Tokyo Professor: Ground beneath Fukushima reactors becoming increasingly unstable — “Potential catastrophe unfolding in plain sight”

Published: August 20th, 2013 at 1:49 pm ET


Title: Fukushima, Fuel Rods, and the Crisis of Divided and Distracted Governance
Source: Japan Focus – Asia Pacific Journal
Author: Andrew DeWit, Professor in the School of Policy Studies at Rikkyo University (Tokyo)
Date: Aug 19, 2013

[…] Expert commentary, including from the METI Nuclear Accident Response Director, has warned that the constant flow of water may lead to further structural instability of the buildings.  […] 1000 tonnes of water per day runs down from the surrounding hills, further softening the ground […]

So, here we have a potential catastrophe unfolding in plain sight […] They know – or certainly should know – that they are drifting into ever more risky circumstances, as the volumes of water increasingly render the ground underneath the reactors unstable. All parties also know that Tepco is prepared to start removing fuel rods from November […]

Given the implications of a mishap in fuel-rod removal, as well as the myriad other problem areas at the plant, the word “shameful” seems hardly strong enough. […]

A day later The Japan Times published this report: [intlink id=”japan-times-land-supporting-fukushima-reactor-buildings-at-risk-of-liquefying-area-near-sea-in-danger-of-turning-to-mud” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Another excerpt from Prof. DeWit’s article displaying foresight:

[Tepco]  is doing everything with an eye on costs, including constructing the storage tanks for contaminated water out of the cheapest materials possible. Apparently, some of these containers have already begun leaking (according to statements from former workers at the site). And it is almost certain that there will be significant leakage as the months go by […]

Shortly after this was posted on Japan Focus, a Level 1 nuclear incident was declared at Fukushima Daiichi due to leaking water storage tanks: [intlink id=”just-in-25-trillion-becquerels-of-radioactive-substances-most-likely-flowed-into-soil-at-fukushima-kyodo-news-advisory-source-of-leak-still-unknown-tanks-released-300000-liters-so-far” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 20th, 2013 at 1:49 pm ET


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69 comments to Tokyo Professor: Ground beneath Fukushima reactors becoming increasingly unstable — “Potential catastrophe unfolding in plain sight”

  • norbu norbu

    Potential? We have a full scale disaster already, in plain sight.
    Wake up world.

  • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

    Well who would have thought that Joseph Stalin would be made to look like an amateur when it comes to maniacal despotism … The shot callers responsible for the destuction of the Japanese people and then who knows how many others have left old Uncle Joe in the runners up league … $$POD$$

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I did not see it on the main stream news and therefore it does/must not exist.

    Should I/we go shopping? I like to go shopping!

    Tinker Bell would want us all to go shopping and she is spreading her "fairy dust" everywhere..

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Maybe Tinkerbell can drop some fairy dust on the Reactors because that will probably accomplish more than what is being done now.

    • Yes, keep shopping and eating contaminated food, as that will stimulate the economy. The ICRP even supports not telling people when food IS radiation contaminated, so they will not get upset… details below.

      Dr. Conrad Miller MD – How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings – 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        What was that I just heard come over the news wires?

        That the entire US economy and the entire economic engine of the nation is supported entirely and/or comprised of what 7O% or 80% by shoppers/shopping!

        If we were all to stop all collapses right in front of our eyes.

        Its very clear now why none of our current puppet masters want to alarm and or panic any shoppers/public in anyway, as their paychecks and retirements are now directly on the line…


        Everything is fine!


        • Cerviche

          Been saying that since i joined this fantastic information medium bro, they wont be able to keep their precious economy afloat when the call to evac 40million people or so from Japan….. the BIG question is will the people wake up and start seeking answers on their own… doubtful.

