Tokyo Professor: Every organism in Fukushima Prefecture is contaminated with radiation — 1,373,000 Bq/kg detected in worm feces 60 km from meltdowns

Published: February 8th, 2012 at 8:30 am ET


Title: 1.37 Million Bq/kg Radioactive Cesium in Earthworm Castings in Fukushima
Source: EX-SKF
Date: Feb 7, 2012

[…] Professor Mori found over 1.37 million becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium in excrement of earthworms he picked up in Watari District of Fukushima City, where radioactive cesium exceeding the national provisional safety standard (500 becquerels/kg) has been found in rice.

From Professor Mori’s blog (2/6/2012):

All God’s creatures, great and small, have been contaminated with radiation (About radioactive silver and cesium in earthworms)

Our study on the living organisms collected in and around Fukushima Prefecture shows that there is no organism that is not contaminated with radioactive cesium. As the Mainichi Shinbun reported today, earthworms are also contaminated.

I collected a lot of earthworms that are about 5 centimeters in length in Watari District of Fukushima City, about 60 kilometers away from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Earthworms were in direct contact with soil, and so I assumed they would be highly contaminated with radioactive cesium. […]

Dr. Bin Mori is professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. His specialty is plant nutrition.

Read the report here

Published: February 8th, 2012 at 8:30 am ET


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55 comments to Tokyo Professor: Every organism in Fukushima Prefecture is contaminated with radiation — 1,373,000 Bq/kg detected in worm feces 60 km from meltdowns

  • truthsetufree truthsetufree

    Thats proof eveolution is wroung that adding energy to matter helps it evol. The earthworms are still earthworms and no evolution has taken place. What God said is true He created the Earth in 6 days.


      @truthsetufree: some might say, what you have to sell is far-more-toxic than what’s spewing from Fukushima. And if you really cared for the child you’re hiding behind, you’d have the sense to join those who truly care for the innocent. So please try to stay on topic!

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Hi Aftershock. I figured that first post was a planted diversion. It’s got all the hooks to make us bite: spelling errors, theology, misrepresentation of science, “little baby” sucker photo, controversy ploy, first post to the thread, off topic….

        It was great to see you bring discussion back to the (terrifying) topic of the article.

        I found the headline “Every organism in Fukushima Prefecture is contaminated with radiation — 1,373,000 Bq/kg detected in worm feces 60 km from meltdowns” to be perhaps the scariest thing I have ever read.


          @aigeezer: I refrain from pushing my path on others. Such indiscretion usually guarantees alienation of other people’s belief. I personally welcome all view points and solutions; even those that skirt the periphery of the subject. What I won’t accept are efforts (vapid or otherwise) by trolls, to turn the direction of this invaluable site towards unproductive dialog.

          And yes, this is a terrifying story about the worms. But most will only see the worms; not that which eventually ends-up on their dinner plate…

      • StillJill StillJill

        Knock it off AFTERSHOCK,…truthseek mentions earthworms, did not! 🙁

        Stay on topic!

    • many moons

      Truthsetufree, God may have created the world but what is more important right now is….mankind has destroyed it. Atoms for peace, turn into atoms for intimidation…proliferation, now we have contamination…extermination…do you think God will create another world? He probably won’t invite Adam or Eve to join the party.

    • Kevin Kevin

      Speaking of kids, if earthworms are this toxic and a mere 6% of kids have evacuated the Fukushima prefecture. Or more aptly if as the expert says, “All organisms in the prefecture” ……

    • Is this another pro nuke advocating for poisoning more children with low level radiation, on the pretext that more ‘energy’ is good for everyone, including freeeeee energy from nuclear radiation?

      Low Dose Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation Dangers To Children
      A Green Road Blog;

  • James2

    I thought worm feces was called “dirt”.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    MSM silence is deafening.


    Looking at the comparison of what’s being found to what’s been deemed as being within a safe range, it’s evident all of Japan is more-or-less contaminated with radiological toxins.

    This is only the beginning. Within less than a year, areas adjacent to these wrecked power plants have exceeded safe limits by millions of times! Now, we’re being told it could be decades before access-to the damaged plants and damage-assessments can be made. At this rate, this entire region of the world will likely be uninhabitable within ten years. (That’s not to say that people won’t remain within this region out of ignorance and poverty.) Then there’s the bio-migration of contaminants through the oceans. Regardless where one lives, this catastrophe is likely to seek you out. It’s becoming obvious, this is an ELE…

    • James2

      As much as I’ve been here and seen everything and understand everything – I don’t want to accept that word “extinction”.

