Japan Marine Expert: Fukushima radioactive tanks may have already been emptied into Pacific Ocean -Xinhua

Published: September 11th, 2013 at 5:06 pm ET


Xinhua, Sept. 11, 2013: […] “TEPCO can no longer effectively clean, filter and store the massive amounts of radioactive water on its site. At some point in the near future — and this may have happened already — the utility will simply resort to emptying its radioactive tanks into the Pacific Ocean,” [Shoji Tsurumi, an expert from Japan’s Marine Science & Technology Institute] said. “They will simply run out of other options to store such huge quantities of water.” “Perhaps this is another reason the government is keeping its distance. After all, if the government were to take responsibility for dumping toxic water into the ocean, who would it have to blame when the global backlash came?” Tsurumi said.

Spiegel Online, Sept. 10, 2013: As for the contents of the 1,000 radioactive storage tanks, there is only one long-term solution — the contaminated water must be cleaned, and then emptied into the ocean. It is possible to a large extent to filter out the cesium and strontium. The tritium, although somewhat less of a concern, can’t be filtered out. Little by little, the Japanese public is being prepared for the coming release of this water — much to the horror of fishermen.

See also: [intlink id=”new-scientist-dump-all-fukushima-nuclear-waste-into-pacific-it-will-be-diluted-they-have-to-make-people-understand-that-low-levels-of-radiation-dont-matter-none-of-this-is-going-to-do-anyt” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 11th, 2013 at 5:06 pm ET


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34 comments to Japan Marine Expert: Fukushima radioactive tanks may have already been emptied into Pacific Ocean -Xinhua

  • johnnyo

    12 years ago today the world changed. I spent the day on the mall in DC passing out literature with a group called DC9/11Truth. From many comments here over the last 2 years I notice that many understand the official story is full of holes.

    I maintain that the anti-nuke crowd and the 9/11 truth crowd should merge as we are fighting the same beast. I would love to her what others think and will move this discussion over to the OT forum when I get back in a few hours from now. Peace

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:


      • HoTaters HoTaters

        What transpired as a result the "official" story not being challenged was possibly theft of billions of dollars of gold bullion, $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon (announced by Donald Rumsfeld on 9/10/01), the destruction of much of the WTC, fraudulent collection of billions of $$ in insurance monies, murder of FBI whisteblowers who knew the attacks were coming, a phony pretext for war in the Middle East, war profiteering (nothing new), establishment of bloated federal bureaucracies and new federal agencies to pry into every aspect of citizens' lives ….

        And the ability to re-classify anything distasteful or objectionable to the U.S. public under the pretext of being a "threat to national security."

        Little wonder why the FOIA reports from the NRC covering Fukushima and other nuclear debacles are missing lots of text — blacked out text appearing in reports. Considered "sensitive" in nature, and can be classified as a threat to national security.

        Coming from a former conservative Republican (former being the key word).

        Much the same happening in the U.K. and especially England, today.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Oh, forgot to mention the Enron files and other SEC investigative files were stored in World Trade Center Bldg. 7, which went down at free-fall speed. CIA headquarters and Emergency HQ for the City of New York was also located in WTC 7.

          johnnyo, I'm in agreement. Much of the secrecy and obfuscation we see today is a direct result of what happened on 9/11.

          And they just want to dislodge all of us inconvenient little truth seekers like so many ticks, and call us "potential terrorists" if we're not in lockstep with the dictates of whatever regime happens to be in power.

          Yes, I'm very critical of all of this. If no one speaks up, we might as well all line up for the 2013 version of Auschwitz, because the legal infrastructure is there to make virtually any "inconvenient" person disappear. My beautiful homeland is being destroyed before my very eyes.

          And Fuku is taking the rest of the world with it. The Japanese learned their lessons well. No doubt the actions of U.S. leaders (and leaders elsewhere) setting the precedent.


          • We Not They Finally

            Yes, 9-1-1 started it. Actually the UNSIGNED Supreme Court decision appointing GWB as President, with instructions to "never use this as a precedent for anything else" (and delivered at 11 p.m. on the dark street, to boot!)was the precedent for that. It was the end of democracy as we know it. My own first response was "Why aren't there a million people in the streets?"

            And The Patriot Act was obviously authored PRIOR TO 9-1-1.

            We were living in NY at the time. 40% of New Yorkers (well, that was admitted to) thought that it was an inside job. Pretty strange "air crash" with no FAA and with no one looking for the body parts of the plane passengers, just the people who had worked in those buildings. Oh, and the paper Arab passports that were supposedly found in tact in the rubble.

