Japan nuclear expert: Risk of overflow as serious as meltdown — Tepco should’ve acknowledged risk weeks ago

Published: June 3rd, 2011 at 8:09 am ET


Fukushima Water Has More Radiation Than Released Into Air, Bloomberg, June 2, 2011:

The water level in basements and trenches at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima plant rose and may contain more radiation than is known to have been released into the atmosphere […]

Radiation in the water is estimated at 720,000 terabecquerels, general manager Junichi Matsumoto said at a media briefing in Tokyo. […]

“The risk of overflow is as serious as the meltdown of reactor fuel rods that’s already happened,” Tetsuo Ito, the head of the Atomic Energy Research Institute at Kinki University in western Japan, said in a phone interview. “Tepco should’ve acknowledged this risk weeks ago and could’ve taken any urgent measures.”

Published: June 3rd, 2011 at 8:09 am ET


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130 comments to Japan nuclear expert: Risk of overflow as serious as meltdown — Tepco should’ve acknowledged risk weeks ago

  • cossack55

    No sweat. It will all just be dispersed into the environment. What can go wrong?

      • Good find Dave! I think it warrants posting here:

        Japan needs to avoid Russia’s mistake on Chernobyl

        Japan’s already reeling economy could be crushed by over-reaction to the Fukushima disaster, warns radiation scientist T.D. Luckey in the summer 2011 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

        Japan should not repeat the mistake that Russia made in the tremendous unwarranted expense of its reaction to Chernobyl. As Mikhail Gorbachev understood too late, “The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl 20 years ago…was perhaps the real cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union five years later.”

        Japan should not act on the false presumption, shared by most of the world’s press, that all radiation is harmful, Luckey states. Although high-dose radiation is clearly lethal, and excess doses (>200 mSv over an extremely short time, as from the atomic bomb blasts) can induce cancer, thousands of scientific papers show actual benefits from low doses, including the prevention of cancer and birth defects.

        More News

        Yemeni president injured in palace blast
        John Edwards Indicted in Campaign Funds Affair Coverup
        Anthony Weiner Lewd Tweet Possibly Intended For Pornstar, Recipient Says
        Must Read

        FBI Probing Chinese Hand in Gmail Attacks
        Netizens speculate next target as hackers rule corporations world over
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        “We live with chronic radiation deficiency,” Luckey believes. The worldwide background dose of about 3 mSv per year is much less than the optimum dose of around 100 mSv per year; this is 100 times lower than the dose that divides healthful from harmful effects of excess radiation.

        Chronic exposure of around 50 mSv per year for two decades in accidentally contaminated apartments in Taiwan was associated with only 3.5 cancer deaths per 1,000, compared with the 116 per 1,000 “normally” expected.

        Cancer mortality in 7,430 survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who received between 10 and 19 mSv was significantly lower than…

        • …… that of controls.

          At Fukushima there have been no cases of radiation sickness, and no deaths from radiation exposure. The feared cancer deaths are all theoretical ones, predicted for years in the future. Based on past experience, there will probably be fewer cancer deaths than “normal,” Luckey concludes.

          Japan should not imitate Russia in squandering billions of dollars to “protect” people from radiation that is actually beneficial. It should instead base its response on sound scientific data rather than unjustified fear.


          • Downright nonsense. If a radioactive particle binds itself internally- to the cell receptor and goes on irradiating it will even result in reproductive organ damage. There is no meaning for dose as regards internal irradition.

          • Agreed!!!! That’s why I posted it! Propaganda or Truth?

            I’m going to continue to err on the side of caution myself.

          • Fallout Man!

            Yeah, that propaganda is just evil. Every generation people on average pick up 60 more mutations than their parents. The vast majority of mutations on their own do so little damage that they cannot be selected upon, but rather just build up in the population. Latest estimates from population geneticists are that at the current rate of accumulation of mutations, mankind could be expected to be viable for between 10,000 and 100,000 more years before extinction due to genetic decay.

