they continue with this game? Cold shutdown when people are dying!! And all this International Community remaining silent!!!
    Someone will respond to that!!

    Fukushima : why the situation does not mobilize the International Community?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    OT Oh you guys won’t believe this! Watching PBS just now…showed Grace Slick Jefferson Airplane singing White Rabbit. SHE’S BLONDE and instead of singing “FEED YOUR HEAD” she sang “BLEACH YOUR HAIR” !! Cracked me up!!! Thought you’d get a kick out of that.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Fake Quake at Fukushima — New video shows no damage