Japan Official: Bottom of reactor vessel suspected to have “broken off” at Fukushima Unit 2 after the explosion, called “catastrophic development… very grave” — Top US Expert: It’s inconceivable how melted fuel could be extracted (VIDEO)

Published: June 13th, 2014 at 2:40 am ET


Asahi Shimbun, June 12, 2014: [Cabinet Secretariat councilor Kenichi Shimomura’s notebook] entry for 6:14 a.m. [on March 15, 2011] shows that the situation at the plant had changed dramatically for the worse. Shimomura wrote: “There was a loud noise and (pressure) fell to zero.” […] That was when officials at TEPCO headquarters received a report that an explosion had occurred in the vicinity of the No. 2 reactor and the pressure in the suppression chamber had abruptly fallen to zero. In his notes, Shimomura states that TEPCO officials suspected the bottom of the pressure vessel may have broken off, a catastrophic development. Shimomura writes that Kan called Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano and told him, “Something very grave has occurred.” […] Asked why he decided to divulge his own notes on the nuclear accident, Shimomura said: “I kept quiet because I thought that no one would want to listen to someone who was in government at the time. However, I felt the time had come to speak up because the Yoshida testimony was revealed.” Shimomura said he was never questioned by the government investigative panel or asked to submit his notebooks.

NHK WORLD, June 11, 2014: Nuclear Watch: Learning from Three Mile Island… to remove fuel debris from the damaged reactors — the only other people who have done that kind of work are engineers at TMI nuclear power plant… NHK obtained special permission from the US government to access 1,000 video tapes that recorded engineers removing fuel debris from the plant…. William Austin was in charge of the work. He thinks the situation at Fukushima is a lot more challenging than TMI. The fuel at Fukushima Daiichi has melted through the reactor cores and has dropped to the bottom of containment: “You’re orders of magnitude worse — it’s… I mean, I can’t conceive of how much difficulty you’ve got.”… The vessels have many leaks. On top of that engineers at Fukushima have to deal with 3 reactors not just one like at TMI.

Watch the NHK segment here

Published: June 13th, 2014 at 2:40 am ET


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93 comments to Japan Official: Bottom of reactor vessel suspected to have “broken off” at Fukushima Unit 2 after the explosion, called “catastrophic development… very grave” — Top US Expert: It’s inconceivable how melted fuel could be extracted (VIDEO)

  • chevvvy chev

    I have good news for the engineers at tepco, they actuallly dont have 3 cores to DEAL WITH!!!……..BECAUSE tepco has absolutly no intention of finding them!!! If I was a gambling man I would put the pot on that!!
    ………………..CHEV out

    • hbjon hbjon

      Nuclear fuel wants to throw itself apart. The force of its containment and relatively cool temperature keep it from doing so. When heat isn't taken away efficiently from the fuel rods, the fuel quickly overheats. But did it explode? Did the hydrogen from heavy water explode? The exact locations of the explosions would tell the story.

      Overheated fuel in broken fuel ponds will melt relatively slow when allowed to heat up at room temperature. But were there hot cores in the sfp's? We never really got answers to important question with tepco keeping information so close to its vest.

    • 2014 – Fukushima Getting Worse And Worse, Iodine 131, Cesium, Strontium Levels Spiking Up; via @AGreenRoad

      • OldFool

        With no practical hope of core recovery or isolation, the entire radioactive inventory of the cores will go into the ocean. If there are no sudden, violent events, it will be a slow motion "On the Beach" scenario with a first phase of ~130 years. But instead the radiation progressing south by geographical latitude, this will be a case of radiation methodically progressing in its symptoms from the top of the food chain to the lower levels of the food chain. The North Pacific will be the main arena for this first phase. Everything is happening on a unstoppable schedule.

      • Fukushima Fires Up Nuclear Industry’s Removal-of-Liability, Legal Immunity Drive

    • knowerxdg


  • General User General User

    Chev, Completely agree with you.
    They are making so much money just pushing refuse around at the plant, acting like they care. Some times scratching their heads.

