Japan Paper: “Horses became weak and died, one by one, from an unknown cause” at farm in Fukushima — Farmer: “There is something seriously wrong going on… This country is going mad, I‘m sure something grave is going to happen” — 14 out of 15 newborn horses died last year (PHOTOS)

Published: June 15th, 2014 at 12:32 am ET


Kyodo News, June 14, 2014: Tadao Mitome feels a duty to continue capturing images of the area to document the effects of the nuclear disaster […] Mitome, 75, published a photo book titled “3/11 Fukushima: Hibaku no Bokujo” (“Stock Farm Exposed to Radiation”), documenting a farm in the village of Iitate and its dying horses. “People should do whatever they are capable of doing,” Mitome said […] Iitate, about 40 km away from the wrecked power plant, [farmer Tokue Hosokawa] defied the central government’s order to evacuate. […] After nearly two years, horses became weak and died, one by one, from an unknown cause. Some horses in Fukushima were also put to death and sent away for autopsies. Mitome said he felt as though the eyes of the killed animals were trying to tell him that they would never let human beings forget about the nuclear disaster. […] “There are things that I must let people in the world know,” he said.

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation, Feb. 27, 2014: Mr. Hosokawa again lost three of his horses this summer. […] “Since then, three more horses have died. This village is reaching its end […] I don’t feel good”, he said.

Evacuee from Iitate: “University of Tohoku dissected the dead horses […] there were apparent abnormal results from the analysis of the blood […] 3 more horses have died here this summer. Hosokawa must be in shock […] I have demanded the Ministry of Environment to inform us of the results. But they keep saying, ‘we don’t know anything yet’ […] why can’t they at least publish the results so far? Surely there must be something wrong if they can’t publish.”

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation: “There is something seriously wrong going on” -Hosokawa […] According to him, horses have fallen ill one by one within these short weeks […] a white miniature horse, had the worst condition. Its skin was badly damaged. The veterinarian doctor who accompanied us saw it and indicated the symptoms of damaged liver […] It had jaundiced eyes. The doctor was wondering why its knees were so wobbly. […]  15 foals have been born since the beginning of this year, but 14 of them died within a month, sometimes within a week. “I have lived with horses since I was a kid, but I have never seen anything like this. It’s not normal. I think radiation is responsible for this”. Hosokawa stresses the effect of radiation as a cause. […] we asked a public health control centre to check the blood of the miniature horse. The results were negative for transmitted diseases or nutrient deficiency. […] We were overwhelmed by Hosokawa’s ghastly expression on his face and stunned with a shock by the grave situation, which was beyond our imagination. “This country is going mad, I‘m sure something grave is going to happen”.

See photos of the horses here

Published: June 15th, 2014 at 12:32 am ET


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500 comments to Japan Paper: “Horses became weak and died, one by one, from an unknown cause” at farm in Fukushima — Farmer: “There is something seriously wrong going on… This country is going mad, I‘m sure something grave is going to happen” — 14 out of 15 newborn horses died last year (PHOTOS)

  • We Not They Finally

    Perhaps the only reason that 14 out of 15 HUMAN babies haven't died within a month, is that humans have a longer generational cycle than horses.

    Then again, maybe they have, and the stats are doctored, and we'll just be told that "Fewer babies were born."

    Congratulations, Japan. You have set the world's record for DIS-honor. But then again, you've had tons of global corporate help. And not one word of truth has come out of official America either.

    Where is any BETTER example being set? Well, at least Hawaii apparently put some boron in their milk early on to protect children against rads. But people still go surfing and eat seafood there and think it's just fine.

    This all catches up when??

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      "Hawaii dairy farmers fight radiation by feeding boron to cows, goats"


      "Dear Milk Share Members,

      Our goal to offer high quality safe food to our community has recently been challenged in the reality of the radioactivity being released into our environment. In the past weeks radioactive levels have increased in Hawaii, with high spikes and a more current leveling off of radiation levels. […]

      We have begun feeding our cows and goats sodium borate at milking times, as well as adding it to free choice kelp and water troughs. In the past years we have monitored boron and other minerals in the soil and have added as necessary to bring levels up to recognized healthy levels. As a safety measure we are planning to implement a boron dosage to all of our pastures, as well as neighboring pastures. […]

      In these tenuous times it is all we can do to be honestly informed of the situation at hand and act accordingly. We are doing our best to protect our soil, animals and bodies from the elevated levels of radioactivity, and hope that you will also. […]

      Britton & Shekinah
      Milk and Honey Farm
      Pahoa, Big Island Hawaii "

      • Great share, HoTaters. I'm still use diary, but, then again, i'm old. This is incredible that they are taking these actions. If it helps, wow!

