Japan Physician: I hope adults will leave Tokyo, not just children — Strange things happening — Medications don’t seem to work — Rare diseases increasing dramatically (VIDEO)

Published: November 11th, 2013 at 1:17 pm ET


Source: Mama Revo Magazine (Mom’s Revolution)
Translated by World Network For Saving Children From Radiation
Date: Nov. 11, 2013


Dr. Shigeru Mita, Mita Clinic in Tokyo: Our patients mostly come from Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, and other Northern Kanto areas.

The pediatricians’ general textbook says that reference value of neutrophil [the most abundant type of white blood cells, essential part of immune system] for healthy children (6-12 years old) is […]  4000, but it has shifted to 2500. It is lower than the threshold value of 3000. I think this points at a serious problem. […]

In the summer of 2011, there were many children with bloodshot eyes; and what we saw most were children with dark circles under the eyes. […] we are seeing more cases of sinusitis accompanied with mild case of asthma continuing for longer periods. And when these children spend some time in the West, they get better. If at all possible, I would like them to move away from East Japan. […]

[…] radioactive substances coming from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have reached Tokyo, and huge amounts of contaminated waste is being burned here as well, I cannot deny the possibility that we are inhaling radioactive substances contained in the air. Again, let me repeat that after the nuclear accident, enormous amounts of nuclear substances were released in the environment. Therefore, if we see an increase in symptoms that are different from the ones we’ve seen before, we physicians should “first consider the effects of radioactivity.” […]


Mita: […] But my real hope is to have not just children but also adults move away from Tokyo.

[…] [The adult] conditions are definitely different compared to how it was before the nuclear accident.

With elderly people, it takes more time for asthma to heal. The medication doesn’t seem to work. We also see more patients with diseases that had been rare before; for example, polymyalgia rheumatica […] Before 3.11, we had one or less patient per year. Now, we treat more than 10 patients at the same time. […]

I think doctors who knew their patients well should become aware of the strange things that were happening to them. […]

Full interview available here

>> Watch a recent television broadcast with Mariko Bender of WNSCR (World Network For Saving Children From Radiation) here

Published: November 11th, 2013 at 1:17 pm ET


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163 comments to Japan Physician: I hope adults will leave Tokyo, not just children — Strange things happening — Medications don’t seem to work — Rare diseases increasing dramatically (VIDEO)

  • Canuck1

    I live on the west coast and feel the same..I have NEVER had any sinus problems at all, only the last few years..Why?

    • Bones Bones

      Since we have very little data on the West Coast, it's hard to say what's "safe" and what isn't. We know the milk, other dairy, and fish are or were at the time of the test contaminated. We need a real rad monitoring program created by us and decentralized with live streaming of data. We cannot rely on the government at all. It's up to us. Perhaps, if we start a list of standards for the system and put them out there open-source and see what other people suggest and use the combined standards for the network. All the other networks I see never update, at least frequently, and all testers unknown and locations unknown. (Hence the standards. I want an air testing system, not just a Geiger counter outside. I wanna know how much and of what. Can have both Geigers outside for real-time and air testing for daily.) Donations will run the whole thing. I'll look into this idea. I live thousands of miles away, but I can at least start some type of system people can go by and evolve. Doesn't matter where you live. It would be AWESOME PR for anti-nukers.

      • We Not They Finally

        Actually, you SHOULD check the government radnet monitoring. We got a link off of enviroreporter.com to do that and we were shocked. We're in Albuquerque, NM and the base radiation seems to be about 150 CPM, which is already way high. But the radiation doesn't stay there — that's just the low end of the spikes — it always spikes higher! In late October, it spiked up to 525 CPM. And sure, it went back down, but then kept spiking up!

        So the radiation here is crazy-high on a regular basis. For comparison, we did a town in Massachusetts and it was HUGELY lower.

        And this was just for BETA radiation. But you should check. It's at http://www.epa.gov/radnet/images/beta-gamma.

        And yes, we are INFURIATED at the EPA for raising the so-called "allowable" radiation to up to lethal levels. But as long as they are giving out radnet info at all, you should check.

      • callmac64

        Very good point Bones.. American's seem to think that because, it happened in Japan, it will stay in Japan. The EPA stopped releasing to the public their radiation sensor data (I believe) 11 days after the Reactors blew, & As far as I know.. still keep it from us. Some Japan debris from the earth quake/ tsunami (I saw video) of it washing up on the west coast shore, but its not all here yet, because its stuck some-where, after hitting a wall of ocean current, where it's flowing in two directions, but from what I have learned from a meteorologist professor, some-time between now & june 2014, the currents will both run one way.. thus the wall drops. And for the rain thats dropping on us (& snow) now.. dropping on the grass that horses, cows, & other live stock is eating. Some of those cows go to market.. But hey, we have the FDA, & EPA to "Protect us" so.. No need to worry bout ll that.. right Bones?

      • vital1 vital1

        These monitoring systems have been set up as free community services. to help people.

        Here is an International list of Radiation monitoring stations.


