Japan nuclear minister with strange sores on face (PHOTOS) — Emperor unable to leave hospital: “He has lost his appetite”… New respiratory infection?

Published: November 16th, 2011 at 3:39 pm ET


Emperor to remain in hospital for fever, cough, NHK, Nov. 16, 2011:

Emperor Akihito will remain hospitalized for the time being for a persistent fever. […] He was scheduled to leave last Friday, but was unable to do so because his fever had returned. The doctors said the Emperor’s temperature is still high and he has lost his appetite. They also said he may be developing bronchitis again or have a new infection of his respiratory system, so they are giving him other types of antibiotics. […]

Alice in wonderland, Fukushima Diary, Nov. 15, 2011:

Minister of nuclear power [Goshi] Hosono […] This will never be news on main street. but the spots on Hosono’s face can’t be hidden. People who entered Horoshima after atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima had the spots like that. It was called “city entering exposure”.

Published: November 16th, 2011 at 3:39 pm ET


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88 comments to Japan nuclear minister with strange sores on face (PHOTOS) — Emperor unable to leave hospital: “He has lost his appetite”… New respiratory infection?

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Kharma can be such a bitch!

  • Antibiotics:
    Simply put do not cure stupidity im afraid. Nor do they cure internally dead cells, that are causing major infections inside your body…

    I see the USA failed to issue you exrad. I suppose you could use the remaining of your power in position to change the world and uncover the lies behind the lead curtain. ”
    However were not counting on you. You had your chance. These are the sins that you Behr.

  • kintaman kintaman

    He will be wearing makeup from now on to hide it no doubt.

  • arclight arclight

    i have driven 30-40 thousand miles on my motorbike since 11/3 and got such a spot.. it came back after about a month and took three weeks to heal… it has left a 1 centimeter circle of lighter coloured pink flesh around a deep whole left in my face!! i first got the spot in the summer after driving across europe in the rain

    if it is possible to get particles causing skin infections etc i would be a very good candidate for that even in europe!

    i wonder weather some particle had lodged itself in my face and my body reacted accordingly… the hole left is surprising for a normal spot as is the area around it (which seems to be lightening/going slowly)

    food for thought here

    it wasnt as dark though got to a deepish purple 🙁

  • radegan

    Those are just healing cigarette burns – you know, they were testing him to see if he could keep quiet and not break.

  • ReactorHalfEmpty

    Vivid example of the same phenomenon here:

    ‘Radioactive Boy Scout’ Charged in Smoke Detector Theft

  • Tanuki San

    Sad to say, the Japanese government and TEPCO don’t seem to care if regular people get ill, but if it’s the emperor they will probably take action. I was surprised that the emperor’s family was still eating food from the imperial farm in Tochigi. It goes to show how widespread the ignorance is about the possible dangers. If the imperial family was eating food from Tochigi, it probably made the average Japanese citizen feel like they can’t be so picky. Now it might serve as an example of what not to do.

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      Yet Obama and his family left the U.S. for a two week tour to Brazil right after 3/11 and when dangerous raadioactive isotopes were blanketing the country. At that time we were told that everything was OK, the Fukushima radiation will never reach the U.S., and not to worry. I wonder what food the first family is eating (from the White House garden?) and if they took potassium iodine or any other medications for radiation?

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    as yesterday i was searching for some guttenberg in afghanistan pictures to blame that liar but after that i know why i doesn’t had found the pics that i’m searching for.
    i’m talking about that media output:
    just the detail that he got a moutdefence on and the rest don’t…hm,HM?
    but japan will gives his power into a protect the plant for terror.
    that stupido terrormaker should they show to us.
    nobody will enter that nuclear wasteland…

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Internal radiation burn exposure. Everyone gets it when you SIT IN RADIATION ALL DAY. This really REALLY sucks for the people exposed considering it is one of the most painful ways to die. The body’s immune system self destructs and the body is extremely exposed to bacteria and disease that would otherwise easily be fought off. This is one of the many problems that come with staying in a fallout zone. The thing that is alarming is the speed that these symptoms are manifesting. Tissue on the body is already showing signs of failure in the population yet no one knows why? There is some kind of terrible and shameful raping of the truth going on here on the governments part here. Bending the public’s perception of safety has its downside when the spokes people start getting sick too. Maybe there will be boiling point for some of these turkeys who all took TEPCO “settlement” money.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hey GB,

      What area are you in up there. I might take a drive up north along the western front to take some measurements in these nice days ahead. Just curious as to about where you are.

  • Ariana

    I keep having this crazy thought that the Japanese govt is deliberately poisoning their people. Here’s my reason: If there are enough people out there with cancer, then they can use them as guinea pigs. If they develop a surefire cure, they can sell it to the rest of the world.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Howdy all,

    As to these facial contamination marks, we noticed them on the face of Kan and Edano in the early days and thought the same, in that they were sores from radiation exposure. They both went up to the fukushima area. What was noted was the fast onset, as this may also be a faster than normal onset of radiation poisoning because of the local of exposure. There are many who have this but it is not spoken about or pointed at as a symptom of radiation poisoning. In all likelihood, it is and we will see the horrid pictures of the dying fukushima workers yet to come.

