Japan Nuclear Professor: Fuel pool ‘unstable’ at Fukushima No. 4 — Tepco’s been examining stability of reactor building, says no sinkage from soil subsidence — Reuters: It’s buckled, tilted, at risk of collapse in quake — Kyodo: Structure ‘crumbling’

Published: November 18th, 2013 at 12:10 pm ET


AFP, Nov. 18, 2013: Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University’s Research Reactor Institute, said the timing of the fuel rod removal [at Fukushima Unit 4] was crucial as “the reactor’s storage pool is in an unstable condition”.

Kyodo News, Nov. 18, 2013: […] the condition of the spent fuel pool on the highest floor of the crumbling building was a major source of concern […]

AFP, Nov. 18, 2013: […] the damage to the building housing this pool […] is a wildcard that will complicate this operation considerably

AP, Nov.18, 2013: […] experts say keeping so many fuel rods in a storage pool in the building still poses a major safety risk. […]

Reuters, Nov. 18, 2013: Moving them is urgent because they are being stored 18 meters (59 feet) above ground level in a building that has buckled and tilted and could collapse if another quake strikes.

Businessweek, Nov. 8, 2013: Engineers have been examining the stability of the reactor building to make sure no new vulnerabilities have developed that could lead to accidents during removal. Quarterly tests have also been conducted to ensure the building isn’t sinking because of soil subsidence, Ono said.

Radio Free Europe, Nov. 18, 2013: “The situation has degraded. They are not able to cope with the situation and to invent and develop concepts that sustainably stabilize the site” [said nuclear consultant Mycle Schneider.]

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Published: November 18th, 2013 at 12:10 pm ET


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27 comments to Japan Nuclear Professor: Fuel pool ‘unstable’ at Fukushima No. 4 — Tepco’s been examining stability of reactor building, says no sinkage from soil subsidence — Reuters: It’s buckled, tilted, at risk of collapse in quake — Kyodo: Structure ‘crumbling’

  • dosdos dosdos

    So that 30+ inches that the foundation dropped into the earth since 3/11 is just another case of Photoshop no-see-ums and not subsidence? Thanks TEPCO, that's good to know.

  • Nick

    Fuel in pools by fools.

    Calling it spent (I know #4's reactor pile of non-spent assemblies is also in SP#4) fuel is intentionally mis-leading by the industry.

    Why not call it nasty?

    Nasty it is. Nasty it will be.

    No happy ending.

    Thanks to fools who put fuel in pools.

    • We Not They Finally

      We were living in New York at the time. Someone said (it may have been Leuren Moret) that it was something like a neutron bomb. The underground fires clearly burned for a long time. There were OBVIOUSLY no plane crashes, no plane parts, no body parts from passengers, no FAA on site, no anything like that. It was so NOT planes. Then, of course, the demolition of the buildings looked identical to the deliberate demolition of building 7 later that day.

      But China Syndrome New York is new to us. We'll check it out. Not sure what that means in context. Just doubt that this was planned out in an Afghanistan cave!

  • Everyone needs to learn that 9/11 was the American regime nuking its own largest city, and it created the China Syndrome which then poisoned thousands of responders and millions of NY residents. http://wtcdemolition.blogspot.com/


      @Ringwind: please elaborate on the relevance of your post to this article…

    • Ringwind is applying the Trolls latest strategy against ENEnews. That is posting meaningless conspiracy theories on our site, attacking our credibility. Obviously 911 didn't create a china syndrome. Anyone interested in 911 conspiracy plots is welcome to post in off topic comments thread, non nuclear.
      Still, worth mentioning that over 70 percent of Americans dont believe the official rendition of President Kennedy's assasination.
      A large number also dont believe official version of 911. People avoid talking about Fukushima because they are scared shitless of radiation and nobody has faith in politics anymore. So the shill does make a somewhat valid point that 911 is another example of spin fed to world citizens. Farenheit 911 did good at the box office considering it was a documentary. Everyone has lost faith in media, lawyers, bankers, experts and most of all politicians.