            It was America's "burning of the Reichstag," which of course Hitler did himself but blamed it on Poland. Cheney even supervised the mock air force drills that day designed to MIMICK this, thus keep help away.

            So yes, johnnyo, it would be great for 911-truth and anti-nuke to merge, but politically it would be "a miracle" for EITHER to function in this climate. And HoTaters, correct, no more America. But drawing any direct tie between 9-1-1 lies and fuku lies is hardly a self-explanatory task. One hit people's heads; the other will be assaulting people's bodies.

            But keep talking — yes, of course!

            • We Not They Finally

              Anyway who has the energy for it — the actual "living proof" to this day of what did NOT happen on 9-1-1, is Barbara Olson, who remarried Ted Olson under a different name and with extensive plastic surgery two years later. She was "the proof that it must be real" because of his position in government. They "met" nearly two years to the day after 9-1-1 and a single month later, he formally requested of the Supremes that she be allowed to argue cases there — even though her new resume was of a non-litigating tax attorney long-time based in New York — not D.C., where she was living, nor Tennessee where she was from!!

              Everything that could be safely altered in her face was — but not the facial shape, the chin, the forehead nor, obviously, her VERY long willowy fingers (she had been a ballerina way back).

              Now that's a freaky story. We came on it by accident. Who would do such a grotesque thing? But not everyone is human in this culture. People do inhumane things and they pass for "normal."

              So us (husband and me), we don't know what it would take. Maybe off-scale medical crisis across the nation. But by then, people are DETRIMENTED, and the lies have become way more scary than "just political." With people also way more worried about who's ill than they are about who is propagandizing them.

              But if you want to go for it, johnnyo, we admire your grit and good luck!

              • bo bo

                Wow WNTF I'm going to look this one up…
                WTC7 is a piece of cake to prove it was not just fire.. but one of the more 'offensive' theories is that 2nd plane was just computer graphics, it was a missile. I personally talked to a key witness to this, the ny daily news photographer who took the famous photo of second tower 'exploding'. He was standing at the foot of the building and says he never saw any plane, but a sharp metallic object come in and hit it.

                I believe him and for this reason people around me think that I am 'a conspiracy theorist' and so they also don't believe my warnings about fukushima either. So yes, fukushima and 911 are connected to me.

                • bo bo

                  Sorry I meant, 'plane you saw on news was just computer graphics, and the actual object that hit second tower might have been a missile.'

        • JPH

          Reminds me of WW2. The Jews were exterminated in the name of "national security" by the Nazi's.

    • wxman2001

      Yes, they are both parts of the same beast: large corporate interests effectively in control of most governments, or what Mussolini called fascism (corporatism.

  • If A Haiku Hid Music If A Haiku Hid Music

    "At some point in the near future — ***AND THIS MAY HAVE HAPPENED ALREADY*** — the utility will simply resort to emptying its radioactive tanks into the Pacific Ocean,”

    TEPCO announced it was running out of room to build any more tanks a while back. And the tanks were hastily built as a quick-fix, not designed to last more than a year, which is why many are now leaking. They must have been quietly emptying them out into the ocean for many months now.

    While the contaminated water in the tanks is certainly a concern, I think that the major sources of pollution have already made their way to the Pacific.

    – The underground river flooding past the melted coriums carrying all those fresh fission products out to sea;
    – The radioactive debris (most likely including damaged fuel rods) that TEPCO dumped in the harbor and further out in the ocean;

    Compared to these two sources of never ending energizer bunny contamination, emptying the tanks would be just another drop in the bucket, or ocean as it were.

    • No one is looking inside of them, that is FOR SURE…

      NO meters, no alarms, no nothing..

      How can they even tell if there is a leak, because they walk around without meters?

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    If this story follows the trend of recent developments, Tepco dumped the tanks some time ago. These major developments always seem to be revealed long after the fact.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Just one last comment. The airborne radiation levels over much of the U.S. have been elevated to at least eight (8) times recent background levels, for at least several days. Maybe those of you watching more closely can tell us how long they have been elevated.

      See this:


      Very disturbing. Makes me wonder if the tanks were dumped some time ago, and the radiation is being picked up by convection and spread throughout the N. Hemisphere.

      • Hi HoTaters.

        * You're 100% on 9/11. The truth is readily accessible (from very credible sources, like David Ray Griffin and A&E) for those who can face it –and so much so that I gave up on my own efforts to create (less worthy) literature and CDs about 9/11 8 years ago.

        * As to the question: "would joining forces be of mutual benefit to 9/11 Truth and 3/11-nuclear power truth?"–

        ~ 3/11-nuke truth is a sure thing. It's going to wash up on our ocean beaches and put the fishing industry out of business. The only question on everyone's lips will be: "which one is the anti-nuke candidate?" in forth-coming elections.

