Japan Professor: It’s such a dangerous situation for other countries — Gundersen: Gov’t does not want an adequate solution for crisis at Fukushima; Fear of it being found out just how bad things really are at plant? (VIDEO)

Published: October 19th, 2013 at 8:29 am ET


Professor Masaki Shimoji, Hannan University, Oct. 17, 2013 (7:20 in): The people have been protesting against these violent policies, but the state has been using violence to suppress us. And last year in December, I was detained — for doing nothing — for 20 days. […] They’re trying to pass this law against anybody who is trying to [reach through?] information that is not really convenient for the government and corporations. People are being punished for accessing or revealing whatever is inconvenient. What I would like to share is not only about the nuclear accident, but historically and also politically, this is such a dangerous situation for Japan and other countries, because Japan doesn’t seem to have any self-control. And it reminds about the situation just before World War II.

Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Oct. 14, 2013 (at 2:30 in) — Host: How much of a risk is this really for the rest of the world? And why haven’t members of the world wide community really stepped into offer help to perhaps offer funding and consulting services to help liquidate the disaster? Gundersen: The Japanese government hasn’t asked for help. And I don’t know whether that’s pride, or fear that they might find out how bad things really are. Just last week PM Abe asked for help, but I’ve been contacted by 3 American firms that have gone over and begged to give them their technology and they’ve been rebuffed by the Japanese. I really frankly don’t believe the Japanese want to have an adequate solution here, because they can’t afford it.

Watch Professor Shimoji’s presentation here

Published: October 19th, 2013 at 8:29 am ET


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106 comments to Japan Professor: It’s such a dangerous situation for other countries — Gundersen: Gov’t does not want an adequate solution for crisis at Fukushima; Fear of it being found out just how bad things really are at plant? (VIDEO)

  • Lady M

    Well, there's why Fukushima isn't fixed… and therein is also the solution. Japan simply needs to feel that letting Fukushima continue is a BIGGER problem than letting it be fixed. Worldwide moratorium on Japanese exports, anyone?

  • Lady M

    I wish! We have to wait for the world's decision makers to determine that having Fukushima continue is a bigger problem than having it be fixed. Gee, I hope we are getting close!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Letting Fukushima incident fester is definitely the cheapest alternative. Do nothing, so we all die. No one left to complain about rotting corpses, no funeral or hospitalization costs, no greedy lawyers, no pesky environmentalists or whistle blowers. No one left at all. Cheeeeeeep!!!

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        There have been and will continue to be massive profits in all human death legally and death will always benefit the government collective. They specifically educate people to make it so..

        • scottyji scottyji

          Well said. I never look to any government for decency since government's ONLY "interest" is to perpetuate itself.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Gov’t does not want an adequate solution for crisis at Fukushima; Fear of it being found out just how bad things really are at plant?"

    Gundersen makes it sound like the Japanese government is rejecting a solution.
    The Japanese government doesn't want the people to know the truth.
    The situation is critical and there is NO FIX.

    And if Gundersen has a solution..he should bring it.
    Otherwise… he is just standing in line waiting for his chance at 'finger pointing".

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Agree 100%
      Nace talkings of Mr gundersen but …. i think he is playing the "good scientist" discovering to the worl such magnitud of events …. but he is in the game of the powerful people that do what they want, helped with their puppets … the poiticians…
      Good luck,

      • We Not They Finally

        YOU be in his shoes and see how much he has done. He's not a puppet and he is not in the hands of politicians. He's HONEST and he's KNOWLEDGABLE.

        I'm all for being cynical with reason. But people seem to get cynical for SCARCE good reason. Sometimes it's just so people can jump up and down and say, look at ME, I care more than HIM, I would do MORE.

        PUT YOURSELF IN HIS SHOES. He's done a helluva lot. He's now even bringing forward Japanese doctors who are upset at the massively denied medical crisis there. Have you done that? Have I done it?

        He's just a naturally cautious man and a scientist. But he's HONEST and he's KNOWLEDGABLE. So you can sit there with your cynicism, or you can look for help wherever it can be found. Personally, I'd recommend the latter.

    • bsgcic bsgcic

      In order for scientists like Arnie Gundersen to be able to help, the government and TEPCO need to be sincerely desiring that help. Otherwise, how is he to access the detailed scientific information at the site to even formulate a strategic solution?
      And folks, you cannot honestly be suggesting that Arnie Gundersen try and force his way there to help without sincere invitation. If the Japanese government and TEPCO sincerely want his help, then they certainly should pay for his services. I mean, come to reason, he has his own family, has to make a living, etc. just like everyone else. The Japanese government and TEPCO most certainly should be sincerely involving him AND should pay his fee for his expertise.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Fukushima realizations already changed my life without governMENTAL decision making. Change is inevitable, regardless.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Why are there so many nuclear waste dumps allowed to exist if there is technology to help? Once all the aquifers of the world are destroyed, it is game over for ever. Why doesn't the US clean up its own uninhabitable land and decommission all their own nuclear reactors? If the US has no solution and no money at home, it is difficult to believe that there will ever be a solution anywhere in the world.