        "The Food Lab", and "Radiation Food Lab" have lists of the latest international reports of food contamination under country headings.





        Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently, distribute this flyer.


      • Good idea. Please start a mailing list and add my address: steve@stevemoyer.us I'll do what I can to help. We need standards for the system.

    • No brainer, its the radiation and heavy metals.

    • Phantom; Rogue Nuclear Submarine, Rogue Nuclear Missile, Rogue Nuclear Bomb Crew

  • callmac64

    Well color me surprised! Who's a thunk that, Mass radiation evacuation from a nuke power plant (built On a highly active fault line, near the ocean), after a earth quake, PLUS tsunami (BTW. Hows that 3 yr plan going on shutting those reactors down so they stop leaking radiation into the atmosphere/ocean. I feel terrible for those radiated, innocent civilians. And now we learn the backlash has started from mans mistreatment of mother earth.

  • My family and I evacuated from the Tokyo suburbs last year. Our back yard was twice the limit that the Soviets used for the mandatory evacuation of Chernobyl. Don't believe, check my video(s)…. youtube.com/watch?v=Q7z77i3Huds

  • larry-andrew-nils

    yes i'm in northern british columbia and one week ago, i felt something strange in my sinus.
    it was after riding my bike to the store and the feeling lasted a couple of days.
    my furnace intakes some outside air, but i have a hepa-filter now for the last month.

    also i tasted metal again and it was like in 2011 when i tasted metal… it was the same feeling in my mouth. never had that taste before that… not gritty metal, but fine-gritty explains it more.

    i'm trying to live well, and spiritually also… in any case. awakened to the sense that i may not have long to learn how to truly live, i am concentrating on that now.

    • vaporlock vaporlock

      I'm also in northern BC. Average count here is 13cpm. Last 10 days it's 33 – 58cpm. Last three days we've had snow and my average went from 12cpm to 28cpm. Highest spike was 101cpm. As of today it's flattening out to approx 23cpm and dropping. I also had irritated sinuses this week. Plus that most annoying cough is back. I don't have allergies, never have. Not much wildlife out and about Friday Saturday or Sunday. Just sayin'

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield

      I used to live in Whitehorse so I know the climate you're in. The air hitting you right now is cold and dry so it could be that you're sinuses are getting dry and bleeding, especially that you're out biking. I live in Winnipeg now and get the same thing happening every fall when the temperature drops.

      However, I would suggest making plans to move east. The rad-water is hitting the southern coast (Oregon, Washington and southern BC) this spring and will be spreading up to the northern coast by fall next year. The radioactive particles will first start accumulating in the bays and shallows where the water is calmer. Then like sea salt, will dry on the rocks and shore line blowing inland. What we're now seeing in Japan with the the numerous cancers, sickness, asthma, etc; we'll be seeing here in two years.

      Simple question, if you won't want your family to live in Tokyo, then why are you living west of the Rockies? Look at your family. Think of them getting radiation contamination, and all the diseases, conditions, and pain that follows. Then tell me you 'can't afford to move' or 'I was born and raised here'. This storm won't blow over. There is no sunrise to wait for.

  • rockyourworld

    could be nothing more than a sinus infection or allergies. stay positive.

  • Socrates

    Anecdotal statements are not helpful, unfortunately.

    "Medicines are no longer helpful, " could be ecplained by other causes such as ovrruse of antibiotics, hysteria, pollen and allergen seasons.

    The observations are probably accurate.

    Accurate data is needed.

    • Accurate data = white blood cell counts dropping.

      This is DIRECT evidence of radiation exposure…

      Combine that with bloody noses, and all of the other body signs, and it is not contestable.

      The higher the radiation exposure, the lower the white blood cell count. There is a DIRECT correlation with radiation exposure.

      Do a whole body radiation scan along with the blood work, and it will line up perfectly.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        This is just your body adapting to the radiation. If u don't die, you will have much improved health. If you do die you will have much improved health. Just ask Ann Coulter, a little radiation is good for you, especially if it is a lethal dose. Yes, soon you will be pushing up daises as part of you exercise routine. That is part of Coulter's new exercise routine. Oh, you from Canada. Ann Coulter is a far right American douchebag, who really likes herself. Just so you know.

      • Socrates

        OK, it's radiation exposure to.a certainty.

  • jackassrig

    Two articles on zerohedge. One health issues and one workers at FUKU. They seem to posting more about FUKU lately.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The economic/financial impact of a short-term slow-motion ELE is not lost on the ZeroHedge readers – not your common low-information voters.

      They are simply planning accordingly, and we should all do the same.

  • Daisy207

    Speaking of medications not working – check out what medications you are using that are manufactured in Japan – with with their water supply. They can't filter out radiation only particles. A lot of common medications – and vitamins – are manufactured there. Also check out anything that is manufactured on the west coast of this country and the west coast of Canada – and produce and dairy products (cheese) grown and made on the west coast – please tell my why on earth Maine is getting celery,lettuce, apples and other produce from California and Washington State. And why almost immediately after the accident were all food products labeled "USA" instead of the state of origin. But the FDA wants to eliminate saturated fat – BUT THEY WON'T TEST FOR RADIATION.

