Japan nuclear expert blames U.S. for Fukushima

Published: December 13th, 2011 at 3:54 pm ET


Real cause of nuclear crisis, Japan Times (abridged translation of an article from the December issue of Sentaku), Dec. 12, 2011 (Emphasis Added): Atsuo Watanabe, former designer of containment vessels at Toshiba Corp. (Oct. 26)

  • Most fundamental cause of the Fukushima plant fiasco probably lay in the blind acceptance of the safety standards adopted in the United States
  • [US] did not take into consideration all potential consequences from earthquakes
  • Reactors damaged at Fukushima were of the GE Mark 1 type designed and built by General Electric
  • In the U.S., there is no need to consider the combination of an earthquake and a loss-of-coolant accident caused by broken piping
  • It is reasonable to assume that the earthquake and loss of coolant occurred simultaneously at Fukushima No. 1
  • There are 10 other GE Mark 1 type reactors in Japan
  • Perhaps it was against such a background that Tepco blacked out crucial matters in the operational manual of the reactor
Published: December 13th, 2011 at 3:54 pm ET


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70 comments to Japan nuclear expert blames U.S. for Fukushima

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    GE designed it. Japan built it. They could have and should have veted the design independently, on there own. Did the Japanese not know that Japan had lots and lots of very large earthquakes back when they built it? Who’s the bigger fool? The fool, or the one that follows the fool?

    • lam335 lam335

      As Gundersen has pointed out, GE was aware of the problems with the BWR Mark 1 since as far bak as the seventies. Yet they did nothing meaningful about it (they let operators add some worthless vents voluntarily in order to circumvent any serious re-evaluation of their safety.


      And who came up with the inane idea of storing the extremely dangerous spent fuel right next to the reactor–only people with such hubris that they refused to believe a serious reactor accident could occur would ever have come up with so unsafe a design.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Caveat emptor. Blaming the U.S. for this problem is a bit far fetched. The thing has been run well beyond it’s designed life span. We all know that. Every one of these plants, like every machine ever made by man, is destined to fail one day. Shut the fucking things down, period. It is the only way to avoid problems like this.

        • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

          Caveat Emptor? So if I buy a GE microwave and it blows up in my face, it’s my fault?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Agreed responsibility should be accepted where it is due. GE was founded in the U.S. but it is now a multinational corporation. Blaming the U.S. for G.E.’s actions just doesn’t make sense. G.E. was also involved in the Nazi war effort.


          I smell, “passing the buck for things we really should have considered but didn’t before we did this.”

          It would be more appropriate to blame the nultinationals and the banksters with whom they work, since they are ultimately behind these fiascos ….

          The NRC may have played some role, as well — perhaps in an advisory capacity.

          Has anyone besides me wondered if there is a connection between Bill Magwood’s activities, and efforts to divert attention away from Fukushima? After all, he was a consultant on the Fukushima project, right? For all we know, there might be a trail of liability leading right to his door ….

          No doubt there were others who had for-profit hidden agendas … even though they may have had serious doubts about its safety, from the beginning … but still voted, “Aye.” Who are the other players? Will we ever be able to find out?

          I think many of the nuke industry people are quaking in their boots, right now. No doubt they are PRAYING the truth never comes out about Fukushima, not to mention all the other misdeeds of the nuclear industry over the past 50 years …. Were the Japanese engineers and designers lied to? Were they misled? Or did they know the risks and move ahead regardless?

          It’s always convenient to blame someone else, in hindsight, than to accept responsibility for one’s own actions. I’m deeply sorry the Japanese people (and the people of Earth) are paying such a dear price for such a flawed decision making process.

          “Atoms for peace?” Who ever came up with this ridiculous phrase?

          That’s right children, don’t forget: war is peace, and lies are truth.

  • The kettle is calling itself black… Which kettle is blacker?

    The one filled with money, or the one wanting to be filled with $$?

  • goathead goathead

    Which will be greater? Radio active fallout or political fallout?

  • dpl dpl

    blame game or crying game?
    can’t be good for nuke business to have baseless rumors about design flaws from unhappy partners in crime. safe of course it’s safe who ya gonna believe the industry paid off government experts or your lying eyes.

  • Misitu

    When the Blame Game starts, you know that partial versions of the truth will start coming out as each culprit seeks to establish “was only following orders” or some such rubbish.

    Nice to see bits of truth beginning to hit the whirling blades.

    Odorous but nutritious … watch this space eh …

  • James2

    The cracks in the nuke safety story are growing as rapidly as a MOX reactor core heats up

    That news item referred to yesterday that said 70% of the public is concerned about fukushima even though 99.9 % of the news has been suppressed means that this thing is about to blow wide-open.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      This will blow wide-open when the 20 million tons of radioactive Fukushima waste starts washing up on US West Coast beaches and has to be cleaned up and disposed of as hazardous waste. There will be no way to cover this up. Tourism will dry up, cargo shipping through the ports will be affected, creating massive financial losses, which will then lead to widespread coverage of the food supply being contaminated.