    In the future they will wonder how such a beautiful and intelligent nation of people could actually daily stupidly and ignorantly pretend that all is well and that there really is nothing to worry about. THIS IS A NATION EXTINCTION EVENT and they are living in it every day doing relatively NOTHING!! Talk about a mass collective mind-control trick. Wow!

    We shall pray for the radiation poisoned Kamikaze Emperor and his family that have chosen their path as the leaders of a long endless line of many more that will fall. The realization of how horrendously evil this is is still all just beginning and this tragedy EOW(End Of World) movie that you are ALL in is for ever…like rest in peace forever!

    This is your brain on radiation….

  • Clocka

    Hosono will be quietly replaced by someone who has no radiation mark. That’s how the game goes.

    It has went like that since the times of Fujiwara Michizane (if you don’t know who this guy is, google!).

  • Clocka

    Sorry,that guy I am talking about is Michinaga. He was a very powerful man during the turn of 11th century, and perfected the Japanese politics of smokes and mirrors.

  • James. Please video record your analysis from start to finish and post the results on a youtube channel, in regards to the yellow rain samples I am sending you…

    I would prefer you did a rad check on the outside of the box before opening it. As well as each individual layer of the packaging to document the rise. My advice would also be to soak the towel samples and wring out the substance after a background check is performed on the dry towel. That way you can have two samples register. Wet and dry. Which I feel the dry sample will be higher than the wet. This is because the Sample is unmoderated by an outside obstacle.

    Can you enlighten the enenews community and myself with the equipment you are using to analyze these samples in the mean time?


    P.s. Also I will post your routing number via email (the email box you shared with me to receive your shipping address).

    As I prefer the contents (the routing number), to not be of public availability.

    • I agree with all that the article states. I am however, also skeptical of the video’s .1 seivert/hour reading. (10 rads/hr is very high) If true, people should be dropping down sick. Of course, maybe they are, and we just aren’t hearing about it. 🙁

      from article:
      “All food sources in North America are becoming contaminated with internal radiation dropped by the jet stream over the past 7 months, a far more insidious and deadly form of radiation exposure than simple external exposure. Apparent hi levels of background radiation are being detected in Canada and along all the northern states in America by users of geiger counters.” (This part is irrefutable!)

      • I am wondering about the “not hearing” — My asthma has been terrible, my youngest son has had a terrible cough for two plus weeks but no other symptoms of illness, my student’s baby son has the same cough.

        These could be total coincidences or stem from a virus or from something local in the air.

        I just so hope that these anecdotal instances have nothing to do with Fukushima…

        It is scary because it is not clear anymore what is real in this nightmare…

        • Sickputer

          It’s all anecdotal when the government reports nothing. I was outside today for an hour for graveside services for my uncle (died of respiratory failure in Texas Monday).

          Nasty cold front blew in from the Panhandle and I have felt sick since early this morning. Something evil in the air.

          • I am so sorry about your uncle. I know your family has suffered through this…

          • alasanon

            Sickputer, My family in TX was fitting in more than one funeral a weekend…many elderly church friends have passed recently! It struck me as odd to hear about so many funerals. 🙁

            • alasanon

              I personally know three former neighbors and distant relatives by marriage or adoption who have had a relapse of cancer recently and now it’s Stage 4, the last stage.

              On the other hand, I know of people having healthy babies on the West Coast, too, in recent days… but, I believe they took some precautions.

          • mikey

            YES YES THANK U that is exactly correct sumthing evil in the air chilling accurate but dead on sir….. I feel flu like and many whites here in HCMC Vietnam are out sick could be just massive flu but not all the symptoms- foulness afoot the sky was bloodred for sunset too!

        • My general observation is that MANY more are sick at this time than I have ever seen or noticed at any other time in my 50 plus year lifetime. Is it just me?

          Immune systems seem to have been compromised so even simple colds or infections may become the final killer. Of course ‘no blame’, focus or responsibility will be placed on the fallout from Fuku as contributing to the increase in overall illness’.

          Those who may already have an illness may find themselves struggling more than usual. That’s what I’m seeing.

          NOTE: (I am not a medical professional.)

        • alasanon

          My family in the Southwest all came down with some type of respiratory/cough/cold illness just about a week ago! They got over it with supplements, rest, high antioxidants.
          Several of these family members essentially never get sick. It was strange! Must be going around the SW/TX!

          I’ve also know of about a half-dozen family friends who passed away suddenly in that area. However, all of them were elderly with pre-existing conditions.

          Only survival of the fittest? Luckily, “fitness” would include brawn & brains & luck!

          • alasanon

            The deceased friends all passed rather suddenly in the past 4 months–sometimes with a resurgence of cancer, after being in a hard-won remission. Some were just very weak and elderly…. Look out for your grandparents!!

        • terrible cough, is anything coming up ?
          There is some bad water in the Texas Gulf region they say not to eat the oysters, may get sick ! If it is blowing inland, they are dying that these strains can be carried by the wind also !

