Faked: Japan nuke company caught using employees to ask questions during televised hearing — Told to impersonate private citizens who want reactors restarted

Published: July 7th, 2011 at 11:32 am ET


President of Japan Nuclear Operator May Resign Over E-Mails, New York Times, July 7, 2011:

The president of a nuclear plant operator said on Thursday that he may resign as a result of a scandal over faked e-mails that has added a bizarre new twist to a decision whether to allow Japan’s idled reactors to restart in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. […]

The governor, Yasushi Furukawa, has become the center of national attention as he deliberates over the reactors […] As the first governor to face such a decision since the March disaster, Mr. Furukawa is widely seen as a bellwether of sorts for how other governors may decide. […]

[T]he mayor of Genkai, the plant’s host community, told Kyushu Electric that he was withdrawing his previous support of the restart. The mayor, Hideo Kishimoto, told reporters he felt like he was “being mocked” by the company. […]

Kyushu Electric Power Busted for Using Shills to Promote Pro Nuke Views at Genkai Hearing, EX-SKF, July 6, 2011:

[…] From Yomiuri Shinbun (3:27AM 7/7/2011):

Toshio Manabe, president of Kyushu Electric Power Company, held a press conference on July 6 and admitted that when a hearing organized by the METI took place in June regarding the restart of the Reactors 2 and 3 at Genkai Nuclear Power Plant (in Genkai-cho, Saga Prefecture), his company had instructed the subsidiaries and part of its own employees to send email messages during the hearing expressing support for re-starting the plant.

President Manabe apologized, saying “It eroded the confidence in the hearing. I apologize wholeheartedly.” In response to the Yomiuri reporting, he indicated that he may consider resigning over the issue.

The hearing was held on June 26 in Saga City, attended by 7 “representatives” of the Saga residents handpicked by the national government. The questions and answers session was broadcast live on the cable TV and on the Internet. Opinions and questions were sought via emails and faxes, and part of the emails and faxes were discussed in the program.

According to Kyushu Electric, the instruction was sent out via email from a manager-class employee at the Nuclear Power Generation Division of Kyushu Electric headquarters to one employee at each of the 4 subsidiaries and Kyushu Electric’s 3 nuclear operations (Genkai Nuke Plant, Sendai Nuke Plant [in Kagoshima Prefecture], and Sendai Nuclear Plant Office). It required the recipients to send in opinions and questions from the pro-restart point of view that would elicit sympathy from the Saga residents, and to connect on the net from their private homes.

Yomiuri even has a photo of the said email instruction. And it says, in part:

[…] They should access the website for the live net broadcasting, and as the hearing progresses, take the stance of a private citizen who approves of re-starting the [Genkai] reactors, and send in the sincere opinions and questions that will elicit the sympathy from the residents in Saga Prefecture. […]

Published: July 7th, 2011 at 11:32 am ET


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32 comments to Faked: Japan nuke company caught using employees to ask questions during televised hearing — Told to impersonate private citizens who want reactors restarted

  • Steven Steven


  • odiez1 odiez1

    Yeah, beyond pathetic. Childish..

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Agreed, and also SO dangerous…it’s beyond imagination of the average people.

  • bfly

    I believe they learned this tactic from the U.S…the Koch brothers come to mind.

  • odylan

    From: Hiroshima (Penguin Classics – John Hersey).

    “. . . a storm of rage swept across Japan when the twenty-three crewmen of a fishing vessel, the ‘Lucky Dragon No. 5’, and its cargo of tuna were irradiated by the American test of a hydrogen bomb at Bikini in 1954 . . .”

    That’s the spirit! Or rather it was.

    O, how sad.

    • odylan

      xdrfox – thank you for the link – men otemjej rej ilo bein anu – everything is in the hands of god – very moving is http://www.bikiniatoll.com/anthem.html

      – in 1968 the US Govt sent some Bikinians back to their atoll and told them it was safe – unfortunately it wasn’t safe – and the people were again removed in the early 1970’s due to high levels of strontium-90 – another terrible tragedy in the seemingly endless list.

      • Yes, they know what will happen to the people of Japan ! Noah (blogger) brought this US experiment to light on these boards months back, reading then was a light on their (Japans) future !

        • odylan

          The atom bomb that vaporised the two islands and forced the people who had lived there for 2,000 years to leave – codename: Bravo.

          It’s sick.

          The IAEA said in 1998 that they would get 15mSv/year (5 times world average if they returned) so you can probably double that.

          The Bikinians could at least go to another island 500 miles away – but where can millions of Japanese go?
          They seem to be stuck in limbo.