    The US is selling bunker buster bombs that use depleted uranium to Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates. In my opinion this is nuclear proliferation. Every new nuclear reactor built in the world is nuclear proliferation. Blowing up the Middle East or Asia or Africa is the same as blowing up the whole world. Radiation knows no boundaries.

    Rocky Flats still has as much plutonium as before the clean up. The US has curtailed funds to clean up their own nuclear waste sites. If the US has not enough money or technology to clean up Hanford, Los Alamos, etc., then who in the world has the technology or money?

    Pretending that there is technology to clean up Fukushima or any nuclear waste dump only allows the situation to get worse and worse around the world. Has the window of opportunity already passed by? There will never be any second chances.

    Instead of continuing to play chicken, some more countries need to blink.

    • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

      Very well written, thank you Anne.

      There is mitigation, but no solutions to nuclear contamination/proliferation. This is why everything nuclear must immediately cease production.

      There are many things that can be done in a single year, but nuclear events are timeless. How many Onkolos are needed for all the world's nuclear waste…a thousand? There is no time. An Onkolo vault may take 50 years at break-neck speed with no budget limits…

      Nothing will be contained. All of the world's nuclear waste payload will volatilize.

      This does not mean there is no hope. Civilians and military in all countries: Force decomission of all your nuclear facilities immediately. Then you will have hope for the future.

      There are things that are at first, seemingly un-related to nuclear that will help. Re-forestation on the grandest scale, by seed. The forest will lock up the radionuclides for generations, at least.

      We must humble ourselves as humans in the understanding that in order for our species to survive our own follies, we must sentence thousands of trillions of other life forms to tortured and poisoned existences.

      While working toward decomissioning, we can at least show our gratitude to nature by ceasing to mow our lawns.

      So much more to say, but all must find the path on their own. Reject all man-made items and materials, all of them.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      The answer to your questions are the most importante things to know anne … think about it …. it's not the sfp's but … the answers …..

    • +1

      "Has the window of opportunity already passed by?"
      – anne

      Great question.
      I hope and pray that the opportunity still exists for the sake of every innocent living thing and that we still may have a chance.

      "…more countries need to blink."
      – anne


      Out of control TRIPLE MELTDOWNS is definitely a game changer in more ways than one.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "…, or fear that they might find out how bad things really are."

    Even Arnie speculated early on that once reactor 3 exploded, nothing could be done to resolve this problem. He said something to the effect of, "It's all just physics now…" implying no intervention was possible.

    • Nothing can be done about what was/is being released to the atmosphere, or into the ocean so far. Mitigation is the best to be hoped for, but even that is pointless unless they can stop more crap from getting out. There are ways that could be done, Japan/TEPCO has shown no real interest in doing them. They've got an Olympics coming, will be spending what money they've got for that while still pretending everything is hunky-dory at Daiichi.

      • JoyB, I think I know where your coming from but I beg to differ. For what has already been released what can be done is warning the public, testing of fish food and air and truthful reporting of the danger. That isn't being done and the reader may surmise why. But it isn't because there is no health risk. As far as mitigation is concerned there is lots that can be done. Diverting the groundwater above the disaster would be a good first step. I thought about it before I read that Arnie mentioned it so I imagine many others thought about it. Many many other things to do that are beyond my limited understanding. But what I do know is TepJgov has no intention of spending large cash on mitigation. Japan is the third largest economy in the world. They could do it with sacrifice but they won't. Seems the rest of the World bLeaders are in on it for reasons of their own. They don't care about us. They don't care about us. You can bet your sweet bippy on that!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          They are just thinking of all the money they will make off the healthcare industry which is still profit driven in the US.

        • I agree with everything you've said. The damned nukes practically INVENTED the old See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil adage as it applies to keeping their secrets even if they can't keep their deadly crap from getting out.

          I just want it known/understood that there are ways the impacts could have been mitigated, which no one has done or plans to ever do. The people are on their own, and that's not a nice place to be when that hard rain falls.

  • tarpus

    "I’ve been contacted by 3 American firms that have gone over and begged to give them their technology and they’ve been rebuffed by the Japanese…."

    Then it's obvious someone needs to invade Japan. I don't care if it's the Chinese. That statement is to me a declaration of war.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Japan was invaded long ago and the occupying country still has complete control.

