Japan Lawyer: Repeated calls for arresting Tepco officials — People “bewildered” after 40-year Fukushima plan announced

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 7:12 pm ET


Japan: Nuclear plant clean up to take decades, Al Jazeera English, Dec. 21, 2011:

[…] Doubts also linger about whether the cold shutdown announcement was too hasty, and whether the reactors and their contamination have really been contained.

“The Japanese government admits that they do not have enough technology for the plan,” said Kazuo Hizumi, a human rights lawyer and an editor at News for the People in Japan, a news site advocating for transparency from the government and from TEPCO.

He told Al Jazeera that people are bewildered at the 40-year forecast and have repeatedly called for the arrest of TEPCO executives.

“I am worried we cannot get enough information from the government and TEPCO, because they stopped the regular press conference held when the government declared cold shutdown … was achieved.” […]

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 7:12 pm ET


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36 comments to Japan Lawyer: Repeated calls for arresting Tepco officials — People “bewildered” after 40-year Fukushima plan announced

  • CaptD CaptD

    Why does TEPCO and the Japanese Gov’t want to declare it’s Fukushima disaster Stable and more importantly, what do they hope to accomplish by doing it now; Is it a trail balloon?

    A. If the people “swallow” this Nuclear Baloney (NB) then TEPCO and their other Gov’t Leaders get to keep their jobs and march onward toward a nuclear future while the Nuclear refugees are “encouraged” to return to their Fukushima homes; letting history be the judge of whether or not this was the RIGHT decision.

    B. The people of Japan reject the concept of a “cold shut down” in which case TEPCO, in time, gets nationalized and Japan develops a 20 year plan to replace it’s reactors with solar of all flavors!

    C. The people of Japan are insulted by what TEPCO and their Gov’t is saying and take to the streets to DEMAND immediate change. TEPCO and their Government overseers are both swept away in order to placate the people of Japan. The Nuclear Refugees get settlements and the area around Fukushima is closed to all but scientific personal for the foreseeable future. Japan’s PM pledges to “race” Germany toward New Japanese developed Solar and being Nuclear within FIVE years…

    The Japanese people are now at a cross roads that will define both their future,their children’s future and possibly the future of Nuclear Power on Earth!

    What will they now do:
    …Bow to TEPCO?
    …Accept their Leaders vow to do better?
    …Or Demand much less Nuclear ASAP?

    This is a decision that only the Japanese People can make;
    … I hope they make US proud of them!

    • or-well

      “at a crossroads”

      Isn’t that where one sells ones’ soul in exchange for a granted wish?

    • maaa


    • jimbojamesiv

      I’d add that governments want to know, study or see what the affects of radiation on their populations will be, and it’s not like they’re unaware that there’s too many us, especially in Japan, China, the US, Indonesia, etc.

  • CaptD CaptD

    The national government under PM Noda is about to become the laughing stock of the world, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency is busy rewriting the definition of “leak”.

    Tokyo Shinbun reports that NISA has decided to basically “nullify” the leaks of contaminat­ed water from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in the past, and declare that there will be no leak in the future either, even if there is actually a leak or deliberate discharge. Why? Because NISA says so.

    NISA considers the amount of contaminat­ed water into the ocean to be zero

    There have been several leaks of water contaminat­ed with radioactiv­e materials from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Tokyo Shinbun has found out through own investigat­ion that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has treated the amount of the leaks as “zero” from a legal [or regulatory­] point of view, because it was a “state of emergency”­. The Agency has said it will treat the future leaks and deliberate discharges into the ocean the same way. The national government is scheduled to declare a “cold shutdown state” on December 16, but we are suspicious of the government­’s position that seems to ignore the suppressio­n of the radioactiv­e materials released from the plant, which is one of the important conditions [of the cold shutdown “state”].

  • CaptD CaptD

    What will determine the total cost of this “Trillion Dollar” Eco-Disast­er?

    Please feel free to add your comments and or estimates to this list:
     Decommissi­oning costs
     Loss to all other radioactiv­e decontamin­ation caused by this Disaster.
     Loss of revenues by Tepco
     Loss to TEPCO’s share holders caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of Japanese personal income caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to Japanese businesses caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of all Japanese health costs related to radioactiv­ity
     Loss due to unusable Japanese Land related to radioactiv­ity
     Loss due to Japanese housing caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of Japanese Property Values caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of fishing grounds caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of manufactur­ing caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to the value of the Yen caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to other Utilities caused by Fukushima’­s radioactiv­ity
     Loss to Japans credit rating caused by Fukushima’­s radioactiv­ity
     Loss to the Japanese peoples Lives because of radiation

  • CaptD CaptD

    At some point, one must ask themselves when is Gov’t. gross denial,
    … Best left for mental profession­­als?