            In other words we are “devolving” not evolving. As Genesis says, we are in the bondage of decay. These clowns of “scientists” believe in evolution and that some how all these extra mutations from Fukushima’s radiation will make us evolve faster. Its a fantasy comparable to the X-Men movie. In fact radiation damages our genetic code, and that damage is passed down through the generations. An event like Fukushima is a disaster for the whole world. That article is pure propaganda of nastiest sort. Evil is the only way to describe that dis-information. Pure nuke industry propaganda.

          • Fallout Man!

            Just to emphasize the point. Mutations are a loss of information, damage to the genetic code. Fukushima’s radiation will cause genetic damage on a global scale to all life on earth.

            Sometimes a loss of information can be beneficial, eg, beetles on a windy Island losing the ability to fly. But it is a loss of information, and once the whole population is like that then there is no going back. Because it is a loss of information, further mutations will not bring those wings back again later. The beetles are more specialized and closer to extinction.

            Parents do not jump for joy and say “how wonderful my kid is evolving” when a “Chernobyl” child is born with terrible deformities.

            But those are extreme examples. Most mutations are so minor that over 99% of them cannot be weeded out by natural selection. Their damage is simply to small to matter. That accumulation of minor genetic errors is termed “genetic load” and eventually that accumulation of mutations too insignificant to be selected upon individually will mean a species goes extinct.

            All creatures suffer genetic decay and Fukushima will increase that rate of genetic decay. Bluntly, Fukushima is speeding up the process of all life decaying towards extinction.

            The genetic code of all creatures started out good, and is slowly winding down like a clock as errors accumulate. As the Bible says, the whole world is in the bondage of decay, and all of creation groans for its redemption.

            Fukushima increases that genetic decay. Make no mistake, radiation is a disaster and it should be avoided.

            The corruption, coverups, and apparent hatred for safety that lead to Fukushima are tantamount to murder. No doubt many people who have made their money out of the Nuke industry will be churning out “research” (propaganda) to cover their crimes.

            I heard someone on this site talk about an ELE or extinction level event. Fukushima won’t do that straight away, but it does add a large straw to the…

          • Predicted for years into the future and becoming real as the years pass by- See Chernobyl data given by Yablokov et al. What Yablokov has published makes really apocalyptic read. Just see the following in the Yablokov article on Ch’ls effects on the biosphere: Chernobyl’s irradiation has led to genetic disorders,sometimes continuing for many years and it appears that it has awakened genes that have been silent over a long evolutionary time(Abstract Chap 9). And all this to no benefit IAEA, absolutely no benefit. I have done energy audits of the French, Japanese and US nuclear energy programmes which clearly show that no energy is delivered to society outside the nuclear industry ever!
            Some graphs and tables appear black. But click on them to view.

      • DrNature

        Business & Health is owned by International Business Times
        Founder Paul Petillo Stock Market Analyst
        Ceo Etienne Uzac…connections w/Forex trading

        IBtimes Global headquarters are Wall Street, New York

        This is a Business/Financial newspaper with the sole purpose of delivering information that will benefit key market players.

        Obviously Nuclear industry stocks are going to need propped up if the truth gets out, thus the reason for this MORONIC article, that only an IMBECILE would see fit to print!

      • I do hope that they will find out how the gulf stream does the job of distributing fuku pollution among the sea creatures. That will be internal radiation- even one or a few rays from the radionuclides binding to the cell surface hitting the molecules of the DNAs will be good enough to kill the fish by disturbing its body functions(blood, endocrine system, gills…there is bioconcentration of caesium,plutonium and so forth.

  • Frank Snapp


    I may be misreading you. You’re just being sarcastic, yes?

    • SamsuLevin

      Sarcasm helps me in hopeless situations, too.

    • cossack55

      Rest assured. Besides being a worldclass cynic, iconoclast and smarta**, I love a bit of gallows humor that I developed in interesting areas of the globe during even more interesting times.

  • radegan

    But the IAEA thinks they’re doing a swell job. (of hiding things)


      • ocifferdave

        I actively dislike them too, Taco “Emmy” MaGroovey.

