Japan Nuclear Professor: Fukushima smoke stacks releasing radiation on a daily basis (VIDEO)

Published: August 22nd, 2012 at 8:50 pm ET


Atomic Age Symposium II: Fukushima, May 5, 2012 – Session III Roundtable
Published: August 22, 2012
Published by: University of Chicago

At 9:00 in

Hiroaki Koide, nuclear reactor specialist and Assistant Professor at Kyoto University’s Nuclear Research Institute: I think you saw some pictures of the Fukushima power plants today, and what you saw there is that it’s got huge stacks, smoke stacks, and there’s stuff coming out of that, and that there’s radiation coming out of that on a daily basis.

There’s also radioactive material in fluid form coming out from the water that is released in trying to keep the radioactive material cool.

Published: August 22nd, 2012 at 8:50 pm ET


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35 comments to Japan Nuclear Professor: Fukushima smoke stacks releasing radiation on a daily basis (VIDEO)

  • I just took a couple of screen shots about 30 minutes ago, (prior to seeing this article), from the Ranch Hope Cam #2 located 10 miles from Fukushima. The NPP is located in the center of the shot.

    In the first shot you can only see a stack and a bunch of fog.

    Then, I add a simple filter effect and adjust the balance and it's like you can see through the fog.

    Looks like gaseous emissions from the top of the big stack to me.

    Original: (foggy)

    Filtered/Balance adjust:

    Note: Ranch Hope is an active cow ranch.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Just found out my verrrrry East Coast supermarket brand of butter is actually coming from California milk!! And I live in a dairy state! What a slap in the face! (I was already sourcing the butter I use better than that, but the kids still get fed that at relatives in the area. I do the best I can to educate family, friends, never saying much at any one time, then down the road, reminders and told-ya-so's as I quote new information).

      Makes me say: corporate capitalism sucks…it's all about the money!

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Going to check my butter now ion jean. Most things here come from Mexico or California..Hard to get things that are not from California.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          The problem is, they say a food product comes from somewhere, but where do they get each of the ingredients?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Your pictures put a whole new light on this. Thank You ChasAha

  • ion jean ion jean

    This is a reminder for the rest of the world…better get busy sharing these articles with neighbors…

    Japan is the Atomic Age's Pandora's Box, it is our oportunity to challenge the Nuclear Overlords, but as soon as a "fix" is propagandized by the Superpowers, this event may truly wane in the minds of the public (sans Japan, of course, who will continue to hash out the topic as the madness unfolds).

    Let us take this opportunity to make our will known:

    We do not want cancers and genetic defects,

    We do not want compromised immune systems,

    We do not want sterile offspring,


    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi ion jean


      I really hope so…

      • ion jean ion jean

        Hi windorsolarplease: it is the wisdom of taking the higher ground, pen mightier than sword, and Spirit of 1776 that compels me to think this way…I have always believed the smartest man wins, not the strongest. Extrapolate that into the honest and compassionate one wins, not the richest or biggest guns…this is the necessity of our free will to think this way, to bring it into being…Mind over Matter…thought and faith preceed success.

        I buy small batch butter from Maine with sea salt…used to do organic, but found it all comes from out west…surrounded here by organic dairy farmers, but the milk and yogurt and cream break the bank, so cheese and butter take a hit…

        And to think I as an American have to wait for food test results from Japan to tell me the "harmless" food in my supermarket is at near 1960s radiation dose levels i.e.: almonds, pistachios, oranges, makes me realize the population is in a state of Atomic Amnesia and just like crabapple jelly, the science becomes obscure folklore.

  • "You will never hear a release from a nuclear power plant and you'll never hear them say, this is a really bad release, okay, this is going to hurt a lot of people alright."
    – speaker at 29:30

    In case you missed it.

  • BringoutYourDead

    "… it’s got huge stacks, smoke stacks, and there’s stuff coming out of that, and that there’s radiation coming out of that on a daily basis."

    Really? We'd have never guessed. How long has it been now? Are we really this stupid?

    At some point we need to catch on…


  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    Surprise! Surprise! It's official! The radiation is really 'nothing'…just like dusts…yeah yeah… dust away 🙁

    It is now free to enter Naraha-machi, Fukushima.
    Look at grandma in the photo…she's tidied the room up and it's spotless :O
    People are taking away rubbish from evacuation zone and bringing it over to their temporary accommodation. No mask is worn, of course.
    The government is doing a great job of PR that people really DO believe everything is very much back to normal.
    Little they know…. the time will come 🙁


  • Jebus Jebus

    Please sir, may I have another…

    I'm sorry but this aint gonna get us anywhere.

