Japan Prime Minister to study setting up “alternative capital” away from Tokyo

Published: May 1st, 2011 at 6:07 pm ET


NHK is reporting that at Sunday’s Upper House Budget Committee meeting, Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan “suggested that he will study the possibility of setting up an alternative capital to take over Tokyo’s role in an emergency, saying that measures must be taken to secure the continuity of the capital’s central functions.”

Published: May 1st, 2011 at 6:07 pm ET


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82 comments to Japan Prime Minister to study setting up “alternative capital” away from Tokyo

  • CaMom

    …but they are fine with little kids going to school in contaminated areas…

    • ZombiePlanet

      …plastc wrapper says, “safe seafood,”…

      First of all, “safe” from what?

      These people will label their products so they sell.

      I doubt any of those fish have been tested for Fukushima additives. From here on in we all are taking chances with produce, dairy, meat and you name it.

      Atlantic cold water fish are your best bet.

      We all have become gamblers.

      • ZombiePlanet

        Hit the wrong reply button.

      • xdrfox

        It too may be slightly problematic with the Gulf current:
        Dangerous Amounts of Radioactive Material in the Gulf, Dr. Busby warns, SHOCKING REPORT
        Gulf Seafood Radium Levels
        Chernobyl in the Gulf of Mexico

        • ZombiePlanet

          Dr. Busby say’s “500 times the normal concentration of uranium in seawater” (Gulf BP spill)

          This uranium is also in the Atlantic along with Fukushima additives.

          Where I like to get my Fish from. (North Atlantic) But I have also adjusted my diet with common sense Detox… for now.

          Food labels should include “Fukushima additive free.”

          • xdrfox

            Secret Study: Radioactive material dumped into Gulf of Mexico — “Most toxic substances known to man”
            March 1st, 2011
            The Oil and Gas Industry’s 800-Pound Gorilla: RADIATION, Stuart H. Smith Esq. blog, March 1, 2011:

            The NYT series launched Sunday (Feb. 27) with detailed accounts of radioactive wastewater, created by a Halliburton-developed extraction process called “fracking,” being dumped with impunity across the country. The article even included a “smoking gun” document, a “confidential industry study” from 1990 by none other than the American Petroleum Institute. The API’s secret study concluded that even with conservative assumptions, the radium in drilling wastewater dumped off the Louisiana coast posed “potentially significant risks” of cancer for anyone eating fish from those areas. I’m working on my own series of posts about this hazard in the Gulf of Mexico.

            Meanwhile, it seems the regulators have taken steps to make sure no real regulating takes place despite laws on the books to prevent this disaster in the making. Remember, ounce for ounce, radioactive materials are the most toxic substances known to man. The current scientific consensus postulates that there is no known safe level of exposure to radioactive materials and that any exposure above background increases the risk of cancer. …
            Read another report by Stuart H. Smith here: New Threat to the Gulf: Radioactive Wastewater Dumped Off Louisiana Coast

          • xdrfox

            Think the BP oil spill was purposeful and cover ?

      • Cuica

        Fish Swim

    • ZombiePlanet

      That’s the one that really burns my cookies!

      The children.

  • terraohio

    Would anyone like to comment on the safety of eating farm raised salmon from Canada? I bought some again at the market this weekend.
    The plastc wrapper says, “safe seafood,” and farm raised from Canada on the label. It’s boneless and skinless.

    • terraohio

      I add a tiny pat of pre-March 11 butter and some sliced onions to the salmon and sprinkle it with pepper and a bit of iodized salt.

      • dan

        If the farm hasn’t been rained on too much, it _might_ be ok.

        • dan

          You have to remember that fish breath water. So what’s in the water, goes in the fish. And I’m not an expert on how fish breath, but I think they breath in through their mouths. So I’m pretty sure anything that goes in, has lots of different ways to end up in the parts you might eat.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I never liked salmon, and if I did I wouldn’t take a chance.

      There are seafood and freshwater fish that I really do like, which I have stopped eating a long time ago.