      Tell the US public that everything they eat and drink is contaminated, and their children will die first. Good luck.

      This is an ELE in slow motion. Two generations tops. The financial crisis is just a smokescreen for what’s coming. The news will just get worse daily.

      BTW, according to Greg Palast (Vulture’s Picnic), none of the emergency generators at any NPP are any good. Every single one the wrong design for the job, and they’ll all fail when wound up in an emergency. Also the worldwide faking of seismic construction safety requirements. That’s probably what put the fear of G-d into the Chairman of the NRC (he only recently developed a conscience – he’s done his share to cover up). The nuclear industry is doing all they can to prevent having to upgrade, and the campaign contributions are flowing.

      I wouldn’t worry about an alien invasion, in less they can live in a radioactive environment. We can’t.

      Sleep well.

    • Ken31ONCA

      if you say so idiot LMAO james2 the stooge

      • James2

        Kenny boy – I didn’t think you were still around.

        I’m so happy you’ve found the time to insult me so sophomorically again.

        Hey you and your crew been studying up on your next move?

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Ooooooo, nicely said SPS and AGR.

    Yes, indeed.

    Do not blame the US, rather blame GE and those who profited and continue to profit from allowing this disastrous and rigged industry to grow in the midst of the corruptions and cover-ups that have historically been ongoing. We need only look in the mirror as it was well said, to find those who are to blame. How many people voted for change? And you got what? More deception and and another corrupted sock-puppet.

    Posted this below on a thread yesterday, and sorry for the redundancy, but it is the crux of all that is wrong there now. The fact is, the astronomical corruption and outrageous cover up continues daily with no abatement while people are slowly dying world-wide.



    Hey jec,

    You said:

    “TEPCO, if they tried to create results to validate THEIR premises, could be criminal negligent in this case. There are millions of lives in crisis because of TEPCO errors.”

    He said:

    “Tanaka suspects that Tepco cooked up simulation results to suit its own purposes in an attempt to deceive the public”

    And he did(cooked up?):

    “Mitsuhiko Tanaka says he helped conceal a manufacturing defect in the $250 million steel vessel installed at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi No. 4 reactor while working for a unit of Hitachi Ltd. (6501) in 1974. The reactor, which Tanaka has called a โ€œtime bomb,โ€ was shut for maintenance when the March 11 earthquake triggered a 7-meter (23-foot) tsunami that disabled cooling systems at the plant, leading to explosions and radiation leaks.”


    • James Tekton James Tekton


      So, it looks like it may come down to an ever more clearer issue among the many of negligence and malfeasant carelessness by not doing what possibly could have been done correctly to prevent the ongoing “red alert” issue they are dealing with presently.

      It has certainly turned into a “time bomb” there and now this guy is seemingly distancing himself from his part in covering up some of this malfeasance and possibly, many other incidents and issues of safety.

      Soon the real ene-news may say, BREAKING: Tepco/govt…the murderous company of deceivers and liars…is responsible for the early deaths of millions of Japanese people. Everyone files Suit!

      Ten Years Later-2021: Today, 109,343 world-wide survivors of the great fukushima extinction level event stepped up today to claim 300 trillion gold ounces in a class action law suit settlement made between the corporation of Govtepco and corporation human race. Of the survivors there were actually two left that were from Japan and could remember what it was like in the days just before the horrendous event.


      Time will tell, but this is huge.

  • James2

    In the past two days, the NRC and the IAEA have lobbed bombs at one another, The members of the NRC have turned on one another and now Japan is lobbing bombs at the US – on top of all that Cesium they are sending that way.

    Something is about to bust wide open…

  • NoNukes NoNukes


    Thanks for all of your hard work. I was over on your site looking for the series of photos you had that suggested the TEPCO cranes were moving “stuff” into the ocean, but didn’t have any luck. It was relatively early on, do you remember when?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Looked at all the videos, and can’t figure out what would make the poster:

        1.) Assert TEPCO may be dumping spent fuel rods into the ocean,
        2.) The cranes were lifting and dumping anything into the ocean, or
        3.) The so-called steam had a point source and isn’t fog.

        Had the videos (or still shots) shown the cranes lifting large objects that looked anything like fuel rods and dumping them near what might be the shore, I’d say the smoking gun was there. If there were even clearly steam coming from the shoreline, that might be considered “evidence.” But all I could see there did look like ordinary fog, on both screens. One of them looked grainy and as if the picture was in lower resolution than the other, more colored one. Did I miss something?