    I respect the work of these very aware individuals, they have been tirelessly working to get this info out there. The problem is that there is so very little truth to the info that they are receiving, as they stated. The nuclear industry has everyone in the dark to protect their precious nuclear enriched asses. The system in every nuclear capable country is bought and paid for by filthy nuclear money. It goes to the root of human greed and the nuclear industry knows this. They are entrenched in every sweet spot that money can buy. Until this flypaper of greed is eliminated, the flies will continue to be ensnared into the nuclear flytrap and the average individual either has no voice in the matter or is so unaware of the issue that they don't matter.

    So the fight against the madness continues with as much work to be done as was needed 40 years ago. Nothing has changed significantly and it is still going to take another "accident" to make any headway towards shutting all of these radiation plants down for good. I still believe that even if North Anna wiped out DC, we would still be battling against an unyielding nuclear industry. I'll keep marching, even though it's uphill all the way.

    BTW, this video is unlisted (not searchable) on youtube, so tweet it, share it, and show it any way you can.

    Where is Helen, and why wasn't she attending this?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I think narrowing the source down to the stacks is incorrect.
    Visual analysis..shows that the emissions are from multiple sources and display various types of nuclear activity.

    August 16.2012


  • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

    Please, could someone explain why npp has a smoke stack?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Sharp

      I'm guessing, maybe it's to let the spewing out?
      Haven't you heard Nuclear Power is the Clean Energy..(SARC)

    • Jebus Jebus

      They were put in place as a stop gap modified safety measure for GE MARK style BWR's back when Arnie was being a whistleblower. He resigned and he had a part in this being implemented.

      This page should explain it better…


      Of the 104 operational nuclear power reactors in the United States, thirty-five are boiling water reactors (BWR). General Electric is the sole designer and manufacturer of BWRs in the United States. The BWR's distinguishing feature is that the reactor vessel serves as the boiler for the nuclear steam supply system. The steam is generated in the reactor vessel by the controlled fissioning of enriched uranium fuel which passes directly to the turbogenerator to generate electricity.

      In 1976, three General Electric nuclear engineers publicly resigned their prestigious positions citing dangerous shortcomings in the GE design.

      In order to protect the Mark I containment from a total rupture it was determined necessary to vent any high pressure buildup. As a result, an industry workgroup designed and installed the "direct torus vent system" at all Mark I reactors. Operated from the control room, the vent is a reinforced pipe installed in the torus and designed to release radioactive high pressure steam generated in a severe accident by allowing the unfiltered release directly to the atmosphere through the 300 foot vent stack.


      • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

        Thanks Jebus, I was hoping smoke was the wrong word, that in fact it was steam, In Fuku case I know it is radioactive. I hate the idea that they will vent radiation anytime, anywhere one of their boilers overheats.

  • weeman

    How many disintegrations per minute are being released with no immediate solution, how much can we take until we all become mutated or die, wakie wakie.
    It's probably to late to end nuclear energy, we missed the opportunity.
    If the amount of pletunium released is Anything near what FNP contained we are screwed.
    Mankind is a perfect definition of CANCER, think about it.

  • Sickputer

    Exceptional article by Dr. Sternglass (the head of the baby teeth project) on the health effects of Strontium-90 and how nuclear plant leakage affects nearby humans:


    SP: Please bookmark this short article as it is a masterpiece of information to confront the nucleocrats.

    Excerpt: "In early developmental stages of both humans, fish and other wildlife when cells rapidly reproduce, damage to the genes is not efficiently repaired, so that if the cell survives and divides a defect is multiplied. Thus cellular damage can lead to a greater risk of leukemia or cancer in the new-born than in the mother, typically by anywhere from ten to a hundred times as great. depending on the stage of development. Moreover, many studies have shown that there is also an increased risk of premature birth, low birthweight and birth defects. The damage is known to involve the developing immune, hormonal and central nervous systems that often does not become apparent until many years later. In recent years, it has also been found that such conditions as obesity. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke can be the delayed result of the damage during development in the womb, leading to a higher death rate, particularly for individuals of abnormally low or abnormally high birthweight."

  • Jebus Jebus

    We knew everything that needs to be known about all things nuclear 40 years ago.
    It is a life killing technology that must end or it will be end of story for mankind.

    This is a must read about Nuclear Power.
    This PDF was created from the book by Carl Grossman.

    COVER UP: What you ARE NOT supposed to know, about Nuclear Power.