      I can imagine that the average person – who knows nothing about what’s really going on will be unable to comprehend that – ever.

      They will also get very angry long before they get to the comprehension level.

      Your point is well taken – regardless of what the numbers for contamination are today, they are only a fraction of what they will be just from Fukushima releases that are happening now and will happen soon.


        @James2: agreed. I’m very worried at the prospect of reactor 4 collapsing. I’m also with those out here who refuse to accept defeat. I’ve been thinking about a plan to get at each of the damaged cores (coreum mass) for possible ‘handling’. It would involve building trenches – towards – the damaged facilities. These trenches would be lined and covered. As the trenches progressed, they’d be dug deeper-and-deeper. When they approached the buildings, machinery would be used to draw materials from within (and underneath) the damaged structures. As the coreum was approached, smaller quantities of contaminated materials would be excavated and carried back down the trench-tunnels for ‘handling’. As the materials would vary in consistency, repositories would have to be constructed to process them for ‘disposal’. The whole idea is very much what you’d see in a smelting plant. This would cost hundreds-of-billions to build and an equal amount expended towards the handling equipment/robotics…

    • Bones Bones

      Personally, I don’t think it will lead to conventional extinction in any foreseeable time frame. There will be massive, massive, massive suffering especially for people in Fukushima/Japan/U.S West Coast/Alaska/Canada. (All over the world as well.) I seriously believe Japan will be “evacuated” in the coming decade or two. There won’t be an extinction, but there is definitely a nuclear holocaust/genocide that has been going on for over 50 years, and it won’t ever get better or go away. A permanent increase in the average number of deaths each year.

      Not until civilians deny the legitimacy of the government in the collective mind of America, and we start taking the justice system into our own hands. That means civilians having the power to arrest and jail those responsible and those who are accomplices to this genocide. It also means a judge and jury made solely of people from those communities where the accused lived/operated and those people who were hurt. No more conflicts of interests and no propaganda. There is a revolution coming and it will be the toppling of all governments world wide and a dismantling of the worlds military industrial complex.

      Let’s not forget the poisoning of the gene pool. Every mutation perpetrated by the radiation, from the nuclear industry, will stay with that organism and will be passed down through children. This means millions of years of evolution is being altered at the fundamental level into weaker and inferior beings. Our gene pool has been and is being polluted for the rest of humanity. In several generations, we will all have these damaged or altered genes. Think about the massive spike in illnesses that will occur do to this in a hundred, two hundred, or three hundred years. That is the type of extinction I am thinking of. Humanity will be dumber (Radiation causes retardation, a lower IQ) and weaker as time goes on because we can never remove the radionuclides and never repair the DNA back to what it…


        @Bones: nice rant! I fear most of the reality of what you’re touching upon; especially the need for revolution. I wish (and you know what that gets you) those in power would step back and exhibit some sense of what real power enables: the means to change direction. Unfortunately, there are so many vested interests, the power-elite are reluctant to put others on notice.

        Regarding the extinction issue: I agree with your assessment, as well. By the time our species would be so affected, we will have left this planet behind. In fact, I’m getting word that that’s exactly underway.

        Regarding the gene-pool: this will likely be the most tragic aspect of this catastrophe; that generations will end-up paying the price (as we are unwittingly doing so now) for the mismanagement of nuclear technology (as well as others).

        Again…nice post Bones!!!

      • nohobear nohobear

        I tend to agree with your vision of how this scenario will play out. There’s also another evil component to consider. Eugenics. The same twisted elite that have visited this nuclear madness on the world also have access to advanced, state of the art, medical technology.

        If as you suggest, the human genome is degraded from mutation, do you think these evil scum would hesitate to protect their own future progeny by “banking” their own genetic material. They certainly have access to medical resources that 99% of the population does not have. It would actually work out quite well for them. Resulting drops in IQ of the surviving mass of humanity would provide a convenient population of docile, easily controlled worker/servants for the elite. Over time, society would be fractured into a two tier society that would make the Middle Ages look like an egalitarian democracy by comparison.