      The invading force has decided not to do anything.

      Ergo: The Dead/Rapidly Dying Pacific Ocean and US West Coast line.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        We know that the U.S. based part of the global nuclear industry has been embedded from the beginning, from the NRC transcripts:

        "We’re embedded, I think we’re doing 24/7 with their Government meeting." http://enformable.com/2012/03/nrc-transcript-tepco-relayed-information-unit-4-sfp-dry-walls-collapsed-and-incapable-of-holding-inventory-unit-3-everything-else-gone/

        It is a mistake to think of this catastrophe in terms of different nations. This is a catastrophe created by the global nuclear industry, and the global nuclear industry is working together to censor the truth from the people worldwide.

        This industry is transnational. Like any other mafia, its interests are not those of the people of any nation, in fact, are opposed to the best interests of the people. A mafia based on illegal drugs needs to destroy the lives of people worldwide, to get new children addicted to drugs all the time to survive and increase their business.
        The global nuclear industry vents and dumps radiation into the bodies of children in the local environment as a daily part of business, and needs to ruin the thyroids, the lives, of more and more children in order to increase their business.

        This catastrophe highlights the historical relationship between the global nuclear industry and the people. The global nuclear industry has always had to censor the truth about nuclear radiation in order to grow, while the people suffer epidemics of cancers, diabetes, thyroid diseases, etc.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Yep.. 🙂

        • babbo dorian babbo dorian

          Specially because the owners of media …. (Murdock) and the GE owners, (also Monsanto's and others similar), Rockefeller, Rothschild, ,,, are partners in everything they do.
          And once again, with their armed arms …. the politician …. that play the game form their money pockets …. as simple as that…..

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The fact that we do not have the names of the firms or information about technologies available is very telling. The scientific community needs to have specifics to debate. Generalities are no help at all. Cosmetics are just allowing time to go by while the situation is just worse and worse.

      We have already seen that walls won't work. Filters don't work. an ice wall would take huge amounts of energy, provided how? And how would an ice wall even work?

      The scientific community has already said that removing the damaged fuel assemblies and rods from SPF #4 will be a disaster. Why won't the IAEA help? Why won't the UN help? Why won't the US help? If all the IAEA members are of the caliber of Lady Judge, why can't they have better educated members on the IAEA?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        It appears that there is no remedy for this situation and this "Nuclear Disaster Event" will be like a growing tumor for our planet, that can not be stopped, and this Nuclear Cancer/Tumor we created will simply run its course unabated, while taking out what ever it can (biological life) in/during the ongoing tumor growth process.

        Truly we have opened Pandora's Box and the Nuclear Genie won't be returning anytime soon.

        After 2.5 years we must at some point realize/face the truth… 🙁

        Best to prepare for what still comith this way..

      • We Not They Finally

        The IAEA, as I'm sure you already know, is there to PROMOTE nuclear energy, not to dismantle it. And they give marching orders to the World Health Organization too. As per a 1959 agreement (Chris Busby talks about it with dismay)the W.H.O. cannot talk about radiation at all without checking with the IAEA.

        People well-placed in those organizations need to be whistleblowers and revolt. Like Gregory Jacszko has tried to do (at least minimally — too little for most, but at least minimally) with the NRC.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Of course, the 3 firms are just thinking of reaping profits off the disaster. And without knowing what technology they are talking about or the firms involved , (?GE-Hitachi, ? Westinghouse), it is impossible to know if the technology would work or not. And invasion is just another way for the military-industrial complex to make more money.

      So far there is no known technology to mitigate such a disaster. The areas contaminated by Chernobyl are still contaminated. Where is anyone planning to store all the spent fuel and live fuel, damaged or not, from Fukushima or from anywhere else for that matter.

      I find it very difficult to believe that there are any undamaged fuel rods at Fukushima. And the spikes and rising radiation probably indicate on-going new criticalities.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Invasion is not required. There are reasonable people in Japan that can be talked to and reasoned with. We don't need any John Wayne shit with Japan right now. They do after all have 50 or so more reactors.

    • tarpus

      No. I'm afraid John Wayne type shit is all these hard headed "save face" idiots understand. Who is going to convince ABE otherwise? No one. Time for talk is over. We need the truth about what has happened, sounds to me like SP4 did burn up already as well as any integrity these "honorable" people had left.

      • babbo dorian babbo dorian

        100% agree

      • bo bo

        Just a side note on this thread : John Wayne died from nuclear fallout.
        So did countless native americans on the set of the film 'The Conqueror', which was filmed near a testing site.
        Even John Wayne's son got cancer only from having visited his father on the set.