    BTW here in Pennsylvania, we call that bet 'all in'

  • Geez, one could think that this was the 9/11 Commission asking questions of the TEPCo nuclear engineers.
    Commission: "Do you have relevant, insightful information that might implicate those in power?"
    Person with pertinent vital information: – "Yes."
    Commission – "Very well, you may go now. Next witness please."

    Excerpt from article – "Asked why he decided to divulge his own notes on the nuclear accident, Shimomura said: “I kept quiet because I thought that no one would want to listen to someone who was in government at the time. However, I felt the time had come to speak up because the Yoshida testimony was revealed.” Shimomura said he was never questioned by the government investigative panel or asked to submit his notebooks."

  • General User General User

    "A Million Thanks" to All of you, for educating me and helping keep me semi-sane these past 2 years or so.

  • UncleCrusty

    I think the cores are simply gone. First by melting through the vessel and the concrete, then coming into contact with ground water or tsunami flood waters, then Boom. Thermal explosion under the reactor, contained inside the rings inner wall of the tarus. Between melting into a blob,getting no water, getting sea water, no water, some water and then finally water constantly pumped in – I believe much of the cores have been dissolving. Water is one of the most corrosive things on the planet. A constant flow for 3 yrs + ? massive erosion……… An Idea. Cut rate of cooling water by say 25% and replace the lost volume with a slurry of Concrete, Zeolite and boron. In time, It will slow and seal the leaks, and affix loose fakes….

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      UncleCrusty. A good idea but it is all being run by invertebrates.. right to the top of the Japanese government. So I doubt it'll ever happen although it would be a good start. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

    • Have you sent this idea to someone UC, because it's a good one.

  • Cisco Cisco

    "Fukushima Fires Up Atomic Industry’s Removal-of-Liability Drive"

    Japan will introduce legislation this year to ratify a controversial treaty backed by General Electric Co. and other atomic-plant manufacturers seeking protection from damage claims caused by nuclear accidents.

    The treaty, known as the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage or CSC, will encourage experienced U.S. companies to assist in the cleanup and decommissioning at the Fukushima atomic accident site, Japan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement today.


    • nedlifromvermont

      Great find Cisco!

      You would have to be brain dead (possibly from ionizing radiation) to read this article and not conclude that General Electric Company, a company created in 1892 from the merger of C. A. Coffin's (my paternal great grandfather's) Thomson-Houston Electric Company with the Edison General Electric Company (controlled by J. P. Morgan,) is not the raging villain in this entire sordid history of the development of the unnecessary, malignant, odious and absurd civilian nuclear power reactor program.

      Our democracy has been lost to the mendacity of this horrible and monstrous corporation, despite protestations from the black haired five year old girl featured in their nauseating public relations campaign whose Mom and now also whose Dad apparently "works at GE."

      General Electric's corporate charter must be revoked.

      This company and all other purveyors of this criminal industry must be promptly nationalized.

      We already own the downside risk (Price-Anderson Liability Law) so why not get a piece of the upside?

      Until the US Congress and Administration ban the use of nuclear power and DU munitions, we have no credibility on the world stage.

      Grab a look at the one-eyed baby born alive in Falluja, Iraq, and then tell me these "Islamic Fundamentalists" have no bone to pick with the heinous and fascistic United States of America.

      James Conant, President of Harvard University in the 1940's, … (continued)

      • nedlifromvermont

        James Conant (the first man to receive word of Fermi's success at Stagg Field in a coded telegram (("The Italian navigator has landed in the New World")) ) realized the potential for using uranium as a battlefield weapon in 1943(!); how ionizing radiation would prove an irresistible force to render enemy ground uninhabitable and unusable, in a secret memo to our Pentagon;

        So please tell me how any of these A**wipes, from MIT (Rasmussen's flawed mathematics to underpin the Reactor Safety Study, in 1972) to Harvard (Conant et al pressing for nuclear development) or GE (pushing Congress to allow for private industry to share the fruits of government-funded nuclear research and the creation of the absurdly unnecessary modern civilian reactor program) retain any credibility in the face of the Islamists' push on Baghdad.

        The presenters at the Bipartisan Policy Center's dog and pony show wondered why the effort to deal with "America's nuclear waste" is failing to gain traction.