  • markww markww

    Time to put the pathetic liars and coverup artist in JAIL

  • arclight arclight

    This article published on the 1th April was not published as far as I am aware on the MSMedia!! Why not I hear you all cry? Surely pregnant women and children should take the advice of the EU health warning directed at them. The usa was 8 or 10 times worse than Europe, any warnings there then? I can see Jeremy paxman now interviewing a tepco manger…mmmm…with really hard questions…mmmm….the radioactive sweat pouring from the executives glowing forehead….or probably not!! 
    Radiation risks from Fukushima ‘no longer negligible’ and heres the link (best to save the web page cos u never know? Eh!)
    all in all this is going to be a right sordid little affair…and i think the censor are fighting an uphill battle!! keep up the good work everyone!

    • arclight arclight

      sorry published on the 11 april (not that it made a blind bit of difference as it wasnt given any media time…isnt this a real crime now i come to think of it or is it ok to allow the unecessary radiatiation of pregnant women and children? whats the point making these declarations if you dont actually tell anyone…a web page doesnt cut it really, not everyones on the internet and those that are are unlikely to have seen it…interesting point huh?

      • radiation is radiation in it’s affects to humans, I saw the date, yes, read when published !
        So much know as to damages and has not been given to them that need the inf. Only revisions of opinions that are not known truths !

  • StillJill StillJill

    It’s as though TPTB KNOW there will be no reprisal later,….because there is no LATER!

  • Mark

    2nd scandal of evidence of collusion and cover-up, Briton several days ago and now Tepco. Plus well reported Tepco knew of meltdown in March but didn’t report till June. Can well surmize that there is similar cover-up by Canadian and US gov.

    Here where I live in BC Canada the provincial government has blatantly lied to people and also were caught phoning into radio talk shows posing as citizens. Not an original Tepco ploy.

    All this has been reported by mainstream media but only a minority of citizens care or are aware. I work in a factory where there are 20 somethings up to 60 somethings, representing a good cross-section of society, and I talk to every one. The young have a surprising lack of understanding of current events compared to me at 20 (thirty years ago). On that subject I never considered myself anything more then an average student but what I take for granted in terms of vocabulary, math I can do in my head and general knowledge are things few 20 year olds can do. They are smart but the school system has let them down. First-hand I am witnessing the dumbing down of society. the old people just don’t care, old and jaded. All people old and new only care about what they are going to do on the week-end and trust me no one plans on attending any political rally.
    The revolution has been cancelled due to lack of participation! If we can’t get a majority interested in the nuclear issue us enenews people are pissing in the wind!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I found this from Buckminster Fuller: “You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
      Many people don’t oppose to nuclear power because they don’t see the alternative – and the advantages that come with them. You need to get the points across:
      – renewables create jobs (more than 300.000 in Germany over the last decade!)
      – renewable energy is cheaper than nuke power
      – investments in renewables keep the money in the country.

      I think these are important points in the US today.

      • gerryhiles

        Problem B&B.

        The premis behind “renewables” is that they replace whatever and maintain the status quo of consumerism, for instance.

        More detailed problems are such as these:

        Solar panels last maybe 25 years and are highly toxic when disposed of.

        Wind generators are very inefficient and require massive inputs of “conventional” energy and materials in their construction, e.g. copper, aluminium, rare earths (in magnets), plastics, steel, concrete and so on … all for a maximum (seldom achieved) ‘efficiency’ of 25%.

        Ethanol requires more conventional energy input to produce, than it yields when burned … plus growing crops for ethanol means less crops for food.

        Hydro drowns land and tidal ruins the ecosystems of estruaries, etc..

        If you – and millions of others – basically want to maintain the status quo (as I admit to wanting myself, fundamentally) then there are no alternatives to what got us to where we are today … principally coal and oil.

        Remember that “nuclear” was and is touted as “an alternative”, but it has never become a main source of electricity; not even in France, nor Japan of course.

        Sorry B&B. I sympathize with where you are coming from, but reality takes precedence, along the lines I have pointed out.

        • The best “alternative” energy is daylight, passive solar, white roof, insulation retrofit, walking, bicycling, public transit, grow-your-own, and throwing the off switch. Power down before switching power sources. We lived for years with all our electricity from twelve volt, it wasn’t difficult and that was before LEDs. We still, in or 60s, use about 1/3 the power of our neighborhood average and could do better.


          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            *applauds risabee!!!

            I’m going for zero waste in my home, inspiration to be found here:

          • Here is a simple hot water heater anyone cam make; we use ours as a preheater and it cuts down the electric bill quite a lot. Did not cost $ just salvage and labor.