        Radiation doesn't discriminate

        • bo bo

          I just realized my main point on the sidenote here was 'John Wayne sh*t ' worked in the movies but in real life he was also shot down by nuclear power

  • irhologram

    Pogo paraphrased. We have met the enemy and he is US. Please remember MIT and many U.S. scientists/nuclear experts…were flown on site by THE NEXT DAY. It ISN'T that we have done nothing. As Anne has repeatedly posted, in the chain of events/command, we are complicit.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      We have not been inactive in solving this problem. The Redskins must be renamed!!!! That is the first step in their master plan.

  • timex

    I cant understand what those Japanise think, times is running and everyday everything gets just worse…why why ??

    They should get big tanker ships first to there, i mean really big….with few big tankers there they could empty all of those aging broken water tanks that now sits on the ground, one or two tankers would be filled with clean fresh water so if they need a coolant water it would be there,not sure do they need thought as the coriums are in contact with groundwater ?

    The tanker ships would be transfer at least to some other place where the radioactive water would not leak to ocean or ground…
    There is a bacteria called deinococcus radiodurans, not yet read all about it but it might be usefull in some way in future with that radioactive water, maybe they could modify the bacteria in lab to make it eat radioactive waste…so they could drop that to the tanker ships…

    Has anyone theorize what would happen if it could be possible to make the coriums to go fission ?? That would go like nuclear bomb right ? I was just thinking that if they could get the fuel rods out from #4 ,and also remove that water that are now in the tanks would it be one option to nuke the site ?? would it end the coriums ? is there a even way to destroy melted coriums ?? if nuke the place they should be like 1000 tanker planes dropping all boron,sulfur,zeolite same time to the area so that it would bind as much it can all that radioactive material…

    • The coriums can't go critical like a bomb, the concentration of fissile isotopes isn't high enough. But what's in the SFPs can go critical for sure, and is quite likely to do so. That won't explode either if they've got a way to vent hydrogen (to atmosphere, along with the vaporized load of fission products and daughters) from the tent. None of them are exactly air tight these days.

      Main problem with failed fuel and crumbled rods and warped assemblies is that any 'flash' criticalities in the pools would kill any humans in there regardless of cute white coveralls. They are most likely to be operating the crane(s) remotely, and radiation (primarily gamma/neutron) from criticalities could wipe out those electronics too just like it's been wiping out robots every time they send one in.

      Lake Barrett's misplaced optimism aside ("just like any other defueling job"), I think they'd be better off injecting some kind of polymer into the pools to anchor/shield everything in them just as it is, then bring 'em down (if that hasn't already done so) and immediately entomb the mess. They might learn enough from that to do much the same down the blow holes to isolate the coriums. Then level the entire mess and cap, divert the groundwater 'river' away from the site altogether.

      Not that they'll actually do any of that, of course. They'd rather have an excuse to simply abandon.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        “…Corium, since it is formed from a critical mass of nuclear fuel, can form a critical mass itself. It is possible in a pressurized water reactor (or boiling water reactor) for a “prompt critical” mass of fuel material to collect at the bottom of a reactor vessel. This would be a worst-case scenario, and highly unlikely.

        “A much more likely scenario is one where the nuclear fuel material mixes with all sorts of other material as the molten material drips out of the core. It is possible that, since molten corium should be rather viscous, there are unmixed zones in the corium blob that are still locally critical….”

        • It's also "possible but highly unlikely" that smashing particles into quark-gluons in our atom-smashers could trigger an instantaneous universal phase change to render life impossible. Since you and I are here typing into our 'pooters, that probably hasn't happened yet.

          Reactor fuel is less than 5% enriched. The odds of that less-than 5% of isotopes to meet up in the same place at the same time is a few hundred tons worth of molten corium lava are so miniscule you'd be better off betting on the lottery or that you'll get struck by lightning. Not exactly something anybody needs to sweat about.

          Now, loose isotopes from crumbled fuel pellets, lots of stray fuel pellets from broken rods, a pick-up stix mass of stray rods and a bunch of half-burned and broken off assemblies – in water for moderation – definitely could go critical without any warning. Wouldn't automatically explode (like a fission bomb), but it would result in a big puff of steam that might lower the water level enough to burn some more cladding (black smoke + hydrogen + fission products galore), split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen (hydrogen explosion(s) likely), in addition to 'shining' enough gamma and neutrons to fry any people or robots within range.

          The criticalities you're talking about are different from each other. None of the fuel pellets are "locally critical" like a bomb. They are capable of sustaining a fission chain reaction if the moderator is also present.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        🙂 I knew you ladies liked those white jumpsuits! Coveralls work too!

        Your plan is similar to what I and others stated long ago, but we are not the one's making the decisions.. 🙁

        Bobby can go over and fix it..but why should he?