          Red Tide or Corexit — Oxygen Starved Dead Zones Killing Texas …

          2 days ago … The agency is also advising people not to harvest and eat oysters, … Experts say
          the red tide, present early September along Texas, has killed at least 3 million
          fish. … They are dying soon after they are born, according to this video. ……
          including C-130s and P-3s, have been deployed to the Gulf region by …
          Bacteria can be carried by soil, plant debris, or through the air. They typically
          make up … Dust contaminated with this bacterium may also be spread by the
          wind. …
          They may be using Corexit/other nasty stuff again for the leaks in the Gulf. http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/
          Winds are blowing N. East today from Gulf !

  • I don’t think they are related to the radiation there !

  • gr81 gr81

    Was that an old radium bottle he was drinking from?

  • alasanon

    I read that the elderly Emperor had some pre-existing health issues in recent years (but not respiratory in nature). Therefore, The Emperor is in the highest health risk group next to fetuses, babies, and children!! The 9-year old Princess, of course, also is in a high risk group (girl kids more vulnerable than boys). I don’t believe she had any serious health issues before…. :/

    8 months of fallout and contaminated food…and they wind up hospitalized for days (despite the bad royal PR)?….
    Say no more.

    • alasanon

      I should clarify, “bad Royal public relations,” not PR= Puerto Rico.

      I really feel bad for them. The Emperor gave some rousing, heartfelt speeches after the earthquake and is a fine historic symbol of ancient Japan. 🙁

  • It will be interesting to track this minister on goshi.org. Take a full size look at this image, for example: http://goshi.org/P1050467.JPG

    • arclight arclight

      high quality video from tokyobrowntabby on discussion thread dated nov 12th with hosano heading the press conference and workers pep talk!!


    • arclight arclight

      the pic you have there is very grainy when zoomed with ctrl + but it shows
      1 large area that looks like a birth mark another smaller spot that seems raised/swollen and below that a smaller spot

      when was the piture taken risabee

      • Accidentally reported your query … I google searched hosono goshi then switched to images then asked for large images then limited to the past week. So this was POSTED in the last week, to determine when it was taken one would have to infer from the Japanese text on the site, perhaps with Google translate. I didn’t do that, but I did find pictures posted months ago and could not find a birthmark, FWIW.

    • Hi risabee. Yeah looked at that pic. Goshi has background in law and is probably just as much of a pawn as a Tepco Temp nuke worker. He is conducting tours of the plant and probably encouraging de-contamination efforts, visiting fuku prefecture and surrounding area. Getting a big dose. He knows nothing of radiation. Has a degree from Law School. Happy to be furthering his political career, no doubt. But I think he has been given bad advice!

      God Bless

  • Nukeholio

    Ha FUCKING Ha!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    So why do the Nuclear Cheerleaders continue to LIE?
    Tomorrows another day. Night all.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    whut the what?
    we talk here about mr hosono don’t we?
    you all running out of focus but for whut?
    express yourself?
    not funny in the way that we try to talk about problems that kills lives.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Before you talk about germs and viruses causing illness. Remember, they have been irradiating our food for some time with a low dose, non-ionizing radiation that kills those small feable little things. Hard to imagine that there will be any airborne bacterial or viral threat for some time to come. When you avoid the radiation sources, your also protecting the little critters that live in and on you. If you intake the radiation source, in a way, your taking an antibiotic.

    • hbjon,Irradiated food has its own perils. You said “If you intake the radiation source, in a way, your taking an antibiotic. ” No if you intake a radiation source you are increasing your risk of cancer. Radiation from Fukushima is ionizing, so is irradiated food. You said “they have been irradiating our food for some time with a low dose, non-ionizing radiation”. You are wrong as per wikipedia. They use ionized radiation, a known cancer source by the way.

      See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_irradiation#Criticism_and_concerns_about_food_irradiation

      They are radiating some food products with low level ionizing radiation, hbjon. You are misguided or….. welcome to the troll farm.

    • mikey

      Antibiotic huh? U first numnut

  • pg

    He looks like he took a few overhand rights….

  • pg

    Does anyone have any images of the emperor at the hospital? I am will to bet he is in a different land.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    thread freaking?
    wanne hospital pictures?
    are you crank?
    gives every humen the right of private don’t you?
    sick sick,
    that talk gonne make me siq.
    speakless again and i’m sorry for all japanese,
    that you wanne be naked.

  • oscar419

    hoe hoe hoe your sand as quickly as you can , merrily merrily merrily Ur a dead man….

    (lol, it’s the new pain med)

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal

    I had two of those!!! One on my face and one on my arm. They were like puss bubbles. The one on my face looked like a zit but as soon as I scratched it a whole piece of skin came off. It made my skin like jelly in that spot. The same thing on my arm. They just itched and when I scratched them a deep layer of skin came off!!! I live on the left coast. Do u think a hot particle landed on me? I live in my car and Im outside ALL THE TIME.

  • ExposeEvil OriginalSinRising

    Japan – beautiful, elegant shimmering jewel greeting endless ocean and rising sun – This proud nation in the elemental irony of her vanity and desire casting fate and fortune; no man can hide from consequence – the fool who hides from truth destroys their companions and neighbors.