        • Institute for the
          Advancement of


          • IAEA: Confidence in nuclear damaged
            2011-06-03 07:26

            Vienna – The UN nuclear agency says public confidence in the use of atomic energy has suffered in the wake of the accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant and must be restored.

            The International Atomic Energy Agency’s deputy director general Denis Flory said on Thursday his agency is “convinced there is a need for more confidence in international nuclear energy safety”.

            Flory said that findings of an IAEA team of experts who travelled to Japan are to be presented at four-day conference of IAEA member nation government ministers next week and could be the basis for recommendations on improving future international safety standards.

            He said further examination of the impact of the earthquake and tsunami on the Fukushima plant are crucial in preventing future accidents.
            – AP

          • Fallout Man!

            Notice that what concerns the IAEA in their press release is keeping public opinion positive on the nuke industry. Small matters like safety and saving lives will have to take second place.

          • misitu

            IAEA whitewash report, nowhere near true, why pay these buggers, they should be sent to the beach to learn how to mend fishing nets

            and get the fishermen to judge the viability of atomic etc etc

            run of of steam! sorry

  • AustralianCannonball

    Just a video about why I think the radiation is affecting the ocean:


    • Steven

      I’ve seen some of your other videos prior to this one, and I admire your resolve. You should probably have a look at this vid, the link’s been posted here before but I’m guessing from a couple of statements in your video that you haven’t yet seen it. Keep up the good work mate 😉


      • ali-ali-al-qomfri

        great vid find, Wow, one expert talks of only 1400 grams of magma needed to = 3-5 megaton explosion, when it hits the water left from the initial fire fight.

        Thanks to all who have add info, links and comments. Obviously it is not being talked about outside a few forums.

        All the best to the rest,

        • Blue

          I think Fukushima is different in that the groundwater is reaching the corium by TEPCO’s effort to cool the SPF and cores, so to speak, and eventually the water will lose it’s ability to cool? I hope not but time will tell. They obviously have numerous challenges to deal with.

    • Anthony

      Good on you! Thank God there are people like you illuminating and tearing into this situation. Inspiring and necessary. Thanks for sharing your link.

  • shaker

    And those in America are at work to mitigate the Japanese disaster…

    I heard the FDA is meeting today to set the minimum daily requirement for cease-ium and I-a-dine and will publish the findings as soon as they settle on the amount of radioactive materials available and divide that number by the population.

    The FDA expects the final number to be designated ‘sieverts’ (whatever that is). Also planned is a discussion to simplify the nutritional accounting by doing away with those confusing prefixes to ‘sievert’ such as ‘milli’ and ‘mini’ and ‘micro’, while also doing away with the previous ‘per hour’ reckoning of uptake. “We need to devise a new terminology that Americans and the non-scientific can understand and to which they can relate,” said one official. “Simplification will also facilitate labeling.” The proposals are ‘mini’, to represent the minimum daily requirement that will be agreed upon in the discussions, and it’s speculated that they will not recognize any designation of concentrations that exist today above ‘sieverts’, allowing a numerical prefix to suffice. “As long as that prefix doesn’t get too large that the label is bigger than the product, we believe that all the informational needs will have been met. As of now, there is no proposal to differentiate between natural sources and whatever source our genetic and nuclear engineers devise. The FDA will revisit this if those sources become available.”

    In a side note, Monsanto, the agricultural giant that takes pride and some credit for the vast surplus of products that have made GM foods so common in America, has announced that they are working dilligently (madly, actually) to genetically incorporate accomodation with the new standard, whatever value is chosen. In a published press release, the corporation noted the difficulties in obtaining naturally occurring radioactive genetic material to use in its recombination quest. “Seems that life didn’t evolve a…

  • shaker


    mechanism for absorbing nuclear material,” the release opined. “Monsato, though, has led a concerted search for viral and bacterial sources. That search has not proven fruitful as yet. We at Monsanto remain confident and feel that, due to the abundance of nuclear material gathered and concentrated throughout the world and especially those concentrations in the waters off the northern coast of Japan, that we will be successful. It should be also noted that our Japanese affiliate recongnized instantly the opportunities presented by the Japanese population in this endeavor. We immediately applied for government assistance and have begun the effort to locate a human source. We continue, in earnest.”