        Seems that after being lied to for seventy years, a la Josef Goebbels' ("The greater the lie, repeated often enough, will eventually gain acceptance as received wisdom") the American public is finally waking up to the awful truth that the entire civilian nuclear power program is a fraudulent affair which has ridden to power on the back of a pack of monstrous lies.

        Snake oil salesmen should be rounded up and thrown in jail.

        peace folks. Don't drink the Kool Aid!

        • GQR2

          peace Nedli great post- the horror comes into shape focus. The veils are being removed from many. Soon there will be just two kinds of people the aware and the brainwashed.

          • GQR2

            i must correct myself : 2 kinds of people (basically)
            those who are brainwashed
            and those aware they have been brainwashed.

            • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

              The simple truth. Well said GQR2!

              I often wonder what I would think and feel or how I might act differently without the conditioning I've been subjected to. (Like everyone else.)

        • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

          "the American public is finally waking up"

          Unfortunately, I don't think so. Most are just complacent. I have found a small group "awake" to this issue. Another group aware of it but complacent or resigned to "this is just the way it is" mentality or its to "big" or "entrenched" or "controlled by those in power" to change.

          We are in trouble and those of us who are willing to actually do something about it have to do a lot more, work smarter and work together.

          • Agreed, enoughalready45. It has been and always will be a small group who brings change, intervenes in wrongs, shouts the truth, works together to create solutions. Our turn. Thanks for reminding us that we CAN do something. Many give up at the moments when we need them to remain hopeful and join us the most.

        • Cisco Cisco

          Great post NFV! "Until the US Congress and Administration ban the use of nuclear power and DU munitions, we have no credibility on the world stage."

          US propaganda has been very effective. The only folks on the planet who believe the US is a great country and has good standing are the same ones who continue to elect the psychopaths.

          36% of union members in "exit polls" said they voted to retain Scott Walker in the recall. What does that tell you about the GP. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

          • The number of union voters for Walker was probably much higher, but many of them could not admit in public who they had voted for.

            There are many motivations to act contrary to our own best interest in the world, and plenty of people who will step up and be that person to vote for.

            Bet that at least 1/3 to 1/2 of all people in US are ardent pro nuclear advocates, and would be willing to vote to throw anyone in jail who opposes it, if the right leader came along. Maybe even throw them into concentration camps and liquidate them.

            • Cisco Cisco

              Irony? "We have met the enemy, and he is us"…Walter Kelly

              Appeared on an Earth Day" poster in 1970 mourning the sad state of the environment.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          Excellent-excellent post. I agree with you so much. Wow. You said a mouthful and it's just so true.

    • +1

      IMO – Remove liability… after the fact, makes it a double criminal act. Liars and cheaters. Their power is not fair.

      Most likely this will soon be followed by a 'asking for forgiveness' legislation.

      • Shaker1

        Just another example of the extreme societal failures. If one listened or read the the transcript of the recent interview of Kiode, Tepco plans at this point, to spin (or has spun) off a separate organization to handle 'decommissioning'. And we here in the US, as it is, have allowed each nuke plant to become corporations of themselves, limited in liability to the 'assets', if such a thing truly exists in the event of even what might be considered a minor incident as TMI. At bankruptcy even their hard assets have little more than garage-sale value. In the case of nuclear, they're allowed what might be expected of a 3-year old in response to maliciously breaking the window of a neighbor, a tongue-lashing or maybe spanked, but the parent makes restitution. Who is the parent? The general society.

        Honestly I think reasoning for legislation for liability absolution has the same answer as the old joke asking why a dog licks his balls: because it can.

        "…the good that men do is always in the realm of the unnecessary and of the fluid, because the needs and sufferings of men, the sins and failures of men, are constant, and love triumphs, at least in this life, not by eliminating evil once for all but by resisting and overcoming it anew every day. The good is not assured once for all by one heroic act…"

        Thomas Merton

        If one votes for a person predicated on their belief in your god, you'd better be prepared for your devil, huh?