    • deedles deedles

      That's because good saturated fat is good for you and radiation isn't.
      I've been at the point for quite awhile that whatever TPTB say is good for you, then I'm doing the opposite.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      What happened to the medical fact that if you are happy the radiation will not affect you, and if you are not happy the radiation will get you? Has this doctor lost his mind?

      Of course, after getting hit with a hugh earthquake and tsunami made everyone unhappy, so there might be a lawsuit against Tepco for the timing of their radiation.

    • mairs mairs

      They may get their produce from the West Coast because the Maine growing season is short.

  • charlie3

    I was walking throught downtown Toronto yesterday and I was heartened to see some spray painted Fukushima graffitti on billboards. Maybe some kids are aware of what's happening there.

    • Bones Bones

      I'm a kid and I'd say it's about 50/50. Kids are really smart these days, but their brain is wasted on frivolous things because of corporate propaganda aka Advertising/PR. Kids who actually are aware of themselves and their surroundings as they truly are and not as they are told; They usually know what's going on generally at the plant. (Not like we have an actual clue either. lol) The younger generations are what make me optimistic especially since I'm a younger generation member. (Not 30 just yet, but I'm sure it comes quick.) To be honest though, the level of knowledge of what is going on and how dangerous and what is dangerous and dosages and measurements they are clueless. You can directly blame are pathetic schools and yes that includes teachers. They can make a change in their school if they really wanted and for what they get they better. My aunt is retired and set and has excellent healthcare for less than 30 years work. Less than 30 years got her a great pension, great healthcare, and a retirement package. If you are getting 50's style lifestyle work-wise in this day and age, then do your freaking job well! Kids are smarter than the teachers because they teach themselves on the internet. Don't let the videos of stupid kids, and you were "stupid" too as was I and still am a lil bit, sway you into thinking all kids or a majority are stupid or not aware. Those that don't know are just ignorant, if they aren't stupid.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        A few weeks ago 'radiation' was one of the top 10 twitter trends globally. It's coming.

        Once they and their friends all start to get sick, and they see their little brothers and sisters die, awareness will grow.

      • But wait a minute Bones….

        We HAVE to teach kids in every grade from kindergarden to college that Columbus discovered America, and that the colonists saved the Indians by taking the kids away from their parents, in order to make them 'good' Christians.. along with other populist corporate friendly his-story, such as science will save us all. We just need to train more math genius nuclear scientists and built a couple thousand new nuke plants… per Bill Gates and company.

        That will save us all for sure.


  • Bones Bones

    If these medications stopped working, could they actually be working, but the cause of the sickness is not bacteria or viral but chemical and perhaps radioactive chemical poisoning causing weakened immune systems and bacteria and viruses can take hold easier in people and the body but the bodies immune system is compromised so the medicine makes no difference. Either you die from an infection due to a weak immune system or some cancer or rare genetic disease. Sounds like a wonderful world.

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    I was gonne say the same , when the immumesystem goes down , all deseases will go up , like with aids..
    You could become under attack by the bacteria in your guts that are in symbiose now to help digest your food..

  • w

    Can you imagine of the 4 EPA air-quality monitoring stations here in California, a total of less than 10 air-quality measurements over the last two years can be read by the public… and obviously you can't believe all those seemingly low counts they reported it.

  • w

    The biggest problem is that Obama has sold he's soul to the devil, the NUKE industry. It is insanely inhumane for Obama to left the American public to face the dangerous radiation from Fukushima. I hope one day he'll be charged for crime against humanity and be incarcerated to clean up the Fukushima Daiichi plants, MF!

    • Bones Bones

      He is just a figurehead. I see no power in him whatsoever. He does not exude leader to me. He probably would be a fun friend, but to lead this nation; I don't think he is capable of the job. He has and will continue to put the final nails in our economy and that is all that matters. He just seems like a puppet controlled by whoever pays him the most or whoever he likes the most personally even if it's not the best choice.

      • KDM KDM

        Your last sentence is what Wikipedia's definition of a Politician should state.

      • +10000

        The evidence?

        He appointed two civilian and people bottoms up friendly types to two positions, both were attacked immediately. One was forced out and the other, it took years of heavy slogging and pitched battles to get the Consumer Agency up and running, mostly toothless now.

        The rest? All 1% types, from the largest global corporations. Those people surround President Obama, and nothing gets through to him, unless they approve it, and it is good for the 1%. NOTHING.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          He can not even surf privately , then he can not read Enenws ?
          Because i think he does read here.. sometimes at least..
          This is worst control then the Japanese Emperor.
          The world is in a lot of doo…

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          He's doing a hell of a lot more than the Republican do-nothings! I have to disagree. I think President Obama is an excellent leader!~

          • Foggyworld

            In today's world, I don't believe excellent leaders would be pushing the growth of the nuclear power industry the way he is.