        I lived on the Northern CA coast for many years, and incoming fog looks exactly like what showed up in the picture. Maybe I failed to notice something?

        For the record, I looked very closely at the still pictures of the thing that hit the Pentagon on 911, and it certainly looked like a missle. It was MUCH TOO SMALL to be a large commercial jetliner. It certainly wasn’t a Boeing 757! It had the very low profile of a missile, and couldn’t have been more than 10-30 feet off the ground (at least that’s how it appeared). BTW, there were only a few frames of pictures/videos that were ever publicly released, showing what I looked at …. My point is, looks can be deceiving.

        That being said, maybe I should look at the videos again.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          It was said, as I remember, that it was a small plane.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Do you know where they are dumping all the fuel rods and the radioactive debris? Do you have an alternative theory or alternative knowledge?

        • What made me assert? it is written on every page, bottom right corner. paranoia.

          the importance of those articles is mostly beacuse it motivated a wider audience to start recording and thus creating a huge and invaluable public video archive of the Fukushima disaster.

          or so i like to think ๐Ÿ™‚

          * Attention webcam watchers…


          I would like to encourage all to send in their works to uranium film festival. This festival is new to me, but looking at the page and their last years work, they have a big international coverage and very good content. Regarding the fukushima issue, the best vids come out from enenews community so please don’t be shy and send them your best compilation.

          **ty anne for posting the link, wish i had more time to follow up on everything.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Thanks, anne, for this post and all the others, they so impressive. It is always interesting to see what you are thinking about.

  • entropy

    The most famous picture from Japan is a woodblock of a giant tsunami.

    • many moons

      Ya can’t miss it, it’s everywhere. Japan arguments will re-enforce what we all know and wish we didn’t…that who is running this deadly circus is a bunch of clowns.

  • entropy

    Yes us Americans are to blame for most everything. There are a lot of good people with morals and a conscience but there are 12 men sewing a tapestry of our fate below Rockefeller center. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • entropy

    And btw, if I bought a BMW, I would have to tune it for whatever environment I was driving it in.

  • Bobby1

    GE whistleblower Jack Shannon, nuclear reactor designer, and manager of nuclear safety – enlightening interview:


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Japan was responsible for the location of the 10 reactors. On porous sedimentary rock and landfill. The Japanese should never have agreed to build nuclear reactors there.

  • vivvi

    Blamestorming will do nothing to clean up the mess. How weak-minded to be trying to shift the blame, as if that will stop the consequences of greedy stupidity. Of all people on the planet, the Japanese have more reason to be anti-nuke than anyone else. Sorry, Japan, this one is entirely of your own making, you can’t say you didn’t know. Grow up.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Japan was a captive economy of the US when these things were built. They had recently lost a major war after two of their cities were, um, nuked by, um, the US.

      There is plenty of blame to go around.

      Meanwhile, the crisis drags on.

  • back to topic, all nukes have to be scrapped

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      YES. NO more. As long a Fuku remains critical, the more our MOVEMENT WILL GROW.
      Hey has anyone heard if the HEARING TOMORROW by congress will be on Cspan? I’ve been off for a few hours and I’m still not seeing any news about it yet.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Oh God. The Trolls are blaming US FOR YUCCA MTN!

  • Newton

    Sounds just like BP blaming Hallliburton for the GoM disaster, doesn’t it?

  • The United States has kept a military presence in Japan since WW2.
    But I don’t blame USA, I blame the industry in general. G.E is a multi-national company. They show no allegiance to any country including USA. The bottom line is the bottom line. TEPCO apparently wined and dined local politicians to let these nuclear reactors be built by the ocean on fault lines. There is ample evidence that the nuclear industry has politicians on both sides of the Pacific in their pockets. Japan has a well known historic history of earthquakes. The Japanese ultimately made the decision to build nuclear reactors in earthquake territory. They were bought far too cheaply in my estimation. Now we can see what effect an earthquake of a magnitude the “experts” didn’t account for has on an aging reactor using “experimental” MOX fuel.

    At least local fishing and farming industry has been compromised. Fukushima area produces 15% of Japans rice, a Japanese staple. Thats gone. Local fishing gone. Air quality compromised. Huge tracts of land left uninhabitable in a country that is really a small island home to the largest metropolis in the world (Tokyo). I don’t think us North Americans can really appreciate what a loss that is to the Japanese. Officials say no immediate threat to human life, which implies a future threat to human life. And the people of Japan are expected to take the hit for the criminal company, TEPCO.

    What will be the American peoples fault will be if they continue to let their government finance and support Nuclear energy in their country. If an earthquake takes out a California plant, well you had your warning with Fukushima.

    God Bless all including misguided trolls

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Because of the debate here about GE’s multinational status, I decided to wiki “general electric”, thinking that GE was probably “all-American” back when the reactors were built but that it had certainly morphed into a multinational over time.