    “As we work to find that natural source of the mandated requirement, a group within our orgainization has been given the task of assembling a source from scratch, though as of this date they’ve made little progress. We are also actively seeking partners in the nuclear power and the defense industies.”

    “Monsanto’s committment to the world’s health, in the glorious name of money, toxic overabundance, and to be known as the provider of the questionable sustainence of the world, we hope, will not fail.”

    • jump-ball

      What would we do without the FDA cabal?

      We’ll test the pacific seafood and CA vegetables ourselves, and publish the results, that’s what we’ll do.

      Then fda will attempt to ban any such testing and reporting.

      Then we will devise coded language to issue the rad levels on the net.

      Then they’ll attempt to censor the net reporting sites.

      It’s going to get uuuuugly.

  • from tokyo

    desperate. where’s the army?
    where are the specialists from US & France??
    why leave it all to TEPCO???

  • hawkeye

    dont worrry as the lows pass over fuku the
    radiation will be picked up from the sea water and dumped in new jersey

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzWz65xw3uA

    This is an important debate…

    Anyone that watched the webcam the last two days… Witnessing all the steam…

    Do you think this is spent fuel?

    • larry-andrew-nils

      i think it was a rather large explosion.
      Now the cams look terrible. there is smoke all over the place, all headed north-west and out to sea.

      like, look and see if the wind changes that the tepco stops the smoke somehow.

      …because i saw a few times that when the wind changed to go inland, the smoke was stopped completely. just saying…

      then, one time, they appologied to the people that it was getting contamination; as if they could have helped it, but were not on the ball that day.

      just makes me wonder.

  • hawkeye

    20 deg below normal this weekend for califorina,,an rain

  • hawkeye

    hi TG
    i dont want too know

  • hawkeye

    yes it is,, maybe the jet stream changed an went back to its old pattern,, but there is a change in the over all weather right now
    the shills will play it off
    but there has been unusal somethings for lack of a better word, in storm systems moving across usa

  • hawkeye

    the pattern of the lows has changed at times, formation of storms has changed
    so far this has been a dual system,, winter storms but summer at the same time

  • hawkeye

    for cal the weather has gone back to the the conditions ,,during the time of open air testing

  • hawkeye

    for all you know summer months will be almost ok then real bad winter
    but now 2011, more air pollution than the 1950s an 60s

  • bfly

    We call it Juneary!

  • SteveMT

    720,000 terabecquerels =

    720,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels.

    That is a shit-pot-load full of becquerels. Now I know why they used “tera.” They did not want to cause further panic within the masses.

    That “Mega-float” has been anchored at Fukushima for a month. Did it leave because of the recent typhoon? So fill’er-up, TEPCO. But then what to do?

  • hawkeye

    be prepared for the serious winter conditions, enjoy if nothing happens
    its going to be interresting

  • Nevadan

    I kept telling myself that what I’m seeing on the video cam right now is fog but it just aint so. It is looking so bad right now.

    I’ve been busy and haven’t kept up with all the threads but caught the fire news. This actually looks more like smoke than steam.

    Latest theories?

    • Whoopie

      Me too Nev…me too. I hope for the best but good God, we’ve seen it go from bad to worse everyday.
      Btw hope you guys checked Lucas site. Lots of new info (to me). Course I’m only online in the mornings – he posted the Green Glow and the raccoon last night i think.

    • video cam says 4:03 june 4 and I see a lot of brown haze or smoke around the first 2 buildings on the left side of the screen

      Definite column of smoke or dark steam now from the second building I think…

  • hawkeye

    of course i went through hypothermia ONE time, so ,,,,
    dont forget your cold coats,goggles and gloves,etc

  • sweet pea

    it’s smokin’ right now .. can’t drink the water in Delware, then you shouldn’t trust drinking it Anywhere!

    the huge joke is we did this to Curb pollution! what a Fat FUCHING LIE!