    Save it to your drive before it is purged, even from the archives…

    • What you ARE NOT supposed to know…
      …about an NPP!

      Agreed Jebus. 🙂

      A must read, saved to hard drive(s) and memorized.

      A lot of information in this one.
      Has been updated to include Fukushima.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    How about all the highly radioactive material being incinerated all over Japan? And all the spent fuel pools and live fuel and reprocessing plants and experimental reactors all over Japan. The inundation with radiation over all of Japan and then on to the US and North America and the rest of the world will never stop and will keep increasing.

    Please shut every single nuclear reactor forever all over the world.

    • WindorSolarPlease


      Nuclear makes it Clear that New energy power needs to be started and also that it is Clear that Nuclear Power must be stopped.

      Nu = New Energy
      Clear = Clear that Nuclear Power must be stopped

      It's that simple…

    • many moons

      Japan is burning radioactive waste to get rid of it.
      They are exporting via the air-jet stream to elsewhere.
      I hope it's working for them because it would be even worse to thing their polluting of elsewhere was for nothing. A shame we have no way of tracking or analyzing these efforts.

      • This 'cycle of death' is in the spin mode and is gearing up as it's assisted by non-stop, no end in site, emissions from Fukushima.

        Nobody's thinking or talking about this one.

        USA Forrest Fires:
        What has come to the USA and dropped on our forests is now going airborne again as the summer/fall fire seasons continue in a BIG way. The radioactive gases will just float on over to Europe and come down randomly elsewhere. It will 'spread', NOT disperse, as it accumulates.

        My comment from ONE YEAR ago about burning hazards:

        [excerpt from a year ago]
        "So… We are all in the same boat or on the same plane."
        "We ARE all indeed…. Fukushima’d!!!"
        "Note: Maybe this is part of the reason we are seeing some higher readings around the country. Without more reliable testing…. who knows?" – ChasAha Aug, 2011

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    I think a grand exodus of Japan and America has already begun.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    "In those pictures, you also saw the "stuff," the radiation produced by the runaway corium far from the buildings themselves, and in no way to I mean to imply that all the fuel is still in any building, because it is not."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Once you know the facts, you just say no…

    Nuclear option nixed by 50% on energy policy poll

    The survey organizing committee, headed by Keio University professor Yasunori Sone, said the percentage of people who supported the zero nuclear reliance option stood at 32.6 percent in the first survey. It increased to 41.1 percent in the second survey after participants were asked to study distributed materials, and rose to 46.7 percent in the third and final survey, held after the debate.


    The science of Deliberative Polling®

    The Problem

    Citizens are often uninformed about key public issues. Conventional polls represent the public's surface impressions of sound bites and headlines. The public, subject to what social scientists have called "rational ignorance," has little reason to confront trade-offs or invest time and effort in acquiring information or coming to a considered judgment.


    Once you know…

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    If my memory doesn't fail me, I think it was Arnie who mentioned quite at the beginning of the whole mess that a lot of radiation will be released via those stacks. I'll try to find it back after breakfast… I think he was talking about unit 2 at the time.

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    I don't know about either radioactive stacks of steam (which were earnestly conspicuous in the first six months) and leaking cooling water.
    The problem now (and in five hundred years to come) consists of the three coriums slipping down and contaminating the water tables and the whole Japan itself with Tokio right there.
    There's nothing in this world that can stop it; scientists should build a series of sarcophagus on site (if it's possible over the sand).
    Meanwhile the farce continues, with the richest towns on Earth which underwent the most poisonous radioactive fallout in history, yet 'without consequences in their health'.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    hallo leute
    Sorry for the capslockingblocktyping,
    there are for importent and not for

    Thanks to ADMIN for our webcam-thread!
    Since the 26. June 2011, we will have more than
    13.000 known single comments made to the optical anomalies that we had been looking for.

    For us it was immediately obvious that it leaks and OUTBLOWINGS are radioactive gases.

    And we had seen more, not only steam.
    Black MINI-clouds were mixed in the steam.
    In the next days BLACK-POWDERED-FALL-OUTS began in Japan.

    – It is not a question that THEY blow out radioactive gases every day –
    – its a question of what in the steam and how much of it
    – simply the same as with its water-in-ocean-ups, we did it again-actions.
    THEY must specify their emissions.
    How much and what type of the nuclides.

    If we see NEUTRON-BEAMS over Fuku-Daiichi, it would be clear that the air is contaminated or not?

    i could bet my ASS that in the future times you will find the same from a nothing of the molten fuels such as in Chernobyl.

    But then, a green luminous pacific ocean show, where the entire fuel is gone …