      • omniversling

        GE = cradle to grave profit cycle… nuke plants and cancer scanner…closed loop economics..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yep! 🙂

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Why is the ground under Fukushima unstable?
    Is it simply the many fault lines and earthquakes rattling the FDNPP?
    Is it simply the high groundwater level, made worse by construction of the Impermeable Wall?
    Or, is all this an indication that there are other problems with the ground under the FDNPP?

    Have the 3 missing coriums from Reactors1,2,&3, which put up to 69, 94, and 94 tons of molten nuclear fuel, respectively, into the ground contributing to this problem?
    Have nuclear criticalities caused "Corium Earthquakes" in the mudrock and sandstone under Fukushima?
    Have the 3 missing corium created Corium Lava Tubes under Reactors1,2,&3, on their way to who-knows-where?
    Is groundwater flowing through Corium Lava Tubes bringing nuclear fuel debris directly into the Pacific Ocean?
    What has caused Reactor4 Building to sink unevenly into the ground, up to 6' since 311?

    TEPCO: Stop the flow of contaminated groundwater into the sea!
    TEPCO: Lower the water table under the FDNPP, but not too much.
    TEPCO: Make a detailed map of the whereabouts of Corium1,2,&3 public!

    • robu

      It's unstable because of the ill-conceived impervious wall along the harbor. Sh** has to go somewhere. They've essentially created a dam and all of the water flowing onto the property is being forced to pool up under the buildings while it tries to figure out where it ultimately wants to go (like into the cracks in the basements of the facilities buildings).

      They needed to build the impervious wall 1 km inland and force the water around the site.

      • jk641

        >>They needed to build the impervious wall 1 km inland and force the water around the site.

        Yes, exactly.

        • Wooster

          To be fair to Tepco (not that they deserve it in the least), diverting the water around the site could cause just as many problems as the new wall they have built.

          Anyone who has ever bought a house with foundations built on clay will tell you what happens when the foundations dry out – the clay shrinks, the foundations start to crack and underpinning is often needed.

          This is not something you could contemplate doing at FUKU because of the missing corium floating about underneath th reactors.

          • robu

            True if you built your house on clay, but if you built your house on sandy soil with a rock underlayer near a coast line at the base of a mountain you discover that the sand is not an impediment to water flow. At times of a high water table you quickly discover that any small crack in the foundation squirts water in like a mini fire hose.

            Our local water company uses the sand from the beach nearby to create a pre-filter to get out large particulates for the purification system because it flows water so easily.

        • nedlifromvermont

          they read the plans for the impermeable wall upside down, when they constructed it, the sea was on the top instead of the bottom … the engineering intern at Cal Tech intended the wall to be built inland … as any first year with field experience in piezometric pressure studies could have told you it had to be to make any sense …

          by coincidence the part of the RPV at Fukushima #4 was also installed upside down … (sometimes mistakes come in pairs)

          more Kabuki Theater by our friendly Yakuza

          but really, the quicksand option is not sounding good …

    • omniversling

      And is tidal movement up the fissures created by quakes and tremors washing over the hot blobsters?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, to all the above! We are all screwed and only we here know the truth!

  • hbjon hbjon

    There has been no integrity of the foundations at FDNPP's since 3/11. Heavy objects will continue to sink into the ground. Especially during earthquakes. The latest earthquake prolly did damage. There was a rumor they had a significant EQ yesterday.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      It was a 4.9 158 km E of Iwaki, a total of 3 quakes in 4 days.

      We probably wouldn't have felt them at that distance, but the tremors would have had an effect at Fukushima.

  • SS4U SS4U

    I did not see it on the main stream news and therefore it does/must not exist.
    Or if there is a problem its no big deal because the experts are handling it. Besides, nuclear power is safe, cheap and green. The experts would never allow these things to be built if nuclear power was dangerous. Our government would protect us, right ?

    So any ballgames on TV tonite ?