        • GQR2

          side note and i do apologize for the quick digression but you Mentioned Thomas Merton a person i read extensively in my twenties its been awhile now. Anyway a couple of months ago i was in our very tiny village post office (no rural delivery)
          This unkempt flakey large collar wearing guy is in there. Me,i'm thinking oh that's the paster from some other "chruch" newish around here. Well i being chatty,mention Thomas Merton as a like an ice breaker vs. vibing him out. being nice. So he launches into this animated bashing of Thomas Merton and it turns out this miscreant ignoramus was the latest installment at the centuries yrs old Catholic Church. It was a clear sign to me – of the intense moral decay showing its butt ugly ignorant face. i was dumbfounded never heard such ignorance and pure mean. Nobody even remembers Liberation Theology i guess. its sickening – and all the pedophilia. This is the core of evil. So yes you better be prepared for the Devil.

          oh – this idiot Howard Bloom file under give em enough rope. He says to George Snoory "This ISIS has beliefs they believe in more than money ?!" Imagine that George they have beliefs more important to them than money. dee deet dee as if this were some foreign concept.

          • Shaker1

            GQR2, I agree. the sentence that prededes the quote above, which I may have included but was concerned of lack of space, is:

            "A belief in the finality and irreversibility of evil implies a refusal to accept the precariousness and the risk that attend all finite good in this life."

            Many of the things we consider precious are dug from the dirt. It seems to take a men without that kind of discrimination and passionate prejudice to which you refer, those willing to get their hands dirty, to become truly rich. He's another who would become some irresponsible god.

            Here's something from one of my poems:

            …That aspect compels
            accentuation of the contrast,
            as all who know such heavens
            are also intimate with the depths.
            It seems to become a god
            one mustn't mitigate the tension
            but maintain bias at all costs.

            whether born of lowly virgins
            or in the lineage of kings,
            begs at the gate of the city,
            suffers the derision of the citizens,
            a foreign refugee of the psychic warfare.
            Bearing the formula of truce,
            the serious and farcical play on
            with the mixture offered in return for entry
            tried only by those aware of the tragedy.

            The gods indifferently pass.

    • Thx, Cisco. That's one to pass around.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    What happened at Reactror2?
    Molten corium fell into the bottom of the pedestal, under the reactor pressure vessel.
    (Not in the neat little doggie pile pictured in the TEPCO drawings.
    But rather, an angry 96 tonne pool of liquid hell.)
    The nuclear lava burst through the access door, and flooded across the floor of the containment vessel.
    Corium ran down one or more of the downcomer pipes, which burst.
    This was the sound that was heard, and the loss of pressure incident that has been reported.
    Some corium will be found to have melted through the floor of the torus basement.
    Most of the corium, however, exited through the floor of the containment vessel.
    A corium lava tube will be found under Unit2 building, filled with groundwater.
    The contaminated groundwater carries dissolved nuclear debris into the Pacific Ocean.

    What is the future of Unit2?
    The corium is now too deep into the ground to recover.
    Eventually, the corium lava tube will be filled with grout.
    TEP.gov will fill the torus and torus basement with grout.
    They will fill the containment and reactor with grout.
    With great fanfare, they will pronounce Unit2 "Decommissioned". 😉

  • jackassrig

    We suspected the bottom head fell off in the very beginning. Steel has a limit of around 1000 degF. After 1000 degF, there is no stress left in the material. The steel did not melt. The head failed after about 1000 degF because there is no residual stress left to support the weight of the head or pressure in the reactor. The enormous weight of the head caused the head to take a leave of absence from the shell. It seems TEPCO is operating this reactor at the critical temperature of the steam which is around 1000 degF – check steam tables. This is already a Code bust. IMO

  • Nick

    Unit #2 went woompfffff.

    Unit #3 went kaboom

    Unit #1 went boom.

    Anything else about this that y'all don't understand?

    Get this…. all three cores are awol. Some of the cores are decaying inside of you and in me.

    No one can deny this except for fools.

    Since humans are basically fooling themselves into believing nuclear fission was containable forever, our foolish behavior now has grave, planetwide consequences.

    The unrest in the Middle East is a prime example of DU insanity!

    Ofcourse bits of FD-NPP are added into the mix.

    GMI. Global Mass Insanity.

    Any other scenario is doubtful.