  • Nevadan

    It’s gotten a lot worse in the last ten minutes.

  • Nevadan

    And now not so much. Haha, this could drive a person nuts. I’m going away. Keep up the good work, gang.

  • antineo13

    TPTB are using Haarp to modify the weather and make it rain in California. Cali should not be getting any rain right now period, let alone tornadoes and hail storms. They are taking full advantage of the radiation in the air by using the rain to poison the ground and everything that grows in it. California is considered the “bread basket” for the USA. The North Amwerican West Coast is contaminated with radiation now.

  • Whoopie

    URGENT – Just posted at HP

    Petitioner­­s will meet with Senator Boxer TODAY, calling for monitoring­­, food safety awareness, and senate hearings! Sign on and let the US know you are concerned about what is in or on the food and what is going into the ground water. This situation does not look to end soon. Accurate informatio­­n is essential


  • tony wilson

    help me here..
    look at russia look at japan.
    the iaea seem happy but what are the reasons for this low key suicidal approach?

  • hawkeye

    this morning you have winter conditions over the north pacific ocean,gulf alaska,west coast,
    the barometric pressure is down in readings across the northen hemisphere
    right across the board,
    so if i was around seatac,an this continues
    thru july an august i would have my kit packed for coming winter conditions
    unless you like 50 foot deep snow
    or worse
    the shills can write there fun
    but any one can check the sat data

    • Very interesting, you are right about the weather here… it is unseasonably cold, especially at night. Sunny parts of the day at actually hot like summer, but the slightest cloud cover and the temps really plummet in a matter of hours.


    Detailed PDF giving status of all reactors:


  • Manifest Irony

    Was there just an earthquake? Looks like No. three is smoking now. Don’t want to see that!

    • jnny

      Magnitude 5.6 – EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
      2011 June 03 16:00:16 UTC
      DetailsMapsEarthquake Details
      This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
      Magnitude 5.6
      Date-Time Friday, June 03, 2011 at 16:00:16 UTC
      Saturday, June 04, 2011 at 01:00:16 AM at epicenter

      Location 37.065°N, 140.947°E
      Depth 24.5 km (15.2 miles)
      Distances 4 km (3 miles) E (93°) from Iwaki, Honshu, Japan
      86 km (53 miles) SSE (150°) from Fukushima, Honshu, Japan
      88 km (55 miles) NNE (28°) from Mito, Honshu, Japan
      189 km (117 miles) NE (34°) from TOKYO, Japan

      Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 15.8 km (9.8 miles); depth +/- 6.9 km (4.3 miles)
      Parameters NST=343, Nph=343, Dmin=450.8 km, Rmss=0.69 sec, Gp= 83°,
      M-type=regional moment magnitude (Mw), Version=9
      Source U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center:
      World Data Center for Seismology, Denver

      Event ID usc0003yyp

      • anne

        Earthquake, June 3
        MAP 5.6 2011/06/03 16:00:16 37.065 140.947 24.5 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
        Fukushima #1 37.233 141.015; Fukushima #2 37.317 141.026

  • hawkeye

    just another day at the amusement park
    TG ,another wet weekend ,pizza or popcorn

    • both… THe gf is coming home today:0

    • psky

      From NOAA—-

      320 AM PDT FRI JUN 3 2011






  • from tokyo

    EARTHQUAKE! There was just a quite big earthquake around Fukushima, magnitude 5.6 at 1o’clock japanese time…

  • At stricken Japanese nuclear plant, water is the biggest worry

    By Chico Harlan, Friday, June 3, 8:25 AM

    Tepco’s problem “resembles a board game with 16 squares and one empty spot,” said David Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer who directs the Nuclear Safety Project of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

    “They’re just perpetuating the problem and making a bigger and bigger mess,” said Lake Barrett, a nuclear engineer who directed the cleanup of of the hobbled Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania.

    A potential turning point comes roughly two weeks from now, when Tepco plans to begin a treatment process in which water is sucked from the basement rooms and fed into a special tank, then treated with chemicals that eliminate its radioactivity. The process creates a byproduct of radioactive sludge, which is generally mixed with bitumen, poured into drums, then sealed and buried. The water itself can either be cycled back into reactors or discarded into the ocean.