        Fanciful stuff of science fiction? Perhaps. The same might have been said about 3 nuclear reactors going “China Syndrome” simultaneously. Interesting times we are living through. Not the future I imagined when I was a child watching Star Trek.


          @nohobear: though I can sympathize with your anxieties, I can’t accept that this is somehow part of a larger conspiracy to ‘thin the herd’ as it were. I am an advocate of transgenetic evolution; that it is a part of ‘our’ destiny and evolutionary path, should we desire to go-forth into the heavens. I think what we’re witnessing is incompetence on the part of those policy makers who’ve accrued to power. I call it the “Hitler’s Bunker” scenario. They know somethings ‘amiss’ but don’t have the courage to inform the ‘fuehrer’ of the truth. The only solution is to open constructive dialog with each other and ‘others’ who are monitoring on the sidelines. Eventually, our rational analysis will take hold and be passed up the ladder. They’ll get the credit for leading us out of this dark age, but we’ll know who turned-on the lights…

          • nohobear nohobear

            Aftershock- I agree with you that me must continue an open dialog and hope that rational analysis will combat the pro nuke propaganda. Overall, I’m afraid you are more optimistic than I am, but I would be very happy to be wrong in this instance.

            As far as conspiracy theory, I actually wasn’t even thinking in terms of that. Conspiracy would imply that the fools that have foisted this poisonous technology on the world have carefully thought it out. Judging from the actions of Tepco, I would say it’s more akin to an out of control clown car.

            I was thinking more of human greed and selfishness.

            Human greed, brought this poisonous technology into existence, and keeps it propped up, despite the fact that it is financially unviable, and is rejected by the majority of people when they are educated to it’s inherent dangers. A few benefit from short term profits, but the majority of people will be bearing the true cost many generations into the future.

            It’s not far fetched to imagine the few elites that benefit financially from the commercial nuke industry would use some of their wealth and resources to protect their own bloodlines from radiation induced genetic damage. For most people, without the access to expensive medical technology, well, we’re on our own in an increasingly irradiated world.

            My apologies to all if I went a little off topic. I thought Bones hit the nail on the head as how this will all play out. The unfolding horror of this disaster will increase exponentially over time. Radioactive worms today, evacuation of Tokyo a year from now (or sooner when the next earthquake brings down #4).


              @nohobear: just wanted to compliment you on your points and writing style. And none of what you’ve touched upon was – in my opinion – off topic.

              Thanks for being out here!

            • GoFrodo

              As much as the conspiracy theories may make some sense to me, I’ve entertained the notion that this is possibly from greed and laziness. And that we are moreso being left to die than being engineered to die.

              Still, when so many agencies are cooperating in keeping the masses from knowing that they are being constantly poisoned for nearly a year, leaving them defenseless, that doesn’t seem very passive to me anymore.

              It starts to feel like something beyond selfishness, and more like murder. 🙁


                @GoFrodo: you are correct in that we are being left to die. This reasons for this are both historic (class influenced) and shortsighted negligence.

                What’s not being grasped (yet) by policy makers, is the value of healthy – productive – citizens. As things are, most feel that the masses are superfluous and hence, expendable. When the reality of this catastrophe is fully actualized (by them), they’ll become more aggressive in the protection of the global populace.

                Right now, they’re too busy fiddling while Fukushima burns…

                • GoFrodo

                  Maybe we can help them understand a little faster.

                  It’s about time I gave some of them a jingle.

                • GoFrodo

                  Make that “another jingle”. Not that they always listen. Enviro issues I’ve gotten the “we trust the proposed guidelines are appropriate” or whatever letter before, of course.

  • or-well

    Everyone move back. Don’t eat worms or spiders OK? Fight for Fukushima and eat local foods.
    We don’t treat radiation sickness, so that’s not why you’re sick – understand?
    Of course you do.
    Maternity specialists will be available in case of anomalous birth events. Understand? Of course you do.
    Child mortality statistics will show a wide range of causes of death, all within statistically probable parameters for each category. Understand? Of course you do.
    And hey, people get old, they die. Got it?