        @Mark: don't know if this is the motive behind such posts. I'll be fair and submit that his post was simply due to the 'newbie' effect. However, I do agree that there is the potential for paid fools (no need to mince words) who are assigned to this invaluable nexus (ENENEWS) with the task of doing nothing more than misleading the unwitting. Unbeknownst to such misguided shills and trolls is the fact that we're all here for one another; to help us – all – through this nightmare. If someone is foolish enough to accept a paycheck that impedes such critical mission, then they'll have no one else to blame when they find themselves consoling a loved one, who is dying as a result of this monumental catastrophe. They will have to accept the full weight of that soul-crushing judgment…

        • Aftershock. Clearly there is no china syndrome happening due to 911. And clearly no one is talking about 911 on this thread. Its a troll. They are getting desperate as few inventive people do troll work. Always get an uneducated feel about their posts. Troll couldnt even get 911 conspiricy theory right. Nuclear has no constructive arguments any more. The industry screwed up royally and their house of cards is tumbling despite damage controll of the Lake Barrets, Lady Judge, paid off media and trolls like above.


            @Mark: using, what may be, an incongruent post to cast aspersions serves us little. On the contrary, such accusation only detracts from our combined efforts to exchange and enlighten each other. But I'm with you on the disinformation being used to undermine such work. Besides, admin affords us with a place to vent our personal interests. We simply need to point OT material to that area. If someone insists on having it their way, then it's likely they're not here to do the right thing…

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              troll or not, there is I believe an important connection of Fukushima, nuclear, government/shadow government and the world trade center demolition. This thread can be bumped over to off topic, but its relevant here to support Ringwinds impulse, if it was indeed sincere. Its too bad that we use that term conspiracy theory…why not let mainstream psyops tire that one out?

              I would say more off topic, but one thing stands; its a sad commentary on our professional engineering community, and I think laypersons as well that they cant tell, just by looking, that WTC 1& 2 went down in an amazing, unprecedented way. That Richard Gage has to resort to the anomaly of WTC 7 just to get engineers attention is part of the same disappointment (clearly brought down by different means BTW).

              So, perhaps Ringwind was thinking as I sometimes do; that exposing the travesty of 9-11 would topple the flimsy house of cards that the elite and their media pawns have built. Thats the link to Fukushima


                @CodeShutdown: not disputing whether there's any validity behind such conjecture, only its relevance. I'm sure someone can make a case that aliens compelled by Satanism are behind the Fuku catastrophe. But unless 'hard numbers' are presented to substantiate such claims, these ongoing forums are not the place for them. Again, admin has provisioned us all with such a forum. Ignoring that goodwill with incessant 'revelations' only opens the door to undisciplined 'trash talk'. And I'm sure those whose job it is to keep us in the dark, would love nothing more…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  @AFTERSHOCK I agree with what you say. By all means, let people make the case for a related "cabal" behind nukes, war, and WTC on the off topic forum. Nuclear IS a government backed racket with weapons side lines. We cant talk about the mob blowing up town hall, but we hope to stop their gun racket, while not drawing any connections.

                  I expect China syndrome was metaphor. The Niels Harrit paper, photos of Edna Cintron are sufficient if ones eyes are not functioning. Even Judy Woods had observations but people cant engage in rational discourse. Heres a secret; there is evidence of charged beryllium targets used as neutron multipliers excited by X-ray. This could easily be a thermite trigger as well and would account for most if not all anomalous observations. You heard it here first!

          • We Not They Finally

            Mark, that's all very well taken. I responded to Ringwald's comments before I even looked ahead, just because we lived in NY at the time and the stories given were SO WRONG. (They did get the death toll correct, of course.)

            • nedlifromvermont

              Hey everyone … been followin' this thread … No China syndrome in 9/11 false flag (?) event … longest burning underground fire from building collapse, tho, I think … but St. Louis landfill fire is more dangerous … I don't think you could fake the planes going into the Towers … but I definitely think the Oswald-single bullet theory is horse hockey …

              Anyhow … trolls don't survive here long

              And, yes, we're here for each other … and we are holding the Heart Space for the planet with our honest sharing and kind understanding …

              peace to the 'newsers …. ….