      I have some shrimp that I vacuumed packed before the gulf and salmon that’s in a wooden box from Alaska before Japan’s disaster.
      Thinking of trading it for gold. J/K.

    • Anna

      I would not eat it. Salmon is a more fatty fish. Radioactivity concentrates in fat. Also farm raised is loaded with pharmaceuticals.

    • Anthony

      I think the safest farm raised fish now will be those not exposed to ‘natural’ elements. Perhaps the reality will be that the people who do not perish from radiation will carry on humankind. I have a funny feeling that some people will march forward without health issues. The farm fish is a interesting thought though but you have to consider that North Vancouver within days of the water discharges…. radiation appears to be completely mobile in the ocean and perhaps has been carried everywhere by now in the pacific, including to the salmon pens in BC.

      • Anthony

        Ooops meant to say above:
        but you have to consider that Japan’s radiation was detectable in North Vancouver’s seaweed within days of the water discharges….

      • mothra

        It’s expected via the Pacific gyre within the year. The rest is via seaweed and feeder fish from precipitation run off. Large migrating species cross 3 times every 600 days between Japan and the Pacific coast ( not icluding Hawaii. EPA refuses to test fish and refers us to NOAA. It’s difficult to say what’s safe when they won’t or barely test and 6 weeks in now…

        Frozen non-free range chicken and turkey? Aged meats – salami? S. Hemisphere imports? Geez.

        • Washington

          NOAA has been a bad joke in the Gulf….it’s such a pattern it can’t be a coincidence. And FEMA…I remember how Napolitano testified before Congress. What has she done to follow through? Nothing. Co-opted.

      • Frank Snapp

        Nothing against you. No genome of any complex or any other kind of living organism is in any way immune from novel genetically destructive effects in ingestion of plutonium. Internalized low-level radiation (Pu is high-level, from emission of alpha radiation, stronger than 1,000,000x what any other radionuclide emits) does the most damage to cells comparing external acute high-level radioactive exposure and ingested, long-term, low-level radionuclide exposure. Belief or not in that reality is irrelevant.

    • Percy

      Salmon farming has incredibly harmful effects on the environment and wild salmon, so please everyone, if you eat salmon–eat wild salmon!

  • Oopsw

    Interesting that this is on NHK. The story was in some other newspaper several weeks ago, a country different from Japan, and many people dismissed it.

    @CaMom, good point. But moving Tokyo, that’s about saving the financial districts…..guess a country has to have priorities 🙁

    • xdrfox

      I posted a link to a story of about a month or so ago, right after they got hit with that south wind !

  • Deetu 3

    They been hinting this for a while now…breaking it gently,as they do..
    gonna stick my neck out..Tokyo WILL be evacuated. Anybody?

    • dan

      Where are they gonna move it to that’s relatively safe? South America?

    • dan

      This story may just be a cover, so they can tell the public they’re just temporarily relocating to , while they’re getting the new capital ready. But somehow the new capital never really seems to be ready.

      • dan

        Crap, it ate part of my post, thinking it was an html tag. I’ll try again…

        This story may just be a cover, so they can tell the public they’re just temporarily relocating to [insert south american country here], while they’re getting the new capital ready. But somehow the new capital never really seems to be ready.

  • NO! Please leave South America Alone!

    last bastion of sanity in an insane world.

    • Lincoln

      what a completely innocent coincidence that BushCo has a fortress there…hmmmm.(groan) The Bush second home compound is not located way down there to improve their golf game!

      (At least when I worked in forensics, criminals were usually not so obvious. But, so far it’s working, so…) (groan)

      • Lincoln

        Think about it…Bush has no cultural connections or family in South America or especially, Paraguay. Bush, in particular, has no respect for other cultures and hates to travel.

        What exactly provoked them to make such an incredibly timely investment??…hmmmm!…

        I’m not blaming it all on them, but they know the score.