    Case in Point, Japan is now suffering with a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­­er,
    … Yet many Professionals in TEPCO consider that it, in effect, is “no big deal”:

    Polluted Ocean, N☢ Problem, it will get better after a while….
    Polluted Fields, N☢ Problem, they can remove the upper layer
    Polluted Air, N☢ Problem, they can wear paper masks for a while
    Polluted Food, N☢ Problem, they can mix the good food to dilute the bad
    Polluted Homes, N☢ Problem, they can power wash them clean
    Polluted Schools. N☢ Problem, they can clean them off
    Polluted Cities, N☢ Problem, they can return soon…
    Polluted Lives, N☢ Problem, they can move on…
    Polluted Country N☢ Problem, the rich can relocate

    With answers like these from our Nuclear Profession­­als,
    …Perhaps you would consider a followup article, asking this question,

    … “What exactly would it take for you to stop supporting­­,
    … Land based Nuclear Reactors and go SOLAR,
    … Like Germany is now doing?”

  • CaptD CaptD

    We need to post a list of sensitive topics that those in denial can enjoy!
    Here is a start: If you copy and paste, you can input the check box also!
     The Quake caused the meltdown(s­), the Tsunami just accelerate­d the process.
     Low, Low, Low levels of radiation are not acceptable­.
     The Industry DOES have a history of looking the other way about Safety.
     Nature can destroy any reactor anytime 24/7/365, they all are UNSAFE.
     Nuclear Reactors and their Fuel Rods pose a major threat to Global stability!
     Radiation and pregnant Women and Children DON’T MIX!
     When faced with a disaster, Industry will strive for CYA, not public safety!
     The Nuclear Industry will spend massively on PR but not on Safety.
     The failure of Japans reactors was due to both the Quake and poor Maintenanc­e!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Great idea CaptD. Things to WORK ON for sure.
      SEE THIS at HP?
      Baby Boy With Two Heads: Brazilian Mother Expecting Twins Gives Birth To Two-Headed Child (VIDEO)
      Possibility? 9 months? Could be….
      Going to bed, still not feeling UP TO SNUFF.
      Back tomorrow! 🙂

      • Cindy

        @ Whoopie

        Usually a birth defect like that is form Identical twins that did not fully separate …

        DNA tests on different body parts done on the baby usually reveal 2 separate people ….

        Wierd , HUH !!

        No, I don’t think THAT is from radiation …

    • Auntie Nuke

      CapD, I seem to recall reading somewhere that Chernobyl was one major reason that led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Don’t remember if it was the cost, the exposure of blatant government lies, the costs of the illnesses that started arising a few years after the accident, or …? Anyone have any clarity on this? I think it belongs on this list of awarenesses.

  • Bones Bones

    This is like deciding to go to the moon in the 60’s. We don’t completely have the technology yet, but we have a passion and a will. This scenario…No technology…No will to create it. You cannot put a date of completion on these disasters. They cannot be fixed as even if you can get the fuel out in half a century, what do you do with it and how do you remove nuclides from Japan’s soil and food chain?

    • maaa

      Moon Landing is fake. 911 is an inside job. Go youtube it.

      • Bones Bones

        Is that a joke? lol You don’t build a Saturn V rocket just for the hell of it.

        • jimbojamesiv

          That’s what you’re up against, Bones, the moon landing, chemtrails, fluoridation, and, if I dare say it, Israel.

          I’ve found it intriguing indeed that so many who follow Fukushima are more often than not those who are particularly religious sometimes even of the new-agey, or pagan sort, like myself, but unlike myself they are anti-science and more often than not claim the Jews are out to get them or their drinking water, when the real answer seems to be that corporations, including nucular ones, have been acidifying and toxifying the water, skies and soil way more than any fluoride, or chemtrail, at least that’s my take.

          I know this sounds crass but I seriously wonder if the wholesale increase in cancers in the US and the so-called Western lifestyle is not due entirely to the radiation, smog and other toxins we’ve been bombarded with since birth (scratch that, neo-natally), and if you ask me that’s the real conspiracy theory, not fluouridation or chemtrails.

          I seriously don’t mean this to offend, but I’m just giving you my reaction to some of what goes on here because this site is, seriously, still the best for Fuku news.

          P.S. That all being said, I’m susceptible to questioning the idea that humans were sophisticated enough to have pulled off a moon-landing or that humans could have survived such a trip, and who would doubt the Germans of pulling off a massive bit of propaganda to that effect, especially given what we know of our present day so-called rulers.

      • lokay5 lokay5

        “Moon Landing is fake. 911 is an inside job.”

        And vice-versa

  • or-well

    Nuclear is so steampunk.

  • Tanuki San

    Maybe if they get arrested and have to go to jail they’ll get sick on the prison food, as recently happened is Osaka:


    (Scroll down to Japan Today – More than 1,000 inmates suffer food poisoning at Osaka prison

  • James2

    I want the repeated calls to arrest Japanese government officials and US government officials for covering it up also.