  • jackassrig

    It seems to me all these BWR suffer from the same malady – safety factor of 1. So if these plants have an upset then the reactor will fail and water flashes to steam and meltdown begins. These old rust buckets need to be shut down. IMO. I remember reading an old Popular Mechanics magazine – 1940's – and the old nuclear wizards envisioned burying the reactors in the side of a mountain. They thought nuclear was so damgerous the reactors needed to buried in the side of a mountain. Now we have reactors sitting around all the major cities. Can anyone believe this stupidity?

    • GQR2

      Stupidity or Malice (on the part of the creators and propagators) the effects are the same. And the whole culture is acting like a psychopath. Don't care,don't want to know, mock the people with concerns and continue on the fast track to the end.

  • jackassrig

    All the codes that are written to protect the public and these psychopathic sons-of-bitches will not follow the codes. In this case nuclear plants should have never been built. The psychopaths can never make these plants safe. There is a serious disconnect between what they think and reality.

    • GQR2

      Very serious and its imperiled the world,full speed ahead poison maim kill kill kill. All they have wanted is to kill despite all the pretty talk. democracy,another name for communism by the way decades ago. Industrialization as a method of death. Industrialized Death – this is an old death cult. Dressed in 'nice' American companies. the Death Clowns got want they wanted – a culture where death imagery is pop culture, grotesque visions what children are raised on. Amorphous anxiety EMF induced malaise and a pill that blunts (or aggravates as the case may be)
      for any with 'troubles' one size fits all. Give those toddlers the strongest chemical straight jackets invented – who cares what happens to the children's brain structures chemistry hell put powerful computer screens in front of them – radiate them. BASTARDs seeing a kid with a cell phone should be like seeing a child smoking only its worse. so much worse.

      the Natzi companies are making MONEY !! Lots of science projects and experimentation on all the world. The fuckers have an outdoor snazzy concentration camp. Unbelievable it was supposed to be science fiction!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        GQR2, I'm with you on the death culture = popular culture thing.

        I feel nauseated every time I go to a shopping mall and see young women buying skull T-shirts, skull logo jackets for their cell phones and devices, skulls, skulls, skulls, death, death, death everywhere.

        Why don't they see they are being brainwashed to accept anti-life as the norm?

        "Reality" has gotten really twisted, has it not?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          What's the most sickening thing, for me (yeah, it's OT, I confess) is when they buy this skull crap and dress their babies in it. Give me a break, already!

  • rogerthat

    '' In his notes, Shimomura states that TEPCO officials suspected the bottom of the pressure vessel may have broken off, a catastrophic development.''

    NHK WORLD, June 10, 2014: TEPCO officials are struggling to find […] the condition of the melted fuel […] Officials believe that at reactor number 2, water is leaking […] at the bottom of the containment vessel, but do not know exactly from where.

    Perhaps through the hole left by the departing corium?

  • nedlifromvermont

    all these GE Mark I, II and III containment fragility concerns were discussed at length in 1975 and 1976 during the President Ford interregnum and throughout the election campaign of Jimmy Carter, no doubt so as to bury the bad news beneath election cycle hype … and the design failures were never adequately addressed by industry … Dale Bridenbaugh of GE resigned along with two other VP's from GE … his damning testimony to the Joint Commission was not heeded … GE money and power and influence peddling kept the BWR program on track … the public is now beginning to pay the price … by 1982 Hyman Rickover (during the Reagan "Morning in America") came out against the civilian nuclear power program (but he was sidelined as a crazy loon) … the events at TMI were covered up in fact and by the installation of Khomeini in Iran and the embassy hostage crisis … and the public's short attention span gave way to propaganda from Goebbels Electric Company … I mean GE and their comrades in crime (Bechtel, Babcock and Wilcox, Westinghouse, Combustion Enginering etc.) … and so we careened heedlessly toward the End of the Holocene Event known as Fukushima-Daichi NPP triple meltdown, destruction of Japan and the North Pacific … and in fact:

    All the infamies of history pale in comparison and contrast with the diabolical mendacity displayed by John Pierpont Morgan's legacy company, General Electric.


    • nedlifromvermont

      The irony is that Morgan owned "Titanic" when "it" went down in 1912, through the International Mercantile Marine Company.