    • Knowledge is god.
      Pride is poison.
      Integrity is virtue.
      These are the sins that we bare.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Of course ‘we’ do! (NOT) 🙂

      • or-well

        Hi StillJill.
        I think it’s unconscionable, the pressure applied (directly and by limiting options) to get folks back into the CZ (contaminated zone).
        The whole official response has been sickening from the get-go, figuratively and literally.
        I can’t find words to express my disgust.
        But, as you see, I keep trying.
        I have no weapons but words
        to counter cold swords,
        no sanctions can I apply,
        but by words I condemn
        the coldblooded men
        who would send innocent
        children to die.

        • StillJill StillJill

          Maes me think of the bumper sticker, “Mean people suck”.
          They compel children to eat and drink school lunches? Compel someone to eat or drink, or breath something they don’t want to??? WTF!

          I wish every kind hearted soul would learn the word, “NO”!
          Practice it forcefully, resolutely, and often,….especially now!

          What people think of ‘us”, is none of our damned business anymore! Totally irrelevant!
          They will not be the one breathing for you later, will they?

          Fuck ‘um!

  • or-well

    This was in Mainichi Shinbun, or at least part of it was, so maybe folks will make the connection between worms/soil/food.

    Every bit helps raise awareness of the dangers.
    I wonder what page it was on?

    NOTE: Mainichis discreet graphic doesn’t show people or crops, but it does show a pig and what looks like a rat!

  • Bobby1

    Worms are near the bottom of the food chain. Bioaccumulation increases at every level you go up the chain. Humans of course are on the top.



      “…Humans of course are on the top.”

      Well, if the worms at TEPCO have any further say in all of this, we won’t be for much longer.

      Forgive me…couldn’t resist this one…

    • Anthony Anthony

      I wonder if worms agree with that when they are eating our buried remains!?!

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Assume thread folks. This is the reason I have started my mornings on this site for the last 9 or 10 months. Many years ago, my life was changed forever. I was fighting for my life 2000 meters from the DMZ in Nam and in the real world we were walking on the moon and the first “commercial” nuke plant went on line. In this unbelievable moment in time all reality changed. I’ve been and anti-war advocate for over 43 years, a look at any newspaper from any day within that time will tell you how successful I’ve been. I’m 64 now and hold little hope, if any, for the continuation of this experiment. I live in a little camper, the VA lists me as a homeless vet, and I am weary to the bone. But my heart sores when I see the energy and power and thought that is presented here from people I can only think of as heros. My hat is off to all of you. If we do get through this nightmare it will be due to the likes of you all. I only wish I could be as constructive and engaged and who knows, maybe I’ll get a second wind. Thank you all for your input on this site. It sometimes gives me reason to live.



      @blackbeer: can’t thank you enough for the kind words you’ve expressed to us all, out here. And from what I see in them, you are a warrior for the righteous! For that courage, know that you’ll never be ‘homeless’ here…

    • James2

      Blackbeer – 64 is the new 44. We need every person we can get to help with this – that means you…

      You are the hero – regardless of where you served, and what happened there – you did it in a belief that you were defending our country – and presumably it was quite dangerous.

      Our country is under attack again, and we need people willing to fight. It’s not under attack from guns. It’s under attack from a lack of ethics, from a lack of leadership and from a lack of honesty, and from a lack of liberty.

      it’s like Clint Eastwood said in the halftime commercial the other day – “we’ve lost our way”.

      For this battle nobody cares where you live, or even if you have a home. They just care that your willing to stand up and demand that people tell the truth, that they lead and that they respect our liberties – most importantly the one that grants us the right – unimpeded to disagree with what our government is doing and through that disagreement the proper course will be determined.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Dear Tom, I send you a big smile around the planet & wish we and the other great enenewsers could share red wine, hope and or-wells poetry along with PoorDaddy’s tunes at the campfire tonight!

    Cheers! 🙂

  • bleep_hits_blades

    No religion-peddling here please – I agree with Aftershock and aigeezer.

    Religion (Revelations, etc. etc. etc.) is off-topic here. This website should NOT be be used as a place from which to preach and proseletize for Christianity or any other spiritual/metaphysical belief-system.

    PLEASE to all the ‘true-believers’ – I respect your right to have your beliefs; please respect my right to have my beliefs.

    • vivvi

      I dunno, bleep … spirituality is an important part of life. There is a big difference between expressing an opinion on beliefs, and what you call preaching and proseletizing. I don’t see much peddling of religion here.