        ~ It's hard to fathom why 9/11 Truth still needs help at this point. 38% doubt the official conspiracy theory, and that goes to 46% when shown a 30 second clip of WTC-7.

        > http://rethink911.org/news/new-poll-finds-most-americans-open-to-alternative-911-theories/#pagecontent

        However: being very clear about our positions on 9/11 –after the ugly denouement of Fukushima Daiichi, should be helpful.

        * As to your observations about radiation across the U.S. (and I'm sure this information is being sincerely presented –both to you and you to us), technology and loose chatter so often trumps our best efforts toward an informed democracy.

        Available air monitoring graphs show no 8x jump:

        > http://www.gregslab.com/tools/radwatch/

        Neither does private (essentially ground) monitoring:

        > http://www.radiationnetwork.com/Graph.htm

        • We Not They Finally

          All true. But do try to keep up with Michael Collins at enviroreporter.com. He and his wife run a lot of air samples from a lot of locals, also airborne.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          RE: air sampling, I haven't been watching NETC for a long time. So no, technically not 8x what they've been showing there.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The nuclear industry jeopardized our planet, and there's no fix.

  • Tetsuo_Shima Tetsuo_Shima

    Hello all, long time lurker and couldn't just sit idle anymore.

    I can't believe the magnitude of this cover up. I grew up in Europe and was 12 years old when Chernobyl blew it's lid.

    Now, here I have been in the US for quite a while and Fukushima goes kaboom. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with hyperthyroid about 5 months ago and nobody can tell the cause.

    I fear for humanity and what kind of life will our children have if we do not get this under control and kick the nuclear sect off this planet.

    Keep up the spirit people, you are an oasis in the middle of a vast a desolate world.

  • nedlifromvermont

    That's the spirit!! Tetsuo_Shima!! Keep sharing, and I'm sorry for your son's thyroid. We must all be patient, but firm in our resolve to "kick the nuclear sect off this planet!!"

    Nice to hear from you! Entergy has announced plans to shutter Vermont Yankee … but we need many more victories … and now the fraud moves to the decommissioning sector (if we survive this last fuel run) where the company wants to implement "Safstor" … (can you say "FriendlyMurder") to leave the spent fool pool dangling over our heads for sixty years …

    Oh well, speak the truth of these matters gently to those you love and trust, and try to stay sane and safe in this crazy irradiated world!!

    Here we attempt to hold the "Heart Space" for people looking for some truth and kindred spirits … and sometimes our humor and frankness can be off-putting and misunderstood.

    But you are welcome here and among friends!!

    Here's to you from the Vermont Yankee reactor community.


  • We Not They Finally

    Love that slight tiny gap between this article's rationale why "the government is keeping its distance," and the Japanese' "the government is taking responsibility."

    Why don't they just call it "sociopaths trying to look good while they are actually killing people"? That says it for me, anyway.

  • @ Tetsuo_Shima & nedlifromvermont:

    "welcome here among friends!!"

    @ TheBigPicture: *Yes*

  • Sure Tepco is quietly letting nuclear waste water leak into the ocean to minimize amount to deal with. I could see that. So many old reactors in USA plus uranium mining. My personal theory is that more people are monitoring radiation in US and are quick to blame elevated readings on Fukushima when it might be local sources or a combination of both. The American nuclear industry is just as crooked as the Japanese.

  • Max1 Max1

    <blockquote> The tritium, although somewhat less of a concern, can’t be filtered out. Little by little, the Japanese public is being prepared for the coming release of this water — much to the horror of fishermen.</blockquote>

    Why limited to: 'the horror of fishermen'?

    Is it because as a global society, we're still guided by the all mighty dollar and what it gives us? And when we go without this dollar… 'yen'… we more readily identify with THAT loss? Because imagining the next generation is out of reach for us? And the damage done over the long term is unimaginable until it affects each one of us? Is this why we're considered 'human' meaning, fallible to one's own end?

    Yes, the fishermen will go without. So will their families. They need to move and this is as best excuse to do so. They need to DEMAND compensation for the move and relocation they face. However, the community and larger regions will suffer from the radiation and the long term need to 'dump' where we eat from will only bode a horrible outcome for many, many more.

    IMAGINE: Every 3 years they dump everything they've collected.
    IMAGINE: They need to keep doing this for 60 years or 20 dumps.
    IMAGINE: I lowballed the number of years by a factor of ten.
    IMAGINE: That future… 'the horror of that future'.