      Morgan knew what went on (he removed a prized bronze statue from "Titanic's" hold shortly before "she" sailed.)

      Morgan lost the sister ship Olympic to an accident with HMS Hawke in 1911, and Lloyd's Insurance syndicate of London denied the claim. Olympic limped back to Harlan and Wolfe in Belfast with a bent keel and a permanent list to port, a condition which does not allow for any feasible repair. Olympic was renamed Titanic (and vice versa) and was scuttled over an insurance claim dispute (Lloyd's paid out on the "Titanic" disaster, actually an elevated claim which had been ramped up shortly before "she" sailed.

      The Fukushima "End of Life on Earth Event" was precipitated by an unhappy, greedy and maniacal billionaire's company (JP Morgan always the largest shareholder in GE) involved in an insurance fraud with the "Titanic" and reinvolved with an insurance fraud in 1957 (Price Anderson) through to this new insurance fraud lovingly called the "Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damages" or CSC.

      Odd isn't it?

      General Electric may make undersea windmills that are "powered by the moon" … but their legacy immorality threatens to kill you and me and gets babies born in Fallujah with only one eye in their forehead and other lovely conditions which big business evidently assumes is the price of…

      • nedlifromvermont

        … success?

        peace 'newsers …. Rock on!

        Nedli out (for now)

        • Ontological Ontological

          Morgan helped finance Tesla to build the EWD (electron wind disk) Ion wind craft. Most of us refer to them as a UFO. Morgan crashed the stock market in 1929 to do so. Basically with such "old" new tech, we could have this little matter of a meltdown all cleaned up by now if they could be bothered to care!

        • nedlifromvermont, i'd love opt read some links to that if ya got any.

          You said it – it is precisely what these people believe IS "the price of success." That is it exactly. No matter how grand a thing accomplished, it is nothing if it is not done economically and profitably, and to do that, risks must be borne by the lower classes that will result in some of their illnesses or deaths, because safety is too expensive. The argument is, of course, that these people would be far worse off without the invention. Of course, such reasoning by a Capitalist amounts to being able to rationalize anything, and therefore, do everything, right or wrong because one could always point to some lifting of the masses up out of the dust by such technologies and if it is profitable, then it is successful. And, thus, governments love these guys.

    • Thx for the share, cooterboy. The irony is that had the melted core remained in the reactor of Unit 2, these robots probably couldn't be entering the building to scrub it down from radiation.

  • razzz razzz

    All the working models dealing with meltdowns I read all show the same thing, melting fuel pools in the bottom of the pressure vessel and heats the bottom up and offgassing over pressurizers the reactor vessel and finally explodes out the weakened overheated bottom in one gigantic loose fart. Doesn't look like it pools back together. Meltdown is a misnomer like half-lives, venting and a 'loud noise' was heard. A play on words to obfuscate what is really happening.

    Three Mile Island was offgassing but that was vented to open air to release the over pressure while pumping cooling water to carry off the heat. TMI had a hydrogen explosion in secondary containment (the building itself) from direct venting to save the reactor vessel. Gas production (including steam) is unavoidable during a meltdown.

    GE thinks it is trying to recover from a black eye, more like a mortal flesh wound and is trying to find other ways to have future losses paid by others and not shareholders. It won't be worldwide radioactive contamination that fells the nuke industry but their profit and loss statement bottom line being blown out by incalculable costs of nuclear reactor failures.

    A band aid approach to a gushing open wound. Same as Fukus' Daiichi.

    • weeman

      Right on the mark or money, the only thing remaining is the variables, mox fuel and SFP and how they influenced the accident.
      Can you say explosive decompression as vessel was pressurized and we all know what happens when a plane has explosive decompression, catastrophic failure.

    • Razz, Nice summary, especially about the nuclear bottom line and the cost of accidents bringing the industry down.

    • nedlifromvermont

      @RAZZ … my info from Paul Blanche … famous nuclear whistle blower from the 1995 era Connecticut Millstone reactor fraud series which the NRC knew about … is that the primary containment at TMI was breached … finally some data was dug out from some offsite sensors which showed a massive spike in radioactivity which could only be explained by a primary containment breach … and that when this data was shown to an "appropriate" NRC official this official very "appropriately" lied … by looking at the data and saying, "Your right. I guess it was a primary containment breach. We missed it(!!)."