  • SteveMT

    TEPCO just released 13 pictures of #4 spent fuel pool 11-7-13. Pictures 3-8 show what (they say) is going on inside. Nearly every picture says "employee wearing a protective suit and mask." Are they kidding? Are there any comments about the condition of the fuel and their plan to remove it with the large container that is show?; the main point of this posting. I hadn't seen any inside pictures of what TEPCO was attempting before today.

    Click on picture on right side of crane over spent fuel rod pool to see this gallery

    • Bones Bones

      *Second gallery: Not main gallery on page, scroll down then on the right like SteveMT said. Picture 7 kinda worries me. On the bottom right, the top of the rod casings looks like rubble. I know the water distorts everything, but they look different and brittle compared to the others. IMO

      • SteveMT

        They looked misshapen and non-circular to me, also despite the water aberration. How the rods look in one plane is probably how they look in the unseen planes. In other words, they are more than likely bent. Lifting 1400 of these nightmares and putting them into those cylinders while submerged will take some doing. Two years, too late.

        • Probably photoshopped, pics of plant before 3/11 perhaps? According to FOIA docs from NRC, there is little or no fuel left in #4. SO what are they taking pics of?

          There is no way these rods look that good with all of the multiple fires, explosions, stuff dropping into the pool, etc…

          Maybe this is all just a huge photo op, to make it look good, while in reality, they are busy dumping radioactive water into the ocean.

          Sorry to be so pessimistic, but T#(#* does not seem to be upfront or transparent about anything, so what you see or hear is usually the opposite of what is really going on, or they admit 1%, and deny 99%.

          • KDM KDM

            I'm sure Tepco was in control of what photos left that site. I can hear it now, for security reasons we need to take your camera. We'll give it back to you at the end of the day.

  • Shaker1

    Exactly, Bones, the immune system. Medicines can also compromise the immune system, changing body chemistry and PH as the least method of intrusion.

    I live on the West Coast of the USA. The bodily changes I've experienced are multiple, so much so that I've seen a doctor. After a period of reluctant (on my part; I've been generally reluctant for years of such) medication treatment and his remark that he's never seen someone on those medications with so little effect (while I felt I had attendant effects that were not in my interest to have), I quit seeing him. That's not a reflection upon him personally or his profession per se, I just realized that I was wasting my time and his. I had an empirical line of causality he probably wouldn't consider anyway, while he has his professional one which, incidentally, doesn't seem to consider anything outside of his professional education. Consequently, also, that professional education and constraints (such as his liability insurance) don't allow him to seriously propose 'natural' remedies, though he will discuss them if I ask the right questions. What a silly world we live in, huh? I understand his position in relation to that silly world, but will not tolerate that kind of understanding in mine.

  • Nick

    Metallic taste.


    Persistent cough.

    Pressure in sinuses, dripping fluid.

    Bone aches.

    Snake-oil salesmen needed. Maybe a vile vial of seawater a la corium?

    Or maybe a tank of pressurized noble gases caught bubbling off the
    fissioning lavanic melted cores?

    Better yet, free housing if you are pregnant in an exclusion zone.

    No Hollywood screen-writer has ever come close to imagining the horror that is now our reality.

    Don't take anyone's word for anything about radiation. Make your own conclusions.

    The world is different. The metallic taste in my mouth, the nosebleeds of the children around me, the ache in my bones, the sounds of "the cough", the drip and pressure in my sinuses tell me so.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "No Hollywood screen-writer has ever come close to imagining the horror that is now our reality."

      Did you ever see 'The Road' or 'On The Beach'?

    • J.

      One writer may have come close. See Hugh Howey's books, starting with Wool. He's sold movie rights. The story is a dystopian tale of a toxic earth atmosphere and subterranean life. It is a best-seller.

  • Nigwil


    Yes, I must say I'm impressed by the way they have got the deck of unit 4 looking tidy and the machinery installed. A major effort indeed. Fingers crossed the trial run works OK. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

    Its amazing to look at those photos and appreciate that if something goes wrong in that room we could loose Fukushima, which will lead to evacuation and cascading failure of all Nuke plants in the area which will lead to vast radiation releases, potential abandonment of Japan, parts of USA and Europe, loss of control of nukes in those countries too then basically the Northern Hemisphere goes, the oceans go and life on Planet Earth becomes pretty difficult.

    If there was ever a time and place where it has to be done right with global oversight, the plant floor on Unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi is it.

    • norbu norbu

      Nigwil, thanks, look at frame #8 the guy on the left side, look at his name on his back [SANCHEZ]???? I dont think that is Japanese. International work force?

      • SteveMT

        Another guys name is "Legendie." Neither name is Japanese sounding. The Fukushima 50 are long gone, so TEPCO must be hiring contract workers. Alternatively, are these international reporters, since it did say they were also present that day? Nah, I do not believe that at all.

        A comment made at the picture website regarding the non-Japanese names of the workers was just removed? Maybe pictures will be soon also. TEPCO has just created yet another international lie, soon to be exposed.