              … now move along, people, there's nothing here for you to see …

              and double up on the maple syrup …. What?

  • Replacant Replacant

    What about reactors 1, 2, 3 spent fuel pools? When will remove the fuel? The fact the buildings are damaged & so radioactive that no one can enter is matter of some urgency too? I pray they can remove the fuel before a collapse cause the whole site to be too toxic to enter.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Have we all been living in a "Wag the Dog" movie for all these decades? Most of its been lights, mirrors and lots of smoke to hide the realities/the truth while the bastards stole us blind, and then, poisoned us. They stole the golden egg; but, now they've broken it.

    Like us, they will breath, eat and drink from the same environment. This time though, there is no safe sanctuary that they can buy with all their money. Oops, they are screwed too.

  • Any fuel that gets removed is a good thing. I imaging all damaged fuel happened during 311 event. Even CBCradio news reported on the operation this morning. Just blogging about this is good. A contribution to the education of a few more anti nuke types. Pat yourselves on the back. This is all bad publicity for the nuke industry.

  • Shaker1

    It's interesting that there has been little mention of this tilting and it's obviously noticable, if one reads the comments in the webcam discussions. We all know the water whether natural or supplied is present in great quantities around all the reactors, and that there is evidence of foundation damage at each site. But what I've found disturbing was the damage to Unit 4 that appears from the outside to be lower in the structure than even Unit 3. Pictures show panels between columns blown out to the lowest exposed levels in Unit 4, especially on the CFP side. So I've wondered, and never had much idea, of why that is so until Patti B came here. Could it be that there is more foundation damage in the basement of Unit 4 than the others? I also found it interesting that they were able to build adequate foundations for that cantilevered structure they build over 4. Wouldn't the same ground conditions apply to that structure? Can Patti B's information be relevant to these questions?

    • We Not They Finally

      Unclear where PattiB fits in, though Yoichi Shimatsu also thinks there were secret underground nuclear weapons labs there. The thing is, there is SO MUCH radioactivity spewing from that site and it seems to be exponentially more at every turn. That doesn't prove the science of it — just makes it more believable.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Tilting and before some demolition…bulging.

    Fukushima Building 4 Is Bulging And Leaning
    May 25 2012


    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      theres a photo in that article, actually it goes with the "Fukushima Could Still Armageddon The World" piece. This exemplifies the joke of "discourse". Anyone with working eyeballs can see that structure is blown to smithereens. Look at all the rebar shredded like so much spaghetti +or- 90,000 psi…, massive concrete walls just gone, pillars, whats left of them, at different angles. The place is a comedy of utter destruction and the ongoing attempt to put a good face and say its sound is something for a Woody Allen movie

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I believe the reactor lifted from the foundation.

    By visuals..


    Lifted and bulged..

    Book: Reactor No. 4 deformed in front of our eyes, says Fukushima worker β€” Walls morphed like special effects from movie β€” No large explosion, yet building destroyed
    April 16 2013


  • Shaker1

    WTNF, that is what I was referring to, the existence of conditions or circumstances that have gone unreported by Tepco. I found Patti B's stuff to be confusing and very difficult to follow, especially as I limit the capabilities of my browser and will not register to a site to see a few pictures of which I'm not sure of their relevance. But the damage being lower in the building had me wonderering, especially since they were refueling and there was no active criticality in the RPV. I know I've been rather accepting of the evident facts concerning this 'accident'. I don't see the use of complaining after the fact and with this kind of need for action. I don't like to see discussion of a long vs short handled shovel where the action of using one is necessary. But it strikes me that hydrogen was a given, known part of the process, that the effort to vent Unit 2 shows evidence of such, and I get to wondering just why something as simple as opening to doors to the outside of Unit 4 wasn't considered if it was, as claimed, a hydrogen explosion. While we know the SPF in 4 steamed, that's natural, but was there some other reason why they couldn't enter the building or somehow vent? Did something lower in the building account for the damage, and maybe the fires that were witnessed?