      The wiki information is really interesting, I think, and includes tons of data (good, bad, and ugly) about GE.

      Here’s a teaser, ugly I guess:

      “Legal issues

      On August 4, 2009 the SEC fined General Electric $50 million for breaking accounting rules in two separate cases, misleading investors into believing GE would meet or beat earnings expectations.

      GE has faced criminal action regarding its defense related operations. GE was convicted in 1990 of defrauding the US Department of Defense, and again in 1992 on charges of corrupt practices in the sale of jet engines to Israel.”

      My take is that modern corporate and government activity is intertwined on such a vast scale that assigning blame to individuals is a mere formality, with fairly arbitrary results.

      I found this next snippet to be poignant, and it reminded me of what we are up against now:

      “Some consumers boycotted GE light bulbs, refrigerators and other products in the 1980s and 1990s to protest GEโ€™s role in nuclear weapons production.”

      I think debate over whether GE is or is not an American company is irrelevant. It is what it is. For what it’s worth though:

      “GE’s tax return is the largest return filed in the United States; the 2005 return was approximately 24,000 pages when printed out, and 237 megabytes when submitted electronically. The company also “spends more on U.S. lobbying than any other company.””

      Much, much more in the Wiki article. I recommend it highly as a backgrounder in corporate/government structure – it’s full of links to relevant citations, of course.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The blame game is a game of: “Taking what is happening off the minds of the public”.

    Who’s fault is this, it is the fault of the Corporations who push for these monsters, and those in charge of their Countries who allow these things to be built.

    End Nuclear Power

  • americancommntr

    Man, be careful what you say. GE will take its military and attack you.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I believe US has been known to promote Nuclear Power, as pay back to all the incentives that were given out to them through the corporations.

    Unfortunately, they have been known to motivate other Countries in having Nuclear Power.
    All it would take is:
    Officials to stand strong and say, “Not in Our Country”.

    Who’s fault is it..Those who say yes to Nuclear Power.

  • *On Now* Rense Radio “Jeff Rense Program” here’s the App, live feed for …


  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    That’s interesting direction of blame coming from a designer of reactor containments. for the US OR GE. I don’t like what he’s insinuating.

  • pg

    Britain put those plants in. They put the first ones in then subbed Fukushima out to US builders. This is because they knew….

    fill in the blanks.

    Britain has been behind every war in the last 2000 years. Their quest global dominance and recognition as the planet most divine people comes at any price. Even genocide.

    They knew those reactors would go someday hopefully poisoning the US. The Japanese, they didn’t give a damn about them.

    • pg

      Britain always does this. Starts a war making it look like the ‘other guy’ started it, then invade other nations military. This way the other countries look like the bad guy.

      WAKE UP they are doing every day.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      cuttingedge says that the anti-Christ is Charles, Prince of Wales.

    • pg

      Destroying nations using someone else’s army, or in this case, by placing 6-10 nuclear reactors in a bad spot right next to one another.

      Look at WWII. They would send Patton in to soften up the enemy, then come with their army behind them. If Patton won the battle, which he always did, the British would make him stay on the battle field while the British army rode through town looking like the liberators. Seemingly always looking to gain something without earning it.

      They want America without the Americans. They attack us now with the assistance of the cabal in DC to avoid facing justice. They are attacking with “death by 1000 paper cuts”. Radiation is one of their attacks. Ever wonder why Americans are Iodine deficient? Because of the food additives (banned globally) that the FDA added to our foods. The corrupt and doctors know what not to eat while the people walk around like cancer ready zombies.

    • arclight arclight

      need i mention 147 corporations… from around the globe! find it hard to believe charles tells them what to do! thought the british empire was negotiated away by some fast talking US diplomats!

      its american policies that formed the corporation government in japan with no socialist welfare support! no health care! no independant charities or NGOs allowwd to operate!
      its america that uses the UK as a US base and its the UK where they have lots of inteeligence based stuff!

      so i think i can name all the main palyers (corporations) and could name the directors etc.. the blame for this corporate war/contamination/fraud/manipulation/censorship can be laid to rest at the foot of these individuals.. not sure if charlie is amongst them, but a small cog in a huge powerbase…. individuals can only help the machine along… i ithnk it is not “controlled” as such, but is a self susutaining momentum that can be swayed one way or the other.. but can not be stopped!! the laws, rules and regulations operating in the corporate/real world are the true masters of this situation! everyone has to follow that! then common ordinary prejudice,greed, fear and hate does the rest!!
      just my take on the world powerthing!!

      as the representitive of the uk here, thought id stick me neck in! ๐Ÿ™‚ (be gentle with me ๐Ÿ™ please!)