Japan Physician: Radiation level was 100 times higher in Fukushima than gov’t reported 50 days after 3/11 — Geiger counter ‘off the scale’ at train station 60km from plant — Blatant concealment of data (VIDEO)

Published: October 12th, 2013 at 1:17 am ET


Title: Strong in the Rain: Surviving Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear disaster
Source: Temple University Japan (Nation’s oldest and largest American university)
Date Published: Feb. 19, 2013

At 53:45 in

Audience Member: I’m a physician; I volunteered at the Minamisoma evacuation center in the last week of April. […] I was there for one week as a physician. My dosimeter read 250 chest x-ray equivalent in one week. Strangely on the newspaper, prefecture department reading is way, way low — It’s like 1/100th of what my dosimeter’s quoting. I think what happened at that time was systematic effort by the prefecture government, […] as well as the Japanese central government, tried to minimize the amount of radiation. […]

Right after the nuclear accident, basically we become totally lawless. […] in Fukushima Station (west side) I brought my Geiger counter, basically the needle was off the scale. So, I pointed out these things to Fukushima Minpo [newspaper], I met the editors there. What surprised me was they don’t want to hear those things. Their primary concern […] for Fukushima Minpo, it was losing business […] For the prefecture government, losing the people means less revenue, less positions. Also, there’s a blatant concealment of SPEEDI data, the initial prediction.

Watch the event here

Published: October 12th, 2013 at 1:17 am ET


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34 comments to Japan Physician: Radiation level was 100 times higher in Fukushima than gov’t reported 50 days after 3/11 — Geiger counter ‘off the scale’ at train station 60km from plant — Blatant concealment of data (VIDEO)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    C R I M I N A L . A N D . C O W A R D L Y

    U.S. did the same … "To-date, levels recorded at this monitor have been thousands of times below any conservative level of concern."

    • Gasser Gasser

      Jimi Hendrix; All along the Watchtower

      Go here first before you read



      "There must be some way out of here" …said the enenews'ers in grief

      "There's too much lying confusion", …we can't get no Becquerel relief

Businessmen make Nuclear reactors whine, …Plutonium pollutes our earth
All of them along the line, …know what all it is worth.

      "There's reason to get excited", …the posters kindly spoke
"There are many here among us. …who feel that life is broke

But you and I, were going through that, …and this may be our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, …the hour is getting late".

      All along the watchtower, …enenews kept the view

      While all the women were there also, …posting the facts too.

      Outside in the distance a reactor did blow

      Two clouds were approaching …the wind turned into radioactive snow.


      • Gasser Gasser


        "There must be some way out of here" …said the World to the thief
        There's too much suffering", …we can't get no relief

        Doctors, they sell my blood, …machines dig my grave
None of them along the line, …know how many they can't save.

        "No reason to get excited", …TEPCO blindly spoke
        There are many among them. …who treat life like a joke

But you and I, we've been through that, …and this is not our F'ing fate
So let us not talk falsely now, …the hour is getting late".

        All along the watchtower,…enenews kept the view
While all the women came solution cognizance, …some barefoot, too.

        Outside in the distance …a wild Bucky ball went no logic foul
Two electric charges were approaching, …the wind began to howl.

        "There must be some way out of here”
        Could be enenews.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    TBP-Yes. Agreed.

    7 basic conclusions:

    1) Disregard all official measurements. They are unreliably biased to minimize consequence by factors between 10 and 1000 times.
    2) Immediately mitigate Fukushima nuclear “Trash” exposure using international expertise and resources.
    3) We all need to begin calling nuclear “byproducts” by their proper name-“Trash.” Nuclear “Trash” has no proven technological storage method for a required 250,000 year storage cycle. From the day a fresh 7 gram uranium oxide fuel pellet is used in a genetic fission experiment in a nuclear reactor, its radioactive output increases. This nuclear “Trash” is an economic burden to current and future generations, with its biological effects expressed in DNA for up to 20 generations after Trash exposure.
    4) There will be multi-generational health care cost implications.
    5) Nuclear energy is expensive, uses more BTUs in fossil fuel to mine and refine its fuels than the energy it produces, and the cost per BTU does not reflect the 250,000 year storage and security requirements, which are ultimately passed on to energy ratepayers and taxpayers of every nation. How is this a clean or economic fuel? (cont)

    • As we keep saying; deny 99%, admit 1%

      The radioactive rule of the nuclear industry.

      Part of the playbook of 30 lies that they use over and over with every disaster..

      They are the only industry paid to poison humanity for infinite future generations.