    • SteveMT

      The excellent quality of that picture and the pristine state of Bld #4 worries me. It appears as if nothing is wrong. It looks too good, as if it was staged like the Apollo pictures and the Obama situation room. There is nothing out of place. No one looks worried or frantic; all appears like it's just another routine day at the office.
      Staged Obama situation room picture = TEPCO bld #4 picture until proven otherwise.

  • OldNuke

    When they use the word "radiation," you should immediately ask yourself whether they're talking about background or contamination.

    The distinction is being missed, and the nuclear industry is manipulating the concept to say things that are technically true but irrelevant to the issue.

  • OldNuke

    In this video, if this nuclear "expert" is who he says he is, then he full well knows the difference between elevated background and ingestion of contamination.

  • OldNuke

    Unless there's one other possibility. Perhaps he's a physician who only has seen cases of dramatic acute exposure to gamma or x-rays and that's what he's basing his erroneous arguments upon. That makes him a well-meaning but ignorant by-stander to nuclear power.

    The people of Japan are dealing with moderately elevated background in most cases, not acute. They're dealing with high levels of contamination, which can be deadly, and is responsible for most of their problems.

  • OldNuke

    Problem being that what's only moderately dangerous outside your body is deadly inside your body. For instance Americium-241, which is in many smoke detectors. It's fixed in the detector in small amounts and it makes it work. You probably have in your own house. It elevates the dose so incredibly slightly that it contributes no appreciable risk to you. On the other hand, it's an alpha-emitter which can cause huge damage if you were ingest larger amounts of it, or breathe large amounts of it. WHy? Because alpha-particles (which are emitted by Am-241) are large and have a +2 charge and can cause much damage to tissue. They can be stopped by a piece of paper on the outside of you, but can migrate through your intestines and ionize the tissues, causing cell changes on their way through. Bad news. You see the difference???

    The Japanese people have contamination in their houses, on their streets, in their food from the fires of Fukushima, the fires and explosions that happened in the first few days. Some of those isotopes that were spread by the fires and explosions have very long half-lives which means that many of them are still present in the form of dust, dirt. Which is what contamination looks like. It's dirt. Which outside of a controlled area is almost impossible to pick up and separate from the rest of the environment. This is the problem.

    Some of this contamination has been picked up by fish, some is in the ocean floor, in the trees, everywhere.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    R A D I A T I O N . M A K I N G . P E O P L E . I L L

    Only escape is to physically get out of the way of wind and ocean currents from Fukushima. As for Tokyo, based on the physician's findings, that place is history.

  • OldNuke

    This is why they keep talking about decontamination and why they keep hauling away the dirt in playgrounds in Japan. It's contamination that's the issue. This is also the issue with farm products from Japan. It's not the mild radiation that they emit, it's the contamination that they contain. The contamination is specifically radioactive atoms of an element that replace non-radioactive ones in compounds that are in the products. They take their place, and then they also take their place in the bones, blood, tissue of those that consume them.

    For instance tritium to take a trivial case. Tritium is hydrogen with two extra neutrons bonded inside its nucleus. But the chemical reactions of tritium are the same as regular hydrogen. Why? Because the electron shell is hydrogen's. It's hydrogen, only with a difference. So it can form water when reacted with oxygen. See how it clones regular hydrogen? And so you can drink it. It's a weak beta-emitter, due to a rearrangement that emits beta particles as it decays. And so it can also ionize tissue and cause cell changes. But tritium isn't a very powerful beta-emitter. There are many things that are far worse, but this is a good example.

    Almost no-one but plant personnel are now getting acute radiation doses and that's another issue entirely anyway.

  • ftlt

    Not spoken to is the added stress levels because of FUFU threat and the great quake… These must have huge negative health impacts on families and children… Then you toss in the killer radiation

  • rakingmuck

    Knew something was wrong the moment I woke up with headache and metallic taste. Currently at 321cpm and rising smack in the middle of Los Angeles. It's as if I can feel it rising. Question for me is if this is Day 1 – how on earth can we stay here?

  • OldNuke

    Well, I'm sure there is a lot of stress for the Japanese. I'd be stressed out by it too. But many people will live through it. It's just that they will have a higher incidence of disease and there will be small effects, most of which will be invisible, as most of these small mutations and other effects are.

    There are two extremes here: calling it nothing and acting as though it didn't happen, and freaking out like it's the end of the world. Neither one is appropriate.

    Don't use the word "radiation" if what you mean is contamination.

  • OldNuke

    You cannot possibly taste radiation. Not even in LA. That's probably smog. OR maybe you forgot to clean the kitty-litter this week?

  • rakingmuck

    http://netc.com/chart/view.php?n=5%3A904 Have a lookie at Los Angeles. Never thought I would see 400!

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      In the San Francisco Bay Area, yesterday, my 9 year old said, as she walked outside, "I can taste the radiation today." How messed up is our world? We have to get out of here.

      I posted yesterday about the "laundry smell" on the radiation forum, today is more difficult to describe…maybe smokey…but not exactly, do you know what I mean, rakingmuck?