  • weeman

    Well stop it from sinking how, not hard I would suggest flotation bags surrounding building and attached to structure or and increase the base size, reduce the load, put floatations bags in basement and inflate, would displace water, freeze the ground supporting building, but don't continue to talk about it till it does fall down

  • rockyourworld

    tbs cam off 4.9 lwaki japan. anyone have a working link to tbs or is it off?

  • rockyourworld

    the only good news is the filthy rich arent immune from this disaster like they are prosecution and taxes. no rich person could stay in a bunker very long no matter how luxurious or how many ammenities. anyway they think theyre too good for bunker life. lol

    • Cerviche

      I think the bastards will live to see the end of things from their monitors….. i wonder what good would money would be then xD

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Some of them are looking pretty plush these days and money will buy you anything is what I heard.

      Gee, nuclear is a prime example but the only problem I see is they actually spent your money..not theirs.

      So your money built their bunkers…nice!

      • Cerviche

        I want to take a few to a sushi bar xD, want to see if they would eat or what their expressions would be….. i will miss the joys of eating sushi :'(

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          I think we should all keep our eyes open if everyone suddenly goes on vacation to Norway at the same time in Washington DC.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Yes, we must follow the people that control the money…Excellent!

            • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

              Jim Rogers left to Singapur (by chance!).
              Marc Faber investedd in Mongolia ( and definitely keeps out of the USA).
              Some people head for Canada.

              I don't see investors rushing into the US.

  • DuctTapeCo DuctTapeCo

    1)Thanx to enenews and all enenewsers for being around.
    2)Tchernobyl was the reason for the fall of the USSR, Japan is much too small to handle something like Fukushima.
    3)Perhaps TEPCO should consider using a giant Zeppelin to keep Reactor Building of No.4 from sinking into the ground while extracting the fuel rods from the SFP. (sarc)
    4)If TEPCO is in need for more duct tape, I could provide some high quality stuff that is even waterproof for some months … (sarc)
    4)RIP Pacific Ocean.
    5)Stop the ongoing nuclear madness worldwide immediatly.
    6)Take care everybody.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    I don't see any dragline buckets operating offshore there building a series of bigger breakwaters all around Fuku…

    …maybe 3/11 was an elaborate hoax, like 9/11 was a hoax ??

    Fuku makes a great chickenshit detector, just point Fuku at a bigshot, and if he gets really really quiet then starts making excuses why he's not involved building a bunch of bigger&bigger breakwaters at Fuku, they you found your REAL-terrorist.

    I got on the phone and called up three westcoast marine construction companies, and they all said that they have been waiting for 2 years to see a serious RFP for building a bigger jetty out front there.

    What the heck, just let the whole place turn to mush..
    if we already had 3 big breakwaters built there it would be a lot easier to do the demolition and cleanup.
    –so far no international effort to do so.

    A clear and present threat of immense size, and USA "the worlds protector" is caught dead drunk hiding under the bed.

    psychopaths are numb to ridicule
    ..cocaine lobotomies

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Unknowingly to 99% of the US public, their entire country is now under a direct Nuclear Attack!

    They just do not realize it yet that their is no enemy just like the realization that there is no spoon..

    This Matrix is now very powerful as is the Zeitgeist that surrounds it all….

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Obewanspeaks….they (the US Public) do NOT want to know….this is the only place I can discuss this….warnings from friends and family to quit discussing it, because they do not believe it is as bad as it is….I live on the West Coast….I should go take a dip tonight and then see if I glow in the dark.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I get the same response from family and friends whenever I mention Fuku and/or radiation the eyes roll up and the heads shake side-to-side with this frown of disappointment or similar expression. And I'm honestly not a pest and I don't harp …I just mention a sentence here or there, but no one wants to listen or hear! It's the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced from other people. It's an invisible wall or barrier that comes down between us and it happens no matter who the person is in front of me – young or old. It's just so bizarre. And its sad too.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          PurpleRain, welcome to the twilight zone, trapped inside a glass box, unable to reach family or friends. Surreal is now real, the crack in the world facade is crumbling so fast you feel as if in a sci fi movie,…hold on, the nightmare is just beginning. So you thought you knew them eh?