    The process “is not 100 percent, but it’s better than nothing,” Lochbaum said. “The alternative: you let the water simply evaporate and radioactivity carries to all parts far and wide.”

    • misitu

      This is good:
      “then treated with chemicals that eliminate its radioactivity.””The process creates a byproduct of radioactive sludge”


      Thanks Anthony. Kick Can Down Road, I believe phrase is.

  • icone

    Can anyone give a real-world context of some sort for this number?
    Its huge.

    720,000 terabecquerels =
    720,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels.

    Like, how much radiation is that – how much is it in comparison to the atmospheric releases? – or can’t anyone know.

    • How do we even say that number? 720 kazillion becquerels?

      • Or does “infinity” cover it?

        • icone

          yeah, I know my basic powers of ten – that number is beyond actual comprehension. …it would be 720 quadrillion?

          I saw some estimates of terabequerel atmospheric releases earlier in the crisis – the number didn’t mean much to me then. After finding out about bequrerels and sieverts, etc. I have a rough grasp on it, but an immense number like that is hard to comprehend in a way that I can visualize.

          For instance, how much water or stuff could be contaminated over some “healthy” limit with 720 terabequerels? Is that enough to poison a localized area or is the number so large that we’re talking about enough radiation to poison a whole country… or portion of the earth?

          The math gets tough for me.

    • icone

      My pal with a slide ruler said that if 720terabequerels were evenly distributed over the suface area of Japan it would be just under 2million bequerels per square meter.

      I wouldn’t necessarily trust that – nobody I know is an expert – but if that is about right, whoa. I can visualize that.

  • Concern for the Truth

    “They’re just perpetuating the problem and making a bigger and bigger mess,”

    Yet the Japanese are not known for incompetence – quite the opposite.

    So it’s either the problem has grown too great for mankind to deal with effectively (it always was, due to the waste!) or there is internal strife and a situation no-one outside the plant knows anything about.

    My bet’s on the latter largely owing to finding this link, posted on an earlier thread:-

    Did someone mention terrorBecquerels a while back?

  • on borrowed time

    “l” dropped off of html. Go to http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/default.aspx and click item in green box.

  • Noah

    Highly Charged Particularized Atmosphere

    Obviously, the Fukushima Nuclear volcano has and is throwing up enormous amounts of highly positively charged particles into the upper and lower atmosphere.

    The thought struck me last night, that the density of the airborne metal particulate within the atmosphere, will make the entire atmosphere more susceptible to gravitational and electromagnetic forces external to the earth itself.

    The Possible Results of a Densely Particularized Atmosphere

    The Sun and moon, would therefore have a greater, and more pronounced amplified gravitational and electrical effect on the earths atmosphere, oceans, winds, as well as the temporary effects of planetary alignments and passing bodies as comets.

    I am expecting more unseasonable & intense weather for this reason.

    The proof of this, exists in the seasonal inversions now taking place. Winter rain in summer. Wet in dry areas, etc.

    I have now accepted the fact that old weather patterns have been permanently altered, as some of us have observed, the 311 event was the World Wide game changer for global weather and has put the planet over the tipping point.

    • stockdude

      Hawaii weather is the strangest I have seen in 30 years. Weird looking clouds, big water spouts, thunder (which never happens in humid Hawaii).

      Tin foil hat aside, it sure is weird.

    • Anna

      Noah, I hope you come back to this thread and answer my question. Ok, so there are a lot of positive charged ions being spewed out. Negatively Charged Electric Ions in our body are essential in sustaining and improving our health. So, in this healthy state, where we have plenty of Neg. charged ions, it also makes us very attractive to these nasty positive charged ions. And if one wants to make oneself more positively charged, as you mentioned yesterday, to repel positive ions- wouldn’t this be detrimental to health? As, when we have too many + charged ions then our immune system suffers.

      It looks like either way we are stuffed. It is my understanding that when we ground ourselves that the earth’s negative ion energy comes up into our body and acts like an anti-oxidant by stabilizing free radicals.