    When those calls start getting loud enough is when things change.

  • americancommntr

    The world needs more personal accounts of what radiation exposure from Fukushima Daiichi has done to Japanese people, preferably with pictures. The personal stories need to be told, en masse, so that the attention of other people in the world is caught, and they are informed of the risks of nuclear power to them, to their communities, to their children’s future.

  • According to the following article, the total radiation released is 60 million curies, while Chernobyl only released 50 million Curies. http://enenews.com/60-million-curies-radiation-released-fukushima-50-million-curies-chernobyl

    The Japanese government is saying that the the radiation releases from Fukushima are ‘under control’. On April 25, the Japanese government raised the ‘acceptable’ radiation exposure limit for children from 1 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year. So now all children are safe, because the ‘safe’ radiation levels were raised. (Forget about measuring internal radiation sources; that does not count at all.) http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2011/08/201181665921711896.html

    According to Arnie Gunderson, the DAILY radiation release from Fukushima is estimated at 13 TRILLION Bequerels per day. With plastic cover over unit #1 it is now down to 10 Trillion Bq per day, as long as filter is working well and taking out up to 90% of the total airborne radiation. This release is ONGOING, CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING.

    This amounts to 100 Trillion Bq every ten days, 1,000 Trillion Bq every 100 days, and 3000 Trillion Bq every 300 days. This has been going on since the effort started to get this all to ‘cold shutdown’. Is this their definition of ‘cold shutdown’? When does this radiation and the radiation coming out in the form of radioactive water get added to the total above?

    So where is the filter material? Who is in charge of disposing of it or changing it? Where is the report saying how often they change it out? Who is measuring the total amount collected and verifying this, plus the types of radiation found? Where is this filter material anyway?http://fairewinds.com/content/update-gundersen-if-you-love-planet-dr-hellen-caldicott

    • jimbojamesiv

      The only answer to your excellent questions is that many of us will die, and that’s what they’ll never tell you.

      Of course this assumes that any of us are correct to presume that radiation is bad, icky and ooey, i.e. incompatible with human and/or perhaps all forms of life.

      That being said, Fukushima will probably end up proving Darwin correct that humans and all species will try to adapt in order to survive, so if we have far fewer of us, and perhaps only one eye, or ten-feet tall, live underground or learn how to breathe underwater, perhaps you’ll live, yes?

      Granted my examples are meant to be exaggerated.

      • americancommntr

        Darwin was ignorant of DNA, genetics, information science, many things, and of how complex even a so-called ‘simple cell’ actually is. His book would have immediately been outsold by creationist books, if that kind of information was known back then. Marx wouldn’t have lost alot of support for his B.S., and perhaps communism, nazism, and Darwinist capitalism would not have ever stricken the world. There might not have been world wars, or nuclear weapons, or even nuclear energy, if Darwin hadn’t led the world astray.

  • I cannot believe that with this level of radiation release, that the Japanese government and TEPCO are INVITING the public and the media to come back and live CLOSE to the plant, while at the same time raising radiation ‘acceptable’ safe radiation limits for everyone on March 17, 2011 in food (2000 Bq/kg ) air, 300 Bq/liter in drinking water, milk and etc.

    Even plutonium and uranium is now ‘safe’ in food and water. Presto, all food and water is ‘safe’. Remember this is an averaged measurement, and some food can test higher and still be ‘safe’ to eat, because it is mixed in with lower radiation food. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc6FPIK1VaY

  • Nuke Industry is on the “nothings gonna stop us now” trip.
    The rest of the world has to wait for the result, will people in Japan have consequences or not and will they be able (as individuals) to notice it (means everything (like statistics on cancer) will be censored) so “the individual” will notice something is wrong after 9 neighbours died of cancer in one month.
    and then there will be scientist accusing the dead people of strange sexual activity to block any doubt about the cause of dead.
    It is a really really sick world we are living in and on.

    • We Can Build This Thing Together – Without Nuclear Winter.

      We Can Go And Do It, Nothing’s Gonna’ Stop Us Now . . .

      Your Ironic Comment – Maddening In Relevance.

      – We Have All Built This City – Who Take Money Underneath The Bar?

      – The Corporation Game – This Game Has Now Become Deadly.

      Long Live Starship!

  • Is it Really True?

    Do Shape-shifter Reptilian Zionists Control The Planet?

    More And More…

    Paranormal Or Super Natural Influences Seem Probable When Observing Planetary Insanity.


    Not Even Self Detrimental Stoic Japanese Nationalism Can Explain This Global Atrocity. – This Is Not Even A War.

    – Action Directives Scripting Japanese Government And Tepco Actions Must Take Higher Initiative Than Self Delegation.

    Japan Is Not Controlling Japan.