      They are the only industry paid to keep FAILING, over and over again, while lying, threatening, cheating and committing outright fraud on the public.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    6)When the fully loaded cost of the related “nuclear Trash” externalities are added, alternate sustainable energy forms are far superior in a cost benefit analysis. The byproducts of “sustainable energy” do not last 20 generations from exposure, which is the known consequence of DNA degraded by high and low level “nuclear Trash.” All nuclear byproducts are “Trash.”
    7)Energy produced by nuclear in nearly all countries is minuscule in comparison to the overall energy source composition in each nation. Why? It is not an economical energy production source. Nuclear energy as a core dependency in a nation’s energy makeup is a myth. The use of this technology provides a cover for other nefarious motives.(Con't)

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    According to any reasonable person, these "Trash" emitting machines were not designed to operate in the preponderance all of the site conditions in which they were constructed.

    Paula D. Gordon, Ph.D., to the Advisory Board of the Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce on February 28, 2013:, “…structural engineers, who set the safety standards used for building nuclear power plants in the U.S, including plants in seismically active areas, …did so without adequately taking into consideration mechanical engineering principles, specifically the implications that mechanical engineering principles have for setting the standards for the bearing clearances in rotor bearing systems in nuclear power plants, including primary fluid coolant pumps and generators and other rotor bearing systems that could become projectiles in an earthquake and damage the reactors and the facilities.” The science is quite reassuring.

    My humble summary-Several hundreds of these "Trash" spewing nuclear machines are scattered everywhere across the planet, with components waiting for the right moment to become projectiles and the next Fukushima/Chernobyl/TMI/ Santa Susana/ San Onofre/etc. event. This is the silent conspiracy of ticking time bombs.

    Wherever you are from, remember we are in this together. Do your part to raise awareness, advocate to mitigate the current FU disaster, and globally ban this destructive,totally unclean, and expensive technology…

    • vital1 vital1

      The more people we educate, the sooner change will come. Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


      Under no circumstance should any of the Nuclear Power Plants sitting on Japan's Island, that itself is sitting on the convergence of several tectonic plates… be there!!!

      The "Nuclear Carpet Baggers" arrived and then sold them a "Pile of Trash" worth of continual misery for their people for the next 250,000 years!

      The entire world has to stop chasing the money, bangles and shiny things..

    • bo bo

      Thank you wyakin, I am going to memorize what you wrote so I can recite it when people try to blow me down about Fukushima, this is so well expressed. Plus point #5 I just learned. Thank you.

  • We Not They Finally

    What you can't see can hurt you very very badly, painfully, and permanently. That's the first rule of radiation and the last that anyone seems to master.

  • vital1 vital1

    Reported on the 14th June 2013:

    "1.19 million becquerels/kg of radioactive iodine detected on leafy vegetables near Fukushima Medical University in March 2011. Being aware of this high radioactive iodine detection, Fukushima Medical University distributed potassium iodide pills to the doctors and nurses. The report points out that potassium iodine pills were not distributed to local men, women, and children. This university is located just south of Fukushima City."


    This would mean that 36.89 million Becquerel/kg of radioactive Iodine I-129 was on leafy vegetables, at a combined total for of I-129 + I-131 38.08 million Becquerel/kg. The bio-accumulation of I-129 poses a serious health problem for animal and human populations. Unlike radioactive Iodine I-131, which has a short half life of 8 days, or an environmental presence of 80 days +, radioactive Iodine I-129 has a half life of 15.7 million years.

    • vital1 vital1

      I have been informed by a reliable source, the reason the general population was not advised to take, or issued with Potassium Iodine pills, is that there was a worldwide shortage at the time. It was not possible to supply them to everyone, so who was chosen get them at the time?

      • Some towns actually HAD the iodine pills and were advised by both the nuclear authorities and the medical professionals to NOT take them.

        One town did pass them out to its residents, luckily at just the right time, despite being threatened if they did that.

        There was no shortage. There are many source of both natural and chemical iodine to pick from… That is NOT the issue.

        Same thing happened in the US

        Hanford – Multiple Secret Green Runs Released 685K Curies Radioactive Iodine On Washington And Oregon

    • vital1 vital1

      26th June 2013 – This scientific report indicates that the amount of long lived radioactive Iodine I-129, released during the early stages of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster, was 31 times greater than the short lived radioactive Iodine I-131. This study does not take into account any radioactive Iodine releases since then.


      • vital1 vital1

        This would mean that 36.89 million Becquerel/kg of radioactive Iodine I-129 was on leafy vegetables, at a combined total for of I-129 + I-131 38.08 million Becquerel/kg. The bio-accumulation of I-129 poses a serious health problem for animal and human populations. Unlike radioactive Iodine I-131, which has a short half life of 8 days, or an environmental presence of 80 days +, radioactive Iodine I-129 has a half life of 15.7 million years.

  • mungo mungo

    more bad maths by tepco…
    U.N. panel doubts radiation dose estimates among Fukushima workers
    Previous Article
    Japan and IAEA to jointly monitor seawater contamination off Fukushima plant
    October 12, 2013

    The Japanese government may have underestimated by 20 percent the internal radiation doses in workers during the initial phases of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant disaster, a U.N. panel said.