      Anybody, please feel free to comment. I want to sort our if getting grounded is a good thing or not.

      “The Sun and moon, would therefore have a greater, and more pronounced amplified gravitational and electrical effect on the earths atmosphere, oceans, winds, as well as the temporary effects of planetary alignments and passing bodies as comets.”

      This is going to be really bad when ELEnin comes close Sept. 26.

      From what I understand, this dwarf star is powerful and will want to suck earth up into it’s orbits. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this was the end of earth and all those Illuminati/NWO f#cks died like the rest of us?

      OK, it would not be hilarious but it would be at least just.
      Oh, and I’m not saying we are all going to die. I really don’t know what is going to happen on Sept 26, Oct. 17 and Nov. 22.

      • Anna

        Would anybody agree on the info in these links?
        If it is true then this planet is going to in a hella bad spot…volcanoes, earthquakes, nuclear reactor troubles galore, etc.



      • Noah

        The Hidden Danger of Radioactive Particles

        Anna, you have identified one of the hidden dangers of these positively charged particles, is their affinity for and attraction to the Human Bodies negatively charged cell membranes, DNA etc. The bio-chemistry of our bodies are based upon the electro-chemical attractions/interactions occurring on the molecular and atomic level.

        My idea is to design and construct protective clothing that will repel positively charged particles, by means of its own indigenous positive field.

        By no means should the bodies own electro-magnetic signature or frequency be altered. There is no evidence, that I am aware of, to suggest that reducing excess electrical charges by grounding is harmful to the human body. If any thing, I theorize that a reduction of static charge would make the bodies surface less attractive to radioactive dust. This may be achieved through continuous ground or chemical treatment.

        My idea, was to create a positive electrical field around a metallic woven cloth, using a matrix of silver molecules to conduct the positive repellant field.

        Or using a cloth that is chemically engineered to emit a positive field.

        The positively charged protective hooded garment may be worn when traveling through low level air borne radioactive fallout. Positively charged hats may one day become popular, as the general populace becomes aware of the new normal. (The garment would have a hood. The head is particularly attractive to positively charged dust. The top of the head acts like the mountain top, or apex of a pyramid and is negatively charged. Fallout loves the top of the hairy head, and tends to accumulate there, creating a hot spot.) The garment, after it is worn through fallout should be stored in the decon entrance area of the home and washed with borax added to the detergent, with baking soda pre-soak. It will help reduce the possibility of carrying the particles into the home.

        I am presently…

        • Anna

          “The head is particularly attractive to positively charged dust. The top of the head acts like the mountain top, or apex of a pyramid and is negatively charged. Fallout loves the top of the hairy head, and tends to accumulate there, creating a hot spot.”

          Oh, that is interesting. I had this intrinsic feeling about that so, that is good to know. I started washing my hair before hopping into bed at night because I thought, like pollen, this radioactive dust could also settle on the hair and then get onto my pillow. I also think that hair product on the hair could attract it or make radioactive particles stick to the hair.

          When you get your product out you’ll have to let us all know! Hurry up ok? : )

          • Noah

            Protective head cover

            All outdoor travelers in fallout zones, downwind of Fukushima should wear some kind of protective hat or scarf to prevent the adhesion of positively charged particles to the hair and scalp. The ideal hat should be washable or disposable, or covered with plastic covering, which can be discarded after exposure. After exposure to fallout or rain, keep the hat in the entry decon area of your home. Do not bring it into your kitchen or bedroom. This is true for shoes.

            Mrs. Noah and I are presently buying clothes dedicated to outdoor travel, which is stored in the decon area of our home, and never brought into the clean living areas. This would include rain gear, boots, overcoats, jackets & the essential “nuclear umbrella”, to protect us from radioactive rain. We have a two stage decon area that we are building, by reconfiguring and modifying our home. Ideally there should be a third area with shower and laundry facility. But, space is limited. So two will have to do for now.