        • Anna

          Paraguay has the last and largest fresh water aquifer…blue gold…

          • xdrfox

            CP News Wire: Bush’s Paraguay Land Grab
            T he land grab project of U.S. President George W. Bush in Chaco, Paraguay, has generated … about plans to buy 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near …
            http://www.counterpunch.org/cp10202006.html – Cached
            Paraguay in a spin about Bush’s alleged 100,000 acre hideaway
            Guardian Weekly; Buy Guardian and Observer photos; Subscribe … week the Paraguayan news group Neike suggested that Ms Bush was in Paraguay to “visit the land …
            http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/oct/23/​mainsection.tomphillips – Cached

          • Washington

            what a bonanza! They do specialize in killing the little guy to make a big buck… (see war profiteering)

            Where will they spend their fortune in a nuclear wasteland??–don’t know. I guess it’s about Power. (?)

          • Washington

            yep, Blue Gold is all the more precious now, as we’re each learning at the ground level. (groan)

        • xdrfox

          Someone posted or I read, maybe heard on radio talk show that Bush had bought 500 square k of land in S.A.

          • Anna

            Jenna, his daughter, was buying up land before he bought his land there. Watch the movie “Blue Gold.”

        • misitu

          “cowboys” and “indians” …

  • Alternative Capitol. Wow that is like a mouth full of MILK AND CEREAL. Wish I could have some MILK. Oh that is right we alternative MILK it is powdered. Yum. Warm Alternative Powdered MILK Just like MOM used to make. Right now I dont have any problems with the PEOPLE but the FRIGGN GOVERNMENT NOW WE NEED TO well lets say dispose of how they are handling this.

  • Cat101

    ..don’t think the Bush family will be immune to the earthquakes to come…even in South America…karma is a bitch.

  • Lincoln

    That’s the catch…the masterminds will be hurting too, eventually. Sociopaths/psychopaths are phenomenally effective at executing manipulation and lies, BUT they have huge gaps in their logic. That’s part of the disorder…

    You have to admit that the controlled demolition of the United States as the high-minded world power is right on schedule–executing like clockwork!! And most of the public has not even woken up to the big picture. (I can’t tell you how many crime victims fall into this category…#1 tactic: criminals act like a buddy, while in fact, tangibly & repeatedly doing things to hurt others. You always have to watch for what they do, NOT what they say, so effectively.) Obama is soooo good at this–he’s atypical…just sayin’ :/ He’s co-opted–I don’t know to what extent.

  • Cyclops2

    When those Fuel Rod pools burn. Even South America will get more than enough.

    There is no Equator barrier. It just takes longer to circulate to & over South America.

    Sea & air Radiation.

    You can run. But it will get you anywhere.

    • Anthony

      You know, if this situation gets really bad could humanity escape and live underground somehow?

      • Anna

        youtube Denver Airport. Jessie Ventura also did a segment in his series on this airport. MASSIVE underground building is going on.

      • xdrfox

        See the Movie CHUDS ?

          • Anna

            Yeah, maybe it will go like that and they will mutate while living under the Denver Airport in their massive underground dwellings.

            In reality, who wants to live underground forever?

            I think this facility would be for the unenlightened “elite” who did not even try to secure a bungalow/visa in the southern hemisphere. Who ever lives there would be unemployed forever as it is in the middle of nowhere and who wants a commute like that? Sure, there is an airport there but air travel still exposes one to radioactivity.
            I don’t think Rumsfeld and Cheney are going to want to live in a cave for years. I wonder if they have an underground golf course in there? I would like to know who is paying for that project.

          • Anthony

            Wow very interesting. Never thought about mutations of the mind… which I think given we don’t really know the entire capacities of radiation poisoning, must be as possible as deformities. Thanks for the link. I think!

        • Cindy

          LOL…Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers! OMG! That’s one I haven’t seen in a LONG time!

      • radegan

        Only until the air filters run out.