    The U.N. Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) raised doubts about the dose estimates of the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Co., the plant operator, in a summary of a report submitted to the Fourth Committee of the U.N. General Assembly on Oct. 12.

    UNSCEAR used data provided by the Japanese government, TEPCO and other entities to assess the amount of radioactive substances discharged during the nuclear crisis that began in March 2011. It also analyzed radiation doses in the 25,000 or so individuals who worked at the plant no later than October 2012.

    The U.N. committee noted that workers were tested for thyroid gland doses from radioactive iodine only after a significant delay. It also said the dose assessment procedures totally ignored iodine-132 and iodine-133, which have short half-lives of 2 hours and 20 hours, respectively……http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201310120042

  • jackassrig

    Wyakin I agree 100%. However if you look in the front of many of the standards you will find a sponsors page. If you look real close, all of the sponsors are business chiefs. The standards are written to protect the public from unsafe design and risky design. So the people who approve the standards are the very people who stand to be impacted. Let me tell you if a requirement is written into these standards that impact those pea brain's bottom line, the requirement has a snowballs change in hell of being added. Look at the API, ASME, ANSI, etc. What manufacturing company is going to approve a requirement that requires them completely redesign.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    And while we're on the subject of under estimated worker doses, perhaps TEPCO has secretly accepted advice from the Russians… http://youtube.com/watch?v=lNc4MvI2s08&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DlNc4MvI2s08

  • or-well

    Move on back, it's safe.


    The plan hasn't changed, it's just been delayed.
    Not only will they NOT evacuate the occupied contaminated zones, they will push folks BACK into the un-occupied ones to the maximum extent they can.

  • RememberThis RememberThis

    Were Fukud

    We have all known this all along, so I am not surprised at all.

    Its time to stop trying to educating the sheep and quietly slip away to some of the safer parts of the planet and hang on dearly to what you love.

    @netc this morning….Boise 725

  • Sol Man

    It should be the worst of crimes to do things that threaten creations' genome structures. A threat to the safety and continuation of species of the future, whether is is poisoning of the environment through voc's or becquerels should not be treated lightly.
    Now, today, is yesterday's future.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • Mack Mack

    "Japan’s government may have underestimated by 20 percent the internal radiation doses Fukushima cleanup workers received after the plant’s nuclear disaster, a panel of leading UN scientists says in its preliminary findings."

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    Jackassrig-excellent observation.

    Standards, codes, and rule making are the obscure building blocks of law. Those who participate in development of these administrative clarifications of legislation wield substantial influence and control. In the case of regulatory bodies sanctioned by the government, those who propose the rules are more often than not, those who have the greatest commercial interest in the outcome. If they can influence the outcome, they can minimize potential compliance costs. The well known lobbyist and government agency revolving door provides direct access of pro industry bias into the regulatory process.

    There are a plethora of obvious examples, from the Energy Act of 2005, the decade long insertion of Monsanto GMO legislation at state and federal levels, nuclear power regulation completely devoid of public safety priorities, and so on.

    The Monsanto Protection Act is a prime example of the effects of the revolving door. Sure, Monsanto used its resources to buy congress and state legislators, but more significantly it had meaningful relationships with other prominent officials: Clarence Thomas, Anne Veneman, Donald Rumsfeld, Tommy Thompson, Ashcroft, etc.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    If GMO legislation is not a convincing example, try asking the EPA for a list of the 500 or so fracking ingredients of the technology first pioneered by Floyd Farris and JB Harris of Standard Oil, and their biological effects.

    You may be surprised to find this activity is not regulated by the EPA and the EA of 2005 precludes EPA intervention, despite experiential evidence suggesting long term negative impact on aquifers, human health, and the ozone layer in our atmosphere.

    Back to nuclear energy regulation: those who control language, control perceptions, thought and the social constructs in which we live. The conundrum we face is how the average citizen actually engages in the rule making process in a technology not well understood, while trying to provide economic security and a living wage for their families.

    Jackassrig-What you are accurately describing as the pea brain’s bottom line (since corporations are people, they are also entitled to pea brains) is the principal guiding the development of the building blocks of law.

    Clearly this points to one or two conclusions: 1) the need for more citizen engagement and ownership of the standards and rule making processes, or; 2) in the absence of this citizen participation to assure the public welfare is being considered, a reliance on a government body capable of representing the public interest is required.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    I would only ask those who might be reading this to ask with which conclusion you agree. If you are expecting a government body to represent your interests, which one might that be?

    • Sol Man

      This day and age it is unfortunate that we even must consider the question, but perhaps congress and all of the various agencies must be held to a standard, such as taking the Hippocratic Oath. Can we instill humanity and compassion? Perhaps, not. Consider how quickly politicians ran to serve the corporations when thy were given access to the lobbyists check writing ability.
      Corporations 535, People 0