      Can you believe the malicious and callous nature of our adversary?

      Very diabolical …

      As for the afterlife, or another planet to escape to … well, sadly for me I guess, … … not so much.

      peace in this lifetime folks! Nedli.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Oh and RAZZ … I don't think GE believes it has any liability exposure to Fukuppy Daichi … due to some sort of liability shield in place from Japan to U.S. manufacturers.

        Kind of a loaded game, wouldn't you say?

        BP would have loved such a protective law in the Gulf as they would have saved over $25 Billion US.

        Sucks not to be a nuclear pimp in this radioactive, new world.

        Oh yeah, and I did see an old 1970's article on radiation poisoning refer to "ringing in the ears" as one after effect of radiation exposure …

        Is this what my recently new life experience with Tinnitus is all about? The reference was to "a couple of volunteers who had been given 100 rem in the diencephalon, the middle brain, experienced a number of symptoms ranging from ringing in the ears to apathy to hyperactivity." from Peter Faulkner, editor, "The Silent Bomb", July 1977, Vintage Books, p. 68.

        Constantly there … a loud hiss from background nothingness …

        definitely weird and new …. better then my teeth falling out and nosebleeds every day … so what do I have to complain about?

        Oh yeah, those nuker puker bastards. Guess I'll put up with the mental crickets in order to fight these guys tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

        peace 'newsers, rest, in angry slumber! tomorrow we castigate Big Nuke some more, sharpen our message, and make every day a few new allies to our cause!

        Onward to the global nuclear shutdown! I believe it WILL HAPPEN FAST now.

        • razzz razzz

          nedlifromvermont: There is no question that TMI containment was breached. Release valve on the primary loop stuck open and a diaphragm popped on a holding tank sending radioactive cooling water to a sump pump, all happened as the operators couldn't figure out what was going on when the core was already beginning to melt. Later on hydrogen production cause an explosion in the building (secondary containment) beside the venting the primary cooling loop of radioactive gases to lower the pressure until water could be re-injected. If the bottom of the vessel was breached then that would be news unless it was some sensor tube bleeding melted fuel or something. After the lawsuit settlements with non-disclosure agreements, TMI can say no one died or got sick from their meltdown. SOP.

          General Electric still handles assembly arrangements inside of reactor cores and pools. Even if GE has avoided liability in their own failed reactor design, it still affects the perception of nuclear energy as a whole and the team players must try to keep the nuke industry's image healthy, Fukus' or not, WIPP or not, using smoke and mirrors to persuade the captive audience. Recently, mostly radioactive smoke.

    • So, Razzz, the corium splatters down or around, rather than melts neatly?

  • lucius.cornelius

    There's a story, perhaps apocryphal, about a plains Indian talking to a preacher.
    "Is it true that if I don't believe what you told me that I'll go to hell, but that if I didn't know at all, I would not?"
    "Then why did you tell me?"

    And so people, when hearing "we may well have soiled the nest so badly this time that there's no going back", react in like manner.
    "Can I do anything about this?"
    "Can anyone?"
    "Not really"
    "What about my children, and their children?"
    "Then why did you tell me?"

    There're some old sayings…

    Ignorance is bliss.
    What the eyes don't see the heart doesn't grieve over.

    Truth to tell, I'm having trouble accepting it myself.
    It's too big to fit in my head.

    • We Not They Finally

      The flip side of that is that it is still better to be aware. That we have the dignity to know, and to act on our own and others' behalf best we can. Being lied to and kept in the dark does seem worse.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Maybe we humans will start using the 90% of our brain that is now idle.. 🙂 We must have hope!

    • We Not They Finally

      I hope we can get off the planet to some higher, different, better plane of existence. Does that qualify as "hope"? But I do believe it is possible. I just do. I don't believe that we are abandoned or that no intelligence in the universe knows.

      Some can believe this. Some can't. It doesn't mean lack of concern about what is happening here — the concern can even be greater because the desire to survive in a better way is still there.