  • xdrfox

    Japan Mulls Moving Capital over Disaster Worries
    World | April 14, 2011, Thursday

    Should Japan Move the Capital from Tokyo? also, Arne Gunderson on Level 7
    April 14, 2011

    • xdrfox

      Maybe they can cover with this story, Check out the date :

      Japan to Relocate Capital from Tokyo
      Dateline: 10/11/99
      In 1990, the Diet (Japan’s parliament) passed a resolution to investigate moving Japan’s capital city out of Tokyo. Within a few weeks, a committee will present their choice for the location of a brand-new capital city to the Prime Minister.

      The idea for moving the capital in Japan was first proposed and discussed when Tokyo…


  • anne

    You might want to rethink relocating to South America.

    “Japan Crisis Won’t Derail Chile, US Nuclear Pact”


    “SANTIAGO (Dow Jones)–Japan’s deepening nuclear crisis won’t derail Chile’s plans to sign a preliminary nuclear pact with the U.S. Friday, ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit early next week, a Chilean government official said.

    “Fires at a stricken Japanese nuclear power plant, following a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami Friday, have placed a spotlight on the dangers of developing nuclear energy in seismically active areas such as Chile.

    “Unlike a full-fledged nuclear cooperation agreement, which would allow for the sale of U.S. nuclear technology to Chile and require congressional approval, the preliminary pact will only open up consultations on nuclear power.

    “The Andean nation is in a bind. It needs to double the current 15,000 megawatts of installed capacity over the next 10 to 12 years, but has virtually no fossil fuels to exploit and suffers recurrent droughts that curtail hydroelectric energy.

    “Hence the need to find alternative sources of energy.

    “’We’re going to sign the [preliminary nuclear] cooperation agreement with the U.S., as it will help us develop human capital,’ Jaime Salas, the director of Chile’s Nuclear Energy Commission, told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview Wednesday. ‘As this crisis has shown, that is what is needed: more expertise.”’

    “President Sebastian Pinera highlighted that the pact will focus on ‘investigation, developing human capital and on improving security standards for disposing of the radioactive waste’ produced at Chile’s two test nuclear reactors in metropolitan Santiago.

    “Chile, which recently inked a similar pact with France, is looking to establish the legal framework and acquire the technical know-how before definitively deciding whether to pursue nuclear energy.
    “’We haven’t ruled out developing nuclear energy, [but] this agreement doesn’t mean we’ve decided to build a nuclear power plant,’ Salas said.

    “He denied reports that Chile is discussing the possibility of building a nuclear reactor in the north of the country with GDF Suez (GSZ.FR).

    “’We’re not at a point yet where we’d be discussing the development of a nuclear power plant with a company… Formal talks at the national level about developing nuclear energy haven’t actually started yet,’ Salas said. ‘We’re in a more preliminary phase.’ “

    • Noah

      As the Northern Hemisphere slowly turns into a large Bikini Atoll – Chile moves toward nuk power.

      “…‘As this crisis has shown, that is what is needed: more expertise.”’ – Jaime Salas, the director of Chile’s Nuclear Energy Commission

      And now for some expert advice.

      What does the pristine extreme southern hemisphere of earth need?

      “Nuk, Nuk, Nuk! Of Course!” – replied Curly, Nuk power expert.

      “And don’t forget the cheese!”, “and lots of water!” “It calms it down!” “And if it don’t behave, just Nuk it!” “Nuk, nuk, nuk!”

  • Dr.Hans Strangelove

    Japrats leaving the sinking reactors.

  • mark

    yeah if we are worried on west coast damn right they want to move tokyo . (I’m not buying another Honda!)

  • anonymouser

    The idea of the Jap Emperor, gov’t and Diet being turned into environmental refugees tickles me pink.

  • glenn

    Thank goodness the pollies have decided to move to safer territory…just imagine if they all died…who’d look after the welfare of the common people?

  • radegan

    Just who the hell is going to pay to relocate DisneyLand?

  • Tricky Dick

    When the going gets tough,the pollis get going-out of Dodge…

  • hum, where did you find this story about alternativ capital ? i don’t found it on NHK.

  • flo

    JAPN WAS A Nice country….WAS.