      Many would agree that we human beings are more spiritual than we are physical. If we were merely physical, then none of this matters, its just an unfortunate extinction event.

      Without our human spirit, we become mere biological creatures, and the main difference between us and the elite bloodsuckers who seem hell bent on killing us all is that we have a soul, we have conscience and empathy for our fellow creatures, thats why we are here on this site to begin with.

      I have noticed that christianity seems to be the only belief system that attracts venomous attack here. People expressing atheism or humanism, etc, don’t seem to get flamed. Why not just live and let live. If you don’t agree with somebody elses ideas, just ignore what they say. Nobody is attacking your right to believe whatever you want, however your comment seems to be aimed at silencing those who believe differently to yourself. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?


        @vivi: to keep things on an even keel, we should honor the diversity of each others beliefs. But as you’ve hinted, espousing any particular religion is rife with hidden danger. The wide expanse of this medium (global internet communications) only adds to this potential conflict. Add to this, the resurgence – within certain religious groups – of anti-scientific beliefs and you’ve the makings of endless flames.

        Perhaps your statement that “…I don’t see much peddling of religion here.” is how it should remain, if we’re to move forward in a constructive manner…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Any estimates here, worse case scenario (or just PROBABLE SCENARIO), how long the reactors at Daichi are going to continue belching the radio-nuclides? How many years?

    It seems a bit beside the point, in a way, whether this is or is not an ELE event. If it is that serious, that we are discussing the possibility, that is all we need to know.

    However, it is looking really bad. Rense was talking about it on his radio show last night, saying that SFP 4 will almost certainly fall within a year (at most, I’d guess). Even level-headed, non-hysterical Arnie Gundersen said, I believe, that if SFP 4 goes, Japan and the West Coast of North America will be uninhabitable.

    We know that other areas around the No. Hemisphere will be equally heavily doused/dosed, depending on wind and rain patterns.

    Maybe not a full-blown ELE, but a ‘killing’ catastrophe of huge proportions. And to what extent the gradual on-going mixing of the planetary air-envelope will carry such high levels pretty much ‘all over’ – we just don’t know. But it will be mostly all over, I’d guess.

    So it is going to be tantamount to an ELE. To me that conclusion seems inescapable at this point. I would certainly love to be wrong – but it does not seem like a difficult call to make.


      @bleep: I know the general public’s not getting any of these stories; what’s lurking on the horizon. Given the scale of this catastrophe, perhaps it’s better that they don’t know. What could anyone do to protect themselves? What’s already been released so far, has made its way (and will continue) into our food, water and air. If SFP 4 goes, so goes we all. So yeah…I’m with you on the foreboding feelings…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ vivvi —

    The only organized religion that is being mentioned/pushed here – rather often – is Christianity. There are no Jews or Muslims quoting their holy books and putting that slant on things.

    You can’t really call ‘humanism’ or ‘atheism’ religions and so I can’t agree with your trying to call them that and I have not noticed any humanists or athiests promoting their beliefs here.

    Once again – the Founding Fathers had it right – religion is in the realm of the ‘not empirically verifiable.’ Religion is based on belief, faith. We should respect others’ beliefs and leave them out of this discussion as they are not germane.

    The subject of this website is stuff that is empirically verifiable or at least open to empirical testing.

    I think Christians are insensitive when they fail to realize that 1.) religion is off topic here; 2.) others have beliefs which they hold just as firmly as the Christian cleave to their belief-system; 3.) no one really likes being preached at, unsolicited.

    I am not anti-Christian, but bringing one’s personal religious beliefs into the discussion simply is not appropriate here and it does get rather tiresome, to me.

    • vivvi

      sorry bleep, but atheism and humanism are both religions. Everybody has their beliefs, and that is their religion, whether it is part of an organised system or wacky one-off individualist ideas like believing in martians or the flying spaghetti monster. I don’t see a lot of preaching, simply expressing of how events relate to their world view.

      I do not think it is possible, or even desirable, that we all leave our spiritual outlook out of our discussions about such a serious life and death matter as radiation poisoning of our planet. Unless of course we are all going to turn into aspiritual mutants, in which case it doesn’t matter, humanity will be dead anyway.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ AFTERSHOCK – Yes, at first I was telling practically everyone I met about Fukushima, thinking it was helpful, because they could take protective measures, etc. and also help raise the general level of awareness.