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        "There is a new spate of emissions from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. A new record of 550,000 Bq/liter of all-β radionuclides (including strontium-90) has been measured in groundwater near the E-1 tank.

        There was an event on Nov. 3 and 4 that caused a spike of radiation in Fukushima city. An individual in Tokyo was exposed to rainwater on his feet on Nov. 7, causing itching and the skin damage seen in the photo.

        Radiation spiked in Hokkaido starting Nov. 9, continuing until the 10th. Kyoto spiked on Nov. 11.

        I don’t know if these are two separate events, or the same one. There have been a series of small to moderate earthquakes in Japan lately, so these spikes may be connected to that. Or it may be a new criticality. The map at netc.com is lighting up in the southwest US."


        • Naha Johari

          Could be Fukushima Daiichi or any of the other 50-odd NPPs supposedly 'switched off' or Rokkasho.

          Or if suspicions of clandestine transportation of USA's gift of weapons grade plutonium is true, earthquakes can do much damage to tin can trucks or trains carrying tons of death pellets or rods.

          Who knows.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Majia reported a possible event in r4 back on Wednesday

          "TBS Cam had Very High 'Pixilation' Spell
          Japan Time

          I watch the cams as much as possible. I believe the spell started around 5:00 AM Nov 7 (TEPCO cam is used as my time stamp)

          The steam/smoke/mirage cleared within 10 minutes and the pixilation slowly started to resolve.

          I wonder whether an event occurred, causing radiation levels to spike. Perhaps that event was in building 4….

          Hard to tell but I know that the pixilation spell was not an ordinary phenomenon.


  • rakingmuck

    I said metallic taste and pardon me it happens when my sinuses get clogged which mysteriously occurs when cpm is high. Are you my doctor as well?

    • Au Au

      When those first plumes went over I felt a dry powdery feeling in my mouth and throat and my immune system took a hit. People know their own body's sensations better than anyone else. We are unwilling canaries in a coal mine.

      We gotta get out of this place
      If its the last thing we ever do.
      The Animals

      • Mack Mack

        Yes! The dry powderiness in the air. Noticed by many!

        • Au Au

          and also a burning sensation in the nostrils. WHY didn't I wear a mask when the plumes passed? Probably thought "what's the use? It's blasting through the roof and walls anyway." But, still…probably should have. Too late now. I think it has come to the point that wearing a mask in every day life would be prudent. There's the chemtrails, that geo engineering scientists think are so awesome, smog, hot particles flying around, pollen with radiation on it, dust with radiation on it, hydrazine, etc. It's all so very sad.

  • deedles deedles

    Can I ask how many CPM does one want to be under for how long of a reading? I have a Mazur Instrument 9000, fwiw.

    Can anyone tell me what I should set the alarm for or how long to run the test?

    Over by Green Bay, Wisconsin if that helps any. I'm really at the bottom of the learning curve on the 'facts and figures' end of this.
    Unfortunately at the top of the curve in the 'grief and realization' category….


    • Au Au

      Hi deedles, those are great questions. The monitoring enthusiasts are on the permanent thread, to the right, called Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here. If you move these questions over there they will see it and help you out. I just don't want you to think you are being ignored. There's probably a fair few people who would like to know the answers, too. Most of us are newbies to radiation monitoring, or should I say, contamination monitoring. : /

  • Alpha1

    Let me say does this look like the same Spent Fuel Pool they are trying to show us in all these neat tepco showings..


    • Naha Johari

      Radchick's FB photo shows the same inclination from the horizontal as photos 3, 6 & 7 in the Yahoo link posted by Nigwil above:


      Question: does this demolish the SPF4 fuel have already burned hypothesis? If so these things in that wobbly death tank in the air is a very elaborate Hollywood special effects job.

    • Nigwil

      The RadChick's picture certainly shows blocks of racks holding fuel assemblies, and the blocks of racks appear to be at odd angles. Not nice an uniform as they should be.

      Its as if the racks have received a series of impacts and they've been knocked out of alignment, off their hanger supports or whatever. If those knocks have warped the lower parts of the assembly then they could have fun sliding the assemblies out of the racks.

      Hopefully the now-tidy state of U4 above water level will enable them to see clearly and work very carefully below water level!

      It would be interesting to get Arnie's comment on the state of those racks and the fuel assemblies therein.

  • OldNuke

    Radiation is energy; contamination is matter. You can't taste energy; you taste matter. It's how your nose works. You imagine you taste energy, but only if you are slightly hysterical. 😀

    Whether I am old or new on this website, "just keep in mind that the *ignorance* is not usually so easily spotted."

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      A side effect of radiation is vomiting, yet you don't vomit up the radiation. Another well-known side effect of radiation is metallic taste. Another well-known side effect of radiation is death.

      • OldNuke

        Gamma radiation is energy. You'll throw up if you get too sunburned too. Same reason.

        Contamination is matter. Like dirt, sand, dust. Okay?

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          People often say, "America," to refer to the United States of America.