          • Ourself Ourself

            My favorite is when they make jokes about it while stuffing their smug douche-bag faces full of radioactive tuna. It's happened to me and it is truly funny.

            I think next time I might just offer to buy them sushi. On the house! Me? No, I'm not hungry! Lets do this more often!

        • many moons

          It's unexpected at first, such a defensive attitude, it's crazy, cause hiding from the truth really serves no purpose…but most of them do it, I've seen it myself. Their arms cross, they glance at each other, there are some chuckles then they get nasty and attack on a personal basis.

          Their response is to make references to aliens, to conspiracy theories, to belonging to the wrong (not their) political party…and then anything goes…from suggestions to psychiatric meds to something you did in your childhood…NEVER TAKE IT PERSONALLY-IT'S THEIR BRAINWASHED wall building mechanism kicking in
          I guess we just have to expect it…AND IGNORE IT….TALK RIGHT THROUGH IT…and get the important points across.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Its not for any enemy as the enemy is within ourselves and you can't bend the spoon, since that is impossible, and one must realize that it us that must bend and that there is no spoon..

    Used to swim down there too, but no more, since I am already glowing from that San Onfre fiasco.

    • flatsville

      For crimeny sakes…does nonsense ever cease with you?

      Let's apply it to a real situation:

      Its not for any nuclear waste dump as the nuclear dump is within ourselves and you can't bend the shovel, since that is impossible, and one must realize that it us that must bend and there is no shovel..

      Oddly, there is still a nuclear waste dump not far from me and I've been asked to help secure the legislation needed to remove the waste. I am fairly certain a few shovels and bulldozers will get bent in the process.

      So much for philosophical platitudes.

      Write your congressional delegation instead of this nonsense.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        May the force be with you!

        You are correct as the nuclear waste dump is now everywhere and yes even within you.

        Therefor there is no spoon..

        • flatsville

          You are sooo deep.

          If I didn't know better, I would think you were psyops trying to divert everyone's attention to the problem with philosophical nonsense so they didn't pursue and concrete action that might rattle the corpgov.

          They could model a whole counter-ops program on your "persona."

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Great and glad for all your support.

            Please produce your entire contact list of all active parties including but not limited to all companies/charities/foundations/corporations/government entities worldwide for everyone here, so that they can be in direct contact with each one of these entities in order to end this current Nuclear Industry nightmare.

            Several postings and/or a separate link would suffice.

            Let's see how well you know how use the force my friend.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Remember there is no spoon.. there is only ourselves that must bend!

            • flatsville

              Who to contact still a mystery to you?

              As I said, start with your congressional delegation.

              Use the "force" yourself. Do your own homework.

              And you know where you can stick that spoon.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                I am not sticking your spoon anywhere my friend and it was not I making such outrageous claims on any of your postings and/or your purpose here.

                There is much you must learn about the force my friend and I wish you the best.

                Is is what it is and may the force be with you always!

                • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                  The hardest part is surrendering to the truth…resistance equals suffering.

                  Fact: contacted legislators so many times I am probably on a list….either no answer, or auto-reply…

                  Assumption: they don't care because they have electronic voting machines.

                  The truth: There is no spoon

                  May the force be with you Obe….

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    You are very wise..and with you!

                  • flatsville

                    ELE…Prepare…Consciouness..Soon… Force…Resistance Equals Suffering

                    Perfect excuses to be perfect victims just as they hoped you would be…and the bonus for them?…You did it to yourselves.

  • nedlifromvermont

    People! We will snowball the shut down effort. Those from San Onofre and Kewaunee and Crystal River must be wooed to support an ongoing effort to repeal this technology now at Vermont Yankee, and tomorrow at Pilgrim,and then on to Indian Point. for nuclear power has failed the test of the market and of science and of ethics and of morality and of health.