    • I think you are completely correct. It really makes sense. I would be interested in learning if anyone else has seen what I saw today in the sky. I saw, and fortunately had my friends also see, an upside down thundercloud. It was a big fluffy cumulus cloud with a dark, sharp streak *top* on it – a perfect thundercloud but absolutely opposite as it should look. My friends called it “really weird cloud, never seen that before!”. MY point is if there are things up there that ARE visible, then there are things up there happening we cant even see. But the weather effects are evidence and make sense given it is an energy type pollution, right?

      Plants are thriving I think, more than us anyways. I think plants came from a time before us and therefore have either a tolerance for it or even dna to deal with it – not sure but having a hunch that a certain level is like fertilizer to them. It seems like someone has put miracle grow to most of the plant life around here.

      I think the radiation increases the sun’s radiation effect and that the sun is hotter and much brighter to me standing directly in it since 311.

      • Noah

        You are correct in your observations that there is something strange going on in the neighborhood.

        I too have noticed that clouds are not forming normally. Prior to 311, I could identify distinct cloud types and call them by name, status nimbus, cirrus, cumulus, etc., an enjoyable past time. Layers or strata, cloud type, fronts etc. displayed themselves clearly, distinctly and could be easily distinguished.

        But, now the sky no longer looks clear blue, but a constant haze colors the sky. Clouds have shapes that blend into one another, from the upper most reaches of the atmosphere to the bottom. Clouds are forming at every altitude, seemly joined together. The density and opaqueness is profound!

        I have never witnessed anything like it in my life.

        • Anna

          I see that opaque denseness here too but it is due to chemtrailing. I photograph the skies everyday. Yesterday they chemtrailed (as USUAL) and then I saw ripples in the sky on a thin chemtrail veil. The ripples looked just like the sand on the shallow ocean beach part. It was some sort of frequency bouncing off of the aluminum/barium/strontium. As the chemtrailing cont. the ripples were masked and then just a dense opaqueness was left. No more blue sky. No blue sky today. Just pure thick contamination mixed with radioactivity no doubt.

  • Yes Noah,…someone here is calling our Ca weather Juneuary. You guys make life bearable for me–especially the humor! Thanks!

  • NowWhat

    A very interesting article about how the ocean currents are going to transport the debris and radiation from Japan to N. America.


    One can only hope that the vast majority of the radiation will settle out to the bottom of the ocean long before it gets to N. America. That said, in another couple of years it won’t be wise to touch anything, even wood, that drifts up on the west coast. What a mess.

    • ***The waste swept out to sea came in many forms such as airplanes, thousands of vessels, cars and tanks which will progressively discharge oil and fuel creating numerous oil spills. Quantities of industrial and household waste including containers and drums filled with pesticides, cleaning products, heating fuel… will also disintegrate and release their contents into the sea. Therefore the ocean is not only contaminated by radioactive releases far from it.

      Along with the 200,000 damaged or wrecked buildings went the furniture, septic tanks, electronic waste and numerous objects amongst others pharmaceutical products, PVC piping, plastic, metal, wood and rubber items. The disaster generated a huge dump in the ocean; today international conventions outlaw illegal dumping at sea because of environmental hazards.***

      Good find NowWhat!

      The Ocean is crying.

      • NowWhat

        Yep, I was in a rush to get that posted and didn’t mention the other very serious pollution that the article discusses. The consequences of this accident on the ocean could very easily be the worst part of it all.

  • Follower

    720,000,000,000,000,000 berequels of radiation resides in 100000 metric tons of water.

    It’s impossible to do a conversion from metric tons to litres without knowing the viscosity of the fluid, as one is a measure of weight and the other a measure of volume.

    Now I’m stumped.

    However, working on the basis of a viscosity close to that of water, and that the temp is 60C…

    100000 Tonnes (metric ton) into Liters

    For substance with density: 1000 kg/m3
    Result: 100,000,000

    So, we can now calculate that 720,000,000,000,000,000 berequels sits in 100,000,000 litres of water. Or, to put it another way that’s 7200000000 b/l.

    Bit over the legal Japanese limit of 100 b/l in infants and 300 b/l in adults.