          People often say, "Radiation" to refer to radioactive contamination and radiation.

          It is not because they don't know that there are other countries that make up the Americas, North America and South America, or that there is a difference between matter and energy.

          It is shorthand. Those who make a big deal about the shorthand do so for other reasons than clarity.

          • OldNuke

            Nonsense, it's just plain ignorance and sloppiness. Unless it's the desire to mislead people. That happens too.

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              The radiation and radiation contamination, external and internal, must be bad, with this level of name-calling. It usually is.

    • Anthony Anthony

      And even now when you have a chance to exchange with others, your way of thinking, your drawing of intellectual lines which serve you egotistically somehow, puts the spotlight on the same flawed thinking that actually walked us collectively to this horrific industrial failure.

      You would be amongst the last people we should listen to now right? You probably don't even think anything is wrong.

      Go fix Fuku and leave us normal people to recover and survive your indefensible industrial catastrophe.

  • OldNuke

    deedles, that all depends on how your instrument is calibrated. You can easily get an idea of how many times background you have by setting it to count for 30 minutes on a table in a quiet shady place in your house and then dividing by 30. That will be your background. Then watch and see if it increases dramatically. You should see some variation from day to day. It's a feature of electronic instruments. What you are watching for is dramatic increases, greater than +/- 2 sigma from the mean.

  • Mack Mack

    Just an observation…

    In the article, the doctor discusses "low neutrophils" results found in the blood tests.

    I've noticed in U.S. health blogs, many U.S. mothers are discussing their childrens' blood tests showing low neutrophils.

  • OldNuke

    Your counter should have an accumulator feature that you can set up to do that 30 minute count. After dividing by 30, you will have counts per minute, which is different than decompositions per minute because the detector gets flooded with the pulses–again a feature of electronic instruments.

    Just set your accumulator for 30 minutes and let it accumulate on the dial. Then divide by 30. That's your counts per minute. Then if something dramatic happens and the background changes a lot, you'll know.

  • OldNuke

    Not to worry. Americans are not exposed to anywhere near the amount of contamination that the Japanese are, particularly if they live within about 50 miles of Fukushima or have been eating Japanese food on a daily basis, particularly fish and sushi and such.

    If we see anything here, I expect that it will be an ever-so-slightly increased rate of tendency towards breast cancers and the like. This will add to the artifially-induced background we already have to deal with over decades of bomb-testing and past accidents, many of which have not been very well publicized.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      We already have so much radiation here and all the radiation from Fukushima is circling the glob3 every 40 days. If it rainouts over a certain locality, either the animals eat it, it is in our water, or the winds blows it up and it goes somewhere else until all the particles are breathed in by someone or some animal. More than enough doses of plutonium are already out there to kill all 7.5 billion people 429 times over.

      The excess deaths and sterility in the US will be jumping off the charts. Americans have been eating and drinking their radioactive dairy products, fish from the Gulf and the Pacific and chomping down all that radioactive beef, lamb, and pork. The background radiation levels in the US are now just way too high.


      • OldNuke

        Radiation is NOT circling the planet. Light travels in straight lines. Physics 101.

        Contamination is what gets caught up in the wind.

        There's nothing quite like talking to someone about nuclear chemistry who probably doesn't even own a chemistry book. :/

      • OldNuke

        Gamma radiation is electromagnetic energy. Like on the spectrum.
        Contamination is matter.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          I'm interested so far in this discussion , because i have the feeling you will both end up right , and maybe misunderstood.
          But i don't know anything technical the ad so i shutup here for now..

        • Jebus Jebus

          In physics, radiation is a process in which energetic particles or energetic waves travel through a vacuum, or through matter-containing media that are not required for their propagation.

          It would be wise to not try to mince words with this group of seasoned researchers, OldNuke.

          You are dealing with ones who care here. You have nothing on your plate to teach us.

          Anyone here knows what is meant, in context, by the word radiation…

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Hi Jebus , thank you !

            So , if i get it its like this , most of the danger comes from contaminated matter cirkling the globe as matter does, by wind and water and gravity and living organismes and food.
            But there is a small but certain part of the radiation that "bounce" or "echo" around a bit against the upper atmosphere like radiowaves making it to the other side of the planet before vanishing in to the Universe..
            Difference being the radiation damages everything it touches while doing so…

            Thanks anne !

  • OldNuke

    My last comment is conditioned on the assumption that you leave the sushi bars and Japanese food alone. Eating junk out of an asian food store would be a bad idea along about now. I"m not sure that adequate testing is being done. Also, we're at the top of the food chain, heh. So forget the fish for a while until things get better understood or you catch it in an inland lake and don't mind a little of our own crappy chemical pollution.

  • OldNuke

    And pray for the Japanese people. They're being lied to. It's a national emergency and if they did what they should have done, large amounts of land would have had to have been set aside. Japan is a small country with a high population and a 10 year long economic depression. They don't want to do that. It's a very sad and immoral situation.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Japan is toast and is now a dying Island it this entire island will soon become uninhabitable.