        Unless a "Legal Word Craft Doc" is generated shutting down all NPP's worldwide immediately.. then this will all just happen again.

        Bobby would be an idiot/fool to fix anything until a "Legal Word Craft Doc" is generated..

        Without this doc in place it is right that all mankind/biological life should die…

  • timex

    I know it sounds grazy plan….maybe i am getting desperate….i am in semi-shock state of mind everytime i come hear and read all what is the reality…

    • Au Au

      Timex, agreed. it is a very shocking time to be witnessing the sure creeping death of all living things on earth. Except for the radiation loving fungus, ants and cockroaches …for mankind, it is game over. Some will die quicker than others depending on proximity to the accident, individual susceptibility and how well we can mitigate. Eat, drink and be merry. Love others. Even if they decommission every nuke plant, fuku will continue to destroy everything we need to survive. So, I'm going to enjoy today's Fall colors and go get an espresso. Good luck to all. We are going to need it.

      • timex

        Yes AU, i am in shock really, not semi-shock but full shock, i think this situation also when i am in work, cant help it …..this mess is on my mind liked or not.

        One part of the shock is the reality , that the people here dont seems to understand the situation at all! They keep eating those Pacific sea products and i been trying to tell that dont eat anything from Pacific….it`s like i am talking alone here ,and forced to watch when people really gonna eat high risk radioactive stuff…

        I am just glad i dont have children…the ones that born now are in trouble…big way..

        • Au Au

          timex, it is so frustrating that others just don't get it. 2 people in our family are driving across the country right into the oncoming wall of radiation. I showed them the graphs from netc.com, gave them iodine/selenium, showed them the article about the radiation being 6,500 times higher. They are going anyway. They don't have to. I don't even think they took the iodine.

          • Au Au

            timex- It's the end of the world show. The most disturbing show you will ever watch.

          • bo bo

            Au – agreed, I was talking to someone who spent seven days outdoors hiking etc. In arizona. He said he was getting a lot of nosebleeds 'because the air is so dry in the desert.' Is that normal ?

            It's so awkward lately having to look at people's vacation photos or listening to vacation plans or moving plans (like applying for a position in Seattle, etc)
            I can't fake a smile but also don't want to be a jerk when one has already accepted the job/bought a ticket/gone on that trip.

            • DebbyS

              It is normal for those unaccustomed to the dry air and the altitude to get nose bleeds. They should "hydrate" (drink more water) and take it easy for a few days to acclimate to the area. I live in Albuquerque, at about 5,000 feet altitude (in a low area of town), and see visitors who have similar problems but they get used to it. This doesn't mean your friend is not feeling effects of radiation but that it could simply be the altitude and the dry air.

              • bo bo

                DebbyS thank you, yes, I learned later too that this is normal reaction to desert weather! Thank you for clarifying for this discussion, I wanted to go back and clarify myself but couldn't recall where I posted this.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    Good thread, I appreciate all your comments. Obewan, agreed: “…it appears that there is no remedy for this situation…”

    Yes, I hope that at some point the Japanese would be receptive to the development of a mitigation strategy collaboratively developed by a team of the world’s best engineers based upon a thorough accounting and understanding of the physical conditions of the site.

    Much of the information we have on plant conditions has been leaking out of TEPCO at a rate slower than the radioactive releases, some of which is factually suspect.

    Agreed NFV: I’m not sure what it’s going to take to derail (figuratively speaking) the NPP train. Developing countries continue to go all in: http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Country-Profiles/Countries-A-F/China–Nuclear-Power/#.UmLHkPmbP0A

    Timex-I’ve been opposed to the tanker idea-too easy for them to “accidentally” drift off into international waters and the contents to go missing. FYI-Nuking the place would make problems exponentially worse for an encyclopedically long list of reasons I will not post here.


  • datura17

    the world is ruled by morons…soon it will be ruled by no one. no man,no religion,no animals,no bacteria,just nothing.a moron that thinks he is smart is a very, very dangerous thing.these morons are of a special breed, they come off as normal or above average intelligence and they have a special ability and that is to get themselves placed up on a pedestal, their whole imagination is geared towards doing exactly that as that is how they self gratify themselves. these people cant imagine having to change a tire along a road, or put water from the lake or stream in a radiator if their car overheats, so how in the f**k does anyone expect them to be able to do anything whatsoever about a nuclear disaster. i cant see abe changing a tire, i cant see obama changing a tire, i can see putin changing a tire. mind you i am not saying the officials with the support all around , but the PERSON alone on that dark road. the way i see it is some people are leaders and will get the job done themselves to expedite things. while others are fake leaders that are at the mercy of their underlings, are incompetent to make a command decision to send a million people to their deaths for the benefit of the many. Gorbachev was indeed a leader, he got the job done for all of us. to those men and women that sacrificed their lives, i am grateful for the 25 years i have lived without, well, you know..
    i think the Olympics should flat out be cancelled as that is something that is meant for good times.