            Lay a scrap water heater on its side, peel back half the jacket and insulation, paint the exposed surface black. Build insulated cold frame around it, aimed at the sun. Cut into line to hot water heater and route through this heater before going to the electric or gas one. Or, and we might yet do this, connect directly to sinks/shower. It’s good for a little over half the year where we are. We used hoses, but the first ones we tried MELTED; use $50 contractor hoses that can take the heat.

            If you do this, roll the tank until the drain valve is on the upper side, then bleed air out as you let your first water in. A full tank is more efficient.

            You can learn this kind of thing from this site, highly recommended: http://www.cd3wd.com/cd3wd_40/cd3wd/index.htm

        • Steven Steven

          Give every household an exercise bike with a dynamo on it. You want light? Pedal. You want to boil water? Pedal.

          Even 5 minutes of that would at least make everyone realise what they are wasting when they forget to turn a light off.

          Cheap energy isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. Nuclear energy isn’t even cheap, especially when you have to pay again later at the surgery.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            I lately saw a BBC programme called “Bang goes the theory – the human power plant”. Cyclists were trying to produce the energy for a 4 persons household during one day (who weren’t aware that they were part of a test). It took up to 80 (!) persons pedaling like MAD to provide the power used by be family. Impressive! Everytime i heat water, I think of 20 people sweating for it.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          you are right – mainaining the lifestyle we had for the past decades can not be maintained. i also agree on that the best energy is the energy not used. I’ve posted this link before, and i will continue until people tell me to shut up 😉
          I’m a huge fan of the TransitionTown initiative, which adresses the two main problems which affect our future: climate change and oil addiction. They search (and find!) solutions on a local level, and are doing lots of important work to promote resiliance of energy and food on community level. There are lots of initiatives all over the world, and I feel like starting one in my town (which will adress the problem of waste, but that’s another story…).
          Peace all.

        • stock stock@hawaii.rr.com

          Solar hot water panels contain no bad stuff, and are highly recyclable.

          Solar PV panels do contain some small amounts of bad stuff like Cadmium, but to say that the whole panel is “highly toxic” is irresponsible.

          wind at 25%? Who gives a rip what the efficiency is, that is a (forgive me) stupid, non-argument. Sure they take some energy to make, they produce far more.

          As an example, A PV panel produces for 30 year (25 years under a warranty! for Christ sakes), but it does take 8 months of it’s own energy to produce itself. Sounds like a great deal to me from an energy balance point of view.

          Ethanol…indeed, a fruitless, boondoogle, jacking up food costs (corn is the main input) while producing something more expensive with less performance and pretty darn corrosive.

          Hydro is all good. How can you possible take a pot shot at Hydro? We got plenty of land, water storage resources spread throughout the lands…a beautiful thing. The only problem is not enough Hydro.

          Again, sorry, but I am sick of these failed non-arguments. The comment that nuclear never became primary source, means what? It means nothing. It is not even an argument. that said, it is clear, nuclear is too powerful for humans, esp. for the high intelligence ones who get off on playing God by turning matter in to energy. It is a sexy, enticing, deadly mix of science and greed.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      And – you’re right – dumbasses all around. That will never change. as long as the supermarket opens in the morning, they’re happy. Forget those.

      Try to find the others – there ARE lots of folks who feel just like you.

      • arclight arclight

        funny you should say that! because the supermarket logistic setup is a fragile thing..apqrt from fuel shortages caused by war and recession, the destrustion of our food stocks from freak weather and radiation, might mean lots of problems for the supermarkets! maybe people will have to wake up…the writing is on the wall for the corporations…their buisness models are crumbling before their eyes!! i wouldnt like to be in their shoes when “joe public” finds out how badly they have been manipulated and by who! the manipulation is too obvious and theres too many whistleblowers waiting in the wings and too much evidence of the manipulation and to be frank, the system is crumbling (i refer you largly to the zerohedge blog to support this statement..). so one day, reasonably soon, people might be waking up to a very different world where information sharing and co-operation are the only way forward…optimistic bugger arent i?

    • lokay5 lokay5

      “….only care about what they are going to do on the week-end and trust me no one plans on attending any political rally.
      The revolution has been cancelled…”

      So the revolution WON’T be televised….

      Gil was right….

  • StillJill StillJill

    Indeed Mark,….no one seems to be ABLE to care anymore! My one friend who does see these things, is so bummed that she doesn’t even tell people anymore because they were getting hostile almost. Not just ALMOST here,….they’ll slit your throat if you rock the boat after being warned not to. A plastic bag over the head comes to mind. But I will NOT stop speaking! But, I will admit that my inner dialog is starting to sound like Red Foreman, from “that seventies Show”, is living in my head! All I want to say to people REALLY, is “DUMBASS”!

  • AustralianCannonball

    My latest video.

    Fukushima(Thrown To The Lions)