Strange: Japan lawmaker tweets photo of device used to sample Fukushima fallout — A baking pan out on sidewalk?

Published: January 18th, 2012 at 11:44 am ET


Title: セシウム 降下 物 上昇 の 検査 現場 を 視察. 随分 単純 な 方法 な …
Source: Twitter
Author: Mori Masako
Date: Jan. 18, 2012

*Google Translation*

@Morimasakosangi 森まさこ
Increased inspection of the site inspection of cesium fallout. It is not quite a simple way … # Jnsc # Fukushima …

h/t Fukushima Diary


Published: January 18th, 2012 at 11:44 am ET


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23 comments to Strange: Japan lawmaker tweets photo of device used to sample Fukushima fallout — A baking pan out on sidewalk?

  • radegan

    That is a US Mil Spec Radio-Isotope Sample Accumulator (RISA). Look in your Pentagon catalog just before ‘toilets’, they go for $285 each, double that for a built in radiation badge.

  • Bobby1

    An example of state-of-the-art nuclear engineering.

  • NW news update…

    Snow. 9+inches here in Tacoma, WA.

    Any idea what low level radiation is when you are completely surrounded by cesium snow?

    I am under the impression I should stay in my home (which I will).

    Just thought I’d say there is a good chance my power will cut out. So please keep me posted if any new news breaks these next few days…

    • StillJill StillJill

      Will do Emmy! I am going out for a few hours,..also getting extra supplies. The local paper here just announced 6+ inches expected,…sand bags, road closures, power outages, etc,…the whole works.

      Best to be extra prepared, eh?

      Then, back to ‘shelter in place’!

      Will keep you informed from the Chico, Cali. area,…for as long as I’m able.

    • Bobby1

      Be careful not to track the snow into your home. And keep the entryway cleaned. It dries up and becomes dust.

    • desert_lady desert_lady

      Just found a website that tracks HAARP signals via individual home monitors and projects weather forecasts based on those read-outs:

      Magnitude: 9.0 – WARNING LEVELS
      Wavelength: Long (see about section)
      Duration of climb: 60 hours
      Location: Southern Pacific Northwest
      Date: 1/15/2012 – 20:20 UTC
      Quality: Good
      Remarks: A moderate magnitude was detected over Washington, however within it it looks as if two areas were showing up, this one taking much longer and building over nearly the same area as the magnitude 6.0 reading. This is a major shift in the pattern, bringing severe storms, flooding, and heavy mountain snow and avalanches to the area within the week and beyond.
      Current Jet Stream: A storm is moving through the area, but a shift is imminent due to the reading and residents in this area need to be warned about increased storms, flooding, heavy mountain snow for avalanches, and gusty winds after the 17th and 18th for over 10 days of a pattern shift.
      Impacts: Major storm systems, severe weather, avalanches from heavy snowfall, flooding in the low lands, gusty winds.

    • Tacomagroove,
      Winter returns with a vengeance: Seattle to be hit with biggest snow storm in decades

      January 18, 2012 – SEATTLE – The snow into Thursday could end up being one of Seattle’s biggest snowstorms on record. The storm and its heavy snowfall have the potential to close passes in the Cascades, clog streets at sea level with tons of snow and slush and force flight delays and cancellations. Near the coast, the snow will be heavy, wet and difficult …

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    It’s the kind of pan used for roasting turkeys.

  • Mack Mack

    @ALL !! Live Chat Now on the PBS Nuclear special! O’Brien just said hamburgers/french fries are worse for health than cesium!

    Please go NOW to Live Chat here:

    • I was on for the entire hour.25. They didn’t post or respond to a single one of my questions, at least 5. All civil and pertinent to the precise topic of their shillery. A-holes.

      • fcuk_IT

        When the going gets though, they resort to appealing to patriotism and AGW. Also, even they are far from it, they sound like experts in the fields of nuclear power generation and radiation – as far as I can see, these guys are journalists and documentary filmmakers. But whatever, luckily the record is set.

        Miles: Ask yourself if you will be comfortable losing a quarter of our electrical generation capability and seeing nuclear technological prowess being ceded to China?

        Miles: it’s about the carbon! we need to stop climate change. That should be the preeminent goal. The trace isotopes that come out of a nuclear power plant are not worth worrying about.

        Philip S. Wenz’s comment on the NYT blog is so to the point that I just have to repeat it:

        One can become so obsessed by the threat of global warming that one will take a “fair and balanced” approach to ANY possible technology that promises relief, no matter how potentially destructive to people and the environment. After all, we might have to destroy the planet to save it.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Been gone for a few. Went to PBS so called CHAT. 3 comments went straight to Moderation, there’s only 5 comments showing. CENSORSHIP, DICTATORSHIP AND NAZI GERMANY all rolled into one.
      I’ll be tweeting what a joke their show was.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    PBS was highly politicized under Bush. I’m sure the Feds also have a direct say in what they tell the rest of us since they DO get substantial funding from the Federal Government.

    “These dollars are particularly important to smaller stations. While the appropriation equals about 15% of our system’s revenue, this is an aggregate number. For many stations, the appropriation counts for as much as 40-50% of their budget.”

    • And we all know that just about all of the politicians are bought and sold like hogs going to slaughter, by large corporations who control them through ALEC, telling them which laws to pass, when and for how much in campaign ‘donations’.

      Our elections are also mostly run by corporations. 93% of elections are purely about who has the most money to spend to ‘shape’ public opinion and get air time so voters will push the ‘right’ button. Most of the money, most of the time, comes from large corporations, who can now give unlimited amounts through SuperPacs. They don’t even have to talk about who gave the money now.

      If we do not get corporations out of the White House, Congress, Senate and elections, we can kiss our democracy and future goodbye, via huge corporate monopolies that control and run the world like their own small sandbox. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” or watch on Youtube.

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    I found an interesting website concerning HARP operations. It shows real time maps on how it is affecting everyone’s weather. At them moment it is bang on with the weather that is presently hitting the Pacific Northwest.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes,….things are weird. My clock skipped an hour today,…things like that always make me uneasy living in Cali. Almost like there is a magnetic pull today. Oh well, since when have things felt normal? Oh yeah, April 19th, 2010-one day before the Gulf gusher started, I forgot.