    Increasingly, I am just not mentioning it and not sending more informative emails off to those who do not respond to the earlier ones. I leave them alone.

    Finally, I think I have gotten the picture, and it is not a good picture at all.

    Does not help that my own health has nose-dived, but part of that could be that I went into what amounts to a sort of nervous collapse/breakdown when Fuk. disaster happened.

    Because I DID know at some level, immediately, just how bad it was/is (have been blinking in and out of degrees of denial ever since – but lately, the other shoe has dropped with a big thud). However, emotional stress is an addition assault on health and might have hastened my decline. Also I stopped exercising so much. Shocked and traumatized, I withdrew.

    So long story short, I am 68, a somewhat lapsed ‘health food nut,’ increasingly, my health is not at all good, I have developed a bad back problem, chronic pain, emotionally I am in bad shape, and my energy level is not good. (I think I am one of the ‘at risk’ elderly who has been quite affected, physically as well as emotionally – living as I do in Hawaii and right in the path of danger, so to speak.)

    Basically, my will to live in this tragically messed up world has taken a big hit. Not a suicide type, but no longer can try so hard re taking care of my health. I figure, what the hell. We are well and truly f**ked this time.

    This is not a plea for consolation or encouraging words. Maybe it is too personal for here – but there it is. And nothing anyone can do or say can make it any better for me. Just ‘ventilating’ I guess. I am just so bummed out!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks, bleep. That is very real.

      In some odd way, none of us is in a very different situation than we were before Fukushima. We were all mortal then. We are all mortal now.

      I find all emotions magnified because of Fukushima, including the good ones. The most daunting thing has been the sense of (relative) powerlessness. This community helps – sometimes in solid practical ways such as advice on which radiation counter to buy, sometimes just in camaraderie – it really helps to realize that other people “get it”.

      My grandmother used to tease me out of the blahs when I was a kid by saying “Cheer up – you’ll soon be dead.” It worked, strangely enough.

      Carpe diem.

      • StillJill StillJill

        My Mum used to say, “Cheer up, it’ll get better before you get married”. Even as a child I thought, “huh”?

        Well Ma,…I married three times,…and it never got any better! Sorry!

  • StillJill StillJill

    blades,…you speak words we need to hear, my friend!

    I am right bloody THERE with ya Sister!

    The discussion thread is a place where we should be able to really let our hair down and speak FREELY!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Thanks so much, StillJill – It does help to express the sadness we feel and maybe if others feel they can do that too, it is all to the good.

    I haven’t even gone into how I feel for the younger people – it is just too tragic. I know some cute kids!

    Looking at some of the kids in the vids about the plight of Fukushima kids – those cute cute kids – they smile at the camera and that is it, I feel like crying. And as a parent, I feel for their parents – their mothers so tender and concerned, but always subdued, polite, correct, in the Japanese way.

    What would I do without enenews? Another big thank-you to admin. and to all of you – some smart people here, I have learned so much from you.


      @bleep: all of what you’ve recounted (and I mean all of it!) is happening to us, as well. I attempted to warn others too. Then I realized that the scope of this tragedy was outside their means of comprehension. I’ve ceased informing family, friends and coworkers of what’s on the horizon; not for anything-other than a deep sadness of what is approaching. Each must come to terms with the inevitable. But this foreboding cannot overwhelm my sense that a change for the better can come forth from this tragedy. My personal beliefs don’t allow for the permanence of death. It’s now up to us-few to visualize a better world for us all…

      • James2

        I wonder if the leaders of our countries are going through the same thing.

        i too have experienced some of what you folks do – however my life is not over yet. It still exists – largely in the same state it did before – except for in my head. Yours does too.

        I think this is a time to ignore your head and live now. Find someone and share your knowledge or your possessions or your fortune, or just your company- give away any of those things or relationships that are dragging you down and release yourself from those burdens. I’m not much for religion, but if you are or you aren’t find a way to feed your spirit.

        If you are living in Hawaii, welcome someone to your beautiful place and discover it again with them. Go hiking in the mountains and valleys and waterfalls with them. This reminds me that I must visit Hawaii again.

        Do not let Fukushima take one bit of your life without a battle – without living it to the fullest. You may have fewer days left ahead, but pack more into those fewer days.