  • antipodes

    Very well marked RADIOACTIVE and GPS monitored GIANT double hulled tanker ships with decontamination gear.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      An alien race may visit us some day. They may find us spending all of our planetary GDP gaurding "Very well marked RADIOACTIVE and GPS monitored GIANT double hulled tanker ships with decontamination gear." from terrorists bent on blowing them up and killing everyone who is having such a great time being taxed $10.00 on every dollar made to provide security for these "Very well marked RADIOACTIVE and GPS monitored GIANT double hulled tanker ships with decontamination gear."

      The alien race may also discover the humble dung beetle, and its' efforts more productive.

      I know you mean well. This is not saying the idea is not a good one for a temporary fix, but in the long run. I just shudder. This nuclear waste is the product of a twisted mind.

      • How does one protect sailors on a highly radioactive ship with gamma rays?

        The tanks are lethal to anyone walking within 4 feet, within 4 hours.

        How lethal would a super tanker be to humans?

  • antipodes

    As spelled out previously in my post on the 16th How to fix.

    the problems at FUKU. Thanks TIMEX

  • Wyakin Wyakin


    Thank you for thinking out of the box and offering valuable ideas.

    My concern with the tanker idea is not based on the technical merits the proposal contains, but on the demonstrated proclivity of TEPCO.gov to dispose of FU waste at sea. Tankers are highly mobile.

    I believe that a trustworthy party in charge of the site and containment efforts coupled with a reliable and independent monitoring system is needed before this approach is employed.


  • antipodes

    Wyakin Thanks for the response and compliment,agreed outside monitoring necessary. It just seems such a common sense thing and one that could be implemented fairly soon.

  • timex

    Well using nuke is then grazy idea then, i just wondered of how a one giant BOOM might be still less bad thing than next 10 year leak…..but what the hell i know about these….i feel like this is allready unreal that i even have to sit here on other side of the world wondering different tactics about what to do to this mess becouse the Japanise,US,Chinese,Russia or UN seem to not really do nothing !

    Looks like the world is screwed, becouse……this seem to be new norm, countrys ,not just Japan are so broke financially and most of all MENTALLY/SPIRITUALLY HALF DEAD, so when something bad happen there are no leaders nor money to make right decisions like what would do leaders who are in the map…..this seem to be new norm of how things will be done….just lie to citizens and do nothing that would save us becouse they cant even think the idea of using money ….becouse money is the God for them!

    So are we losing the world becouse humans are so in love to money? Is this real ??
    antipodes you have good ideas, my tanker idea was from your opinion from some other topic. I think the tankers should be used, they could use international personel to watch/secure the ships with modern technology…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      One crazzy idea deserves another. One of my first thoughts, too, was to nuke it after evacuating all of Japan. A clean burn, vs slow and dirty. Bad idea, I guess. But I admit it hit mr too.

      I'm about completely zonkified (ready for sleep) been looking at this too long.

      Throw out some ideas before passing out.

      Build a giant pump . pump it all out to space.

      Build a giant venturi system. pressure drops and temp drops at the venturi. So build a pipe with a venturi right at Japan's Fukushima prefecture. Then have the politicians talk into one end.

      Build a big artificial planet like in the Book, Ringworld. may be a budget problem.

      Hook electricity to the inner electrodes in the Pyramid at Giza: see what happens

      Build a giant tazer and zap tepco

      Build dirt up around the fuel pools so the pools are at ground level. Then they can't fall in an earthquake

      Cern goes round and round. Find the Bullshit particle, try to understand it.

      Tie a black balloon on a string. When the sun hits it it will rise to outer space.
      Fill the balloon with Fukushima.

      Man, going to bed now, hope someone can adapt and polish my thoughts and save the world before I get up. Good luck everyone. If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul will take.

      • timex

        unincredulous, u crack me up! hehe…

        Ok ,go back to sleep, and then go back to plans…plans make things work in the world, without any plans there would not be cars or trains nor aeroplanes…or spaceshutles and visit to Moon ( if they really were there…)

      • MichaelV MichaelV

        The bullshit particle exists…!

        Our most intuitive ideas come in the moments between sleep and waking…thanks unincredulous!

        Was it possible for our forebears of 10,000 years ago to bullshit one another…? There was no language to speak of other than, 'hey!, yeah, no, me, you, run..!", etc…IMHO.