    It is not necessary, and maybe never was.

    To entertain continuing with this technology which can fail and make necessary widespread, permanent evacuation of land which is otherwise environmentally intact for habitation, with ample water supply and potential for productive agriculture, in favor of an entirely unnecessary technology, must be the height of human stupidity for all history, eclipsing the megalomaniacal rantings of the rabidly anti-Semite Adolf Hitler.

    So greedily stupid with their rampant lies and cover ups … for going on seventy years. Enough is enough.

    We can tolerate this stupidity no longer.

    If we can't get it right on nuclear power … what hope do we have for combating climate change.

    p.s. (is it turning to quicksand, yet, down to Turkey Point???)

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, Yes, Yes!


  • MichaelV MichaelV

    A word on those missing coriums/lava tubes:

    Me thinks a sinkhole could swallow the
    whole calamity down to the water and then
    sea rush in. Hopefully, whatever is reacting
    down below stays there.

    The question remains of how: to evacuate
    40 million people.

    • Usefulbreather

      I have been saying all along that if the site is sinking anyway, why not use a giant tunnel boring machine to create a deep underground cavern and then set off a charge that could have the entire site sink as deep as possible. Then, a sarcophagus could be created as was done in Chernobyl. I realize groundwater and air will be further contaminated but at least the bleeding will have stopped.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Can't, Won't and it will not happen!

    They sealed their countries fate and future when they chose not to read the specifications and guideline requirements for Nuclear Power Plant construction.

    The Nuclear Industry "Word Craft" is a very powerful force!

    What has happened will happen again and again and again.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Does anyone know why Arnie Gundersen is still designing Reactors?

      • norbu norbu

        Maybe he signed a deal with the D$v$l. He cant stop. Under contract, life time…..

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Aren't his designs more geared towards finding the flaws and design-problems and not in designing new ones? I'm sure the man still has to make a living and he still speaks truth and helps educate the rest of us.

      • Jebus Jebus

        He doesn't design reactors.
        He consults on safety issues on existing designs.
        I don't see that as a bad thing, do you?

  • FXofTruth

    It seems like they (the Japanese Government) are using the stupidest people on the planet to handle the MOST deadly disaster in Mankind's history! WTF?

    If tanks are already leaking, what's going to happen to them in 100 years or 1,000 or 100,000 years…that's how long it will take to start this radioactivity to breakdown!

    This is all being setup to fail.
    I've seen it too many times before.
    Bring together all the dumbest, most arrogant managers and personnel you can find then, stand back and watch them fail.
    100% of the time that is the only outcome.

    The population reductionist are loving this disaster. This will speedup their quest for killing off 7/8's of the World's population so, the "useless eaters" as they put it, will stop using resources that they can steal and overcharge the people that survive. Read about their plans, it's quite Satanic…..

    • Ourself Ourself

      I've worked several jobs where the manager is completely incompetent and arrogant; even just at a veterinary complex, with one manager like that, it can ruin the entire business. Now, with a disaster of this magnitude, it's bound to not only fail, but also get exponentially worse as times goes on, as it has and continues to do.

      I personally believe this was all set-up to fail from the beginning. Who builds a nuclear power plant on a fault-line? And then doesn't reinforce it? And then uses substandard and flawed products and designs? And then does nothing when something goes majorly wrong? And then covers it up? And then the government and nuclear industry cover it up as well? I mean… Come on….

      I've read about population reduction. It is truly horrifying.

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    Ja ja ha …. they are cold blooded lyers,
    How are they going to make it?
    Workers can not reach every time farer the buildings because increasing radiation, after explosiones, what they expect to be the physical situation of the rods?
    More than a thousand times?….
    I am not saying that it must not be done, and urgently, …. what I am saying is …..
    Get ready with consecuences …..
    Us, … our lives, life of ours …..