      • @ HoTaters, forgive me folks, this is off-topic but, i need to chat with her for a sec, thx! AFTERSHOCK said that you are knowledgable about setting up online research groups. Are you and do you lend out your time? I, others, probably just me now, i'll admit it, wanted to get a more thorough discussion going about SFP4, involving photo sharing, discussion etc., and i was thinking the off topic forum, which may not even come close to being the right place. Might you help me? Sadly, i am one of the world's least tech knowledgable people. If not in the Off-topic forum here, i could either use my own WP site that already has a blog, though that site might also not be the best choice for this kind of thing, or set up a Cloud work/share through one of the cloud sites. Again, only if someone takes me by the hand and says, "Push this button, now this one, and now this one." My computing motto – "Hmmm…well, it worked for them. They made it look so easy. Why doesn't it work for me?'" I say that at least once a day. If you can offer me any help or consult, or tell me i'm out of my mind, or send me off in a fruitful direction, HoTaters, i'd appreciate it. Peace, Vic

      • Fabulous post HoTaters! I have a friend on Kawaii who is about 'bad newsed out' from feeling the brunt of Fukushima, as well as poisons from Monsanto's experimental farms. I'll pass this one on although she may already know of it.

  • Yes, one of the themes of the book "The Man Who Listens to Horses" is that the way we treat horses is a reflection of the way we treat each other.

    I.e. if we can't learn how to treat horses right, we have no chance of treating each other right. [excuse my grammar] Of course, Monty Roberts took his principles to corporate boardrooms and other places as well.

    (Formerly, they used to mistreat horses to break them in. Monty Roberts pioneered a new, gentler, friendlier (and, more effective) way, also borrowing knowledge from Native Americans, revolutionizing the way horses are trained and cared for. Also, note he "listens" to them, he doesn't "tell" them).


    Likewise, we better start listening to our planet, instead of beating it to death and hoping for a good outcome.

  • mutante mutante

    This is a little off topic, but relevant to The propaganda campaign in Japan to 'sell' the everything is honky dory
    Idea in Fukushima. Here is link from Fukushima diary: http://www.new-fukushima.jp/tvcm_vege

  • mutante mutante

    Sorry… Link is to page in japanese

  • mutante mutante

    Here is general link to Fukushima Diary, article is about how they are pushing people to eat mushrooms via shiskobobs. Cesium 134/137 in mushrooms.


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It's about time! 🙂 Get mad as hell!

  • mutante mutante

    Loved this movie. I went to see it with my mom & dad when I was 10. It's a shame Peter Finch died before he could receive his oscar for best actor that year… Way ahead of it's time — and R. Duvall as "Hackett", and Ned Beatty as the evil overlord of the conglomerate. Great post Obewanspeaks !

  • tsfw tsfw

    Whooping cough ( my ass ) epidemic in California especially along long beach.

    "Infants may not have typical pertussis symptoms and may have no apparent cough. Parents describe episodes in which the infant’s face turns red or purple."

    The focus of course is shifted to anti-vaxxers and away from any possibility of radiation and everyone falls for it and it's just plain frustrating.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Hi GQR2 I didn't see you down there- thanks for the info. So in 2010:

      "In 2010, California experienced the highest number of pertussis cases in >60 years, with >9000 cases, 809 hospitalizations, and 10 deaths."

      And according to the article I posted from Jan to June 2014 there have been 3400 cases. So far it's not exceeding the 2010 spike.

      I'll be watching this closely, I'm skeptical.

  • irhologram

    Radio. There were no further reply slots open, so I'm replying here. No! They're not fakes. But shaking does not a 9 EQ make. What I said was "The buildings did NOT FALL." In a 9, at least SOME buildings would fall, no matter how earthquake proof they are/

    There were 3 quakes. I don't believe any of them were 9s. Again, I am just trying to be LOGICAL, as I always do, and have no point to prove.

    There is a very well circulated video of the high point of the tsunami as came in, which, again logically speaking, would have been closest to the undersea origin of the EQ. There was no structural damage. I don't have time right now to dig it up, but if you can't google it, let me know and I'll find it for you. I posted it earlier.

    What is REALLY odd to me is that, although tsunami warning sirens were in place and working, they DID NOT go off, so people didn't have the warning they would have expected, and they were resuming their activities by that time, 20 min. after the quake. They did not head for the hills.

    Notice in the first vid above, the guy in the car is told by the officer to head for the hills. No sirens were going off.

    What I am saying, which is logical conjecture, and not belief…is that the quake was not a 9.

    TY for following up.

  • irhologram

    Clam We used up our replies so I'm answering you here. From you:
    NETC.com – View topic – Netc only displays Private stations and EPA Beta on page
    I too have been there for a year and a half .and I'll be subbing this week as I cannot get all like I did prior .

    You're saying the readings on the public section DIFFER from the private section? If you've been there a year and a half you ALREADY KNOW the readings are drastically different on the nonsubscriber, opening page for at least a week.

    Since you're part of that system, I have questions of YOU? ARE the readings for subscribers different today than those given the public? CAN we still get the archived, formerly high reading if we are subscribers…or have those been altered or are they unavailable?

  • jec jec

    .2 SIEVERTS PER HOUR radiation reading on official site June 16, 2014 for Fukushima. Just notice the readings..Sv/hr. SIEVERTS, not nano, not micro, not milli..SIEVERTS!!

    PLUSNote the heights–Fukushima is at about 2.5 meters in height..and is 0.200 SIEVERTS PER HOUR. Guess showing the micro or milli in thousands and millions looked bad. One can only shake your head..

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