        Life was good then…IMHO…no word craft at the time; meanings couldn't change like they do now…

        • MichaelV MichaelV

          1914 meanings of:
          Drug laboratory
          Drug user
          Revolutionary(social ideal)

          2013 word meanings:
          Drug/meth lab
          Drug user
          Revolutionary(marketing ideal)

          • MichaelV MichaelV

            The Bomb=H bomb

            The Bomb= 103.5 FM radio station Sacramento

          • timex

            Maybe could add to 2013 list, being a conspiracy theory`st follower ?

            It`s so much also basic human chemistry , they made plans to add poisonous toxic material to our precious dayly food and drink,knowing it`s nerve effect and also spiritual effects. Fluoride to tap water, bromine …add some hardcore heavy metals mercury, aluminium etc…..the result is making people just dumb, and spiritually dead….hey it`s easy to control then these people….

            Well I am now free, take my dayly iodine 200-500mg ( yes that`s mg ) and few others to clean those nerve agents out from me, i really do see the effect as now i feel i actually lbe in reality world ( really bad reality btw)

            It`s so easy for elite to control the people when they have fist use nerve agents for them…

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Unincredulous, I have mentioned a similar approach before.

        "Build dirt up around the fuel pools so the pools are at ground level. Then they can't fall in an earthquake"

        This would help reduce "background" (lols but not really funny) radiation at the site. Slip-cast tunnels could be produced nearby and placed generously to provide site access for cooling and monitoring of the mess below. Once the SPF's had been emptied and disassembled, the soil could be removed layer by layer as the scrap pile of a NPP is torn down and placed in a catacomb, shrine to nuclear energy.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes sir? What is it?
    Bobby do you know timex?
    Yes sir I have heard of him.
    Bobby do you believe what he said?
    Sir what did he say?
    Bobby he said:
    "So are we losing the world becouse humans are so in love to money? Is this real ??"
    Well Sir from his statement all I can say is.. Yes sir..this is all very real and my wife and I love money!
    Yes Bobby?
    Sir, Should I go back to work now since I need to make more money so I can buy my wife and I more shiny things?
    Yes, by all means go/get back to work Bobby.
    Yes sir! RIght away Sir!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      …anything to keep you from kicking me in the fellas again, bobby.

    • timex

      Good one Obe wan, sadly also true..

      Where is the button to restrart humanity ? all we have to do is just press the ctrl/alt/del and just reboot and restart the whole us…

      I think we can now finally know, that if there would be a such a device as time machine, it should be used to only go back in time and not forward,since there is probably just few hardcore bacterium and mushrooms living in here in year 2213…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There may have already been a few time travelers based on what has already been written about wormwood…no faith needed for a time traveler..just a message written/sent for others to head.

    I have never stated that the "Power of Force" should ever dismiss ancient words that were written by others a long time ago…trying to understand the purpose/reasons of/why some "Word Craft" even exists is an art all/of/on its own.

    • timex

      Only a trained jedi could really see truth all that deception they throw in every direction now days…

      The dark side of the force is getting stronger Obe, and i feel so hopeless about it..

  • antipodes

    Timex, Thanks again for your support about the ships and other ideas I listed. I will reprint the original text soon hopefully to be seen in a more complete way. Well marked GIANT double hulled tanker ships well monitored could be used almost immediately. They would take the pressure off the workers, flimsy holding tanks,and the precious ocean. Energize.

  • antipodes

    Unincredulous; Got a better short term idea? Let's hear it.

  • mhocker10

    I honestly think that when TepGov begins removing fuel rods from SFP #4 they will "accidentally" drop one, and end their work at the plant. I truly believe this is what is being "planned".. they honestly just want to walk away and wash their hands of Daiichi once and for all. I very much hope I am wrong.

  • antipodes

    As I Wrote in my letter to nine highly respected and influenttual people involved in this matter, tanker ships could act in unison as parked holding and decontamination vessels. Tankers could be in a dry dock[on land] or parked in a row in an improved harbor. Motors could simply be removed or disabled in a big way,rudders removed etc.Ships could be donated, maybe used as a tax exemption or donated by philanthropists. Gee whiz, please use your imagination a little.

  • timex


    Yes they should use the tankers , but if they refuse to do that it will really look like they dont even care and are just waiting that the place is soon so much radiated that they move all personel out…

    I think the UN should step in and force them to do this ship plan asap.

    3 major problems

    – The water tanks with radioactive water, some tanks in near collapse condition, to fix this using the double hull tanker ships like antipodes write…

    – the fuel rods in #4 , this is where it gets hard , i have some doubts can they remove those…

    – the coriums down there, maybe start drilling a huge tunnel with robot drilling machine that drill tunnel to same line with the reactors with the right depth once they first measure the place of the coriums, they could make a huge cooling unit at same time when start drilling the tunnel , put rail to tunnel and the cooling unit could be transfer to down there and get the coriums inside to the cooling unit, which would be like a huge metallic heat sink type of box that they cool with some cooling system 24/7 ,i mean freezing really ….