      I want a better life for everyone who still qualifies as "human" in the midst of such a psychopathic mess. I want it with all my heart. That is my "hope." Because I think that this planet is tragically doomed.

    • Obewanspeaks, i was beginning to think that that extra 90% was the open air where the thinking occurs.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Well there is a quantum leap happening in data creation and storage right now and AI is not far off into the future. Humans may not have to think at all in the future and maybe we will all just plug into the mainframe as needed instead. 🙂

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Ooh, we are Borg.


            left you a response elsewhere, HoTaters…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            And we're all going to end up like this if we don't get our little nuclear problem under control:


            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Sorry, I just couldn't resist. The real deal is bad enough.

            • Bizzaro comes to mind. Quite funny 😉

              • Well, and your point being, quite sad, too. Human genetic mutation on a massive level.

                I'm still not sure about that. I'm thinking that the genetic mutations are already happening in the once friendly now turned monstrously voracious microbes in the Pacific Ocean killing off everything. They mutate so easily and so rapidly given their lifespans and reproductive cycles. More of us could easily die of starvation due to the microbes killing off everything than will die of genetic mutations or live long enough to look like the folks in these artistically set-up images. It may be that the real threat was not to us directly, though it could be with enough gradual exposure, but, actually to the tiniest little microbe that once supportive of life, laid waste to the planet. Now that is human hubris.

        • There was a great couple episodes on Star Trek TNG where the brilliant Prof Moriarty tries to take over the Enterprise from the holodeck. He is tricked into believing he is given a shuttle craft and a means to leave the ship with his true love, when in reality, he is simply placed into a device that will provide them both with countless more holographic experiences. Sometimes i really do think that most people would be quite happy with a Soylent Green or Logan's Run existence in a mall like setting. If it could be built off-world in outer space to leave the planet alone, maybe that is not such a bad idea. It's hard for me to accept that this is what most people would desire and be happy with, but, i also think that i need to learn to come to terms with the fact that with a little skill at disconnect and an effective means of repressing information, especially negative information, billions of people could easily be content. Or, like in the Matrix, how many people would choose the blue pill? Not too many. Most people's angst is not from not understanding Fukushima. Their angst is from wanting to have what they eat taste like steak. But, it doesn't actually have to be steak, just taste like it. It could be made from just about anything. No? I'm feeling confused today.

  • We Not They Finally

    All these old notebooks from March 2011 suddenly being released — apparently nothing to lose to release them now. It's always been "over" — now getting too obvious to keep covering up.

    • WNTF, i was wondering about that. You make a god pint – "Too obvious to keep covering it up." I was also thinking that some of these fellows also had regrets about keeping their secrets. I just watched the new VICE video where a farmer found out that his produce was highly contaminated and he had been selling it based on government testing, then he sold it when the government stopped testing though he felt uneasy about going along with that, then he finally got a testing device and saw how high the rads were. His son showed us where his father had hung himself from the branches of a tree eventually overcome with grief. There are many factors that go into why each person goes along and conceals the knowledge that they should share. We all do it. And, when industry and government, which adds such force and weight to the equation, does it, that, itself, is much like a tsunami.

      • nedlifromvermont

        interesting take, Radio!

        • Thx, nedliftromvermont. I seem to be pondering tonight, rambling around enenews like a Ebenezer's ghost trying to save humanity. We are all doing that here – trying to save humanity and are but like wisps without substance. We can watch the suffering but not stop it, in this case, because people have so many barriers in place to preclude such information either getting out or getting in.

          Yet, we need to try, and it is through sharing of truth that we have any hope of bringing some sense to all of this. How odd to be reading an article talking about the bottom of a nuclear reactor falling off years after the fact and a line of people NOT forming in the streets wanting to know what that might mean to their futures. The disempowerment is stifling. The disconnect is profound. Sharing truth is all i know how to counter it. I don't want to say goodnight to enews tonight. But, i'm tuckered. G'nite.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Once again, Heart of the Rose, you have been proven correct. Aren't you the person who said the real concern was whatever was being hidden at Reactor 2?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Heart, I remember your saying something about the status of Reactor 2 late in 2011 or early in 2012.

  • knowerxdg