    This is what Nuclear Radiation Contamination does specifically and this topic is not up for discussion/banter/arguments…:( Its so very sad… 🙁

    This will be their fates…and its only a matter of time now. 🙁
    Oldnuke…can you explain these positive results for me?

    Please show me the benefit of this Nuclear Technology use in any form/fashion and its waste products in all forms.

    Here is an example, and I have to say that it does not look good to me or to be a very positive outcome, but then I am still waiting to see the true biological/ecosystem benefits from you and your personal years/study/education/research on this Nuclear Technology topic.

    Hope these people do not become hysterical.. They will need this guide for sure..

    We as a species must shut down all Nuclear Power Generation on this planet and right now!

  • freespirit1620

    Old nuke…new troll. Don't slight Ann or any of us. If someone doesn't believe you calling them names works, right? Or they must be stupid.

  • OldNuke

    Or this might just be an exercise in extremism for the sheer hysteria of it, for something to do. It wouldn't be the first time. I guess this isn't worth my time, after all. It's just hysteria. Have a whopping good time playing chicken little. I'll watch from here.

    • freespirit1620

      I must apologize for my comment, I meant no offense and I value everyone's input and opinion, even ones I don't agree with. However, Ann has spent hours researching and posting information for all of us on these forums. Thank you.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      If you can not answer my questions and/or produce any positive documentation concerning radiation contamination and its use anywhere on Planet Earth, then it must be you my friend that is the one that is "hysterical" and/or in a state of "hysteria".

      Please stay and join the party and if you can back up any of your stated assertions then we are willing to listen and learn.. 🙂

      Running away into the shadow and dark and away from the bright lights of truth never solves anything. 🙁

  • TearsOjoy

    From what I'm reading there are no fuel rods left in SFP4 they most likely are just a pile at the bottom of the pool. Doom has been canceled, it already happened.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's a little blast from the past. (sorry)

    It is always good to go back to the beginning for a moment.

    It can give clarity as to why metro Tokyo is so contaminated.

    This was from March 15 2011, shortly after all the first events transpired. It is a pretty good recap.

    As you read, pay particular attention to the wind chart.


    Also of note are the reports of #4 on fire and this graphic.


    Panicked residents start to flee Tokyo as radiation levels rise after THIRD blast at stricken nuclear power plant

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    UPDATED: 14:10 EST, 15 March 2011


    It is worth the read today and is evidence supporting the forum topic article.

    My summation, exactly two years and eight months later, Tokyo is grossly contaminated, it's spreading, and the people of that city should take it upon themselves to get out at any cost…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, you would be correct as usual… 🙂

  • Tetsuo_Shima Tetsuo_Shima

    @OldNuke, I am still not sure if you are a shill or not…please do not take offense, but if I were part of the cabal and had at least half a brain functioning, as a shill, I would have learned to not mention bananas, coal, oil and global warming anymore, update the script and then would start showing a minimum of compassion for the people of Japan, advise against eating foods and fish that could possibly be contaminated and start playing with semantics like radiation Vs contamination and infiltrate anti-nuke discussions in this fashion. My 2 cents…Just trying to stay "elementary" My Dear Watson. No matter how you turn and twist it, nuclear power is the epitome of human ignorance, greed, sadism and narcissism. Doesn't take a Phd or years spent in overrated universities to figure it out.

  • pkjn

    Dr. Mita addresses the need of blood examination among children in Tokyo
    11 November 2013 World Network for Saving Children from Radiation
    Dr. Mita, Mita Clinic in Tokyo: Our patients mostly come from Tokyo. Reference value of white blood cells for healthy children is 4000, but it has shifted to 2500. It is lower than the threshold value of 3000. We think these points at a serious problem.
    And when these children spend some time in West Japan, they get better. But our real hope is to have not just children but also adults move away from Tokyo. The adult conditions are definitely different compared to how it was before the nuclear accident.
    With elderly people, it takes more time for asthma to heal. The medication doesn’t seem to work. We also see more patients with diseases that had been rare before; for example, polymyalgia rheumatica. Before the nuclear accident, we had one or less patient per year. Now, we treat more than 10 patients at the same time.

    • or-well

      Important point!!!
      "…in Fukushima prefecture, the differential WBC counts have been conducted ONLY on residents who have resided in the EVACUATION zone."
      Emphasis mine.
      In other words, the medical survey being done by Fuku Med Univ is NOT doing this test procedure for any other residents of Fuku Pref, let alone anyone else.
      Dr. Mita's tests have been on people not from Fuku Pref.

      The official survey will minimise, every way possible, any possibility of negative findings.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Correct and that is and has always been the Nuclear game/conspiracy… 🙁

  • ftlt

    Only the rich pigs will be able to leave… Those of gloabist perp class..

    The poor will pay for this with their lives per usual..

  • ftlt

    Will Japan again militarize because of this event??? I believe, this is a strong possibility

  • ftlt

    All this Daily Mail stuff is scary… They and their rag are reactionary morons of the first order