  • mal2vinxp

    I have a fun theoretical solution to this catastrophe…and perhaps it’s the reason why world “leaders” are able to remain so calm. I say why not use an undisclosed cover-up to solve another undisclosed cover-up ? I think this would be the most perfect time to unleash those aliens that the government has been covering up and utilize them by sending them out eat up that nuclear waste. Surely those alien beings should be capable of doing things that we wouldn’t, hell they might even love nuclear waste… Voila !! TWO birds baby !! Clearing up this mess while disclosing the UFO cover-up at the same time.

    • Au Au

      mal2inxp – They better get this radiation neutralizing alien party started before we are all diseased and mutated. They can add fluoride, aluminum, herbicides, pesticides, mercury, GMOs, fracking waste and that big island of floating plastic debri to the alien menu too.

  • Just have to find some aliens that LIKE this stuff… Somewhere in this huge galaxy, there has to be a life form that LOVES to eat radiation, toxic chemicals, and garbage in garbage dumps, including all of the plastics and mercury, and the CO2 excess as well.

    Mystery – The Earth Does Not Orbit The Sun In 2 Dimensions – Travels Through Space 3,918,402,000 Miles/Yr; via @AGreenRoad

    Carl Sagan; A Pale Blue Dot – A Dust Mote In A Sun Beam – Who Will Save Us From Ourselves? via @AGreenRoad

  • Who would want Earthlings as a galactic neighbor, the way we are acting now?

    • maybe with these "new abilities include: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and levitation. For all of transformed humanity – human consciousness, human life, will make a quantum leap in evolution."

      Once we get these powers, in Jan. of 2014 at the latest, according to the above website, the first job will be to teleport all nuclear weapons and power plants far, far away…

      That goes for the 3 coriums too… and DU weapons..

      • Anthony Anthony

        I think some of the dates are off a tiny bit which actually correlates with other independent information on topic stating original timeline was adjusted. I am newer relatively speaking in my awareness of this overall so I have no pony in this discussion per se. I have noticed therefore there is older information pointing or predicting-warning-informing specific events and situations which are currently rolling out exactly as stated save for the time-frame.

        I would relish those abilities personally!

        I think we all are about to realize life does have avenues inspired at a universe level beyond our own planet, for our planet and all of its lifeforms energies. Those earth energies are tied to the universe so when adjustments and changes happen in the universe so it does on the planet.

        Man has caused much pain and destruction through the use of his mind. The Galactics I find very directly and simply advised a shift from the brain to the heart. They say the heart has a shared physical composition as the brain cells and is a more powerful intelligence than anything out of our heads. Had man lived through his heart he would have never considered building a nuke plant on fault lines as he would hurt the ocean through doing so. Never mind hurt his children.

        The really interesting aspect I find is not everyone will partake in the ET earth involvement but they are stepping in for the Earth. If you believe you get taken under-wing on some level. 🙂

        • These predictions have been made for many generations.. What makes this prediction any more accurate? Earth shifts have been predicted, many, many times, for many generations before this one. Many maps have come out from many sources, predicting huge changes.

          Comets coming and bringing in spaceships have been made numerous times before, and one cult actually committed suicide together to 'get onboard' the spaceship flying by.

          Shifting whole continent plates 90 degrees is a HUGE prediction, and will spell the end of all nuclear plants. Huge earthquakes and tsunamis will take out most if not all nuke plants.. NONE of these shift predictors talk about nuclear AT ALL. They avoid the whole subject. One cannot shift a whole continent 90 degrees without overwhelming, catastrophic loss of life of most people in non earthquake proof homes and buildings, much less roads, etc.

          Taking out Fukushima is an ELE. Taking out 400 nuke plants and spent fuel pools is quite another thing.

          The predictors all just say; get some food and water and get ready…

          We would be much more inclined to take these types of predictions somewhat seriously, if they included some realistic predictions, instead of just rosy scenarios..

          These and Fundamental Armageddon predictions always seem to be made, not come true, and then dates change.

          What better way to get people to not make ANY changes, and keep 1% in power?

          Just keep predicting a 'saviour' is on the way, right around…

  • About 3 months to go… that will go by in the blink of an eye..

  • We just hope that the change into the 4th dimension will include a very positive effect on the current 1%. Just advancing consciousness and getting lots of psychic powers may very well just juice them up even more, with their mental dis-ease going into super overdrive..

    They might clamp down even more, and control the use of these abilities in everyone except themselves…

    how will this affect the 1% and their monopolies?